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武汉/泌尿医院那家好武汉/阳痿手术多少钱感动!音痴父亲秘密苦练半年 献唱女儿婚礼 -- :00: 来源:   When most fathers discover their daughter is getting married, they set to work planning a witty speech.  大多数父亲在得知女儿要结婚的时候,都会精心准备一份婚礼致辞  But when John Butcher's little girl tied the knot, he wanted to go one better than that.  但是约翰·布彻的小女儿结婚的时候,他给出的惊喜显然要比致辞好得多  So the 50-year-old from Allington, Kent, spent 0 hours learning to sing so that he could surprise his daughter, Natalie, by serenading her on her wedding day.  这位来自英国肯特郡的父亲今年50岁,他花了0多个小时学习唱歌,为的是在女儿娜塔莉的婚礼上为她献唱一首小夜曲,给她个惊喜  John had secret singing lessons more than six months and practised 180 hours at home so he could be pitch perfect when he permed in front of 0 people on the big day.  约翰瞒着大家,共用了6个多月学习唱歌、180个小时在家练习,目的就是希望在女儿生日那天自己能够在0多人的面前有个完美的表现  The father-of-two then belted out a version of the Elvis classic 'Always On My Mind' to his shocked daughter during her wedding reception at The Orangery at Turkey Mill, Maidstone, in October.  十月份,在女儿的婚礼现场上,约翰深情演唱了埃尔维斯的经典曲目《永远在我心中,让女儿惊喜不已  Natalie, 6, who married software developer Ian Wright, 9, said her father's song was the icing on the cake of their special day.  6岁的娜塔莉嫁给了9岁的软件工程师伊恩·怀特,她说父亲的演唱给她的婚礼锦上添花  She said: We had the most amazing day which was finished off perfectly with the surprise of my dad singing after the speech. I was in shock but touched by the choice of song and the amount of eft that had gone into the preparation. Everyone seemed to be as blown away as I was and it is something I will never get.'  “那天真的是美妙无比的一天,婚礼进行得很顺利,而爸爸在致辞后的演唱又给了我们一个大大的惊喜爸爸选的那首歌曲,以及他这么长时间的准备,都令我非常吃惊和感动大家看起来也都和我一样,这天令我终身难忘”娜塔莉说  John's wife, Mel, 7, was equally as shocked and touched by her husband bursting into song.  约翰的妻子7岁的梅尔,也被丈夫的突然献唱感动了  John said: 'My wife Mel was in tears as she knew nothing about the permance and my daughter told me afterwards that it was the closest she came to crying throughout the whole ceremony.'  约翰说:“梅尔热泪盈眶,因为她事先也不知道我的表演后来女儿跟我说那个时刻是她整个婚礼中最想哭的时刻”  The father-of-the-bride said he came up with the idea to sing at the reception in April but as he confessed he wasn't previously able to carry a tune, he signed up lessons to help him impress the wedding guests.  约翰说他是在月份想到要在婚礼上唱歌的主意的,但他承认在此之前他唱歌是会走调的,所以他专门报了唱歌学习班以帮助他能在婚礼上好好表现  He said: 'I really can't sing and don't pretend to. I spoke to Darren in April about the idea and started lessons in May.  他说:“我真的不会唱歌也不想隐瞒这点月份的时候我告诉达伦老师我的想法,然后在5月的时候开始了学习”  'I've had a lesson every other week and have practised the song an hour a day since then.'  “我每隔一周去上一次课,然后每天都在家练习一个小时”  His hard work paid off and people clapped and cheered John's permance - which was filmed in full by one of the guests and then uploaded to YouTube.  约翰的努力得到了收获,大家都为他的表演欢呼鼓掌,其中一位宾客还将整个过程录了下来并上传到了YouTube上  John said: 'Everyone thought the DJ had mucked up, but then I got up and started singing. People were laughing and crying and standing up waving their hands.  