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湖北武昌不孕不育医院预约挂号武汉/阿波罗医院能用社保Scientists now estimate that about 280,000 people died in the flu pandemic that swept the globe in 2009 and 2010, more than 15 times the toll that had been officially recorded by laboratory tests of victims.科学家现在估计,约有28万人死于2009年和2010年那场席卷全球的流感疫情,是经实验室检测确定的官方统计死亡人数的15倍还多。The big increase in estimated deaths from the H1N1 virus isn#39;t a surprise, experts said. In any pandemic, the initial count typically is based on lab-confirmed figures that tend to significantly underestimate the true number of fatalities. In the case of the H1N1 pandemic, there were 18,500 lab-confirmed deaths, while a more comprehensive estimate suggests that anywhere from 151,700 to 575,400 people may have died. The 280,000 figure is a rough median estimate for that range.专家们说,他们对于死于H1N1病毒的估测死亡人数大幅增加并不意外。任何一种流行病的初始统计一般都以实验室确定的数据为基础,而实验室数据往往明显低于实际死亡人数。拿这场H1N1流感来说,实验室实的死亡病例为18,500例,而一项更全面的估算显示,死于该流感的人数可能在151,700人至575,400人之间。28万是这一估算的粗略中值。The new study, published in the Lancet, is the first effort to calculate the global impact of the H1N1 virus, known at the time as swine flu. The contagion was triggered by a recombination of bird, pig and human viruses and was the first flu pandemic of the 21st century. The pandemic officially ran from June 2009 to August 2010.新近发表在医学杂志《柳叶刀》(Lancet)上的一份研究报告是估测这场H1N1流感(当时也被称作“猪流感”)全球影响的首次尝试。该疫情在禽类、猪和人类的病毒基因相互结合后产生,也是21世纪的首次大流感,官方资料显示它持续的时间为2009年6月至2010年8月。H1N1 caused havoc around the world, sickening or killing hundreds of thousands of people. It prompted several national public-health emergencies and pushed countries to stockpile vast quantities of vaccine and antiviral drugs.H1N1流感在全世界造成了严重破坏,数十万人因此致病或死亡。受其影响,好几个国家启动了全国性公共卫生应急机制,很多国家不得不储备大量疫苗和抗病毒药物。The latest research confirmed earlier observations that 80% of the pandemic deaths occurred in people younger than 65 years old. About 30% of the victims in that age group were healthy with no underlying risk factors. That is a marked difference from seasonal flu, which mainly claims the elderly and the frail.这项最新研究实了先前的观察报告,即在H1N1流感的死亡病例中,有80%都不到65岁,而这一年龄段中的死者又有约30%生前身体健康,没有潜在疾患。这是与季节性流感明显不同的一点。季节性流感主要夺去的是年迈体衰者的生命。The study also found that nearly 60% of the fatalities were likely to have occurred in Southeast Asia and Africa, home to 38% of the global population. The highest mortality rates were in Africa, which suffers from a poor health infrastructure and lack of trained medical personnel.研究还发现,近60%的死亡病例可能出现在东南亚和非洲,这两地的人口占全球总人口的38%。其中,非洲的死亡率最高,那里医疗设施薄弱,缺乏训练有素的医务人员。;The number of deaths is not the only thing to look at in assessing the impact, but the huge loss of human potential,; said Fatimah Dawood, an epidemiologist and pediatrician at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, who was lead author of the paper. Because of the many younger H1N1 victims, she added, ;more than three times the number of years [of life] were lost than are lost in a seasonal flu epidemic.;美国疾病控制与预防中心(U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)的流行病学家兼儿科医生达伍德(Fatimah Dawood)说,死亡人数不是评估疫情影响时唯一要关注的因素,还要看到疫情给人类潜力造成的巨大损失。达伍德是这份研究报告的主要作者。她说,H1N1流感导致很多较年轻的人死亡,这一流感夺去的人类寿命是季节性流感所夺去人类寿命的三倍还多。 /201206/188490武汉/市治疗男性疾病哪冢医院比较权威 There was once a wife so jealous that when her husband came home one night and she couldn’t find hairs on his jackets she yelled at him,; Great, so now you#39;re cheating on me with a bald woman!;从前有个妻子醋劲很大。一天晚上丈夫回家,她没有从他衣上找到头发,于是大叫:“好啊,现在你开始和秃头的女人骗我了!”The next night, when she didn’t smell any perfume, she yelled again by saying, ;She’s not only bald, but she’s too cheap to buy any perfume!;第二天晚上,她没有从丈夫衣上闻到香水味,于是又大叫:“她不但是个秃头,而且很穷酸,连香水都不买。”武汉/人民医院挂号几点上班

