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Google enters the browser war 谷歌浏览器Chrome问世 Search giant joins crowded field in hopes of increasing advertising revenue. But will users switch? Sam here in Francisco, well a lot of us are wondering yet again, what is Google thinking. The company just launched another product that at least on the surface it doesn't seem to have a whole lot to do with its core business, search and online ads. So what it is, it’s a web browser; it's called Chrome. This is going to compete with other existing web browsers like Microsoft, Internet Explore, Apple Safari, and Firefox. So why is the company that makes the majority of its revenues from online ads, launching its own branded web browser? Well, the thinking here is that if Google can provide a better, faster, easier Internet experience, then more people are going to spend more time online. And that in turn drives more ads for Google and more revenues. So Google could have a top seller here though, because Internet Explore unlike Google's Chrome is, is available as, as a preloaded browser on many, many computers. And for users to actually use / Chrome, they’re, they are going to have to go out, be proactive and download Chrome from Google. Um, is it available for free, it’s going to be available in about a hundred countries. So it's going to had, have a very wide availability, but for users’ tasks, they are not only find out about Chrome, but then go out and download it is a whole different challenge. Microsoft’s Internet Explore has about 72% of the market share right now and Microsoft actually just recently launched an updated version of Internet Explore ads. The closest runner-up which is Firefox has about 20% of the market share. So is there room for yet another web browser here. Well, yeah, I think consumers can always use a faster, more reliable browser, but whether Chrome is going to be that browser remains to be seen.200811/55402Belarus Gets .5 Billion Credit Line From IMFIMF和美国同意向白俄贷款救助 The International Monetary Fund, with the concurrence of the ed States, has agreed lend Belarus .5 billion to help it deal with effects of the global economic crisis. The IMF decision Wednesday reflects a thaw in relations between the authoritarian government in Minsk and the ed States and the rest of Europe. 国际货币基金组织和美国一致同意向白俄罗斯提供25亿美元的贷款,帮助白俄罗斯应对全球经济危机所带来的影响。国际货币基金组织星期三做出的这项决定反映出白俄罗斯专制政府和美国以及欧洲其他国家关系的解冻。Belarus has joined several other European countries, including Iceland and Hungary, in gaining IMF credit lines to help it weather the financial crisis, which has caused the central European country's exports and currency reserves to wither in recent months. 国际金融危机造成白俄罗斯的出口和外汇储备近几个月不断下降,而国际货币基金组织的贷款将帮助白俄罗斯渡过这场危机。此前,包括冰岛和匈牙利在内的其他一些欧洲国家也得到了国际货币基金组织的贷款。The managing-director of the Washington-based IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn of France, announced the 15-month stand-by credit arrangement Wednesday. The IMF governing board must still approve the offer, but that is considered pro-forma. 总部设在华盛顿的国际货币基金组织总裁、法国人多米尼克.斯特劳斯-卡恩星期三宣布了这笔为期15个月的备用贷款安排。这项贷款仍然需要得到国际货币基金组织理事会形式上的批准。Belarus, which recently obtained a two-billion-dollar loan from neighboring Russia, sought the IMF credit line in October as its monetary reserves dwindled along with income from key exports such as potash and refined oil products. 随着白俄罗斯货币储备的下降以及钾肥和炼油产品收入的减少,白俄罗斯去年10月向国际货币基金组织提出贷款请求。白俄罗斯最近从邻国俄罗斯得到了20亿美元的贷款。The IMF agreement marks a further easing of the international isolation of the government of President Alexander Lukashenko.  国际货币基金组织的这项决定标志着国际社会正在进一步改变孤立卢卡申科总统领导的白俄罗斯政府的作法。The former Soviet official has ruled the country with an authoritarian hand since 1994, but has recently made a number of conciliatory gestures to the West including the release of the last three government detainees considered political prisoners. 1994年以来,曾经担任过苏联政府官员的卢卡申科一直用铁腕方式统治着白俄罗斯。但是最近,卢卡申科向西方做出一系列和解姿态,其中包括释放最后3名政治犯。Asked about the IMF decision, State Department Acting Spokesman Gordon Duguid said U.S. efforts to engage with the Minsk government have produced at least some limited gains. 当记者询问美国国务院代理发言人戈登.杜吉德对国际货币基金组织这项决定的反应时,杜吉德表示,美国同明斯克政府进行接触的政策至少产生了一些成果。'