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Happy season 11 everybody!A good number. This is our first show of our brand new season and I have a promise for you right now,right up from Im gonna say it. This season Im gonna work it while I twerk it. Oh,did you have a good summer,everybody?热烈庆祝第十一季开播 真是个好数字 今天是我们新季开播第一天 当着大家的面 我郑重承诺 这一季我会边扭边主持 大家假期过得不错吧Good summer? Yeah? Great. What did you do? All right. my turn. I have a great summer. i had a wonderful summer.很棒的假期 好的 你们都干了什么 好了 该我说了 我这个夏天过的超级精 非常棒的假期Im really happy to be back though, but I got a ... I got a little bit of sun, I relaxed. I a lot of sangria recipes. And I went to two different weddings which are always beautiful.我当然是很高兴能重新站在这 但是这个假期里 我沐浴阳光 放松身心 还看了好几种sangria的调法 我还参加了两场婚礼 婚礼总是那么美好I love weddings. My brother got married. My brother vance got married and this is ...him. With his beautiful bride.我很喜欢婚礼 我哥哥结婚了 我哥哥vance结婚了 这就是...他 和他的漂亮新娘And it was surprise for everybody because they have been together for a long long time,like I dont know, ten,twelve years something like that, a long time.但所有人都很吃惊 因为他俩已经在一起很久了 大概有个10年,12年的样子 很长时间了So...I forget her name,but she is a lovely woman,start with an R or Q.我记不住她的名字 但她是个可爱的姑娘 名字开头字母是R还是Q的But shes so sweet. shes uh...No,its joanna and I love Joanna. So shes my sister-in-law.And that was beautiful. Im so happy for him.但她真的超可爱的 她... 开玩笑啦 她叫joanna 我很喜欢她 她是我的嫂子 婚礼很美 我很为我哥哥高兴And it was fantastic and we danced for hours all night long. This is a photo brought of Portia and i dancing,and this is...I know...I know...I have to photo crop her. I dont know who...I dont know who she is.更让人开心的是我们跳了一晚上舞 这张照片上是我和Portia在跳舞 还有这是 我懂的 我懂的 我得想办法把她p掉 我不知道...我不知道她是谁啊But it looks romantic,we are actually going ;Do I have broccoli in my teeth?; ;No. do you have bro...; We are looking for broccoli.虽然看起来很浪漫 其实我们是在说“我牙上有菜叶子吗” “没有 你有...”其实我们是在看有没有菜叶子So thats my brothers wedding. And then we went to my friend ,Jimmy Kimmel got married,so we went to Jimmys wedding. They got married the same place my brother got married.那是我哥哥的婚礼 接下里是我的好友jimmy kimmel 他也结婚了 所以我们就去参加他的婚礼 他和我哥哥是在同一个地方举行婚礼They got married at the Ojai Valley Inn. And thats Molly of course.Its beautifu place,Ojai. Lets...pan out if we can. I will show you how pretty it is.Oh,there shes again. How did she get both weddings? Thats crazy.都是在Ojai Valley大酒店 这就是Molly Ojai非常漂亮 能不能缩小一下 给你们看下有多好看 怎么又是她 怎么两场婚礼都有她 这不科学啊We had a great time at the wedding as well.We hung out with our friends Jen and Justin. Now,nobody was impressed that was our table card.那场婚礼上我们也玩得很开心 Jen 和Justin也在 当时就没人注意 那个是我们名卡I pulled it out of jens ear and no one was...is impressed that I thought they would have been.我是从jen的耳后变出来的 都没人关注 我还以为会有很多人注意到呢I went to the hamptons,and I had fun at the hamptons.I did some dancing and some singsing.我还去了汉普顿 在那也很开心 又唱歌又跳舞Here I am with Jamie Foxx and Pharrell right there.yead. thats me in the middle.这张是我和jamie foxx 和pharrell 对的 中间那个是我And...we were singsing Pharrells hit song get lucky.我们正唱着pharrell的热歌《get lucky》And they were all up all night to get lucky.I went to bed on eight thirty.so..and I also...it was a star-studded summer.他们疯了一晚就为了“求好运” 但我八点半就睡了 反正这是个群星璀璨的夏天I hung out with Oprah because i moved into a neighbourhood. Im right down the street from where oprah lives.我最近搬到了oprah附近 所以总跟她混在一起 她住街头 我住街尾And she knew that I was in neighbourhood so...she was so nice.she brought over a beautiful basket of like fruits and vegetables from her garden,and thats her bring a...她也知道我搬过去了 所以她 她人超好 所以她就给我送了个蔬果篮 说是自家院子里种的 这就是她送...and I dont wanna say anything bad about oprah,but when I empty the basket,I found a trader joes receipt at the bottom,so, I was like;oh,i wanna see the garden.;其实我不想说oprah的坏话啦 但是当我把东西都拿出来了 篮子底赫然一张trader joes的小票 所以我就说“我去你的果园看看吧”she goes,;not today.; I dont think she has a garden.她却说“今天不对外开放” 我才不相信她有果园呢Its great to be friends with the oprah neighbours, with oprah.当然还是很高兴和oprah以及邻居们做朋友的Its wonderful. one day she came over,she did my hair whcih was really sweet ever since.So thank you for that.