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Leo狮子座 (7月23日~8月23日)Leo is Fire to the core! Fire brings a desire to create, innovate, and lead.狮子座是火相星座的中心。火引发了创造,革新和领导的欲望。TIPS: Your fixed motivation adds self-reliance. But remember to balance self-confidence with humility.学习相 你对目标的坚定不移使你自信。但是记住自信也需要谦虚来平衡。 /201210/205452。

Leo狮子座 (7月23日~8月23日)Leo is Fire to the core! Fire brings a desire to create, innovate, and lead.狮子座是火相星座的中心。火引发了创造,革新和领导的欲望。TIPS: Your fixed motivation adds self-reliance. But remember to balance self-confidence with humility.学习相 你对目标的坚定不移使你自信。但是记住自信也需要谦虚来平衡。 /201210/205452。

Leave it to Dad to devise a way to style the perfect ponytail in less than five seconds.交给老爸一个任务:在不到5秒的时间里给女儿扎个完美的马尾辫。In a recently posted Youtube , a father puts his daughter#39;s hair into a ponytail with the help of a vacuum cleaner.近期发布的一个Youtube视频中,这位老爸用吸尘器帮女儿扎了个马尾辫。The dad#39;s vacuum technique also made a splash on social news site Reddit this week. Some users even wrote in that they wished their fathers had thought of this vacuum technique.这位老爸的吸尘器扎头发手艺本周也在社交新闻网站红迪网上引起了热议。有一些用户甚至写到:要是他们自己的老爸当年有想到过这门手艺就好了。;It just occurred to me that the reason I never went to school with brushed hair as a kid was because my dad used to get me y in the morning,; wrote one Redditor. ;I thought it was perfectly normal to have crazy, tangled hair... On the bright side, he always made sure I ate breakfast!;一位用户这样写到:“我突然想到,我在读书的时候基本没有梳好头发去上学过,就因为早上是老爸帮我准备打理的。我还以为那种乱成一团的头发很正常呢!不过从好的方面来说,好在我老爸还记得让我吃早餐。”However, other users weren#39;t completely sold on the idea of using a vacuum to style hair.不过也有其他的用户完全不赞成这个用吸尘器打理头发的想法。;In theory this is a good idea for dads, but speaking as one with a daughter I don#39;t think it would work well in practice. I wouldn#39;t have a clue where to look for the vacuum cleaner,; wrote another Reddit user.另一位用户写道:“从理论上来讲对爸爸们来说的确是个好办法,但我自己也有女儿,我就不觉得在现实生活中会很好操作。比方说我就完全不知道吸尘器在哪儿。”While it#39;s not the first time we#39;ve seen a busy dad use a vacuum to make a ponytail, it may be the fastest use of the quick hairdo technique yet.这已经不是第一次我们见到有老爸用吸尘器帮女儿扎头发了,所以也许这真的是最快的发型技术了。 /201301/221578。

You don#39;t want to mess with this kid.你肯定不想找这个孩子的麻烦。A 12-year-old South Carolina boy is receiving some well-deserved praise after saving his neighborhood from an alligator on the loose, Fox News Insider reported.福克斯新闻报道,南卡罗莱纳州一12岁男童帮助邻居从一只无人看管的短吻鳄口下逃生,并因此得到了当之无愧的嘉奖。The boy, Joey Maffo, took matters into his own hands in what can only be described as the world#39;s most most epic beatdown of a reptilian foe when his neighborhood in Hilton Head was in trouble.小男孩名叫乔伊·马福,住在希尔顿黑德岛。当他的邻居受到鳄鱼攻击时,马福的英勇行为可谓是“全球人鳄抗争史上最具史诗色的胜利”。Like a superhero descending from the skies, Maffo took on the villainous gator after his neighbor, 50-year-old Tamra Shattuck, was attacked while walking her two dogs Wednesday and got a nasty bite on her foot, Island Packet news reported.据Island Packet 新闻报道,上周三50岁的塔姆拉·夏塔克带着两条外出散步时遭到鳄鱼攻击,脚部被严重咬伤。之后马福犹如神兵天降,就此盯上了这只作恶多端的鳄鱼。Investi-gator Maffo needed only a day -- and the help of his grandpa, Joe Maffo -- to track down the attacker. Four hours after finding its lagoon lair, Joey wrangled in the 8-foot-long, 180-pound critter.在爷爷乔·马福的帮助下,鳄鱼小猎人马福只花了一天时间就查明了鳄鱼行踪。发现鳄鱼潭边洞穴仅4小时后,小乔伊便和这只8英尺长(约2.4米)、180磅的鳄鱼纠缠扭打起来。fight it and hold it until it got to 16 feet out where I could reach it,; 68-year-old Joe Maffo told A News. ;I stood at the edge of the water and reached out with a pole and put it around its neck and pulled it up to shore, and then he pulled the rope tight. I got on the gator and he came over and taped it.;68岁的乔·马福告诉美国广播公司新闻网:“我走了过去,但让小乔伊一人和鳄鱼搏斗并设法控制住它,等它离我16英尺远时,我站在水边用棍子勾住鳄鱼脖子,把它拉上了岸,之后小乔伊把绳子绑紧。我坐在鳄鱼身上,他就拿胶带缠住鳄鱼。”South Carolina law dictates that the alligator must be killed, according to A.美国广播新闻还报道,根据南卡罗莱纳法律,这只被捕获鳄鱼必须被处死。Wrangling gators is a time-honored right of passage for southern boys, like 10-year-old Michael Dasher, who wrestled and wrangled a 6-foot gator in Florida in 2011.对美国南部的男孩来说,抓捕鳄鱼是他们成长过程中一项经久不衰的传统特权。2011年,福罗里达州一个10岁男孩迈克尔·达史尔就曾和一只6英尺长的鳄鱼摔跤搏斗。 /201308/253173。

