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大冶市人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱武汉/哪家男科医院好武汉/尿路感染尿道炎 First there was a website that predicted when your parents would die; now there#39;s a watch that not only predicts when you will die, it also begins counting down.先是出现了一个能预测你双亲何时去世的网站;现在有一种手表,不仅能预测你将何时去世,而且开始了死亡倒计时。Users fill out a questionnaire about their medical history before subtracting their age from the overall results to get their death score. This score is entered into the Tikker and the countdown begins.使用者首先要填写一张疾病史的调查问卷,然后根据问卷的综合结果减去他们的现有年龄,就得到了他们的死亡倒计时数字。这一数字被输入到手表Tikker中,倒计时就开始了。Dubbed the #39;death watch#39;, Tikker has been created by Swedish inventor Fredrik Colting but far from being morbid, Colting calls it #39;The Happiness Watch#39; and claims it has been designed to help people make the most of their life and cherish the time they have left.Tikker又被称为“死亡手表”,是瑞士发明家弗里德里克·科尔廷发明的。科尔廷绝非出于病态的意图,他把这款手表称为“幸福手表”,并称他的设计意图是帮助人们更好的实现生活价值,珍惜所剩下的光阴。#39;Imagine someone told you that you only had one year left to live. How would that change your life? For all of us life comes with a best-before date,#39; said Colting.“想象一下如果有人告诉你,你的生命只剩下一年时间,你的生活会发生什么变化?对于我们所有人来说,生命都是一次前所未有的约会。” 科尔廷这样表示。#39;While death is non-negotiable, life isn’t. All we have to do is learn how to cherish the time and the life that we have been given; seize the day and follow our hearts.#39;“虽然死亡是不可避免的,生活方式却是可以选择的。我们所必须做的就是学习如何珍惜时间和我们被赐予的生命。把握今天,随心而行。”Colting came up with the idea when his grandfather passed away. To set up Tikker, the wearer fills out a questionnaire by entering information about their medical history.科尔廷是在祖父去世时产生了发明此物的念头。佩戴Tikker的人只需填写一份关于疾病史信息的调查问卷,就可以启动手表。They are also asked whether they drink or smoke and if there are any instances of cancer, diabetes and other diseases in their family.问卷还会问及佩戴者是否酗酒,抽烟,有无癌症,糖尿病等家族病史。We arers are additionally asked about how much exercise they do, as well as how much they weigh before receiving a score.同时佩戴者们还会被问及他们是否锻炼身体,在得出死亡倒计时数字之前体重多少。Their age is then deducted from the results to predict a death date, and the Tikker begins the countdown.然后从结果中减去他们现有的年龄,Tikker就开始倒计时了。 /201408/317566孝感中心医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

武汉/阴囊附近长肉疙瘩 可以掐下来For many of us, it is the rocket fuel that gets us going first thing in the morning.对我们许多人来说,早起第一件事就喝咖啡则如同火箭燃料一般,能让我们清醒起来动起来。But one expert has argued that to get the maximum effect of caffeine, it#39;s better to hold on a few hours - because coffee is most effective if consumed between 9.30am and 11.30am.但是有专家认为,要想获得咖啡因的最佳效果还得再等上些许时间。因为在上午9:30-11:30这个时间段喝咖啡才是最有效的。Steven Miller, a neuroscientist from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Maryland, says it is best to drink coffee when the body’s levels of the hormone cortisol are low because caffeine interacts with the hormone.马里兰州健康科学统一务大学的神经学家史蒂芬·米勒认为,最好在身体中的荷尔蒙皮质醇水平偏低时喝咖啡,因为这时咖啡因和荷尔蒙相互作用。