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武汉/阳痿早泄武汉/前列腺炎多少钱武汉/最好的沁尿科医院 Richard may have crushed the Peasants Revolt,but peers of the realm were another matter.理查虽然镇压了农民起义 但要求贵族们臣则是另一码事Chastened by the humiliation,the king withdrew into autocratic solitude,国王恼羞成怒 陷于孤立境地and yet he had enough of the Plantagenet about him to harbour desires for retribution.不过他身上流淌的金花雀血统 足以教会他隐藏报仇的欲望He held his peace for nearly ten years,but when his beloved Anne died of plague,压抑了近十年后 当他深爱的皇后安妮死于瘟疫Richard lost his only restraining influence and he reasserted himself in an extraordinary storm of revenge.他再也无法抑制压抑已久的愤怒 开始疯狂地打击报复Using the pretext of an aristocratic plot,he brutally disposed of the ringleaders of the Merciless Parliament a decade earlier.以非法密谋为借口 他残酷地处罚了 十年前无情议会的发起人The Earl of Arundel was executed.阿伦德尔伯爵被处以极刑The Earl of Warwick was exiled,and the Duke of Gloucester,沃里克伯爵被流放 格洛斯特公爵Richards own uncle, was murdered,smothered in his bed on the kings orders.理查的叔叔 被国王派人勒死在床上The old scores had been settled at last.旧账终于算完了Well, you would think,that Richard could contain his sense of triumph,if only in the interests of self-preservation.你可能认为 从自卫的角度上看 理查取得了胜利But now that Richard II discovered that people were,for the first time, frightened of him,he also discovered he rather liked it.不过现在查理二世首次发现 人民惧怕他 他发现他还挺乐在其中He drank it in and lashed out at anybody he thought to be disloyal to him,replacing them with yes-men and toadies,他打击排挤 任何他认为存有异心的人 任用一些唯唯诺诺的谄媚小人eating, sleeping and travelling surrounded by a private army,as if he were some Roman emperor.无论吃饭 睡觉 外出巡视 都带着私人军队 十足罗马皇帝的派头 /201612/481964Okay. Yeah.好的,这样…Uh, this is Bill Cunningham, and ;On the Street; this week theres no question black is the story this week.大家好,这是本期的;On the Street;栏目我是Bill Cunningham,毫无疑问地…我们这周的主题是黑色。Here we are, the first week in August, and the New Yorkers are all in black clothes.看,在八月的第一周,全纽约的人都在穿黑色。This is Bill Cunningham, and ;On the Street; this week is a very interesting...Isnt it always? But it really is.本期的;On the Street;栏目…我是Bill Cunningham这是一期非常有趣的主题它一直是这样么?它确实是。The picture frame collar.这组照片是不同的领子。There was the most popular T-shirt this summer was printed with multiple sunglasses.今夏最流行的T恤衫都印着很多的太阳镜。Theres no reason to be doom and gloom and think that fashion is finished.完全不要觉得,时尚进入了瓶颈期时尚就要结束了。Just reach back into your closet...I call it ;the thin man.;只要回去打开你的衣柜,就能找到我叫他;瘦人;。Its a serious way of dressing.这是一种值得参考的搭配。Theyve got something going here, and I thought it was serious enough...for you to take a look at.他们的穿法,我觉得对你已经有帮助了你可以参考一下。Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy it.谢谢收听,希望你们享受这期节目嗯…Okay, move it all over and take this woman and put her in the corner.好的,把这张移走把这个女人放在那边。Yeah, thats nice. I think its all right. Thats not bad.嗯,这样很好。我觉得这样就够了。还不错。You want me to order your lunch today?你要我帮你订午饭么?I beg pardon? -Do you want me to order you in lunch?你说什么?-要我帮你订午饭么?Oh. Lunch. -No. Soup, you know.哦,午饭…-哦,不…我是说点个汤。Im not thinking about lunch.我没在想午饭吃什么。No. I know what we need.哦,我知道我们要做出什么样的。What? -Yeah. Its all right. No, leave everything alone.什么?-好的,这些都不动位置。Uh, put her here, and put her over here.把她放到这儿把她放到那儿。201608/460199武汉/治疗包皮哪个医院比较好

武汉/治疗前列腺肥大费用是多少It finally happened,all Tesla cars will now be able to drive themselves.终于等到了,所有特斯拉汽车都将能够自己驾驶。The company announced the rollout Wednesday. All cars Tesla produces from here on will have self-driving hardware, though the company wont activate it until its tested more thoroughly.该公司周三宣布了首展。从这里生产的所有特斯拉汽车装有自驾硬件,尽管在进行更加彻底的测试前,公司不会去激活它。Teslas goal is to increase safety on the road. Using a combination of sonar, radar and on-board computers, the cars will be able to detect things humans cant. 特斯拉的目标是增加道路行车安全。通过声纳,雷达和车载电脑的组合,汽车将能够察觉到人类不能察觉到的事情。Those systems will allow the cars to see ;in every direction simultaneously; and detect things beyond human senses.这些系统能使汽车同时在各个方向上进行观察,并察觉超出人类感官的东西。The automaker does note some of its cars autopilot features wont be available while it continues testing. 该汽车制造商确实注意到,一些汽车的自动驾驶功能还不可用,在继续测试中。So if you buy one of the new models, dont rely on the car to brake by itself; it wont happen.因此,如果你买了一辆这样的新车,不要依靠汽车能自己刹车。这是不会发生的。译文属。201610/474378武汉/那里可以做包皮手术 A new day brings a new challenge.Theres another island ahead.新的一天又有新的挑战 前方又有一个小岛I can see land over there,where the currents taking me.我看到陆地了 洋流正把我带过去But between me and the sanctuary of the shoreline lies some big surf.但在到达新的避难岛之前 还有很大海浪有待克Just the wind and the current are blowing me towards its like a mouth of a river here.风和洋流将我推进 这里像是一个河口Try and get a good, stable position on this before the surf hits.在海浪侵袭之前 要保持一个平稳的姿势Once over the surf, I enter the river.海浪一过 就进入内河了Its a natural highway through the thick jungle.这是穿过茂密丛林的天然通道You see all of the banks here just this horrible jungle mangrove瞧瞧这里的堤岸 看那可怕的红树林but rivers like this on coastlines more often than not will lead you eventually to people.不过 在海岸线上的河流 一般会通向有人类居住的地方So thats what Im following.这也是我所期望的You see theres not a lot of deadfall in the river,可以看到河面上没有多少落叶which you normally get in the jungle,which Im hoping is a good sign.意味着我们真的进入了丛林深处 希望是个好的迹象It means maybe there are people or a village who keep it open as a navigable route through the jungle.这也许意味着 有人或者村民在清理河道 以便在从林中通行201607/453503武汉/做包皮手术哪里好

武汉/阳痿治疗医院栏目简介:Some of the foreigners say they dont fully understand how the policy works. Our reporter Wu Yina finds out.201706/513494 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460635武汉/男性健康武汉/男人为什么会阳委



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