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New York banker David Merkur, 28, listed details of 12 women he was meeting for dates including their first names, a score out of 10 for their appearance, and comments on their personalities, in a meticulously constructed computer document, The Daily Telegraph reported.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,纽约的28岁家大卫·默克把12名约会女子的详细情况列在一张构架细致的电子文档里,包括名、10分制相貌评分以及性格评价等。Merkur#39;s unusual Excel spsheet was color coordinated, including different shades for women to ;monitor closely; or ;monitor casually;.默克不寻常的Excel表格还标注了颜色,其中对“重点考察”、“一般考察”女子标有不同的颜色。Bold type indicated that he should pursue the woman in question ;ASAP,; and he also kept detailed records of the days he had corresponded by email and text message with each woman.标粗的表明他应该“尽快”追求该女子,他还仔细记下了与每位女子邮件或短息联系的日期。His approach to dating emerged after he sent the spsheet by email to one of the women he was seeing. She in turn forwarded it to friends.他把该表格发给了其中一名约会女士,她接着把表格转发给了朋友,之后他的约会方式才被曝光。 /201204/179832

1. Guilt comes from a frightened part of your personality.1. 内疚来源于你性格中害怕的部分。The actions that you regret also came from a frightened part of your personality. Following fear with fear moves you in the opposite direction that your spiritual development requires, which is toward love.后悔来自于性格中害怕的部分。一味地担心只会让自己与精神发展需要的方向背道而驰,你应该选择的正确方向是通往爱的方向。2. Guilt impairs your ability to learn from your experiences.2. 内疚阻碍了你从经验中学习的能力。When you see something that you could have done differently, remember how you could have spoken or acted in love instead of fear. This helps you apply what you have learned and keeps you from feeling more guilty. Your experiences are designed to support, and benefit you, not cause you to contract into fear and remorse.想想看如果你在充满爱而不是害怕的情况下会如何说话、如何做事,事情的结果是不是就会大有不同呢。内心充满爱能够帮助你学以致用,而不是让你在做事的时候更多地感到内疚。你的经历是用来持和帮助你,而不是让你陷入恐惧和悔恨的。3. Guilt keeps you from being honest with others and yourself.3. 内疚让你不诚实地面对他人和自己。It keeps you from seeing that you cannot cause another person emotional pain. You can trigger emotional pain in others, but their pain comes from inside them, not from you. Their pain is an opportunity for them to learn about themselves. Your pain is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself. Guilt distracts you from that crucial lesson.内疚会让你忘记“你不会造成他人精神痛苦”的道理。你能引起别人的痛苦,但是他们的痛苦是来源于内心,而不是你。他们的痛苦是了解自己的一个机会。你的也一样。4. The relationship between guilt and forgiveness may surprise you.4. 你可能会讶异内疚与原谅的关系。Guilt is actually a twisted or manipulative way of seeking forgiveness. It is the belief that if you inflict suffering on yourself for your choices, another will forgive you for them. This is belief keeps you in pain because only you can forgive yourself.内疚事实上是一种扭曲的、利用他人来寻求原谅的办法。人们都相信如果你因自己的选择备受煎熬,其他人会宽恕你。这样的想法让你活在痛苦中因为其实只有你才能原谅自己。5. You cannot give the gifts that your soul wants you to give while you are feeling guilty.5. 当你有负罪感时,就不能发挥灵魂给予你的天赋。Your gifts may be to raise a family, create a new kind of business, write a book, or dance. When you choose not to forgive yourself, you choose not to give the gifts your soul wants to give. You can choose otherwise. You—like everyone—have gifts and you were born to give them.你的天赋可能是养活家庭、创办新业务,写书或跳舞。当你选择不原谅自己,就等于不接受灵魂赋予你的天赋。其实你可以有其他选择的,你和其他人一样有天赋,并且生来就是要好好把握这些天赋的。 /201212/215520