很幸福的一件事啊 有一天她过来 帮我做了曾经很流行的头发 太谢谢了 注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/260052Business商业报道Taking its medicine自食其药A drug giant coughs up to settle bribery charges制药巨头被迫解决行贿指控IN AMERICA, it was once common for drug firms to offer doctors perks to encourage them to prescribe their pills.在美国,制药公司用提成来鼓励医生给病人使用他们的药品曾是司空见惯的事情。Regulators now frown on such iffy sales techniques, and drug firms have more or less stopped using them.如今,监管者对于这种可疑的销售手段感到不满,因而制药公司不得不或多或少地停止使用这些销售伎俩。But in emerging markets, it is a different story,但是在新兴市场中,它却是另一番景象。as a settlement on August 7th between Americas Department of Justice and Pfizer, a big American drug firm, made clear.在8月7号,美国司法部门和美国的一家大型制药公司辉瑞之间的事件更清晰地解释了这种现象。In China Pfizer established a club that provided high-prescribing doctors with all kinds of entertainment under the guise of attending conferences.在中国,辉瑞公司建立了一个俱乐部,借助参加会议之名以各种形式款待那些开药量大的医生。In Kazakhstan Pfizer awarded an exclusive distribution deal to a local firm after it was told there was no other way to secure government approval for a Pfizer product.在哈萨克斯坦,辉瑞公司在得知没有其他方式来确保政府同意使用它的产品之后,它把独家销售权授予给了当地的一家公司以便出售其药品。Unfortunately for Pfizer, such acts violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, an American law that criminalises bribery abroad.然而不幸的是,辉瑞的这些行为违反了《反国外行贿法规》,这是美国的一个判定在国外行贿的法律。Doctors in many of the countries in question are state employees, making the gifts bribes to government officials.在上述所谈及的很多国家中,医生属于政府机关工作人员,而辉瑞公司正在向这些政府官员进行送礼行贿。This week Pfizer agreed to pay a fine to settle corruption charges and to disgorge related illegally earned profits to the Securities and Exchange Commission.这周,辉瑞公司同意通过交付罚款来解决腐败指控并且向券交易委员会交出相关的违法赚得的利润。The settlement, which will cost it m or so, covers similar offences committed by Wyeth, another drug firm, before it was acquired by Pfizer in .为了解决此事件,辉瑞公司将会花费约六千万美元,这其中包括惠氏公司贿赂行为的罚款。惠氏公司于年被辉瑞公司收购,此前它曾涉嫌海外贿赂。Johnson amp; Johnson, another big drugmaker, paid m last year to settle civil and criminal bribery charges.另一个制药大亨强生公司,在去年花费七千万美元来解决民事和刑事上的行贿指控。On August 6th Teva, an Israeli firm that is the worlds largest generic drugmaker, said it was co-operating with SEC investigators.在8月6日,以色列这家世界上最大的仿制制药商梯瓦制药公司说它正在配合美国交会的调查者工作。Indeed, eight of the worlds ten biggest drug firms have warned of potential costs related to charges of corruption in markets abroad, according to Reuters.事实上,据路透社称,世界上十大制药公司中的八家都忧虑地称有可能会因国外市场中的腐败指控而花掉大笔的钱。So Pfizers behaviour seems to have been normal for the industry, not an aberration.因此在这个产业中,辉瑞公司的行为似乎是正常的,并非一个例外。Citing the settlement, regulators will crow that the FCPA is being enforced more vigorously than at any time since it became law in 1977.监管者借助这次的案例来告知制药商们一个信息,那就是自《反国外贿赂法规》1977年成为法律以来,They will also hope that it is evidence that their new carrot-and-stick approach is starting to work.相较于以往的任何时候,它在当今被赋予了更大的惩罚力度。Most successful prosecutions in the past have been the result of whistle-blowing or a lucky break;他们同样寄希望于这个软硬兼施的方法能成为行之有效的据。regulators have long suspected that many companies have publicly supported the law while privately turning a blind eye to dodgy activities abroad, doubtless assuming that they would never be caught.在过去,大多数成功的起诉都被认为是告密或者巧合的结果,因而监管者一直怀疑很多公司表面上在遵纪守法而背地里却在国外做一些狡猾的买卖,多半在自认为不会露出马脚。The new approach is designed to encourage companies to police themselves, by punishing them only lightly when they turn themselves in.这个新方法旨在鼓励公司进行自我监督,而只有他们坦白自首时才会从轻发落。The relatively small fine imposed on Pfizer was the Justice Departments way of showing that firms that co-operate will be treated leniently, says Ben Heineman of Harvards Kennedy School of Government.哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院的Ben Heineman称,辉瑞公司相对较小的罚款金额表明了司法部门会酌情处理那些与它们配合的公司。Pfizer has gone out of its way to placate prosecutors:辉瑞公司已经一改以往的行事方式来配合检察官们:it has been co-operating on the case since 2004, helping to identify illegal practices throughout its industry.从2004年开始,它一直配合调查此案,帮助检察官们明其在行业中的违法行为。It also oversaw the process that uncovered the misbehaviour at Wyeth.它还监督了揭露惠氏药厂不正当行为的审理过程。