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The family of former newspaper editor Kevin Lau said Thursday his condition has stabilized a day after he was stabbed several times, as police released grainy images of the two suspects in the attack.前报纸总编刘进图(Kevin Lau)的家人周四说,他的情况已经稳定。此前一天,他被刺数刀,警方已经公布了袭击事件中两名嫌犯的模糊图片。Mr. Lau, aged 49, remained hospitalized in critical condition as of Thursday afternoon, the government said.政府说,现年49岁的刘进图眼下仍在医院接受治疗,截止周四下午,他仍处于危急状态。#39;Kevin has aly regained consciousness and is able to write. The hospital said there#39;s no need for more surgery at this time,#39; Mr. Lau#39;s wife, Vivien Chan, said in a statement published on the website of prominent Chinese-language daily Ming Pao, which just weeks ago ousted Mr. Lau as chief editor.刘进图的妻子陈碧君(Vivien Chan)在《明报》网站上刊登的一则声明中说,刘进图已经恢复意识,能够写字;院方说暂时不必再进行手术。《明报》是一份相当知名的中文报纸,数周前该报总编刘进图遭撤换。Police released two closed-circuit television images of the suspects, one taken before the attack and another shortly afterward, and returned to the scene Thursday morning to interview possible witnesses. They have also recovered a stolen motorcycle they suspect was used in the attack.警方公布了两张嫌犯的闭路电视截图,一张的时间是在袭击前,一张是袭击后不久。周四上午,警方重返袭击现场,与可能的目击者面谈。他们还找到了一辆被偷的托车,警方怀疑这辆车就是袭击者所乘的那辆。Ming Pao devoted its entire front page Thursday to the incident. The newspaper also changed the color of its front-page logo to black and offered a reward of one million Hong Kong dollars (US8,864) for information about the attack.《明报》周四的整个头版都是与刘进图遇袭事件相关的新闻。该报还将头版上报纸标识的颜色改成黑色,并悬赏100万港元征集事件相关信息。Mr. Lau was stabbed six times by a knife-wielding assailant Wednesday morning who then fled the scene with an accomplice on a motorcycle. Police haven#39;t offered a motive for the attack.刘进图周三上午被一名持刀者刺了六刀,此人随后与一名同伙骑托车逃离现场。警方尚未说明袭击动机。Several journalists#39; groups, the city#39;s leader and the U.S. consulate have condemned the attack.一些记者团体、香港特首和美国驻港总领事馆对袭击事件表示谴责。Cheung Kin-por, Ming Pao#39;s current chief editor, said the newspaper is cooperating with police and is currently reviewing stories from 2013 to see if any of its reporting might have triggered the attack.《明报》现任总编张健波(Cheung Kin-por)说,该报正与警方合作,目前正在对2013年以来的报道进行核对,看是否哪篇报道可能引发了此次袭击。Mr. Lau was abruptly removed from his post at the newspaper in January to pave the way for the appointment of his successor, who is from Malaysia. The move sparked numerous protests by Ming Pao employees and made him a symbol of press freedom.今年1月,刘进图突遭撤换,为他来自马来西亚的继任者铺路。这一行动引发了《明报》员工的大量抗议,并让刘进图成为新闻自由的象征。In a city with more than a dozen newspapers, many with clear political affiliations, Ming Pao has earned a reputation as one of Hong Kong#39;s most credible and centrist broadsheets since its founding in 1959. The newspaper has also partnered with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to expose the use of offshore tax havens by mainland Chinese officials#39; relatives.在香港这个有着10多家报纸(其中很多报纸有着明确的政治立场)的城市,《明报》自1959年创刊以来一直被认为是香港最值得信赖、最中立的报纸之一。该报还与国际调查记者同盟(International Consortium of Investigative Journalists)合作,曝光中国内地官员的亲属利用离岸避税地掩盖贪腐行为的问题。