  After being away on business, Tim thought it would be nice to bring his wife a little gift.“How about some perfume?”he asked the cosmetics clerk. She showed him a .00 bottle.“That’s a bit much,”said Tim, so she returned with a smaller bottle for .00.“That’s still quite a bit,”Tim complained.Growing annoyed, the clerk brought out a tiny .00 bottle.“What I mean,”said Tim, “is I’d like to see something really cheap.”The clerk handed him a mirror.做完生意回来后,提姆觉得应该给妻子带点什么礼物回去。“那些香水怎么卖啊?”他问卖化妆品的售货员。售货员给他展示了一价值50美元的香水。“看起来好像有点贵哦!”提姆说道。于是售货员又拿出一款30美元的香水。“还是贵了点。”提姆抱怨道。售货员开始有点恼火了,就给提姆一瓶很小的香水,价值15美元。“我的意思是,”提姆说,“我想看看一些真正便宜的东西。”售货员听了后,递给了提姆一面镜子。 /201211/211325


  I#39;m not having it all cut off没把头发全剪掉啊Miles sometime went to the barber#39;s during working hours to have his hair cut. But this was against the office rules: clerks had to have their hair cut in their own time. While Miles was at the barber#39;s one day, the manager of the office came in by chance to have his own hair cut and sat just beside him.麦尔斯有时在上班时间去理发馆理发,但这是违反办公室规定的:职员只能利用自己的时间理发。一天,正当麦尔斯理发时,经理碰巧也进来理发,而且就坐在他旁边。;Hello, Miles,; the manager said. ;I see that you are having your hair cut in office time.;;你好,麦尔斯,;经理说。;我看到你在上班时间理发了。;;Yes, sir, I am,; admitted Miles calmly. ;You see, sir, it grows in office time.;;是的,先生。正是这样。;麦尔斯平静地承认了。;可先生,你看,头发是在上班时间长的。;;Not all of it,; said the manager at once. ;Some of it grows in your own time.;;不全都是吧,;经理立刻说,;有一些是在你自己的时间里长的。;;Yes, sir, that#39;s quite true.; Answered Miles politely, ;but I#39;m not having it all cut off.;;对呀,先生,你说得很对。;麦尔斯礼貌地回答说,;但我并没有把头发全都剪掉啊。;

  ‘We don’t need to put our shirts on’: Topless cyclists in Waterloo plan rally‘我们不需要穿内衣’:滑铁卢袒胸骑行者计划集会They didn’t get a ticket, but sisters are filing formal complaint about police conduct and they’re planning a rally on Saturday她们没有收到传票,然而,们称,将正式对警察行为提起诉讼,并计划在周六举行集会Waterloo Regional Police say they’re conducting a review into why an officer pulled over three topless female cyclists on the weekend.周末,一名警官将三名袒胸骑单车的女子拦在路边。滑铁卢区警方称,他们正在调查原因。“It’s not an illegal thing to do,” Staff-Sgt. Mike Haffner said in an interview on Tuesday.上士迈克哈夫纳在周二的采访中称,“这件事情并不违法”。“It’s the law,” Haffner said. “If people choose to go topless, they can do it.”哈夫纳说,“法律规定,如果人们选择不穿内衣,他们可以这样做。”Sisters Alysha Brilla, 26, Nadia Mohamed, 24, and Tameera Mohamed, 22, were cycling together topless in the city on Friday after 9 pm when an officer in a cruiser with flashing lights pulled them over.周五晚上9点后,三Alysha Brilla(26岁)、Nadia Mohamed(24岁)和Tameera Mohamed(22岁)一起在市内袒胸骑自行车兜风,却被一名巡逻警官拿着手电拦在路边。Brilla said in an interview the male officer ordered them to put their shirts on.Brilla在一次采访中说,那位男警官命令她们穿上内衣。Brilla said she replied: “We don’t need to put our shirts on.”Brilla说,她是这样回答的:“我们没有必要穿内衣。”“He said, ‘Yes you do. That’s the law,’” Brilla said.“他说,‘你们必须穿上内衣。这是法律规定,’”。