约翰说:“当时大家都以为是DJ搞错了,但就在这时我起身开始演唱大家哭着,笑着,并站起来挥舞着手臂”  Housewife Mel, said she was proud of her husband's efts to make their daughter's day even more memorable.  妻子梅尔说她为自己的丈夫感到骄傲,是丈夫的这一举动使女儿的婚礼更加具有纪念意义  She said: ' I can't believe he managed to keep it a secret so long.  梅尔说:“我没想到他会瞒着我们这么久”  'I was laughing and crying, I had my face in a serviette, it was very emotional and I was very proud of him especially as he's not the kind of person to put himself at the centre of attention.'  “我当时高兴和感动得都哭了,不停地用餐巾纸擦眼泪这真是太感人了,我为约翰感到骄傲,尤其是他并不是那种擅长在众人面前表演的人”武汉/汉南区前列腺炎哪家医院最好 英国3岁小毛驴以为自己是 爱遛弯、爱抱抱、爱看网球 -- :0:57 来源: 英国3岁小毛驴以为自己是 爱遛弯、爱抱抱、爱看网球The donkey who thinks he's a dog! Three-year-old Dougie has the run of the house and loves nothing more than walks, cuddles... and watching tennisMeet Dougie, the three-year-old miniature donkey who thinks he's a dog.来认识一下3岁的迷你驴道基,但它以为自己是只The pet lives with his owners Cal and Tom Stockbridge inPickering,Yorkshire, where he has run of the house and goes walks.这头宠物小毛驴和它的主人卡尔·斯托克布里奇(Cal Stockbridge)和汤姆·斯托克布里奇(Tom Stockbridge)住在约克郡(Yorkshire)的皮克林镇(Pickering),在那儿它可以在屋里随意跑动,也可以外出散步The animal loves company, is often found in writer Tom"s office while he works - and bizarrely, also loves watching tennis.它喜欢与人为伴,经常在作家汤姆工作时待在他的办公室里——很奇怪的是,它还喜欢看网球比赛Cal, 53, who runs a theatre company, said: 'He acts more like a dog than a donkey, he loves attention from people.53岁的卡尔经营着一家剧院公司,她说:“它表现得更像一只而不是驴,它喜欢得到别人的关注”"Dougie was raised with a lot of human contact so when we got him aged eight months old we wanted to maintain that.“道基在与人类关系紧密的环境中长大,它8个月大时来到我们这儿,我们想保留它亲近人类的性格”'All our animals have run of the house and we wouldn't have wanted Dougie to be any different.'“我们养的动物都可以在屋里跑来跑去,道基也不例外”Calfirst got Dougie as a present her 50th birthday, having visited a friend who had a donkey.卡尔在拜访一个养着驴子的朋友之后,那个朋友把道基作为卡尔50岁的生日礼物送给了她When he was eight months old she brought him home to their small holding which is surrounded by 50 acres of Wildlife Trust land.道基8个月大的时候,她把它带回家,一处周围有50英亩的野生动物信托用地的小房产Caladded: "We are like pretend farmers. We have lots of animals, but it's not a working farm. Dougie was put into the wildflower meadow at the bottom of our garden with a little shed shelter.卡尔补充道:“我们就像在扮演农场主的身份我们养了很多动物,但这并不是真正的农场我们把道基养在花园尽头的野花地里,有一个小棚屋为它遮风挡雨'We have French windows that open out into the garden and bee long Dougie found his way into the house.'“我们的落地窗对着花园敞开,没多久道基就发现它可以从那儿进入房子了”Dougie quickly made friends with the other animals, includingGriff,Cal's seven-year-old Irish wolfhound, who is the same size as the donkey.道基很快就和其他动物交上了朋友,比如卡尔7岁大的爱尔兰猎狼犬格里夫(Griff),它的体型和道基一样大She said: "We take Dougie walks with Griff and he gets very cross if he sees us going and we don't take him with us.她说:“我们带道基和格里夫一起散步,如果道基发现我们出去散步却不带它,就会很生气”"Griff gets a bit jealous of Dougie because he doesn't like to share me.'“格里夫有点吃道基的醋,因为它不想和别的动物分享我”The little donkey does get up to mischief, often holding lady's skirts or cardigans firmly in his mouth.