武汉/阿波罗男子男科医院割包皮多少钱As an ophthalmologist, David Ingvoldstad sees much more about his patients#39; health than just their eyes. Thanks to the clues the eyes provide, he regularly alerts patients to possible autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, monitors progression of their diabetes and once even suspected - correctly, as it turned out - that a patient had a brain tumor on the basis of the pattern of her vision changes. 戴维#8226;英沃斯塔德(David Ingvoldstad)是内布拉斯加州奥马哈市(Omaha)Midwest Eye Care的私人执业医师,身为眼科医生,他从病人身上看到的健康问题远远不止眼睛本身。根据眼睛提供的线索,他会经常提醒病人注意风湿性关节炎和狼疮等可能患上的自身免疫系统疾病,监测糖尿病进程,他甚至曾经根据一位病人的视力变化模式怀疑她患上脑肿瘤──结果明他的怀疑是正确的。 Because the body#39;s systems are interconnected, changes in the eye can reflect those in the vascular, nervous and immune system, among others. And because the eyes are see-through in a way other organs aren#39;t, they offer a unique glimpse into the body. Blood vessels, nerves and tissue can all be viewed directly through the eye with specialized equipment. 由于人体系统是相互关联的,因此眼睛的病变可以反映出血管、神经和免疫系统等处的病变。由于眼睛在某种程度上是透明的,而其它器官则不是,因此通过眼睛可以从一个独特的视角了解身体简况。借助专用设备,血管、神经和组织都可以通过眼睛进行直接观察。 With regular monitoring, eye doctors can be the first to spot certain medical conditions and can usher patients for further evaluation, potentially leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment. Clots in the tiny blood vessels of the retina can signal a risk for stroke, for example, and thickened blood-vessel walls along with narrowing of the vessels can signal high blood pressure. In some cases, examining the eye can help confirm some of the diagnoses or help differentiate disorders from each other. 使用常规监测,眼科医生可能是第一个发现某些健康问题的人,并能引导病人进行进一步检查,这可以帮助病人提前诊断和治疗。例如,视网膜毛细血管中的凝块表明可能存在中风危险,而血管壁增厚连同血管变窄表明可能有高血压。在某些情况下,眼科检查可以帮助确诊某些疾病,或帮助区分不同的病症。 #39;There#39;s no question the eye has always been the window to the body,#39; says Emily Chew, deputy director of the epidemiology division at the National Eye Institute. She adds, #39;Anybody with any visual changes . . . should be seeing someone right away.#39; 美国国家眼科研究所(National Eye Institute)流行病学部副主任埃米莉#8226;周(Emily Chew)说,“毫无疑问,眼睛一直是身体的窗户。”她补充说,“任何视觉发生变化的人……都应该马上看医生。” Scientists are working to advance their knowledge of what the eye can reveal about diseases. For instance, researchers are studying how dark spots on the back of the eye known as CHRPE, or congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium, are associated with certain forms of colon cancer, and how dementia-related changes are signaled in the eye, such as how the eye reacts to light. Other scientists, like Dr. Chew, are studying how to keep the eye healthier for longer, which could be good for the health of the eye as well as the rest of the body. 科学家们正在努力增进对眼睛所能揭示的疾病的了解。例如,研究人员正在研究眼球后部被称为CHRPE(即先天性视网膜色素上皮细胞肥大)的黑斑与某些类型的结肠癌的关系,以及与痴呆症相关的病变在眼睛中的征兆,例如眼睛对光线的反应。也有些科学家,例如周士,正在研究如何更长久地保持眼睛健康,这对眼睛健康和身体其他部分的健康都有好处。 