The attack on Mr. Lau resonates deeply in a city where one of its most popular radio shows continues to be #39;18C,#39; a program named in honor of the late Lam Bun, a radio commentator who was deeply critical of leftists during the Cultural Revolution. In August 1967, Mr. Lam was doused with gasoline and burned to death in his car alongside with his cousin, though the case remains unsolved. The program#39;s title refers to the 18th-floor apartment Mr. Lam had lived in.刘进图遇袭事件在香港引发了深刻的共鸣。现在香港最受欢迎的电台节目之一仍是“18C”。这个节目以此为名是为纪念已故电台播音员林彬。林彬在文革期间曾强烈抨击左派。1967年8月,林彬和堂弟在自己的汽车里被人浇上汽油烧死,不过此案现在仍为悬案。“18C”指的是林彬生前居住的位于18层的公寓。Mr. Lam remains a symbol of free speech in Hong Kong, where fears about waning press freedoms have lately been on the rise. Some opposition lawmakers have complained of increasing interference by Beijing in the former British colony, which has continued to maintain its own independent political system since returning to Chinese rule in 1997.如今,林彬在香港仍是言论自由的一个象征。在香港,人们对收紧新闻自由的担忧近来一直在加剧。一些反对派议员抱怨说,北京对香港的干预越来越多。香港曾是英国殖民地,1997年回归中国,现仍保留着自己独立的政治制度。Tensions in the city are also on the rise in advance of 2017, the earliest that Beijing has said the city may begin to directly elect its leader. Activists have threatened to shut down Hong Kong#39;s financial district in a civil-disobedience campaign called #39;Occupy Central#39; to demand universal suffrage.在2017年前,香港的紧张形势也日益升温。北京方面说,香港最早可能于2017年开始直选行政长官。活动人士威胁称,为争取普选,他们将发动一场“占领中环”的公民不从运动,封锁香港的金融区。Other previous attacks on Hong Kong journalists include a 1998 incident in which popular radio host Albert Cheng was slashed. Two years earlier, magazine publisher Leung Tin-wai#39;s left forearm was severed in an attack. Both cases are still unsolved.之前还发生过其他一些针对香港记者的袭击事件。1998年,颇受欢迎的电台主持人郑经翰(Albert Cheng)被砍伤。在那之前两年,杂志出版人梁天伟遇袭,左前臂被砍断。这两起案件都仍未结案。More recently, Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai and pro-democracy leader Martin Lee were the subject of a failed assassination attempt in 2008. Though the perpetrators were arrested and one was sentenced to 16 years in prison, the plot#39;s mastermind hasn#39;t been caught.距离现在更近的事件包括,2008年有人试图暗杀香港传媒大亨黎智英(Jimmy Lai)和亲民主领袖李柱铭(Martin Lee),但没有成功。尽管行凶者被逮捕,其中一人被判处16年徒刑,但主谋一直未被抓获。In an interview, Mr. Lee, founding chairman of Hong Kong#39;s Democratic Party, said the attack on Mr. Lau was a wake-up call, adding that he was gratified to see that the incident has at least rallied more people to unite in support of local journalists.李柱铭是香港民主党的创党主席。他在接受采访时说,刘进图遇袭事件可以说是敲响了警钟。他还说,看到此事至少使更多的人团结起来持香港当地的记者,他感到欣慰。#39;When press freedom goes, no other freedom is safe,#39; he said.他说,如果没有新闻自由,其他自由就都不安全了。 /201402/277795

The death last week of Prince Saud al-Faisal, the respected statesman who had been foreign minister of Saudi Arabia for 40 years until this spring, prompted comment about the kingdom’s apparent transition from diplomacy behind the scenes to a policy of confrontation with Iran, the Sunni Arab realm’s Shia and Persian rival for regional hegemony.费萨尔亲王(Prince Saud Al-Faisal)担任沙特外交大臣长达40年,直至今年春季才卸任。这位备受尊敬的政治家于近日病逝,外界随即称,沙特明显正从幕后外交转向与伊朗正面对抗。两国是争夺地区霸权的对手,沙特王国是逊尼派掌权的阿拉伯国家,而伊朗是什叶派掌权国家,人口以波斯人为主。