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随着全世界的目光聚焦伦敦,英国女王伊丽莎白二世的钻石庆典和2012年的奥运会,在德国首都及所有的地方英国食物被那里的人们所喜爱。As the eyes of the world turn towards London for the Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, British cooking is gaining appreciation. In the German capital, of all places.A typical full English breakfast, frying away on the griddle.All over Britain people tuck in to this hearty meal in the morning, at lunch, even for dinner.But this is not London, Birmingham or Brighton.This breakfast is served up in the shadow of the Berlin TV tower in the German capital’s trendy Kreuzberg district.The restaurant is called East London. Only a year old, it’s a regular haunt for both expat Brits and local fans of British cooking.That may come as a surprise to some as British cuisine is not known here for its merits.Chef Benn Hayes thinks he knows why.Benn Hayes says, ;We have a lot of fried stuff in England. The fried Mars bar probably doesn’t help the rep (reputation). You know, putting chocolate in a fryer. That doesn’t help.;But British restaurants abroad are getting a boost from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the 2012 Olympics.At Hudson’s cafe in Berlin, owners Jim and Katie Hudson have aly witnessed an increased interest in British cooking and baking.The Londoners moved to Berlin on a short-term basis while taking sabbatical leave. Five years later they are still here.A year after their cafe’s opening, it’s become famous for its British cakes and scones.Both Hudson’s and East London have planned special events to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. They are also expecting large crowds of expats and Germans to show up during the Olympics. Article/201206/185452由张国立、张铁林、王刚、袁立联手打造的新派古装轻喜剧《铁齿铜牙纪晓岚》第四部将于12月28日在北京卫视晚间黄金时段隆重开播。北京卫视今天举行开播新闻发布会,不仅众主创悉数亮相。作为年度大戏,北京卫视还将重磅打造《铁齿铜牙纪晓岚》第四部开播首映礼,届时来自全国10个省市的80名幸运观众将与“铁三角”一起演绎一场别开生面的情景喜剧,形式新颖独特,看点纷呈。《铁齿铜牙纪晓岚》作为经典品牌系列剧积累了超高的人气和口碑,第四部还将延续前三部的人物关系,“铁三角”以及杜小月袁立的回归将再次演绎一段段令人啼笑皆非的故事,此外该剧还力邀闫妮、刘仪伟、杨千嬅、韩雨芹等明星加盟,将大量时尚元素融入剧中,针砭时弊,借古讽今。Loyal fans of "Eloquent Ji Xiaolan", the hit TV series that started ten years ago, will continue their fun-filled journey with the leads. The drama, which tells the story of quick-witted scholar Ji Xiaolan of the Qing court, has gotten its fourth installment. Lead actors were on hand at the promotion ahead of the release. Scriptwriter Zou Jingzhi, was accompanied by lead actors Zhang Guoli, Zhang Tielin, and Wang Gang, as well as returning lead actress Yuan Li to attend the release ceremony. Hong Kong actress Miriam Yueng, who is a newcomer to the series, was also on hand. From the first installment to the fourth, the TV series has gone through ten years. Over that time, the three male leads have become known as the "iron triangle", for their ability to ring in audience ratings. Zhang Guoli, the foremost lead who plays the grand scholar, got sentimental as he traced back the series' past decade.Zhang Guoli, Actor, said, "The series has been on the air for ten years. Almost every night there is a satellite TV station somewhere playing the show. It is the most aired TV series in China. The funny stories that take place among the lead characters are soothing entertainment for those who work hard all day and get back home late. We are the guys who accompany the audience members to help them