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Families are coming together, lights are being strung up, the food is going in the oven, Diwali is upon us once again. As the celebrations get underway, from London to Leicester, Glasgow to Gwent, Bristol to Birmingham, I want to send out my very best wishes to everyone celebrating the Festival of Lights. This is a great moment in our national calendar and an opportunity to shine a light on the communities who do so much to make Britain great. In every walk of life, in every corner of our country, you can see the immense contribution of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. Treating patients in our NHS, teaching children in our schools, building the businesses that boost our economy, keeping our streets safe in the police and armed forces and all the while helping to make Britain what we are so proud to be: the greatest multi-racial democracy on earth. Day in day out, these communities put into practice the very best of British values like generosity, responsibility, enterprise, family. Nowhere are those values more evident than in people’s religious beliefs. I think of the people of Neasden Mandir or those at Gurdwara Sahib Leamington and Warwick, demonstrating every day the devotion and dedication they derive from their faith by helping others. I want to thank all of them for their incredible contribution to Britain. We are better and stronger for it. And to everyone celebrating, let me wish you a happy and peaceful Diwali and a prosperous New Year. Shubh Diwali!201511/411055My Dad greeted me. There were all his friends at the station. Beside me, their kids looked paragons of respectability.我的父亲跟我打招呼,车站到处是他的朋友。那里除了我之外,其他小孩看上去都很体面。He saw the drapes, and visibly winced. They did kind of stand out. I took pity on him.当父亲看见我这用窗帘做的衣时,皱了皱眉。这衣实在太显眼了,我也为父亲感到尴尬。;Dad;, I said. ;There is good news. I dont do drugs.;“爸爸,”我说,“我要告诉你一个好消息,我不吸毒。”My father looked me in the eye and said: ;Son, the bad news is if youre looking like this and youre not doing drugs weve got a real problem.;他直视着我说:“儿子,糟糕的是,你把自己打扮成这样却不吸毒,那我们就真有问题了。”So your parents look at you today with love. They know how hard it is to make the grade and they respect you for making it.你们的父母用爱的眼光看你们。他们知道要成功是多么困难,你们取得了成功,所以他们尊重你们。And tomorrow as I know, as a parent of one of this class, as you receive your graduation, their hearts will beat with the natural rhythm of pride. Pride in what you have achieved. Pride in who you are.我知道,明天你们就能顺利毕业。作为你们当中一个同学的父亲,我和你们的父母一样为你们骄傲,为你们所取得的成绩感到自豪,为你们而骄傲。They will be nervous for you, as you stand on the threshold of a new adventure for they know the many obstacles that lie ahead.他们也为你感到紧张,因为你们就要踏上新的征程,他们知道前方充满了挫折和坎坷。But they will be confident that you can surmount them, for they know also the strength of character and of spirit that has taken you thus far.但他们相信你们能够克重重困难,因为他们知道,正因为拥有坚强的性格和精神你们才取得了今天的成就。So to my fellow parents: I say, let us rejoice and be glad together.和我一样来到这里的家长们,我想对你们说,让我们一起庆祝吧!And to the Yale College Class of 2008, I say: well done; and may blessings and good fortune be yours in the years to come. Thank you very much indeed.耶鲁大学2008届的毕业生们,我想对你们说,你们做得很好。在今后的日子里,元主妇和幸运常伴你们左右。非常感谢大家。 /201301/218298Today, they live in this area,今天,他们生活在这片区域,approximately 50,000 to 70,000 people,大约5万到7万人,who live in this community of self-built multi-story houses where up to three generations live in one structure.