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武汉总院人民医院阳痿早泄价格武汉那里泌尿科必较好Whats Wrong with Coal?煤炭怎么了?Its hard to believe that nearly forty percent of our countrys electricity still comes from coal, a dirty, outdated energy source. Coal not only causes health problems, but its also the main contributor to climate disruption.很难相信我们国家的电力将近百分之四十仍然来自于煤炭,一个肮脏、过时的能源。煤炭不只造成健康问题,它也是气候破坏的主要元凶。Just how bad is coal: in mountaintop removal mining, coal companies clear-cut forest and literally blow the tops off mountains to get the coal. This process dumps millions of tons of waste into our streets and poisons our drinking water. But mining coal is only the beginning.煤炭就是这么糟糕:在山巅移除开矿中,煤炭公司砍光森林树木然后一点也不夸张地把山的巅峰给炸掉去开矿。这个过程倾倒数百万吨的废弃物到我们的街道上,然后污染我们的饮用水。但开采煤矿只是开端而已。Burning coal generates smog, which can cause asthma attack, chest pains and breathing problems. In fact, one out of ten children in the US suffers from asthma, and its the number one reason kids miss school due to illness. The pollution from burning coal leads to twelve thousand emergency room visits and more than one hundred billion dollars in Health Cost every year.燃烧煤炭产生烟雾,那会造成哮喘、胸痛以及呼吸问题。事实上,美国每十名孩童中有一位受哮喘之苦,而且它是孩子们因病缺课的首要原因。燃烧煤炭的污染导致每年一万两千次的急诊室就诊以及超过一千亿美金于健保花费。Coal pollution also contains toxic mercury that damages the nerve system, and this is especially dangerous for babies and young children, because it can cause developmental problems. Mercury rains down into our oceans, rivers and lakes, contaminating our fish and seafood.煤炭污染也包含了损害神经系统的有毒水银,这对宝宝跟幼儿特别危险,因为它会引起成长方面的问题。水银随着雨水降入我们的海洋、河流和湖泊,污染我们的渔获和海产。And even after coal is burned, the waste thats left over is bad for our health. Each year, coal plants generate more than one hundred and forty million tons of toxic waste, called coal ash. Thats stored in thousands of pits across the country, enough toxic waste to fill more than four hundred thousand Olympic-size swimming pools. Living near a toxic coal ash pit can be worse for kids health than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.甚至在煤炭燃烧以后,残留的废弃物对我们的健康有害。每年,煤炭厂产生超过一亿四千万吨的有毒废弃物,叫做煤灰。那被储存在遍及全国的数千个坑洞中,足够填满超过四十万个奥林匹克标准尺寸游泳池的有毒废弃物。住在有毒煤灰坑洞附近对孩子们的健康来说,可是比一天抽一包烟还要糟糕。The good news is that the ed States has become an international leader in reducing carbon pollution, largely because we are retiring coal plants and replacing them with clean, renewable energy nationwide.好消息是,在减少碳污染方面美国已经变成国际先锋,主要是因为我们正在全国让煤炭工厂退休并用干净、可再生的能源取代它们。The amount of electricity America gets from wind and solar power has more than doubled in the past few years. Iowa and South Dakota are aly getting more than twenty percent of their energy from wind power. And in 2012, ten states got more than ten percent of their energy from wind.过去几年美国从风力以及太阳能得到的电量已经不只翻倍。爱荷华州和南达科达州已经在从风力获取超过他们百分之二十的能源。而在2012年,十个州从风力获得了超过他们百分之十的能源。Coal is making us sick, and its time to make this toxic, outdated energy source history. Lets create a clean energy future for our country and for our kids. Lets move beyond coal.煤炭在让我们生病,该是时候让这有毒、过时的能源成为历史。让我们为国家和我们的孩子们创造一个干净能源的未来。让我们超越(舍弃)煤炭。201504/369897孝感割包皮哪家医院最好 Of course there were other ports on the Red Sea and other countries sending ships to India. The actual value of the trade was enormous-one hint we have of this is from a second-century papyrus known as the Muziris papyrus. And in that they discuss the cost of a shipload-and it is estimated today at seven million sestertia. Just to put that in context, at that same time a soldier in the Roman army would have earned about 800 sestertia a year.;当然,在红海别的港口以及别的国家也都有开往印度的船只,贸易金额巨大,一份穆集里斯的莎草纸文献记载,整船的胡椒价值700万赛斯特帖姆,而当时罗马士兵一年的薪俸仅为800赛斯特帖姆。