Brilla said she told the officer they were doing nothing illegal.Brilla说,她告诉那位警官,她们做的事情并不违法。In 1991, former University of Guelph student Gwen Jacob won a legal battle for the right to appear in public topless.1991年,曾在圭尔夫大学就读的学生格温雅各布就赢得了在公众场合袒胸权利的官司。 “My sisters were nervous,” said Brilla, a Juno award-nominated musician and women’s rights advocate.Brilla是一名朱诺奖提名音乐家和女权倡导者,她说,“我的们很紧张。” She said it was a hot, humid night and they passed several men who were shirtless.她说,那天晚上炎热潮湿,她们路过好几个男人都没有穿上衣。 “We even passed a female cop,” Brilla said. “She had absolutely no problem with us. She just ushered us through.”“我们还遇到了一名女巡警,”,Brilla说,“她丝毫没有为难我们,只是招手让我们通过。”She said the male officer in the cruiser told them there had been complaints from parents with children.她说,那名男巡警告诉她们,已经接到一些父母的投诉。 “It was aly dark outside,” Brilla said in an interview. “There were no children around. It was late at night.”“外面天已经黑了,”Brilla在采访中说,“周围没有孩子,已经深夜了。” She said they all had legal helmets, bells and lights and that she filmed much of the incident on her cell phone.她说,她们都按照法律规定,备有安全帽、车铃和车灯,并用手机把这次事件的大部分过程拍摄了下来。 They didn’t get a ticket, but Brilla said she and her sisters are filing a formal complaint about the police conduct.她们还没有收到传票,然而,Brilla称,她们要正式对警方行为提起诉讼。 “We’re conducting an internal review of the circumstances of the incident,” Haffner said.哈夫纳表示,“我们正在对此次事件的情况进行内部调查。” 译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201508/391117

  Knight Capital, the market maker at the centre of the latest malfunction in electronic share trading, bills itself as: ;the science of trading, the standard of trust;. 近日遭遇电子股票交易故障的美国做市商Knight Capital Group以;交易科学,信任标杆;作为宣传语。 Yet that public trust in US equity markets is being severely tested now. Following on from the technical glitches that marred the flotations of Facebook and BATS Global Markets this year, comes Wednesday#39;s erroneous trading in 148 shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 然而,美国股票市场的公信力正遭遇严峻考验。今年以来技术故障已导致Facebook和BATS Global Markets首发上市出现问题,上周三纽约交所(NYSE)又出现了148只股票交易异常的情况。 Once more investors and traders in the US equity market are left bewildered by another episode of an algorithmic or ;algo; trading system running wild. 这起算法交易系统故障再次令美国股市的投资者和交易员感到无所适从。 More than two years after the flash crash of May 2010 – when Wall Street tumbled hundreds of points within minutes – it demonstrated how much of the US equity market in effect operates on autopilot. It also serves as a reminder that trading firms, exchanges and regulators still face huge challenges in safeguarding how stocks trade in a superfast dealing environment. 在2010年5月;闪电暴跌;(flash crash)事件发生两年多以后——当时道琼斯指数在半小时内暴跌650点——这件事折射出了美国股市自动化交易的普遍程度,对于交易商、交所以及监管当局而言也是一记警钟,提醒他们:在高速交易环境下保障股票交易正常进行方面,他们仍面临艰巨挑战。 While the wider market was unaffected by Knight#39;s ;technology issue;, suggesting that regulatory and exchange reforms since the flash crash helped to prevent a panic, the episode has revived a long-running debate over the benefits and dangers of relying on complex computer systems. 