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This April Fools#39; Day many of us will take five minutes out of our morning to have a bit of fun with our friends and colleagues with a harmless prank.这个愚人节,很多人早上都会花五分钟的时间找点乐子,跟朋友和同事开个无伤大雅的玩笑。But some people aren#39;t content with a simple prank phone call and instead go to great lengths with hilarious schemes involving dinosaurs being let loose, ghost cars and even an incredible haunted house.但是有些人并不满足于一个简简单单的恶作剧电话,他们会花大力气精心设计好玩的恶作剧,比如恐龙被放出来啦,幽灵汽车啦,甚至令人不可思议的鬼屋故事。These s show some of the most jaw-dropping pranks ever played, and have racked up millions of views on Youtube.下面这些视频展示了一些最让人瞠目结舌的恶作剧,在Youtube上观看次数高达几百万。REALLY scary dinosaur prank吓死人的恐龙We doubt he found it as funny, but this clip of a Japanese man being chased down by a #39;dinosaur#39; will have you in stitches.这个日本男人是不是觉得好笑我们不知道,但在这个视频上,他被一只“恐龙”穷追不舍,真是让人笑得合不拢嘴。The funny was taken from a TV gameshow in 2013, and shows his reaction to being hunted down by a huge prehistoric beast in his workplace.这段搞笑的视频是从2013年一个电视游戏节目中截下来的,视频上,他在工作场所被一个史前巨兽追杀,他的反应都被记录了下来。It begins with him walking down the corridor holding a coffee before he sees people running and screaming away from a mystery object.一开始,他端着咖啡走在走廊里,然后看见人们跑着、尖叫着逃离一个神秘物体。Then, the dinosaur comes into view as it chases him and he falls over, time and time again.然后,恐龙出现了,它追赶他,他摔倒了爬起来,又摔倒了又爬起来。Finally, the camera catches up with the poor man, panting and white-faced, as he realises it was just a joke.最后,镜头追上了这个可怜人,只见他气喘吁吁、面如纸色,这时他才意识到这只是一个玩笑。A Knock-out gag进击的门环兽A group of salesman tasked with door knocking on people#39;s houses had the fright of their life when they were greeted—by the door knocker.一群销售员被布置了上门推销的任务,然而当门环跟他们打招呼时,魂儿都被吓出来了。Each oblivious professional was caught on hidden camera as they walked up to the house, where a man had disguised his face as an old, ornate door knocker.每个专业推销员在走向这所房子时,都在不知不觉中被隐藏的摄像机拍了下来,而这所房子的门环,看上去古老又华丽,却是人脸伪装的。After using the door knocker, the salesmen and women stand back waiting for a homeowner to answer.敲了门环之后,推销员向后退了退,等待房子的主人应答。But they are frightened out of their minds when the gold face suddenly starts shouting at them.但是他们都被吓坏了,因为门环上的金脸突然开始朝他们大喊大叫!Almost all of them jump back in horror as they realise they have been pranked.几乎所有人都惊恐地向后一跳,意识到自己被戏弄了。The door knocker yells: ;Turn around and walk away. Remove yourself from my veranda!; as the sales assistants desperately try to promote their products.;就在这些销售员竭力推销他们的产品时,门环喊道:“转身走开,离开我家的门廊!”But as they turn to leave—just as their heartbeat is returning to normal—there#39;s one last terrifying surprise in store when the #39;stone#39; gargoyle suddenly springs to life and chases them out of the garden.但是,当他们转身离开的时候——就在他们的心跳开始恢复平静的时候,还有最后的惊吓等着他们——(草坪上的)“石”像鬼突然活了,一路追着他们跑出花园。It has been viewed 4.7million times since it was uploaded to Youtube in September.这段视频自从去年九月份上传到Youtube以来,观看次数已经达到了470万。The driverless #39;ghost#39; car无人驾驶的“鬼”车An Internet prankster blew his victims#39; minds when he became an ;invisible driver;.一个爱在网上搞恶作剧的人把自己变成了“看不见的司机”,他的受害者们都吓呆了。The footage shows magician Rahat disguise himself as a car chair, so when he drives it looks like no one is driving the mysterious vehicle.在这段视频上,魔术师拉哈特把自己伪装成了汽车座椅,所以在他开车的时候看起来就好像这辆诡异的汽车在自己走。He mystifies car park attendants, fast food drive-thru staff, valets, car washers and even an admittedly very unimpressed cop.