The Belarusians have a long way to go, particularly on their human rights record. However, the engagement that we've started with the Belarusians has produced some results," he said. "This is not to say we'll stop reminding them that their human rights record needs much improvement, that their process for starting a more representative form of government needs to be much improved. But we're doing that through engagement."  “白俄罗斯人仍然有很长一段路要走,特别是在人权记录方面。然而,我们开始和白俄罗斯人进行接触已经产生了一些结果。这并不是说我们将不再提醒他们他们的人权记录仍然需要改善,他们建立一个更有代表性的政府的过程仍然需要加强。我们正在通过接触做这些工作。”The Bush administration welcomed the release last August of the remaining Belarusian political prisoners including opposition figure Alexander Kozulin, and opened a high-level dialogue with the Minsk government. 布什政府欢迎白俄罗斯政府去年8月释放包括反对派人士亚历山大.科祖林在内的最后几名政治犯,并同明斯克政府开始举行高级别对话。However, it joined European allies in expressing disappointment over the conduct of parliamentary elections in Belarus in September that did not yield a single seat for opposition candidates and which the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the OSCE, said fell short of international standards. 然而,美国和欧洲盟国却对白俄罗斯去年9月进行的议会选举表示失望。在那次选举中,反对派候选人没有得到任何议会席位。欧洲安全和合作组织认为,那次选举没有达到国际标准。Spokesman Duguid said another problem issue in the bilateral relationship is the case of Emanuel Zeltzer, a Russian-born U.S. citizen convicted of industrial espionage in Belarus in August and given a three-year prison term.He said the ed States has no way to assess the fairness of the case against Zeltser because his trial was closed. The ed States continues to call for his release on humanitarian grounds because of reports he is failing health.01/60228Obama Aide Outlines Economic Agenda奥巴马助手介绍其经济刺激计划  A senior advisor to Barack Obama says the president-elect will pursue an ambitious, far-reaching economic agenda to pull the ed States out of recession and lay the foundation for long term economic growth. 美国当选总统奥巴马的一位高级顾问说,奥巴马将采取一套雄心勃勃、影响深远的经济措施,帮美国走出经济衰退,并为长期的经济增长打下基础。The U.S. economy has deteriorated significantly since Barack Obama won the November 4th election, with higher unemployment, plunging consumer spending, and further ings of negative growth. With that deterioration comes a question: will the worsening conditions force the incoming president to jettison the economic strategy he laid out during the campaign and formulate a new one? 自从奥巴马在11月4号赢得总统选举以来,美国经济形势大幅恶化,失业率增高、消费者出骤减、对未来经济前景的预测也持续低迷。这种形势引发了一个问题,那就是:经济局势的恶化是否会迫使奥巴马放弃他在竞选时设计的经济战略,转而制定一套新的经济措施呢?For now, the answer appears to be no. 目前,这个问题的似乎是“不会”。Speaking on N's Meet the Press program, a senior Obama advisor, David Axelrod, said the president-elect remains committed to reforming America's tax code and spurring job creation through federal activism. 奥巴马的高级顾问阿克塞尔罗德在美国全国广播公司“面对媒体”节目上说,奥巴马依然致力于改革美国的税法,并通过联邦行动来创造就业机会。"Every economist from left to right agrees that we have to do something big in terms of job creation, but we want to do it in a way that will leave a lasting footprint. So we are talking about investing in alternative energy projects that will help us achieve energy independence. We are talking about rebuilding the nation's classrooms, and of course infrastructure: rebuilding our crumbling bridges and roads and waterways. These are things that will put people to work, but will also strengthen our economy in the long run," said Axelrod. 他说:“不论是自由派还是保守派的经济学家都认为,我们必须采取果敢的行动来创造就业,不过,我们希望能以一种影响深远的方式来创造就业。因此,我们在考虑对替代性能源项目投资,这将帮我们获得能源独立。我们在考虑重建美国的学校系统,当然还有重建基础设施,包括重建老旧的桥梁、道路和水路。这些项目将使人们得到工作,而且从长远角度来看还能增强我们的经济。”Axelrod said Mr. Obama will also fulfill a campaign promise to pursue a middle class tax cut as part of an overall plan to make America's tax code more progressive. The total cost of the Obama economic stimulus program is expected to run in the hundreds of billions of dollars. 阿克塞尔罗德说,奥巴马还将兑现他在竞选时作出的承诺,削减中产阶级的税收,以此作为进一步推动美国税法全盘计划的一部分。预计奥巴马的经济刺激计划总出将耗资数千亿美元。As president, Mr. Obama will have expanded Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress to help enact his agenda. But he will lack the supermajority required to prevent Republicans from using a parliamentary maneuver, known as a filibuster, to block legislation. 民主党扩大了在国会参、众两院的多数席位,奥巴马作为总统,可以利用这一点帮助他的经济纲领成为法律。不过,他将不会拥有防止共和党使用冗长讲话所需的“特别多数”优势。