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武汉尿道炎治好湖北省中西医结合医院阳痿早泄价格武汉哪家医院的男科好 Learn Spanish? Finally quit smoking? Become a better cook? Whatever you#39;ve decided to achieve next year, you know all too well that you#39;re probably going to fail, and that list of beautiful, aspirational goals is staying unfulfilled. Sorry.想要学好西班牙语?下定决心彻底戒烟?希望厨艺有所进步?不管来年的目标是什么,你再清楚不过了,这些目标很可能都不会实现。那一个个怀揣着美好希望和满腔斗志的目标终究还是“目标”,无法实现。多么遗憾!For this very reason some people forgo making any resolutions altogether, so we#39;re here to help - this year you might actually have a chance, with help from a few tricks of the mind.正因如此,一些人干脆打消了制定目标的念头。但不用着急,本文会和大家分享几个“小窍门”,让实现目标成为可能。British psychologist Richard Wiseman has done several surveys on willpower - in 2007 he tracked the success of 3,000 people#39;s New Year#39;s resolutions, only to find that a mere 12 percent of them managed to achieve what they had set out to do. He looked into what the successful people were doing differently, and, based on their experience, devised a list of tips for others who want to stop failing miserably.英国心理学家理查德·怀斯曼做过很多关于意志力的调查。2007年,他对3000人进行了追踪调查,统计他们新年目标的实现情况,结果仅有12%的人完成了自己之前制定的目标。他又对成功实现目标的人做了进一步调查,发现了一些与众不同的方法,最后他通过实验得出了几条建议,来帮助那些一度无法实现目标的人。Before we get into the list, it turns out the number one thing to stop relying on is your own willpower - that#39;s basically the worst approach to keeping a resolution, and is the reason why so many of us never start exercising more, continue eating all that fried chicken, and still can#39;t speak a word of French.在学习这些“窍门”之前,你要意识到无法实现目标的“罪魁祸首”就是依赖于意志力,这可以说是最差劲的办法。想想你为什么无法加强锻炼,无法抗拒炸鸡的诱惑,无法说出一句法语,症结就在于此吧。What should you be doing instead? As Wiseman explained on his blog back in 2013, your goals should be small and manageable, you should document your success, tell others about your intentions, and, importantly, not beat yourself up for failing. Here#39;s the complete list of Wiseman#39;s advice:那么,你应该怎么做呢?早在2013年怀斯曼就在客上给出了:目标不必太大,要在能力范围内,而且应该记录下目标实现的过程,告诉别人你要做什么,最重要的是,不要被失败击倒。下面是怀斯曼给出的十大建议:1) If possible, make only one resolution - changing a lot of things at once is more difficult.尽可能只制定一个目标。一次性做太多改变是相当困难的。2) Think about your resolutions in advance, and spend some time to reflect on them.提前想好目标,然后花点时间好好地反复考虑。3) Don#39;t re-visit past failures, but focus on new resolutions instead.不要执着于之前的失败,而要专注于当下的目标。4) Focus on what you really want - don#39;t just go with what#39;s trendy.认准真正想要的,不要随波逐流。5) Break your goal into manageable, concrete steps with specific deadlines.将目标细化成一个个可达到的小目标,在规定时间内完成相应任务。6) Go public - tell your friends, family, social networks about your goals, which will increase your fear of failure and also garner support.开诚布公,把目标告诉朋友,家人以及社交圈,这样会增加对失败的惧怕,同时得到他们的持。7) Create a checklist focusing on how much better your life will be once you#39;ve achieved your goals.一旦达成目标,列一张清单,展现现在的生活中好的改变。8) Whenever you make progress on the steps towards your goal, give yourself a small reward.只要取得了离目标更近的进步,哪怕一点点,都应给自己一点奖励。9) Document your journey - charts, spsheets, journals and other means of tracking your progress will keep it concrete.记录目标实现的过程:用图表,电子表格,日记等等记录下这段经历可以将目标具体化。10) Don#39;t beat yourself up and quit if you sometimes revert to old habits - treat it as a temporary setback.即使时常会犯老毛病,不要气馁,将它看成是暂时的挫折。Good luck in 2016!祝君2016年梦想成真! /201512/419047湖北省新华医院男科大夫

