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武汉阴茎受伤了武汉做尿常规多少钱And in his quiet way,Charles burned to be a Christian warrior.潜移默化地 查理一世成为了基督教斗士There was also the matter of his older brother, Henry.这也与他的兄长亨利有关A champion of the joust,celebrated by the poets as a Protestant hero,亨利是马背上王者 新教徒吟诗赞颂 视他为英雄Henry was supposed to have been king,他本该加冕为王but he had died when Charles was a boy,and his armour had passed on to him.却在查理幼时英年早逝了 他的甲胄传入查理手中It was too big.All his life, Charles would try to fit the steel,这使命太厚重了 查理一世穷其一生试图配得上这副兵戈try to become the gartered Charlemagne beneath the British Oak.成为英国本土的查理曼大帝And this war against Spain would be his big chance.向西班牙开战正是他的大好时机Surely parliament would cough up the money for the great Protestant crusade.议会自然是勉强才掏了腰包 资助新教十字军出征Oh, yes, was the answer,but and it was a big but 好的 议会如是说 但是 语气急转直下you see with all due respect,we dont much care for your choice of commander,the Duke of Buckingham.恕我们直言 我们不喜欢您选中的指挥官 白金汉公爵So while were happy to fork over subsidies,we rather think well make it a short-term contract.因此尽管我们愿意付补贴 还是觉得应该订立短期协议为妙Renewable, to be sure, if he turns out all right.在明他的可靠之后 再予续期But parliament knew perfectly well it wouldnt.但议会很清楚白金汉公爵并不可靠From the start, parliament had Buckinghams number.从一开始 议会就对他心中有数To them,he was an upstart nobody,a peacock with a pretty face对他们而言 他不过是个自命不凡的小人物 虚有其表的绣花枕头whod been promoted outrageously above the great earls of the land.被提拔到如此高位着实令人吃惊 /201702/494188武汉哪个医院能做包皮手术 Damn you kids!嘿,你这孩子。I love this one. Scientists.我喜欢这张…科学家。He must be quite a jokester.他一定很会开玩笑。Hes a Nobel laureate and so forth, and hes teasing the other scientist.他得过几次诺贝尔奖,他在调戏其他的科学家。Look at this beautiful child, but we have no room for her.看这漂亮的姑娘但是我们没有版面放她了。I think we need someone new, young.我觉得我们这儿应该放个年轻人。I didnt know who she was. Just, I liked the way she looked.我不知道她是谁,但我很喜欢她的样子。The dress is terrific.这条裙子真是太棒了。Asymmetric on the bias. You never see that.你从没看过这衣这么穿。And its not a model. Thats a private person that brought their own clothes.她不是什么模特只是个很会打扮自己的姑娘。I have the most beautiful picture of Mrs. Bass.这是我见过的Bass夫人最好看的照片了。She looks like a John Singer Sargent portrait.她看起来像John Singer Sargent的肖像A what? Absolutely ravishing.像什么?Except, shes got a modesty bib filling in the V-neckline.只是…她穿着这个V领的衣显得胸很小。What a crime. That should have been...Im sure the dressmaker got timid.怎么会这样,那个设计师太保守了。You know, to fill it.应该把领子放开。Isnt that a shame? It should have been left open.真是的,他应该把这个领子放开。Look how elegant she is. -Oh, yeah.看她可真是优雅。-哦,是的。Oh. That woman is amazing.这女人真是了不起。Uh, wasnt she in last week? -No. No.我们上周没有登她么?-没,没有。Oh, no, you dont cut her arms. Are you crazed?哦,你不要把她的胳膊裁掉你疯了么。Well, excuse me. -Keep her hands in.对不起。-留着她的手臂。My God, John. Wheres your sensitivity?我的天呐John,你的灵感都哪儿去了?I mean, shes probably the most elegant woman, or one of the most elegant women, in New York.我觉得她大概是最优雅的女人了…纽约最优雅的女人之一。Oh, you wouldnt know. What am I talking to you about that stuff?哦,你又不懂…我干嘛和你说这些。Youre a lumberjack, and here Im talking dresses to you.你这个粗人,我竟然在和你讨论这些裙子。Are you talking to me? I was completely ignoring you all that time.你在跟我说话么?我装没听见。201609/460749武汉治疗淋病囊肿医院

