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武汉/男人性工能差能治好吗武汉/阿波罗男子男科In this American English pronunciation , we#39;re going to go over the reduction of the words WAS and AS.这届 美式英语发音课堂,我们将要学习如何略读单词“was”和 “as”。This is sponsored by italki, where you can find a customized learning experience. More information at the end of the .本视频由italki赞助播出。上italki,定制你自己的学习经历。详情请见片尾。Many words in English reduce in sentences. WAS and AS are two examples of this.英语里的句子中经常会有略读现象。“was”和“as”就是其中两个例子。When a word reduces, that means a sound is changed or dropped.略读一个单词就是说改变或者省略一个发音。As. By itself, the word is pronounced with the AA as in BAT vowel and the Z sound. As.单词“as”单独发音时是“bat”中的元音AA加上Z的发音。as。Most of the time, in a sentence, we reduce the vowel to the schwa: uhz. As, uhz.通常在一个句子中,我们会将元音略读成弱读音。uhz. As,uhz.Why do we do that? It doesn#39;t sound clear. That#39;s ok.为什么要这么做?这样听起来并不清楚。没关系。In American English we have established this as a reduction. Even if it#39;s really fast, a native speaker will pick up on it.在美式英语中,我们将此称为略读。即使说的很快,当地人也可以听出来。In fact, we want it to be really fast so that the stressed syllables, the longer syllables, pop out of the sentence even more, are even more clear.事实上,我们希望说的很快,这样句子中的重读音节、长音节就会更突出更清楚。It#39;s the contrast of long vs. short that#39;s important in American English, so make your short really short.美式英语中重要的是长短比较,所以确保你的发音足够快。Reducing the vowel to the schwa makes it easier to say it quickly. As, uhz.将元音略读成弱读音有利于更快地发音。As,uhz.To make the schwa sound, the jaw doesn#39;t really need to drop, uhz, uhz. It#39;s just a quick, quick vowel before the Z sound.发弱读音时,下巴不需要真的下垂,uhz,uhz.。就只是Z音节前面一个很快很快的元音。To make the Z, the tongue tip is forward and down, zz, teeth are together, and buzz the vocal cords. Uhz. (loop three times)发Z的音时,舌尖往前垂下,牙齿闭合,振动声带。Uhz(循环三次)Let#39;s practice with some sentences.我们来进行一些句子练习。“As long as she says it#39;s ok, it#39;s ok with me.” As long as (loop two times). Uhz (loop three times).“As long as she says it’s ok,it’s ok with me.” As long as(循环两次) Uhz(循环三次)“It#39;s not as if I didn#39;t aly know that.” As if (loop two times). Uhz (loop three times). As if.“It’s not as if I didn’t aly know that.” As if (循环两次) Uhz (循环三次) As if.“I#39;m not as tall as her.” As tall as (loop two times). Uhz (loop two times).“I’m not as tall as her.” As tall as(循环两次) Uhz(循环两次)WAS makes the same reduction. On its own it#39;s pronounced #39;was#39;, with the UH as in BUTTER vowel.“was”也是一样的略读。单独发音时,UH就像“butter”里的元音发音一样。But in a sentence, we often reduce it to the schwa, making it very fast. Wuz (loop two times).但是在句子中,我们经常略读为弱读音,发音很快。Wuz(循环两次)Just start with the lips in a rounded position to make the W consonant, wuz. The rest is just like #39;as#39;.Let#39;s practice with some sentences.开始时嘴唇张开成发辅音“w”时的嘴型,wuz。后面和“as”一样。我们来进行一些句子练习。“I was on the phone.” Wuz (loop two times). Was on the phone.“She was aly gone.” Wuz (loop two times). Was aly.“我在打电话。” Wuz(循环两次) Was on the phone.“她已经走了。” Wuz(循环两次) Was aly.“It was really good.” Wuz (loop two times).“He was there.” Wuz (loop two times).“真的很好。” Wuz(循环两次)“他在那儿。” Wuz(循环两次)These words are not reduced all the time. I#39;m thinking of the movie Clueless where one of the characters says “AS IF!”这些单词并不是每次都略读。我记得电影《独领风骚》里面有个角色说过 “AS IF!”There will always be cases where native speakers will choose to stress and not reduce these words.But most of the time, reduce, reduce, reduce.