武汉割包皮之后那个套子也起什么作用Female workers in Central China#39;s Anhui province will enjoy paid menstrual leave, following the example of their peers in neighboring Hubei province and South China#39;s Hainan province. However, the practice has provoked widesp controversy, the Beijing News reported.根据北京新闻报道,中国中部地区的安徽省效仿邻省的湖北省以及中国南部的海南省,将会对女性职工实行月经期间带薪休假政策。然而这却引起了广泛的争议。According to the Anhui provincial government, from March, female workers may take a paid menstrual leave for one or two days on production of a certificate from a legal medical institute or hospital.根据安徽省政府消息,从今年3月起,女性员工在月经期间只要出示医疗机构或者医院的痛经明就可以带薪休假一到两天。However, the three sides concerned -- workers, employers and medical institutes -- all feel this is a difficult issue to handle properly.然而,三个相关方面人员:员工,雇主和医疗机构,都觉得这个事情很难恰当处理。Last year, an investigation was carried out in South China#39;s Guangdong province when local authorities were considering menstrual leave. However, more than 20 percent of the investigated females were unwilling to take leave for various reasons, such as exposing their private affairs and causing delays in work.去年,在中国广东省南部地区当地有关部门针对月经休假并进行了一次调查。然而,由于种种原因,如暴露自己的私事,或者延误工作等,超过20%的被调查的女性不愿采取休假。Similar worries were felt by a female bank employee in Anhui, who said: ;I will consider my work schedule first. There are penalties for those who fail to complete work tasks. I#39;m afraid my boss will be unhappy.;安徽省一名女性职员也有同样的忧虑,她说:“我会先考虑我的工作进度。如果不能如期完成工作任务就会受到惩罚。我怕我老板不高兴。”Employers also revealed a sense of pressure if they are required to grant paid menstrual leaves. A hotel manager in Beijing said that besides female workers#39; health, an employer also has to consider operational costs. Paid leave will add to the cost of a company, which will make employers hesitant to hire female workers in the future. Besides, it#39;s difficult to judge if the employee is really sick or just cashing in on being a woman.此外,一些雇主也对经期带薪休假表示有些压力。北京的一位酒店经理表示,除了员工的身体健康问题,我们还需要考虑酒店的运行成本。经期带薪休假会增加公司的成本,同样也会使雇主将来不愿意招聘女员工。此外,很难判断员工是真的身体不适还是凭借自己是女性而浑水摸鱼。Li Yinhe, a renowned Chinese sociologist, suggested the authorities pay attention to the side effects of the policy if it causes tension between employers and employees.中国知名社会学者李表示,因为这项政策很可能引起雇主和职员间关系紧张,所以建议政府当局慎重考虑这项政策的负面影响。As for doctors, there are also problems, because it#39;s difficult to evaluate the degree of menstrual pain an individual woman might suffer. Tan Xianjie, a gynecologist of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that, due to a lack of clear standards, the diagnosis of menstrual cramps is usually based on patient description, and only a handful of people would probably visit hospitals just to obtain a certificate for menstrual leave.对于医生来说,同样会面对一些难以处理的问题,因为他们很难判断出一位女性可以承受的痛经程度。北京协和医院妇科医生谭贤洁说,由于缺乏明确的标准,痛经诊断通常只是根据患者的口述,而且只有少数人会去医院开痛经明。Hainan and Hubei provincial governments issued regulations in 1993 and 2009 respectively, suggesting employers grant paid menstrual leave. However, according to a local newspaper, the policy was not effectively implemented in Hainan as it was not mandatory.