尽管整体市场未受Knight;技术问题;影响(似乎表明监管当局和交易所自;闪电暴跌;以来推行的改革措施对防止恐慌起到了作用),但这件事重新引燃一场持续多年的辩论,其主题是依赖复杂电脑系统的效益与风险。 Much trading in equities now comprises sophisticated algos that are created to trade in specific ways, reacting to changes in prices, sectors, volatility, economic data and other parameters across the fragmented trading landscape. 如今,美国股市的很大一部分交易由复杂的算法执行,这些算法的设计宗旨是以某种特定的方式进行交易,对价格、行业形势、市场波动、经济数据以及跨越交易版图上不同板块的其他参数的变化作出反应。 By replicating the way human traders ascertain where other investors want to buy and sell stocks, the algos spit out a torrent of orders, many of which are quickly cancelled before a trade is executed, all within fractions of a second. 通过复制真人交易员判断其他投资者买卖意向的方式,算法程序发出一连串交易指令(其中很大一部分在执行前被取消),整个过程耗时不足几分之一秒。 Since the advent of such trading in the past decade, the average trade size has dropped from 1,000 to 200 shares. Some market participants and observers worry about the risks of an ;algo; running out of control. 自从过去10年里算法交易诞生以来,单笔交易的平均规模已从1000股下降至200股。一些市场参与者和观察人士担心算法交易存在失控风险。 ;We are still vulnerable to all kinds of glitches, no matter what changes and precautions we make, there will always be an unanticipated scenario,; says James Angel, associate professor at Georgetown University. 乔治敦大学(Georgetown University)副教授詹姆斯#8226;安吉尔(James Angel)指出:;我们在各种技术故障面前仍然十分脆弱。无论我们采取什么改革或防范措施,总会有意想不到的情形出现。; In the case of Knight, which suffered a loss of 0m, Tom Joyce, chief executive, told Bloomberg yesterday the implementation of new software contained a bug that sent erroneous orders into the market. ;So we ended up with a large error position which we had to sort through the balance of the day,; he said. Knight公司首席执行官托马斯#8226;乔伊斯(Thomas Joyce)上周四对彭(Bloomberg)表示,发生技术问题是由于公司新安装的软件存在缺陷,向市场发出了错误的交易指令。他说:;结果我们持有规模庞大的错误头寸,被迫在当日余下的时间进行整理。; Traders said they believed a large order for a number of stocks was executed in five minutes rather than a longer period of either one or up to five days. The scale of orders pushed prices sharply higher or lower and overwhelmed the liquidity of the market. 交易员们认为,涉及多只股票的大额交易指令在5分钟内就执行完毕,而没有在一整个交易日甚至五个交易日的更长时段内分批进行。这些指令的庞大规模导致股价剧烈波动,超出市场流动性的承受能力。 It also sparked wild trading in exchange traded funds; the Vanguard Utility ETF experienced volumes of 4m, well beyond its usual 128,000 trades a day. 该指令还导致交易所交易基金(ETF)的交易量暴增,先锋(Vanguard)公用事业类ETF的交易量达到400万笔,远远超过每日12.8万笔的正常水平。 Since the flash crash, the market has put in place circuit breakers, designed to limit wild swings in the price of stocks beyond a rise or fall of 10 per cent during a five minute period. 闪电暴跌事件后,市场引入了;断路开关;机制,以扼制股价剧烈波动,使股价在5分钟内的涨跌幅度不超过10%。 In total at least 40 of the 148 stocks affected by the Knight trading algo experienced a change of more than 10 per cent, as circuit breakers do not start operating until 15 minutes into the trading day and reflect volatility, not order flow. 受Knight算法交易影响的148只股票中,至少有40只股票的股价波动幅度超过了10%,因断路开关机制在开盘15分钟后才投入运行,而且该机制反映的是股价波动性,而非指令流量。 Among the stocks that triggered circuit breakers on Wednesday were Molycorp, CoreLogic, Kronos Worldwide, China Cord Blood Corporation and Trinity Industries. The changes in their share prices went well beyond 10 per cent, with China Cord jumping as much as 151 per cent before falling back. 