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新英语900句视频版 第10课:山本先生的果菜商店 听力文本如下:JIM: Grandfather, don#39;t lift that. Let me help you.爷爷, 别提那个, 让我帮你忙.MR. YAMAMOT: Thank you, but...谢谢, 但...JIM: You have a bad back.你的背脊骨不好.MR. YAMAMOT: I am old, but I#39;m not helpless.我年纪大了, 可是还挺得住.JIM: OK, Grandfather. Can I help you?好吧, 爷爷. 能为您效劳吗?CUSTOMER 1: Do you have any lettuce?有没有莴苣?JIM: Yes, sir. Over there, in the second case.有的, 先生, 在那边, 第二个框.CUSTOMER 1: How much is it?怎么卖?JIM: Seventy-nine cents a head.一棵七毛九.CUSTOMER 2: Excuse me. How much are the grapes?请问葡萄怎么卖?JIM: Ninety-nine cents a pound.一磅九毛九.CUSTOMER 2: And the oranges?橙子呢?JIM: They#39;re five for a dollar.一块钱五个.JIM: Can I help you?买什么?CUSTOMER 1: Please. I can#39;t find the lettuce.麻烦你一下, 我找不到莴苣.JIM: Isn#39;t there any in the second case?第二个箱子里没有吗?CUSTOMER 1: I don#39;t think so.好像没有.JIM: We don#39;t have a lot of lettuce today. How much do you need?我们今天没有很多莴苣, 您需要多少?CUSTOMER 1: Not much. Only one head. Oh, and a few limes.不多, 一棵就够了. 对了, 还要几个酸橙.JIM: The limes are over there.酸橙在那边.CUSTOMERR 1: There aren#39;t many there.那边没有几个.JIM: Oh? How many do you need?哦? 您要几个?CUSTOMER 1: Oh, four or five.大概四五个.MR. YAMAMOT: Is anything wrong?有什么问题吗?CUSTOMER 1: Oh, hello, MR. YAMAMOT:o.噢, 山本先生, 您好.MR. YAMAMOT: You know my name?你知道我的名字啊?CUSTOMER 1: Of course. Your market is famous.当然, 您的店很有名.MR. YAMAMOT: Is it?是吗?CUSTOMER 1: There#39;s an article about it in the paper. Here, look. ;GOING TO THE FAIR? FIRST STOP: YAMAMOTO#39;S FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET.;报纸上有一篇文章讲它. 来, 你看: ;打算到览会去吗? 第一站: 山本果菜店.;JIM: May I buy the newspaper from you?我能向你买这份报纸吗?CUSTOMER 1: No, take it, please. Here.不用, 你拿去好了, 不要客气. 来.JIM: Thank you. Now the lettuce. Here. There was a head in the case with the cabbage.谢谢. 现在找找莴苣看, 有了, 箱子里有一棵和洋白菜放在一起.CUSTOMER 1: How much is it?多少钱一棵?JIM: Seventy-nine cents.七毛九分.MR. YAMAMOT: No. Give it to him for forty cents. It#39;s the last head.不必那么多, 算它四毛好了, 那是最後一棵.CUSTOMER 1: Thank you, MR. YAMAMOT:o. Good-bye.谢谢您, 山本先生, 再见.MR. YAMAMOT: Good-bye.再见.JIM: OK. Who#39;s next? Whose oranges are these?好的, 下一位是谁? 这些是谁要的橙子?CUSTOMER 2: They#39;re mine.是我要的.JIM: And the potatoes?马铃薯呢?CUSTOMER 2: Hers.是她的..99, please.一共是一元九毛九分.ALI: Hello, ice cream man.您好, 卖冰淇淋的.BILL: Hello, Ali. Are you alone?阿里,你好, 你一个人啊?ALI: Yes.是的.BILL: Where are your parents?你父母在哪里?ALI: I don#39;t know.我不知道.BILL: Really? Uh... Ali...真的? 阿里, 这个...ALI: May I have an ice cream sandwich, please?我可不可以吃一个冰淇淋三明治? 可不可以?BILL: Sure, Ali. Why don#39;t you sit down and talk to me? 当然可以. 你为什么不坐下来跟我聊聊天?ALI: OK. Here#39;s thirty-five cents.好. 给您三毛五分钱.BILL: Whose money is that?那是谁的钱?ALI: It#39;s mine.是我的.BILL: It#39;s yours? You#39;re a rich young man!是你的? 你这个年轻人很有钱.ALI: Yes.对啊!BILL: I like your jacket, Ali.阿里, 我很喜欢你的外套.ALI: I don#39;t. It#39;s my brother#39;s.我不喜欢, 是我哥哥的.BILL: Don#39;t you like your brother?你不喜欢你哥哥吗?ALI: No. My father and mother like my brother. He#39;s always good. I don#39;t like him.嗯, 我爸爸妈妈都喜欢哥哥. 他总是很乖, 我不喜欢他.BILL: I like you, Ali.阿里,我喜欢你.ALI: May I come home with you?我可不可以和您回家?BILL: Look! Isn#39;t that your mother? She#39;s crying, Ali.看! 那不是你的妈妈吗? 阿里, 她正在喊你.ALI: Mommy! Mommy! Here I am!妈! 妈! 我在这里! /200808/46973。

  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431418。
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/476022。