He explained that people who drink coffee when their cortisol levels are high –namely, between 8am and 9am –develop a tolerance to caffeine, meaning it becomes less effective.他解释道,当人们在上午8-9点中皮质醇水平较高时喝咖啡,身体对咖啡因有耐受性,并不是很有效。Cortisol controls the body clock and causes people to feel wide awake, The Telegraph reports. The body’s levels of the hormone are usually high just after a person wakes up but start to fall about an hour afterwards.据《每日电讯报》报道,皮质醇控制人体生物钟,让人们感觉很清醒。人体内的激素水平在刚刚睡醒后通常较高,但大约一小时后便开始下降。Mr Miller argues that it is during this drop in cortisol levels that people get the most benefit from the caffeine in coffee –it gives them a boost as it encourages cortisol production when their cortisol levels start to drop and they do not become resistant to its benefits.米勒先生认为,正是因为这种皮质醇水平下降,人们从咖啡中所含的咖啡因获得了最大益处——因可以振奋精神,在皮质醇激素下降时刺激皮质醇产生,而且人体对咖啡因的吸收不会受到皮质醇的抵制。He explained that cortisol levels also peak at lunchtime and between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, meaning that these would also not be good times to drink coffee.他解释道,皮质醇水平在中午以及下午5:30-6:30之间达到峰值,这也就意味着这两个时间段也不是喝咖啡的最佳时间。Writing on his blog he said: ‘If we are drinking caffeine at a time when your cortisol concentration in the blood is at its peak, you probably should not be drinking it.他在客中写道:“如果当我们的皮质醇浓度在血液中达到高峰时喝了咖啡,那么你可能不应该在这个时候喝咖啡了。‘This is because cortisol production is strongly related to your level of alertness and cortisol peaks for your 24 hour rhythm between 8 and 9am on average.“这是因为皮质醇激素的生产与人的警醒度紧密相关,在一天24小时的生物钟里,早上8-9点皮质醇达到顶峰。”He added that people who drink a coffee first thing in the morning, when their cortisol levels are naturally high, will soon find themselves needing to make their coffee stronger and stronger to get the desired effect.他补充道,人们早起第一件事就是喝咖啡,他们的皮质醇水平自然就高了,很快他们就会发现自己需要喝咖啡来达到所需的效果。However, he did accept that cortisol levels at different times of day vary from person to person meaning that the best time of day to drink a coffee also differs between people.不过,他确实赞同每个人在一天中的不同时间段所接受的皮质醇水平因人而异这个说法,即每天喝咖啡的最佳时间也因人而异。For example, people who get up very early may find their cortisol levels drop earlier than those of people who get up late.例如,起的很早的人可能会发现他们的皮质醇水平比那些起的晚的人的皮质醇水平下降的早。He says it helps turn energy into sugar to be utilised by cells in the body and that it also plays a role in controlling the body clock.他说,这有助于利用体内细胞把能量转化成糖,并且对控制人体生物钟也起作用。 /201311/266006武汉/中南医院看男科好吗 武汉/治疗慢性前列腺肥大医院

武汉/哪个医院切包皮好 NICK FURY ENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Artist’s Edition《神盾局的尼克·弗里:艺术家版本》(Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Artist’s Edition)By Jim Steranko#8232;吉姆·斯特兰科(Jim Steranko)著。184 pages. IDW and Marvel. 0.184页。IDW和漫威漫画公司(IDW and Marvel)。150美元。