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栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201509/392023A zoo in France is mourning the death of its rhinoceros after he was killed by poachers.一头犀牛在法国动物园被偷猎者杀,园内正在为犀牛之死哀悼。Vince the white rhino was found shot to death in his enclosure at a zoo west of Paris. Authorities say poachers broke into the zoo, shot Vince and sawed off one of his horns with a chainsaw. 在巴黎西部的一个动物园内,这头名为文斯(Vince)的白犀牛被发现死于围栏中。当局称,偷猎者闯入动物园,向文斯开,并用电锯锯掉它的一只角。A former zoo official said, It#39;s not easy to kill a rhino weighing several tons just like that. It#39;s a job for professionals.Other zoos around Europe were warned to take extra precautions.一位前动物园官员表示,杀死一只重达数吨的犀牛并不容易。这是行家的行为。其它欧洲动物园被警告要采取额外的预防措施。In 2016, the ivory and horn trade was banned in France, but poaching can still be very profitable. A pound of rhino horn is worth tens of thousands of dollars on the black market.2016年,象牙和犀牛角贸易在法国被禁止,但偷猎仍是非常有利可图的。一磅犀牛角在黑市上价值数万美元。White rhino poaching is increasing worldwide. More than a thousand of them are killed annually for their horns, which are sometimes used in traditional Asian medicine.在全球,白犀牛的偷猎越来越多。每年有超过一千头白犀牛被杀取角,这些角有时被用于亚洲传统医学。译文属。 Article/201703/496483Hi, my name is Renske Suijver, and I work at the Van Gogh Museum as a researcher. We#39;re here at the Museum Square, and just behind me you can see the Van Gogh Museum. So let#39;s have a look!嗨,我的名字是Renske Suijver,我在梵高美术馆工作担任研究员。我们在美术馆广场这里,就在我身后你可以看到梵高美术馆。所以来瞧瞧吧!The Van Gogh Museum was open in 1973. And we house a very large collection of Van Gogh paintings, drawings, his correspondence with his brother and other friends, prints, and we also have a collection of non-Van Gogh.梵高美术馆于1973年开幕。我们藏有非常大量的梵高画作、素描、他与其兄弟及其他朋友的信件、版画,而我们也有非梵高的收藏品。The Van Gogh Museum houses a collection of the Vincent van Gogh Foundation. That#39;s the collection of the family. Some of the highlights in our collection are famous paintings like the The Potato Eaters, which he made in his Dutch period; one version of the Sunflowers; his own bedroom; and the Almond Blossom, a beautiful painting which he made for his little nephew that was named after him.梵高美术馆收藏梵高基金会的藏品。那是那家族的藏品。我们藏品中某些重头戏是知名画作,像是《吃马铃薯的人》,那是他在荷兰期间所画的;其中一个版本的《向日葵》;他自己的卧室;以及《盛开的杏树》,一幅他为了以他为名的小侄子所画的美丽画作。We think it#39;s very important to show Van Gogh#39;s work in the context of his own time, so we collect works by his contemporaries, like Monet, Gauguin, Pissarro, and many many others.我们认为在他自己那时代的背景下展示梵高的作品是非常重要的,所以我们收藏了和他同时代的画家的作品,像是莫内、高更、毕沙罗、还有许许多多其他人。We have the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. I think the most important reason why Van Gogh is so famous now is the combination of his beautiful work with a lot of colors and expression, combined with that we know so much about and...there#39;s always the myth that Van Gogh cutting off his whole ear, but it was only a very small part. And he was probably not crazy but more like a genius.我们有世界上最大宗的梵高画作藏品。我认为为什么梵高现在会这么出名的原因是,他美丽的作品及许多色与意境的结合,加上我们都非常了解的...一直都有梵高切掉他整只耳朵的迷思,但那只是非常小的一块。他也许不是疯子,反而比较像个天才。But these are all things that people can experience when they go into the museum and see his works and his life story.但这些是当人们走进这美术馆,且看到他的作品及生平故事所能体验到的所有事情。Thanks for visiting the Van Gogh Museum online. Of course, I hope you#39;ll also visit in real life, so hope to see you soon!感谢在线上光临梵高美术馆。当然,我们希望您在现实生活中也会造访,希望能很快看见您! Article/201501/352641

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201506/382009