have fun. So making this fourth installment, I think is a meaningful thing." Wang Gang is the actor that plays the role He Shen, a corrupt minister who frequently finds himself in a battle of wits with Ji Xiaolan. He says he wouldn't play beyond the second installment. But, he is still among the cast.Actor Wang Gang said, "I was a bit bored after the second installment. And the passion for creation faded. So I thought about quitting. But I couldn't afford to leave these old friends. Especially, for this installment, Yuan Li comes back, new ones coming too. So I still want to continue the play with them." Emperor Qianlong's impersonator, Zhang Tielin was active at the press conference. Zhang is fairly good at calligraphy, which is quite apt for his role since Qianlong was a superb calligrapher. Zhang wielded the brush often throughout the TV series. When the host asked the whereabouts of some calligraphy work he wrote on the TV series, he joked that Zhang Guoli has looted his private property. "Eloquent Ji Xiaolan four" will be aired on Beijing TV starting December the 28th. Article/200912/92588

2012. I was a NYU Student.2012年,我在纽约大学上学。Met this beautiful girl on campus. She was a sophomore from Chicago, IL. So I asked her out. Well, her sister was visiting her from Chicago that same weekend that we had our date planned. Of course she doesn’t mention anything about her sister, but she ends up bringing her along to the date that I was so looking forward to.我在校园里遇到了这个漂亮女孩,她上大二,来自芝加哥。我约她出去,碰巧在我们约好的那个周末她从芝加哥来看她。当然她一点没提她的事,约会时却带着一起来,这次约会可是我盼望已久的。Here comes her IDENTICAL TWIN sister. I had no idea who was who all date long and didn’t find a way to ask either. She later tells my friend she thinks that I am more into her sister than her. Very awkward. Much confused. And yes, very weird.来的是她的孪生,自始至终我都没弄清楚谁是谁,也没法问。后来她告诉我朋友她觉着我对她比对她更感兴趣。太尴尬了,我都蒙了。当然,这次约会真是怪怪的。Now happily married for many years, but I still remember one disastrous date:过了多年幸福的婚后生活,可我依然记得那次灾难性的约会:I discovered he was recently (less than a month) divorced. That should have been a warning, but I was interested in the concert we were going to. Mostly music so there was little conversation, other than every time we talked he was complaining about his ex. Following the concert we went to a restaurant for dessert and coffee. In the middle of the dessert he excused himself to go the restroom. When he didn#39;t return in 30 minutes I became concerned and asked a waiter to go to the men#39;s room and check on him.我当时发现他刚刚离婚(不到一个月),这就应该是个警报,但我们要去听的音乐会我非常感兴趣。主要是在听音乐,所以对话很少,只要聊天他也是在抱怨前妻。听完音乐会我们去一家饭店吃甜点喝咖啡。甜点吃到一半他就找借口去洗手间,过半个小时他还没回来我有点担心,就叫一个务员去男洗手间找他。He came back, irritated that I had sent in the waiter. It turned out he didn#39;t need the restroom . . . instead he had called his ex and was fighting with her over the phone! Then he started to tell me what a b...h she was. At that point I told him to do other women a favor and not try to date until he had resolved his issues, I called a cab and left.他回来了,很生气我叫务员去找他。事实是他根本不是去上厕所,而是给前妻打电话吵架!然后他又开始跟我说她多差劲。当时我就告诉他就当帮别的女人一个忙,解决完自己的事再约别人。我叫了一辆出租车就走了。I met this one person on OkCupid. She lived a little over an hour away, which made regular visits just a little inconvenient, but we seemed to have a lot in common. We spent a couple weeks chatting, and then playing games together online.