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As you leave the castle area, you can stroll through the Lesser Quarter tucked at the foot of the hill.The neighborhood, one of the best preserved in the city, prospered when upper-class family settled here, hoping no doubt that a little of the royal flourish would rub off on them. Later most of the homes were abandoned when the ruling powers moved to Vienna. Thankfully, the area escaped any major restorations. This is like a stroll through history down the ornate streets of baroque Europe. Mozart stayed in the neighborhood a time and some scenes from the film Amadeus were shot here. We are back in the old town square, just in time to hear the famous astronomical clock announce the hour. The square, an architectural showpiece lined with Romanesque and Gothic houses crowds with spectators awaiting the top of the hour. The five-hundred-year old wooden clock and the old town hall is a Mediaeval engineering marvel. Still in working order, the middle part is the actual clock, showing the movement of the sun and moon. Underneath is a calendar with signs of the zodiac. When death rings the death knell and the Apostles proceed along the windows, we know our time has come. 89769。

3. 罗伯特·帕丁森 39.3美元。

《纸牌屋第三季:剧情将会大反转? --5 :5: 来源:   What was your reaction when you found out the big twist the season two finale of House of Cards?  当你看到《纸牌屋第二季结局时大反转的剧情时,你是什么反应?  I've enjoyed witnessing, at least creatively, the entertainment value of watching someone move through the ranks the way Frank has, which has been dramatic and really juicy. So I was a little surprised. I really appreciate working that show, with such great writers. I wish we got to shoot more episodes, because you watch them all at once then you have to wait a year. I feel like this season is going to be tight.  我很高兴能见Frank大反转式的升职,这个过程的确相当好看又戏剧化当时我看到剧本的时候是有些惊讶的我很高兴能成为这部拥有神编剧的美剧剧组的成员之一我希望我们接下来的每一季可以多拍一些集数,因为现在观众们看完之后就要等上整整一年我觉得第三季剧情将会变得更加紧张  What can you say about Remmy this season?  对于第三季中的Remmy你有什么想说的吗?  I will say that this year is unique in that Remmy has landed a really great job, but it's different than what we've seen bee. It's not without complication. He's in an emotional transition most of the season, which is great because the character kind of deepens. You learn more about his life outside of the work this season.  我想说,第三季中Remmy有了一个相当不错的工作,不过这个工作和我们之前看到的都不一样这份工作没有竞争在这一季中,他处于一种感情过渡模式,这样的设计会让这个角色得到更加深刻的演绎第三季中,你将会看到他在工作以外的生活是什么样的 纸牌 剧情。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to improve your life 如何让生活更美好Meditate冥想Meditation can increase happiness, meaning in life,social support and attention span while reducing anger, anxiety, depression and fatigue. 冥想能提升幸福感和生命的意义,为你带来更多社会持和更广泛的关注,减少愤怒、焦虑、低落和疲劳Along similar lines, prayer can make you feel better— even if youre not religious.与之相似,祈祷——即使你不信教——也可以改善你的情绪fatigue n.疲劳,疲乏例句:Some of the men were obliged to fall out from fatigue.一些人因疲乏而掉队了[本节目属] 30。

品牌英语口语00句(55):必须打消这个念头 --01 ::31 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. Give me some sage advice.愿听高见#9658;sage advice 明智的劝告sage adj. 贤明的;睿智的 n. 圣人;哲人;德高望重的长者e.g. Not everybody is a sage. Who can be entirely free from error? 人非圣贤,孰能无过?. You need to do an ECG (electrocardiograph).你得做个心电图3. I prefer a clear broth.我喜欢清汤#9658;clear soup 清汤light soup 也指清汤. Rotate your hips, ladys!们把胯扭起来!5. I have one foot in the grave.我半截身子已经入土了6. The team was demoralized.全队士气大挫7. The film is pretty fast and furious.影片紧凑、刺激#9658;fast and furious 飞快地,(游戏、表演等)生动活泼的,喧哗的gt;gt;《速度与6首爆宣传片 火爆公路竞逐(新片速递)lt;lt;8. Teething troubles growing pains are to be expected.前期会有一些问题#9658;teething troubles 出牙期的病痛;暂时的困难;(项目、创业等遇到的)初期困难,创业阶段的困难#9658;growing pains 发育期痛,青少年发育期的关节痛;成长的烦恼;(企业、事业等)早期发展中的困难9. You must banish the thought.你必须打消这个念头. The bridge was jerry-built.这座桥属于豆腐渣工程#9658;jerry-built adj. 偷工减料的 v.草率建筑,偷工减料地营造( jerry-build的过去式和过去分词 )e.g. That jerry-built cabin will blow apart in a strong wind. 那间草草建起的小屋一阵强风就会被吹走的#9658;jerry-build vt. 草率建筑,偷工减料地营造,粗制滥造去看这个词是怎么来的 gt;gt;每日一句:jerry-build有什么含义呢?lt;lt; 英语口语。