住在自己建的多层房屋的社区里三代同堂。While these apartments that they built for themselves appear to lack any planning or formal grid,虽然这些他们建给自己的公寓看上去缺少规划或者正规的架构,each family specializing in a certain form of recycling means that the ground floor of each apartment is reserved for garbage-related activities and the upper floor is dedicated to living space.但每家都擅长收一种特殊的回收方式,这意味着每个公寓的底层被预留给进行垃圾处理相关的工作,上层是用于居住的空间。I find it incredible to see how these piles and piles of garbage are invisible to the people who live there,我很不可思议地看到,这些成堆成堆的垃圾是如何能被住在这里的人们所忽视,like this very distinguished man who is posing while all this garbage is sort of streaming out behind him,像这个正在端坐的有威望的长者,他的后面却仿佛有大量垃圾要溢出,or like these two young men who are sitting and chatting amongst these tons of garbage.或者像这两位年轻人正坐着聊天在他们之间却有着成吨的垃圾。While to most of us, living amongst these piles and piles of garbage may seem totally uninhabitable,虽然对我们大部分人,生活在这些成堆成堆的垃圾中间可能似乎无法适应,to those in the Zabbaleen, this is just a different type of normal.但对那些生活在扎巴林的人来说,这只是一种与众不同的平常。In all these places Ive talked about today,在所有我今天说到的地方,what I do find fascinating is that theres really no such thing as normal,我发现最有意思的是没有一种叫寻常的东西,and it proves that people are able to adapt to any kind of situation.这明人们有能力适应各种生存环境。Throughout the day, its quite common to come across a small party taking place in the streets, just like this engagement party.一天中,遇到一个正在街上进行的小型派对是非常正常的。就像这个订婚的派对。In this tradition, the bride-to-be displays all of their belongings,在这种传统中,准新娘展示出她们要带给未来新丈夫的,which they soon bring to their new husband.所有个人物品。A gathering like this one offers such a juxtaposition where all the new stuff is displayed and all the garbage is used as props to display all their new home accessories.像这样的物品的堆放展示出一种东西放在一起的情形,所有新的物品被展示出来,而所有的垃圾被用作展示他们新家所有小装饰的道具。201601/423918

I played quarterback on the football team in high school--我在高中橄榄球队打四分卫but dont be too impressed但别以为我们有多了不起we had the longest losing streak in the nation by the time I graduated as a senior在我毕业那年 我们是全国连败最长的队Years and years without a victory一年又一年 我们一次都没赢过It was said that grandfathers of my teammates有人说 我同学的爷爷们had contributed to the multi-generational loosing streak早就为子孙后代的连败打下了基础After high school, I eventually ended up at Brown University高中毕业后 我最终考进了布朗大学and I remember vividly one particular day when I returned from college有一次从大学回家 我尤其记忆犹新My father picked me up at the airport我的父亲到机场接我and when we were driving home, he asked me in the most casual way在我们开车回家的路上 他很随便地问了我一句;Jim, what are you thinking of studying?;;金墉 你想学什么呢;I told him I was excited about philosophy and political science我说我对哲学和政治学很感兴趣I thought I could make a difference in the world我认为我可以改变这个世界and I was thinking of going into politics我在考虑从政My father put the blinker on我父亲打开车子的闪光灯slowly pulled over to the side of the road, turned off the car把车缓缓开到路边停下looked back at me and said, ;Hey他转过身来看着我说 ;听着;;once you finish your medical residency, you can do anything you want;;你只要完成了医生实习期 就可以做任何你想做的事情;Now, I see some Asian parents in audience nodding their heads我看到在座的亚洲家长正在点头saying, whats funny about that?说 这有什么好笑的But you see, my father knew all about uncertainty不过你们看到 我父亲十分懂得不确定性He knew that its impossible to be sure about where you might end up in life他很清楚 一个人不可能知道自己最终会做什么And he worried that his own success而且他很担心自己的成功might have deprived his children of the opportunity to understand deeply有可能会使自己的子女没有机会深入理解the meaning of running away from the noodle police从警察身边跑开 当然同时还要while, of course, finishing your noodles吃完剩下的面条意味着什么201502/359082

