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2017年12月18日 20:50:42 | 作者:咨询互动 | 来源:新华社
Guest: Why does your dog sit there and watch me eat?客人:为什么你的坐在那里看着我吃东西啊?Jonny: Because you are using his plate.Jonny:因为你正在用他的盘子。性格外向者易肥胖Are you obese? Well, blame it on your social nature.Outgoing people tend to be overweight, while anxious types are more likely to be thin, according to Japanese researchers who examined the links between personality and body mass index.More than 30,000 people in northeastern Japan aged between 40 and 64 were quizzed about their height and weight, and given a personality test, according to a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.The results showed that outgoing people were far more likely than other people to have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25, a WHO definition of overweight, said Masako Kakizaki of Tohoku University, who led the analysis.After controlling for other factors, such as smoking, men in the most extrovert category were 1.73 times more likely to be obese than their most introvert counterparts. Extrovert women were 1.53 times as likely to be obese.People ranked as having the most anxious personalities were twice as likely as the least anxious to be underweight, or have a BMI of less than 18.5, the study found."These results may provide clues to devising more effective measures for preventing overweight, obesity or underweight," the researchers said in their paper. 觉得自己太胖?那就要怪你天生外向的性格了。日本研究人员对人的性格与体重指数之间的关系进行了探究,并发现性格外向的人容易肥胖,而焦虑不安的人则易瘦。《身心健康研究》期刊中的一篇论文称,研究人员对日本东北部地区3万多名年龄在40岁至64岁之间受访者的身高和体重进行了调查,并对他们进行了性格测试。据研究负责人、日本东北大学的Masako Kakizaki介绍,研究结果表明,性格外向的人体重指数大于25的几率远远高于其他性格类型的人。根据世界卫生组织的标准,体重指数大于25即为“超重”。在排除抽烟等其它因素的影响后,研究人员发现,最外向型男性肥胖的几率为最内向型的1.73倍,最外向女性肥胖的几率为最内向女性的1.53倍。研究发现,最易焦虑的人体重不达标的可能性更大,其体重指数小于18.5的几率为性格不焦虑型的两倍。研究人员在研究论文中提到:“研究结果也许能为找到更有效预防体重超标、肥胖或体重不足的办法提供线索。” /200803/31593“MY COUNTRY is being destroyed,” sobs Ahmad, a student from the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor who joined the protests when they began in March 2011. “The regime is killing us, many of the opposition fighters are becoming criminals and the world is watching it like a film.” He is worried that onlookers may think this is normal, seeing that Syria lies in the centre of a region which is no stranger to wars and strife. Syria, with its chemical weapons, alliance with Iran, shrinking government and sping militias, has become the confluence where all that is worrying about the Middle East comes together.“他们毁了我的国家。”Ahmad哽咽道。Ahmad是北部城市Deir ez-Zor 的一名学生,2011年的3月游行开始时,他加入了抗议人群。当权者让我们生不如死,而许多自由军的战士们变成了犯罪分子,世界却袖手旁观。”他担心旁观者们认为这不足为奇,因为叙利亚正处于一个充满战争与冲突的区域的中心。叙持有化学武器,背靠伊朗的持,政府正在逐渐衰微而自由武装不断扩张。人们对中东的各种担忧在这里被汇聚在一起。Two years ago Syria was a rather sleepy place. The muezzins’ call to prayer and the peal of church bells mingled above the rooftops of Damascus, the world’s oldest continually inhabited capital city, where Syrians liked to boast that Christians and Muslims, as well as people from a smattering of other sects, lived side by side in peace. People bustled through the markets. Women could stay out safely alone past midnight. Men played backgammon on the pavements with their neighbours. The Syrian accent, sp through the region by the country’s soap operas, conveyed hospitality and simplicity to fellow Arabs.两年前叙利亚还是一个很安静的地方。宣礼员呼唤信徒们的喊声混着教堂清亮的钟声,盘旋在大马士革这个世界上历史最悠久,人居绵延不息的内陆首都上空。叙利亚人以他们的基督教徒与穆斯林教徒为傲,也同少许其他教派和谐地居住在一起。市场熙熙攘攘。即使午夜过后,女人们在外逗留也没有危险。而男人则和邻居们站在路边玩弹珠游戏(巴加门)。随着肥皂剧的风靡,叙利亚口音也在整个中东地区传播,把他们的好客和简约的精神传递给其他的阿拉伯人。Syrians take pride in their colourful history. Ancient buildings dot the landscape, from crusader castles to the exquisite Umayyad Mosque, the architectural masterpiece of an empire centred on Damascus that once stretched through north Africa and up into Spain.叙利亚人为祖国多斑斓的历史而自豪。古老的建筑散落在各处,既有十字军城堡,也有精美绝伦的倭玛亚大清真寺。曾有王朝以大马士革为中心,那个王朝的建筑艺术瑰宝一直延伸到北非和西班牙。Since Hafez Assad brought his family to power in a bloodless coup in 1970, Syria has had little to celebrate. An authoritarian state snuffed out discussion and creativity with its ubiquitous Mukhabarat and tortured those who caused trouble. Many Syrians were y to accept this as the price of stability when Bashar Assad inherited the presidency from his father in 2000.自从哈菲兹·阿萨德家族在1970年无血政变中掌权,叙利亚就乏善可陈。独裁政府用无所不在的政治手腕扼杀讨论与创造,并且折磨那些反抗的人们。当2000年,巴沙尔阿萨德从父亲手中继承了领导人的职位,许多叙利亚人已经准备接受这一切,就当作是稳定需要付出的代价。