The regulators have accepted Pfizers claim that the offences were committed by local staff acting without the knowledge of head office in America.监管者已经接受了辉瑞公司的说法,即声称本土员工的犯罪行为是在美国总部公司不知情的情况下进行的。This follows Aprils decision by the SEC to charge a senior executive at Morgan Stanley, a bank, with corrupt activity in Shanghai,在它之前是四月份美国监会指控根史坦利投资公司,这家的一名高级主管在上海进行腐败活动的行为,but not to impose legal penalties on the bank, which tipped off regulators about its rogue employee.但美国监会决定不对这家进行法律制裁,因为这家向监管者上报了其违纪人员的情况。A few more examples of such regulatory forbearance and perhaps business will get the message.此类监管宽容的例子还有很多,相信这些案例会给商业界一些启示。 /201308/251428

Heres a gruesome hypothetical:If you and your family were rounded up, and you were forced to watch as older relatives were killed, how would it affect you?设想这样一个可怕的场景:你和家人遭受围捕,你被迫目睹长辈被杀,这会对你产生怎样的影响?Needless to say, youd be horrified.毫无疑问,你吓坏了。Youd probably also be deeply disturbed for a long time afterwards. Maybe forever.你可能会在之后的很长一段时间内都深感不安,或许这种感觉会持续一生。For some non human species, that grisly scenario is all too common.对于除人以外的一些生物而言,这种可怕的场景是十分常见的。For instance, up until a fewdecades ago elephant populations were regularly culled.比如几十年前,大象会经常遭受屠杀,借此控制它们的种群数量。That is, family groups were herded into atight space so that hunters could shoot and kill the older individuals.捕猎者会将整个大象家族赶入一个狭小的空间,并杀其中一些年老的大象。The practice was actually meant to help elephants, because park officials worried theyd grow too numerous and overrun the area.因为公园管理员担心大象数量的增多会超出园区的负载限度,所以这种猎杀大象的行为实际上是在帮助它们。But research has shown that the surviving elephants are often deeply disturbed.但是调查表明,那些在猎杀中幸存下来的大象常常会深感不安。One study foundthat elephants from a culled group had serious problems with social and other behaviors.一项研究显示,这些幸存的大象在社交和其他行为方面会出现严重的问题。For example, a group of orphaned male elephants killed more than one-hundred rhinoceroses over adecade-behavior thats highly abnormal.例如,一群失去亲人的雄性大象在近十年中杀死了一百多头犀牛。这是极端反常的行为。Another study found that culling survivors responded chaotically to elephant calls broadcast byscientists in a nearby jeep.失去长辈即失去经验,另一项研究显示,当科学家在那些幸存下来大象附近的一辆吉普车中播放大象的叫声时,它们的回应十分混乱。The animals seemed at a loss-sometimes taking defensive measures,but not necessarily in response to calls from alien or more socially dominant females, as they normally would.它们显得茫然无措,有时还会采取防御措施。这并不像它们在正常情况下回应外来客或是族群中地位更高的母象所表现出的那样。Scientists speculate thats because elephants typically learn these important behaviors from their elders.科学家推测这是因为大象通常会从长辈身上学到这些重要的行为。And when those elders are culled or poached, the younger elephants may not learn how to respond to potential threats.当长辈遭受屠杀或偷猎后,年幼的小象在面临潜在威胁时会显得不知所措。Elephants that dont know how to defend themselves have less chance of surviving and reproducing.不知道怎样保护自己的大象,其幸存机率便会降低,繁殖能力也会减弱。Although culling is no longer practiced, poaching is. And it may have similar effects.尽管如今屠杀大象的行为已经消失,但非法狩猎仍会产生类似的效果。 201406/306099



  The obvious risk of this happening to crowded passenger planes in British airspace was enough for the UKs Civil Aviation Authority to enforce a total ban on flights-a move which was mirrored by other northern European countries.发生在英国领空拥挤乘客的飞机中最为明显的风险足以让英国民航执行全面禁飞,其他北欧国家可以借鉴此举。The dangers of flying through volcanic ash were demonstrated in 1982 when a British Airways flight from Malaysia to Australia lost power in all four engines after flying into a cloud of dust spewed out by an eruption of Mount Galunggung in Indonesia.飞过火山灰的危险之旅出现在1982年从马来西亚飞往澳大利亚的一架英国航空公司航班在飞入一片印度尼西亚加隆贡火山喷发出的火山灰云层后所有四个引擎失去动力。After 15 minutes of gliding in a controlled descent from 37,000 feet to 12,000 feet, the pilot, Captain John Moody, managed to restart the engines once enough of the molten ash in the engines solidified and broke off.15分钟后滑翔从37000英尺控制降至12000英尺,飞行员,队长约翰?穆迪曾经试图启动引擎,但融化的火山灰在其中已经凝固并且造成机器停止运转。The plane went on to land safely in Perth.飞机最终安全降落了在珀斯。Speaking to the B last week, Captain Moody demonstrated the typically phlegmatic attitude of his profession.上周对于B发表讲话时,队长穆迪展示了他职业般冷漠示人的态度。;It was, yeah, a little bit frightening,; he said.“是,是的,是有一点害怕,”他说道。201309/258384