这头小驴子也会调皮捣蛋,常把女士的裙子或羊毛衫紧紧衔在口中Calsaid: 'He doesn't chew or rip their clothes, he will just stand very close to them and not let go.卡尔说:“它不会把她们的衣嚼烂或撕碎,只是紧贴着她们站着,就不松口”'It doesn't faze my friends, they are used to me having so many animals around.“这吓不到我的朋友们,她们已经习惯我身边围绕着各种动物了”"Dougie never steals food though, not like the pigs who sometimes come in the house.“但道基从来不偷食物,不会像猪一样有时会跑到屋子里找食物”'If there is an apple or carrot on the side he won't be interested, he's just looking his daily dose of affection - usually a scratch and a tickle.'“即便旁边摆着苹果或胡萝卜它也不感兴趣,它只是来接受每天例行的爱抚——通常就是给它挠痒痒”Calhas some advice anyone who may be considering getting a miniature donkey of their own.卡尔也给想养迷你驴的人提出了一些建议She said: "They make incredible pets, they all have their own personalities and they're very affectionate but donkeys need shelter, grazing and company so you need to do your research - especially as they can live well into their ties.'她说:“它们是很棒的宠物,有着独立的个性,很有感情,但注意驴子需要遮蔽的地方、吃草和陪伴,所以养之前你得做好准备——尤其要注意它们能活到四十好几岁”Vocabularyshed:牲口棚French window:落地窗cross:生气的,愤怒的mischief:恶作剧,捣乱cardigan:羊毛衫faze:使慌乱graze:(牲畜)啃食牧草,吃青草,放牧英文来源:每日邮报译者:Garfield猫谁说名将如美人 不许奥运见白头(双语) -- 18:3:33 来源:sohu 仿佛北京奥运就在昨天,没想到八年已经过去细细盘点即将征战里约的大名单,真好,你们还在这里! 说到王者归来,就不能不提到他的名字——林丹! 已经在北京和伦敦奥运实现两连冠,第四次出战奥运的林丹如果再次夺冠,将在里约实现前无古人的羽毛球男单三连冠 China's Lin Dan, who is nicknamed ;Super Dan; by his fans, widely considered badminton's greatest player ever of all time, will be going his third straight singles gold. Lin's top rival will be Malaysia's Lee Chongwei, the current world No. 1. ;I have a dream that I can hold on and dive in Rio Olympic Games. The world champion today helps me one step closer to fulfill my Olympic dream, ; China's diving queen Wu Minxia made the comments on July 6, , the day when she renewed her own record as she claimed her eighth world title in her eighth FINA World Swimming Championships. 她说到做到,马上将要踏上自己的第四次奥运征程—— 雅典和北京两届奥运,吴敏霞和郭晶晶搭档,两夺双人三米板冠军;在伦敦奥运会上,她又包揽了单、双人三米板两枚金牌 目前已经四金在手的吴敏霞若在里约再度夺冠,她将超越郭晶晶和伏明霞,成为中国跳水历史上夺金最多的运动员 福尔米加:Brazilian female football player Miraildes Maciel Mota, known as miga (Ant), has been selected Brazil's Olympic squad. 家门口的这一次将是她的第六次奥运征程1996年,女足首次进入奥运会,自那时起,每一届的奥运会她都不曾缺席 At 38 years old, miga will play in her sixth Olympiad. She will thus beat volleyball player Helia Rogerio de Souza, or Fofao, who took part in five Olympics between 199 and . 菲尔普斯:他是现代游泳史上最伟大的运动员,是奥运会历史上第一位、也是目前唯一一位金牌数达到两位数的选手他即将成为美国奥运史上第一位五战奥运的游泳运动员 Michael Phelps owns a record Olympic medals, including 18 golds. He is now going to his fifth consecutive Olympics. And, the first time, he's been chosen as a captain of the U.S. men's swimming team. 朴泰桓:北京奥运,他00米自由泳夺金;伦敦奥运,他0米、00米自由泳摘银;瞄准里约,他放言自己的目标是连续三届奥运会夺得奖牌 这张奥运门票来之不易:先是被国际泳联禁赛,后又被韩国奥委会的规定拦在里约大门外为此,朴泰桓不得不打起了官司幸好终于赢了 The Court of Arbitration Sport (CAS) ruled South Korean swimmer Park Tae-hwan eligible Rio Olympics and lifted a Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) ban imposed on the swimmer based on his doping history. 