At first the repression seemed to ease under the new President Assad, at least for those who stuck to the bargain and kept out of opposition politics. Life became a little sweeter in 2005 when Coca-Cola arrived. Internet cafés flourished, as did the software that let Syrians visit banned websites such as Facebook. Posters of the Assads still festooned walls across the country, but schools phased out the compulsory wearing of military uniform.新总统阿萨德上任之后,对下的镇压有所缓和,至少对于那些逆来顺受,远离反对派的人们来说是如此。2005年,可口可乐进入叙利亚,给生活添加了一丝甜味。网吧生意红火,与此同时,阻止叙利亚人登陆脸谱网的软件也一样普及。阿萨德的持者依然在四处张贴标语,不过学校已经取消了强制学生穿军队制。Mr Assad’s stance against Israel and its main backer, America, through his alignment with Hizbullah (the Lebanese Shias’ party-cum-militia) and the regime in Iran, was popular with most Syrians. They had nothing against citizens from hostile countries: “We differentiate between the government and its people,” was a standard refrain during the American-led invasion of Iraq. But they pitied their brothers and sisters in Egypt for being ruled over by Hosni Mubarak, whom they saw as a wrinkled yes-man of the West.阿萨德站在以色列以及以色列主要持国——美国的对立面。他通过和真主党(黎巴嫩什叶派政党兼民兵组织)、伊朗结成同盟,赢得了大部分叙利亚人民的持。叙利亚人民对敌对国的平民并没有任何敌意。在美国进攻伊拉克时,这句话就是美国典型的陈词滥调:“我们会对政府和平民区别对待。”但是叙利亚人民同情在穆巴拉克领导下的埃及兄弟们,他们认为穆巴拉克是对西方人唯唯诺诺的死老头。Today that Syria is no more. The uprising, which is now a full-blown civil war between Mr Assad’s forces and the opposition, has brought new freedoms. Young Syrians are no longer afraid to deride the regime openly. Even within the security forces, people discuss politics. “We all say things we wouldn’t have dared talk about in our own homes before,” says Aisha, a mother of four from Idleb province, in the north-west. Neighbourly bonds have sometimes grown strong amid the bloodshed. Altruistic bravery is common. Women risk their lives to smuggle medicine to rebel areas through the regime’s checkpoints, because the soldiers are less likely to search them. In Damascus people sleep ten to a room, welcoming relations who have fled from more dangerous areas.今天的叙利亚已经大变。起义已经升级为政府军和反对派的全面内战,这给国家带来了全新的自由。年轻的叙利亚人已经敢于公开的嘲讽当今政权。即便是保安部队的内部人员也在讨论政治。来自西北部省市伊德利卜的一位四岁孩子的母亲爱莎说:“我们现在都谈论一些以前在家里都不敢谈的话题。”邻里关系有时候变得比血亲关系更为牢固。利他的英雄主义精神也随处可见。女人冒着生命危险越过政府的检查点,把药品送到自由军的地盘,因为士兵搜她们身的概率更小。在大马士革,十个人挤在一个房间里睡觉,他们依然欢迎从更危险的地方逃难来的族人。But these gains have come at a terrible price. War is tearing Syria apart. For months the country has been divided between Mr Assad’s forces and the rebel groups. Neither side has victory within its grasp. The rebels control swathes of land in the north and east, where the regime shells towns and villages and sends its aircraft to bomb military and civilian targets. The regime is determined to consolidate its grip along a north-south axis from Damascus through Homs and Hama (the country’s third- and fourth-biggest towns) to Latakia, the port and region that were home to the Assad family and its Alawite sect.但这些收获付出了惨痛的代价。战争已经把叙利亚撕碎。几个月来,国家在政府军和自由军之间四分五裂。双方都没有胜算的把握。自由军占据了北部和东部大片的土地,而政府军以城镇与乡村为掩护,并且派出飞机炸毁军事目标和民众。政府军决心巩固从大马士革到霍姆斯、哈马再到拉塔基亚(分别为叙第三大、第四大城市)这条从北至南的轴线,因为拉塔基亚居住着阿萨姆家族和阿拉维教派。At present, there is no chance of a political opening that could lead to serious negotiations between the opposition and the regime. The circle around Mr Assad refuses to contemplate his exit. Until recently the political opposition, which since November has been gathered under an umbrella calling itself the Syrian Opposition Coalition, had refused to negotiate unless Mr Assad goes first. He, meanwhile, has taken comfort from the solid financial and political backing of Iran. Russia, which supplies Mr Assad with money and weapons, has sometimes hinted that it will put pressure on him, only to step back at the last minute—possibly, Western diplomats speculate, on the personal command of Vladimir Putin. They believe that Russia’s president is determined to frustrate the West, especially America, and to prevent it from forcing change, as it did in Libya. A joint call from Russia and the Arab League for a negotiated settlement does not mean that calculation has changed.目前,还没有出现政治契机能让反对派和政府军进行严肃的谈判。阿萨德的亲信们拒绝考虑让阿萨德退位。而截至最近,自由军在12月在保护框架下结成了叙利亚反对派同盟,他们拒绝谈判,除非阿萨德先退位。与此同时,阿萨德本人从伊朗对其稳固的经济、政治持上尝到了甜头。俄罗斯给阿萨德提供了武器与财力持,时不时地暗示出将对阿萨德施加压力。但俄罗斯总是在最后一刻改变了主意——西方的外交家们猜测很可能是普京本人下的命令。他们认为俄国总统决意要令西方失望,特别是让美国失望。他决意阻止西方像利比亚事件一样以武力行动来推进进程。