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On behalf of the whole country, I want to wish Her Majesty the Queen a very special 90th birthday. Her Majesty has devoted her entire life to the service of others, representing our country, and carrying out all her duties with extraordinary grace and humility. Rarely has anyone in public life served for so long, served so brilliantly, worked so hard, and brought so many people together. And in this modern Elizabethan era, in which so much around her has changed, Her Majesty has been steadfast, a rock of strength for our nation, for our Commonwealth, and on so many occasions, for the whole world. She is our Queen and we could not be more proud of her. Happy Birthday, Your Majesty, and long may you continue to reign over us all.201605/440932。

  • SCENE① B 晚上八点半 在酒吧里【你一定要踏出第一步】Herbert: Every time I’m near a girl, I get 1) tongue-tied.赫伯特: 每次我一靠近女孩子,就会变得结结巴巴。Don: You have to 2) make the first move, Herbert.唐: 你一定要踏出第一步,赫伯特。Herbert: Like what?赫伯特: 比如说?Don: Why not write a letter?唐: 为什么不写封信?Herbert: I’m not 3) good with words.赫伯特: 我的文笔不好。 Don: I'll write a great love letter for you.唐: 我来帮你写一封很棒的情书。Herbert: Would you? Thanks!赫伯特: 真的?谢啦。 语言详解 A: I get all tongue-tied when I talk to him. 我跟 他说话时舌头都紧张得打结。 B: Ah, that's love... 喔,那是恋爱了…… 【Why not write a letter?为什么不写封信?】 这句省略句还原为Why don't you write a letter?,当你建议别人去做什么事的时候,就可以说Why not...? (为什么不……) 【Would you?你真的要吗?】 当别人表示要帮你做事的时候,你可以说Would you?来表示意外得助的感谢,这句省略句还原为Would you do that for me? A: Would you ever consider marrying me? 你有没有可能考虑跟我结婚?B: No. We have absolutely nothing in common. 没有。我们完全没有共通点。 1) tongue-tied (a.) 结巴的2) make the first move 踏出第一步3) good with words 文笔好 /200708/16577。
  • 6 Housing 住房问题One Do you rent an apartment or own it? 你租房住,还是住自己的房? 1 Introduction The issue of housing is something that China and America generally have in common. In the U.S., like here, houses and apartments are usually more expensive in the cities and the suburbs. The places to live in rural America are usually much less expensive.住房问题通常是中国和美国都所共有的问题。在美国,像这里一样,城市和郊区的房子和公寓都通常贵许多。住在美国乡村通常也要便宜得多。2 Sample Sentences 1. They live in the apartment above ours. 他们住在我们楼上的一套公寓房里。2. The kitchen sink is broken.厨房水池坏了。3. Are there friends or family in the neighborhood?附近一带有朋友或者亲戚吗?4. Would you like a duplex or a mobile home?你想要双层楼公寓还是活动房屋?4. This one is furnished, and the neighborhood looks nice. 这套配置有家具,居民区看起来也很漂亮。6. Does the garage apartment have a fenced yard? 车库式的公寓有篱笆围着的院子吗?7. The suburbs usually have their own churches, schools, and shopping centers. 郊区通常都有他们自己的教堂,学校和购物中心。8. Many people prefer to live near the center of cities, but because houses there are expensive, they often commute from suburbs. 许多人比较喜欢住得离市中心近一点,但是因为那儿的房子太贵,所以他们经常住郊区上下班往返。9. There are only two crimes this year so far in my neighborhood. 到目前为止,今年我们居民区才发生了两起犯罪案。10. The place I’m living now has planes flying over day and night. I can’t stand the noise sometimes! 我现在住的地方日日夜夜都有飞机经过。有时候我真受不了这噪音!3. Conversations 1. House and employment. A: Susan, I am inviting you and Frank to our “house warming” party this weekend.B: A house warming party?A: Yes, Deborah and I are going to buy a new home in Woodlawn.B: Congratulations! That’s wonderful. I bet both of you are quite happy.A: Well, we have always dreamed of owning our own home, but real estate1 in this area is extremely expensive.B: I understand. That’s why Christopher and I want to find a place in a small town, far from the city.A: That’s a good idea if you can find employment nearby.B: I agree. That’s why Christopher is aly looking for a job in Maine, or Wisconsin. ——苏珊,我邀请你和弗兰克这个周末来参加我们家的“乔迁之喜”聚会。