武汉大学中南医院男科咨询武汉阴囊长个肉疙瘩 Geckos and grasshoppers, worms and watermelons, elephants and Escherichia Coli, man and mushroom.壁虎和草蜢,蠕虫和西瓜,大象和大肠杆菌,人和蘑菇,All so different in form and function,在形式和功能上完全不同but amazingly the same in how their form and function are determined.但是令人惊讶的是决定他们的组成和功能的因素却是相同的!First, all these organisms are made of one or more cells, and every cell of every living thing on earth首先,所有的这些有机体都是由单个或多个细胞组成的!而且地球上任何生物的任何细胞contains all the information it takes to create and duplicate and make variations of itself.都包含它所携带的所有信息,使其能制造并复制组成其身体的各个组成部分!That information is stored in a very long but quite simple double molecule called DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid.这些信息都储存在一条非常长但很简单,被称为DNA的双分子链上,或称为脱氧核糖核酸And the DNA of every living organism is made of chains of four smaller molecules called nucleotides.每个生命体的DNA都是由四个被称为核苷酸的小分子组成的链What dictates the difference between a man and a mushroom is the sequence of these nucleotides in the long DNA chain.人和蘑菇之间的差异是由长长的DNA链条中核苷酸的序列所决定的The four differing nucleotide parts, called bases,四种不同的核苷酸片段被称为碱基are made of a few carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorus atoms, and the molecules look like this.它们由少量的碳、氧、氢、氮和磷原子构成,它的分子结构看上去是这样的And each of these four bases is attached to an identical backbone molecule,这四种碱基中的每一个都被连接到同一个糖类分子上a sugar called deoxyribose - the D in DNA - and a phosphate group.这种分子被称为脱氧核糖-这就是DNA里的D-还有一个磷酸基团Lets simplify these nucleotides and show them like this.我们来简化一下这些核苷酸 这样来表示So, a single sequence of nucleotides joined by their common sugars would look like this.于是,由共同的五碳糖分子所串连起来的核苷酸单链看起来就像这样And the DNA molecule where such sequences are stored looks like this.两条这样的单链互相结合,就形成了DNA分子,就像这样But how does a simple molecule dictate the form and function of millions of different living things?但是,这样一个简单的分子是如何来决定成千上万种不同生物的性状的呢You can think of DNA as a great library of information,你可以把DNA想象成一个储存着庞大信息的图书馆information that is used to do one thing and one thing only: direct the building of different protein molecules.这个图书馆里储存的信息只有一个用途,那就是控制不同蛋白质分子的合成And its the proteins that build the cells and keep them functioning and changing and reproducing.正是这些蛋白质构成了细胞,并且维持了它们的正常运作、变化和增殖Heres where the familiar word gene comes in.这时大家喜闻乐见的词“基因”就闪亮登场了If your DNA is a library of information, a gene is a book in that library.如果你的DNA是一座储存着信息的图书馆,那么基因就是其中的一本本书A gene is a segment of the DNA molecule. Lets say your body needs a particular protein, like insulin.基因是DNA分子中的一个个小片段。打个比方,假如你的身体需要一种蛋白质,比如胰岛素。To get it, some of your cells send a protein signal through the bloodstream to the cells in your pancreas, where insulin is made.为了得到它,你身体里的某一些细胞会发出信号蛋白质分子,它们在血液里穿梭,直到抵达分泌胰岛素的胰腺That signal protein tells other proteins in the cells nuclei信号蛋白指示胰腺细胞核里的其他蛋白质to open up a part of the DNA double helix, the insulin gene, and start making insulin proteins.去打开DNA中控制胰岛素合成的那一部分双链,也就是控制胰岛素合成的基因,然后开始合成胰岛素。As soon as enough insulin has been produced,一旦合成了足够多的胰岛素another signal protein comes to the pancreas cells that tells them to stop making insulin.另外一个信号蛋白分子就会指示胰腺细胞停止合成Its like looking up a book in the DNA library about insulin, and then putting it back when youre done.