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2017年12月18日 22:27:29

Compare apples to apples. Whos better?比较治疗方案之间哪个更好,Why is that?为什么更好?Five months ago,五个月前,I led a workshop at the largest university hospital我在北欧最大的医学院in Northern Europe.组织了一次专题讨论会。They have a new CEO, and she has a vision:他们换了新的CEO,而她的愿景是:I want to manage my big institution much more on quality, outcomes that matter to patients.我希望把管理重点放在保病人的治疗质量和效果上。This particular day, we sat in a workshop在这天的研讨会上,我们跟医护人员together with physicians, nurses and other staff,和后勤人员一起,discussing leukemia in children.谈到患白血病的孩子。The group discussed,how do we measure quality today?我们讨论到,我们该如何评价治疗结果?Can we measure it better than we do?我们在评估上能如何改进?We discussed, how do we treat these kids,我们还讨论到,该如治疗这些孩子?what are important improvements?哪些对他们来说是重要的改善?And we discussed what are the costs for these patients,我们还提到费用问题。can we do treatment more efficiently?我们有更有效的治疗方案吗?There was an enormous energy in the room.整个讨论气氛非常热烈。There were so many ideas, so much enthusiasm.每个人都热情洋溢,提出了很多想法。At the end of the meeting,会议结束的时候,the chairman of the department, he stood up.部门主席站了起来,He looked over the group and he said,他注视着大家,然后说,first he raised his hand, I forgot that,差点忘了,他先举手了,he raised his hand, clenched his fist,他举起手来,攥成拳头,and then he said to the group, Thank you.然后,他对大家说:谢谢。Thank you. Today, were finally discussing谢谢。今天我们终于讨论到了what this hospital does the right way.我们这家医院做的一件正确的事情。By measuring value in healthcare,(我们所说的)医疗保健的价值,that is not only costs but outcomes that matter to patients,不只是要考虑费用,还要为我们的病人带来有效的治疗。we will make staff in hospitals and elsewhere in the healthcare system not a problem but an important part of the solution.我们要让医院和医保系统的员工,不再是(医疗成本的)负担,而成为(化解成本的)重要组成部分。I believe measuring value in healthcare will bring about a revolution,我相信,通过衡量医疗保健的价值会带来一次革命,and Im convinced that the founder of modern medicine, the Greek Hippocrates,who always put the patient at the center,我也相信现代医学的奠基人一位以病人至上的古希腊的希波克拉底(希腊的名医,称医药之父)he would smile in his grave.看到这些,会含笑九泉的。Thank you.谢谢。201509/400532武汉/最好的治疗早泄医院武汉/精子有血丝是什么情况So as leaders, we understand that intangibles are important, but we dont have a clue how to measure them. So heres another Einstein e: ;Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.; I hate to argue with Einstein, but if that which is most valuable in our life and our business actually cant be counted or valued, arent we going to spend our lives just mired in measuring the mundane?所以我们作为领袖,我们明白无形资产的重要性,但是如何实际的去衡量它们,我们没有什么头绪。在此我想引用爱因斯坦的一句话:不是所有有价值的都能被计算,并且,不是所有能计算的都有价值。“我并不想与爱因斯坦争论,但是如果那些在我们生命和商业中最有价值的实际上并不能被计数或估价,我们是否要让我们的一生深陷于衡量那些平淡和不重要的事情呢?It was that sort of heady question about what counts that led me to take my CEO hat off for a week and fly off to the Himalayan peaks. I flew off to a place thats been shrouded in mystery for centuries, a place some folks call Shangri-La. Its actually moved from the survival base of the pyramid to becoming a transformational role model for the world. I went to Bhutan. The teenage king of Bhutan was also a curious man, but this was back in 1972, when he ascended to the throne two days after his father passed away. At age 17, he started asking the kinds of questions that youd expect of someone with a beginners mind.正是这类关于什么才有价值的难题使我撇下CEO的身份在一星期内飞向喜马拉雅山脉的顶端我飞向了一个几个世纪以来一直充满了无限迷团的地方,一个叫做香格里拉的地方这实际上是一个从金字塔的的生存基础成为一个世界的角色转换模型。我去了不丹那个年轻的国王也是个有好奇心的人,但这要回到1972年,他在他父亲去世两天后登上国王的宝座。在他17岁的时,他开始问这样一些问题:一些你也许认为幼稚的问题。On a trip through India, early in his reign as king, he was asked by an Indian journalist about the Bhutanese GDP, the size of the Bhutanese GDP. The king responded in a fashion that actually has transformed us four decades later. He said the following, he said: ;Why are we so obsessed and focused with gross domestic product? 