Western governments have struggled to keep up with what is happening inside the country. Fearing another Middle Eastern adventure in the wake of Iraq, the American administration has been reluctant to do anything beyond calling for Mr Assad to go. At a congressional hearing earlier this month Leon Panetta, the outgoing secretary of defence, and General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, revealed that they had recommended arming the rebels. Although this plan had the backing of Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, and David Petraeus, then head of the CIA, the White House vetoed the idea. Though Britain and France would like to ease the European Union’s arms embargo, some European states, including Germany and the Nordic countries, are set against doing so. On February 18th, at a meeting in Brussels, the EU endorsed a compromise resolution to provide more “non-lethal aid”. Members of the Syrian opposition grumble that even the West’s pledges of cash to the political opposition have not been honoured.西方国家难以及时跟进叙利亚国内的情况。美国当局以伊拉克为鉴,不愿再次带兵深入中东。因此,美国除了呼吁阿萨德下台之外,不愿采取其他行动。在本月初举行的国会听会上,即将离任的国防部长莱昂帕内塔以及参谋长联席会议主席Martin Dempsey上将透露他们建议给反对军提供武器。尽管该计划得到了前任国务卿希拉里克林顿,中央情报局前局长David Petraeus的持,仍然遭到白宫的否决。尽管英国与法国有意放松欧盟对武器的禁运规定,其他一些欧洲国家,包括德国和北欧诸国都反对放松禁运。2月18日,欧盟在布鲁塞尔举行的会议上通过一项折中的解决办法——提供非致命性的帮助。与会的叙利亚自由军代表抱怨,欧洲答应给予他们的资金持至今还没有兑现。Opposition fighters, divided into numerous groups, varying from large battalions of a thousand to handfuls of men, get far fewer weapons than they had hoped. Gulf countries, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, have supplied mostly light weapons, many through private donors. Libya has chipped in. But the rebels are equipped mainly with AK-47 rifles, home-made rockets and kit captured from Mr Assad’s arms depots and barracks.自由军的战士们也分成了无数的派别,既有人数众多的大军,其中每营有1000人;也有十几个人的小队。他们收到的武器远少于期望。海湾国家,比如卡塔尔沙特阿拉伯还有科威特,提供的大部分是轻型武器,许多还是私人捐赠。利比亚已经介入叙利亚事务。自由军的主要装备还是AK-47步,自制的火箭炮,从阿萨德的军火库和兵营缴来的成套装备。The din of battle战争的喧嚣The UN reckons that 70,000 Syrians, mostly civilians, have died. The true figure is probably far higher: thousands have gone missing or have been locked up. In the past few weeks an average of 5,000 people have fled every day. The UN’s High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) says the number now exceeds 860,000, but many more have left uncounted. The number displaced within the country is higher still. More than 4m Syrians now lack fuel, electricity, a telephone line and food.据联合国估计,有7万名叙利亚人在冲突中死亡,其中大部分是平民。真实的数字可能更大:还有成千人失踪或者被羁押。过去的数周之内,每天平均有5千人外逃。联合国难民事务高级专员办事处称难民数超过86万人,还有许多未能统计到的人。在国内颠沛流离的难民数量更多。有超过400万叙利亚人缺油断电,通信被切断,食物短缺。A hardened and increasingly sectarian underclass on each side—disenfranchised mainly Sunni rebels and the regime’s mainly poor Alawites—is bearing the brunt of the battle. Middle-class Syrians and secular activists are leaving in droves. A lawyer in Tal Abyad, a border village north-east of Aleppo, Syria’s second city, bemoans the fact that armed rebels have displaced the civilians who sought to administer his town and the area around it. Yet the hundreds of rebel groups, despite their efforts to co-ordinate, have failed to jell into a coherent army with a chain of command. Each of them wants to stake out its own patch. Opposition groups seem keener to court their financial backers than to lighten the burden of local civilians.两方各自阶级固化且人数不断增加的社会底层人士,包括大部分被剥夺选举权的逊尼派自由军,以及占了国家大多数人口的贫穷的阿拉维教徒,他们承担了战争的苦果。中产阶级和不信教的激进分子都成群结队地逃离叙利亚。有一名律师,他来自东北部城市Aleppo的一个边境村庄 Tal Abyad,他为那些被武装反对派转移的平民哀悼。那些人原来立志要自己管理自己的家乡。而成百上千的反对派派别,尽管他们努力相互配合,依然无法形成一融合良好的军队,顺利传达命令。每一派都想占地为王。他们更愿意向他们的金主献殷勤,而不愿意减轻平民的负担。 /201304/235898Amid the recriminations, some Finns accuse Mr Elop of deliberately pursuing a line that made Microsoft the only potential buyer. But despite the value destruction of recent years, the reality is more complex. Blame also attaches to previous executives, including some of those who, under Jorma Ollila, former chairman and chief executive, rescued Nokia from near-oblivion the first time round. 在一片指责声中,有些芬兰人声称,埃洛普刻意奉行的路线导致微软成了唯一的潜在买家。然而,尽管近年来诺基亚市值一泻千里,现实情况却更加复杂。以前的高管也要担责,包括在前董事长兼首席执行官约玛#8226;奥利拉(Jorma Ollila)带领下在第一次转型中把诺基亚从几近被遗忘中拯救出来的一部分人。 As Nokia#39;s dominance grew in the early 2000s, complacency and bureaucracy crept in. In what now seems a sadly apposite jibe, given the Microsoft takeover, the group#39;s headquarters in Espoo, just outside central Helsinki, became known as “the PowerPoint Palace”, filled with middle managers obsessed about internal politics and making presentations prepared with the Microsoft tool. Riitta Nieminen-Sundell, a sociologist who worked at the company until 2005, calls the Nokia tale a “Greek tragedy”. 