就像去DNA图书馆查阅关于胰岛素的书,看完了就把它合上放回去There are genes in DNA for visible and invisible things that make up your body,你身体的那些性状,无论是看得见的还是看不见的,在DNA中都有其对应的基因like genes for eye color, protein pigments, for skin color, for hair color, for stopping and starting bone growth,有控制眼睛颜色的、色素蛋白、还有控制肤色的、控制发色的、控制骨骼发育的for your blood type, for how many fingers or arms and legs you have, for proteins that influence how long you live.控制血型的、控制你长多少根手指、多少只胳膊和腿的,还有控制合成那些决定你寿命的蛋白质的Your DNA probably contains between 25 thousand and 40 thousand genes,通常你的DNA中大概有25000到40000个基因while the DNA of a worm or a plant or a fruit fly contains about 12 thousand to 20 thousand genes.而在一条蠕虫或是一株植物、甚至是一只果蝇的DNA中,通常只有12000到20000个基因。Some of those genes have quite different sequences of nucleotides than yours, and some are similar to yours.这些基因中有一些和你的核苷酸序列大相径庭,而有一些又和你的大同小异。Though it happens infrequently, our own nucleotide sequences can change尽管这样的情况不常见,我们自身的核苷酸序列可能会在环境遭到破坏时as the result of spontaneous or environmental damage which might remove or shift a nucleotide position.或者是自发地发生改变,这些改变会导致核苷酸的缺失和移位This changes the gene involved, and can then change the protein.从而会改变它们关联的基因以及这些基因所控制合成的蛋白质Most of these changes, called mutations, have very little effect on the organism or its descendants.这些改变被称为突变,大部分的突变实际上对生物的机体或后代没有多大的影响Some are mildly damaging, and a few can make the organism better-suited to its environment.有一些会造成轻微的损伤,有一些甚至会使机体更加适应环境。It is these tiny changes in DNA gene sequences, happening over millions of years, that create the differences among living organisms,千百年来,正是这些发生在DNA中的微小变化才创造了纷繁多姿的生命世界from geckos to grasshoppers, worms to watermelons, elephants to Escherichia Coli, and man to mushroom.从壁虎到草蜢,从蠕虫到西瓜,从大象到大肠杆菌,从人类到蘑菇。201706/513321武汉性功能不行怎么办

武汉哪家医院最好Zony. Yes. Yony. Yes. Yes, hi, zony and yony.Zony 到 Yony 到 好嗒 嗨 这是zony和yonyAnd you flew here. You were on an airplane, right? Yeah. Yeah.你们是飞过来的 坐飞机过来的 是吧 嗯哒And you want to be a flight attendant. Is that right? No.你以后想成为一名空 对不对 不是I thought you wanted to be a flight attendant. No? Okay.我还以为你以后想做空咧 不想吗? 好吧...Well, you dont have to be. I was just--I just thought you were.好吧 你也不是一定要成为空的 我只是...我只是 以为你是这么想的And what do you want to dowhat do you want to do when you grow up?那你以后想要当什么 想做什么职业 等你长大以后Flight attendant? A pastry chef. Yes. Oh, do you want to be a flight attendant?空?甜品师 哇 那你想做空么?Yes. Okay. I knew one of you wanted to be a flight attendant.是啊 啊 好的 我只知道你们当中有一个人 以后想当空And you bothyoure in first grade now, right? Yes. And what are you studying?你们两个都上一年级是不是 对哒 那你们在研究了什么What are you learning? English, chinese, math, and health class.你们在(学校)学什么 英文 还有国语 还有数学 健康课Oh, and health class. And do you like the health class? Yes. Yes.哇 健康课程 你们喜欢健康课么 喜欢And englishwhat are you learning in english? Hmm. Very happy.英语 你们英语课上学点什么 嗯....超级愉快And we are a girl. We want to dancing with you. Thats very good.我们是女孩纸 想和你 一起跳舞 哇 说的太棒了I understood that. Thatsthats really, really good. And Im sorry. I passed--我能听懂哦 这 这真的是太棒啦 呃... 抱歉 我刚刚忘记问你们了You want to be a flight attendant, and so you were on a plane, which probably means you got to practice.你想当空 你上过飞机 是不是说 你有在练习 要怎么当空呢Yes. Aww. Yeah. Oh, look at you. They put you to work up there. Aww.有啊 哇哇哇 恩 哦 快看 是你哦 空让你们递了盘子 哇Well, thats justwas that fun? Yes. Yes, it looks fun.那真是 你们觉得有趣吗 好玩 恩 看上去也很好玩And so we sent you to Disneyland last time you were here,你们上次来的时候 我们送你们去了迪士尼But you didnt get to see something. What was that?你们是不是 错过了什么 你们没有看到什么They didnt see the fireworks. You didnt see the fireworks.