  • In or out of the European Union?留欧还是脱欧?The question on the ballot paper was simple, but the divisions exposed by last year#39;s referendum cut far deeper.选票上的问题很简单,但去年公投所暴露的分歧却进一步加深了。One of the best predictors of how you voted in the referendum was what values you hold,全民公投中,你如何投票的的最佳预测指标之一,是你所持有的价值观,whether you’re a social liberal or a social conservative.无论你是社会自由民主党还是保守党。One of the best predictors of a vote for Brexit was whether you believed in the death penalty or not.是否投票持脱离欧盟的最佳预测指标之一,是你是否相信和赞同死刑。And that#39;s very American, I mean, values didn’t really figure in our politics up to now.这一点特别美国化。我的意思是,到现在为止,我们的价值观并没有真正体现在政治立场上。Britain’s general election earlier this month underlined the country’s political realignment.本月初举行的英国大选凸显了其政治格局的调整与改变。The ancient city of Canterbury had been a stronghold of the ruling Conservative party since 1918自1918年起,坎特伯雷古城一直是执政党保守党的传统选区,but fell to socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, the primary reason? Revenge for Brexit.但杰里米·科尔宾领导的工党最后赢得了这一选区。这其中的主要原因是什么呢?对脱欧采取的一种报复方式。Brexit has played an enormous role here.脱欧发挥了巨大的作用。I think young people who, for the most part voted to remain and then saw to their astonishment that, you know,我认为,大多数投票希望英国留在欧盟的年轻人真的很失望,尤其让他们感到惊讶的是,the rest of the ed Kingdom and indeed Kent, you know, voted to leave, were genuinely disappointed.英国其他地区,包括肯特郡的选民投票脱离欧盟。Brexit was widely seen as part of 2016’s populist surge that swept Donald Trump to power in the ed States.英国脱欧被广泛认为是2016年民粹主义浪潮的一部分,这也使得唐纳德·特朗普在美国掌权。In calling this month’s election, British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to have mis that surge.在本月的选举中,英国首相特蕾莎·梅似乎误读了这一浪潮。The parties are struggling to align themselves with how the British people vote or feel about issues.各党派正在努力使自身与英国民众的投票立场或看待问题的感受一致。Are we seeing a move toward a more values-based political system? Yes, to some extent, just like in the ed States.我们是在朝着建立在价值观基础上的政治制度迈进吗?在某种程度上,是的,这和美国很像。And we’re seeing that all over the democratic world as well, to varying degrees.”而且我们在不同程度上,可以看到在整个民主化的世界也是这样。”Even as traditional party loyalties break down, support for the two established parties,虽然英国民众对传统党派的持减弱,但人们对两大老牌政党,Conservatives and Labour — hit 82 percent, the highest since 1970.保守党和工党的持率仍高达百分之八十二,这是自1970年以来的最高纪录。Compare that to France where the two traditional parties,而在法国,两大传统政党,the Republicans and Socialists, were heavily defeated by centrist newcomer Emmanuel Macron.共和党和社会党双双溃败,最终,中间派候选人埃马纽埃尔·马克龙后来居上,赢得法国大选。Henry Ridgwell, for VOA News, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。 Article/201707/516806。
  • We#39;re fucking fancy.我们真是怪。It#39;s not that you can#39;t, it#39;s that you#39;re not willing to give up dumb shit for a better life.不是你做不到,而是你不愿意放弃垃圾去追求更好的生活。You#39;re not willing to go backwards.你不愿意走回头路。You#39;re not willing to make yourself dramatically happier,你不愿意让自己更快乐,to move out of your home and downsize and go into a different neighborhood.你不愿意搬家、裁员、进入不同的环境。You#39;re not willing to go backwards. That to me is fascinating.你不愿意走回头路。这对我来说很有趣。The fact that things, whether home, car, watch, clothes, going out,事实上,所有的东西包括住宅、汽车、手表、衣、旅行,is holding people back from a substantially happier life, is fascinating to me都在阻碍人们获取更幸福的生活,这个事实很有趣。And something that we need to debate.这些也是我们需要讨论的问题。Because at the end of the day, that one at-bat is all we got.因为一天结束时,一次上场就是我们的所有收获。And so if I can absolutely push you one tangible item,所以如果我能给你们列出具体的一点,I see some people have pads and pens, and I#39;m fascinated by that.我看到人们有平板电脑和笔,我迷上它们了。Go, y? Go to a fucking, F-U-C-K-I-N-G, retirement home,写下来,准备好了吗?写F-U-C-K-I-N-G,养老院、spend time, collect data, realize regret is the worst, and do something about it.消磨时间、收集数据、意识到后悔是最糟糕的,那就开始改变吧。 Article/201706/515070。
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