You may decide to take a vitamin supplement to ensure你可以用维生素补养品来you consume adequate amounts of vitamin. There are保摄取足量的维生素many options on the market, and it can be very由于目前市场上这类产品多种多样confusing which are better. In general, supplements因此选择哪一种产品变得十分困难that contain most of the required vitamins are better通常富含多种维生素的保养品比只含一种and safer than taking single vitamin preparations.维生素的保养品更加安全和有效Most of these will also contain minerals.这些补养品中大多还含有矿物质There are some very good products available now that现在还有一些专门针对某个年龄层和target specific age and gender. These are recommended性别的产品,它们十分值得推荐because requirements are different between men and因为不用性别,不同年龄层的人们women and across the lifespan. In general, you should对维生素的需求是不同的avoid supplements that contain greater than 200% of但要注意,对于任何一种营养物质the Daily Value for any of the nutrients.每天的摄入量不要超过最佳摄入量的200%This could lead to toxicity or imbalance in the body.因为这会导致体内营养物质中毒或者不平衡Some manufacturers try to market unique sources一些制造商不断宣传or blends of vitamin supplements. Words like ;organic;合成或者新型维生素制品,但对于维生素or ;natural; are meaningless when it comes to vitamins;合成;和;自然;等词根本没有意义The body cannot distinguish among these sources,身体根本无法区分它们的来源and we use the vitamins equally well. In general,同样都能吸收,通常情况下using vitamin supplements manufactured by a最好选择信誉好的制药公司well-established pharmaceutical companies is the生产的维生素产品best choice. It may not be necessary to take the我们并不需要每天用这些产品supplement every single day. Skipping a day or two中间错过一两天也无所谓is fine. And this can save you money on supplements这样既可以省钱又可以and still ensure meeting the body#39;s needs.保身体每天的需求量Water-soluble vitamins. In summary,这就是水溶性维生素,总的来说the water-soluble vitamins include the水溶性维生素包括维生素B族B-complex Vitamins which are Vitamin B12,也就是维生素B12 维生素B6Vitamin B6, Folate, and Vitamin C.叶酸以及维生素CThese vitamins are necessary for many different这些维生素对我们的很多身体机能都有好处functions within your body. Since these vitamins因为它们是水溶性的are water-soluble and are excreted instead of stored,可以不断更新而不是储存在体内you must get these vitamins in your day, you must get因此你每天都要有一定的摄入量these vitamins in your diet each day. Aim to get your每天的饮食中都要摄入vitamins by eating a variety of different foods,要使你的饮食多样化,以便获得but if you are unable to meet your vitamin needs所需的维生素量through food alone, a multivitamin can help同时,富含多种维生素的bridge the gap to meeting your needs.补养品也有助于你每天摄取足够的维生素 Article/201510/401890栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/366826栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201510/399284

Velázquez, Las Meninas, c. 1656委拉斯奎兹:《宫女》We#39;re in the Prado in Madrid, and we#39;re looking at the great canvas by Velázquez, Las Meninas.我们在马德里的普拉多美术馆,我们正在看委拉斯奎兹所创作的伟大油画《宫女》。Did you mean ;great; in terms of size? Because it is a very large painting.你是说在尺寸方面的“伟大”吗?因为这是一幅非常大的画作。Actually, it#39;s a painting with a very large painting inside it.事实上,这是一幅有着非常巨大画作在其中的画作。That#39;s the same size as the painting it is.那是和画作本身相同的尺寸。In fact, some art historians have suggested that the painting that Velázquez (because notice there is a self-portrait of Velázquez in the act of painting) is, in fact, painting the painting that we#39;re looking at. Did you follow that?事实上,有些艺术史学家提出委拉斯奎兹的画作(因为注意这里有个维拉斯奎兹正进行绘画动作的自画像)事实上,是在画出那幅我们正在欣赏的画作。你有跟上吗?I did. It is very complicated. So what we#39;re seeing here is, in the center, the princess attended by the maids of honor, a dwarf, her governess, and some other attendants; and on the back wall a mirror, which is the sort of puzzle in a way of the painting.我有跟上。这是非常複杂的。所以我们在这儿看到的是,在中央,公主让宫女、一个侏儒、她的女家教、还有一些其他的侍者所侍;在后方墙上有面镜子,那有点像关于那画作的谜团。We know it#39;s a mirror because unlike the canvases on the back wall, this is a much more reflective surface. We can see the beveled edge of the glass, and of course in that frame, we see a reflection of the King and Queen of Spain, Philip IV and his wife.我们知道那是面镜子,因为不像在后墙上的油画,这是一个更加反光的表面。我们可看到玻璃的斜边,还有当然在那画框中,我们看到西班牙国王及皇后的映像--肺力四世及他的妻子。