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武汉广州军区医院不孕不育多少钱武汉前列腺消融术多少钱Demography人口统计学The strange case of the missing baby婴儿的离奇流失As the financial crisis hit, birth rates fell in rich countries, as expected. But a persistent baby bust is a real puzzle正如人们所预料那样,金融危机的冲击导致发达国家的出生率下降。但持久的生育低谷才是一个真实的谜团。HE IS not exactly leading by example, but Pope Francis wants more babies. “The great challenge of Europe is to return to being mother Europe,” he said last year, while suggesting that young people might be having too few children because they preferred holidays. Europe certainly lacks young souls, particularly in Catholic countries such as Italy and Spain. But the baby shortage is broader: mother America and mother Australia have gone missing, too.他自己并非以身作则,但教宗方济各想要有更多的婴儿出生。他在去年说道,“欧洲所面临的重大挑战就是,恢复作为一名欧洲母亲的身份,”同时也暗示,年轻人也许不喜欢多生几个孩子,因为他们更喜欢假期。确实,欧洲缺乏年轻人,尤其是在意大利和西班牙这样的天主教国家。但婴儿短缺的范围更为广泛:美国母亲和澳大利亚母亲也越来越少了。They were certainly present a decade ago. Although birth rates were low in the former communist countries of eastern Europe, and in traditionalist places where it is hard to combine work with motherhood—think Japan, South Korea and southern Europe—many countries were having a baby boom. In the decade to 2008, the total fertility rate (the number of children a woman can expect to have in her lifetime based on present patterns) rose in much of the rich world. In Britain it went up from 1.68 to 1.91; in Australia from 1.76 to 2.02; and in Sweden from 1.5 to 1.91. America even managed to reach the “replacement rate” of 2.1, meaning its population was sustaining itself, without taking migration into account.在十年前,他们是确实存在着的。尽管在东欧的前社会主义国家,以及难以将工作与母亲身份结合的传统之地中,如日本、韩国和欧洲南部地区,出生率低下—但许多国家都经历过婴儿潮时期。到2008年为止的十年间,大部分发达国家的生育率均上升了(生育率是指在既有模式下,一位女性希望在其一生中生育的孩子的数量)。在英国,生育率从1.68上升至1.91;在澳大利亚,生育率从1.76上升至2.02;在瑞典,该指标从1.5上升至1.91。美国甚至达到2.1的“人口置换率”,这意味着,在不考虑移民的情况下,该国人口基本保持不变。There were two reasons, says Tomas Sobotka of the Vienna Institute of Demography. First, women who had delayed having children while they studied and started careers hurried to the maternity wards while they still could. Births to women in their 30s, which had been rising gently for years, went up further in Norway and elsewhere. Second, fertility among women in their 20s stopped falling.维也纳人口统计学研究所的托马斯·索特卡表示,导致这种现象的原因有两个。首先,那些因为学习或者事业刚起步而延迟怀的女性都趁自己身体状况允许的条件下着急生育。这些年来,30几岁才生育的女性数量一直在缓慢增加,在挪威以及别的地方增长得更快。其次,20几岁生育的女性数量也逐渐减少。The financial crisis abruptly turned the boom to bust. Countries in the European Union delivered 5,469,000 babies in 2008 but only 5,075,000 in 2013—a drop of over 7%. That was too much for Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Huggies nappies, which announced in 2012 that it would pull out of most of Europe. In America the fertility rate fell from a peak of 2.12 in 2007 to 1.86 in 2014. Ken Johnson, a demographer at the University of New Hampshire, estimated that America was missing 2.3m babies.金融危机突然地将婴儿潮转变为生育低谷。在2008年,欧盟国家共有5,469,000名婴儿出生,而在2013年,仅有5,075,000名——下跌超过7%。这对于好奇纸尿布的制造商金佰利克拉克而言,实在是太多了。金佰利在2012年宣布将退出大部分欧洲市场。在美国,生育率从2007年的顶点值2.12跌至2014年的1.86。新罕布尔什大学的人口学家肯·约翰逊估计,美国已流失230万婴儿。