他迷惑了停车场管理员、汽车餐厅的员工、伺候客人停车的侍者、洗车工、甚至一个承认自己对此并没有什么印象的警察。Nearly 44 million people have watched the hilarious .近4400万人观看了这个滑稽的视频。Terrified estate agents惊恐的房产经纪人This spine-tingling shows the hilarious moment a group of estate agents were caught out when a brilliant haunted house prank had them running for their lives.这个激动人心的视频记录下了让人爆笑的时刻:一群房产经纪人拼命奔逃,而这却是因为一场绝妙的鬼屋恶作剧。They were invited to a seemingly normal home in Enfield, north London, to value the property for a sale.这些房产经纪人应邀来到伦敦北部恩菲尔德一栋看似正常的房子,来为此房产的出售估价。When they arrived, they were greeted by #39;homeowner#39; Rose.到达后,“房屋主人”罗丝接待了他们。She was in fact an actress who told them she was being forced to sell the property after her brother died there.其实她是个演员。她告诉他们,她哥哥在这里去世了,她不得不把房子卖掉。After a brief show around, Rose nipped off to answer the phone, leaving the property experts to have a good look by themselves.在领着他们简单地四处看看之后,罗丝溜出去接电话,留下这些房产专家让他们自己好好看房子。One man seemed slightly perplexed after the cold water tap in the bathroom appeared to turn itself on and off of its own accord.有个人看上去有些困惑,因为他看到浴室里的冷水水龙头好像会自动开关。But it was in the master bedroom where the estate agents really started to sense a #39;paranormal presence#39; .但是,在主卧,这些房产经纪人才真正开始感觉到有“超自然的存在”。And when the door slammed shut and the armchair began wheeling around the room by itself, they all decided they had enough and attempted to make a break for it.门“砰”地就关了,扶手椅也开始自己在房间里乱跑,这时候他们都受不了了,试图逃出去。Moments later, the hidden camera team emerged to explain the whole thing was just one big joke—thankfully they all saw the funny side of it.过了一会儿,藏起来的摄像组出来解释整个事情就是个大玩笑——谢天谢地房产经纪人们都觉得这件事也挺好玩。The prank was organised by Sky Living as part of their new three-part drama The Enfield Haunting.这一恶作剧由Sky Living组织,这是他们的三部曲新剧《恩菲尔德凶宅》的一部分。It is based on the story of the 1977 Enfield Poltergeist, which made newspaper headlines worldwide after a number of witnesses claimed they experienced paranormal activity in a house in the London borough.这部剧改编自1977年恩菲尔德闹鬼的故事,当年许多目击者都声称他们在伦敦恩菲尔德区的一所房子看到了灵异事件,占据了世界各地报纸的头条位置。It has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.这个视频的观看次数超过了130万。 /201604/435065Fashion Goals For an Almost 30-Year-Old近30岁人的时尚目标Fashions come and go, but good style is forever. At least, that#39;s what we#39;re told. Yet over the last decade, the only consistent thing about my own fashion choices has been their rabid inconsistency. University years were defined by an aesthetic referred to by my friends as ;feed the birds; — sweaters that swamped me, jewelry that jangled, and a deluded hope that all this draping made me look like the third Olsen twin. Early career years forced my wardrobe into more office-friendly territory, but without the income needed to invest in quality pieces; these days, as a freelance writer working from home, yoga pants have become depressingly de rigeur.时尚总是不断的变化,但是好的样式却是永恒的。至少,别人就是这么跟我们说的。但在过去的十年里,我有关时尚选择唯一一致的事情就是它们疯狂的不一致性。大学时光被定义为美学,我的朋友们称其为“喂鸟”——完全遮住我的毛衣,发出刺耳响声的珠宝和迷惑的希望,希望所有这些东西能够使我看起来像第三个奥尔森双胞胎。早期的职业生涯迫使我在衣柜里放更多适合办公室着装的衣,但收入却不够买质量好的装;这些日子里,随着自由撰稿人在家工作,瑜伽裤已变得十分新潮。Throw in a fluctuating body shape (university drinking habits were not kind) and my twenties can best be described as one big, fat state of flux. It#39;s not the end of the world — in the #39;90s, Anna Wintour was photographed in a gold lamé turtleneck. But with my 30th birthday now in sight, I#39;ve been thinking about the things I#39;d like to get straight.20岁这一阶段我的身材波动很大(大学喝酒的习惯不是很好),这一阶段可以被描述为大而肥的流动状态。