And some art historians have suggested that we must be them looking into the mirror and seeing our own reflection. Others have suggested that, in fact, the mirror is reflecting the image that is being depicted on the canvas by Velázquez.有些艺术史学家提出,我们一定就是他们,望进那镜子并看到我们自己的映像。其他的人提议,事实上,那镜子正倒映出由委拉斯奎兹描绘在画布上的影像。And then even other art historians have suggested, yes, the mirror is reflecting what#39;s on the canvas, but the King and Queen are still standing before us, which is why the princess is looking out at us, and even the dog is, in a sense, taking notice.接着甚至还有其他艺术史学家建议,是的,那镜子正映出在画布上的东西,但国王和皇后仍站在我们面前,这也是为什么公主正向外看着我们,甚至那在某种意义上也注意到了。And why there is sort of just general attention being very much focused on where we are in front of the painting. Perhaps we#39;re in the space of the King and Queen, and this painting was meant for the study of the King, who would have been the person looking at it. So it#39;s very much meant for his gaze.也是为什么这里就有点大众的注意力非常多数集中在我们在画作前的位置。也许我们就在国王和皇后的位置,而这幅画是预计要描摹国王,国王原本会是要看它的那个人。所以它很大部分是预计要让他仔细端详。That issue of looking, of gaze, is I think for me really one of the central keys to this painting. It seems to me to be a conversation of glances, a conversation of people reacting to each other#39;s glances, of looking itself, a kind of essay on the way in which we see.那注视的议题、凝视的议题,我认为对我来说确实是这幅画作的中心关键之一。这对我而言看似一个视线的对话、一段人们对于彼此视线反应的对话、眼神它本身的对话,一种我们看的方式的尝试。To me it#39;s more of paying attention.对我来说更像是去注意。I think that#39;s exactly right, and that would make sense. This is the King and Queen of Spain, one of the most powerful countries on the face of the Earth at this moment.我觉得那完全没错,那也讲的通。这是西班牙国王和皇后,在当时地球表面上最强大的国家之一。Yeah, you#39;d have to pay attention to them if they walked in the room.是的,如果他们走进那房间,你必须要注意到他们。You would ignore them at your own peril.你忽略他们就要自负后果。Exactly.没错。And we can see it when we see the artist, Velázquez, who is first painter to the King looking out to the royal couple. He would have had, of course, the best job that an artist could have in Spain at this moment. I#39;m interested, though, in the sort of sense of naturalism, the sense of spontaneity, the sense of informality, which is so unexpected in a royal portrait.我们可以理解,当我们看到那艺术家,委拉斯奎兹,他是国王的第一个画家,向皇室夫妇那头望去。当然,他会拥有当时西班牙的艺术家所能拥有最棒的工作。但是,我对那种自然主义感很有兴趣、对那种自发感、不拘礼节感很有兴趣,那是在皇室肖像中非常出乎意料的。That#39;s the amazing thing about this painting, I think. It#39;s that makes it so hard to say what it is and makes it so compelling. It#39;s that it#39;s not a portrait. Because we know what portraits look like. They#39;re on the walls all around us.那是有关这幅画很神奇的事,我认为。就是那让它很难去解释那是什么,且让它如此吸引人们注意。就是那不是一幅肖像。因为我们知道肖像看起来是什么样子。它们在我们周遭的墙上。And they#39;re very formal portraits of the royal family kind of posing and looking powerful, and that#39;s not what this is. So there is a kind of informality, like a genre painting, like we#39;re looking at something like a day in the life of the painter#39;s studio, but that#39;s not what it is, either, because it is also a portrait. So it sort of straddles this weird line of being both those things.它们是非常正式的皇室家族肖像,有点非常有力地摆姿势和凝视,那不是这幅画的样子。所以有种不拘礼节的感觉,像是一幅风俗画,像是我们在看着某个像是画家的工作室生活中的一天,但那也不是这幅画的内容,因为它同样也是一幅肖像。所以它有点跨越那条同时是那两件事的怪异线条。It#39;s like the intimate portrait. It#39;s a portrait that gives you a kind of access to, in a sense, the real moment, the real life within this palace. In fact, some art historians have suggested that the painting is, in part, a way for the artist to promote himself and to show his importance and, in a sense, his value to the court.那像是私人肖像。这是一幅画,那给了你一种,从某种意义上来看,通往现实时刻的准许、通往这座宫殿中现实生活的准许。事实上,有些艺术历史学家提出这幅画某方面是让艺术家推销他自己的一种方式,还有显示出他的重要性以及,从某种意义上,显示他对宫廷的价值的方式。The idea that as a painter, he#39;s not just a craftsman, but an intellectual. So here#39;s the irony.If Velázquez is, in a sense, trying to support this notion of the artist as intellectual, and not the craftsman, not the man who works with his hands, the painting is a bravura example of painting.