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The thinner species of bamboo are easy to attack and pull below.细小的竹子很容易被拖进坑道中。She has a fantastic sense of smell and can sniff out the fresh growth through the soil.她拥有极其出色的嗅觉,能够透过土壤嗅到新鲜的生长物。Bamboo sps along underground stems. By following these, new shoots are found.竹子的根一直往地下延伸,非常有利于竹鼬顺根找到新鲜的竹枝。Once a shoot is detected, she snips it free and drags it down into her burrow.一旦竹枝被发现,竹鼬咬断之后把竹枝拖回到她的地洞里。This female has a family. At just a few weeks old, the youngsters can aly tackle the hardest bamboo stems and are eager to try.这只雌性竹鼬拥有着一个家庭。小竹鼬出世才只有几个星期就已经能够应付最硬的竹枝了。Bamboos tough reputation is such, that another bamboo specialist was known by the Chinese as ;The Iron Eating Animal;.它们是如此的渴望咬上几口。竹子坚硬的名声是如此的显赫,另一个食竹高手被认为是中国的“攻坚专家”。 /201404/292376

Poland: The overlooked market CNNs John Defterios examines why Poland is not considered one of the ;must own; economies from the emerging market countriesIt all began with a Bric over a decade ago, an acronym name for the fast growing emerging market of Brazil,Russia,India and China, adding South Africa the Brics bonding new political voice on the world stage. Then came a handful of others,Civets, Mist, Mint and the N11. With every new word play, a new group of hot emerging markets took centerstage. New must have investments in global finance. Yet one emerging market continues to fly under the radar.So when you look globally,the emerging markets, usually you may name Brics or Asia, usually do not look at Poland. Sometimes we have such a feeling that they overlook southern and eastern Europe. But while the lights of China and Brazil or Indonesia and Vietnam garner the headlines, Poland has quietly taking care of business. Since the break of the Soviet Union, its economy has grown on an average between 4 and 5% a year. Its the only European Union country to avoid recession since the global financial crisis hit back in 2008. And as a sign of Polands economic health, the worlds stock exchange played host to the largest number of IPOs in Europe last year.Its in empty of boat track record.And when added to its geographic location, competitive labor cost, sizable local market and educated workforce,its hard to see how Poland go so unnoticed. We can say that our market is a little bit undervalued. Frankly sometimes Poland became different due to the emerging market countries.Not everyone has missed Poland economic story. Twinings, Electrolux and Dell have all moved factories to the country in recent years.But the investment trend in the emerging market is for example to go from here in the Mid-East to far east Asia,or south into Africa. Regrowth is taking a way as 6 to 7%, that level of expansion is encouraging foreign direct investment although Poland is within a market of better than a half billion consumers.We do not experience the growth like the emerging markets,like 5% or like 7 in China, but we are still doing much better than every Eruopean growth.The IMF forcasts Poland will grow by 2.4% next year. Not enough perhaps to put the P of Poland in the next acronym of the worlds hottest emerging markets, but enough to make the last twenty years Polands best period of sustained economic growth and give it the status of a leading emerging market. /201311/266132

You love her and you want to show her how much. Reflect on the numerous ways you can create indelible memories.你非常爱她,希望表现对她的爱有多深。通过下面几种方法,创造难忘的回忆。You Will Need你需要Roses玫瑰Clothing衣Jewelry珠宝Food食品Gift basket礼物篮Money钱Spa resort温泉度假村Steps步骤Step 1 Give roses1.送玫瑰花Go the traditional route and buy your girlfriend red roses, the romantic gift idea that never misses. Come up with a note written from your heart to melt hers.走传统路线,为你的女友送上一束玫瑰花,这种浪漫的礼物永远不会出错。附上一张便笺,让自己的真心话融化她的心。Step 2 Buy clothing2.买衣Buy clothing but be careful to stick to the labels, stores, and styles she prefers. Select anything but pants, which are far too easy to get wrong.购买衣,但是要坚持她喜欢的品牌,商店和款式。可以选择任何饰,但是裤子除外,因为太容易出错了。Err on the side of buying something too small, rather than too large.宁肯买得尺码太小了,也不要买得太大了。Step 3 Search for jewelry3.选择珠宝Search for the kind of jewelry she normally wears, whether ornate, or simple. Avoid getting a piece exactly like what she aly has so she knows how observant you are.选择她平常佩戴的风格的珠宝,无论是奢华型,还是简约型的。避免选择和她现在佩戴的特别相似的珠宝,这样她就会知道你有多么善于观察。Step 4 Cook for her4.为她下厨Cook a big dinner. Class it up with steaks and all the fixings, and use linen napkins, fine china, and silver. Finish the meal with hand-dipped strawberries or expensive chocolates.精心炮制一顿大餐。准备牛排和所有配料,使用细腻的餐巾,精细的瓷器和银器。餐后共享手摘的草莓或昂贵的巧克力。Even if the presentation, taste, or quality ends up falling short, you score points for trying to do something nice. Its the thought that counts.即使你的表现,味道或质量有所欠缺,仍然会因为你全心全意想要做好而加分。最重要的就是你的心意。Step 5 Make a basket5.制作礼物篮Stock a basket with nuts, flowers, candy bars, wines, perfume, and her favorite magazines. Let her know you care and notice the little things.向篮子中装满坚果,鲜花,糖果,葡萄酒,香水和她最喜欢的杂志。让她知道你非常在乎她,注意到了最细微的事情。Step 6 Pop for a spa6.享受温泉水疗Spend the cash for a lush spa to spend quality time together. Relax, turn off the cells, turn on the music, and pamper her.花点钱,去奢华的温泉共度高品质的时光。放松,关闭电话,打开音乐,精心照料她。The National Retail Federation projected Americans in 2006 would spend over billion for Valentines Day, up 22 percent over 2001.美国零售联合会预测,2006年,美国人在情人节这一天的花费将超过130亿美元,比2001年增加22%。201408/317384

Teen Finds 3.85-Carat Diamond in State ParkTana Clymer tried her luck at the Crater of Diamonds Park after hearing of another success story.Really love this story, its about an Oklahoma teen who found a huge diamond at the state park. She heard about a young boy who found a 5-carat diamond at Arkansas Crater of Diamond State Park earlier this year. This is a story we did on GMA. Well, she then commits to her parents that she should try her own luck. The Clymer family spent the weekend at the Crator of Diamond State Park in Arkansas, hoping to uncover a diamond in the rough.I didnt think of it was going to find anything.Fourteen-year-old Tannel was about two hours into her search of the 37-acre park. And she was almost giving up when something shiny about the size of a jellybean caught her eye.I saw something goldish and shinning. It was not a candyrubber or a marble. She came to show up and the minute she opened her hand I knew she had something.Park expert evaluated that something and told her the news Tana had just discovered a 3.85 carat canary diamond.They said they hadnt found one like this for a very long time. My heart just stopped.The park has a finder is keepers policy. And Tana parents say that the diamond is now being kept in the safety deposit box. Back in August, twelve-year old Michael of North Coriorlano found a 5-carat diamond in the same park. And that headline is what inspired Tana to try her own luck.I had this gut feeling that I needed to look. I name it Gods jewel because I think God led me towards it.Sure,its pretty. And we want to thank our station in Oklahoma city for sharing that story with us. /201311/263049

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