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  • Black and blue含义:被暴打了一顿,脸上青一块紫一块。形容打架斗殴或是练拳擦掌的时候都能用得到。After Sam lost the wrestling match he was black and blue。山姆摔跤比赛结束后(脸上)青一块紫一块的。Black sheep of the family含义:一群白羊里面就你一只黑的,这种家族画风和别人明显不一样的就可以说“Black sheep of the family“——注意了,和我们传统意义上说的”鹤立鸡群“不一样,这个词组是带有贬义的。My sisters are so successful. One is a doctor, the other is an engineer but I#39;m the black sheep of the family. My parents hate me sometimes because I get pretty bad grades. :(我的都很成功:一个是医生,另一个是工程师,只有我是“坏了一锅汤的老鼠屎”——我的父母有时候真的很讨厌我,因为我成绩差的不行。Black tie event含义:至非常正式的活动或是宴会——男性常被要求西装革履,女性则是款款长裙。The Oscars is one of the world’s most famous black tie events。奥斯卡是全世界最出名的盛装场合。Out of the blue含义:出乎意料,所料不及。One day, out of the blue, she announced that she was leaving。有一天,她出人意料地宣布她要离开了。Catch someone red-handed含义:干坏事被人抓包了。Tom was stealing the car when the police drove by and caught him red-handed。汤姆正在偷车的时候被路过的警察抓个正着。To paint the town red含义:出去浪,参加派对浪浪浪~They were out painting the town red last night。昨晚他们都出去耍了~Roll out the red carpet含义:隆重欢迎热烈欢迎。这个俚语源自好莱坞。当明星盛装出场、走红毯被众生包围欢呼之时,生动形象的刻画了这个俚语。They were y to roll out the red carpet when they heard that a celeb was in their city until they realized he was not the real McCoy。听说名人来到他们所在的城市时,他们准备隆重欢迎一下的,结果发现来的不是本人。Green thumb含义:有园艺天赋。Jillian has quite a green thumb; look at her tomato patch!吉莉安很有园艺天赋;看看她的土豆地呀! /201508/391166
  • 【Editor】If you knew these things, you wouldn#39;t need a marriage counselor, would you? Those words comes from a few famous psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors of marrige and family counseling.【编辑语】如果你了解了以下内容, 就用不着婚姻咨询师了。以下是来自几位在婚姻家庭咨询方面非常著名的心理学者、专家的话。1) I love couples who fight in the waiting room. At least they still care about each other. If one or both of you seem indifferent, my job is a lot harder.我喜欢看到在客厅吵架的夫妻。起码这表示他们还在乎对方。如果其中一方或双方都对对方漠不关心,情况就更加棘手了。2) When you say your feelings ;just aren#39;t there anymore,; I know you#39;re probably cheating.如果你说,你已经对对方没有感觉了。我知道你很可能在说谎。3) Sometimes I#39;ll tell a couple ;no sex until the next session. Don#39;t touch each other, period.; What I#39;m really hoping is that they#39;ll fail and feel a sense of unity from their mutual rebellion.有时,我会告诉一对夫妻:;这个阶段就别同房,别碰对方了,就这样。;但其实我希望他们做不到,希望他们一起违背这个建议,拥有一种凝聚的感觉。4) It may make you feel better to talk about your marriage issues with a good friend, but it will just make things worse. Never talk to outsiders about things in your marriage that you haven#39;t aly talked about with your spouse.你可能觉得跟密友讨论婚姻问题会舒些。但是这只会使情况更糟。别跟局外人谈论你还没跟另一半谈论的事情。5) Yes, you should go to bed angry. If you try to resolve everything before you hit the sack, you#39;ll both be sleep-deprived and cranky the next day. Instead, get a good night#39;s sleep and talk once you#39;re rested.没错,你就该在生气的时候去睡觉。如果你想在睡觉前把所有问题都解决掉,第二天,你会因睡眠不足而变得脾气暴躁。所以,好好地睡一觉,醒来再讨论问题。6) I#39;ve seen couples I thought didn#39;t stand a chance end up staying together. Often it#39;s because they#39;re both willing to try. But sometimes it#39;s just that they are too dysfunctional to leave each other.通常有一种我认为婚姻不可能会长久的夫妻。通常是因为他们在;努力;去维持婚姻的长久。但是,他们生活得太不和谐了,最终还是分开了。7) The big thing most women don#39;t understand: Men are not mind ers. If you don#39;t tell him how you feel, he#39;s not going to know. The big thing most men don#39;t understand: If you hardly acknowledge your wife all day, she#39;s not going to want to get intimate with you at night.大多数女人都不明白的一个重要的事实:男人不会读心术。如果你不告诉他你心里在想什么,他是绝对不会知道的。大多数男人都不明白的是:如果你白天不搭理你妻子,就别想着晚上她来搭理你。8) If I ask you how long you#39;ve had problems and your answer is ;ten years,; you#39;re not going to change things in ten minutes or ten sessions.如果我问你,你们之间的问题已经存在多久了?你的回答是;十年;。那么你就别想着在10分钟或是10次就把问题解决掉。This insider info comes from psychologist Karen Sherman and from psychotherapist Wendy Allen, Ph.D., author of How to Survive the Crisis of an Affair.这些内部资料是由《如何解决婚姻危机》这本书的两位作者;;心理学家凯伦;谢尔曼士和温蒂;艾伦士;;提供的。Tips:Sixty-nine percent of all arguments between you and your partner will never be resolved. So don#39;t try so hard.你和另一半的所有矛盾中,有69%是永远无法解决的,所以,就别白费力气了。A couple that doesn#39;t fight is in trouble.从不吵架的夫妻必定存在大问题。Having a ;good enough; marriage is the most couples can expect and is actually quite an accomplishment.每对夫妇都希望能有一段;还不错;的婚姻,但这并不容易做到。Letting go is sometimes better than discussing everything to death.对于一些问题,放下有时比纠结更合适。Respect, not sex or money, is the most important factor in a happy marriage.幸福的婚姻重在尊重,而非性或是金钱。There are marital breaches worse than an affair.婚姻出现裂痕比婚外情更严重。 /201112/165451
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