他们没有看到烟火 你们没有看到烟火Oh, and you didnt see something else. What was it?哦 你们还错过了一些其他的 你们还错过了什么Beauty and the beast. No. You didnt see that, no.美女与野兽 么有看到 你们没有看到那个 美女与野兽?Well, this time, because you came all the way back,好吧 那这次 你们都回来了were gonna send you to go see beauty and the beast,我送你们去看看 美女与野兽and then youll come back and tell me about it.然后 你们回来告诉我 看到些什么哟And then maybe therell be fireworks as well. I dont know. Oh. All right.讲不定 还能看到烟火呢 我不知道哦 哦 好吧~Youre both beautiful and cute still. Just even cuter and more beautiful.你们还是那么的 可爱萌萌哒 甚至比以前更可爱 更萌萌哒哦~201707/516009 Thousands of leftist demonstrators marched in Brussels against both NATO and the U.S.leader.成千上万的左派示威者在布鲁塞尔举行了游行,反对北约和美国领导人特朗普。Some said they actually welcomed Trump’s earlier criticism of NATO,一些抗议者说道,实际上,他们对此前特朗普批评北约的言论表示持,but are now disappointed that he is engaging the alliance.但现在感到失望,因为特朗普目前正在参与这一联盟。Trump said good things during the campaign, he said America would not be involved in the whole world.特朗普在竞选时说得很好听。他说美国不会参与世界上其他国家的事务。I thought that was great.我认为这很棒。But now his government is pressured both by Democrats and the Republican establishment who have him by the neck但现在,他领导的政府迫于民主党人和共和党人的压力,他受到两党的控制,and he has changed his thinking and has a policy as aggressive as Obamas.进而改变了想法,并实行像奥巴马在位期间那样具有侵略性的政策。Trump arrived in Brussels at a time when Europe is extremely tense, following this weeks terrorist attack in Manchester, England.特朗普抵达布鲁塞尔,正值欧洲极度紧张之时,这是因为本周在英国曼彻斯特发生了一起恐怖袭击事件。The mood is ripe for leaders to take decisive action against terrorism.各国领导人充分认识到,必须采取果断行动打击恐怖主义。The attacks we saw in Manchester will be something which will be addressed,应当妥善解决曼彻斯特爆炸袭击事件,I think actually by all leaders in one way or another,我认为,各国领导人实际上都应当以某种方式协助解决,because the attacks were brutal and they deliberately targeted children, young people and families.因为这些袭击十分残酷,他们有意将目标对准儿童,年轻人和家庭。Trumps core message to members is that they should start spending their fair share,特朗普对北约成员国发出的的核心讯息是,他们应该开始加大国防投入,合理分担责任,or 2 percent of their gross national income on defense. We are making progress.使国防开达到本国国内生产总值的百分之二。 我们正在取得进步。After many years of decline, total defense spending by European allies and Canada rose by billions of dollars last year.多年来,军费开一直呈下降趋势,去年,欧洲盟国和加拿大的国防总出增加了数十亿美元。But spending more on defense is politically a hard sell for Western European countries with their hefty social welfare programs.但是,从政治角度来说,要求西方国家增加国防投入是一种强加于人的做法,因为在这些国家,社会福利计划开庞大。At a protest camp in Brussels, anti-NATO activists worry.在布鲁塞尔的抗议营地,反北约活动家们表示担忧。It means an enormous amount of money dedicated to war这意味着大量的资金将用于战争,and an enormous amount of money thats not dedicated to things like education, health care and those sorts of things.而不是专门用于教育、医疗保健等这些领域。The summit gets under way as new French President Emmanuel Macron seeks to extend a state of emergency in France.正当北约峰会召开之时,新当选的法国总统埃马纽埃尔·马克龙计划延长全国紧急状态。The recent spate of terrorist attacks in France and Britain mean NATO leaders will be more inclined to talk about war than peace.近日,法国和英国发生了多起恐怖袭击事件,这意味着北约领导人更倾向于谈论战争而非和平。This is not these demonstratorsday.这不是示威者的节日。Luis Ramirez, VOA News, Brussels.VOA新闻,路易斯·拉米雷斯于布鲁塞尔为您播报。 201707/516572武汉有没有治疗泌尿专科的医院武汉各大医院



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