——“乔迁之喜”聚会?——是啊,戴拉和我打算在乌德洛买个新房子。——恭喜你们!那太好了。我猜你们两个肯定都很高兴。——是啊,我们一直都梦想着有自己的房子,但是这个地区的房产实在太贵了。——我能理解。那就是为什么克力斯多夫和我想在一个远离城市的小镇上买个房子。——如果你们能在附近找个工作那就好了。——我也这么认为。那就是为什么克力斯多夫总是想在缅因州或者威斯康辛州找份工作。2. High rent.A: I can’t believe the cost of apartments in New York City.B: Oh, you didn’t know that apartments here are considered valuable, even if they are small and crowded?A: Of course I had heard about that, but now I know how expensive it is to rent a place here.B: I don’t mind paying high rent to live in New York. A: Why? You pay so much for such a tiny2 space to live.B: Yeah, but so what! I’m proud to live in the world’s most excting city. And, the salaries here are the highest in the nation, too. ——我真难以相信纽约市的房价。——噢,你难道不知道这里的公寓虽然很小、很挤,但还是很值钱吗?——我当然听说过了,但是现在我知道在这里租间房都多贵了。——能住在纽约,我不介意房租贵。——为什么不呢?你付那么多的钱住一个这么小的地方。——是啊,但那又怎么样?能住在世界上最繁华的城市,我很自豪。而且,这里的薪水也是全国最高的。3. Meeting new neighbors.A: Hi, my name’s Karl. My wife and I are moving in next door.B: Hello, Karl. I’m Chuck Jones. We’re going to be neighbors.A: I’m happy to meet you. It seems everyone in town is so friendly.B: This is a small town, and we like to be neighborly3. We know everyone who lives around here.A: Well, I’m from Chicago. There few people take the time to get to know their neighbors.B: So, tell me, Karl, why did you come all the way to Minnesota to live? A: We wanted to live in a more peaceful4 community and have more space. Another reason is, we can afford to buy a home here, but we can’t in Chicago! ——你好,我叫卡尔。我的妻子和我将会住在你的隔壁。——你好,卡尔。我是查克#8226;琼斯。我们将会是邻居。——我很高兴见到你。看来镇上每个人都很友好。——这是个小镇,我们喜欢和睦相处。每个住在这里的人我们都认识。——啊,是这样,我来自芝加哥。那儿很少有人会抽空来和邻居认识一下。——那,卡尔,你能告诉我你为什么会老远搬到明尼苏达州来住吗。——我们想住在一个更加安宁,地方也更加宽敞的居民区。 还有一个原因是,在这里我们可以买得起房子,但是在芝加哥却不行!4. How much is the rent?A: Let’s move out of here. This apartment is too small. B: I agree. I’ll look in the paper.A: A house would be great. I could plant a garden. And you could use the garage for a workshop.B: Here’s an interesting ad: For rent. Two-bedroom, unfurnished5 house, fenced yard, one-car garage. Pets6 OK. A: How much is the rent?B: The ad says 5 plus deposit7. A: When is the place available?B: It’s available now, and it’s got a very good location8. You won’t be far from work. ——我们搬开这个地方吧。这间公寓太小了。——我赞同。我去看一下报纸。——要是一个房子就好了。我可以有个花园栽种。你也可以把车库当作工作场所来用。——这里有一个广告很有趣:供租。两个卧室,没有家具,有个篱笆围起来的小院子,能放一辆车的车库。可以养宠物。——房租多少?——广告上说是325美金加上押金。——什么时候可以入住?——现在就可以了,而且地理位置很好。你离上班的地方都不会很远。 4 Words and Expressions1. real estate 不动产2. tiny 极小的; 微小的3. neighborly 像邻居的; 亲切的; 和睦的4. peaceful 平静的; 安宁的5. unfurnished 没有家具设备的6. pet 供玩赏的动物, 宠物7. deposit 保金; 押金; 定金8. location 位置; 场所, 所在地 /200603/5425。
  • 93. Not only..., but also... 不仅······而且······ 用法透视 表达"和,也"之意,除了用"and",还有很多方法,这就是一个。 持范例 1. She is not only a singer but also an actress. 她不仅是歌手,还是演员。 2. Not only your father but also I don't approve of your plan to travel alone. 不只是你父亲,我也不赞成你独自旅行的计划。 3. He is good at planning his time, so he has enough time not only for work, but also for play. 他很善于安排自己的时间,所以他既有足够的时间工作,也有足够的时间玩儿。 会话记忆 A: Do you do morning exercises? 你早晨锻炼吗? B: Yes. I do one set of shadow-boxing every morning after I get up. 是的,我每天早上起来都打一趟太极拳。 A: Shadow-boxing? How interesting! Do you think it really helpful for your health? 太极拳?有意思!你真以为它有助于你的健康吗? B: Definitely. It not only keeps me fit but also helps me concentrate on my soul. 当然。它不仅使我保持健康,而且也帮助我集中精神 /200706/14632。