1. Don’t make excuses1. 不要找借口Sometimes you might find yourself in the midst of an unfair situation. In such a situation, it’s easy to make excuses and most people do. But winners are different. They don’t make excuses or blame the situation. Instead, they focus on what they can do to get the most out of it.有时候你会发现自己受到不公正待遇。在这种情况下,一般都会很容易找到借口而且大多数人也是这么做的。但是成功者不一样。他们不会寻找理由或责怪形势。相反,他们会集中精力在糟糕的环境下获得最好结果。2. Be comfortable being uncomfortable2. 对挑战随遇而安Like it or not, growing in life often means moving out of your comfort zone. Why? Because in order to grow you need to expand your personal capacity and that requires you to take on new challenges. For that reason, you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Only then can you do the things that are necessary for your personal growth.无论喜不喜欢,获得成长经常需要你走出舒适区。为什么呢?因为成长需要你拓宽潜在能力,那就意味着要承担新挑战。因为这样,你需要对挑战随遇而安,只有这样才能让你完成提升能力的事。3. Have a strong desire to perform and excel3. 尽全力表现,追求卓越For the winners, simply meeting the standard is not enough. Their goal is exceptional performance. Whatever it is you are doing, strive to become the best that you can be.对成功者来说,达到标准并不够。他们的目标是有出类拔萃的表现。不管你在做什么,都努力发挥到最好。4. Focus; one step at a time4. 专一;一次一步To get things done, you need focus. But it’s difficult to do that if you look at the whole thing. So you should instead focus on just the current small step that you are in.完成事情需要专心。但是当你纵观全局时往往很难做到这一点。所以你应该只关注手头上正在做的事情。5. Don’t dwell on past mistakes5. 不要沉浸在过去的错误中Winners make mistakes just like other people, but what makes them different is their attitude toward mistakes. They don’t dwell on them nor let them hinder their actions. Instead, they learn their lessons, block the negative thoughts, and move on.成功者也和其他人一样犯错误,但对待错误的态度和他们不同。他们不会迷失其中或让错误阻碍他们的行动。相反的是,他们从错误中学习,排除消极想法,并继续向前。6. Know your window of opportunity6. 审时度势,认清机会Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, you should be aware of its window of opportunity. Something that looks promising today might become worthless a few months from now. By knowing the window of opportunity, you can use your resources wisely.不管你想达成什么目标,你应该认清机会在哪里。今天看上去有前途的事情几个月后或许一文不值。当知道机会在哪里时,你可以更明智的利用资源。7. Adapt7. 适应环境The world is changing and changing fast. So if you want to thrive, you must be able to adapt. Some people insist on doing things the old way, but winners know that they need to change. They are willing to adopt a new way of doing things.世界正在飞速变化,所以如果你想闯出一片天,你要学会适应环境。有些人坚持用旧方法处理事物,但是成功者知道他们需要改变。他们会用新方法做事。8. Be humble8. 谦虚Many people want to take credit for themselves, but winners know that they can’t achieve things by themselves. They also realize that there are others out there who can do what they do. So instead of bragging about their achievements, they stay humble.很多人想往自己脸上贴金,但是成功者知道他们只靠自己是完不成事情的。他们明白很多人也能胜任他们的工作,所以会很谦虚,而不是夸耀他们的成就。9. Master throttle control9. 把握事情节奏Winners know when to wait and when to act. When they need to wait, they wait patiently. When they need to act, they act decisively. They know how to the situation.成功者知道何时等待和行动。当需要等时机时,他们会耐心等待。当需要行动时,他们毫不犹豫。他们知道如何判断时机好坏。10. Prepare for contingencies10. 准备好应对偶发事件Winners prepare themselves for bad situations. They know that things could go wrong so they prepare themselves beforehand. Do you have a plan B for your career? Have you built an emergency fund? Good preparation helps you recover quickly when things go wrong.成功者会为坏情况做打算。他们知道事情可能会变糟糕,所以会提前准备。你对自己的职业生涯有备选计划吗?你有紧急调用资金吗?充分的准备会帮助你在不利的情况下迅速恢复元气。 /201212/217546。