随着21世纪前10年初期诺基亚地位的增强,洋洋自得与官僚作风开始滋生。诺基亚位于赫尔辛基郊区埃斯波(Espoo)的集团总部以“PPT宫殿”著称,充斥着沉迷于内部政治、喜用微软PowerPoint软件进行演示的中层经理。考虑到微软的收购,这一嘲讽在今天看来非常贴切,也令人伤感。在诺基亚干到了2005年、目前是社会学家的里塔#8226;涅米宁-松德尔(Riitta Nieminen-Sundell)称,诺基亚的故事就是一出“希腊悲剧”。 If so, it is a tragedy that Finns hope will have a strong next act. Valtteri Halla, who led development of the homegrown Nokia operating system MeeGo and is now chief technology officer of Leia Media, a start-up, says: “The Nokia palace has collapsed. It was a great fortress and there are huge building blocks lying around, from which people can make things.” 如果真的是这样,芬兰人希望这出悲剧的下一幕会有精剧情。领导开发诺基亚自有操作系统MeeGo、现任初创企业Leia Media首席技术官的瓦尔特里#8226;哈拉(Valtteri Halla)表示:“诺基亚宫殿倒塌了。它曾是一座宏伟的堡垒,倒塌以后,大块砖石散落的到处都是,人们拿这些还可以做出一些东西。” Ms Nieminen-Sundell says: “[Nokia] educated one or two generations of Finns in international business, [planting] the idea that we can do it and we#39;re not a tiny country next to Sweden, almost in Russia.” 涅米宁-松德尔表示:“诺基亚教育了一两代芬兰人怎么做国际业务,植入了有志者事竟成的观念,使人们认识到,我们不是挨着瑞典的小国,而是像俄罗斯一样强大。” From his ministry corner office, with a view of the harbour and the historic Aleksanterinkatu district in central Helsinki, Mr Vapaavuori says the decline of Nokia was a bigger psychological blow to Finnish self-esteem than it was a hit to the economy. 瓦帕沃里从他的部长办公室里能够俯视港口以及位于赫尔辛基市中心的Aleksanterinkatu历史街区。他表示,诺基亚衰落对芬兰人自尊心造成的心理打击比对经济的冲击大得多。 Finnish start-ups and small technology companies are trying to prove his point. Among them are gaming companies Supercell (maker of Clash of Clans) and Rovio (Angry Birds). Another is Jolla, staffed mostly with ex-Nokians, which is developing open-source software and innovative phones in an echoing office block shared with Supercell. (“Jolla” means “little sailing ship” in Finnish, with the implication that it was a lifeboat leaving the sinking ship.) 芬兰初创企业和小型科技企业正在试图印他的观点,其中包括游戏公司Supercell(《部落战争》(Clash of Clans)制作方)和Rovio(《愤怒的小鸟》(Angry Birds)出自该公司)。另一家是Jolla,员工多数是前诺基亚人,正在开发开源软件和创新型手机,与Supercell同在一座写字楼。(Jolla在芬兰语中的意思是“小帆船”,暗指这是一艘离开沉船的救生船。) Jolla co-founder Antti Saarnio says the message to the country is that “it#39;s time to wake up” and provide even more support for smaller and medium-sized technology companies. This sentiment echoed a tweet by Ilkka Paananen, the Supercell chief executive, who said “Finland needed this” after the deal was announced. Jolla联合创始人安蒂#8226;萨尔尼奥(Antti Saarnio)表示,收购消息传递给芬兰的信号是,“是时候觉醒了”,应该给中小型科技企业提供更多持。Supercell首席执行官伊卡#8226;帕纳宁(Ilkka Paananen)在Twitter上发帖呼应这一观点,在交易信息宣布后,他说“芬兰需要这个”。 While the transition to this post-Nokia era began two or more years ago, an obvious problem is that these smaller companies cannot hope, even if they grow, to replace all of the 14,000 jobs that Nokia has shed in Finland in the past three years, as well as other work that was dependent on the company. 尽管向“后诺基亚时代”的过渡在两三年前就开始了,一个明显问题是,即便这些小型企业在发展,也不能指望它们替代过去3年来诺基亚在芬兰裁减的14000个职位,以及其他过去倚赖诺基亚的工作岗位。 Ebba Dahli, a former Nokia employee and now a partner with Kaato, which connects inward investors with opportunities and employees in Finland, says: “One of the big challenges is it#39;s not only Nokia [restructuring] – the same is going on in shipbuilding and the paper industry.” 前诺基亚员工埃巴#8226;达利(Ebba Dahli)表示:“最大的一项挑战是,进行结构重组的不仅仅有诺基亚,造船业和造纸业也一样。”如今达利是Kaato的合伙人,该公司为外国投资者在芬兰寻找商机和员工。 Mr Ala-Pietila#39;s report into the future of the technology sector is partly aimed at making the most of the Nokia building blocks, by helping Finland apply the technology skills it has learnt across many different sectors, beyond telecommunications. 阿拉-皮蒂拉关于科技行业前景的报告一定程度上是想充分利用诺基亚所具有的东西,把其在许多不同领域掌握的科技技能应用到电信业以外的行业。 Start-ups, despite their enthusiasm and ambition, will be less important for employment than sustained investment by Microsoft and other large international employers with Finnish operations. 尽管初创企业有热情,有野心,但在增加就业方面,其重要性比不上微软以及其他在芬兰运营的大型跨国企业持续做出的投资。 Finns may exude a surface calm about the Nokia deal but shortly after the Microsoft announcement there was palpable relief that Broadcom of the US had stepped in to rescue the Finnish operations of Renesas, the Japanese chipmaker, including preserving the jobs of hundreds of people in the northern town of Oulu, where Nokia remains a large employer. 芬兰人对微软收购诺基亚手机业务的交易表面上可能波澜不惊,但在微软宣布消息后不久,美国通(Broadcom)出手救助日本芯片制造商瑞萨电子(Renesas)的芬兰公司,决定保留北部城市奥卢(Oulu,诺基亚在这里依然是一大雇主)数百人的工作,很明显人们松了一口气。 Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft chief executive, has done his best to reassure Finnish politicians and Nokia staff this week that Finland will remain an important part of the strategy of the company. In Salo, a Nokia smartphone facility northwest of Helsinki, Mr Ballmer was asked by one of 1,200 staff: “Does this mean we all get Xboxes?” He said they would. 微软首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)竭尽全力地向芬兰政界和诺基亚员工保,芬兰仍将是微软战略中的重要环节。在赫尔辛基西北部一家诺基亚智能手机设备厂所在地萨洛(Salo),1200名员工中的一位问鲍尔默:“这是不是意味着我们都会拿到Xbox?”鲍尔默回答会的。 Mr Kiljander, now a director at F-Secure, a computer security group, says however painful for those who contributed to Nokia#39;s success, the sale to Microsoft makes sense. “Nokia gets rid of something that could have drowned the whole company and Microsoft gets something that allows it to continue driving its mobile strategy,” he says. 目前在计算机安全企业F-Secure担任董事的基尔扬德表示,不管这给曾为诺基亚的成功做出贡献的人带来多大痛苦,诺基亚把手机业务出售给微软是合理的。他表示:“诺基亚摆脱了那些可能会溺死整个公司的东西,而微软则得到了可以让它继续推进其移动战略的东西。” In the longer term it will take more than a handout of gaming consoles to some staff and Microsoft#39;s £250m investment in a new Finnish data centre to fill the hole left in Finland as Nokia has shrunk over the past few years. 从长期来看,要填补诺基亚近些年萎缩而在芬兰留下的窟窿,微软所需要做的不仅仅是给某些员工发放游戏机,或者投资2.5亿英镑在芬兰新建一座数据中心。 In a strange way, Finnish people suggested that the hole was probably bigger for those Finns who did not have a direct stake in Nokia, but had become used to it being the handheld calling card by which foreigners from Barcelona to Beijing recognised their country. Now that the speculation about Nokia#39;s ownership is over, it may be easier for Finns both inside and outside the company to stop raking over the errors of the past and to start building the future. 奇怪的是,芬兰人认为,这个窟窿可能对某些芬兰人而言更大——这些人与诺基亚并没有直接利益关系,但他们已经习惯人们把诺基亚当作一张名片,从巴塞罗那到北京,各地外国人用这张名片来认识他们的国家。既然诺基亚的归属已经尘埃落定,诺基亚内外的芬兰人可能更容易停止盘点过去的错误,开始为建设未来努力。 Samuli Hanninen, an engineer and Nokia vice-president responsible for smartphone imaging technology, says that when he was briefed on the forthcoming announcement one Saturday he “opened a beer and went to do some gardening”. This week, presenting the news to his team, he called for questions. One engineer put up his hand. “Can we go back to work now?” 工程师、负责智能手机成像技术的诺基亚副总裁萨穆利#8226;汉尼宁(Samuli Hanninen)表示,当他在一个周六事先得知这一交易时,他“开了瓶啤酒,干了点园艺活儿”。他向团队宣布这条消息时,问大家有没有问题。一名工程师举起手,说道:“我们现在能回去工作了吗?” /201309/256754

Unless you think you#39;re the smartest, who doesn#39;t want to be smarter? Of course I want to be smarter too, so I try to find out who#39;s the real smart guy that maybe I can learn from. James Gardner has got me an answer on Quora about whether someone#39;s smart or not.除非你觉得自己聪明绝顶无人能敌,谁不想变得再聪明一点呢?我也是,所以我就想看看能从那些聪明的家伙身上学到点什么。美国著名演员詹姆斯·加纳就在Quora上回答了我,可用来判断一个人聪明不聪明。Here are the signs of smart people:下面是聪明人的10大信号:1. They don#39;t talk as much as you, because they know they got smart by listening.他们不会说太多,因为他们知道多听才能变聪明。2. They know lots of things other than what they#39;re specialised in. Theirs is the gift of a broad mind, constantly fed with the stimulant of being interested in what everyone else is doing.除去专业知识之外,他们知道的很多。他们的天赋就是思维活跃,总是对其他人在做的事情充满好奇和兴趣。3. They juggle home, work and personal interests with dexterity and never fall back on the tired old refrain about “work life balance”. And when they#39;re juggling, they somehow manage to seem 100% engaged with what they#39;re doing, on all fronts simultaneously, even though you know they#39;re taking appropriate steps behind the scenes to make sure their lives are perfectly, serenely balanced.他们把家庭、工作和个人兴趣完美平衡,从来不会为“平衡工作和生活”这样的事情伤脑筋。当他们玩的时候,似乎会全身心的投入在这件事上面,他们面面俱到,虽然你很清楚,其实背后他们努力的走好每一步来让生活更加完美、更加平衡。4. They probably do social media. Not always, but probably. It is not only another chance to listen, but one they use to ensure they can feed their brains with things they otherwise wouldn#39;t have come across.也许他们会涉足社交媒体。不是一贯如此,只是有可能而已。这也是另外一个倾听的机会,但他们往往关注的是那些从没有经历过的事情。5. Even when things go very badly wrong, they#39;ll be smiling. Smart people never get ruffled because their smart brains present them with alternatives faster than the bad stuff can happen.即使事情发展很糟糕,他们也会面带微笑。聪明的人永远不会被打倒,他们的大脑永远都会在坏事发生之前,火速想好其他的解决方案。6. They know they are usually the smartest person in the room, but they don#39;t spend their time dwelling on that. Instead, they take it as a personal challenge to see if they can make everyone else the smartest person in the room too.他们知道自己是屋子里最聪明的人,但不会花时间去沾沾自喜。相反,他们会把这当做对自己的挑战:看他们是不是能把屋子里的其他人也变得一样的聪明。