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武汉/阿波罗医院官网武汉/皮肤科三甲医院Marvel Comics great Stan Lee is to enter the Chinese film market by co-creating a new superhero movie character, Monkey Master.美国漫威之父斯坦#8226;李宣布将合作打造新超级英雄猴王,以此进军中国电影市场。According to Variety, Lee will work on the project with Liquid Comics’ Sharad Devarajan, with whom he created Indian superhero Chakra: The Invincible. 据《综艺》杂志披露,斯坦#8226;李将和流动漫画公司的莎拉德#8226;德瓦拉贾联手进行这一项目,此前斯坦曾与莎拉德合作创造了漫画《无敌查克拉》中的印度超级英雄。While Chakra emerged as a 65-minute animated film on Cartoon Network India, Monkey Master is aiming higher: with backing from China’s Shinework Pictures and Graphic India, Lee and Devarajan are planning an international English-language blockbuster.查克拉被拍成了一部65分钟的动画电影,在印度的卡通频道播放,而猴王项目的目标则定得更高:有了来自中国闪亮影业公司和印度Graphic影业公司的持,斯坦#8226;李和德瓦拉贾计划拍出一部世界级的英语大片。Lee said in a statement: I have always been fascinated by the Chinese and Indian cultures which are so philosophical and rich in tradition and morality. 斯坦#8226;李在声明中说:我一直被中国和印度文化深深吸引着,这两种文化都富含哲学内涵,而且拥有丰富的传统和伦理思想。Monkey Master will be unique in how it interweaves Chinese and Indian myth to create a hero that will entertain fans across the world with his martial arts skills and unstoppable superpowers.猴王的独特之处在于它将把中国和印度的神话糅合在一起,凭借高超的武术技能和无止境的超能力征世界各地的粉丝。Devarajan added: The story will take place between ancient and modern-day China and India as the myth of monkey warriors, known to both cultures, come together in the creation of a modern-day superhero.德瓦拉贾补充说:故事将发生在古代和现代的中国和印度,这个为两国文化所熟知的猴王将从神话中走出来,化身为现代世界的超级英雄。According to producers, no cast has yet been hired, but a western director is likely, with a shoot starting at the end of 2017.据制片人透露,目前尚未聘请演职人员,不过导演可能将由西方人来担任,电影拍摄预计将于2017年底开始。The Monkey Master project follows the announcement that a Kingsman-style 70s-set biopic of Lee is being developed at 20th Century Fox.猴王项目宣布前不久,有消息传出将由20世纪福克斯公司拍摄斯坦#8226;李的传记电影,据悉该片的基调将类似于《王牌特工》,影片背景设定在上世纪70年代。 /201609/468732武汉/哪家医院治疗男科比较好 Wonder Woman has had her golden tiara hung up and her ambassadorship to the UN relinquished after tens of thousands of people signed a petition calling on the organisation to ditch the comic book character.在上万人联名请愿要求联合国炒掉神奇女侠后,这位漫画人物摘下了她的金色桂冠,放弃了联合国形象大使的身份。Officials appointed the superhero as an ambassador in October, ahead of a 2017 empowerment campaign for women and girls.联合国官员今年10月任命这位超级英雄为其形象大使,之后将在2017年开展一场妇女和女童赋权运动。But the choice of the white, curvaceous and scantily clad superhero attracted heavy criticism. Almost 45,000 people signing an online petition calling for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to drop the character and dozens of UN employees protested at UN headquarters on the day of the appointment.这位曲线动人、衣着暴露的白人超级英雄的当选引来了猛烈的批评。约45000人签署了一份网上请愿书,要求联合国秘书长潘基文炒掉神奇女侠,任命她的当天,还有数十名联合国员工在联合国总部举行抗议活动。;Although the original creators may have intended Wonder Woman to represent a strong and independent #39;warrior#39; woman with a feminist message, the reality is that the character#39;s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions,; the petition said.“原作者可能本想让神奇女侠扮演一位具有女性主义色的、强大而独立的‘女战士’,但事实上,如今的神奇女侠就是一个胸大、身材比例惊人的白人女性。”;It is alarming that the ed Nations would consider using a character with an overtly sexualized image at a time when the headline news in ed States and the world is the objectification of women and girls. ;“令人担忧的是,当美国和全世界的头条新闻都在讨论妇女和女童被物化的问题时,联合国却将考虑启用这个过于性感的形象。”The UN did not explain why the project with Wonder Woman would come to such an apparently abrupt end on Friday.联合国并没有解释为什么上周五突然终止了这个神奇女侠项目。Yet spokesperson Jeffrey Brez said campaigns using such fictional characters often lasted only a few months, Reuters reported.不过据路透社报道,发言人杰弗里#8226;布雷斯称,启用此类虚构人物的活动通常只维持几个月。The designation of Angry Birds, a collection of animated characters that originated in an online game, as UN climate change envoys in March lasted a single day, he said.他说,今年三月,“愤怒的小鸟”作为联合国气候变化特使的任期仅持续了一天。“愤怒的小鸟”是一个在线视频游戏中的系列动画角色。Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are sponsoring a year-long campaign by the UN and its children#39;s agency, Unicef, for gender equality and women#39;s empowerment.联合国及其负责儿童事务的机构联合国儿童基金会发起了一场性别平等和女性赋权运动,华纳兄弟和DC公司赞助了这场为期一年的活动。