海南省和湖北省政府分别于1993年和2009年颁布了经期带薪休假的条令。然而根据当地的新闻报道,由于条令不是强制性的,所以这项政策并没有得到有效实施。 /201602/427219武汉皮肤科咨询 Today we regard the oyster and lobster as luxury foods, but it has not always been so. Oysters have been commercially farmed since the time of the Romans and have a remarkable talent: when collected, they close their watertight shells, trapping seawater inside. This useful skill doubtless evolved so they could survive being beached at low tide. But it meant that oysters could be shovelled into a barrel, carted to a city, and left under a bar — sometimes for weeks — while remaining alive and fresh.今天,牡蛎和龙虾被视为奢侈的食物,但情况并非一直如此。从罗马时代起,人们就一直对牡蛎进行商业化养殖。牡蛎有一种非凡的本领:当被采集的时候,它们会将自己的外壳闭合得滴水不漏,将海水封存在里面。这种有用的技能无疑是为了在退潮搁浅时存活下来而进化出来的。但这也意味着人们可以把牡蛎铲进桶里,用车运往城市并放在酒吧里——有时一放就是几星期——而牡蛎在此期间一直保持鲜活。Lobsters, or similar forms of invertebrate, crustacean arthropod have been around longer than humans and it is quite possible that we have been eating them for a very long time. They are also unique among the food we eat today in that we often buy them alive and kill them ourselves. They are plentiful, at no particular risk of extinction, and utterly delicious, having sweeter and better-textured flesh than fish. They survive in a wide range of sea temperatures and are easiest caught by simple and sustainable methods.龙虾,或者类似的无脊椎甲壳类节肢动物,比人类的历史更长,很可能我们食用它们的时间也很长。在今天的食物中,它们也比较独特,因为我们经常购买活的,并自行在吃的时候杀了它们。它们的数量很多,没有灭绝的危险,而且十分美味,比鱼肉更鲜甜口感更好。它们在温度范围很广的海水中都能生存,使用简单和可持续的方法就很容易捕捞。Like oysters, the creatures’ ability to survive out of water meant they could be transported far inland and supply spankingly fresh protein long before refrigeration made it possible to distribute other forms of fresh fish. For this reason, lobster and oysters were often considered a food of the poor in industrialised cities. Nineteenth-century prison governors in some coastal states of the US were forbidden to feed their prisoners lobster more than a few times a week, as it was considered a “cruel and unusual” privation.就像牡蛎一样,这类生物在出水后存活的能力都很强,人们可以把它们运往遥远的内陆。远在制冷技术使得分销其他种类的鲜鱼变为可能之前,它们就在为人类提供极为新鲜的蛋白质。因此,龙虾和牡蛎过去常被视为工业化城市中穷人的食物。在19世纪的美国,一些沿海州的监狱每周给囚犯提供龙虾的次数是有上限的,因为顿顿吃龙虾被视为一种“残酷而不寻常的”煎熬。At low tide you can still wander along the muddy banks of the Thames in London and see vast “middens” of discarded oyster shells. These mark the spot of bank-side pubs, where revellers would consume huge numbers of oysters and throw the shells into the river. As the deposits are still there after centuries we can assume London’s dock labourers were ordering oysters at a far greater rate than the wealthiest occupants of the City can afford to today.在退潮的时候,你依然可以漫步伦敦泰晤士河泥泞的河岸,看到丢弃的牡蛎壳形成的巨大“贝丘”。它们与河岸酒吧的位置对应,泡这些酒吧的人会吃掉大量牡蛎,然后把牡蛎壳扔进河里。在数个世纪后,这些沉积物依然在这些地方,我们可以设想,当年伦敦的码头工人食用牡蛎的数量远远超过当今伦敦金融城最富裕的居民所能负担的程度。