我在OkCupid(一个约会网站)上遇到这个人,她住的地方离我这儿一个多小时的路程,不方便经常见面,但我们貌似有很多共同点,我们聊了几周,又一起玩网游。Then she invited me over to spend the night at her place. Of course I accepted and, that weekend, I took the last train up to her apartment.后来她邀请我去她家过夜,我当然答应了,那个周末我就搭最后一班火车去她的公寓。About 2/3 of the way there is where things started to go wrong. We were texting, and she mentions “Oh, by the way, my boyfriend will be here. I hope you weren’t expecting sex.” I double-checked her OkCupid profile, and it did, indeed, say she was single, and she’d never mentioned it before. I told her I was a bit surprised. I did enjoy spending time with her, even if it was purely platonic.大约走过2/3的路程就开始不对劲了。我们发短信时她说:“顺便跟你说一下,我男朋友也会来,我希望你没想跟我发生关系。”我又看了一遍她OkCupid上的个人资料,上面确实写的是单身,她之前也从未提过。我告诉她我有点惊讶。不过我真的很喜欢跟她待在一起,虽然只是纯粹的柏拉图式的约会。In any case, it’s too late to turn back. Like I said, it was the last train.不管怎样回去是来不及了,我说过了这是最后一班火车。So I get to her apartment, and her boyfriend meets me at the door. Very friendly, seemed like an intelligent guy. The three of us chat for a couple minutes, and then she informs me that they’re in the middle of an online game, and they need to get back to it.我到了她的公寓,她男朋友在门口接我,他很友善,看起来是个很睿智的男孩。我们三个人聊了几分钟,然后她说他们的网游玩到一半,得回去继续玩。It was pretty boring (and a little awkward) trying to stand behind them, watching over their shoulder while they played their game and largely ignored me. I asked if they had any other games I could play, and they said I could play with their cat. So I did. For literally the rest of the night. They didn’t quit playing until after midnight, then they let me know they were heading to bed together. They said I could sleep on a beanbag chair, but they didn’t have any blankets to spare. Oops!站在他们身后看他们玩游戏而且还被无视真的很无聊(还有点尴尬)。我问他们有没有别的游戏是我能玩的,他们说我可以跟猫玩。我就跟猫玩吧,差不多一晚上剩下的时间我都在跟猫玩。他们过了半夜才玩完游戏,然后跟我说他们要一起去睡觉,我可以睡在豆袋椅上,但没有多余的毛毯给我。我去!Also, they didn’t have any food, either, except for dry Cheerios and a few condiments in the fridge. They went to bed together, and I slept on the beanbag chair, hungry, wrapping myself in my hoodie for warmth.而且除了冰箱里的干麦圈和调料他们什么吃的都没有,他们一起去睡觉了,我就睡在豆袋椅上,饥饿难耐,裹着自己的连帽衫取暖。And I never took the last train to a first date ever again.从那以后第一次约会我再也不坐末班火车了。 /201707/516230

  Step 1 Wet fabric1.将衣物浸湿Dampen the fabric completely if it has heavy wrinkles. Soak it in a tub and wring it out or spray with a spray bottle.如果丝绸衣上出现很多严重的褶皱,将衣物完全浸湿。将衣在盆里浸泡,然后拧干,或者用喷瓶喷水。Step 2 Turn inside out2.将衣物反过来Turn the fabric inside out on an ironing board.在烫衣板上将衣反过来。Step 3 Iron3.熨烫Place a thin towel on top of the fabric and iron on the silk on the cool setting, just until the wrinkles release.在衣物上方铺一层薄毛巾,然后用电熨斗较低的温度熨烫,直到将褶皱抚平。Silk and satin are very easily burned. Be careful not to set the iron on the fabric for too long.丝绸和缎子非常容易被灼烧,一定不要熨烫太长时间。Step 4 Hang fabric4.悬挂衣物Turn fabric rightside out and hang to dry after ironing.然后将衣反过来,悬挂,晾干。Step 5 Steam fabric5.使用蒸汽Hang the fabric on a towel bar or hook while you shower to steam out any additional wrinkles.淋浴的时候,将衣物挂在毛巾杆或挂钩上,抚平任何剩余的褶皱。Silk and satin with only a few small wrinkles may only need to be steamed and not ironed.如果丝绸衣上只有少量褶皱,只需用蒸汽熏一下就可以了,不需要熨烫。Step 6 Hang overnight6.悬挂过夜Hang the fabric overnight to allow any lingering wrinkles to release. Repeat steps as necessary to remove additional wrinkles or bunching before your big debut in that sassy number.将衣悬挂过夜,让任何顽固的褶皱变平。如果穿上这件战袍参加重大活动之前衣上仍然有褶皱,重复以上步骤。Silk is produced from the cocoons of silk worms. Each cocoon can produce a th of silk 1,500 feet long.丝绸是由蚕茧制成的。每一个蚕茧可以生产1,500英寸长的丝线。 Article/201301/221796