还有其他母语发音者选择重读而不是略读这些单词的例子。但是大多数情况都是略读略读略读。If you work on integrating these reductions into your speech, they will help to smooth out your speech, help your words connect better,如果你努力把这些略读运用到你的讲话中,他们会使你的讲话更加流利,单词连接更顺畅,and give your speech greater contrast between important and less important words.让你讲话中的重点与非重点词语形成更鲜明的对比。You#39;ll sound more natural, relaxed, and American.If there#39;s a word or phrase you#39;d like help pronouncing, please put it in the comments below.你的发音将会更自然,更放松,更美式。如果还有其他单词或词组需要帮助发音,请在下面的区写出。Don#39;t forget to sign up for my mailing list by clicking here or in the description below to keep up with all of my latest s – it#39;s free.不要忘记点击这里或者下面的描述免费订阅我的邮件,关注我最新的视频。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/514609武汉/武昌区割包皮多少钱 看Flash学口语 第17课:Using the Telephone /200706/14512TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/476028大冶割痔疮多少钱

湖北省中山医院有治疗前列腺炎吗原味人文风情:The Zika virus could sp to four million people this year. So what is it? It was discovered in Uganda in the 1940s, then detected in a few other places over the years. It broke out in the Americas and the Caribbean in 2015. Zika is transmitted through a particular species of mosquito that lives mostly in tropical regions. That includes parts of the U.S.寨卡病毒今年可能会扩散到四百万人身上。所以寨卡病毒是什么?它在1940年代于乌干达发现,接着几年来在其它几个地方被检测到。寨卡病毒在2015年于美洲和加勒比海地区爆发。寨卡病毒是透过一种大多生存在热带地区的特殊品种蚊子传播。那包含美国的一些地方。There was evidence that the virus could be transmitted through other means too. Zika has been linked to paralysis and birth defects. Brazil has seen a spike in babies born with a certain kind of brain damage. Officials are now warning pregnant women not to travel to places where there#39;s an active Zika outbreak.有据显示这病毒也可能会透过其他方式传播。寨卡病毒被和瘫痪及先天缺陷作连结。巴西已经发现有某种脑部受损的新生儿数量大幅增加。官方目前正警告怀妇女不要到寨卡病毒正在流行的地方旅游。Generally though, Zika symptoms are mild, and most people infected don#39;t notice anything. There is no treatment for the virus, and officials say finding a vaccine could take up to a decade.然而一般来说,寨卡病毒的症状很轻微,而大多数受感染的人什么都不会注意到。这种病毒并无治疗方法,而官方表示要找到疫苗可能会花上长达十年的时间。 Article/201605/444651武汉/那里有不孕不育医院 I was thinking about why I was so fortunate我在想,为什么我能如此幸运地to have a, such a great life and be so happy and what was making that happen.拥有美好的生活,并且活得那么开心。这种生活源自什么?And I came to a conclusion最终,我得出一个结论that it comes down to the B-P-P, which is my Big Picture Patch. Listen,它源于B-P-P,也就是我的生活重心。听着,I#39;ve got a lot of stresses and a lot of things going on in my life like anybody else.我和其他人一样有很多压力,也经历过很多事情,We all have headaches and there#39;s so many things going on in the world and我们都很头疼,因为世界上发生的事很多,so many things to worry about.我们要担心的事也很多。And I think a lot of its genetics and,我想到很多遗传问题,obviously, probably at the end of the day很显然,或许一天结束后会发现the biggest factor in my overall happiness in life has to come down to my parents.我生活中的最大幸福因素是我的父母。What that means is that no matter what#39;s going on我的意思是不论发生什么事,you always have to look at the big picture.你都要关注生活重心。And the big picture is the health and happiness of the closest five to ten people in your life.生活重心是你生活中最亲近的5到10个人的健康幸福And I have that and no matter being on television or being really sad,我的生活重心是这样,不管是电视上还是伤心时when I think about that, that#39;s all I really care about.我真正关心的只有他们。And by only caring about the big picture, it helps me live my life.我只关注生活重心,它能帮助我生活。 Article/201706/512921武汉/包皮过长费用是多少

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