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武汉/阿波罗属于私人医院吗广州军区武汉/总医院包皮手术多少钱A duty-free shop免税商店Good morning, sir, is there anything I can do you?早上好,先生,我能为您做些什么吗?I would like to buy two bottles of brandy.我想买两瓶白兰地How about this one? It the special local product.这种的怎么样?这是当地特产Can I buy these tax free?是免税的吗?Yes. This is a duty-free shop.是的,这是家免税商店 5590武汉/哪个男科医院是可以用医保卡 加薪和奖金Pay Raise amp; Bonus奖金 BonusA: Merry Christmas!This is a Christmas bonus you.B: Merry Christmas!Thank you very much.加薪pay raiseA: Congratulations on your pay raise.B: Thank you.It was unexpected.A: You deserve it.Your hard work paid off.要求加薪ask a pay raise ask to raise the payA: Tom,I would like to ask a pay raise.B: How much did you want?A: $5,000 per month.B: You know the situation of the company.Let me think about it.因为…涨工资be awarded a pay raise ...A: Rose succeeded in the project.I heard that she was awarded a pay raise the project.B: She is really very excellent. 369Government officials and executives Tuesday warned antigovernment protesters to abandon plans to disrupt air traffic controllers communications links as the activists look for ways to escalate their months-long campaign to oust Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.泰国政府官员和企业管理人士周二发出警告,要求反政府示威者放弃干扰空管通信的计划。示威者们目前正在寻找各种办法,升级几个月来旨在推翻英#8226;钦那Yingluck Shinawatra)政府的抗议活动。A militant wing of the large protest movement now occupying vast swaths of central Bangkok on Monday warned that they would begin look for other high-value targets if Ms. Yingluck refuses to hand over power to an unelected council by Jan. 15. Among those potential targets: the countrys stock exchange and headquarters of a company that handles communications between air traffic controllers and the thousands of aircraft the fly to, over, or within Thailand each day.泰国反政府抗议者已经占领了曼谷的大片中心区域,他们在周一发出警告,如果英拉拒绝在15日之前将权力移交给一个未经选举产生的委员会,他们就将开始寻找新的高价值目标。潜在目标包括泰国交所和泰国航空无线电有限公司(Aeronautical Radio of Thailand)的总部。泰国航空无线电有限公司负责处理泰国每天上千航班与空管员之间的通信。One of the leading figures in the protest movement, Nitithorn Lamlua, said in an interview Monday that the group has to escalate the protests from time to time to keep their momentum moving forward and increase the pressure on Ms. Yingluck to step down. The protesters accuse her of acting as a front for her brother, the billionaire former leader Thaksin Shinawatra who was ousted in a military coup in 2006 and who now lives in Dubai to avoid imprisonment on a corruption charge that he says is politically-motivated. Despite broad electoral support for the Shinawatra clan and their populist policies in vote-rich north and northeast Thailand, the demonstrators in Bangkok argue that the family exerts too much sway over Thailand and say the country needs to suspend its democracy to enact sweeping reforms.抗议活动的派系领导人尼提#8226;拉姆Nitithorn Lamlua)周一接受采访时说,为了保持抗议活动的热度,加大英拉的辞职压力,他们必须不断地升级抗议活动。抗议者指责英拉是其兄他信#8226;钦那Thaksin Shinawatra)的代言人。曾任泰国总理的他信在2006年的一场军事政变中下台,之后逃脱了泰国的牢狱之灾,目前居住在迪拜。他信的罪名是贪腐,但他表示这是一场政治阴谋。虽然西那瓦家族及其在泰国北部和东北部地区推行的民粹政策得到了很多选民的持,但曼谷的抗议者称,西那瓦家族对泰国的影响力太大,泰国需要暂停民主,进行彻底改革。Thai authorities worry over the potential impact of a fresh escalation, especially any action directed at disrupting air travel. In 2008, a similar antigovernment protest movement blockaded Bangkoks two international airports for over a week. That resulted in the collapse of the government, but it also dented Thailands reputation as a safe and reliable destination for tourism and business.泰国官方对抗议活动升级可能带来的影响表示担忧,尤其是干扰航空业正常秩序的活动008年,类似的反政府抗议活动导致曼谷两大国际机场关闭超过一周。当时的泰国政府被迫下台,但泰国作为一个安全与可信赖的旅游及商业目的地的声誉也受到了影响。A second shutdown of the countrys airspace could prove similarly damaging.如果泰国再一次关闭领空,其形象将遭到同样的损害。Prajak Sajjasophon, president of the company involved, Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, or Aerothai, appeared on government-organized television news bulletin to warn Thais about the potential consequences of targeting the firm, which is located in central Bangkok, not far from some of the main protest sites. Were responsible for international passengers, not just Thais, Mr. Prajak said.泰国航空无线电有限公司总裁Prajak Sajjasophon在政府组织的电视新闻通报中,对反对派把该公司作为攻击目标可能造成的后果给予了警告。他说,我们要为国际乘客,而不光是泰国乘客负责。该公司的总部位于曼谷市中心,离抗议者的主要集会场所不远。Thailands Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt also called on the demonstrators to leave Aerothai off their list of potential targets, saying they closing down its offices would affect all flights passing through Thai airspace.泰国交通部长西提潘(Chadchart Sittipunt)也呼吁抗议者把泰国航空无线电有限公司从目标清单中取消,称如果关闭了该公司的办公楼,所有途经泰国空域的航班都将受到影响。来 /201401/273109武汉/阿波罗怎么样?

武汉/慢性前列腺炎Getting Seated就座Kathy and Evan board the aircraft. They are met by a stewardess.凯西和艾凡登上飞机他们遇见一名女空员S:Welcome aboard, sir. May I see your boarding pass?空:先生,欢迎登机我可以看一下你的登机吗?E:Here you go.艾凡:在这儿S:Seats A and B, I see. Please cross over and then go back.空:A和B两个座位,我知道了请走过对面,然后再往后走E:Right, thanks.艾凡:好的,谢谢Evan and Kathy go to the other side of the aircraft. 艾凡和凯西走到飞机的另一边They meet another stewardess.他们遇见了另一名女空员S:Hello. May I see your boarding pass, please?空:哈啰,麻烦让我看一下你的登机好吗?E:Here you are.艾凡:喏,在这儿S:A and B are right back here. Please stow your carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment. 空:A和B就在这儿后面请把随身行李放在上面的行李柜里If I can be of assistance, just let me know.如果需要我帮忙的话,请尽管告诉我E:Thanks.Uh, would my camera be all right in the overhead compartment? 艾凡:谢谢呃,我的照相机放在上面行李柜里没问题吧?I dont want it to get broken.我不希望它被摔坏了S:It should be fine there. 空:放那儿应该没问题的If you feel more comtable about it, though, you can stow it beneath the seat in front of you.但如果你觉得放在你前面座位底下比较放心的话,就放在那儿好了E:I think Ill do that instead, thanks.艾凡:我想我会放在座位底下,谢了S:Dont mention it. Please be seated and fasten your seat belts.空:别客气请就座,系好安全带 97武汉/有治疗男科疾病 武汉/汉南区治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好

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