Companies are building enhanced technology that allow for better viewing of the eye. Scotland-based Optos, for example, created a machine that allows for better screening of the periphery of the retina. The machines can now be found in doctors#39; offices and research clinics. Instead of the typical 30-degree view of the eye, it offers a 200-degree view. Being able to see more of the periphery could mean earlier or more accurate diagnosis of various diseases and may also be coupled with intervention tools to improve treatment. Optos is currently funding a study of the use of retinal imaging to diagnose heart disease, according to Anne Marie Cairns, head of its clinical development. 许多公司正在开发更高级的技术,以更好地检查眼睛。例如,苏格兰的Optos公司发明了一种机器,它可以更好地扫描视网膜边缘。现在,医生诊室和临床研究诊室中都能看到这种机器。它提供了200度视野,而不是通常的30度视野。可以看到更多边缘意味着能更早或更准确地诊断各种疾病,并可以与干预工具共同使用以提高治疗效果。据Optos临床开发部主任安妮#8226;玛丽#8226;凯恩斯(Anne Marie Cairns)称,该公司目前正投资开展一项使用视网膜成像技术诊断心脏病的研究。 The eye#39;s job is to deliver vision by converting incoming light information into messages that the brain can understand. But problems in vision can indicate a problem outside of the eye itself. 眼睛的功能是将入射光信息转化为大脑能理解的讯号,从而产生视觉。但视觉问题可能显示出眼睛本身以外的问题。 One critical structure in the eye is the retina, which allows us to experience vision. It is made of brain tissue and contains many blood vessels. Changes in vessels in other parts of the body are reflected in the retina as well, sometimes more noticeably or sooner than elsewhere in the body. 眼睛的一个关键结构是视网膜,它让我们能够体验视觉。它是由脑组织构成的,并包含许多血管。人体其它部位的血管病变也反映在视网膜中,有时比身体任何其它部位都更明显或更早。 The eyes can help predict stroke risk, particularly important to people with heart disease and other stroke risk factors. That is because blood clots in the arteries of the neck and head that might lead to stroke are often visible as retinal emboli, or clots, in the tiny blood vessels of the eye, according to the National Eye Institute. 眼睛可以帮助预测中风风险,这对有心脏病和其他中风风险因素的人尤为重要。据美国国家眼科研究所称,这是因为颈部和头部动脉中可能导致中风的血块通常会在眼睛的毛细血管中显现为可以看到的视网膜栓塞或凝块。 The immune system#39;s interaction with the eyes can be telling, too, yielding information about autoimmune diseases or infections in the rest of the body. Sometimes eye symptoms may appear before others, like joint pain, in patients. 从免疫系统与眼睛的相互影响中也可以得出关于身体其他部分自身免疫系统疾病或感染的信息。有时,眼科症状可能在病人出现其他症状(例如关节疼痛)之前显现出来。 For instance, inflammation in the optic nerve can signal problems in an otherwise healthy, young person. Along with decreased vision and sometimes pain, it can suggest multiple sclerosis. If the optic disc, a portion of the optic nerve, is swollen, and the patient has symmetrical decreased field of vision, such as a decreased right visual field in both eyes, they may need an evaluation for a brain tumor - a rare circumstance. 例如,视神经发炎可能表明其他方面健康的年轻人身体出了问题。视力减退且眼睛时而疼痛可能表明患有多发性硬化。如果视神经盘──视神经的一部分──肿大,且病人有对称视野缩小,例如双眼右视野缩小,那么他们可能需要检查是否有脑肿瘤──这是一种罕见的情况。 If immune cells like white blood cells are seen floating in the vitreous of the eye, it could signal a local eye infection or one that is sp throughout the body. 如果在眼球玻璃体中看到漂浮的白血球等免疫细胞,那么可能表明存在局部眼球感染,或者遍布全身的感染。 Diabetes is one disease that can cause major changes in the eye. In diabetic retinopathy, a common cause of blindness, blood vessels hemorrhage and leak blood and fluid. When blood vessels don#39;t function properly, they can potentially cause eye tissue to be deprived of oxygen and to die, leaving permanent vision damage. 糖尿病是一种可能导致重大眼睛病变的疾病。在糖尿病视网膜病变这种常见的致盲疾病中,血管会出血并渗出血液和液体。当血管无法正常发挥功能时,可能导致眼组织缺氧并死亡,造成永久性视力损伤。 