这并不是世界末日——在九十年代,安娜#8226;温图尔穿着一件金丝织物高领毛衣拍照。但现在眼看我要30了,我一直在思考我想要明白的东西。Like Wintour, I think we#39;re all trying to figure out a lamé-free existence. With the advice of some of fashion#39;s most beloved icons as guidance, I#39;ve outlined goals to color coordinate, streamline, and spruce up the current chaos of my wardrobe. Here#39;s to a new decade of dressing well.像温图尔一样,我们都在试图寻找不是金丝织物的衣。现在以时尚界最受人喜爱的偶像的建议为指导,我概述了颜色搭配和简化的一些目标。同时也收拾了我目前混乱的衣柜。;Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.; — Bill Cunningham“时尚是在每日生活的现实中生存的武器。——比尔#8226;坎宁安”Bill Cunningham, The Times#39; legendary fashion photographer, built a career on capturing others#39; personal style in candid street snaps. Like many influential industry figures, Bill#39;s own style has always been unobtrusive, defined by one distinctly unglamorous item: LL Bean duck boots. Those duck boots have pounded the pavements of New York for decades — and, what started as a nod toward practicality, has become synonymous with the man himself.比尔#8226;坎宁安是《时代》杂志传奇的时尚摄影师,他在公开的街拍中捕捉他人的个人风格,因此创造了自己的事业。像很多业内有影响力的人士一样,比尔的个人风格总是不显眼,他的风格可以从一个十分不显眼的东西显现出来:LL Bean的靴子。他穿着这些靴子在纽约的人行横道上已经走了几十年了——开始向实际生活点头已经成为他本身的代名词了。译文属 /201606/451468

Chilly bumps, goose pimples, goosebumps – there are a few names for when tiny elevations on your skin form that resemble a goose#39;s flesh after its feathers are plucked.冷风疹子、小疙瘩、鸡皮疙瘩--有好几个别名来形容这种情况。人的皮肤上有时候会起一些小疹子,看起来就像鸡拔掉羽毛后的样子。And the cold, a sad tune or powerful scene from a movie can trigger this phenomenon when you least expect it.人在遇到寒冷的时候,听到悲伤的曲调的时候,或者从电影中看到令人震撼的场景的时候,就会产生这种你最不愿看到的现象。In this week#39;s episode of BrainCraft, Youtuber Vanessa Hill dives into the weird and wonderful science of why humans experience the chilling sensation of goosebumps.在本周的《大脑飞船》节目里,凡妮莎·希尔在Youtube上展示了这一怪异而又奇妙的科学,解释了为什么人会起鸡皮疙瘩的疑问。The scientific term for this evolutionary trait is pilomotor reflex or piloerection.科学上描述这一进化特征的专有名词是“竖毛反射”或者“立毛”。#39;I want you to think of the last time you remember experiencing them,#39; says Hill in the YouTube clip. #39;Was it at the beginning of this ? And if not, was it from the cold? Or music? A movie? Were you just having an intense emotional response to something?#39;希尔在Youtube视频上说道:“我希望你们想一想最后一次起鸡皮疙瘩的情形。那是不是在视频开始的时候。如果不是,那么因为遇冷?音乐?或者电影?或者说你当时对什么东西有强烈的情绪反应?”She continues to explain when hair standing to attention, it forms a buffer between your skin and the cold air –helping you to thermorgulate or regulate your body temperature. This is why most people tend to get goosebumps when they are cold or feel a chill.希尔继续解释说道,当毛发竖起来的时候,在皮肤和冷空气之间形成了一道屏障--从而帮助你调节温度或者说控制体温。那也正是为什么人在冷或者感觉冷的时候会起鸡皮疙瘩。The sensation is caused by the tiny muscles underneath each follicle, called arrector pili, and when they contract, the hair is pulled upright.这种感觉是由每个毛囊里的细小肌肉造成的,被称之为“立毛肌”,当这些肌肉收缩时,毛发就会立起来。#39;These are involuntary muscles and they#39;re part of our sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for most fight or flight responses,#39; explains Hill. #39;The reaction is closely tied to our emotional state, and apart from being cold, this is why movies may be the best trigger for goosebumps.#39;希尔解释说道:“这些是#39;不随意肌#39;,是我们交感神经系统的一部分,这个系统产生了大多数的应激反应。这个反应的产生和我们的情绪状态有着密切的关系,这也正是为什么除了感觉冷以外,人们最经常因为电影而起鸡皮疙瘩。”