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A healthy and full lake in northern California.这是一个位于北加州环境健康水量充足的湖。Theres only one problem: this picture is three years old.只有一个问题:这是三年前的照片。And now Im walking on top of that very same bridge, take a look. 现在,我就走在那座桥上,看看吧。It is a virtual desert. This is what drought looks like in the state of California.现在这就是一片沙漠。这就是加利福尼亚州干旱的时候的样子。AZUZ: And not just any drought, California is more than two years into the worst drought and its recorded history. 这不是一次普通的干旱,这是加利福尼亚州有史以来最严重的干旱,这已经持续两年了。Its governor has declared a state of emergency, farmers have lost their crops. 州长已经宣布进入全州紧急状态,农民的作物也损失惨重。New research published in the journal ;Nature; suggests that the drying up of groundwater in the Central Valley could change pressure in the earth and trigger more earthquakes. 《自然》杂志上发表的新研究表示,随着中央谷的地下水不断减少,地面的压力将会改变,并有可能引起更多的地震。Experts say theyll be small, not much damage, but the droughts damage has been done.专家表示地震不会很大,不会造成很大的破坏,但干旱已经造成了破坏。 /201409/327842。


Success, and its quick to get back to its shell.成功 它迅速钻回它的贝壳里A fringehead can never drop its guard, theres too much competition.勃氏新热鳚必须时时提高警觉 四周的竞争太多Some fish have moved to places where they have fewer rivals.有些鱼类迁移到对手较少的地方A mudskipper a fish that spends most of its life out of the sea.一条弹涂鱼 这种鱼大多不在海里生活It can walk on land and breathe air.它可以在陆上行走,呼吸空气Its life is very different from that of most fish.它的生活和大多鱼类截然不同A fish out of water maybe,或许算是离乡背井but they thrive here in Japan.但它们在日本这里大量繁殖So whats made this upheaval worthwhile?这种变动的好处在哪里The answer lies in the mud.就在泥巴里As the tide retreats it exposes mudflats.退潮时暴露出泥地Sunlight hits the rich silt阳光照在肥沃的淤泥上and tiny plants and animals flourish there.泥地上的微小动植物蓬勃生长All food for a mudskipper.全都是弹涂鱼的食物But life on land is not without problems,但陆上生活并非无忧无虑its hard work to find a mate.因为配偶难寻201308/251703。

Goal.Theyve got one at last.射门,他们终于进了一球。And its Patrick Kluivert.帕特里克·克鲁伊维特头球破门。重点词汇: goal 进球例句:Owen and Goddard scored a goal apiece.欧文和戈达德各进一球。 201405/300782。

But this dragon isnt a big one.但是这一只科多龙并不大At five foot, this dragon is just over half grown.约一点五公尺的身长 显示它还没有成年The really big ones live in land,真正的大龙住在内陆which is exactly where Kevin and Matt must go...凯文和麦特必须前往内陆to find a place where dragons and buffalo might meet.寻找科多龙与水牛 可能相遇的地方We could spend five weeks walking around all over the island...平常我们可能要 花上五个星期踏遍整座岛just trying to find dragons randomly coming across buffalos...只为了寻找科多龙 和水牛偶然相遇的机会but fortunately for us it is the dry season...还好现在是旱季and theres only one decent waterhole left on the island...全岛只剩下一个 可称得上是水坑的地方and both the dragons and the buffalo require water, obviously,科多龙和水牛都得喝水which brings them together.所以会来到同一个地方Kevin decides to wait here,凯文决定在此等候but after a few days with no sign of dragons,但是几天下来 他们没有发现科多龙的踪迹it looks like the wrong decision.也许他估计错误了Oh, here comes a buffalo.那里来了一头水牛You know this is about as, as exciting as the day gets. Look.我看情况会越来越刺激 看See that.看到了没201307/249466。

几个世纪来,科学被排拒在善恶对错的问题以外。 Sam Harris 提出科学不但可以,更应当成为道德问题的准则,为人类设立新人道价值,带领我们走向真正的幸福生活。201308/251288。

Nothing says summer fun more than a picnic in the park, so don’t let spoiled food, sunburns, or bugs ruin your day.没有什么比在公园野餐更具夏日趣味的了,所以,不要让变质的食物,太阳晒伤或虫子破坏了你的一天。You Will Need你需要Sandwiches三明治Dressings调味品Salads and sides沙拉和配菜Plastic bowls and bags塑料碗和塑料袋Fruit水果Coolers冷藏箱Carrying bags袋子Sunscreen and bug spray防晒霜或驱虫喷雾Hats帽子Sunglasses太阳眼镜A first aid kit急救箱A plastic table cloth塑料桌布Plastic plates, cups, and flatware塑料盘,杯和餐具Wipes抹布Towels毛巾Garbage bags垃圾袋Balls球A Frisbee飞盘Bubbles肥皂泡Ice or cold packs冰袋A beverage cooler (optional)饮料冷藏箱(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Plan 1.计划菜单Plan your picnic . Barbecuing means carrying and cleaning up more, so it is easier to pack sandwiches.计划野餐菜单。烧烤意味着带的东西更多,打扫的工作更繁重,所以打包一些三明治更容易。Make your sandwiches ahead of time but put the dressing on just before you eat them.提前制作三明治,但是在吃之前再加调味品。STEP 2 Pack side items in plastic bowls and bags2.用塑料碗和塑料袋打包配菜Pack side salads and side items in plastic bowls and bags.用塑料碗和塑料袋打包配菜沙拉和沙拉用品。STEP 3 Cut fruit ahead of time3.提前切水果Cut fruit before you leave to save a mess at your party. Pack in plastic containers.出发之前切好水果,以免野餐派对上手忙脚乱。用塑料容器打包。STEP 4 Get coolers and a few other bags4.带冷藏箱和多余的袋子Grab your coolers and a couple of other carrying bags. Grocery store bags or clothing bags with handles work well.带上冷藏箱和几个便携袋。杂货袋或有提手的装衣的袋子比较适用。Use a separate cooler for drinks since people will be in and out of that one the most.使用单独的冷藏箱来装饮料,因为这个冷藏箱被人们打开和关闭的频率最高。STEP 5 Pack extra bags with necessities5.用多余的袋子打包必需品Fill a bag with sunscreen, bug spray, hats, sunglasses and a first aid kit. Put a plastic tablecloth, plastic plates and cups, plastic silverware, wipes, dry towels, and garbage bags in a second bag. Fill a third bag with balls, a Frisbee, bubbles, and other toys for the kids.用一个袋子装防晒霜,驱虫喷雾,帽子,太阳眼镜和急救箱。第二个袋子里装塑料桌布,塑料盘,杯子,塑料餐具,抹布,干毛巾和垃圾袋。第三个袋子里装球,飞盘,肥皂泡和孩子的其他玩具。STEP 6 Layer ice and food in cooler6.冷藏箱中放入冰和食品Line the bottom of your cooler with a layer of ice or cold packs and pack perishable food items, dessert at the bottom. With each layer add ice or more cold packs.在冷藏箱的底部放上一层冰,或者冰袋,然后装入易腐烂的食品,和甜品。每一层都铺上一层冰或冰袋。STEP 7 Pack car7.装车Load up the car and save room for the family.把所有物品都装上车,留下家人乘坐的空间。Did you know? The word picnic comes from the French word piquenique meaning to pick or peck.你知道吗?野餐这个词来自法语词汇piquenique,意思是野餐或郊游。视频听力译文由。201406/308540。