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4. Daniel Etter. Istanbul, Turkey. June 1, 2013.2013年6月1日,土耳其伊斯坦布尔,摄影:丹尼尔·埃特The scale of the protests took me by surprise. Living near Istanbul#39;s Taksim Square, I am used to seeing demonstrations. The Gezi Park Protest seemed nothing exceptional at first. So I left Turkey for a story in the Ukraine. But as I was traveling, the movement to save Gezi Park turned into protests against the rule of Prime Minister Erdogan. I decided to fly back.这场冲突的规模之大使我震惊。我住在伊斯坦布尔的塔克西姆(Taksim Square)广场附近,早已习惯了各种游行。一开始,这次加济公园(Gezi Park)抗议似乎并无异常。所以我离开土耳其前往乌克兰采访一起新闻。但是在我出发途中,挽救加济公园的行动演变为反对首相埃尔多安(Erdogan)政权的示威冲突。我决定飞回伊斯坦布尔。The following night, I photographed youths clashing with police near the Prime Minister#39;s office in Dolmabahce Palace. The protesters pushed towards his office and the police fought back with water cannons and enormous amounts of tear gas. To make it harder for the police to advance, the protesters built barracks out of everything they could find.第二天晚上,我拍下了年轻抗议者在多尔马巴赫切宫(Dolmabahce Palace)总理府附近与警察发生激烈冲突的一幕。警察用水炮和大量催泪瓦斯阻止抗议者冲进总理府。抗议者用手边一切可能的材料修建路障,封堵警方。On one of the barricades I saw this guy waving the Turkish flag, collapsing from the tear gas and retreating when it was too much too take. Even though I wore a gas mask, I had problems breathing. He did that a few times without any protection. I followed him for a while and took this frame.在一个路障上,我看到这名挥舞着土耳其国旗的男子,由于吸入过多催泪弹慢慢垮掉并后退的场景。尽管我带着防毒面罩,仍感觉呼吸困难。而他无任何保护措施却坚持良久。我跟着他后来拍下了这种照片。The photo went viral within minutes after I posted it on Facebook and a Turkish friend shared it. Within hours 10,000 people posted it, made it their profile picture and appropriated it. It appeared on t-shirts and posters and, oddly, was turned into a monument in Turkey#39;s third biggest city, Izmir.我将照片发到脸谱网上没几分钟点击率飙升。一名土耳其朋友分享了照片,几个小时内,1万人转发并将其设为主页头像。这张照片被印在T恤、海报上,甚至被刻在土耳其第三大城市伊兹密尔的纪念碑上。 /201312/269452

这早莎朗·斯通的原话: Sharon Stone made a not so smart statement while on the red carpet in Cannes. She was asked if she had heard about the disaster that hit China recently, and her answer was: "Of course I have. Well you know at first I thought I'm not happy with the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans….and I've been concerned with should we have the Olympics because they're not being nice to the Dalai Lama who's a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake and stuff happened and I thought, 'Is that Karma, when you're not nice and the bad things happen to you?'" Well that's one way of looking at things, Sharon. Although, we don't think most people agree with that way of thinking. She tried redeeming her comment afterwards but you can't take what you said back. Dear Ms. Sharon Stone,This is writing from an ordinary Chinese actor, who took part in the Festival for his film “Half Water Half Blaze” in Canna. I was extraordinary scandalized at your “Nemesis” saying about Wenchuan earthquake happened in our country several days ago.Wenchuan earthquake brings the vastness disastrousness to all Chinese people. There are thousands of life got killed in a minute, and millions of people become destitute and homeless. It’s such a very unusual tragedy even in the whole world. People of disaster areas get huge support, encourage and reinforcement from people all over the world with feeling and conscience.There’re many people in China who likes you and your films, they do respect you as well. But your saying about Wenchuan earthquake really hurts those people extraordinarily, not only Chinese but also Americans who care and support people of disaster areas.However, whatever your extreme and unwisdom saying comes from, there’s one thing we can be quite sure enough that you are devoid of humanity. There’re something else besides your grace and exquisite acting skill on the silver screen, and your beautiful face, that is your venomed and vanished conscience heart.I condemn you strongly on behalf of all Chinese actors and actress who were in Canna. Also we require you to take your irresponsible and extreme saying back, meanwhile make apology to all Chinese people.Huinan ZhaoMay 26, 2008cannes尊敬的莎朗斯通女士:我是中国的一位普通演员,本次因为自己参演的电影《一半是海水\一半是火焰》展映来到戛纳,在这里我非常震惊的听到您有关我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论。汶川大地震已经给中国人民带来了异常惨重的损失,数万生命转瞬即逝,百万群众流离失所。如此惨重的灾难,在全世界范围内都是极为罕见。全球华人,全世界有良知和悲悯之心的人们都给予了灾区人民巨大的持、鼓励、援助。作为一位有着世界影响力的影坛明星,许多中国人都异常的喜爱您的电影,并给予您本人应有的尊重和敬意。但是您关于我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论,却极大的伤害了我们,更加刺痛了所有为灾区奉献爱心的人民,其中也包括美国人民。由此我得出结论,不论您的言论从何而来,因何而来,在人的立场上,您缺乏基本的人性关爱。在您优雅,精湛的银幕表演下面,有着非常恶毒,几近泯灭天良的本质。对此我代表在戛纳的所有华人演员对您和您的言论进行最强烈的谴责,并要求您收回那些不负责人的言论,同时向中国人民致歉。赵会南2008年5月26日 戛纳 /200805/40452

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