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Nigeria's Top Lawmaker Fears Niger Delta Crisis May Escalate尼日利亚议长担心暴力危机升级The head of Nigeria's House of Representatives has warned that spiraling violence in the oil-rich Niger Delta is now a major national security threat. The warning came hours after gunmen abducted eight oil workers in three separate incidents on Friday. The most prominent armed group in the region has vowed new attacks to prove it did not receive protection money from the government. 尼日利亚众议院议长警告说,在盛产石油的尼日尔三角洲不断恶化的暴力问题已经对尼日利亚国家安全构成重大威胁。在他发出上述警告几个小时以前,武装分子星期五在三起事件中绑架了8名石油工人。该地区势力最大的武装组织宣布要发动新的袭击,以明该组织没有从政府那里得到保护费。Nigeria, the world's eighth largest oil exporter, is aly suffering huge losses because of violence in the oil producing region. 尼日利亚是世界第8大原油出口国,但是在产油区发生的暴力袭击使尼日利亚遭受巨大损失。Friday's attacks were the latest in the Niger Delta, the home of Africa 's biggest oil industry, which has become notorious for kidnappings and raids on oil sites since militants launched a campaign of sabotage two year ago. 星期五,在尼日尔三角洲又发生了几起袭击。尼日尔三角洲是非洲最大的石油基地,但是自从激进分子两年前开始发动各种破坏行动以来,那里不断发生绑架和对石油设施的袭击。Thousands of foreign workers have left since 2006 as violence has spiraled, and some industry executives see the situation descending further into anarchy. 自从暴力袭击在2006年恶化以来,已经有数以千计的外国工人离开了尼日尔三角洲。一些石油公司管理者认为,这里的局势会进一步滑入无政府主义的深渊。Nigeria's parliament Speaker Dimeji Bankole says the crisis is out of control and requires external intervention. 尼日利亚众议院议长班科莱说,目前的危机已经失控,需要外部干预。"If care is not taken, it will begin to move out of the Niger Delta and consume the whole nation," he said. "And it is not rocket science to figure that out. This is no longer a Niger Delta problem, nor a Nigerian problem but a global problem." 他说:“我们每个人都很清楚尼日尔三角洲目前的问题,这些问题影响着尼日利亚的每个家庭。如果不谨慎处理,问题就会蔓延到尼日尔三角洲以外,吞噬整个国家。这种局面并不难想象。这已经不再是尼日尔三角洲的问题,也不是尼日利亚的问题了,而是全球性问题。”More than 200 foreigners have been seized in the Niger Delta since early 2006. Almost all have been released unharmed. Armed men kidnapped two Germans working for a construction firm near Port Harcourt, the main city in the Niger Delta, two weeks ago. 自从2006年初以来,已经有200多名外国人在尼日尔三角洲遭到绑架。几乎所有人质都不受伤害地获释。两周以前,武装分子在尼日尔三角洲主要城市哈科特港附近绑架了为一家建筑公司工作的两名德国人。Several foreign firms, including French tire company Michelin and oil servicing firm Wilbros, have left the region because of security problems. 包括法国轮胎公司米其林和石油务公司威尔布罗斯在内的几家外国公司已经因为安全问题而离开尼日尔三角洲。Relations and friends of prominent Nigerians have also been targeted by gangs seeking ransom money. 尼日利亚著名人士的亲友也成了帮派组织绑架和索取赎金的目标。Violence in the Delta, a wetlands region, is rooted in poverty, corruption and lawlessness. Most inhabitants have seen few benefits from five decades of oil extraction that has damaged their environment. 尼日尔三角洲暴力问题的根源是贫穷、腐败和不法状态。50年的石油开采破坏了当地的自然环境,但是大部分居民没有从石油中获益。The year-old administration of President Umaru YarAdua has repeatedly promised to address the root causes of the unrest. 刚刚成立一年的亚拉杜瓦总统的政府一再承诺要解决产生暴力的根源。But there is widesp skepticism over the government's handling of the problem and concerns about the future. 但是许多人质疑政府处理这一问题的方法,而且对未来感到忧虑。None of the many militant organizations in the Niger Delta has claimed responsibility for the latest abductions. 尼日尔三角洲有许多激进组织,不过还没有任何组织宣布对星期五发生的绑架事件负责。200807/44901Bush Urges NATO Enlargement, More Troops for Afghanistan布什敦促北约东扩和在阿富汗增兵  As NATO leaders gathered in Romania for summit talks, U.S. President George W. Bush urged the alliance to continue to expand eastward and to increase its presence in Afghanistan. In a speech in Bucharest, Mr. Bush laid out his NATO policy. 