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武汉/治疗早泄的手术大冶市中医医院割包皮手术价格武汉/汉南区男科医院哪家好 武汉/阴茎勃起障碍

武汉/怎样检测勃起功能Tall men may want to get married earlier, but their marriages won#39;t go the distance like men with a shorter stature, a new study has claimed. It found the rate of divorce among short men is significantly less than among average and tall men. They were also more likely to marry much younger women, and make more money than their spouse.据一项新的调查称,高个子的男人会更早结婚,但是他们的婚姻却不如矮个子男人持久。平均来说,矮个子男人的离婚率相较而言更低,而且他们的妻子更加年轻,他们的收入也比配偶要多。#39;This further confims an existence of height-based status exchange in which short men compensate for their lower physical status with higher proportionalearnings, while tall men appear more likely to use their status to attract women with higher relative earnings, #39; said authors of New York University. The researchers looked at data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, which has been conducting a survey of American families since 1968.“这更加实了矮个子男人会以更高的收入为他们的身高弥补,高个子男人会利用自己的身材优势吸引相对收入更高的女人。”纽约大学的调查者称。调查者查看了收入动态专门研究小组自从1968年就对美国家庭实施的一项调查。#39;Studies of online dating suggest that physical attraction is a key factor in early relationship formation, but say little about the role of attractiveness in longer-term relationships, #39; the researchers say. Previous researcher has shown that, on average, tall men rise above their shorter colleagues in the workplace. Around 90pc of high-power business CEOs above average height, but studies have also shown that taller men earn more.“在线调查表明,在一段感情关系的初期,生理上的吸引是关键因素,但是在长期的稳定关系中却没那么重要。”调查者说道。曾有研究者者称,平均来说身高优势可以帮助男人更快升职。90%位高权重的CEO身高都高于平均值,而且他们的收入更高。The latest study最新调查Drawing on two different cohorts from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, the authors show that short, average, and tall men#39;s spouses are qualitatively different from one another. Short men marry and divorce at lower rates than others and both men#39;s height relative to other men and their height relative to their spouse are related to the within-couple distribution of household labor and earnings.从收入动态专门研究中抽取了两组,而调查者称身高不同,配偶也选择也不尽相同。矮个子男人结婚及离婚率最低,而身高问题也与家务和收入有关。#39;These findings depict an enduring height hierarchy among men on in the spousal marriage market. Further, they indicate that at least one physical characteristic commonly associated with physical attraction influences the formation, functioning, and stability of longer-term relationships. The differences in how people choose each other are substantial, the team say. Short men are more likely to marry someone of the same height or taller than a man of average height. Tall men are unlikely to to partner with someone who’s their own height, let alone someone taller.“这些结果表明,男人的身高差别在配偶的选择上也能体现出来。而且,这表明了至少有一项生理因素会影响到亲密关系的形成、发展以及长期的稳定性。”调查团队认为,人们在选择配偶时的差异才是关键。矮个子男人比平均身高的男人更愿意娶身高相同或更高的女人;而高个子的男人不希望配偶和自己同高,甚至更高。Researcher believe short men tend to use money to make up for their lack of stature. Short men also earn more than their partner, who tends to be less educated. #39;This further confirms an existence of height-based status exchange in which short men compensate for their lower physical status with higher proportional earnings, while tall men appear more likely to use their status to attract women with higher relative earnings, #39; the paper concludes.调查者认为,矮个子男人会更倾向于用金钱弥补自己身高的不足。相较于配偶,他们的收入和受教育程度都会更高。报告总结称,这进一步印了矮个子男人会以更高的收入为他们的身高弥补,高个子男人会利用自己的身材优势吸引相对收入更高的女人。 /201409/328346武汉/治不孕不育医院哪家好 Three hours of TV a day #39;doubles early death risk. Watching TV for three hours a day can be deadly – doubling your risk of dying early, warn researchers.研究人员警示大家:每天看电视三小时是有致命伤害的——让早死的风险提高一倍。A new study from Spain adds to evidence that time spent in front of the box is potentially life-threatening.来自西班牙的一项新的研究发现也符合这一论点:看电视的时间是有潜在生命威胁的。Researchers believe too much sitting – as opposed to insufficient activity – may be a new risk factor for premature death and illness such as diabetes and heart disease.研究人员认为久坐——和运动不足不同——可能会是早死和诸如糖尿病、心脏病等疾病的风险因素。Professor Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, chair of the Department of Public Health at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, who led the study, said ‘Television viewing is a major sedentary behaviour and there is an increasing trend toward all types of sedentary behaviours.米格尔·马丁内斯-冈萨雷斯教授,现任位于西班牙潘普洛纳市的纳瓦拉大学公共健康学院主席,领导了这项研究。他讲道,“看电视是项主要的久坐行为,且现在各种形式的久坐行为都开始增加了。”‘Our findings are consistent with a range of previous studies where time spent watching television was linked to mortality.’“我们的发现和一系列之前的研究发现相符,看电视和死亡率有关。”Researchers assessed 13,284 young and healthy Spanish university graduates, average age 37, to investigate possible links between three types of sedentary behaviour and risk of death: television viewing time, computer time and driving time.研究小组调研了13284名健康年轻西班牙大学毕业生, 平均年龄为37岁,以此研究三种久坐行为:看电视时间、用电脑时间和开车时间与死亡风险的关系。The participants were followed for around eight years, when there were 97 deaths, including 19 deaths from cardiovascular causes, 46 from cancer and 32 from other causes.调研对象被追踪了大约8年,期间97人死亡,其中19人死于心血管病46人死于癌症,32人因其他原因死亡。The risk of premature death was twofold higher for those watching three or more hours of TV a day compared to those watching one hour or less.每天看电视3小时及以上的人,其早死风险比看电视不超过1小时者高出一倍。This twofold higher risk was also apparent after accounting for many other variables related to a higher risk of death, says a report published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.《美国心脏学会期刊》发表的一篇报告显示,在考虑了很多其他增加死亡风险的因素后,看电视3小时及以上加倍早死风险这一论点仍然显而易见。Researchers found no significant association between the time spent using a computer or driving and higher risk of premature death from all causes.研究人员发现,用电脑和开车的时间与早死风险之间未见明显关联。Researchers said further studies are needed to determine the biological mechanisms that may be involved.研究人员表明,尚需更多研究以确认用电脑和开车背后的生物学机制。Prof Martinez-Gonzalez said ‘As the population ages, sedentary behaviours will become more prevalent, especially watching television, and this poses an additional burden on the increased health problems related to aging.马丁内斯-冈萨雷斯教授讲道,随着人口老龄化,久坐行为日益普遍,尤其是看电视。人日渐衰老后健康问题会增多,而看电视造成了“额外的健康负担”。‘Our findings suggest adults may consider increasing their physical activity, avoid long sedentary periods, and reduce television watching to no longer than one to two hours each day’ he added.“根据研究发现,建议成年人多运动,少久坐,每天看电视的时间控制在一到两小时内。”他补充道。In the UK, the average amount of time spent watching TV is four hours a day compared with five hours in the US.在英国,人们每天看电视的平均时间是4小时,美国是5小时。Previous research found people who watch six hours of TV a day cut short their lifespan by five years compared with someone who watches no TV.先前研究发现,和不看电视的人相比,每天看6小时电视的人寿命会减少5年。People who sit for longer have bigger waist sizes, and higher levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides.久坐的人,腰围更大,胆固醇、血糖和甘油三酯的含量也更高。The average adult spends 90 per cent of their leisure time sitting down and less than half of adults meet World Health Organisation physical activity recommendations.成人平均90%的空闲时间都是坐着的,且做到“世界健康组织”身体运动推荐的不到一半。In the UK, adults are urged to do 150 minutes of activity a week to promote health.英国鼓励成人每星期做150分钟的运动以增进健康。Other work suggests sedentary behaviour is linked to obesity, high levels of bad blood fats and other heart disease risk factors, and more opportunities for grazing on junk foods.其他研究显示久坐会导致肥胖 ,坏血脂指数提高,罹患其他心脏疾病的风险增加,还会让人摄入更多垃圾食品。US research earlier this year found young men who watch TV for just three hours a day have half the sperm count of men who rarely watch TV.美国今年初的研究显示,年轻男子每天看电视超过3小时的,和很少看电视的相比,精子数量会少一半。 /201406/308578武汉/三甲医院