The crunch was unsurprising: anxiety about jobs and money puts people off children. But a rich-world baby bust that began predictably turned into a puzzle.这一窘境在人们意料之中:对工作和金钱的担忧使得人们推迟要孩子的计划。但原本可预计的生育低谷发生在发达国家却变成了一个谜。 译文属译生译世 /201605/444566武汉龟头上有小泡 Were back with the first lady Michelle Obama,and Now you have this ;Lets move; campaign节目开始 今天的嘉宾是第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马 你们展开了这次“让我们动起来”的活动Which I love,I think thats you know,planting the garden and all the things you are doing我很喜欢 我认为修修花园 所有正在做的事Because thats a big problem that we have,as a lot of people not eating right,and not taking care of themselves因为这些问题存在 人们饮食不好 不会照顾自己You get up at 4:30 every morning to work out,is that right?I get up at 5:30,6,depends on whats going on in the day你每天4点半起来锻炼 是吗 5点半 6点起床 看情况Sometimes I try to wait till the kids leave for school,so thats about 7:30有时等到孩子上学了我才锻炼 大概都要7点半了If I have an early day,It would be about 6,5:30.But I work out every day.For how long如果时候尚早 就5点半 6点半 但我每天都有锻炼 锻炼多久About an hour and a half.An hour and a half.Do some cardio,then,then is that an hour on your arms,no.Cause your arms大概一个半小时 一个半小时 做些有氧运动 然后 一个小时都在锻炼胳膊么 当然不是 你的胳膊Cardio and,Cardio and some weights,some plyomatrics kinda stuff,some.Push-ups有氧运动 有氧运动 举重 还有一些增强性锻炼 俯卧撑呢Push-ups,yes,some push-ups.How many push-ups can you do? cause I like to do a push-up还有俯卧撑 能做多少 我很喜欢做俯卧撑I,you know,I dont know.I can do some,can you?我不知道 能做一些 你呢I can do some,I just want to know if you could do more push-ups than I could do我能做一些 就想知道 你能不能比我做得多You know,depends on how your back is,I know you get this back issues.No,no,no,no.come on,all right这得看你的背怎么样了 我可是听说你的背不太好 没有的事 来吧 好吧Where do you wanna,where do you wanna do this Ellen.Wherere gonna do this.You wanna do it one at a time,and we count.You wanna do it together.Or how do you wanna do this在哪做那 我们在哪儿做呢 艾伦 在哪做那 你是想轮流做 计数 还是一起做 或者你想怎么做I think we should do it together.All right,together.Together,all right.All right,youre y?Yeah.All right我觉得我们应该一起做 可以 一起来 一起 准备好了吗 好啦 好 /201609/467042Weeping at the memory of the children murdered during a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama unveiled a series of executive actions Tuesday aimed at preventing more mass killings. 追忆桑迪胡克小学击案遇难的孩子不禁令人潸然泪下,周二奥巴马总统公布了一系列行政措施,旨在防止更多大规模杀戮。In a powerful 30- minute address to the nation, Obama outlined his plans to slow the flood of firearms sales and keep weapons out of the hands of potential mass murderers. 在强有力的30分钟讲话中,奥巴马概述了他的计划,减缓销售泛滥,阻止潜在的杀人犯获得武器。During his speech, the president also publicly directed federal agencies to expand background-checks on gun buyers and tighten enforcement of existing gun laws. 在讲话中,奥巴马还公开指示联邦机构对购买者扩大背景调查,并加强现有法律的执行。Under the new rules, anyone engaged in the business of selling guns has to obtain a federal sellers license and do background-checks on the buyers.根据新规定,任何从事销售的人必须获得联邦的卖方执照,并对买家进行背景调查。译文属。201601/420281武汉看男科哪家比正规医院