DC Entertainment - which publishes DC Comics - said Wonder Woman had brought exposure to the UN#39;s goal of achieving gender equality by 2030 ;as well as elevating the global conversation around the empowerment of women and girls;.DC公司是DC漫画的发行公司,该公司称神奇女侠为联合国到2030年实现性别平等的目标增加了曝光率,而且促进了关于妇女和女童赋权问题的全球对话。;Wonder Woman stands for peace, justice and equality, and for 75 years she has been a motivating force for many and will continue to be long after the conclusion of her UN honorary ambassadorship,; said Courtney Simmons, a spokesperson for the company.该公司发言人考特尼#8226;西蒙斯称,“神奇女侠象征和平、公正和平等,75年来她鼓舞着许多人,在结束联合国荣誉大使的身份后,她将依旧长期这样做下去。”The petition offers to find the UN a list of ;living, breathing; female role models for consideration for the role of ambassador.请愿书中提供了一份“生动鲜活”的女性楷模名单,以供联合国选择大使时参考。 /201612/483566武汉/慢性前列腺炎治疗价格

武汉/阳痿治疗大概费用武汉/长航医院男科 This shocking footage shows around a dozen tiny children running out into the snow wearing just their pants before they throw ice cold water all over themselves.在一段让人震惊的视频中,大约十几名孩子只穿着短裤跑到雪地里,之后还往身上倒冰水。The nursery children, aged between three and six, are taking part in a daily ritual which teachers and doctors claim will keep them healthy.这些幼儿园的孩子们年龄在三岁到六岁之间,他们正在参加的“冰桶挑战”已经成为一项日常活动,而老师和医生们声称这能让他们保持健康。A paediatrician checks the children are suitable, and permission from parents is needed as the ice showers are not compulsory.由于“冰桶挑战”不强制孩子们参加,因此会有一名医生检查孩子们的身体是否适合,此外还要得到家长的允许。But as the footage shows, most of the children taking part seem enthusiastic and appeared to enjoy their drenching, despite the cold.但正如视频所示,尽管天寒地冻,但大多数参与活动的孩子们对此非常热情,看起来也很享受冰水淋湿全身。The youngsters get to warm up in a sauna first, before running out, many barefoot into the snow.跑进雪地前,孩子们先洗桑拿浴热身。之后很多孩子会赤脚跑进雪地。One little boy in the footage said: ;It#39;s not cold, I feel warm.;视频中一位小男孩儿说:“天气很冷,但我很暖和。”While a girl called Alina adds: ;It#39;s exciting.;女孩艾莉娜则补充说:“这很令人兴奋!”These pictures were taken during a week when temperatures were mild for the time of year, between minus 6 celsius and minus 18 celsius.拍摄这些照片的那周,气温在当时还算温和,在零下6摄氏度在零下18摄氏度之间。Pre-school teacher and swimming coach Oksana Kabotko, 41, told the Siberian Times: ;Children have the ice cold shower if it#39;s no colder than minus 25C.41岁的幼儿教师兼游泳教练奥克萨娜告诉《西伯利亚时报》:“气温在零下25摄氏度以上时,孩子们才会进行冰桶淋浴。”;Those children who have ice cold shower daily, not once every two weeks, come regularly to the kindergarten.“每天都进行冰桶淋浴,而不是两周才参加一次的孩子们能够定期上幼儿园。”;Of course, they can go down with some illness during the winter but it passes more quickly, after a few days at home.“当然他们冬天也会生病,但在家待几天后好得更快。”;Those who don#39;t take an ice shower may spend up to two weeks at home recovering.;“而不参加冰桶淋浴的孩子们生病后可能要花两周的时间在家康复。”She added: ;The children who do have the ice showers are also are more sensible, balanced - and optimistic. They are better organised.她补充说:“参加冰桶淋浴的孩子们更懂事,发育更平衡,也更加乐观。他们也更有纪律。”;There are also some children who don#39;t go to our kindergarten but join us just for the shower.;“还有一些没上我们幼儿园的孩子也在参加冰桶淋浴活动。”Another Siberian kindergarten director, Olesya Osintseva claimed there were many cases of her young pupils going down with flu before she ordered ice showers.另一位西伯利亚地区幼儿园的主管奥列西娅称,在开展冰桶挑战活动之前,有很多幼儿园的孩子们感冒。She said: ;There were moments when half of the children attending the kindergarten were unwell.她说:“有时候幼儿园一半的孩子都身体不舒。”;It was obvious that something needed to be done to make them grow stronger and be more resilient against viruses.“很明显需要做点儿什么来让他们身体更强壮,更能抵御病毒的侵袭。”;This is how we came to the idea of boosting their immunity up by doing this exercise with buckets of chilly water outside in the cold.“因此我们想到了这个雪地冰桶挑战的活动,提高他们免疫力。”;We tested it on ourselves and our own children first, when both adults and children were first going out and splashing their feet with water, and in some months pouring cold water bucket over our heads.“我们先在自己和自己的孩子身上做试验。大人和孩子先到雪地里,往脚上浇冰水,几个月后再向头上浇一桶冰水。”;What six months of these water exercises showed was an immediately stronger resistance to illnesses.“经过六个月的冰桶挑战活动,人们对疾病的抵抗力立即增强了。”;Our kids were now able to go to the kindergarten and even if someone had infection, they were no longer catching it.;“我们的孩子们现在可以上幼儿园,即使有孩子感染了疾病,他们也不会被传染了。” /201612/485718鄂州男科预约

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