This is because brain imaging studies have found that goosebumps activates structures like the amygdala and parts of the prefrontal cortex -- both found associated with pleasure and reward. And there is no rhyme or reason to when this sensation will occur, as it is sometimes brought on by a distant memory of a past event.关于大脑成像的研究已经发现,鸡皮疙瘩能够激活人类大脑中的杏仁核神经元和部分额叶皮质--这两部分都和大脑的愉悦和激励有关。而且鸡皮疙瘩的产生没有任何规律或者理由可寻,因为有时人们会因为记忆中久远以前的一件事而起鸡皮疙瘩。However, this phenomenon is one which descends from our ancient ancestors who used it to keep warm and it may have even kept them alive by deterring predators -- but experts have deemed this reaction useless to modern day humans.但是,这一现象是从我们的先祖那里继承而来的,他们曾利用这一反应来保持体温。并且吓跑捕食者--不过专家们认为对于现代人类来说,这种反应毫无作用。However, goosebumps are very important to some creatures of the world, such as cats, dogs and other mammals who use it has a way to seem larger and scarier to their predators.然而,鸡皮疙瘩对地球上其他一些生物来说却非常重要,例如猫、和其他哺乳动物,它们用这一现象来使得自己看起来更大一些,从而吓跑捕食者。 /201607/454223

A transgender woman who reached the finals of a beauty competition without telling organisers she was born a boy is hoping to win Miss Transgender UK 2016.一位变性女子将有望获得2016年“英国变性”冠军。此前,他曾获得一个选美比赛冠军,而主办方对他曾是个男孩这一事实没有丝毫察觉。Pammy Rose, 23, from Seaham, County Durham, is hoping to bag first prize in the contest - which is a voucher for the full sex change operation she#39;s always wanted.帕米·罗斯今年23岁,来自英国桑德兰市达勒姆郡。他希望赢得此次比赛冠军以获得足够的奖金付他期待已久的彻底变性手术。Pammy has spent many years of seeing psychiatrists and doctors, dressing as a woman, taking hormones and proving she wants to live as a female.帕米曾经花了很多年去看心理医生。他穿戴像女人一样,打雌性激素,并以此明他渴望成为一个女人。As a young boy Pammy would dance and play with barbies and hated the idea of mud or football.帕米小时候喜欢跳舞,和小女孩一起玩。他讨厌玩泥巴或是足球这类男孩子的游戏。When Pammy Rose, above, first entered a beauty contest nobody realised she was born a boy - but three years on she has embraced her true gender and is determined to become Miss Transgender UK 2016帕米·罗斯第一次参加选美比赛的时候,竟然没有人察觉到他是一个男孩。但是,三年后现在的他勇敢面对了自己的性别,并决定参加2016年英国变性比赛。Pammy, who has finally been given the green light to have a sex change operation, after telling her mother at the age of four that she was born in the wrong body, said: #39;The last time I took part in a pageant nobody knew I was transgender but now I want everyone to know. I am raring to go, I can#39;t wait for it. I am determined to become the representative for transgender people all across the UK.#39;帕米在四岁的时候告诉他的母亲,他生错了性别,而他的母亲最终也同意他做变性手术。帕米说:“上次我参加比赛没有人知道我是变性人,但是现在我想让每个人都知道。我非常渴望,我等不及了。我决定为全英国的变性人代言。”#39;It is extremely important for me because I believe there are a lot of transgender people out there who aren#39;t very confident. I want to make a difference and to be a voice for them. When I was growing up I had nobody to educate me about this sort of thing.#39;“这对我来说十分重要,因为我知道还有很多的变性人不在这里,他们对自己没有自信。我想做出改变并为变性人代言。在我成长过程中没有人教我这些事情。” /201607/454008

1. You never win an argument, because you always start crying before you get to make your point.1、吵架你是永远赢不了的,因为每次你把话说清楚之前就哭起来了。2. Seeing someone else crying is guaranteed to make you cry.2、看见别人哭,你绝对也会跟着哭。3. But seeing someone else really happy can make you cry too.3、但看见别人高兴的样子,你还是会激动哭。 4.You#39;re an expert at feeling your eyes prickle, and then not blinking until you get to the loo.4、你有一个独门绝技,感到眼睛痛、快要哭的时候,在去厕所大哭之前能够忍住不眨眼。5. People being nice to you when you#39;re crying just makes it worse.5、别人对你越温柔,你就哭得越厉害。6. If you#39;re drunk, you#39;re a million times more likely to cry than normal.6、喝醉的时候,哭的几率要增加上万倍。7. And there are loads of songs that make you burst into tears the moment they come on.7、总有好多首歌,前奏响起就能让你眼泪决堤。8. And, if you wear makeup, you always opt for waterproof mascara.8、睫毛膏永远要选防水的。9. And ing sad news at your desk never fails to get you.9、每次读到感伤的新闻你也都会忍不住哭起来。10. But hey, at least you#39;re very in touch with your emotions.10、但至少,咱都是耿直的Boy/Girl啊对吧! /201605/442626