冗长讲话是议员们使用的一种策略,可以被用来阻挠议案的通过。Many Republican legislators remain opposed to tax increases of any kind, particularly during a recession. They argue that Mr. Obama's plan to allow the expiration of temporary tax cuts enacted during the Bush administration amounts to a massive tax hike. 许多共和党议员依然对任何形式的加税都表示反对,特别是在经济衰退期加税。他们辩称,奥巴马计划允许布什政府通过的临时减税法期满,这等于是大规模加税。Speaking on A's This Week program, Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee said, more than government stimulus, what the economy needs is an unfreezing of tight credit so that the private sector can become productive again. 田纳西州共和党参议员考克在美国广播公司“本周”节目中说,美国经济需要的不只是政府刺激,还需要解冻紧缩的信贷市场,这样私营企业才能恢复活力。"The biggest thing we can do, and what I am seeing here in my home state, is get the credit markets functioning so that local banks are functioning and lending money to small businesses that create the jobs that all of us care so much about," said Corker. 他说:“我们可以做的最有影响力的事情,也是我在田纳西看到的,就是让信贷市场发挥作用,这样,地方就能正常运转,向能创造就业机会的小企业发放贷款。而新增的工作机会正是我们都十分关心的。”But Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown expressed the views of many Democrats: that the economy cannot recover without receiving a significant boost, and that the only entity capable of providing it right now is the federal government. 不过,俄亥俄州参议员布朗说出了许多民主党人的观点,那就是:美国经济在得不到大规模拉动的情况下是无法复苏的,而目前唯一有能力拉动经济的就是联邦政府。Brown also spoke on This Week, saying "When you see what has happened with consumer spending, in Christmas especially, with [low] holiday sales, and you understand that 70 percent of the economy is all about consumer spending, we need a real stimulus to get people to spend money. And that means putting money in infrastructure, water and sewer." 布朗也参加了“本周”节目。他说:“当你看到消费者出的情况,特别是在圣诞节期间节日销售低迷的情况,你就会明白,美国经济的70%是消费者出。我们需要一个真正的刺激计划,让人们进行消费。这意味着投资基础设施、供水和排水系统等。”The U.S. economy is believed to have been in a recession since December of last year. What began with a rash of home foreclosures accelerated into a full-blown credit and financial crisis that has sp around the world, prompting what many economists anticipate will be a deep global recession. 据信,美国经济从去年12月开始就进入了衰退期。最初的房屋丧失抵押赎回权风潮,急剧恶化成蔓延到全世界的全面信贷和金融危机,使许多经济学家推测,世界各国将进入漫长的经济衰退期。200812/60031British credit crunch ITN's Ben King reports on the huge credit card debt growing in Britain. Louise Box from Manchester transferred her 1,800-pound debts to a nought per cent interest card with Virgin. Then she bought a 300-pound suit on the new card. She knew she'd be charged interest on that purchase. But then she discovered that she won't be able to clear the interest bearing debt until she's paid off all the interest-free bit which might take a whole year. Result: a rather more expensive suit than she bargained for. I suppose I was a little naive to think that banks wouldn't be acting about the interest, and they would be acting ethically. But I'm just very disappointed that I rang Virgin and their response was there's nothing we can do. This is the way that we operate.Not for long though. The government is proposing to ban companies for making customers pay their low interest debts off first. It's also proposing no increases on credit card limits without prior consent; no raising interest rates for existing credit card debts; and higher minimum payments to accelerate the full repayment of debt. What we find out by talking to consumers is that these are the sorts of things that, that really irritate them. And although these, some of these things have been looked at in the past, it's quite clear that we need to rebalance things now more in favour of the consumer, put the consumer in the driving seat and actually do more to encourage a responsible culture of borrowing and lending. And these are some of the measures that consumers particularly say they welcome.But the industry warns that there may be a price to pay for any attempt to tighten up on our flexible friends. Credit cards need to be flexible. They need to be convenient. We need to make sure that they don't become inconvenient. And if some of these proposals come forward, that could put a cost on credit cards. Credit, the cost of credit is aly expensive through things like fraud, debts, the wholesale cost of credit. And if credit cards