北约领导人聚集在罗马尼亚参加北约首脑会议,与此同时,美国总统布什敦促北约继续向东扩大其区域范围,并增加北约驻阿富汗的军队。布什总统在布加勒斯特发表的一次讲话中展示了他的北约政策。As he prepared to attend his final NATO summit, President Bush outlined his goals for the alliance. 美国总统布什做好准备参加他在总统任期内的最后一次北约首脑会议,并且给北约列出了他的一些目标。In a speech to a group of security experts, broadcast live on Romanian television, he touched on familiar themes: the benefits of NATO expansion, the terrorist threat and the importance of the NATO military operation in Afghanistan. 布什总统给一个安全专家小组发表了讲话,罗马尼亚电视台对这次讲话进行了现场直播。布什在讲话中提到几个人们熟悉的话题:扩大北约组织的好处、恐怖分子的威胁以及北约军队在阿富汗采取军事行动的重要性。Mr. Bush noted that during his time in office NATO has expanded to include new members from the Baltics to the Black Sea. He said Ukraine and Georgia should be given a chance. 布什总统指出,在他执政期间,北约组织扩大了其成员范围,包括增加了从波罗的海到黑海范围内的新的成员国。他说,乌克兰和格鲁吉亚也应该得到这样一个机会。"Here in Bucharest, we must make clear that NATO welcomes the aspirations of Georgia and Ukraine for their membership in NATO and offers them a clear path forward to meet that goal," he said. 布什说:“我们在布加勒斯特必须把这件事说清楚,北约欢迎格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约组织,并且为他们实现这个目标提供一条明确的途径。”But Russia is vehemently opposed. And France and Germany suggest now may not be the time to start the process of bringing the two former Soviet republics into the alliance. 但是,俄罗斯对此表示强烈反对。法国和德国说,现在还不是启动让两个前苏联共和国加入北约组织成员过程的时候。Differences may also be looming at the summit over NATO troop levels in Afghanistan. In his speech, President Bush said more forces are needed. 这次北约首脑会议在北约驻阿富汗军队人数问题上也出现了一些意见分歧。布什总统在他的讲话中说,需要增加驻阿富汗的军队人数。"Afghanistan needs security, and that is what NATO is helping to provide," he said.布什说:“阿富汗需要更多的安全部队,北约正在帮助提供这些安全部队。”Later, Mr. Bush met with Romanian President Traian Basescu at his presidential retreat on the Black Sea. 布什总统晚些时候与罗马尼亚总统伯塞斯库在罗马尼亚总统在黑海的度假地举行了会晤。At a joint news conference, he cited Romania's commitment to Afghanistan and again urged the alliance to bolster the current 47,000-troop level. 布什总统在一个联合新闻发布会上提到罗马尼亚致力于阿富汗的军队部署,同时再次敦促北约持目前驻阿富汗的4万7千名军队数量。"We expect our NATO allies to shoulder the burden necessary to succeed," he said. 布什总统说:“我们期望北约同盟国共同担负起战争胜利所需要的重担。”President Basescu picked up the theme. 罗马尼亚总统伯塞斯库也谈到了这个问题。"Any lack of success of NATO in Afghanistan will diminish dramatically the credibility of our organization," he said. 他说:“北约在阿富汗造成的任何失败都将严重影响北约的信用。”The two returned to Bucharest shortly before the summit began. Mr. Bush conferred privately with NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer before joining other alliance leaders for an official working dinner.  布什和伯塞斯库在北约首脑会议开始前不久返回布加勒斯特。布什总统在和北约秘书长夏侯雅伯私下会晤后,和其他北约领导人共进了工作晚餐。Both the president and the secretary-general predicted positive summit outcomes on Afghanistan and plans to put a missile defense system in Europe. 布什和夏侯雅伯都预计,这次峰会将在阿富汗问题上产生积极成果。双方还计划在欧洲建立一个导弹防御系统。"I am, like you, optimistic that this is going to be a very successful summit," he said. 布什说:“我和你一样乐观,相信这次峰会能够取得成功。”At the end of the week, Russian President Vladimir Putin will join the NATO summit for a discussion of issues of keen interest to Moscow, most notably missile defense. 俄罗斯总统普京将于本星期末参加这次北约首脑会议,讨论有关俄罗斯的关键利益问题,很明显,这主要指的是导弹防御问题。President Bush will also meet privately with Mr. Putin on Sunday at his home in Sochi - a Russian resort town on the Black Sea, just across from Romania. Mr. Bush says he expects it will be a frank discussion, noting they will be meeting for the last time before Vladimir Putin leaves office in May.  