上周三触发了断路开关机制的股票包括莫利矿业(Molycorp)、数据供应商CoreLogic、化学品生产商Kronos Worldwide、中国脐带血库公司(China Cord Blood Corp)以及铁路运输商Trinity Industries。这些公司的股价波幅远超10%,中国脐带血库公司股价在回落前曾暴涨151%。 ;The industry has been well aware of defects with the circuit breakers,; says Prof Angel. 安吉尔教授指出:;断路开关机制的缺陷业内早已知晓。; Meanwhile, only trades in six of the 148 stocks were subsequently broken by the NYSE. That leaves Knight potentially facing substantial costs and raises broader questions. ;This is not only a problem for Knight, but creates a whole new thing for regulators to dwell on and for investors to lose trust in the market,; says one Wall Street analyst. 在148只受影响股票中,纽约交所只中断了其中6只股票的交易。这使Knight可能面临重大损失,并带出更广泛的问题。一位华尔街分析师表示:;这不是Knight的个体问题,而是监管当局应该仔细研究的新领域,也让投资者有新的理由对市场失去信任。; For some, the notion of breaking trades underlines the problem of using and relying heavily on high-speed computer technology. Once a trade is executed it soon triggers a chain of positions that becomes very expensive to break. 在某些人看来,停止交易的概念,凸显出使用并过分依赖高速电脑交易技术的问题。一旦一条交易指令被执行,将迅速触发一连串新头寸,这导致停止交易的成本非常高。 ;There is no kill switch; the minute you hit the send button on an algo it#39;s running and you can#39;t stop it,; says Ken Polcari, managing director at ICAP Equities. ;Maybe we do need to reflect on where the line is between humans and computers.; 英国毅联汇业(ICAP)股票交易部董事经理肯#8226;波尔卡里(Ken Polcari)表示:;不存在彻底停止交易的总闸开关,算法程序一旦启动,你就无法阻止它。也许我们确实需要认真思考真人与电脑之间的界线在哪里。; Advocates of electronic trading say it has enhanced transparency and provides investors with more competitive and fairer prices. 持者称,电子交易提升了市场透明度,并为投资者提供了更有竞争力以及更公平的报价。 Critics point to the glitches and heightened volatility. ;There#39;s an old bumper sticker that says, ‘to err is human, to really foul up requires a computer#39;,; says Prof Angel. 批评者则指出,电子交易系统常有技术故障并导致市场波动性上升。安吉尔教授表示:;一句印在汽车保险杠贴纸上的老话是这么说的,‘是人都会犯错,但要彻底搞砸还需电脑#39;。; /201208/194222If you’re in a long term relationship or marriage, you know that it’s not always easy to keep that warm glow of freshness and excitement alive in your relationship。假如你有固定伴侣,或早已迈入婚姻殿堂,你便能体会到:在感情中,若想保持起初的新鲜和刺激感,可不是一件容易的事。After the first bout of heady romantic love is gone, everyday sameness settles into any relationship当最初那阵令人迷醉又转瞬即逝的浪漫散去,你们的小日子里便渐渐开始被日复一日的枯燥所占据了。And unless you’re making conscious efforts to keep things hot, soon boredom and tedium takes the shine off one of the most special relationships of your life, making it feel like just another chore. So what are these conscious efforts that you can make?除非刻意保持新鲜感,否则这段生命中最特别的关系将会被无聊和单调抹去它原有的光辉,使你厌倦不堪。那么,该如何来有意识地避免这种事发生?Here are some of the tricks my husband and I frequently use to keep things as new and happening as our first few days。我和我的丈夫是通过以下的几个小技巧,来保持两人间的新鲜感的。1. Surprise Surprise!惊喜!惊喜!Couples spend weeks – sometimes months – planning for the next birthday/anniversary gift for their spouse/significant other。通常,俩口子会一起计划下一个生日/纪念日怎么过,以及送给对方什么礼物。这事儿可能要花上几星期、甚至几个月来完成。Have you ever thought how you can magically sweep your partner off their feet with a fraction of that effort on an ordinary day?