Too many people say that they do not have enough time in their day to get their stuff done. Yet, they let their time slip by bit-by-bit. Minute-by-minute.很多人都说他们在一天里没有足够的时间去完成一些事情。然而,他们却在不知不觉中让时间一分一秒的流逝。For many people, it is this “in-between” time that becomes a major source of lost productivity.对很多人来说,这就是造成效率下降的一个主要原因——零碎时间没有利用好。Let’s not underestimate what we can get done in just 10 minutes. These little bursts of productivity can drive your whole day.我们不要小看短短的10分钟可以完成的事情,完成这些小事可以提高你整天的工作效率。So, here are 10 things you can do with those 10 minutes:所以这里给大家列出了在10分钟内可以做的10件事情:Respond to 10 emails 回复10封邮件Keep it short, and remember that not all email messages deserve a response. 10? Yes, and be ruthless with that inbox.回复要简单一些,记住并不是所有的邮件都需要回复。10封?是的,对于收件箱内的邮件要知道取舍。Respond to 3 phone calls回复3个电话Return that call. Reach out to that colleague that you need to meet up with. And schedule that doctor’s appointment that you have been putting off for 6 months.要回复电话,给那个需要见面的同事回个电话。并且要安排好已经推迟了6个月的与医生的会面。Pay some bills online在线付账单In just a few minutes, you can pay your bills with online billpay. You’re not still dealing with paper bills, are you?只需要几分钟,你就可以在网上完成付款。你不会一直还在处理纸质账单吧?Catch up with a co-worker和同事聊聊天10 minutes early to that meeting? This can be one of the best times to have a meaningful conversation with another colleague. Re-connect with someone. At a recent meeting I had the chance to reconnect with one of our executives. Someone who I might not normally have a chance to chat with on a personal level.会议开始之前还有10分钟?这可能是你和同事展开一个有意义的会话最佳的时间段了,可以重新和一些人取得联系。在最近的一次会议上我就有机会重新联系上了我的一位主管。他是那种我一般私下不会有机会能与之攀谈的人。Read 10 pages in a book读十页书Whether it is in the doctor’s office or the car dealership, use that time to a few pages. Some people carry a book with them for these moments. Personally, with my iPhone or iPad, I always have books at my fingertips to keep me occupied.不管是在医生的办公室还是在汽车专营店,用这点时间来读几页书。有些人会随身带一本书来利用这段时间。就我个人而言,我会把书籍下载到我的iphone或者ipad里面,随时充实自己。Write写点什么You will be surprised how much you can write in 10 minutes. Write a memo. Start a blog post. Whatever you need to get done.你可能会疑惑,这十分钟能写什么啊。写一下备忘录。写点客。任何你想写的东西都可以。Prepare准备Get y for a future appointment. Look at tomorrow’s calendar. Is there any prep work you need to do? It could be as simple as getting some documents together or researching a topic.为一会要来的约会做准备。看下明天的日历表,有没有什么需要你准备做的事情吗?有可能会是像把一些文件准备到一起,或者准备研究一个话题这样简单的事情。Reflect反思Spend the few moments, reflecting on your day. What you have accomplished? What has made you happy today? What you still need to address?花几分钟来反思一下这一天。你完成了什么?什么事情让你今天很开心?还有什么事情需要你处理?Reach Out amp; Touch Someone走出去和某人说说话In these days of email, Twitter, text msgs, and more… it has become increasingly rare to actually communicate in person. When I find I have a 10 minute block of time to spare, I will walk down the hall and speak to someone face-to-face that I normally would not see.在今天,邮件、推特、短信还有更多和人联系的方式,人们缺乏与别人面对面的交流。当我发现我还有10分钟的时间时,我会在大厅里走走,和一些我平时不怎么碰面的人面对面交流。Do Nothing什么也不做Of course, you could just waste the 10 minutes surfing the net or checking the news. Unfortunately, too many people choose this last option.当然,你也可以完全用上网和刷新闻来打发时间。不幸的是很多人都选择了这样做。What do you do with your 10 minutes? Or do you let them slip by?你在这10分钟内会做什么呢?还是让时间从你指尖溜走? /201301/222679。

A new dorm rule was announced.新宿舍规范出台了。“The female dormitory will be out-of-bounds for all male students, so too the male dormitory to the female students.“女生宿舍将全面谢绝男生的光顾,男生宿舍也同样不得进入女生。”;Anybody caught breaking this rule will be fined the first time.;;不论是谁,一旦违规,初犯将被罚款20美元。”;Anybody caught breaking this rule the second time will be fined .;;第二次违规者要被罚款60美元。;;Being caught a third time will incur a hefty fine of 0. Are there any questions?;第三次被抓住需要交180美元的罚款。还有什么疑问没有?”;At this, a male student in the crowd inquires, “Er... How much for a season pass?;;这时人群中一个男同学问讯道,“那么一个季度通行需要多少钱?” /201303/227703。