become too expensive, they'll only be available to a limited number of people.Whichever proposals become law, Britain's titanic debt burden will take decades to shift. Britain's total credit card debt is nearly 64 billion pounds. That's more than 1,000 pounds for every man, woman, and child in Britain, enough to buy 800 Cristiano Ronaldos, or fund England's NHS for eight months. This mountain of consumer debt is one of the main reasons why Britain's economy is still stuck in recession while France and Germany are aly well on the path to recovery.Glossary:interest bearing debt: 有息负债,公司需要在约定时间向债权人归还本金和利息的负债,包括贷款、公司债、商业票据等短期融资工具。tighten up on sth: to make a rule, law, or system more strictcome forward: to offer help to someone, or offer to do sth11/88798A Visit to Quake-Survivor Giant Pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Base Black and white, pudgy and cute, China's national treasure, the giant panda, is popular around the world. But during last year's May 12 earthquake, two giant pandas died, and the Wolong Nature Reserve, the home for Giant Pandas suffered severe damage. How are the pandas faring a year after the disaster? Yunfeng tells the story of Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding Centre where a few pandas from Wolong that survived the quake settled. Thousands of people visit the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base each day to see its lush vegetation, bamboo groves, and most of all, the giant pandas.A Korean tourist, with the Chinese name Quan Rongren, says it is the first time for him to see giang pandas."I like giant pandas very much. They are very cute, clumsy and naughty."Micah Smith from the ed States came with his classmates from Sichuan University."With other students from Sichuan University, we went to places where the earthquake struck, and we handed out stuff to some of the school students. We came here to check out the pandas. (They seem) pretty nice. I wish they were more awake, because many of them are sleeping. The baby pandas seem very active. They are playing with each other."Four pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base were transferred from the Wolong Nature Reserve after the earthquake. Wolong was only 11 kilometers from the epicenter and suffered severe damage. It was once home to 63 giant pandas. After the quake, the body of one giant panda was found, while another still remains missing. All giant pandas from Wolong have been transferred to reserves in other provinces.Zhang Hemin(张和民), director of the Wolong Nature Reserve, tries to hold back tears when he recalls the scary experience a year ago."The earth was shaking, and the giant pandas were too scared to move. They just huddled together. Their psychological injury was immense."Zhang is known as the "father of giant pandas" in China. Since 1983, he has dedicated his time and talent to researching the breeding and protection of giant pandas. He says he considers pandas to be family members.Zhang has spent most of his time with the pandas, studying them and playing with them and has developed a deep affection for them. He says it was painful to see pandas pinned under rolling rocks, to see them trying to flee to safety and to meet their frightened eyes.Zhang says it usually takes two weeks for giant pandas to get used to a new environment. But to attend to their psychological needs, he and his co-workers have been using 'Ai Xin Wei Yang' or 'Caring Breeding' techniques since the earthquake.And Zhang has this to say,"We caress them more and talk to them more, and whenever we want to communicate with them, we bend down to avoid talking to them from a higher position. Now, we are glad to see that these giant pandas have almost recovered their old spirits."Tan Wen, who has nearly 10 years of experience in raising pandas, was designated the caretaker of the four newcomers from Wolong. He has treated the four quake-survivor pandas with extreme care and comes to the base very frequently to check on them."I think what's most important for a panda caretaker is the sense of responsibility. To really get along with them, there is no recipe other than to let them know that you really care about