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2018年03月18日 08:15:50

Banking and Computers与计算机Betty Rogers, a teller at the First National Bank,is explaining the bank computer system to one of her customers .第一国民的出纳员贝蒂·罗杰斯正在向一位顾客解释的计算机系统Customers:What do you mean by the term on-line system?顾客:“联机系统”这个词是什么意思?Rogers:Basically ,it means that all our branches are connected to our central computer system,Sir .罗杰斯:基本上讲,它的含义是说,我们所有的分机都与我们的中央计算机设备相联系,先生This permits us to process transactions right away .这就使得我们能当即处理各项业务交易C:Do you mean that deposits and withdrawals are posted to my immediately ?顾客:您是说,存款和取款能够马上过帐到我的帐户上吗?R:Yes,we process cash transactions as soon as they take place .Check deposits are credited ,subject to collection .罗杰斯:是的,对于现金交易,我们当时就可以处理,而票储蓄就要把款项经托收后才可划入货方C:You mean that I cant draw against a deposit by check until the proceeds are collected from the bank on which the check is drawn?顾客:您是说,只有从开票行取回款项之后,我才能用票兑换现金R:Yes,that right .But it only takes overnight any bank in the city and just a day or two banks outside the city .罗杰斯:是这样的,但是对于市内的任何一个来说,这只需要花费隔夜的时间,而对于外地,也只需一、两天时间就可取回款项C:Do you keep all savings records on computer?顾客:你们把所有储蓄帐户记录都保存在计算机中吗?R:Yes,savings ,checking ,loan and installment credit s ,too.罗杰斯:是的,储蓄、票、贷款和分期还款帐户也保存在计算机中On-line computer systems help us provide speedy and accurate service to our customers .联机系统帮助我们为顾客提供快速而准确的务C:Oh ,that why we must use magnetically encoded checks and deposit slips .顾客:噢,这就是为什么我们必须使用磁性密码票和存款单的原因R:Yes,the computer at our data processing center can all encoded items automatically .罗杰斯:是的,我们的数据处理中心的计算机能自动地读出所有的译码条目Of course ,you ll notice that there are computer terminals at most teller windows ,too.当然,您会注意到大多数出纳员的窗口也都装有计算机终端,Tellers use them to provide immediate computer access all transactions.出纳员使用它们将所进行的所有业务内容立即送入计算机或从计算机中取出武汉/射精快原因Pass me the ketchup递给我番茄酱Please pass me the ketchup.请递给我番茄酱Here you are. It delicious.给你,很不错的Thank you. John, may I trouble you the butter?谢谢你约翰,麻烦你给我递过来黄油好吗?Of course. Here is it.好的,给你 5789黄石前列腺炎多少钱Conversation 1A: Can I help you?A:您有事吗?B: Yes, we bought twenty electric heaters in your store three days ago. But now two of them are out of work.B:是的我们三天前在贵店购买了台电暖器,但现在有两台坏了A: Oh, Im so sorry to hear that. Could you tell me the brand?A:哦,非常抱歉听到这种情况您能告诉我是什么品牌的吗?B: Yes, it Caihong-0 Electric Heaters.B:可以,是虹牌0型电暖器A: What the matter?A:什么毛病?B: The problem is that it doesnt heat after we turn on electricity.B:毛病出在我们通电后,电暖气热不起来A: Please bring the receipt and the warranty card with you. Well be delighted to repair or replace them.A:请您把发票和保修卡拿来,我们将很乐意为您修理或更换两台B:Thanks a lot.B:非常感谢 93A protracted blackout disrupted the lives of an estimated 300m people across northern India on Monday, as the aspiring superpowers fragile infrastructure added to the woes of a government aly struggling to manage the slowing economy, persistent inflation and the failure of the monsoon rains. 一场漫长的停电周一扰乱了印度北方大亿人的生活,这个志向高远的超级大国脆弱的基础设施,给本已在艰难应对经济减速、通胀居高不下以及今年雨季降雨偏少的政府增添了新的烦恼The blackout, which began at about 2.30am and lasted more than 12 hours in many areas, was the worst power failure in India for more than a decade. 从凌0分开始的这次停电,在很多地区持续2个小时以上,成为十多年来印度最严重的停电事故Millions of people were left without electric fans or air conditioning in the 30°C heat, train services were disrupted, traffic was paralysed and New Delhis airport was forced to rely on back-up power systems for several hours. Emergency energy supplies from Bhutan helped the government restore power in many affected areas by early evening, but public discontent still simmered. 0摄氏度的高温天气里,数百万人无法使用电扇、空调,铁路务也被迫中断,交通一度瘫痪,新德New Delhi)的机场被迫使用备用电力系统数小时。傍晚的时候,不丹王国的紧急能源供应帮助印度政府恢复了很多停电区的供电,但公众的不满仍在升温Authorities suggested that the crisis may have been caused by northern states drawing more than their allocated power a to help stricken farmers pump groundwater from deep borewells in an effort to save their dessicated crops. 当局提出,此次停电的原因,可能是北方各州为了帮助农民从深井中抽取地下水为干旱的庄稼灌溉,从电网汲取了超出其配额的电力Electricity supplies are aly under heavy pressure as increasingly affluent Indians acquire more fans, televisions, air-conditioners and other appliances, and manufacturers expand their operations. 随着印度富人拥有越来越多的电扇、电视、空调、以及其他家电,加之制造商拓展业务规模,电力供应已经处于较大的压力中Businesses complain they are often first to be sacrificed as the government grapples with power shortages. 企业抱怨,政府在应对电力短缺的时候,他们往往首先成为牺牲品While power-generation capacity has increased through private investment in recent years, much of the new capacity is in Indias coal-rich but comparatively poorer eastern region, where energy demand is more subdued. The antiquated state-run power grid, operated by the Power Grid Corporation of India, is struggling to transmit surplus electricity generated in the east to the heavily industrialised and more affluent northern and western regions. 尽管近些年由于私人投资,印度发电能力有所增加,但新增电力主要分布在煤炭资源丰富、相对较贫穷的东部地区,而这些地方的能源需求不高。由印度电网公司(Power Grid Corporation of India)运行的陈旧的国家电网,难以把东部剩余电力输送到高度工业化和更加富有的北部和西部地区 /201207/192938武汉/阿波罗医院能不能割包皮


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