在去印度的旅途中,在他称帝的早期,他被一个印度记者问到关于不丹的GDP,不丹GDP的大小的问题。这位国王的回答方式在四十年之后的今天仍然让我们受益匪浅。他这样说:“我们为什么要如此痴迷于国内生产总值呢?201402/274946I am equally excited about our progress with the development of the next generation of Avons women leaders in China. Women now account for 78% of our total workforce here. Even more impressive, 75% of our managers and supervisors are women, and 30% of our most senior executive are women.我感到同样兴奋的是,雅芳在中国培养下一代女性领导者所取得的成果。这里有78%的成员是女性,更令人钦佩的是,女性更在经理和主管队伍里占75%,咋最高层的管理人员中占30%。With Avons reputation for promoting women and my own career success, I am often asked for advice on how people can prepare themselves to be the leaders of tomorrow. In fact, over my career, I have come to believe that there are indeed some very special qualities that distinguish all leaders—and help them stand out in todays competitive arena.随着雅芳在为女性务方面的声誉和对我个人职业成功的宣传,我经常被问及如何成为明日的领导者。其实,回想起我的职业生涯,我逐渐相信的确有一些非常特殊的品质决定了哪些人会成为领导者,并帮助他们在当今竞争激烈的环境中显露锋芒。First is Passion. You have to love the work you do. You have to be excited to come to work every day. They taught us the four principles of marketing when I went to school: product, price, place, promotion. But they didnt teach us the fifth, most critical principle which as far as Im concerned is Passion, the key to being truly successful as a leader over the long run.首先是热情。你必须热爱你所做的工作。你为每天去工作感到兴奋。我上学的时候老师教我们市场营销的四P原则:产品(product),价格(price),地点(place)和促销(promotion)。但他们没有告诉我第五个,也是我认为最重要的原则:热情(passion)——从长远来看,这是成为一个真正成功的领导者的关键因素。No matter what career path you choose, I believe you have to love what you do. My own personal experience proves this point.不管你选择哪一条职业发展之路,我认为你必须热爱你的选择。我的个人经历明了这一点。 /201303/232714赤壁市人民医院割包皮多少钱

武汉/医院治疗早泄哪家比较好武汉/总院人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗MRS. OBAMA: I see tears. I do. Wow, Abby, amazing. Were so proud of you. Man, good stuff! Very good stuff.You guys, welcome to the White House. Lets say that again – welcome to the White House! This is the whole houses favorite event – the Kids State Dinner. Look at this place. Do you know how many people put time and effort into making this as amazing as it can be for you? So lets give everyone who helped put this event together a wonderful round of And I want to again thank Abby for her amazing introduction, but more importantly, for listening to what I said about paying it forward. I thank you. I need you to talk to my children. Listen to me. Abby, great job. So proud of you, babe, really.I also want to thank PBS and WGBH Boston for their tremendous generosity in sponsoring our Kids State Dinner and our Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. So I want to give them another round of And, of course, to Tanya. Tanya, this is just a great partnership. You are amazing. There you are. The work you do is amazing. And its always so much fun seeing you here at this event. Thank you for everything that you do year after year.I also want to acknowledge all the folks from the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture. They make a fabulous set of partners on so much of the work that we do. And I know we have representatives from those departments here, so I want to thank you all for the great work that you do. Well done.And how about we give a shout-out to the parents and siblings and grandparents who – yes – (– who got you all here today. Lets give them a round of We want to say officially thank you, families, for encouraging these young people – even when they made a mess