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武汉/阿波罗男子医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱武汉/阿波罗男子医院外科武汉/医院能做包皮和自创 A new study by an international team of animal behaviour specialists suggests that cats who reluctantly allow their owners to stroke them could be more stressed out than moggies who carefully avoid being petted.某国际动物行为研究组织最近发布的研究结果表示,那些被动的让主人抚摸它们的喵星人,比尽量避免被抚摸的喵星人更容易产生焦虑。The surprise conclusion arose in a study conducted by researchers from the University of Lincoln, UK, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and University of Veterinary Medicine, Austria, which aimed to better understand how cats cope with living alongside humans and other felines in a single household.这个惊人的结论来自一项由英国林肯大学、巴西圣保罗大学、澳大利大兽医大学共同合作的研究项目,该项目旨在更好的了解猫是如何处理与身边的人类、以及同居一室的其他猫的关系的。Although many people consider cats to be solitary creatures, the collaborative research, published in the Journal Physiology and Behavior and presented to an international audience in Portugal in September 2013, revealed that cats can live happily together in groups, and that the number of cats is not necessarily a problem.这项研究结果已经登载在美国权威杂志《生理学与行为》上,在2013年9月于葡萄牙举行的全球第十四届欧洲进化生物学协会上,研究者向各国学者宣布了这项研究成果。该研究成果还表明,尽管许多人认为猫是喜欢独居的动物,然而事实上,许多猫可以和谐的群居在一起,猫群的数量并不会给它们带来困扰。Evidence was also found to suggest that the owner#39;s urge to pet their cat may be a stressful experience.研究者们还找到据明,特别喜欢抚摸宠物的主人可能会给宠物造成焦虑。Professor Daniel Mills, Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine at the University of Lincoln, said: ;We chose stable households to look into this question and were quite surprised by the results. Despite typically living on their own in the wild, we have known for some time that cats come together when resources like food are concentrated in a single area, for example when people feed strays. However, it might be that they do this out of need and it is still stressful for them, because they are not a naturally social species.林肯大学的兽医行为医学专业教授、丹尼尔·米尔斯教授说,“我们选择了那些稳定的家庭还进行此项研究,研究结果的确出乎意料。众所周知,猫在野外会自力更生,我们也已经知道,当食物等生活资源在一个地区相对集中时,猫会聚众在一起,例如当人们喂养流浪猫群的时候。但是,也许它们这样做是出于需要迫不得已,而且它们仍会对群居感到焦虑。因为它们生性就不是群居动物。He added: ;It seems that those cats on whom the owner imposes him or herself are the ones we need to be most concerned about. The results also reinforce the importance of ensuring that you give all individuals control over their environment, so if you have several cats you should give them the choice of sharing or having their own special areas to eat, drink and go to the toilet.;他补充说,“似乎那些被主人强行抚弄的猫才是最值得我们关注的。我们的研究结果也提醒主人们,要保家里的每只猫都能掌控周边环境。所以如果你家里有多只猫,你应该尊重它们单独或共享的各种区域,比如饮食的区域、或者排泄的区域。” /201310/260821武汉/市男科医院

