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2017年10月22日 03:21:07 | 作者:放心时讯 | 来源:新华社
Imagine you are carrying around a faux Prada bag you bought for six dollars. It looks real. It feels real. But how long can you keep convincing yourself that it is?想象一下你背着六美元淘来的山寨普拉达四处奔走的场景。它看起来是真的,摸起来也很真。可你究竟要自欺欺人多久呢?Relationships all too often work the same way. Eventually, the fake label falls off, the seams bust, the handles break. The quality just isn#39;t there.感情也常常是这样的。到最后,仿造的标志会掉,接缝会开线,手柄会坏,质量堪忧。There are many days we feel clueless, and riddled by blind spots. We rarely understand the difference between #39;faux and full#39; when it comes to relationships. Too often our relationships masquerade as real, and we spend countless months trying to build on something to get us to the next phase, only to discover that we’re trapped by a faux love that#39;s actually going nowhere.很多时候,我们没有头绪,被一叶障目。我们在感情里很难分清“山寨和正品”的区别,它常常伪装得如此真实。我们花了无数的时间依赖于它,希望自己得到升华,却只发现自己被困在一段虚假的感情中,毫无进展。When a relationship is real, it#39;s growing; it#39;s going somewhere. You have shared interests, and there#39;s an unspoken acceptance. And without these building blocks in place, you#39;re setting yourself up for a pile of agony and heartache.真实的感情是看得到未来的。双方有共同的利益和默契。没有这些作为基础,你将深陷痛苦和心碎中。Even from the beginning, in that very first week, we all know when something is wrong. It#39;s very easy to absorb misinformation, to create and sp an underlying assumption that you#39;re somehow incomplete if you haven#39;t found your soul mate.甚至在感情伊始,在最初的一个礼拜,如有不妥我们是察觉得到的。我们很容易接受一种错误的信息,形成并且传播一种潜在的假设:没有灵魂伴侣的人生不完整。Try taking this litmus test: The next time you are facing a snag of doubt, try going back to the first week you met, or an early moment where you felt something was off. Take a minute and see how your body feels; you may experience uneasiness or a bite of fear. Your body is telling you something crucial. Trust it, explore it, and it will reveal what you need to know.那就试着做这样一个“石蕊(一种指示剂)测试”吧:下一次你再有疑虑、踌躇不前的时候,不妨试试回到你们最初相遇的那一周,或者你最初察觉到不妥的那一刻。静下心来花点时间,看看你的身体作何感受。你可能会感受到些许不安或惧怕。你身体告诉你的正是很关键的东西,去相信它、去挖掘它,它自然会给你透露你想要的。It isn’t wrong to want an ideal love. We all want one. And we have a perfect right to believe that such a love is possible in this life. Not a faux love. A full love.追求理想中的爱情并不是错,世人皆如此。我们也有权力去相信,人生中这样的爱是可寻的。不是伪装的爱,而是真实的爱。 /201608/457604

Meet Nephi Garcia, a 32-year-old fashion designer and father of three who lives in Orange, California.尼菲·加西亚住在加州奥兰治,有三个孩子,是一名32岁的时装设计师。Nephi, who has been designing for the past nine years, used to focus on high fashion. ;But once I had kids, it started to feel like the industry wasn#39;t really working for me.;尼菲当设计师九年了,曾经专攻高档时装。“但我一有了孩子之后,我发觉那个领域其实并不适合我。”Last year, after the family planned a trip to Disney World, Nephi#39;s 6-year-old daughter Lili asked him to make a costume she could wear to the park.去年,尼菲一家打算去迪士尼乐园玩,他6岁的女儿莉莉想让他做迪士尼动画的衣,好让她穿着去玩。He made her a Fairy Godmother dress from some scrap fabrics, and she wore it on the family’s day trip. People instantly started freaking out. Some visitors even asked for her autograph. ;The following day, I got an order for 10 costumes.;他用一些没用的布料做了一条《灰姑娘》里的仙女裙,莉莉就穿着去迪士尼乐园了。人们看到之后一下子就惊呆了,有些游客还想要她的亲笔签名。“第二天我就接到了10个戏的订单。”;Lili really loves the transformation dresses,; he said. ;And my son really loves to be dressed as the villains, especially Gaston.;“莉莉很喜欢换装,”他说,“我儿子就很喜欢穿成坏人,特别是加斯顿。”To make this dreamy veiled vision a reality, Garcia used some wire and two fake birds. ;I altered the birds#39; wings to make them look like they were flying,; he said.尼菲用了铁丝和两只假鸟,把飘逸的头纱带到了现实。“我把鸟翅膀改了一下,看起来就像真的在飞一样,”他说道。It takes Garcia roughly four to six hours to make one of his children#39;s costumes.每做一件这种装尼菲都要花四到六小时。;I hate repeating designs, so I always try to vary each dress so that they#39;re unique,; he said.“我不喜欢重复设计同样的衣,所以每一件衣我都试着变化一下,这样每一件都是独一无二的了。”And Garcia makes *adult* costumes, too.尼菲也做大人穿的童话装。;An adult dress can take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours of work,; he said.“一件大人穿的裙子可能要做12到48小时,”他说。He prides himself on using high-endhigh-end materials.衣的高档布料是他引以为豪的地方。Garcia uses a lot of organic silk and gets materials shipped from Europe. ;I don’t charge cheaply, but I also don#39;t deliver a cheap product,; he said. His children’s costumes start at 0, and his adult looks begin at ,800.尼菲用了很多有机丝绸,他的材料都是从欧洲运来的。“我开价不便宜,但是一分钱一分货,”他说。他的儿童童话装600美元起,而大人穿的至少要1800美元。For Garcia, his requests start at home.尼菲自己家里就需求不断。;My daughter really wants me to make a frog costume that turns into a Tiana ballgown,; he added. ;And my wife suggested that I make a Princess Aurora dress that starts with her peasant dress, transforms into her pink dress, and then transforms into her blue dress.;“我女儿很想我做一件蒂安娜的青蛙礼,我老婆建议我做欧若拉公主的装,先是她的农妇装,然后变成粉红裙子,然后再变成蓝裙子。”But his dream is to share them with the world.但他的梦想是和全世界一起分享他的装。;I hope that someday I can make costumes for Broadway shows or live-action movies,; Garcia said. ;But I will never give up making pieces for people who are not in the industry — I like to give them quality outfits that they can#39;t get anywhere else.;“我希望有一天我可以给百老汇或者真人表演的电影做戏,”尼菲说,“但我会继续给普通的顾客做衣,我喜欢给顾客做仅此一家的高品质装。 /201606/451431

You are young and stupid! Stop being that!你年轻愚蠢!停止!The essence of how the old hand down wisdom老手如何传递智慧的本质 /201607/453026

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