  Science and technology科学技术Marine ecology海洋生态Welcome to the plastisphere欢迎来到塑料星球What is pollution to some is opportunity to others对一些人意味着污染对另一些人却意味着是机会SINCE 2008 geologists have been mulling over the idea of the Anthropocene, a proposed new epoch in the history of the Earth that would encompass the years in which people have had profound effects on the planets workings.自2008年以来,地质学家一直在研究人类纪这一理念,人类纪是在地球历史上提出的新纪元,其囊括了人们深刻地影响地球的运作的年代。Most often, discussion of the Anthropocene revolves around how atmospheric chemistry has changed since the beginning of the industrial revolution.大多数时候,人类纪的讨论大多是围绕着从工业革命开始大气化学有何种变化进行的。Sometimes the effects of new terrestrial ecosystems, in the form of fields, pastures and plantations, are also considered.有时新型陆地系统所产生的影响也考虑在内。To date, though, how the Anthropocene has created new ecosystems in the oceans as well as on land has not been much examined.到目前为止,然而人类纪是如何创造新型海洋及陆地生态系统并未做过多的研究。Such ecosystems are, nevertheless, emerging—as Tracy Mincer of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,不过这样的生态系统在《环境科技》杂志中有所描述,in Massachusetts, and Linda Amaral-Zettler of the Marine Biological Laboratory, also in Woods Hole, describe in Environmental Science and Technology.是由马萨诸塞州伍兹霍尔海洋学研究所的特蕾西·明瑟以及伍兹霍尔海洋学研究所海洋生物研究室的琳达阿玛拉尔-特勒联合提出的。The malign effect of floating plastic debris on seabirds, turtles and other sea creatures is well known.众所周知,漂浮的塑料碎片对海鸟海龟以及其他海洋生物有负面影响。But, as Dr Mincer and Dr Amaral-Zettler have discovered, plastic debris also provides a new habitat for organisms small enough to take advantage of it.但是,正如明瑟及阿玛拉尔-特勒两位士已经发现的一样,塑料碎片还给有机体提供了一个小型足以充分利用全新的栖息地。The two researchers collected pieces of plastic from various sites in the North Atlantic.两位研究员从北大西洋的不同地点收集塑料碎片。They then examined each using DNA analysis, and also an electron microscope, to see what was living on it.他们然后用DNA分析仪、电子显微镜检测每一个,观测其上生活着何种生物。Lots of things were.有很多生物。Altogether, they discovered about 50 species of single-celled plant, animal and bacterial life.总之,他们发现约50种单细胞植物、动物和细菌的踪迹。Each bit of debris was, in effect, a tiny ecosystem.确切地说,每块碎片是一个小型的生态系统。As with many ecosystems, the bottom of the food chain was occupied by things that photosynthesise.正如诸多生态系统一样,食物链的底层被光合作用的生物占据着。These included unicellular algae called diatoms and dinoflagellates, and photosynthetic bacteria known as cyanobacteria.这些包括名为硅藻和甲藻的单细胞藻类和蓝藻的光合细菌。Usually, such creatures swim freely in the ocean.通常,这些生物在海洋里自由自在地游荡。They therefore have to work hard to stay near the surface, where light for photosynthesis is abundant.因此他们必须努力保持在表层水域,因为那里的进行光进行光合所需的阳光是充裕的。By hitching a ride on a piece of floating plastic, they can stay near the surface without effort.通过搭乘漂浮塑料这一顺风车,他们可以毫不费力地呆在表层。Where plants abound, herbivores will not be far behind.植物比比皆是的地方食草动物的出现也不会落后。These, Dr Mincer and Dr Amaral-Zettler found in the form of dinoflagellates,some of which like to snack on smaller creatures to supplement their photosynthesis.明瑟及阿玛拉尔-特勒两位士以甲藻的形式发现了食草动物的存在,一些甲藻喜欢吃小型生物作为他们光合作用的补充。They also found predators on the herbivores, in the form of ciliates and predator bacteria, which feed on other bacteria.他们还发现食草动物的捕食者,如纤毛虫以及以其他细菌为食的捕食细菌。Except for top predators—the type that themselves prey on predators—the two researchers thus discovered a classic web of food chains of the sort familiar from ecology text books.除了顶级捕食者外,两位研究人员发现了一个与生态学课本上相似的经典的食物网。And they also, and perhaps most pertinently from the human point of view, found evidence for one other part of such a food web: the decomposers.或许从人类的观点来看最为适切的他们还发现了食物网的另一部分:分解者。Plastics are energy-rich substances, which is why many of them burn so ily.塑料是能源丰富的物质,这就是为什么他们中的许多容易燃烧的原因。Any organism that could unlock and use that energy would do well in the Anthropocene.任何可以分解和使用那些能源的生物在人类纪将会取得先机。Terrestrial bacteria and fungi which can manage this trick are aly familiar to experts in the field.掌握这种技能的陆地上的细菌及真菌是这个领域的专家。Dr Mincer and Dr Amaral-Zettler found evidence of them on their marine plastic, too.明瑟及阿玛拉尔-特勒两位士在海洋塑料上也发现了它们的踪迹。