them. When they got the message and started to behave, I felt so rewarded. If they get sick, I will find the vet who is available 24 hours. But I myself still can't help worrying about them."Zhang Hemin says he hopes the giant pandas at Chengdu can move back into their new home near Wolong soon."You know, Wolong is a nature reserve, and those pandas were used to living in nature, not in parks or breeding centers, so it must be a little bit uncomfortable for them. I hope they will move into their new home as soon as possible."The new Giant Panda Nature Reserve will be built in Gengda Village, 10 kilometers from the former Wolong Nature Reserve. Experts spent months selecting Gengda village, which they believe provides the best geographic conditions, resources and safety conditions for the pandas.The construction of the Gengda reserve will start in July. It is estimated that the project will cost more than 1.4 billion yuan, or some 200 million U.S. dollars. Donations from different countries, non-governmental organizations, international companies and the Hong Kong government are providing most of the funds for the project.Here is Zhang Hemin again."The support from the Hong Kong government encourages us. And we are so thankful to people who have always cared about China's giant pandas. We'll live up to their expectations to rebuild a new cozy home for the giant pandas in the shortest time possible."Zhang also says the recovery and reconstruction project is a systematic project that includes assessments and mitigations of geological hazards caused by the earthquake as well as the recovery of local vegetation.Pandas usually mate in March and April. At that time, they climb from the bottom of mountains to the peaks to nourish themselves with fresh bamboo shoots before they deliver their cubs in August or September.To ensure the giant pandas have an uninterrupted "green zone," Zhang and his fellow workers are relocating more than 870 households situated on the mountain in Gengda Village.Of all the myths about giant pandas, one of the most beautiful ones goes like this: Four young shepherdesses were killed while trying to rescue a panda from a leopard. When the other pandas heard what had happened, they decided to hold a funeral to honor the girls' sacrifice.At that time, the giant pandas were pure white. To honor the deceased girls, the pandas wore black armbands at their funeral. They were so sad that they began to cry. As their tears rolled down their faces, the dye from the black armbands began to run and mingle with their tears.As the pandas rubbed their eyes, the black dye made big spots. In their grief, they clutched their ears and began hugging one another closely. The black dye marked the areas where the pandas touched themselves and each other. The pandas vowed never to wash off the black dye as a reminder of the girls and the sacrifice they made.It's not known how long this myth has been around in Southwest China, but if these giant pandas do have thankful hearts, they will definitely remember those who have cared for them especially after the May 12 earthquake and those who are still working hard to rebuild them a safe and comfortable home.05/69013

据朝鲜中央通讯社报道,朝鲜25日成功进行一次地下核试验,目的是加强朝鲜的自卫核遏制能力。安理会联合国安理会25日当天下午就朝鲜核试验问题召开了紧急会议。安理会本月轮值主席、俄罗斯常驻联合国代表丘尔金在会后对记者表示,安理会15个理事国一致认为,朝鲜核试验违反了安理会2006年通过的第1718号决议,对地区和国际安全构成了威胁,安理会对此表示“强烈反对和谴责”。The emergency meeting of the 15-member council lasted less than an hour. Afterwards, diplomats emerged with a united voice saying they opposed and condemned Pyongyang's latest defiance of international law.U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice would not say if the resolution the council will begin drafting would carry new sanctions, but she said it should be strong, with appropriately strong contents."The U.S. thinks this is a grave violation of international law and a threat to regional and international peace and security," said Susan Rice. "And therefore, the ed States will seek a strong resolution with strong measures."France's deputy ambassador, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, said his country believes new sanctions are necessary."The French national position is that