There is some truth in this. Prince Saud was by instinct a bridge-builder. Saudi foreign policy at the moment seems to be burning a lot of bridges. King Salman, who succeeded the late King Abdullah in January and recentralised power around himself and his family, served notice in March that he would fight Shia fire with Sunni fire.上述说法有几分道理。费萨尔亲王天生是一位“修桥人”。目前沙特的外交政策似乎正在烧掉大量的桥梁。萨勒曼(Salman)在今年1月接替阿卜杜拉(King Abdullah)出任沙特国王,他将权力重新集中在他本人及他的家族周围。萨勒曼国王在3月份宣称,逊尼派将对什叶派以牙还牙。The ruling House of Saud, legitimised by the kingdom’s absolutist strain of Wahhabi Islam, had watched in appalled paralysis as Iran and its proxies exploited the mayhem unleashed across Arab lands — from the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the Arab spring after 2011 — to forge a Shia axis from Baghdad to Beirut.在伊朗及其代理人利用阿拉伯地区的混乱局势——从2003年美国牵头入侵伊拉克到2011年之后的“阿拉伯之春”运动——缔结从巴格达到贝鲁特的什叶派轴心联盟之际,伊斯兰瓦哈比专制教派持的沙特王室感到极度的震惊,并且没有还手之力。In March the Saudis launched an air war in Yemen, claiming Iran was behind an attempt by Shia Houthi fighters to overrun the country. Three months of futile and indiscriminate bombing later, this multi-sided contest for a failed state is no closer to resolution. The Saudis, who have never managed to do much about their ungovernable southern neighbours except bribe a varying combination of tribes, know full well that Tehran has played little more than a peripheral role in their recent protagonism. The war in Yemen is more a signal of deep unhappiness at the deal the US and world powers have struck with Iran over its nuclear programme. The bombing started in late March just as the two sides worked on a framework agreement in Lausanne.今年3月,沙特对也门发动了空袭,并宣称伊朗是什叶派胡塞(Houthi)武装分子肆虐也门的幕后主使。在经过3个月毫无成效的狂轰乱炸之后,这种多方参与的对一个失败国家的争夺仍毫无解决之计。沙特人除了贿赂诸多部落以外,从未对他们难以控制的南部邻国有过多少作为,他们清楚地知道,德黑兰在他们最近的重要行动中只不过扮演着次要角色。也门战争更多地表明,沙特对美国及其他强国与伊朗签署核协议感到极度不满。空袭也门开始于今年3月底,当时正是美伊双方在瑞士洛桑准备签署框架协议之际。In the interim, the regional menace of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as Isis) has not stopped the Saudi government fixating primarily on Iran and the Shia — but that was true long before the death of Prince Saud.在此期间,“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)的地区性威胁未能阻止沙特政府把目光主要放在伊朗和什叶派上——但早在费萨尔亲王病逝前就是这种情况了。The veteran Arab diplomat had warned the Bush administration what would happen in Iraq and the region if it went ahead with the 2003 invasion. But it was also Prince Saud, Arab officials say, who told John Kerry, US secretary of state, last summer after Isis surged back from Syria into Iraq, that “Daesh [an Arabic acronym for Isis] is our [Sunni] response to your support for the Da’wa”, the Shia Islamist party that has dominated Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s minority Sunni regime — with varying degrees of support from Washington and Tehran.阿拉伯资深外交官曾警告布什政府称,如果推进2003年的入侵行动,伊拉克和中东地区将会陷入混乱。但阿拉伯国家的官员们表示,在ISIS从叙利亚杀回伊拉克之后,去年夏天费萨尔亲王曾向美国国务卿约翰克里(John Kerry)表示,“达伊沙(阿拉伯语对ISIS的首字母缩略词)是我们(逊尼派)对你们持达瓦党(Da’wa)的回应”。达瓦党是自萨达姆侯赛因(Saddam Hussein)的逊尼少数派政权倒台以来在伊拉克占据主导地位的伊斯兰什叶派系,获得了华盛顿和德黑兰不同程度的持。