7. If they are managers, they will make every effort to get people smarter, more connected and more popular than them in their teams. They#39;re not threatened because they know that smartness is synergistic. They also make sure that their smart people get to look smarter than them for the same reason.如果他们是经理级别的人物,他们会努力让别人在整个团队中看上去比他们还要聪明、亲密和受欢迎。他们不会感到威胁,因为聪明有相互促进的作用。同理,他们也会确保这些聪明人看起来更聪明。8. They have hidden skills that never get rolled out until they#39;re needed. They don#39;t have any need to show their full capabilities for reasons of proving they#39;re better than others.不到万不得已,他们不会展现出自己的所有技能,无需仅仅为了明自己比别人厉害而去秀自己的能力。9. They may or may not have expensive educations. You#39;d never know, just by being with them unless you had their CV in front of you.他们也许没有受到非常高端的教育,除非看到他们的简历,否则你永远都无从得知。10. They never, ever, under any circumstances, make you look stupid, even though it would be easy to do so. They#39;ve learnt through bitter experience that the only thing that happens when you make someone look bad is you look bad yourself.在任何情况下,他们绝对绝对不会让你看起来很愚笨,哪怕这是件轻而易举的事情。因为从过去的教训中他们学到的是,让别人看起来糟糕的唯一手段就是让自己也出洋相。Now you should know who the smart people are. If you want to be the smart one, let me give you this extra advice from Steve Jobs “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.现在你应该知道谁才是聪明人了吧。如果你想变得聪明,再送你一句话,就是乔帮主那句经典的名言:“求知若饥,虚心若愚;。 /201309/256743

Americans really, really trust Hollywood. They are, however, far more skeptical of Washington, D.C.据外国媒体5月10日报道,美国人真的非常信任好莱坞。相比之下,华盛顿的政客们却并不享有这种殊荣。A new survey on the most trusted people in America finds actors taking the top three spots: Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Denzel Washington. The first politician to appear on the list is former President Jimmy Carter, who comes in at number 24.瓦格纳集团为《读者文摘》进行调查时1000名参与者被问到这样一个问题:谁是他们最信任的人。结果显示,在美国人最信任的人当中,好莱坞明星占据了前三位,他们分别是汤姆·汉克斯,桑德拉·布洛克和丹泽尔·华盛顿。 在这个排行榜上,排名最高的政治家是前总统吉米·卡特,名列第24位。Carter, 88, often referred to as the most successful ex-president in American history, has earned bipartisan praise since leaving office for his work on behalf of various humanitarian causes.今年88岁的卡特被认为是美国历史上最成功的前总统,他离任后为各种人道主义事业奔波,赢得两党赞许。During his successful 1976 presidential campaign, Carter won over a majority of American voters with his “Trust Me” campaign slogan.在1976年的总统竞选中,他以“相信我”这句竞选口号赢得了大部分美国选民的持,最终获胜成为总统。The surveyed asked 1,000 participants who they trusted the most and was conducted by The Wagner Group for Readers Digest.President Obama made the list as well but came in at number 65.Obama did edge out Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who was listed number 66 in the poll.奥巴马总统也进入了这个排行榜,但只排在第65位。挤掉奥巴马的不是别人,而是美国著名喜剧演员亚当·桑德勒,他位居奥巴马之上,是第64位最受美国人信任的人。不过奥巴马也挤掉了最高法院法官安东宁·斯卡利亚,他居于奥巴马之后,排在第66位。According to the list, Obama was edged out by none other than Adam Sandler, named the 64th most trusted person in America.The president was also far outclassed by his own wife. Michelle Obama was the top-ranked Washingtonian on the list, coming in at number 19. Unless you count Clint Eastwood, came in at number 13 on the list.但奥巴马总统排名远在夫人之后。米歇尔-奥巴马是排名最高的华盛顿人士,排在第19位。当然除非你要算上排在第13的克林特-伊斯特伍德。No other former president made the list, though Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 candidate, came in at number 51.没有其他美国前任总统进入这份榜单,有可能参加2016年总统选举的希拉里·克林顿入围名单,名列第51位。The most popular judicial figure on the list? Well, that would be Judith Sheindlin, “Judge Judy,” who beat out all nine Supreme Court justices, coming in at number 29 on the list.这份榜单上最受欢迎的司法人物是谁?是电视节目《茱迪法官》(Judge Judy)的主持人茱迪·山德林,她击败了最高法院的全部九名法官,荣登这份榜单的第29位。Of course, all of these numbers are slightly skewed. Reader’s Digest notes that the top three choices, by far, were “your own doctor” (77%), “your own spiritual adviser” (71%), and “your own child’s current teacher” (66%). Those responses were removed to focus on public figures.当然,这些排名并不完全准确。《读者文摘》指出,参与者选择最多的前三位最受信任的人是“你的医生”(77%),“你的灵性导师”(71%)和“你孩子的现任教师”(66%)。但调查为了关注公众人物舍弃了这些。Some other interesting names in the top 100:在这份百人排名榜上还有一些有趣的名字:TV cooking host Rachel Ray (31) edged out former Secretary of State Colin Powell (32)电视烹饪节目主持人瑞秋·雷 (第31位)挤掉了前美国国务卿科林·鲍威尔(美国第一个黑人国务卿)(第32位)Star Wars creator George Lucas (42) is more trusted than Chief Justice John Roberts (44).电影《星球大战》导演乔治·卢卡斯 (第42位) 比首席大法官乔治·罗伯茨(第44位)更受信任。The top 10 was dominated by Hollywood figures, including Meryl Streep (4), Steven Spielberg (6) and Julia Roberts (10).榜单的前十位全是好莱坞人物,其中包括梅丽·史翠普(第4位),斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格(第6位)和茱莉亚·罗伯茨(第10位)。They are all, apparently, more trusted than 2012 Nobel Prize-winning chemist Robert J. Lefkowitz, who was named the 11th most trusted person in America.2012年诺贝尔奖获得者,著名化学家罗伯特·J·莱夫科维茨屈居他们之后,名列第11位。 /201307/247523