武汉尖锐湿疣的治疗医院If youre like many people, when you think of algae you picture the unsightly green film that forms on neglected swimming pools and fish tanks.如许多人一样,当你想到藻类的时候,你会在脑海中即刻闪现出在无人问津的游泳池和鱼池里表面覆盖着一层难看的绿膜的画面。Scientists, however, have made some discoveries that might change the way you think about this common plant.然而科学家的发现却可以改变你对这种普通植物的看法。Researchers are working on ways to use algae to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to powercars, trucks, and even airplanes.研究人员正致力于如何利用藻类来减少我们对用化石燃料发动小车,卡车甚至飞机的依赖。Algae has attracted attention because it is simple and economicalto grow and carries fewer financial and environmental costs when compared to other alternatives.藻类会引起科学家们的注意是因为相对于其它可选择的燃料来说,种植藻类更简单,经济,并且花费的财政和环境成本较少。Algae needs only water to grow, and can use fresh water, salt water, marshlands, and evenwastewater for a habitat.只要有水藻类就可以存活,它可以在淡水,咸水,沼泽地,甚至污水中生长。The plants highly-adapted photosynthesis process allows it to thriveanywhere that abundant sunshine can be found.该植物高度适应的光合作用过程让其在任何阳光充足的地方都能茁壮成长。And even sunshine is optional for this versatile plant because scientists have discovered ways to grow algae in the dark using sugar as a food source.甚是阳光也只是一个可选择的条件,因为科学家们发现通过把糖作为食物来源也可以在黑暗中种植藻类。To use algae as a replacement for fossil fuels, oil is extracted from the plant and developed into abiofuel that can be burned in diesel engines.若用藻类代替化石燃料,油就会从植物中提取出来,并被加工为可以在柴油机中燃烧的生物燃料。The yield produced from the algae has proven fargreater than other biofuels currently being developed.藻类的产量大大高于目前正在开发的其他生物燃料。For example, soy produces an averageyield of fifty gallons of biofuel per acre per year.例如,大豆平均每年每英亩可生产五十加仑的生物燃料。Canola, another common alternative, producesroughly 130 gallons of biofuel per acre per year.菜籽,另一种常见的替代品,平均每年每英亩大约可生产130加仑。In contrast, scientists have found that algae can produce up to 4,000 gallons of biofuel per acre per year.与此相反,科学家们发现藻类平均每年每英亩可生产达4000加仑。In addition, because algae can be grown on water rather than land and without fertilizers, it may prove to be a more efficient and environmentally sound alternative to the biofuels in use today.此外,藻类可以在水中而不是陆地上生长,也不需要施肥。因此可以明目前在使用的生物燃料中它是更有效更环保的替代品。In the future, then, when you see algae you might think about more than just pond scum!未来,当你看到藻类的时候你或许想到的不仅仅是“池塘败类”。201409/332188武汉阿波罗医院割包皮好还是男科医院好 武汉那里有治疗早

三峡大学仁和医院男科挂号You dont want to lose the whole world, right? - No.你不想失去全世界吧 -当然不But actually, you dont want to gain the whole world.但说真的 你并不想赢得全世界吧I love making babies. - I do, too.Julia. Julia.Sorry.Crazy.我喜欢造人 -我也是 茱莉亚 茱莉亚 抱歉 真是疯了I am not putting my money on the virgin.我可不太看好那位处女And ;The Bachelor; aird tonight at 8, sponsored by ;regret;.今晚8点将播放由;后悔;赞助播出的;单身汉;When we come back,Jennifer Aniston is gonna be sitting right in that chair.广告之后 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿会坐在那张椅子上My first guest is one of the biggest star in Hollywood,And she is absolutely brilliant in a new movie ;Cake;.今天第一位嘉宾是好莱坞最大牌的明星之一 而她将在新电影;蛋糕;中大放光Please welcome my friend Jennifer Aniston.Hi, lady.Now I cant see you anymore.欢迎我的朋友 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 你好 亲爱的 现在我完全看不见你了You just blended in with the chair.I disappeared.你已经和椅子融为一体了 我消失了I just dont even know how where. Just the head right there.我甚至找不到你了 只剩下个头了Just the head. --- Just the beautiful head right there.只剩下个头了 -只剩下个美丽的脑袋Hi, Jenifer. --Hi Cuty.So today is Monday.你好 詹妮弗 -你好 亲爱的 今天是周一呀 /201512/416453 武汉阿波罗男子门诊可以用医保卡吗武汉前列腺炎专科医院



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