布什总统将于星期天在普京总统在索契的家中私下会晤普京。俄罗斯度假城镇索契座落在黑海上,位于罗马尼亚对面。布什说,他期望这次会谈将是真诚的。布什还指出,他们两人还将于今年5月普京总统离任之前举行最后一次会晤。200804/33228US Lawmakers Vote to Extend Sanctions Against Burma美国会推动立法加强经济制裁缅甸 U.S. lawmakers have been commenting on the situation in Burma as the U.S. Congress advanced legislation to strengthen and renew unilateral U.S. economic sanctions against the Burmese military government. 美国国会议员一直在关注缅甸的局势,目前美国国会推动新的立法,延长并加强对缅甸军政府实行单方面的经济制裁。The House of Representatives voted to extend U.S. trade sanctions against Burma's military government for one year, as companion legislation moved ahead in a Senate committee. 美国国会众议院投票同意美国对缅甸军政府的贸易制裁延长一年,与此同时,参议院一个委员会也在进行相关的立法程序。Sanctions prohibiting U.S. imports from Burma were first put into place in 2003, as a U.S. response to the refusal of Burma's military go restore democracy and improve human rights conditions. 禁止美国进口缅甸商品的经济制裁措施最初从2003年开始, 那是美国对缅甸军政府拒绝恢复民主、拒绝改善人权做法所做出的回应。In Wednesday's floor debate, Democrats and Republicans rose to support the extension, citing the Burmese military's use of force against democracy demonstrators last year, and its initial blocking of international relief aid for cyclone victims. 在星期三的国会辩论中,民主党人和共和党人都明确持延长制裁,并指出缅甸军政府去年使用武力来对付民主示威的民众,并在今年遭受强热带风暴后的初期阶段阻止国际社会对灾民的援助。"While there can be concerns about the universal effectiveness of unilateral sanctions, Burma clearly presents a unique situation. There is overwhelming evidence that Burma continues to blatantly disregard HR (human rights) and suppress democracy and it is therefore important to continue the important ban for another yearm" said Sander Levin, a Michigan Democrat. 桑德.利文议员是来自密西根州的民主党人。他说:“在人们担心单边制裁行动能否产生普遍效果的时候,缅甸却显然是一个特殊情况。有大量的据显示缅甸继续明目张胆地无视人权并压制民主,因此继续对这个政权实行禁运是重要的。”Republican Wally Herger describes himself as a skeptic where sanctions are concerned, suggesting that the U.S. import ban does not appear to have pushed Burma's military toward democracy and greater respect for human rights. 共和党人沃利.赫格说,他自己对经济制裁持怀疑的态度,他认为美国的禁运政策似乎没有发挥推动缅甸军政府向民主迈进以及更多地尊重人权的作用。Despite this, he says U.S. sanctions must continue because the situation has been getting worse rather than better. "That said, in light of the events of the past year I believe we have no choice but to continue these sanctions, not only to remind Burma's leaders that their actions are inexcusable but also to communicate to the impoverished Burmese people that we have not abandoned their cause," he said.  不过他说,美国的制裁必须继续下去,因为缅甸的局势更加恶化而不是好转了。他说:“尽管如此,根据过去一年的局势,我认为美国没有其它办法,只能继续实行制裁,不仅以此来提醒缅甸领导人他们的行动是不可原谅的,同时也向贫困的缅甸民众传达一个信息,就是我们没有不顾他们的事业放弃他们。”In addition to moving toward renewal of the U.S. import ban, Congress has acted on the Burmese JADE Act, which closes a gap relating to gem stones reaching the U.S from Burma through third countries. 国会除了准备延长美国的禁运之外,还推动了一项针对缅甸的另一项“玉石”法案,填补了有关缅甸玉石通过第三国进入美国的漏洞。Approved by the Senate Tuesday after earlier House passage, that measure also makes members of Burma's ruling military government along with other military officials and family members ineligible for U.S. visas. 这项法案经众议院通过以后,星期二参议院也予以批准,这个法案同时禁止缅甸军政府和其他军事官员以及他们的家属得到美国的签。At the same time, lawmakers stopped short of including a stronger provision that would have required the U.S. Chevron company to give up its share of the Yadana natural gas project in Burmese waters. 不过,国会议员却没有在法案中加入一个更强硬的条款,要求美国雪佛龙公司放弃他们在缅甸海域亚达纳YADANA天然气工程的股份。