Also, in diabetic patients additional blood vessels may grow in the eye, anchoring themselves into the sticky gel known as the vitreous, which fills a cavity near the retina. This condition can cause further problems if the retina tears when it tries to separate from the vitreous - a common occurrence as people age - but is tangled by growth of new blood vessels. 而且,糖尿病病人的眼睛还会有血管增生,这些血管将缠在玻璃体(粘稠的胶状物,充满于视网膜旁的空腔体里)中。当视网膜和玻璃体要分离──人们年老时常会发生的情况──但被长出的新血管缠住时,视网膜会破裂,导致更多的问题。 Usually diabetic patients who come in for eye exams aly know they have the disease, and the primary purpose of an eye exam is to make sure they don#39;t have diabetic retinopathy or, if they did have it, that the condition hasn#39;t progressed, say eye doctors like Dr. Ingvoldstad, a private practitioner at Midwest Eye Care in Omaha, Neb. But once in a while there is a patient who has noticed vision changes but didn#39;t realize he or she had diabetes until alerted during an eye exam that there were signs of the eye disease that is consistent with the condition, he says. 英沃斯塔德等眼科医生说,通常,进行眼科检查的糖尿病病人已经知道他们有病,而眼科检查的主要目的是确保他们没有糖尿病视网膜病变,或者当他们患上这种疾病时,确保情况没有恶化。但他说,偶尔会有病人出现明显的视力变化,但没有意识到自己有糖尿病,直到在眼科检查中被警告出现了与这种病症一致的眼科疾病迹象。 The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends eye examinations whenever individuals notice any vision changes or injury. Adults with no symptoms or known risk factors for eye disease should get a base line exam by age 40 and return every two to four years for evaluations until their mid-50s. From 55 to 64, the AAO recommends exams every one to three years, and every one to two years for those 65 and older. 美国眼科学会(American Academy of Ophthalmology)建议,只要发现任何视力变化或损伤,就应进行眼科检查。没有眼科疾病症状或已知风险因素的成年人应在40岁时进行基础检查,且每2-4年进行一次复查,直到55岁左右。对于55岁到64岁的人,美国眼科学会建议每1-3年进行一次检查,对于65岁以上的人,美国眼科学会建议每1-2年进行一次检查。 /201208/196644武汉/念珠球菌龟头炎的治疗 时尚大咖们也喜欢微,不过人家用的是TWEETER。来看看那些超大牌的时尚大咖们的微内容,都是啥,有些废话,有些名人名言,还有些经典的段子,值得你关注一下! 如果美国时尚杂志办公室Conde 的墙也能说话的话,那他一定说的也是@CondeElevator的话语。虽然这个匿名的微已经关闭了,但是它留给我们的那些经典段子,却依旧闪闪发光…… "Woman #1 to Woman #2, holding an omelet: What's the occasion?' Woman #2: ...huh? Woman #1: I would need an occasion to eat that." “女人1握着一个煎蛋卷对女人2说:现在是什么场合?女人2:啊?女人1:我得需要个场合来吃了这东西!” "[Girl holding brownie abashedly in elevator] Male coworker: I'm not judging you." “【女孩抱着一袋子核仁巧克力饼不好意思的站在电梯里】男同事说:我没看你身材!” "Girl #1: I love that necklace, I saw it at Banana last week and almost bought it too. 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I'm not a tourist." “我所要去的那些地方,都必须是有专业的原因的。我又不是个旅行家。” "I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes -- it's about all kinds of change." “我是个fashion的人,但是fashion远远不仅仅是指的衣——他是代指的各种各样改变。” "Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems." “大花图案都是为那些有体重问题的中年妇女所准备的。” "Nonchalance in couture is very important, because couture without nonchalance is just the drag queen attitude of women of an era past." “淡定对于时装是非常重要的,那些不够淡定的时装屋所拥有的,就像变性人对于旧时代的女装的态度一样……” 对于时尚从业者来说,超模兼时尚产业的大密探Coco Rocha的twitter,是你每日必读的内容之一: "And can we talk about the over-use of "supermodel"!? 1) If you didnt work in the 90's, no way - 2) The title is to be given, not claimed." “让我们来谈谈那个被广泛使用的“超模”的名头吧?!1)如果你在90年代还没加入模特工作的话,没戏!2)这个名头是别人给的,不是自己嚷嚷的。” "After 10 minutes of trying to hail a NYC cab in the rain I get one and "Who's Going To Drive You Home" by The Cars is playing." “在纽约下雨的街头打了10分钟出租车以后,我终于上车了。而车上放的歌正是‘谁将开车带你回家’。” "Apparently @perezhilton wants @starbucks to name a drink after me. 'The Rocha Mocha Frappuccino' haha" “很明显@perezhilton(帕里斯希尔顿)想要@starbucks(星巴克)以她的名字命名一款饮品。'