They noticed many of their pieces of debris sported surface pits around two microns across.他们发现很多塑料碎片的运动表面周围有大约两微米的凹坑。Such pits are about the size of a bacterial cell. Closer examination showed that some of these pits did, indeed, contain bacteria,凹坑与细菌一般大小。进一步的研究显示这些凹坑中的一部分确实含有细菌,and that in several cases these bacteria were dividing and thus, by the perverse arithmetic of biological terminology, multiplying.在部分状况下细菌正在分裂,因此根据生物学的反常计算其数量正在递增。Though the two researchers have not yet proved the bugs in the pits are actually eating the plastic, that hypothesis seems a good bet.尽管两位研究员至今未找到凹坑中的细菌是以塑料为食的据,那个假说就好像是一场。And if they are, it suggests plastic pollution in the ocean may not hang around as long as has often been feared.如果假说是正确的,这就意味着海洋塑料污染可能不如担心的那么持久。Less encouragingly, Dr Mincer and Dr Amaral-Zettler also found cholera-like bacteria in their tiny floating ecosystems.令人扫兴的是,明瑟及阿玛拉尔-特勒两位士在漂浮的小型生态系统中发现了类似于霍乱的细菌。Both fish and seabirds act as vectors for cholera,so anywhere that such creatures might pick up cholera bugs is something worth keeping an eye on.鱼类或者是海鸟都充当着霍乱病菌的载体,所以任何使这些生物可能携带霍乱病菌的地区都值得密切关注。The researchers paint an intriguing picture of the adaptability of nature, and provide another piece of the jigsaw that is the Anthropocene.研究者就大自然的适应性描绘了一幅耐人寻味的画面,并提供了人类纪的另一块拼图。Conservationists intent on preserving charismatic megafauna have reason to lament the sp of plastics through the ocean.致力于保护引人好奇的大型动物的环保人士有理由担心海洋塑料污染的蔓延。But those interested in smaller critters have been given a whole, new sphere—the plastisphere—to study.但是却给了那些对小型生物感兴趣的环保人士一个全新的视角——塑料星球。 /201308/253468Personalised car stickers个性化汽车贴纸Family portraits on wheels轮胎上的全家福Windscreens are the new Facebook挡风玻璃变成了新的脸书网IN THE Middle Ages, heraldry allowed knights to show off family histories in amazing detail, lugging shields or banners into battle that explained their ancestry, whether they had married an heiress and their status as a first or younger son. Eight centuries later American drivers are catching up, thanks to personalised “family stickers”: tiny stick-figure depictions of an entire household (most typically displayed in one corner of a minivans rear-windscreen). Though the trends origins are obscure, there is a consensus that it began in Mexico several years ago and at first involved generic outline figures, revealing ony the number of children in a family.在中世纪,骑士们可以使用非常精细的纹章来炫耀自己家族历史,在战场上带着有家族纹章的盾牌或旗帜可以阐明他们的血统—和一位女继承人结婚,或者身为家中长子或幼子。八百年后,汽车司机也开始这样做了,而他们使用的是个性化“家庭贴纸”:一副小小的全家简笔画描绘。尽管这股潮流的起源已经不甚明了,但几年前在墨西哥兴起了一种默认观点,首先就是在车上贴通用类数字图,表明了家中孩子的数量。Now the stickers are well established north of the border. And, thanks to a combination of American individualism and advances in custom-manufacturing, they are morphing into ever-more-detailed family chronicles.如今贴纸在边境线北部也开始流行起来。由于美国个人主义和先进的定制加工业,它们变成了更加精细的家族编年史。Chroma Graphics of Tennessee, a supplier to such firms as Walmart, recently designed its first kits to celebrate households headed by same-sex couples. The pick-and-mix kits—designed at the request of a large retail customer, but not yet on sale—include two father-figures, two mother-figures and an assortment of children and pets, says Brenda Sellers, the firms president. The packaging is in rainbow colours, bearing intertwined pairs of two male and two female astrological symbols as a final clue.田纳西州的色图案是一些公司如沃尔玛之类的供应商,他最近计划推出首套庆祝同性恋人担任户主系列贴纸。该公司总裁布伦达·塞勒斯表示,这套组合贴纸是应一个大型零售商客户要求推出的,但尚未对外出售。它包括两个父亲形象,两个母亲形象,各种各样的孩子和宠物。包装是虹色的,上面有两对互相交错的同性男女占星符号,作为一个最终暗示。In Idaho a sign-maker, Woodland Manufacturing, has pioneered hyper-personalised stickers. Visitors to its online www.familystickers.com retail arm, can combine thousands of different heads, bodies and accessories to depict, say, a bearded, balding x-ray technician, married to a bee-keeping mother (in hat with veil) whose kids enjoy ballet and baseball, and who own guinea pigs.在爱达荷州有家标牌制造商,名叫林地制造,他提倡超个性化贴纸。访问他家在线零售网站的访客可以将上千种头部、身体和附属部件结合描绘,一个秃顶但胡子浓密的放射线技术员称。该技术员与一名勤劳的妇女(戴着有面纱的帽子)结了婚,他们的孩子喜欢芭蕾舞和棒球,还养着荷兰猪。