“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on A is a diverting thriller, and Samuel L. Jackson epitomizes 21st-century cool as Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, but to experience the most raw and primal take on Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s necessary to go back to the late 1960s and Jim Steranko’s reinvention of these sleek characters. Which is exactly what this book does, reprinting S.H.I.E.L.D. stories from Strange Tales Nos. 151 to 162 in their full-size, black-and-white glory from the original art.A频道的《神盾局特工》(Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)是一部有趣的惊悚片,塞缪尔·L·杰克逊(Samuel L. Jackson)在漫威电影中饰演尼克·弗里,是这个角色在21世纪的超酷缩影,但是要想感受原汁原味的弗里和神盾局,还是要回到20世纪60年代末,看看吉姆·斯特兰科对这些精人物的重新阐释。这本书正好满足你的需要,它重印了《奇怪故事》(Strange Tales)第151至162集的神盾局故事,采用最初版本的尺寸和黑白色。Mr. Steranko transformed the grizzled Sgt. Nick Fury from World War II afterthought to postmodern spy, with stylish nods to Expressionism, Surrealism, Op Art and Pop Art. In these hyperkinetic, over-the-top comics, it’s psychedelia that wins the Cold War.斯特兰科把“二战”后头发斑白的尼克·弗里中士变成了后现代侦探,风格上向表现主义、超现实主义、欧普艺术和波普艺术致敬。在这些非常活跃、十分夸张的漫画中,赢得“冷战”靠的是致幻剂。EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS’ TARZAN #8232;The Sunday Comics: 1933-1935#8232;《埃德加·赖斯·伯勒斯的人猿泰山——星期天漫画:1933-1935》(Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan—The Sunday Comics: 1933-1935)By Hal Foster#8232;哈尔·福斯特(Hal Foster)著。104 pages. Dark Horse Comics. 5.104页。黑马漫画出版社(Dark Horse Comics)。125美元。In these luxuriant, oversize pages, Tarzan slashes at thrashing sharks, grapples with humongous crocodiles and makes fierce lions mewl. There’s enough animal humiliation here to prompt the World Wildlife Fund to place a bounty on him. As supple and powerful as a panther, Tarzan has been drawn by many fine artists, including Burne Hogarth, Russ Manning and Joe Kubert. But the very best was Hal Foster (1892-1982), who later created Prince Valiant.在这些豪华的超大页面上,人猿泰山猛击凶猛的鲨鱼,和庞大的鳄鱼较量,让凶猛的狮子低泣。为了让世界野生动物基金会给他奖赏,这本书对动物们的侮辱真是够了。人猿泰山像黑豹一样矫捷强大,很多优秀艺术家都描绘过他,包括伯恩·霍格思(Burne Hogarth)、鲁斯·曼宁(Russ Manning)和乔·库伯特(Joe Kubert)。但最好的是哈尔·福斯特(1892-1982),他后来又创作了《豪迈王子》(Prince Valiant)。This book, the second in a series, showcases Foster’s work in testosterone-suffused confections like “The Egyptian Saga” and “Tarzan and the Lost Vikings.” And when our hero in the leopard-skin loincloth isn’t shaming rogue gorillas, he even bests a few knavish humans.这本书是这个系列的第二本,以《埃及传说》(The Egyptian Saga)和《人猿泰山与迷失的北欧海盗》(Tarzan and the Lost Vikings)等充满睾丸素的有趣故事展现福斯特的作品。我们的英雄穿着豹皮腰布,没有令凶猛的大猩猩蒙羞,他甚至击败了一些狡诈的人类。THE INCAL《印加石》(The Incal)#8232;By Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky莫比厄斯和亚历杭德罗·尤杜洛斯基(Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky)著。#8232;313 pages. Humanoids. .95.313页。类人出版社(Humanoids)。44.95美元。This reissue of “The Incal” is a galactic blast of French savoir-faire. It collects the first cycle of “Incal” stories from the 1980s, in which the influential French artist Moebius and the Chilean-French writer and filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky introduced their dystopian Incal-verse well before dystopias were cool.《印加石》的重新发行是法式才华的大爆发。它收集了20世纪80年代的第一批“印加石”故事,有影响力的法国艺术家莫比厄斯和智利法国作家、电影制作人亚历杭德罗·尤杜洛斯基在反乌托邦远未流行时就推出了他们的反乌托邦印加石诗文。