  • Im very, very stoked to be here today,今天能来到这里我很兴奋representing my kinfolk and all those that havent managed to make a career out of an innate ability for inhuman noisemaking.代表所有同仁和所有与生俱来能够发出非人的声音,却还未成功创出一番天地的朋友们Because it is a bit of a niche market,因为这算是一个利基市场and theres not much work going on, especially where Im from.而且这个圈子仍比较冷清,特别是我的家乡You know, Im from Brisbane, which is a great city to live in.我来自布里斯班,是个非常宜居的城市Yeah! All right! Most of Brisbanes here. Thats good.耶!好嘞!大多数的班城人都来了,很好You know, Im from Brizzy, which is a great city to live in,大家知道我来自班城,是个非常宜居的城市but lets be honest -- its not exactly the cultural hub of the Southern Hemisphere.但坦白说,那儿不算是南半球的文化中心So I do a lot of my work outside Brisbane and outside Australia,所以我在其他城市表演,在其他国家表演and so the pursuit of this crazy passion of mine我对这一份疯狂热情的追逐has enabled me to see so many amazing places in the world.使得我去到过世界上很多神奇的地方So Id like to share with you, if I may, my experiences.所以,如果可以的话,我想和大家分享我的经历So ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take you on a journey女士们先生们,我将要带大家踏上一段旅程throughout the continents and throughout sound itself.穿越大洲,穿越声音We start our journey in the central deserts.我们的旅途从中央沙漠开始201612/481781。
  • VOA流行美语 9: all-nighter; cram[流行美语]又和大家见面了。Michael是一个在纽约上大学的美国年轻人,他经常跟中国学生李华一起玩。Michael向李华学中文,李华向 Michael 学英文。Michael 正在准备考试,有很多功课要做,但是李华要他出去休息休息,两人约好下午在动物园见面。他们在对话中会用这两个词:all-nighter和cram。L: 嗨,Michael. 我在这儿!M: Hey, Li Hua. Oh, the elephant house, let's go in and take a look.L: 噢,那是大象馆啊? 好, 进去看看。 不行,不行,这儿太臭 了。走吧!M: Oh, yeah. Let's get out of here. In fact, I've got a lot of studying to do. I'm going to need to pull an all-nighter.L: 我知道你有很多功课,但是你在准备考试的时候也总得休息休息 嘛。我听说这次考试会很难。你刚才说 all-nighter 是不是开夜车 的意思呀?M: Yeah, that's what I meant. Li Hua, you're smart!L: 我是猜出来的, all的意思是整个,全部,nighter和 night 很像。我想一个人要整夜学习,那不就是开夜车吗?但是,有一点我不太懂,你说:to pull an all-nighter,什么是pull ?M: Pull means to get yourself through a difficult time.L: 噢, pull an all-nighter, 就是迫使自己整夜念书,因为要这样做是很辛苦的。M: Yep. You wouldn't have to pull an all-nighter because you have been studying all semester, I haven't been.L: 这你可说对了。我不需要开夜车,因为我整个一学期都在学习。 你要开夜车,因为你平时不学习。M: I know, I know, you're a better student than I am. L: Michael, 我真喜欢纽约的秋天, 空气很清新。你要是能跟我一起玩,不用回去念书,那该多好啊!M: I don't want to go study either, but I should.L: 对啊, 你 要是上星期多花点时间念书不就好了嘛。现在你得临时抱佛脚了。M: I perform better on tests when I cram.L: Cram? Cram是把什么东西塞进去的意思,跟学习有什么关系呢?M: Well, it's sort of the same meaning. I'm going to do a lot of studying at the last minute, that's what it means to cram.L: 意思差不多?噢,我知道了!Cram就是我们中文里说的填鸭式方法,就是硬把食品塞给鸭子吃,这样鸭子就长得肥。北京烤鸭 就是用这种鸭子做的。你说的cram 是临时抱佛脚,在考试前猛记猛背,把知识往脑子里塞。你还认为这是好办法?M: Well, everyone's different. Cramming works for me.L: 你认为临时抱佛脚对你来说行得通。可是,Michael,想把半学期的内容在一个晚上记住,这样做可真傻。M: Stop being my mother, Li Hua!L: 我才不想当你妈呢, 你不听我的话,那就算了。Michael, cram这个词是否还能用在别的场合呢?M: Not really. It's only used to describe studying for a test, usually college or high-school level.L: 噢,只能指大学生或中学生在考试前开夜车,临时抱佛脚。M: And that's what I need to do, right now. It's getting late and I know I will have to pull an all-nighter.L: 好吧,我明天早上给你打电话。M: No, don't worry about me, I'm sure I will still be cramming.L: 哟,你还准备开夜车开到天亮呐? Ok, well, good luck!今天李华向Michael学了两个常用语,一个是:all-nighter, 意思是开夜车;另一个是:cram, 这是指中学生或大学生在考试前临时抱佛脚。 今天的[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次再见。 /200601/3080。
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