不过,你有没有想过在一个平凡的日子里,突然给对方一个大惊喜呢?Nothing works like giving tiny, simple – and most importantly, unexpected – surprises to each other in keeping the air of freshness and novelty in your relationship。若想帮助情感保鲜,没什么比送给对方一个出其不意又意义重大的小礼物更好的办法了。2. Romantic texts漫短信A great thing about those “I miss you kitten” texts you used to send each other in the initial days of your relationship is the juvenile excitement in them。我们在恋爱初期,之所以钟情于互发“想你啦,宝贝”之类的短信,是因为它能带给我们一种青涩的甜蜜。You need that back right now. OK, it may not be 10 times a day like back then – but can you text him/her randomly, suddenly and romantically on some random ordinary day?现在的你们也需要它。没必要像以前那样,一发就十几条,但你也可以在平日里偶尔“肉麻”一下嘛。The smile it brings on their lips will sp its glow for quite some time in your relationship – until the next time you do the same, that is。当你的爱人看到短信,他们不自觉的微笑将蔓延开来,为你们的感情增添一道明亮色。如此反复,爱将日益坚固。3. What happened to dating?不如来次约会?I confess – my husband and I haven’t actually gotten around to doing this yet. But the human mind works on associations, and fixing up a date on a cool Friday evening with your partner will bring all those flutters of your dating days back into your systems。我得先坦白一下,我和我老公还没试过这招。但是人的脑子是会主动联想的。如果你们相约在某个美好的周五晚上外[微]出约会,那么,那些旧时光里的浪漫记忆都将涌上心头,让你们重温美好。Well if not all, then some. And that will go much beyond that one evening, reminding each of you once again of how exciting, romantic and special a person the other is。好吧,也可能涌上来的只是“部分”,反正好歹也是记忆重现了嘛。重要的是,这次约会将让你们想起以前会面时彼此是多么激动、感觉是多么特别、以及面前的这位爱人,对自己而言是多么的重要。4. If you admire them, let them know欣赏ta,就要告诉taThere are some qualities that each of our significant other possesses which made them feel special to us in the first place。每个人所珍爱的那一位,一定都有一些特殊的品质让你珍视,反之亦然。What is it in yours that blew you off? Was it beauty? Intelligence? Verve? Ability to hold a conversation?那么,你的爱人,有哪些能把你迷倒的闪光点呢?是美貌?智慧?魄力?还是优异的社交能力?Whatever it is, it’s still there, and if you’re ing this you still admire it. Now all you have to do is let them know from time to time. If you place yourself in their shoes you’ll probably know how happy it makes someone to know they’re still valued and special to their partner。无论是哪样,它如今依然存在,且假如你已经耐心地读到了这里,就说明你仍然欣赏伴侣的优秀。现在你要做的,仅仅是确保能时常提起你对他的赞美和欣赏。将心比心很重要,当你设身处地从别人角度考虑的话,便能发现被欣赏、被重视是多么快乐的一件事。5. Find a little joint project一起做一件小项目A baby brings couples closer because it gives them something common to care for other than just each other。一个孩子能让伴侣间跟亲密,因为它让人们不仅关心彼此,更学会了共同去关心别人。A joint project or a common hobby is not so different. It’s something that’s important to both of you and hence helps strengthen your bond。同理,一个需共同参与的项目,或一个相同的爱好也是一样。因为它对你们两人来说都很重要,从而加强了你们的联系。6. When chatting is a to-do避免让聊天模式化Do you have common topics of interest? Like music/movies/politics? If not, create them, because you need them。你们有共同的话题或兴趣吗?比如音乐、电影、政治?如果没有,那就去挖掘,因为你们需要共同兴趣点。Nothing gives boredom a more permanent seat at your dinner table than limiting yourself to those married-people-dialogues (“pass me the sauce”, “we need to buy b”, “the car needs servicing”)。已婚夫妇在餐桌上的常见对话“把调料递给我”、“我们该买面包了”、“家里的车该保养了”……没什么比这些话题更无聊了。Actively engage in meaningful and fulfilling discussions on any topic that interests both of you. My husband and I enjoy this little sport like anything (Disclaimer: it gets a bit too competitive at times。不如积极一点,参与那些你们都喜欢的、充满意义的话题或活动吧。我和我老公就有共同喜欢的运动,而且,有时候我们还会相互竞争呢。 /201508/391796