Close encounter two: Brookline, Massachusetts, 1984.遭遇二: 1984年马萨诸塞的布鲁克林I went to see the movie ;Dune,;我去那里看电影;沙丘;and a girl talked to me. Now, on its face --一个女孩跟我搭讪,从表面上看 --this is impossible on its face, I realize --我意识到,这从表面上看是不可能的 --but it is absolutely true.但它确实是真的.It was opening night, naturally.当时是首场演出.自然地.I went with my friend Tim McGonigal, who sat on my left.我跟我的朋友Tim McGonigal一起去看的,他坐我左边.On my right was the girl in question.我右边是问我问题的女孩儿.She had long, curly black hair, a blue jean jacket.她有长长的,卷曲的头发,蓝色的工.I remember, she had some sort of injury to her ankle,我记得,她的脚有点受伤,an Ace bandage, and she had crutches.有绑带和拐杖.She was very tall, I would say.我认为她很高,I was starting high school at the time. I would say she was a junior,我那时是高年级学员.我觉得她应该是低年级的,but I had never seen her before. She didnt go to my school.但我从来没有见到过他.她也不去我们学校.I didnt know her name, and I never will.我不知道她的名字,知道也白搭.She was sitting with someone who I presume was her mother,她跟一个像她妈妈一样的人一起坐着,and they were talking about the novel, ;Dune.;她们正在讨论小说They were both big fans, mother and daughter --她们都是爱好者,妈妈和女儿 --very unusual.这不常见.They were talking about how their favorite characters她们正在讨论最喜欢的角色were the giant sandworms.是那个巨大的沙虫.And then it got stranger.这时,事情变的更怪了.Thats when she turned to me and said,那时,她转向我并问道,;Are you looking forward to seeing the movie?;;你期待看这部电影吗?;First of all, I was embarrassed刚开始,我很尴尬because I had not the novel ;Dune; at that time.因为我从来没读过小说.I was merely a connoisseur of movies我仅仅一个沙漠行星主演电影的featuring desert planets, as I still am.一个影片鉴赏家,现在也是.But it was also the tone of how she asked the question:但她还是问了很多的问题:apropos of nothing, like she didnt even care about the answer,没什么实质的东西,就像她根本不介意一样,as though she just wanted to talk to me.仿佛她只是想跟我聊天一样.I did not know what to say. I said, ;Yes.;我不知道要说什么.我只说;是的.;I did not even turn my head.我甚至都不转过头来.The movie began.电影开始了.I need not remind you that this was David Lynchs version of ;Dune,;我不需要提醒你那部电影是David Lynch版本,in which all of the characters在所有的角色里,were sexy and deformed at the same time.畸形和性感同时存在.There was a character called the Third-Stage Guild Navigator,有一个字符称为剧场版航海家,which was a kind of giant, floating fetus-creature这是一个巨大的池塘,她育着生命that lived in a giant tank with this orange mist这个巨大的池塘散发着香橙的of psychedelic spice迷幻味道swirling around him,环绕着他,allowing him to bend space and time.让他有能力扭曲时间与空间.He could never leave the tank并永远不能离开这个池塘or interact with the outside world.或者说与外界有任何联系.He had become, in his isolation,他认为,在他的世界,so deformed and so sexy,丑陋与性感是并存的,that he had to talk through a kind of old-timey radio他通过一种老式的电台to the outside world, and could never touch them.向外界传播,但是永远触及不到他们.I mean, I liked him a lot better than the sandworms.我是说,我喜欢他们胜过沙虫.The sandworms were fine, but your favorite character?沙虫固然好,但你认为它是我的菜?Please.不是吧.When the movie ended,当影片结束,everyone seemed very happy每个人洋溢着笑容to get up and get out of the theatre as soon as possible.都匆忙的走出了影院.Except for the girl.除了一个女孩.As I walked out, her pace slowed.