We spend a considerable amount of time planning birthdays, wedding and anniversaries.我们花了很多时间来策划生日、婚礼和纪念日。But have you ever thought about how you would like to die?但你可曾想过自己愿意以什么样的方式离开人世呢?In a new study, researchers have revealed the key characteristics of a #39;good death#39;.在一项新研究中,研究人员揭示了“善终”的几个关键词。They focused on the views of the patients themselves; family members—who were quizzed before or during bereavement—and healthcare providers.他们针对病人、丧亲前后的家属和医护人员做了问卷调查。They identified 11 core themes of a good death, which included a choice of a specific process while dying, being free of pain and with the appropriate religious or spiritual rituals they wanted.通过调查,研究人员确定了“善终”的11个核心主题,包括临终时选择的流程——没有痛苦地死去以及举行自己想要的适当的宗教或心灵仪式。The other key characteristics included dying with a sense of emotional well-being, passing away with dignity and feeling as though one has #39;completed#39; one#39;s life.其他的核心主题包括怀着幸福感死去、有尊严地死去以及感到人生圆满。The study was published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.该研究发表在《美国老年精神病学期刊》上。It comes after a shocking report today revealed thousands of British patients are routinely being left dehydrated and in pain during their final hours.就在今天,一份令人震惊的报告披露成千上万的英国病人在临死时都常规性地处于脱水和痛苦的状态。Last week, another study urged doctors to send cancer patients home to die, as this may give them a few extra days of life.上周,另一项研究敦促医生让癌症病人回家等死,因为这样也许能让他们多活几天。The University of Tsukuba study found people given between two and eight weeks to live survived 36 days at home, but only 29 in hospital.日本筑波大学的研究发现,被医生诊断还能活两到八周的病人,如果在家休养可以活36天,但在医院治疗只能活29天。Often, people prefer to spend their final days at home but end up dying in hospital because doctors do not want them to leave, researchers said.研究人员称,人们通常更愿意在家度过最后的时光,但由于医生不同意往往最后死在医院。From floating in space to being administered a fatal dose of morphine, Reddit users share how they would like to die.从漂浮在太空到下致命剂量的吗啡,社交新闻网站Reddit的用户们分享了自己想要的死法。#39;I want a meteor to kill me,#39; one user called Turd Burgleson wrote.一位名叫特德#8226;巴格尔森的用户写道:“我希望被流星杀死。”Another user, called #39;themoosehatguy#39;, said: #39;Floating in a space suit while down at the Earth. One last good view.#39;另一位名为“驼鹿帽男人”的用户写道:“穿着航天漂浮在太空中俯视地球。最后再好好地看一眼。”One patient, a recent cancer survivor, said: #39;When it gets to the point that I can no longer care for myself, I want my significant other to crawl into bed with me and administer a lethal dose of morphine.一位近日刚战胜癌症病魔的幸存者说:“如果到了我不能再照顾自己的时候,我希望我的另一半能钻进我的被窝,给我注射致命剂量的吗啡。#39;We have fallen asleep with his arm around me and my head on his shoulder every night of our long relationship.“在我们这么多年的夫妻岁月中,每天晚上我都是在他的臂弯中,枕着他的肩膀睡着的。#39;He held me this way during the long nights after chemo, and I felt as if it was the safest place in the world. That is where I want to die.#39;“化疗后的一个个漫漫长夜里,他也是这么抱着我睡觉的,我觉得那是世界上最安全的地方。那就是我想要死去的地方。” /201604/435069

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