Instead, the JADE Act contains only non-binding language urging Chevron to consider divestment from the project if the military government does not move toward democratic and other reforms. 然而,“玉石法案”仅以不具约束力的行文敦促雪佛龙考虑,如果缅甸军政府不实行民主、不进行其它改革,就从该工程中撤回投资。Burma also came up in a separate House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing focusing on China and the 2008 Olympics. 在众议院外交关系委员举行另外有关中国和2008年奥运会的一次听会上,缅甸问题再次出现。There, Republican Dana Rohrabacher criticized Beijing for its support of Burma's military and its involvement in such places as Sudan. "Let's note, why is the dictatorship in Burma in place? Because of the dictatorship in Beijing. Burma is a vassal state of the Chinese Communist party," he said.The primary House sponsor of U.S. import ban legislation, Democrat Joseph Crowley, called Wednesday for the Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) and the European Union to do more to step up financial and other pressure on Burma's military. 这项美国经济制裁议案的发起人、众议院民主党人约瑟夫.克劳利星期三呼吁东南亚国家联盟和欧盟各国作出更多的努力,在金融和其它方面对缅甸军政府增加压力。U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told ASEAN leaders meeting in Singapore that it is in the organization's interest to press Burmese military rulers to begin a dialogue with democracy leaders. 美国国务卿赖斯在新加坡对参加东盟会议的各国领导人说,推动缅甸军事统治者开始和民主派领袖对话符合东盟的利益。200807/44780UN Chief Says Financial Crisis Will Not Weaken Resolve to Fight Poverty, Disease潘基文:各国承诺慷慨解囊除贫困U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the global financial crisis may have shaken world confidence, but not the international community's resolve to help the ed Nations continue working to fight poverty and disease.联合国秘书长潘基文说,全球性金融危机可能会动摇世界的信心,但却无法削弱国际社会帮助联合国继续努力消除贫困和疾病的决心。Mr. Ban said the international community's determination to help what he calls the world's "bottom billion" - those who live on less than a day - has not weakened. During the annual meeting of the U.N. General Assembly that wrapped up last week in New York, member states pledged billion to help the U.N. meet targets of cutting poverty and disease worldwide by 2015. 潘基文说,国际社会帮助他所说的世界上“处于底层的几十亿人“的决心并没有被削弱。这些人每天生活费还不到一美元。在联合国上周结束的于纽约举行的年度大会上,各成员国承诺拿出160亿美元,以帮助联合国实现到2015年在全世界削减贫困和疾病的目标。"Everyone has felt the earthquake on Wall Street," said the U.N. chief. "But it has not shaken our resolve. Banks may be failing, but the world's bottom billion can bank on us."潘基文说:“每个人都感受到了华尔街的剧烈震荡,但它并未动摇我们的决心。可能会失败,但是全世界处于底层的亿万人可以把希望寄托在我们身上。”He said the generosity of these commitments is very encouraging, given the economic climate. "It means the world is not forgetting the needs of the world's poorest people, notwithstanding the prospect of harder times," said Mr. Ban.他说,鉴于目前的经济形势,成员国慷慨解囊的承诺是非常令人鼓舞的。潘基文说,“尽管前景艰难,但是这些承诺意味世界是不会忘记世界上最贫困者的需求的。”In the first of a new monthly series of press conferences, Mr. Ban spoke about the many challenges facing the ed Nations - among them, the deteriorating situation in Darfur, the precarious political and military situation in Afghanistan, piracy and instability in Somalia and the effects of climate change. 在新发起的系列新闻发布月会的第一次会议上,潘基文谈到了联合国面临的许多挑战,其中包括日益恶化的达尔富尔局势,阿富汗不稳定的政治和军事形势,索马里的海盗及混乱局面以及气候变化的影响。The U.N. chief said that amid these crises the world must not forget the plight of others and he urged world leaders to honor the monetary pledges they have made. "Grave as it may be, today's financial crisis will be overcome," he said. "We must underline the need for "crisis-proofing" of the important priorities of the ed Nations from international financial turbulence." 潘基文说,处于这些危机中,世界决不能忘记他人的困境,他敦促世界各国领导人兑现他们提供资金的承诺。