Alan Kozlowski purchased a strip of untouched, oceanfront land on the southern tip of the Thai island of Koh Samui in 2005 and spent the next couple of years -- and about .5 million -- constructing an eight-bedroom vacation house.2005年,阿兰#8226;科兹洛夫斯基(Alan Kozlowski)在泰国苏梅岛(Koh Samui)的南端购置了一块未经开发的滨海土地。在接下来的几年中,他斥资大约350万美元在这块土地上建成了一栋有八间卧室的度假屋。The 64-year-old filmmaker was drawn to the forested land because of its ocean views, natural setting and the ability to have a feature rarely seen in his home state of California: beachside pavilions, including a fully exposed dining area and a yoga space that opens to the tropical breezes and expansive South China Sea views.这片郁郁葱葱的土地之所以吸引这位现年64岁的电影制片人是因为其壮阔的海景、周边的自然环境以及在其老家美国加州罕见的一种特色建筑:海滨凉亭,其中包括完全暴露在室外的用餐区和一块练习瑜伽的空间。此间,热带海风毫无遮挡地吹着,壮阔的南中国海海景就在眼前。Then the cobra moved in.但没想到的是,眼镜蛇也“住”了进来,成了他的“室友”。Open-air living -- homes with spaces completely or partially exposed to the outdoors -- was part of what drew Mr. Kozlowski to Southeast Asia, but, as he quickly discovered, it also meant new roommates. In addition to the snake, there were bats, foot-long geckos and flying beetles encroaching on the property.露天起居是吸引科兹洛夫斯基来到东南亚居住的部分原因。但他很快就发现,这同时意味着你有了新的“室友”。除了蛇,还有蝙蝠、长脚壁虎和四处飞窜的甲虫与你比邻而居。所谓“露天起居”是指你的家中有一些空间完全或部分暴露在室外。#39;You#39;re in the tropics, on their land. You have to make friends with them, #39; said Mr. Kozlowski, who rents out the home he calls Samudra when not vacationing there. As for the cobra, he had it removed from the property. #39;I have a no-kill policy, #39; he says.科兹洛夫斯基说,“你在热带地区,这里是它们的地盘。你必须学会和他们交朋友。”不在泰国度假的时候,科兹洛夫斯基会将这栋他称之为“萨穆德拉”(Samudra)的屋子租出去。至于前面提到的眼镜蛇,他已将其从房中“请”了出去。他说,我的原则是“不杀生”。Though forms of open-air living have long existed in Southeast Asia, more overseas homeowners are showing an interest in houses from Thailand to Vietnam and Indonesia, bringing elaborate designs that integrate nature into daily living. Bedrooms might have retractable doors on an entire wall. Or roofless bathrooms with showerheads protruding from a large boulder or tree branches that cascade over the tub.在东南亚,露天起居的生活方式早已存在,但越来越多的海外房主对泰国、越南和印尼的海滨房产表示出了兴趣。他们带来了种种将自然融入日常生活的精心设计:卧室的伸缩门可能占据了一整面 ;没有屋顶的浴室中,淋浴喷头可能安装在一块突出的大石头上,或悬垂于浴缸上方的树枝上。But the idyllic, natural lifestyle they conjure can be a little too natural, and at odds with the realities of living in tropical climates.但房主们祈求的这种田园诗般的自然生活方式可能有点太过原生,它与在热带气候条件下生活的现实不相一致。Mr. Kozlowski isn#39;t the only one with critter problems.科兹洛夫斯基并非唯一受野生物种“亲近”的屋主之一。Alison Dilallo is the owner of a six-bedroom villa in a jungle setting on the Indonesian resort island of Bali that has an open-sided dining pavilion with a thatched roof next to the pool. It also has an open-sided TV lounge with polished concrete floors.艾莉森#8226;迪拉罗(Alison Dilallo)在印尼度假胜地巴厘岛的丛林中拥有一栋带六间卧室的别墅。别墅的泳池旁有一座用于用餐的开放式凉亭,凉亭的屋顶用茅草覆盖。别墅还有一个开放式的用于看电视的休息室,室内的混凝土地板经过打磨。Ms. Dilallo, who is 51 years old and lives in Perth, Australia, uses the house four or five times a year with her family, renting it out during the rest of the time. She said she and her husband bought the villa about 5 1/2 years ago for .3 million and later added onto it, investing a further .5 million in the property.现年51岁的迪拉罗住在澳大利亚珀斯,她每年会和家人到印尼的别墅度假四到五次,剩下时间则将别墅出租。她说她和丈夫大约在五年半前斥资130万美元买下了这栋别墅,之后又投入150万美元进行扩建。One time, she had to call a gecko catcher to remove the 8-inch creature from one of the five exposed bathrooms. In addition to the lizards, Ms. Dilallo also has had to deal with the occasional wild frog or cat that has wandered into the living room.有一次,她不得不请人将一只长八英寸(约合20厘米)的壁虎从一间开放式浴室捉走。别墅中共有五间这样的浴室。除了蜥蜴,迪拉罗还得不时应对“闲逛”走入客厅的野青蛙或野猫。#39;If there are no doors or windows, insects or rodents know no boundaries, so they come in naturally, #39; says Alistair Wright, owner of EcoPest Samui in Koh Samui, which handles everything from snakes to scorpions to termites. #39;The house becomes part of the environment.#39;苏梅岛害虫防治机构EcoPest Samui的所有人阿利斯泰尔#8226;赖特(Alistair Wright)说,如果家中没安门窗,昆虫或啮齿类动物可不知道所谓的“边界”,所以它们自然会跑到你家里去。他说,你的家已经成为周遭环境的一部分了。EcoPest Samui负责处理闯入住户家中的所有昆虫或啮齿类动物,从毒蛇到蝎子再到白蚁,不一而足。Homeowners gush about the ability to bring the outdoors in, the airflow through the rooms, and the vast sense of space and uninterrupted views.令很多房主滔滔不绝称赞的是,这里的房子除了能和室外风情融为一体,各个房间空气畅通,还能享受巨大的空间感和毫无遮挡的视野。