As industrialised cities developed, what we would now call “supply chains” were created and preserved, packaged, tinned and eventually chilled products became the more convenient diet. Prestige restaurants, though, never fell out of love with food so fresh that it still moved, and developed dishes that remain in the canon today. It is hard to go wrong with lobster Newburg (egg-enriched cream and cognac), lobster a [grave accent]l’armoricaine (tomato, tarragon, shallots), or the king of the lobster dishes, first created by Auguste Escoffier in about 1880. [cut 1849] Lobster Thermidor is superbly rich and massively complicated. It is also delicious, combining a cream sauce enriched with eggs, sherry and mushrooms with a gratin topping.随着工业化城市的发展,人们创建了我们现在所称的“供应链”,腌制、罐头以及最后出现的冰鲜产品成为了最方便的食品。不过,讲究的餐厅从未放弃对还能动的极其新鲜的食物的喜爱,并且研制出了一些到今天还经久不衰的菜肴。到餐厅点龙虾钮堡(lobster Newburg,配料包括富含鸡蛋的奶油和白兰地)或者美国龙虾(lobster a l’armoricaine,配料包括番茄、龙蒿和葱)总是没错的,还有就是奥古斯特埃斯科菲耶(Auguste Escoffier)在1880年前后首创的金牌龙虾菜:热月龙虾(Lobster Thermidor)风味浓郁,做法繁复。这道菜也十分美味,配料包括富含鸡蛋的奶油酱、雪莉酒、蘑菇加上焗烤脆皮。While some restaurants still feature oyster and lobster as premium dishes, it is not unusual to be offered oysters, fried or baked, as affordable starters — something never seen a few years ago. In the run up to Christmas, the discount supermarket chains Lidl and Iceland are offering frozen lobsters for under 5 (they make a great Thermidor).尽管一些餐厅依然将牡蛎和龙虾作为高端菜肴提供,但将炸牡蛎或者烤牡蛎作为价格较为低廉的前菜供应的餐厅如今也不少——这种事在几年前还闻所未闻。圣诞节即将来临之际,英国的连锁折扣超市Lidl和Iceland出售价格低于5英镑的冰冻龙虾(用它们来烹饪热月龙虾味道极好)。Lobsters and oysters are robust creatures and they breed vigorously. We have artificially kept them as prestige foods, so it is unsurprising that their price is now dropping.龙虾和牡蛎生命力顽强,繁殖能力也很强。它们昂贵的身价是人为的,因此现在价格下降也就不令人惊讶了。Now that previously aristocratic salmon is the go-to protein at every corporate event or provincial wedding, perhaps we should wonder at what is next. The answer may again come from under the sea. In the 1930s Josef Stalin ordered the introduction of the red king or Kamchatka crab to the Barents Sea to create a new source of cheap protein for Soviet workers. Eventually the crabs, indigenous to the northern Pacific, grew to accept their warmer home, breeding prolifically, moulting more regularly and growing up to 2m in leg span.既然以前只有富人才能享用的三文鱼成了企业活动或者婚礼上的首选蛋白质,或许我们应该想想下一个会轮到谁。或许依然来自于海中。上世纪30年代,约瑟夫斯大林(Josef Stalin)下令把红帝王蟹(即勘察加蟹,Kamchatka crab)引入巴伦海(Barents Sea),目的是为苏联的工人开辟一种新的廉价蛋白质来源。最终,这种原产于北太平洋的螃蟹开始适应更温暖的新家,开始大量繁殖、更加频繁地换壳,足展长度达到了2米。They were so successful that they began migrating across the ocean floor in vast packs. Spider crabs the width of cars are, even now, moving along the bottom of the North Sea towards the UK coast, eating everything in their path. It is the stuff of science fiction movies.它们繁殖得太好,因此开始成群地穿过海底进行迁徙。即使是现在,有汽车宽度那么大的蜘蛛蟹也在北海海底向英国海岸迁移,吃掉它们行进路途上的一切。这简直就是科幻电影中发生的事情。At the moment, Kamchatka crab is a delicacy in London restaurants, where the ability to select a live, angry, metre-wide creature from a tank and have it killed and brought steaming to the table is a spectacle that delights the super rich. But the crabs have reached the Norwegian coast. It is only a matter of time before they come ashore here, lurching up the beach having acquired a taste for human flesh — so we need to start acquiring a taste for theirs, fast. King crabmeat is superb, with a meatier texture and sweeter taste than its skinny little capitalist cousin. Surely, government must intervene. Drop the prices — we need to eat them before they eat us.现在,勘察加蟹是伦敦餐厅中的一道佳肴。看着厨师从水箱里选择一只鲜活、张牙舞爪、宽度达到一米的勘察加蟹,宰杀并蒸好端上桌,成为了超级富豪的一件乐事。但这些螃蟹们已经抵达了挪威海岸。这些螃蟹在英伦三岛登陆,在尝到人肉的滋味后横行海滩只是时间问题——因此,我们要先下手为强,先把它们当成美味,而且要快。红帝王蟹的肉质绝佳,比它们在资本主义国家生长的瘦小兄弟更肥硕,更鲜甜。政府必须要加以干预。降低价格——我们得在它们吃掉我们之前吃掉它们。 /201512/414584武汉阿波罗医院泌尿科再哪一楼