潘基文说:“尽管当今的金融危机非常严重,但危机将被克。我们必须强调在金融动荡中 ‘防危机’的必要性,这是联合国的首要任务。”Mr. Ban said that he held more than 100 bi-lateral meetings with world leaders in the margins of the U.N. General Assembly debate. He said the financial crisis was high on all their agendas. The secretary-general said he hopes leaders of industrialized nations will be able to contain the crisis and find medium and long term measures to resolve it.潘基文说,他和世界各国一百多位领导人在联大会议的场外举行了双边会谈。他说,金融危机是所有议程中的当务之急。这位联合国秘书长说,他希望工业化国家的领导人将能够控制危机,并找到解决危机的中期和长期措施。200810/52189Britain's largest bank, HS, has written off .2 billion in bad debt after the U.S. housing market slide hit the value of its loans in 2007. The annual loss is the largest reported amongst Britain's big five mortgage lenders.  英国最大的汇丰在美国的房地产市场2007年出现下滑对的贷款价值造成冲击之后不得不注销172亿美元的坏帐。这是英国五大房屋贷款提供商所报告的年度损失中最大的一个。The record HS write off is larger than the next four British banks combined. 汇丰创记录的坏帐冲销比另外四家英国注销的坏帐总和还要多。HS Chairman Stephen Green admits the global financial system had come under what he calls 'extreme strain' in 2007. 汇丰的董事长王志浩(Stephen Green)承认,全球金融体系在2007年经历了“极度的冲击”。As to 2008, he says the outlook is uncertain, but he warns the economic slowdown and the credit difficulties in the ed States may get worse before getting better. 至于2008年,他说,前景还不确定,但是他警告说,美国经济的减缓和信贷困难在好转之前可能会更加恶化。 Despite the massive write down due to the U.S. credit problems, gains elsewhere around the world kept HS in profit. 尽管由于美国的信贷问题而导致大规模的资产缩水,汇丰在全球其他地方的表现仍然使它出现盈利。 Market analyst David Buik from the London brokerage firm BGC Partners says wise choices outside of the U.S. more than covered the debt damage. BGC合伙人公司(坎特-菲兹杰拉德金融公司所设的合伙企业)在伦敦的市场分析师布伊克表示,在美国以外地区做出的明智选择所获利润超过了在美国的债务损失。 "Strong in Asia; China, India and also other emerging nations and a terrific presence in the ed Kingdom as well and this is why unlike the other banks, particularly Royal Bank of Scotland and to a lesser degree Barclays, they produced such a stellar set of number for the second half of the year where profits were up by 17 percent," he said. "Whereas everybody else has been scuttling around trying to work out these provisions for bad debt, HS has done that but despite it, managed to do very well." 他说:“亚洲的表现非常强劲,像中国、印度和其他新兴经济体,另外英国的表现也相当不错。这就是为什么与其他不同,特别是相对于苏格兰皇家以及一定程度对于巴克莱,汇丰在去年下半年创造了一系列引人注目的数字,利润上涨了17%。而其他还一直在到处张罗,试图为这些坏帐找到解决办法。汇丰已经完成了这一步,而且尽管存在这种情况,它还能有很好的表现。” For the year in total, HS profits rose 10 percent to .2 billion. 在去年全年,汇丰的利润上涨了10%,达到242亿美元。Given the problems in the U.S. market, HS is restructuring its operations there. It has reduced the amount of credit it extends and it is closing about 400 of its U.S. branches. 对于美国的问题,汇丰正在对那里的运作进行改造。它减少了的贷款数量,而且正在关闭大约4美国分行。In other banking news, Britain's Barclays Bank announced Monday that it has agreed to buy Russia's Expobank for 5 million. Expobank has 32 branches mostly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Subject to regulatory approval, the deal is expected to be completed by midyear. 在其他的业新闻方面,英国的巴克莱星期一宣布,它同意以7亿4千5百万美元购买俄罗斯的出口。出口拥有32家分行,这些分行大部分集中在莫斯科和圣彼得堡。如果得到监管机构的批准,这笔交易预计在今年年中会完成。200803/28364

apposite ———— 恰当的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Exceptionally appropriate. (NOTE: do not confuse with the more common word ;opposite;例句 Our oldest committee member says little at meetings, but his comments are always apposite, and we listen to them with care.我们最年长的委员在会议上说话不多,但他的观点总是特别恰当,我们都会认真听。 /201609/464984

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