#39;They like to have a different feeling and experience than what they have in their country, #39; says Popo Danes, a Balinese architectural designer who often builds second (and sometimes third and fourth) homes for his clients. #39;I#39;m not expecting a New Yorker to want to live in a multistory apartment in Bali.#39;巴厘岛建筑设计师波波#8226;丹斯(Popo Danes)说,“在这里置业的人喜欢不同于其祖国的一种感受和体验。”丹斯常为客户建造二套房(有时甚至是第三套或第四套房)。“我认为一个纽约人在巴厘岛不会想住在多层公寓里。”Pests and insects can be more than an inconvenience. In Indraneel Datta#39;s case, they were a health threat. Mr. Datta, a political consultant who has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years, had his first open-air home built in 2002 in a paddy field in Seminyak on the west coast of Bali, where his wife, a fashion designer, and their two children contended with overbearing heat, bugs and poor air flow.有时,害虫和昆虫带来的不仅仅是不便。在英德拉尼尔#8226;达塔(Indraneel Datta)看来,它们对他的健康构成了威胁。达塔是一名政治顾问,过去15年他一直住在印度尼西亚。他的首套开放式住宅建于2002年,地址选在巴厘岛西海岸水明漾(Seminyak)的一块稻田里。在那里,他的妻子(一位时装设计师)和两个孩子不得不和难以忍受的酷热、臭虫以及糟糕的空气流动性抗争。The family packed up their bags and left after Mr. Datta, 45 years old, caught dengue fever, a mosquito-borne virus endemic to tropical and subtropical climates that causes flulike symptoms and can be deadly.在45岁的达塔患上登革热之后,这家人收拾行囊离开了这里。登革热是一种经由蚊子传播的疾病,属热带和亚热带地区特有。它会导致患者产生类似流感的症状,有时还可能致命。Then he found there were other headaches that he hadn#39;t considered.后来他发现,住在这里还有他此前不曾预料到的其它令人头痛的问题。For Mr. Datta#39;s next home, which he designed with the help of an architect, more thought was put into the topography of the land, the type of soil, the wind direction #39;and, of course, the bugs in [the] area, #39; he says. This home, which he calls Casaviva Bali, sits on a hillside in Jimbaran in Bali overlooking the Indian Ocean. He spent about 0, 000 on the land and construction costs.因此,在建筑师的帮助下设计第二套房的时候,达塔说他考虑更多的是土地的地形、土壤的类型、风向以及所在区域的臭虫问题。达塔将这套房称作Casaviva Bali,房子位于巴厘岛金巴兰(Jimbaran)的山腰上,可以俯瞰印度洋。购置土地和建筑成本花了他大约50万美元。All was well with the house, which once had a fully exposed living room, dining area and kitchen, until the start of the rainy season. During a bad storm in January 2011, Mr. Datta says, the winds #39;were literally blowing off our heavy wooden blinds in the living room.#39;在雨季开始前,这栋房子看上去一切都很好。房子的客厅、用餐区和厨房此前完全暴露在室外。达塔说,2011年1月发生了一场糟糕的风暴,大风“将客厅厚重的木质百叶窗吹掉了”。After that, the couple added retractable glass doors to the space. They left a second living area, with weather-resistant sofas and chairs, open to the outside.在这之后,夫妻俩给这片原本开放式空间增加了多扇可伸缩的玻璃门,只留下另一块开放式生活区域,而此区域中放有能够抵御各种天气的沙发和椅子。#39;We didn#39;t know how violent it would get, #39; Mr. Datta said of the storm. #39;So we#39;re in learning mode. Ultimately, there#39;s no cookie-cutter approach.#39;达塔说,“一开始我们并不知道情况会变得如此恶劣。所以我们也在学习之中。但总之并没有以不变应万变的应对方法。”This trial-and-error approach is common with homeowners, says German architect Walter Wagner, whose company, Habitat5, has built open-air houses in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.德国建筑师沃尔特#8226;瓦格纳(Walter Wagner)说,这种不断试错的做法在房主中很常见。瓦格纳的事务所Habitat5在印尼、泰国和菲律宾曾建造过多栋开放式房屋。#39;You have to understand the weather, where the sun rises and sets; how to protect your building during rains and winds, #39; he says. #39;It#39;s the responsibility of the architect to get the orientation of the house right to reduce heat load or rains.#39;瓦格纳说,“你必须了解天气,日出和日落的位置,在雨天和大风天如何保护自己的房子。确保房子朝向正确以降低热负荷或不受雨水侵袭是建筑师的责任。”For those who brave it, Mr. Wagner says, adjustments are typically made down the line, whether that means adding roller blinds or sliding glass doors.瓦格纳说,对于那些勇敢的人而言,他们所做出的调整通常很彻底,无论这是否意味着要添加卷帘百叶窗或滑动玻璃门。Homeowners also need to carefully select their furniture, with an eye toward pieces that can withstand everything from monsoons to salty sea breezes. Mr. Datta says his stainless-steel stools rusted and his olive couch faded to a #39;bird-crap green.#39;房主也需要仔细选择他们购买的家具。挑选家具的着眼点在于:家具必须可以承受季风和带有盐分的海风等各种气候条件。达塔说,他买的不锈钢凳子最后生锈了。他的橄榄色沙发则褪色成“像鸟屎一样的绿色”。Some people take extra precautions: Mr. Datta, who has seen snakes lurking around in the garden, says he keeps antivenin in the refrigerator. #39;We#39;ve never had to use it, but it#39;s a sensible thing to do.#39;有些人会采取额外的预防措施:达塔曾见过潜伏在花园里的蛇,因此他总在冰箱里存放抗蛇毒血清。他说,“我们还没有机会用过血清,但这无疑是明智的做法。” /201307/247508

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:身边住着这么一个,每每让你心里“羡慕嫉妒恨”的邻居,克莱尔脑门得多画多少竖条啊~!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/240685

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