  Trees if they were able to dream would probably dream of water. Certainly Euphrates poplar on the Taklamakan Desert would. When Euphrates poplar grows, it is known as a dry pole. The trees make the most of the three months#39;floods season to drink all the water they need to survive for the rest of the year. 如果树木也能够做梦,它们很有可能会梦到水。可以想象,塔克拉玛干沙漠的胡杨肯定会做这种梦。当胡杨生长的时候,它就被称为干燥棒。这种树木在洪水季的三个月极尽所能汲取水,之后在当年剩余的时间存活下去。 Article/201111/160399。

  Today in History: Sunday, January 06, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月6日,星期天On Jan. 6, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his State of the Union address, outlined a goal of ;Four Freedoms; for the world: freedom of speech and expression, the freedom of people to worship God in their own way, freedom from want and freedom from fear1941年1月6日,美国总统弗兰克林D.罗斯福在他的国情咨文中概述了世界上的“四大自由”即:自由言论和表达意见的自由、以自己的方式崇拜上帝的自由、免于匮乏的自由以及免于恐惧的自由。1412 According to tradition, Joan of Arc was born in Domremy, France.1412年,根据经外传说,圣女贞德在法国栋雷米出生。1540 England#39;s King Henry VIII married his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.1540年,英国国王亨利八世迎娶了他的第四任妻子安妮·克利夫斯。1759 George Washington and Martha Dandridge Custis were married.1759年,乔治·华盛顿和与玛莎结婚。1838 Samuel Morse first publicly demonstrated his telegraph, in Morristown, N.J.1838年,塞缪尔·莫尔斯在新泽西州莫里斯第一次公开展示了他的电报。1912 New Mexico became the 47th state.1912年,新墨西哥成为美国第47个州。1919 Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the ed States, died in Oyster Bay, N.Y., at age 60.1919年,美国第26届总统西奥多·罗斯福在纽约蚝湾去世,享年60岁。1945 George H.W. Bush married Barbara Pierce in Rye, N.Y.1945年,乔治H.W.布什在纽约黑麦与芭芭拉·皮尔斯结婚。1993 Jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie died at age 75.1993年,爵士乐小号手Dizzy Gillespie去世,享年75岁。199 4Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed on the right leg in an assault planned by the ex-husband of her rival, Tonya Harding.1994年,花样滑冰运动员南希·克里根被他前夫安排的竞争对手托尼娅·哈丁用棍棒猛击右腿。2005 Former Ku Klux Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen was arrested 41 years after three civil rights workers were slain in Mississippi. (Killen was later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 60 years in prison.)2005年,三名民权工作者在密西西比州被杀41年后,前三K党领袖埃德加雷基林被铺。(基林后来因杀人罪名成立,判处60年监禁。) /201301/219144


  Candle wax makes a right mess on carpets, and is a devil to remove. But with this quick tip you can easily get the candle wax out and make your carpet as good as new.蜡烛滴下的蜡油会把地毯弄的乱七八糟,而且很难去除。但是按照这个小妙招,你可以轻松将蜡油去除,让地毯恢复的像新的一样。Step 1: Scrape off the excess1.刮掉蜡油Plug your iron in somewhere within reach of the waxy patch. While you#39;re waiting for it to warm up use a blunt knife, just the back of your average cutlery one will do, to scrap off as much excess wax as possible.将熨斗插电,放在蜡油附近。等待电熨斗变热的过程中使用比较钝的小刀,或者普通刀子的刀背也可以,尽可能多刮掉一点蜡油。Step 2: Iron2.熨烫Now lay some brown paper or a paper towel over the remaining wax and iron over the top. Keep it moving slowly, just as you would when ironing clothes, and make sure you don#39;t burn anything. The heat will cause the wax to melt and absorb into the paper. Keep ironing over a clean piece of paper or cloth until all the wax has been absorbed. Job done.现在,在剩余的蜡油上方放置一些牛皮纸或纸巾,在纸上方熨烫。缓缓移动,就好像熨烫衣那样,一定不要烧坏任何物品。热量会让蜡油融化,被纸吸收。不断更换清洁的纸巾或布料,直到所有蜡油都被吸收。完成。Thanks for watching 5 Minute Fix: Getting Wax Off Carpets.感谢收看“怎样清除地毯上的蜡油”视频节目。 Article/201301/218048