这世界永远是几家欢乐几家愁当他们昂首进军里约,有些人不得不与本届奥运会擦肩而过 梅西:由于里约奥运会和临时加开的百年美洲杯时间太过接近,他不得不放弃本届奥运会但令他伤心的是,在美洲杯决赛中,阿根廷不敌智利,再次倒在了大赛的决赛赛场上 Lionel Messi has announced his retirement from Argentina's national team after losing - to Chile in penalty kicks during the Copa America final. 在北京奥运会上,年仅1岁的梅西以适龄球员的身份参赛,并率领阿根廷队夺得冠军 Aside from the Olympic gold in , Messi has never been able to bring home a major international championship playing his home country. 莎拉波娃:北京时间7月日,国际体育仲裁法庭(CAS)宣布延后俄罗斯网球 女将莎拉波娃针对取消或缩短禁赛期的上诉请求这意味着莎娃已经确定无缘里约奥运 Maria Sharapova has been given a two-year ban failing a drugs test the banned meldonium at the Australian Open in January. Sharapova said she had taken meldonium nearly years, which was banned by WADA beginning Jan. 1, . 莎娃原本指望在CAS的上诉结果可以在7月18日之前公布,假如上诉成功,她或许还能赶上里约奥运但是,CAS和国际网球联合会(ITF)表示需要更多时间搜集据,推迟了宣判 北岛康介:日本“蛙王”因无缘里约奥运,正式宣布退役北岛被誉为日本泳坛史上最伟大的运动员,曾次参加奥运会,三度打破世界纪录 33-year-old Kosuke Kitajima, one of the greatest swimmers Japan has ever produced, has officially announced his retirement after failing to qualify in any discipline the Rio Olympics during the national championships. 他曾在年雅典奥运会摘得男子0米、0米蛙泳金牌,并在北京奥运会上成功卫冕了这两个项目的冠军 邹凯:人称“小咪”的他虽然长了一张娃娃脸,但是论资历却已是一名老将了才岁,在北京奥运会上,他勇夺三枚金牌;年后,伦敦奥运会,他又获得了男团和自由操金牌,由此成为“五金王” 可惜的是,在今年5月的全国锦标赛上,他没有赢得奥运门票 Five-time Olympic champions Zou Kai, , was tangled by injuries on his Achilles' heel and waist at the National Gymnastics Championships in May. 廖辉:北京奥运会上,他在队友状态欠佳的情况下,顶住压力,夺取了男子举重69公斤级金牌;遗憾的是,他因为违禁事件错过了伦敦奥运此后,廖辉一直憋着一股劲,要坚持到里约奥运会 可惜的是8年的等待终于化为泡影——7月18日下午,廖辉在社交平台发文宣布退役 篇幅有限,我们无法提及所有还在坚持或者已经宣布离开的老将 但是,小编想说的是,无论他们能否再战奥运,无论他们将在里约取得怎样的成绩,都配得上我们最热烈的掌声:感谢你们一直没放弃,感谢你们带来的所有悲与喜,这是人生,这是体育 你最希望看到的名将是谁,谁将错过里约奥运又最让你感觉遗憾呢? 留言告诉我们吧武汉/包皮包茎费用

武汉/市区男科越南边检在中国护照上爆粗口 中国谴责:无耻懦夫 --9 :58: 来源: 之前曾有报道说,越南边检在一名入境中国公民的护照上写下了两页的下流话,对此中国谴责为“懦夫”,要求越南进行调查 Pictures show a four-letter word written on the pages that contain a map including China’s "nine-dash line".从图片可以看出,印有“九段线”的中国护照上被写下了“F*CK”的字样The line marks China’s claim to territories in the South China Sea.“九段线”标识了中国在南海声称拥有主权的范围Those claims, which overlap with Vietnam’s, were recently rejected by an international tribunal.在中国声称拥有主权的范围里,部分地方和越南声称拥有主权的地方重叠了而且最近国际仲裁法庭的一份裁决驳斥了中国在南海的主权声明The tourist, surnamed Zhong and from China’s Guangdong province was entering Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. She told local media that she was "very disappointed at the personal qualities of Vietnamese officials".这名游客姓钟,来自广东,正要前往胡志明市她对当地媒体表示说,他对“越南办事人员的素质感到很失望”The Chinese consulate in Ho Chi Minh City said in a statement the act was "shameless and cowardly", adding that it had "stained the dignity of both China and its nationals".在一份声明中,中国驻胡志明市大使馆指出此举是“无耻懦夫行为”,并补充说此举“玷污了中国和中国国民的尊严”China has asked Vietnam to investigate the incident and "seriously punish" those responsible it, the statement said. An investigation is to be conducted, according to Vietnamese officials.