  Capricorn 羯座 (12月22日~1月20日)Capricorn is the leader of the Earth signs. Here is a stabilizing force, one of the hardest-working signs of the Zodiac.魔羯座是土相星座的领头人。是黄道12宫里最稳定最努力工作的星座。TIPS: Patience and caution are your advantages.学习相 你的优点是坚持不懈和谨慎。


  Sometimes it can be tough to keep a conversation going. Take this familiar scenario:有时如何让对话继续是件难事,比如说下面这个场景有没有一点似曾相似?You#39;re talking to someone you have just met, and the conversation is starting to stall. With every passing second of silence comes more and more awkwardness. You rack your brain, trying to come up with a new topic, but your mind is blank. You make your excuses and then leave. As you walk away you start to ponder where it all went wrong你和一个刚刚遇到的人说着话,但谈话开始变得僵硬。随着沉闷一分一秒的加剧,场面变得越来越尴尬。你绞尽脑汁试图提出一个新话题,但你脑袋里却是一片空白。你为自己找了一个借口离开了。当你走开的时候,你开始思考到底是哪里出了问题呢。Don#39;t worry; it happens to the best of us. But knowing how to keep a conversation going is a great skill to possess. If you have trouble keeping a conversation going , you might miss an opportunity to get to know a great person. Here are 5 tips to make sure you never find yourself in that situation again.不用担心,即使是最健谈的人也会碰上这种情况。但知道如何让谈话继续下去,是一种极好的技能。如果你在这方面遇到了问题,那你极有可能错失了认识一个还不错的人的机会。这里的5个技巧将保你不会再陷入那种尴尬境地。1. Listen倾听Intently listening to what the other person is saying is the best way to keep a conversation going. Many people forget that listening is an active task; nodding your head in acknowledgement without really paying attention isn#39;t going to help you. Taking a genuine interest and really paying attention to what the other person is saying will.专注地倾听对方所说的话,这是让对话继续的最佳方法。很多人忘记倾听是一种主动行为;只是漫不经心地点头表示赞许却没有真正注意听,这并不管用。但发自内心真诚的关注和用心倾听对方所说的话可以帮到你。Use their conversation to keep things going. For example, someone might say, ;I went to Italy last year.; This one statement offers a great opportunity to keep the conversation going. You could ask, ;Which part did you go to? How is the food over there? What was your favourite part of the vacation? Would you recommend going etc?; Actively listening offers endless ways to keep a conversation going.利用他们的谈话内容让对话继续。比如,有人会说:“去年我去了意大利。” 这句陈述提供了一个让对话继续的良机。你可以问:“你去了意大利的哪一个城市?那里的食物怎么样?你最喜欢假期里的哪一部分?你会推荐别人去吗?” 等等问题。主动倾听为继续对话提供了无限可能。2. Ask open ended questions问开放性的问题Questions which require more than just a ;yes; or ;no; answer encourage people to talk for longer, taking the pressure off you. For example, if you ask, ;Do you like this restaurant?; a one word answer might be given. However, asking, ;What do you think of this restaurant?; offers a much greater possibility to keep the conversation going.提出那些回答不是Y/N的问题可以鼓励人们多谈论,从而减轻了你身上的谈话压力。举个例子,如果你问:“你喜欢这家餐馆吗?”那你得到的回复就是一句话。然而,假如你问:“你觉得这家餐馆怎么样?”,这就极有可能让对话继续不停。 /201204/179900

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