Most are bought by women, says the firms marketing boss, Aaron Ellsworth. The number-one seller is dog stickers: “For a lot of people, their pet is their family,” says Mr Ellsworth. Candour is a trend, with customers asking for large Xs to place over divorced spouses, or tiny halos to place over a family member who has died. Some lovelorn folk leave gaps in family line-ups, labelled: “Position Open”. Coloured stickers are big just now, and also zombies.该公司的销售经理亚伦·埃尔斯沃斯称大多数贴纸的购买者都是女性。卖得最火的是犬类贴纸,“对于大部分人来说,他们的宠物就是家人。”埃尔斯沃斯说。坦率是一种趋势,顾客会购买大型X符号来代表离婚夫妻,或者小小的光圈来代表去世的家人。一些失恋的人在家庭的一行贴纸中留出空位,贴上标签“空窗期”。如今色的贴纸和僵尸贴纸也卖得很火。Two powerful forces are at work, suggests Mr Ellsworth. The internet now allows consumers to order customised products directly from a factory. And in a fast-changing world, “all of us want to feel unique”. Those medieval knights would have understood.埃尔斯沃斯称有两种强大的力量在起作用。如今的网络可以使顾客按照自己要求直接从加工厂订购产品。而且在如今这个瞬息万变的世界,“每个人都想使自己显得与众不同”。那些中世纪骑士会理解这种心情的。 201406/304929An ancient Hanukkah lamp, a commemoration of the temple light, that tradition said kept burning.一盏古旧的光明节灯,纪念着光明,它的传统是一直燃烧。It mattered supremely to Freud,这对弗洛伊德而言意味良多,this little object with its Hebrew inscription.就是这个上面镌刻希伯来语铭文的小物件。For the commandment is the lamp and the teaching for light.戒律就是灯而教育则是光亮。The Menorah is the most ancient and enduring symbol of Jewish identity,烛台是犹太身份最古老及最持久的象征,even for someone who calling himself, the godless Jew.甚至对那些自称不信神明的犹太人而言也是如此。Godless, he may have been, but Freud never gave up on his Jewishness.弗洛伊德可能是不信神者,但他从未放弃过他的犹太本性。And as the dark stain of Nazi anti-Semitism began to sp, he proclaimed it publicly and loudly.而当纳粹反犹主义的黑暗开始蔓延,他大声公开宣称。He was also driven to begin his own exploration of the routes of Jewish story.他自己也开始了对于犹太人故事的探索之路。Work that would dominate the final years of his life, first in Vienna and then in London.他生命的最后几年全部投入到研究工作当中,首先是在维也纳,然后是在伦敦。Psychoanalysis, Freuds great discovery,精神分析,弗洛伊德的伟大的发现,was driven by the belief that in our origins lay the explanations of everything that followed.是对于我们解释一切起源的信仰所驱使。201403/281287

  Science and technology科学技术Marine biology海洋生物Flea market跳蚤市场A newly discovered virus may be the most abundant organism on the planet一种新发现的病毒可能是地球上最丰富的物种。WHAT is the commonest living thing on Earth?地球上最常见的生物是什么?Until now, those in the know would probably have answered Pelagibacter ubique, the most successful member of a group of bacteria, called SAR11, that jointly constitute about a third of the single-celled organisms in the ocean.直到现在,那些很专业的人可能会说是遍在远洋杆菌—细菌群中最成功的细菌,称为大洋微小细菌,占了海洋单细胞有机体的三分之一。But this is not P. ubiques only claim to fame, for unlike almost every other known cellular creature, it and its relatives have seemed to be untroubled by viruses.但是,这不是它成名的原因,因为它和它的亲戚不像其它大部分已知的细胞生物,它们似乎是些不会给你造成麻烦的一族。As Jonathan Swift put it in a much-mised poem, So, naturalists observe, a flea/Hath smaller fleas that on him prey.就像乔纳森-斯威福特的一首诗表达的一样—虽然这里引用很不贴切,所以,物学家们观察,正在捕食的跳蚤/小跳蚤们。Parasites, in other words, are everywhere.换句话说,寄生虫无所不在。They are also, usually, more abundant than their hosts.通常,它们的数量也远远多于它们的寄主。An astute observer might therefore have suspected that the actual most-common species on Earth would be a flea that parasitised P. ubique, rather than the bacterium itself.精明的观察者可能因此会猜测,地球上真正最常见的特种是一种跳蚤—寄生的遍生远洋杆菌,而不是细菌本身。The absence of such fleas has puzzled virologists since 1990, when the SAR11 group was identified.自从1990年研究SAR11组群以来,病毒学家对没有发现这种跳蚤—即以所谓攻击细菌的噬菌体的形式存在—而感到很困惑。Some thought the advantage this absence conferred explained the groups abundance. But no.一些人认为没有发现这种组群的好处解释了它们之所以大量存在的原因。但是,事实不是这样的。As they report in this weeks Nature, Stephen Giovannoni of Oregon State University and his colleagues have discovered the elusive phages.正如本周自然杂志上刊登的一样,俄勒冈州立大学的斯蒂芬尼-乔凡诺尼和他的同事们发现了这种难以发现的噬菌体。Swifts wisdom, it seems, still holds good.看起来,斯威福特的智慧仍旧闪闪发光。Tracking down a particular virus in the ocean makes finding a needle in a haystack look a trivial task.与在海洋中跟踪一种特定的细菌相比,大海捞针简直是小菜一碟了。A litre of seawater has billions of viruses in it.一公升的海水中有数十亿的细菌。