当我走过她身边,她放缓步伐.Perhaps it was the crutches,也许她拄着拐杖,but it seemed --假装是这样--it seemed as though she might want to talk to me again.看来她还想和我搭讪.When I say it out loud, it sounds so ridiculous,当我说出来,听起来却很滑稽,but I can only come to the conclusion我只能得出这样的结论that it was what, in the alien abductee community,这是一个外星球社区they call a ;screen memory;:他们称之为;萤幕记忆.;a ridiculous false recollection designed by their brain大脑给他们一个可笑错误的记忆to cover up some trauma -- say, of being kidnapped去掩盖一些创伤--被外星人绑架后and flown off to a sex pyramid.飞往金字塔发生性关系.And so I sure am glad我当然很高兴I did not slow down to talk to her.所以我并没有慢下脚步跟她说话.I sure am glad I never saw her again.我很高兴从那时起我再没见过她.201506/381522

His name is Lonnie Hodge, and hes a veteran of Vietnam.他的名字叫朗尼?何举, 他是越南战争回来的老兵。When he returned, he started working with survivors of genocide and a lot of people who had gone through war trauma.他回来后开始跟种族屠杀幸存者和其他有战争创伤的人一起工作。And he had PTSD and also a fear of heights, because in Vietnam, he had been rappelling backwards out of helicopters over the skids.他有战后创伤症候群并且他还恐高,因为在越南,他经常从直升机上反向绕绳下降。And he was givena service dog named Gander, a labradoodle,to help him with PTSD and his fear of heights.然后他就有了只务犬叫甘德,一只拉布拉多贵宾犬帮助他克创伤后遗症和恐高。This is them actually on the first day that they met,which is amazing, and since then,theyve spent a lot of time together visiting with other veterans suffering from similar issues.这是它们第一次碰面,非常愉快,从那以后他们会花很多时间拜访其他有相同问题的老兵。But whats so interesting to me about Lonnie and Ganders relationship is about a few months in,Gander actually developed a fear of heights,probably because he was watching Lonnie so closely.但引起我兴趣的是 朗尼和甘德的关系。在认识几个月后,甘德开始恐高,可能是因为他近距离观察了朗尼。Whats pretty great about this, though, is that hes still a fantastic service dog, because now, when theyre both at a great height, Lonnie is so concerned with Ganders well-being这很了不起,它还是只很赞的务犬,因为现在,如果他们同时站在高处朗尼因为过于担心甘德的安全。that he forgets to be scared of the heights himself.甚至忘记了自己恐高。Since Ive spent so much time with these stories,digging into archives,I literally spent years doing this research,and its changed me.自从我花这么多时间在这些故事上,钻研归档,我花了很多年来做这份研究,这真的改变了我。。I no longer look at animals at the species level.我再也不会从物种层面来看动物。I look at them as individuals, and I think about them as creatures with their own individual weather systems guiding their behavior and informing how they respond to the world.我把它们看成独立的个体然后待它们为有独立内在系统的生物引领着它们的行为,告知它们如何回应这世界。And I really believe that this has made me a more curious and a more empathetic person, both to the animals that share my bed我相信这让我变成了一个更好奇、更赋有同情心的人,不管是跟我睡一张床。And occasionally wind up on my plate,but also to the people that I know who are suffering from anxiety and from phobias and all manner of other things.偶尔还跟我抢饭的动物还是我认识的。有焦躁症、恐惧症、或者其他病症的人们。And I really do believe that even though you cant know exactly whats going on in the mind of a pig.我真的相信就算你不可能明确了解一只猪、哈巴或是你伴侣的。or your pug or your partner, that that shouldnt stop you from empathizing with them.脑子里到底在想什么,这也不应该阻止你理解他们。The best thing that we could do for our loved ones is, perhaps, to anthropomorphize them.我们给所爱对象最好的礼物也许就是拟人化他们。Charles Darwins father once told him that everybody could lose their mind at some point.查尔斯·达尔文的父亲曾告诉他所有人都可能在某一刻失去理智,。Thankfully, we can often find them again,but only with each others help. 值得感激的是,我们常常能找回理智,但需要彼此的帮助。201412/350504

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