武汉/汉南区不孕不育医院预约挂号 Visual harassment describes a situation that men are embarrassed to be around with women who are wearing over-revealing clothes in summer. They don’t know where to look at, especially in a crowded place, and they might be considered as a pervert when they do look at those women.视觉骚扰(visual harassment)指一些男士认为女性夏天穿着过于暴露会让周围的男士非常尴尬,身处拥挤环境时更加不知道眼睛该往哪儿看,稍有不慎就有可能背上“色狼”的骂名。Nowadays, girls are more open with outfit choices. Midriff-baring tops, backless dresses and miniskirts are necessities in many girls’ wardrobes. But wearing revealing outfits in public areas or workplace is considered a form of sexual harassment by many people where men are the victims. Some even believes that over-revealing outfits may make a woman look cheap and less popular.现如今,女孩子穿衣不再那么保守。露脐装、露背装还有超短裙都已经成她们衣柜里的必备品了。不过,有不少人都认为在办公室和公共场所衣着暴露其实算是一种性骚扰,而受害者恰恰就是周围的那些男同胞。有些人甚至认为,衣着过于暴露会让女性形象大打折扣,反而不招人喜欢。A study from the University of Leeds calculated the exact proportion of flesh a woman should expose to attract male admirers. The study found that women who reveal 40 percent of their body were approached twice as many times as women who showed less flesh. Those who revealed more than 40 percent were also less popular. Revealing one arm counted as 10 percent exposure, one leg counted as 15 percent, and the upper body counted as 50 percent. Researchers believe that exposing too much skin can scare men away, because they fear such women could be unfaithful.英国利兹大学曾经进行过一项研究,计算女性到底露多少才能吸引最多的追求者。该研究发现,女性露出身体的40%时吸引到的追求者是暴露较少时的两倍。而身体暴露部分超过40%的女性也不是那么受欢迎。在该研究中,露胳膊算10%,露一条腿算15%,上半身算50%。研究人员认为,暴露过多会把男人吓跑,因为他们会担心这样的女人不可靠。 /201408/321578武汉/洪山区前列腺炎哪家医院最好武汉/东西湖区治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好



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