身为一名画家,他不只是个工艺师,而是一位知识分子这种想法。所以这里是讽刺的地方。如果委拉斯奎兹在某种意义上试着要去持这个艺术家是知识分子,而不是工艺师、不是用他的双手干活的人这个概念,这幅画就是一幅花俏画作的范例。We can never get away from the fact that this is fantastic painting; because although there is a tremendous sense of naturalism amongst these figures, the painting is also nothing but a series of strokes of paint.我们永远无法摆脱这个是惊人画法的事实;因为虽然在这些人物之间有种强烈的自然主义感,但这幅画同时也不过就是一系列颜料的线条。And I think that#39;s most vividly witnessed in the sleeves of La Infanta, of her attendants, or especially that lightning bolt of a stroke of white that goes down the artist#39;s own sleeve and actually leads our eye to the palette.我认为那在La Infanta的袖子上、在她侍者的袖子上最清楚看见,或是特别是从艺术家自己的袖子往下的那道闪电状的白色线条,且确实将我们的眼睛引到调色板上。And here#39;s this sort of most wonderful conundrum. The palette is a representation in space of the raw paint, which is, of course, the very stuff that the artist is using to create the depiction of the thing that it is.这里是这种最迷人的难题。那调色板是那未干颜料范围内的代表,当然,正是那艺术家用来创造出那事物本身描绘的工具。What I find so interesting, though, also, is that there is a time when the reverse happens. Look at the way that his hand holds the paint brush. That is raw paint that almost dissolves, that almost refuses to be fingers on a hand. So that he#39;s in a sense playing on that edge.然而,我同样发现很有趣的,是有一段当相反事物发生的时间。看看他的手握住画笔的方式。那是几乎要融化的未干颜料、几乎不愿成为手上的指头的未干颜料。所以在某种意义上来说他正在那边缘间玩弄。I can make very loose strokes of the brush, feel clarified and come together and feel like cloth in motion, right? Reflective light, taffeta, what have you. Or I can actually dissolve forms that you expect and allow the thing to become just the act of painting as well.我可以画出非常稀疏的画笔线条、感受到净化、并集结起来,且感觉像摆动中的布料,对吧?反射的光线、塔夫绸、还有其他类似的东西。或是我可以确实拆解那你预料中的形式,然后也让事情变成只是绘画这个动作。And I think what adds to this is the fact that we don#39;t see what he#39;s painting. There#39;s a kind of mystery about the alchemy of painting, about how you take medium and solvent and pigment and turn it into reality.我认为补充说明这个的是我们并没看见他在画什么这件事实。有种关于绘画炼金术的谜团、关于你如何利用材料、溶剂和颜料,并将其变成现实的谜团。I would say that it#39;s not just reality he#39;s after. I think he#39;s after a kind of condensed reality. I think he#39;s after a kind of heightened experience of looking, a kind of heightened experience of the intimacy of this family, of this moment. And I think that he is doing something that is actually quite poetic and quite philosophical.我会说这他在追求的不只是事实。我认为他在追求一种压缩的现实。我认为他在追求一种观看更高一层的体验、一种这个家族的亲密度、这个时刻更高一层的体验。我认为他正在做某种确实颇诗意也颇哲学的事情。 Article/201501/351657Chaos rules.混乱主宰世界Trade dries up.贸易停滞终结Supplies of bronze,青铜供应受阻The lifeblood of civilization, dwindle to nothing.文明的根源几近枯竭Mankind faces the collapse of thousands of years of progress.人类数千年发展进程岌岌可危But on an island in the eastern Mediterranean然而在地中海东岸的岛屿上A group of pioneering metal workers金属工人中的一批先驱Uncovers one of the keys to our future.发现了一把开启未来的金钥匙What they discover will arm new peoples,他们的发现将武装新人类Give power to new ideas,新思想有了新动力Send mankind across the world,使人类可以在地球上漂洋过海穿行陆地And transform the planet.然后改变这个星球The Age of Iron.这就是铁器时代An age we still live in today.我们至今依然活在这个时代Alashiya, Cyprus.塞浦路斯的阿拉什亚 An island named after its rich resources of copper.一个因盛产铜而得名的岛屿But the supply of rare tin to make bronze from copper因用于冶炼青铜的锡供应稀少Has dried up.岛屿不再兴旺发达Faced with ruin, metalworkers make a discovery行业衰败 金属工人只能另谋生路That will change the future of mankind.这将改变人类的未来Rusty red rocks, found all over the island.红锈斑斑的岩石遍布整个岛屿They contain one of the most important raw materials它们是人类历史上最重要的原材料之一:In history: iron.铁 Article/201509/397724《谈判力》的作者威廉·尤里,提供了一种高雅,简单(但是并不容易)的方法,它使得人们在哪怕是最困难的谈判中,比如从家庭争端,也许到中东问题上达成一致。 Article/201411/341619

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