湖北省中西医结合医院包皮手术多少钱Talk about the pause that refreshes. UK-listed Coke bottler CCH pleasantly surprised the markets with its results last week offering an optimistic outlook for 2016. CCH shares, at one point down 15 per cent this year, have recovered completely.说到休息一下让人精神焕发呢!在英国上市的可口可乐希腊瓶装公司CCH上周发布了让市场惊喜的业绩,还提供了有关2016年业绩的乐观指引。今年一度下跌15%的CCH股价至今已完全复苏。Earlier doubts about CCH flowed from its emerging market exposure. Half of its volumes are sold in these economies. Almost a third come from Russia and Nigeria, where falling oil prices are weighing heavily. CCH’s Russian volumes have begun to fall.此前有关CCH的担忧源于新兴市场敞口。其销售量的一半来自这些经济体。近三分之一来自俄罗斯和尼日利亚,这些国家受油价下跌拖累严重。CCH在俄罗斯的销量已经开始下跌。Black markets for the naira suggest a 50 per cent devaluation. According to CCH’s estimates, if the Nigerian currency fell that much its net profits would be hit by 15 per cent. Still, CCH says its “established” markets in Europe (think Italy and Switzerland) are doing well, and price increases are on the horizon.尼日利亚奈拉的黑市价格暗示着50%的贬值。据CCH估计,如果尼日利亚货币贬值那么大幅度,其净利润将损失15%。尽管如此,CCH表示,“老牌”欧洲市场(比如意大利和瑞士)表现不错,正计划调高价格。CCH is in good shape as regards cash. Over the past five years, free cash flow has averaged 390m annually. Better operating margins, up a percentage point last year, will have only increased that number.现金方面,CCH状态良好。过去5年来,自由现金流每年平均达3.9亿欧元。更佳的运营利润率(去年提高了1个百分点)只会进一步推高这一数字。The company needs to use these riches. It could return more to shareholders: a 2 per cent dividend yield is not too generous. Or it could buy growth. Coke is creating a joint venture with SABMiller begun in late 2014, known as Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, which SAB would control.该公司需要利用这些财富。它可以向股东返还更多:目前2%的股息率不算太慷慨。或者它可以通过收购来拉动增长。可口可乐公司从2014年底开始,跟英国南非米勒酿酒公司(SABMiller)着手建立一家将由SAB控制、名为可口可乐饮料非洲公司(Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, CCBA)的合资企业。Anheuser-Busch InBev, which aims to acquire SAB, has considerable Pepsi assets — an uneasy fit. Buying out SAB would add a third to CCH volumes.有计划收购SAB的安海斯布希英(Anheuser-Busch InBev)拥有大量百事可乐(Pepsi)资产,这是一种令人不安的契合。买下SAB所持股份将为CCH增加三分之一的销量。Based on the latest data available for CCBA, and assuming a higher valuation multiple than CCH’s (given the difference in margins), SAB’s 57 per cent stake could cost as much as bn, thinks SocGen. Compare that with CCH’s market value of bn and a deal looks ambitious, even considering that CCH has relatively little debt.基于可获得的CCBA最新数据,并假设它有比CCH更高的估值倍数(鉴于两者在利润率上的差别),法国兴业(SocGen)认为,购买SAB所持的57%股份可能需要60亿美元。相对于CCH 70亿美元的市值,这笔交易看起来雄心勃勃,即便考虑到CCH的债务相对较少。Increasing the dividend is safer. An acquisition offers higher potential gains. CCH should make its preference clear, and soon.增加股息可能更加保险。但收购可以提供更多的潜在收益。CCH应尽快明确自己的选择。 /201602/428512 武汉精子哪家医院可以检测武汉验精子活力



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