武汉/武昌区男科医生湖北省妇幼保健院看泌尿科怎么样 Europe has spent hundreds of billions of euros rescuing its banks but may have lost an entire generation of young people in the process, the president of the European Parliament said.欧洲议会议长最近表示,尽管欧洲已经花费了几千亿欧元来援救其业,但可能在这一过程中失去了整整一代年轻人。Since the region#39;s debt crisis erupted in Greece in late 2009, the European Union has created complex rescue mechanisms to prop up distressed countries and their shaky banking sectors, setting aside a total of 700 billion euros.自欧洲债务危机于2009年末在希腊爆发以来,欧盟创设了一套复杂的援救机制来撑受困国家及其摇摇欲坠的业,该机制的认缴资本总额高达7000亿欧元。But little has been done to tackle the devastating social impact of the crisis, with more than 26 million people unemployed across the EU, including one in every two young people in Greece, Spain and parts of Italy and Portugal.但在应对债务危机所带来的严重社会影响上,欧盟几乎毫无作为。整个欧盟有超过2600万人失业,在希腊、西班牙、意大利以及葡萄牙的部分地区,年轻人失业率高达50%。That crippling level of unemployment has led to protests and outbreaks of violence across southern Europe, raising the threat of full-scale social breakdown, including rising crime and anti-immigrant attacks that can further rattle unstable governments.失业率高企导致南欧国家频频爆发抗议和暴力活动,社会全面崩溃的危险上升,包括犯罪率以及反移民攻击行为增加,这些也进一步对本已不稳定的政府构成威胁。;We saved the banks but are running the risk of losing a generation,; said Martin Schulz, a German socialist who has led the European Parliament, the EU#39;s only directly elected institution, since January last year.马丁?舒尔茨说:“我们挽救了业,但可能会失去一代人。”社会党人马丁·舒尔茨去年1月正式就任欧洲议会议长,欧洲议会是欧盟唯一一个直接选举产生的机构。;One of the biggest threats to the European Union is that people entirely lose their confidence in the capacity of the EU to solve their problems. And if the younger generation is losing trust, then in my eyes the European Union is in real danger,; he told the reporters in an interview.他在一次采访中告诉记者:“欧盟所面临的最大威胁之一,是人们对欧盟解决问题的能力完全丧失了信心。如果年轻的一代失去了信任,那么在我看来,欧盟正处于真正的危险之中,”Figures released last week showed 57 percent of Greeks aged 15 to 24 are out of work, and a similar scourge is tearing apart the fabric of Spain, where some university graduates in their 30s have never had a job.上周公布的数据显示,在希腊15至24岁的年轻人中失业率高达57%。而同样的灾难也在撕裂西班牙的社会体系,该国一些30多岁的大学毕业生还从未找到过工作。European Union heads of state and government will discuss the fallout from the debt crisis at a summit on March 14-15.3月14日至15日召开的峰会上,欧盟各国元首将就欧债危机的后果进行讨论。;If we have 700 billion euros to stabilize the banking system, we must have at least as much money to stabilize the young generation in such countries,; he said.舒尔茨说:“如果我们拿出7000亿欧元的资金来稳定业,那么我们必须至少拿出同样多的钱来稳定这些国家的年轻一代。” /201303/230097武汉/阿波罗检查精液要多少钱

武汉/省人民医院阳痿早泄价格No one’s gonna argue about the importance of a good night’s sleep but I have to raise an eyebrow when I see someone selling a ,500 alarm clock that claims to give you a better sleep but isn’t covered in valuable gemstones. The NightCove from Zyken uses a combination of specially engineered lighting and sounds that not only help you fall asleep and wake up more naturally but also seems to encourage the body’s phases of light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.The colored lighting apparently helps influence the brain’s production of melatonin which is linked to the body’s transitions between feeling awake and feeling sleepy. So when you use a regular light bulb for ing before bed you can throw off the levels of melatonin which in turn makes it harder to fall asleep. The lighting in the NightCove however is specially tuned to keep things in balance which should make it easier to drift off when you’re y. In the morning it then wakes you up gradually with a combination of blue and white lights to ensure you feel awake instead of wanting to hit the snooze button. 相信没有人会对一夜好眠的重要性有所争议,那么一种宣称能让你睡个好觉的标价2500美元却没有镶嵌宝石的闹钟呢?一家法国公司Zyken推出了一款名为“睡湾”的睡眠灯,它综合了光效和音效作用,不仅能使你入睡和醒来得更自然, 还能让轻度睡眠、深度睡眠及眼球快动睡眠各阶段更加协调。很显然,色照明会影响大脑褪黑激素的分泌,而褪黑激素与身体的觉醒和渴睡阶段的过渡有联系。如果你睡前阅读用的是普通灯泡,褪黑激素的分泌被扰乱,你就会比较难以入睡。而“睡湾”的灯光设计就是保持事物的平衡,使你在需要的时候容易慢慢入睡,然后在早上用蓝白光逐渐唤醒你,而不是让你骤然醒来,却仍是迷迷糊糊的想睡。 /200805/39975 黄冈不孕不育医院预约挂号武汉/市男性早泄治疗效果



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