this resolution should include new sanctions, in addition to those aly adopted by the Security Council, because this behavior must have a cost and a price to pay," said Jean-Pierre Lacroix.Japan, which has been at the forefront of urging strong council action on North Korea and called for Monday's emergency meeting, said Pyongyang's nuclear test was a serious threat to regional and international peace and security, but also to the authority and prestige of the Security Council. Russia and China have traditionally been North Korea's strongest allies on the council. But Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, who chairs the council this month, criticized Pyongyang's actions as contrary to U.N. resolutions, the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty."We are one of the founding fathers, Russia is, of those [the NPT and CTBT] documents," said Vitaly Churkin. "So we think they are extremely important in current international relations. So anything which would undermine the regimes of those two treaties is very serious and needs to have a strong response to it."The Chinese government issued a statement saying it resolutely opposes the test.Early Monday, North Korea confirmed it had conducted an underground nuclear test. In 2006, it performed a similar test that resulted in the adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution sanctioning it.In April, North Korea launched a test rocket that the ed States, Japan and others said was cover for a ballistic missile test. The Security Council condemned that as well, tightening existing sanctions, but not adopting a new resolution. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who is a former South Korean foreign minister, also condemned North Korea's action. In a statement, the U.N. chief "deeply deplored" the underground nuclear test as a "clear and grave violation" of Security Council resolutions and urged Pyongyang to "refrain from taking further actions that would increase tensions in the region." 05/71403

Agriculture and nutrition农业与营养Hidden hunger隐性饥饿How much can farming really improve people’s health? 农业到底能为促进人类健康贡献多少?IN A market in southern Uganda two traders squat behind little piles of sweet potatoes and a sign that says “with extra vitamin A”. A passing shopper complains about the price: 10% more than ordinary sweet potatoes. Yes, say the traders, but they’re better, bred with extra vitamin A. The bargaining goes back and forth, but the struggle to improve the crop has aly been won. Since 2007, when an outfit called HarvestPlus began distributing the “biofortified” rootcrop in Uganda and Mozambique, 50,000 farmers have started to plant it or crops like it. Vitamin A intake has soared and the produce commands a premium. The shopper eventually buys some. 乌干达南部的一个市场上,两个小贩蹲坐在一小堆红薯边,一旁的牌子上写着“富含维A”。顾客路过,抱怨价格太贵:比一般红薯贵10%。贵是贵一点,小贩解释道,但是这种红薯更优质,富含更多维A。虽然还要再讨价还价一番,但已经确定的是作物营养价值方面已经有所进步了。自2007年,供应商HarvestPlus开始在乌干达和莫桑比亚销售“生物合成”的块根作物,近5万农户开始种植此类作物。维A含量的显著增多,使得产品价格升高。顾客最终也逐渐开始购买此类农产品。Nutrition has long been the Cinderella of development. Lack of calories—hunger—is a headline-grabber, particularly as rising food prices push more people towards starvation. But the hidden hunger of micronutrient deficiencies harms even more people and inflicts lasting damage on them and their societies. It, too, worsens as food prices rise: families switch from costly, nutrient-rich, fruit, vegetables and meat to cheaper, nutrient-poor staples.营养一直以来都是发展中被遗忘的短板,摄入能量不足——饥饿——占领了大大小小报刊的头版,尤其是当食品价格上涨,导致更多的人面临饥饿。然而,缺乏微量元素的隐性饥饿影响着更广泛的人群,并且对人们以及社会造成长期的危害。不仅如此,隐性饥饿还会加速食品价格上涨:很多家庭会从营养丰富的昂贵水果、蔬菜及肉类转向价格便宜但营养价值较低的主食产品。In 2008 the Copenhagen Business School asked eight eminent economists to imagine they had billion to spend on causes that would most help the world. Five of their top ten involved nutrition: vitamin supplements for children, adding zinc and iodine to salt and breeding extra micronutrients into crops (like those sweet potatoes). Others included girls’ schools and trade liberalisation.2008年,哥本哈根商学院邀请8位著名的经济学家一同设想如果有750亿美元,将会用到哪些他们认为对世界最有帮助的事业上。十大事业中的前五项就包括营养:儿童补充维生素,食盐加锌和碘以及农作物增加微量元素(如红薯)。其他事业还包括女童教育以及贸易自由化。201104/132976

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