Modern genetic techniques can obtain DNA sequences from these viruses, but that cannot tie a particular virus to a particular host.现代基因技术可以猎取这些细菌的DAN序列,但是却不能把一种特定的细菌固定在一个特定的寄主身上。To do so, Dr Giovannoni borrowed a technique from homeopathy: he diluted some seawater to such an extent that, statistically speaking, he expected a 100-microlitre-sized ali to contain only one or two viruses.为了实现这个目标,乔凡诺尼士借用了顺势医疗论的一项技术:他把一些海水的浓度稀释到,从统计学角度上讲,即稀释后的100微升海水中只含有一种或两种病毒。The difference between his approach and a homeopaths was that what homeopathy dilutes almost to nothing are chemicals, and thus cannot breed. A virus can, given a suitable host.他的方法和顺势疗法的区别是,后者将药液稀释后几乎没有什么合成物了,因此也无法培育繁殖。而提供一个合适的寄主的话,病菌就可以继续繁殖。So he mixed each of several hundred alis into tubes of water containing P. ubique.因此,他把稀释后的海水分成几百份,再把每一份混合到含有遍在海洋杆菌的水里。Then he waited.然后他就等待着。After 60 hours, he looked to see what had happened.六十小时后,他看到了结果。In most cases the bacteria had thrived.在大部分试验品中,病菌都繁殖得很好。In a few, though, they had been killed by what looked like viral infection.但是,在少数的试验品中,病菌似乎由于某种病毒感染而消失了。It was these samples that he ran through the DNA-sequencing machine, in the knowledge that the only viral DNA present would be from whatever it was had killed the bacteria.这些少数试验品就是他用DNA测序仪检测,想知道仅有的病毒DNA,无论是不是它杀了病菌,为什么会出现的原因。His reward was to find not one, but four viruses that parasitise P. ubique.他最终发现了不只一种病菌,而是四种寄生的遍海洋杆菌。He then compared their DNA with databases of DNA found in seawater from around the world, to find out how abundant each is.后来,他把发现病菌的DNA与世界海洋的DNA数据库相对比,发现:The upshot was that a virus dubbed HTVC010P was the commonest.四种中的每一个的存在数量都非常多。It thus displaces its host as the likely winner of the most-common-living-thing prize.结果是,一种称为HTVC010P人病菌是最常见的。因此,它便取代了它的寄主,成为可能最常见的生物。That does depend, of course, on your definition of living thing.当然,这不是你们所定义的那种生物。Some biologists count viruses as organisms.一些生物学家认为病菌是微生物。Some do not.一些则不这么认为。The reason is that a virus relies for its growth and reproduction on the metabolic processes of the cell it infects.原因是,病菌依靠它所感染细胞的新陈代谢来生长和繁殖。This means viruses themselves are hard to parasitise, since they do no work on which another organism can free-ride.这就意味着病毒本身很难寄生,因为在其它可以免费寄生的微生物上它们无法正常生存。Which is why the next two lines of Swifts poem, And these have smaller fleas to bite em/And so proceed ad infinitum, are wrong—and why, because HTVC010P itself can have no parasites, it probably really is the commonest organism on the planet.这也解释了为什么斯威失特接下来的两句这些更小的跳蚤在咬它们,因此这些进程循环往复着是错误的,也是HTVC010P为什么是地球上最常见的微生物,因为它本身没有寄生虫。 /201312/269447




  Science and technology科学技术The first case of ursine tool use第一只会用工具的熊Ready for my close-up, Dr DeeckeDeecke士,准备给我来张特写吧PRIMATES apart, few mammals employ tools.除了灵长类动物,会使用工具的哺乳类动物屈指可数。Sea otters use rocks to smash clams open,海獭会在石头上砸开蛤蜊;dolphins wrap sponges around their noses to protect themselves while they forage on the seabed,海豚在海床上觅食时,会将海绵绑在鼻子上以保护自身;elephants swat insects with branches and humpback whales exhale curtains of bubbles to trap schools of fish.大象会用树枝拍打昆虫;驼背鲸会呼出阵阵气泡来困住鱼群。Until now, these four examples had been thought the extent of the non-primate mammalian tool-users club.至今,人们仍认为非灵长类动物中只有这四种会使用工具。But a study just published in Animal Cognition, by Volker Deecke of the University of St Andrews, in Britain, has added a fifth and rather surprising one.但英国圣安德鲁大学的Volker Deecke在《动物认知》上刚发表的研究指出了第五种会用工具的动物,而且是令人相当意外的一种。That epitome of rugged wildness, the grizzly bear, seems to be the only species other than humans to have invented the comb.粗犷野性的象征—灰熊,看来是除了人类以外唯一一种发明了梳子的动物。Dr Deecke made this discovery while studying grizzly-bear behaviour from a small boat in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, on July 22nd 2010.这一点是Deecke士于2010年7月22日在阿拉斯加冰河湾国家公园一艘小船上研究灰熊习性时发现的。After a period of play-fighting with another bear and a short bout of feeding on a beached whale carcass, a bear of between three and five years of age, sex unknown, waded into the shallows of the bay.一只灰熊在与另一只熊打闹了一阵并吃了一点被冲到沙滩上的鲸鱼尸体后,涉水来到了海湾的浅滩中。Once there, it picked up a fist-sized rock and carefully rotated it for about a minute before dropping it back into the water.