So regularly filling a large silver pepper pot like ours would have taken its toll on the grocery bills. And the household that owned our pepper pot had another three silver pots, for pepper or other spice-one shaped as Hercules in action, and two in the shape of animals. This is dizzying extravagance, the stuff of bankers bonuses. But the pepper pots are just a tiny part of the great hoard of buried treasure-they were found in a chest containing 78 spoons, 20 ladles, 29 pieces of spectacular gold jewellery-and over 15,000 gold and silver coins. Fifteen different emperors are represented on the coins-the latest is Constantine III, who came to power in 407, and it is this that helps us to date the hoard. It must have been buried for safekeeping sometime after that year-a time when Roman authority in Britain was rapidly breaking down.因此,让本节中的这个胡椒罐保持常满状态必然会花去大笔开,但胡麵的主人还拥有3个类似的银罐,其中一个的外形是希腊神话中 的英雄赫拉克勒斯,另两件则是动物造型,用来盛放胡椒或其他香料,简直奢侈得惊人。尽管如此,胡椒瓶也只是这批埋藏的宝藏中的一小部分。 当时出土的一个柜子里有78把普通汤匙,20把长柄勺,29件 金饰,以及一万五千多枚金银币。硬币上共有十五位君主的肖像,距今最近的一位是公元407年登基的康斯坦丁三世。由此我们推断,这批宝藏的大致埋藏时期一定在此之后。差不多就在此时,罗马帝国在英国的统治迅速崩塌。201503/361722They have revealed just how hard it would be数据显示出 这颗行星环境十分恶劣for life to survive生命想在这里存活in the planets extreme environment.非常困难The surface of Mars today is a very harsh place to life.在现在的火星表面 生命很难存活Theres a lot of things that are hazards to life.有许多物质都对生命有害Now were interested in knowing现在我们感兴趣的是whether those same hazards were there in the past过去的火星是否也存在这样的有害物质and maybe early Mars as opposed to present Mars早期的火星或许不同于现在的火星was the place to look for life.能够允许生命存在Today, Mars is an inhospitable desert.今天 火星是一片毫无生命迹象的沙漠Its thin atmosphere leaves its surface exposed稀薄的大气使得地表完全暴露在to lethal solar and cosmic radiation.致命的太阳辐射和宇宙辐射下Average temperatures of minus 55 degrees Celsius地表平均温度为零下55摄氏度would make it very hard for life as we know it to survive.我们已知的生命在这种环境下极难生存Thats why Curiosity is not expecting因此好奇号并不打算to find life here and now.能在现在的火星找到生命Instead, it will try to discover相反 它将试图发现if life could have survived there百万年前的火星millions of years ago.是否有生命存活重点解释:1.interested in 对 ... 感兴趣例句:He is interested in music, and I in photography.他对音乐有兴趣,而我对摄影感兴趣。2.in the past 在过去例句:Ive seen little of her in the past few weeks.近几周我很少见到她。3.look for 寻找;寻求例句:As the tide receded we were able to look for shells.潮水退去,我们就能寻找贝壳了。 201601/423667武汉大学人民医院包皮手术多少钱

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武汉那个医院看阴劲龟头脱皮In the natural world,自然界中animals adaptation to their diet is clear.动物适应饮食习惯的进化事例很多Herbivorous grazers,食草动物like gazelles, have large flat back teeth,比如羚羊 有着大而平的臼齿useful for grinding down plants...用来碾碎植物Whereas carnivores, like lions,而食肉动物 比如狮子evolved sharp teeth to seize their prey进化出尖锐的牙齿 得以抓住猎物and rip their meat apart.撕裂它们的肉The change in our ancestors teeth一个新的实验揭示了when they started eating meat人类祖先开始食肉后 is revealed in a new experiment.其牙齿的变化Professor Peter Ungar has has spent a lifetime彼得·恩戈教授终其一生examining the skeletons of ancient humans.研究这些古人类的骨骼Theres one feature in particular which fascinates him.其中有个部位特别令他痴迷You could call him a dentist to the ancients.简直能当古人的牙医了This is a jaw of Australopithecus.这是南方古猿人的一副颌骨Its teeth are large, theyre flat,他的牙齿又大又平the enamels very thick on them.上面有着极厚的釉质201504/372066 Students in France are staging their latest day of protest against labour reforms they say will put them in a precarious position once they enter the world of work.法国的学生们正对劳工改革举行抗议,他们表示一旦进入工作会不稳定。For over a month tensions have been growing over the pro-business measures proposed by the Socialist government to loosen protective French employment legislation.过去一个多月紧张局势加剧,关于社会主义政府提出的促商业发展措施,放松保护法国就业的立法。The idea is to rise up because we need hope, we need to get people interested in politics again because everyone is disappointed by what is going on in France right now.我们的想法是起来反抗,因为我们需要希望,我们需要让人们再次对政治感兴趣,因为每个人都对法国现在正在发生的事感到失望。The aim is really for the revolt to start from here and to make a big impression on the government. The aim is to see fear not on our side but theirs.目标是从这里开始反抗,并给政府留下深刻印象。我们的目的是看到他们担忧,而不是我们这边。Here is the Place de la Republique in Paris, occupied for five consecutive nights by opponents of the reforms whatever the weather.这里是巴黎?协和广场,无论天气怎样连续五个晚上被改革反对者占领。Calls are now growing for similar sit-ins to be staged elsewhere in the country.现在越来越呼吁国家其它地方采取类似静坐的抗议示威。译文属。 /201604/435715武汉市门诊在线咨询武汉男科医院不孕不育哪个科室



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