在这份声明中,中国已经要求越南对此事件进行调查, 并且“严厉处罚”对此事件负责的人据越南官员表示,越方将进行一场调查Why is this an issue now?现在为什么这是一个问题?New passports were issued by Beijing in with revised maps to include the "nine-dash line", which China uses to demarcate its territorial claims.年,中国发行了新的护照,修订了中国地图,印上了“九段线”“九段线”是中国用来划定南海领土范围的标识China claims almost all of the South China Sea, including reefs and islands that are also claimed by other countries, and has controversially been engaging in island-building and naval patrols.中国声称对几乎整个南海都拥有主权,包括其他国家也声称拥有主权的珊瑚礁和岛屿,并且有争议地在该地区从事岛屿建设和海军巡逻It has said it does not recognise an international tribunal ruling in July that said its claims had no legal basis.今年7月国际仲裁法庭一份裁决表示中国在该地区的主权声明没有法律依据,对此中国表示不认可Vietnamese border officials announced earlier this month that they were refusing to stamp the new passports, saying Chinese visitors would be issued with a separate on-arrival visa instead.本月上旬,越南边境官员曾宣布他们将拒绝在中国的新护照上盖章,表示说中国游客将被签发一个单独的入境签"By issuing separate visas, Vietnamese authorities can avoid directly stamping the passport, thus demonstrating Vietnam’s stance of not recognising the nine-dash line in any m," the vice-chairman of Quang Ning province’s People’s Council, Mr Nguyen Xuan Ky told news outlet Tuoi Tre.越南广宁省人民委员会副主席Nguyen Xuan Ky对越南《青年报说道:“通过发行一个单独的入境签,越南官员们可以避免直接在中国护照上盖章,从而可以表明越南不承认任何形式‘九段线’的立场”Customs officers at Vietnam’s Da Nang airport have reportedly also confiscated maps featuring the nine-dash line from Chinese passengers.据报道,越南岘港机场的海关官员也没收了中国乘客手中标有“九段线”的地图Is this the only case of anti-Chinese sentiment in Vietnam?这是越南唯一的反华情绪吗?A provincial Vietnamese television station stopped airing Shanghai Bund, a Chinese remake of a Hong Kong series after the show’s lead actor voiced his support Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea.越南一家省级电视台停止播放《新上海滩(这是中国重拍香港电影而成的一部电视剧),其原因是这部电视剧的主演表明持中国在南海的主权声明Some people were also detained in Hanoi in July while protesting against China’s rejection of the tribunal decision.7月份,越南河内有人被拘留,当时他们正在抗议中国拒绝国际仲裁庭裁决武汉/治疗生殖器疱疹大概需要多少钱 逃避现实者的9个特征 全中... -- :38:58 来源:chinadaily But believe it or not, there's an escapist in all of us. But some of us tend to take escapism to the next level and this can be quite bad. In this , I will identify 9 signs of being an escapist. So if you want to know whether you are an escapist, check these 9 signs below. 信不信由你,其实每个人心里都住着一个“逃避现实者”;只不过有些人比较纵容逃避主义,导致情况变得不那么乐观而已在这篇文章中,我将向你揭示作为逃避现实者的9个征兆如果你想知道自己有没有中,那就赶紧看看下面这9条征兆吧 1. You daydream (a lot). 1. 经常做白日梦 If you have a tendency to daydream (a lot), then you could be an escapist. Escapists are people who want to create their own reality whilst they go about their daily routine. And these day dreams don't tend to happen purposefully; they actually happen quite naturally when you don't expect it. And when they do occur, you welcome them. 如果你经常做白日梦,那你可能就是个逃避现实者撇开日常现实生活,逃避现实者更愿意营造一个属于自己的小世界;而他们所设想的白日梦往往不会刻意实现,只会在最不经意的时候顺其自然地出现;当白日梦真的成真时,那就尽情享受吧 . You are very creative. . 