  It was a dominant performance from a young Northern Irishman at the Haikou World Snooker Open. Mark Allen claimed his first ranking title, and his first trip to the winner#39;s circle happened in convincing fashion.Allen had taken out big names like Jimmy Robertson, Judd Trump and Mark King en route to the semi-finals and he put on a magical show on Saturday. That#39;s when he came back from 5-2 down to defeat Mark Selby and book his place in the final.Lee was in devastating form in some of the earlier rounds, and he talked a good fight in advance of the final. But he was no match for Allen#39;s focused performance. The Northern Irishman raced to a 5-0 lead in a little over an hour and a half.Breaks of 104, 50, 127 and 53 did the damage as Lee looked a little tentative. But Lee stemmed the flow in the sixth frame...a run of 67 finally put him on the scoreboard. Allen took the next frame to lead 6-1, and then went on to clear. He stole the frame for a 7-1 lead, Allen#39;s run of 123 in the final frame of the session made it 8-1.The 26-year-old held a lead of 9-1 and then made a break of 104 points. Allen won the match 10-1 for his first ranking trophy and a winner#39;s cheque for 75-thousand pounds.The Haikou World Open signalled a new hotspot for snooker has arrived in Asia. It was just the beginning for the tournament, and it is expected to build on its experience on Hainan Island in the upcoming years.Gan Liantong, Executive Director of Haikou World Open Organizing Committee, said ;We will try to include more entertaining aspects into the tournament. We are thinking about becoming more interactive with the spectators, which we hope attract more people#39;s attention to the sport and the tournament.;2012年斯诺克海口世界公开赛昨天落下帷幕。;北爱新锐;马克bull;艾伦10比1战胜斯蒂芬bull;李,夺得职业生涯首个排名赛冠军,并收获7.5万英镑的冠军奖金。 Article/201203/173650。


  【Video】How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy on Howcast 【Transcript】Simple lifestyle modifications can help keep your vision sharp.You Will NeedAn eye-care professional Fruits and vegetables UV-protective sunglasses Family medical history Step 1: Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam(给眼睛一次专业的检查)Have your eyes checked under dilation by an eye-care professional.Step 2: Eat a healthy diet(多吃蔬菜和水果)Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Dark leafy greens and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like olive oil and flax seed, contribute to good eye health.Step 3: Watch your weight(均衡自己的体重)Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight raises your risk of developing diabetes, which can cause vision loss.Step 4: Don’t smoke(不抽烟)Avoid smoking, which has been linked to several diseases that can cause blindness.Step 5: Wear sunglasses outdoors(出门带太阳镜)Protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays with sunglasses.If you work at a computer, reduce eyestrain by looking off in the distance every 20 minutes for approximately 20 seconds.Step 6: Pay attention to your family history(注意家族的眼睛史)Determine whether you are at risk of developing a hereditary eye disease by tracking your family’s health history. Article/201006/106483


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