在那,它捡起了一块拳头大的石头,小心翼翼地旋转了约一分钟后,将其扔回水中。Moments later, it picked up another, of similar size, and again rotated it.片刻之后,它又捡起了另一块差不多大小的石头旋转起来。This time, rather than discarding the stone, it held it against its muzzle and started to rub.但这次它没扔掉石头,反而把石头放到口鼻处开始来回磨蹭。Using its left paw to press the rock against its skin and its right paw to support the rocks weight, the bear rubbed away at its muzzle and face for roughly a minute before dropping the stone back into the water.那只熊用左掌将石头按在皮肤上,用右掌托着石头,将石头在口鼻和脸上蹭了大约一分钟后才将石头扔回水里。Then it grabbed a third stone of the same size, rotated it and rubbed its face, muzzle and neck for a further two minutes before discarding it.然后,它捡起第三块同样大小的石头并在旋转后用来磨蹭脸、口鼻和脖子将近两分钟后将其扔掉。This done, it spent two minutes grooming its right paw with its teeth before returning to the whale carcass.做完这些后,它又花了两分钟用牙齿来梳理右掌的毛,之后便回到鲸鱼尸体处。Dr Deecke found, upon close examination of his photographs, that all three rocks were encrusted with barnacles and he reckons these were acting as the functional equivalent of the teeth of a comb.士Deecke在仔细研究所拍照片后发现,那三块石头上都粘有藤壶,而他认为这些藤壶的功能梳齿一样。He thinks the bear was probably using its makeshift combs for comfort, rather than vanity.Deecke士认为,那只熊自制梳子可能是想让自己舒,而不是为了美观。But crucially for the concept of tool-use, the animals rejection of the first rock it picked up shows a discriminating understanding of what was required to get the right amount of scratching from a comb;但是,那只熊没有用它捡到的第一块石头,这说明它有能力判断子什么样的梳子才好用;which rock, in other words, was the tool for the job.换言之,就是哪块石头可以拿来当梳子。这一点对判断动物是否会使用工具至关重要。An important question from a biological point of view is whether this animals behaviour is unique.在此,有一个很重要的生物学问题:是不是只有这一只熊会使用工具?Other tool-using mammals are social species.其他会使用工具的哺乳类动物都是群居动物,That means one individuals chance invention is easily copied by others of its group, resulting in a primitive culture.也就是说个体偶然的发明很容易被群体里的其他成员模仿,从而形成原始的文化。Grizzly bears have not been considered particularly sociable in the past, but if others in Glacier Bay are seen combing themselves in this way that view might have to change.过去,人们并不认为灰熊具有明显的群居特征,但如果冰河湾有其他灰熊被发现使用这种方法梳理毛发,那上述观点就可能会被推翻。It might, though, be that Dr Deeckes preening animal is unique.不过,也有可能只是Deecke士看到的那只梳理毛发的熊比较特别罢了。That would suggest it came up with the idea of using rocks as combs by itself, rather than copying someone else—truly smarter than the average bear.那就意味着这只熊拿石头当梳子是自己的原创,并非模仿——果然是只特别聪明的熊。 /201307/246985

  You are teaching me how to Daugie.Just a little bit. a little bit.All right,all right. Lets get right to it.你刚教我跳道基舞 就一点点 一点点 好的 俺们切入正题吧cause you have a gift for me.What it is? I do.Well, you know, this is season 10.因为你为我准备了礼物 是什么 我准备了礼物 这是第十季And I decide to bring a gift from my foundation,the D12 Foundation, for you.我觉得从我的基金 D12基金里 拿出一部分作为你的礼物Wow, here you go.Wow ,thats amazing. Oh my god.Thats incredible.哇 就是这个 哇 太棒了 我的天哪 太好了Thank you so much, thank you.Oh,my god.非常感谢 感谢 我的老天This Gentle Barm,it needs this so badly right now.“温柔谷仓”正急需这笔钱Thank you so much.And I now have a gift for you. No way.Maybe,maybe.非常感谢 我也为你准备了礼物 不可能 也许吧I heard that youre absess with Lego.Dont tell,yes I am.Like you are absess with Lego, you love...我听说你对乐高玩具十分着迷 不要说 是的 就像你着迷与乐高玩具 你喜欢They are hared.They say they are for kids.But they are hard. they ,they are, like people.很难吧 有人说这是为小孩做的 但这个真的很难玩 的确The box says for ages from 5 to 8,but they are really for adults.玩具说明是给5到8岁孩子玩的 但实际上是成年人玩的Right,look,what you...Look,thats impressive.是的 快看 你在干嘛 快看 超级拉风Yeah,I did that,yeah ,yeah, I did that when I was, you know,for my back,I couldnt really do anything,so I just make Legos all day.是的 我做的 恩恩 那个是在我背部受伤时做的 我基本做不了事情 我每天就玩乐高玩具Mommy, you can play with Legos.妈妈 你可以玩乐高玩具If you are lying in bed,you can play with Legos.当你躺在床上的时候 你可以玩乐高玩具Alright, well, we told our friends in Legos that you love Lego.好的 我们告诉一个在乐高玩具工作的朋友你很喜欢乐高玩具So we get you something.After you my dear.All y,sir.我们为你准备了点东西 亲爱的 你先 先生 准备就绪 /201310/261277

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