The nominal hero in this broad satire of sex, politics and religion is John Difool, a shlubby PI who always manages to get in way, way over his head. Mr. Jodorowsky’s headlong futuristic romp entertains, but it is the art of Moebius (born Jean Giraud, 1938-2012) that shines. Moebius goes “Space Odyssey” cosmic and slapstick comic with equal ease — and each page is a lesson in design and craft.这部漫画是对性、政治和宗教的广泛讽刺,其中有名无实的英雄是蹩脚的约翰·迪福(John Difool),他总是想插手,做远超自己能力的事。尤杜洛斯基横冲直撞的未来主义嬉闹场面很有意思,但是真正大放光的是莫比厄斯(原名让·吉劳德[Jean Giraud],1938-2012)的艺术。不管是宏大的《太空漫游》(Space Odyssey)漫画还是低俗漫画,莫比厄斯都能轻松驾驭,每一页都是设计和手工艺的典范。BATMAN UNWRAPPED#8232; The Court of Owls#8232;《蝙蝠侠现身:猫头鹰法庭》(Batman Unwrapped: The Court of Owls)By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo#8232;斯科特·斯奈德(Scott Snyder)和格雷格·凯普罗(Greg Capullo)著。264 pages. DC Comics. .99.264页。DC漫画。39.99美元。Batman’s noir essence just begs for him to be draped in black and white. There have been four volumes of the “Batman: Black and White” series, Frank Miller’s classic “The Dark Knight Returns” will appear uncolored in May, and this book is the third “Unwrapped” entry, reprinting Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s reboot of Batman from Mr. Capullo’s stark pencils.蝙蝠侠的黑暗本质使得他只能穿黑白装。《蝙蝠侠:黑白》(Batman: Black and White)系列共有四册,弗兰克·米勒(Frank Miller)的经典之作《黑暗骑士归来》(The Dark Knight Returns)的黑白版明年5月份将出版。这本书是《蝙蝠侠现身》系列的第三本,重新激活了凯普罗朴实铅笔画中的蝙蝠侠。His art in the raw is all texture, crosshatch and purposeful smudge, capturing the grit of Gotham City, reveling in the inky folds of Bats’s cape. And Mr. Capullo’s waltz of light and shadow is just right for Batman’s visceral intensity. Drawings like these make the kid in me want to grab a No. 2 pencil and start scrawling.他的艺术天然质朴,质感丰富,用交叉线画出阴影,有意加上污点,反映哥谭市的粗犷,纵情绘出蝙蝠披肩的漆黑褶皱。凯普罗的光影华尔兹恰好能表现出蝙蝠侠发自内心的。这些图画让我童心大发,想抓起2号铅笔,开始涂鸦。HEROES OF THE COMICS#8232;《漫画英雄们》(Heroes of The Comics)By Drew Friedman#8232;德鲁·弗里德曼(Drew Friedman)著。184 pages. Fantagraphics Books. .99.184页。幻图出版社(Fantagraphics Books)。34.99美元。“From as early as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to comic books,” Drew Friedman writes in his introduction. “The plots, the panels, the word balloons.” And, he adds, “even the smell of them. Especially old comic books, worn, yellowed, crackling with age.” And his “Heroes of the Comics” is an illustrated love letter to the men and women who filled his childhood with joy and wonder. The book features Mr. Friedman’s poignant portraits and insightful mini-bios of more than 80 comic book pioneers, including Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Will Elder and John Severin, Basil Wolverton, Ramona Fradon, above, and Steve Ditko. Four-color heroes all.“从我记事起,我就很喜欢漫画书,”德鲁·弗里德曼在前言中写道,“喜欢它们的情节、画面和对话气泡。”他补充说,“甚至包括它们的味道。特别是旧漫画书,破旧发黄,纸张变脆,翻起来劈啪作响。”他的《漫画英雄们》是一封图画情书,献给让他的童年充满欢乐和神奇的男女们。这本书包括弗里德曼对80多位漫画书先驱们的深刻描绘和有洞察力的小传,包括乔·西蒙(Joe Simon)和杰克·科比(Jack kirby)、威尔·埃尔德(Will Elder)和约翰·塞韦林(John Severin)、巴兹尔·沃尔弗顿(Basil Wolverton)、拉蒙纳·弗拉东(Ramona Fradon,上图)和史蒂夫·迪特科(Steve Ditko)。 /201410/339245武汉/治疗前列腺要多少钱武汉/前列腺炎买什么药吃



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