The Rocha Mocha Frappuccino' 哈哈 ” 超犀利的Joan Rivers找到一个方法来发泄自己的情绪,那就是发微。在她的推特上,从时尚到经典的Joan Rivers式的废话,应有尽有: "There is NO WAY that Bert and Ernie are gay. They haven't changed their outfits in 25 years." “Bert 和 Ernie 不可能是gay,他们已经25年没换过衣了!” "French Vogue has published racy photos of a 10 year-old model, which is outrageous! Everyone knows that models are over the hill by age 9." “法国版的vouge 上的那个浓妆艳抹的号称10岁小女孩的照片太让人气愤了!!!大家都知道她才刚刚9岁!” "Just that a Connecticut granny spent her 82nd birthday skydiving! She landed safely where her breasts were aly waiting for her." “刚刚看了那个康涅狄格州82岁生日的时候高空潜水的老奶奶的新闻!她安全落地的时候,似乎刚好落在自己的胸部上。” "I might have turned 78 yesterday. For so long I have lied about how old I am, but at this age I can no longer remember the real number." “我昨天好像刚好过了78岁生日。一直以来我就对自己的年龄说谎,不过现在我已经彻底记不住自己的年纪了……” /201110/159434孝感市大悟县男科医生

咸宁市第一人民医院男科医生Wedding photos horrified her so much she HALVED her weight and said 'I do' again结婚照体型惊悚,新娘疯狂瘦身“再婚” A horrified bride was so ashamed of her wedding photos she got married again after managing to lose more than half her body weight. 看到了结婚照上的自己,新娘又羞又怕。于是,在减掉了原有体重的一半之后,她又和自己的丈夫结了一次婚。 Zoe Davies, 33, of Sunbury, Surrey, was in a size 24 dress and weighed 22st 3lb when she first walked up the aisle with her fiancé Pete in 2000. But the memories from that day left her so ashamed that she went on a diet and then convinced her 36-year-old husband to tie the knot again. 33岁的佐伊·戴维斯,来自英国萨里郡圣贝瑞。当她2000年和未婚夫皮特走进教堂结婚的时候,重达22英石3磅(约141公斤),要穿24号的礼(XXL特大号)才行。这一幕让她羞愧不已,于是决心减肥,并在之后说36岁的丈夫跟她再结一次婚。 "Every girl wants to look like a princess on their wedding day. But I looked hideous in those photos," she told the Sunday Mirror. "If you compare the pictures it's like Pete has married somebody else. Everyone kept asking what Pete had done with Zoe! Finally I had the wedding I'd dreamed about." “每个女孩都想在结婚那天像公主一样美,但在那些照片里,我看起来糟糕透了。”佐伊对《星期日镜报》说,“如果你把那些照片拿出来比较,就好像皮特娶得是别人一样。大家都在问到底皮特对佐伊做过些什么!最终,我拥有了自己梦寐以求的婚礼。” Mrs Davies is only 5ft 4ins and met her future husband Pete while he worked as a fitter and she worked in a bakery. At the time she was 10st but by their first wedding in 2000 her poor diet meant she had ballooned and doubled her weight and dress size. 佐伊身高只有5尺4寸(约162.5厘米),她和皮特相识时,皮特是个装配工,而她则在烘焙店里工作。当时,她体重只有10英石(约63.5公斤)。但到了2000年婚礼前夕,佐伊不良的饮食习惯使她的体型像充气球一样地鼓了起来,而体重和衣尺码也翻了一番。 While at her heaviest, she typically skipped breakfast before eating bacon sandwiches, crisps and chocolate for lunch, a Chinese takeaway for dinner and snacking on sweets, more chocolate and crisps. 在体重最重的那段时间里,她典型的食谱是这样的,不吃早饭,午饭是培根三明治、薯片和巧克力,晚饭叫一份中式快餐,还要把巧克力、薯片等甜食拿来当零食吃。 But after realizing she had to change her unhealthy ways, she ditched her high fat diet in favor of cereal, fresh fruit and salads and started exercising. 意识到了自己不健康的饮食方式后,佐伊放弃了原先高脂肪的食谱而改吃谷物、新鲜水果和色拉,并且开始做运动。 Her efforts paid off and she dropped to 11 stone and dress size 12. Her new slimmer figure filled her with confidence so the mother-of-two asked Pete to marry her again so she could have a wedding album she could be proud of. He agreed and the couple tied the knot again in front of 100 friends and loved-ones in August. 佐伊的努力得到了回报,她成功地把体重减到了11英石(约69.85公斤),衣的尺码也变回到了12号(M码)。瘦身成功后的佐伊找回了自信。现在已经是两个孩子的母亲的她希望皮特能和自己再结一次婚,这样她就能拥有自豪的结婚照了。皮特答应了妻子的请求,于是两人在100位亲友的见下,于八月份再一次结了婚。 /201110/158613 广州军区武汉/总医院不孕不育科武汉/医院预约挂号网



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