in the kitchen. But Im sure they cleaned up, too. Right? Thank you all. Thank you for raising and being part of raising such wonderful young men and women. And its wonderful to have you all here. They couldnt do it without you and without that support. So we are celebrating you all as well.And finally, most of all, congratulations to all of this years 55 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winners! Thats you! And you, and you! Yes! Just so that our press understands – welcome press – (– all our young press people. This is the only time we let kids in the press pool. You guys do your jobs. Do your jobs over there. Dont let the grown-ups push you out of the way. Nearly 1,000 kids entered this contest – 1,000! Right? This was a real competition. But after countless hours of prepping and taste-testing your recipes, our panel of distinguished judges – some of whom are here today, including Deb – she ate every bite – (– decided that your meals were the healthiest, tastiest, and most fun dishes to cook and to eat!So you had many hurdles to overcome. It had to be healthy, tasty, and good to eat, and you did it! Yes! Fabulous! And you look so good! You all are so handsome and gorgeous. So you can cook and your smart and you look great, and youre here at the White House. Its just wonderful.You blew the judges away with your talent and creativity. You included fruits and veggies from every color of the rainbow in your recipes. You used all kinds of ingredients – flax seed – do any of the adults even know what flax seed is? Cumin, and we have yellow miso paste that was included in one of the recipes – pretty sophisticated.201508/395357So we need to make damn sure that the programs that our kids are receiving are not only having a positive impact,因此我们要确保我们的孩子们正在接受的项目不仅是对他们有积极影响的,but having a lasting impact as well.而且还要有持续的影响。And the research shows that the best programs address six key areas:研究表明最好的项目跟六个关键领域有关:The first is the influence of family, friends and relationships.首先是家人和亲朋好友的影响。The second is media and celebrity culture,其次是媒体和名人文化,then how to handle teasing and bullying,然后是如何处理调侃和欺凌,the way we compete and compare with one another based on looks,同其他人基于长相的竞争和比较的方式,talking about appearance a some people call this body talk or fat talk a and finally, the foundations of respecting and looking after yourself.对相貌的讨论—有些人称之为身材谈话或肥胖谈话—最后一点,是你尊重和看待自己的基础。These six things are crucial starting points for anyone serious about delivering body-confidence education that works.这六件事对于那些真正想要实现有效的身体信心教育的人来说是至关重要的起点。An education is critical,教育是很重要的,but tackling this problem is going to require each and everyone of us to step up and be better role models for the women and girls in our own lives.但是解决这个问题需要我们所有人提升自己并且成为我们生活中的妇女和女孩们更好的榜样。Challenging the status quo of how women are seen and talked about in our own circles.挑战我们在圈子中如何看待和谈论女性的现状。It is not okay that we judge the contribution of our politicians by their haircuts or the size of their breasts,我们不能仅凭政治家的发型和胸围去判断她的贡献大小,or to infer that the determination or the success of an Olympian is down to her not being a looker.或者因为长相不佳而推断一个奥运会运动员不会成功。We need to start judging people by what they do,我们需要根据人们的所做所为去评判一个人,not what they look like.而不是他们的长相。We can all start by taking responsibility for the types of pictures and comments that we post on our own social networks.我们可以从对我们发布在社交网络上的图片和担起责任开始做起。We can compliment people based on their effort and their actions and not on their appearance.我们可以基于人们的努力和行动去赞美他们而不是他们的相貌。201507/387060武汉/武昌区看男科医院华中科技大学同济医学院附属协和医院前列腺炎多少钱

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