Isis is, of course, a physical threat to Saudi Arabia, where online polling suggests it has alarmingly high support. But the main fear of Saudi rulers is of being outflanked on the religious right by the jihadi extremists. The competition, therefore, is between Wahhabi absolutists and the Sunni supremacists of Isis as to which of them is a more credible scourge of the Shia — branded in both ideologies as polytheist heretics and rafidah (“rejectionist”).当然,ISIS对沙特阿拉伯造成了切实威胁,该国在线民调显示,ISIS的持率高得惊人。但沙特统治者主要担忧的是,在宗教权利方面,他们会被作为圣战极端分子的ISIS所超过。因此,竞争是在瓦哈比专制派别和ISIS的逊尼至上主义派别之间展开的,以决定他们哪个更有可能给什叶派造成麻烦——两种教义均将什叶派贴上多神主义异教徒和拒绝派(rafidah)的标签。The speeches of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-declared Isis caliph, are often marinated in pieces of Islamic lore ripped from their context and always threatening. But they repay examination. In mid-May, he labelled the Yemen operation, which the Saudis called Storm of Resolve, “the kick of a dying person”.ISIS自封的哈里发阿布贝克尔巴格达迪(Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)在演讲中往往夹杂着断章取义的伊斯兰教义,始终在危言恫吓。但这些演讲值得研究。今年5月中旬,巴格达迪将空袭也门行动称为“垂死之人的挣扎”——沙特称为“决心风暴”。He mocked the Saudi air strikes as “a storm of delusion” and spoke of “the Muslim public in the Arabian Peninsula rallying around the Islamic State since it defends them against the rafidah”.他将沙特的空袭行动嘲讽为“妄想风暴”,并表示,“阿拉伯半岛的穆斯林民众聚集在我们的周围,因为伊斯兰国帮助他们抵御拒绝派”。Picking up on reports that Saudi Arabia had held meetings with Israel to discuss the consequences of an Iran nuclear deal, the Isis leader said the al-Saud were “not people of war” but “people of luxury and extravagance, people of intoxication, prostitution, dances and feasts...愠挀挀甀猀琀漀洀攀搀 to the defence of the Jews and Crusaders”.巴格达迪注意到有报道称,沙特与以色列会晤以讨论伊朗核协议的影响,他表示,阿勒沙特家族“不是好战者”,他们“穷奢极欲,喜好酗酒、娼妓、跳舞和宴会……习惯于犹太人和十字军的防御”。Isis has a record of following up such rants with action. It bombed two Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province in May and then sent a Saudi suicide bomber to kill Shia in a mosque in Kuwait City. This sectarian carnage shows that, while the Wahhabis marginalise the “rafidah”, Isis exterminates them. Such attacks also show the limits of Saudi control, in the part of the kingdom that contains most of its Shia and nearly all its oil. But if the authorities move towards conciliating the Shia, that plays very well for Isis too.ISIS有着大放厥词之后采取相应实际行动的记录。今年5月,它轰炸了沙特东部省份的两座什叶派清真寺,随后派一名沙特人在科威特市的清真寺里实施自杀性炸弹袭击以杀害什叶派人。这种教派屠杀表明,在瓦哈比边缘化“拒绝派”的同时,ISIS在灭绝他们。此类袭击还表明,沙特在其境内的大部分什叶派居住地以及几乎全部的石油储藏地控制力有限。但如果沙特政府向着与什叶派和解的方向发展,那也非常有利于ISIS。Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy dependent on the Wahhabi clerical establishment, is purportedly a vital ally in the fight against Isis. Yet the kingdom is hoist with its own petard of religious absolutism at a time when the crumbling region around it needs the emerging detente with Iran to become eventually an entente — something Saud al-Faisal would instinctively have grasped.沙特阿拉伯是一个依赖瓦哈比教派的君主专制国家,被认为是打击ISIS的关键盟友。然而,在陷入混乱的周边地区需要与伊朗之间新出现的缓和局面,以最终实现和解之际——费萨尔亲王会本能地明白这一点——沙特却吞下了宗教专制主义的苦果。 /201507/387350

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