极具创造力 If you are capable of making your own alternate reality in your mind, then you must be one imaginative and creative person. And because you developed this habit of imagining, you regularly exercise your creative muscles so you come up with new ideas all the time. 如果你很擅长为自己想象出另一种生活,那说明你想象力丰富、非常有创造力而且,因为你经常不自主地东想西想,创新思维比较发达,所以总能冒出不少新颖的点子来 3. You want to live life on your own terms. 3. 喜欢随心生活 If you are an escapist, chances are you are working in a job that you don't really like. And you probably have this burning desire to quit your job. But being an escapist is not just about wishing to quit your job; there could be many things in your life that you wish weren't there. They could be finance or family-related, and things which you don't have control over. Escapists like yourself are longing to free from their shackles and live life on their own terms. 如果你是一个逃避现实者,那么有可能你并不是特别热爱自己的工作,甚至很想辞职走人但对逃避现实者来说,一切并不只是辞职那么简单,其实,生活中很多事情都不如其愿,比如经济状况、家庭关系、各种无法掌控的事情等等逃避现实者特别渴望挣脱各种枷锁、渴望能够随心生活 . You love to travel the world. . 喜欢周游世界 You're quick to be bitten by the travel bug. And by travelling, it is not your usual going to a beach and partying type of vacation (although you won't mind doing that now and then). Your idea of travelling is to explore and to embrace the vibrant cultures that the world would has to offer. 你会一直被旅行的愿望挠得心痒痒虽然你并不介意俗套的漫步沙滩或派对度假,但对你而言,旅行更多的是探索和经历世界各地的风情文化 5. You enjoying ing fiction like fantasy and sci-fi. 5. 喜欢读魔幻科幻小说 As mentioned in one of the previous signs, escapist are incredibly creative and they're responsible creating the greatest works of fiction, especially in the fantasy and sci-fi genre. And as a fellow escapist, you admire their work because it allows you be a part of their imaginary universe. It gives you a chance to escape. 正如前面所言,逃避现实者具有惊人的想象创造力,很有可能创作出伟大的魔幻科幻小说作品作为普通的逃避现实者,你很欣赏这类作品,因为它能引领你走进那个神奇浩繁的世界,让你逃避日常现实生活 6. You may be addicted to games. 6. 或许会沉迷于 Video games have evolved so much recently that you actually feel as if you are a part of their pixelated world. Like many escapists, you are probably addicted to playing games, and that is because these games allow you to escape into an imaginary reality. 现如今已经发展得相当强大,甚至会让你觉得你就在虚拟世界里一样跟许多逃避现实者一样,你很可能也喜欢玩,因为你能逃避到一个虚拟世界里去 7. You realise the world is a harsh place. 7. 觉得现实世界很残酷 This is very common characteristic of all escapists, and it should be seen as a sign. As an escapist, you will have probably imagined this amazing future where you will be living the life of your dream. But when you go and pursue this dream, the shock of what the world is really like disappoints you. You will quickly realise this so go back to just imagining your dream world, where you feel happy. 这也是逃避现实者的常见特征作为逃避现实者,你会为自己想象出一个美好的梦想未来,而当你准备努力追寻这个未来时,你会发现现实世界真的很打击人很快你便发现,最好的办法就是继续做白日梦,至少这样你是快乐的 8. You tend to procrastinate. 8. 有拖延症倾向 Although you may have all these aspirations to live your dream life, the truth is something is holding you back and it is preventing you from pursuing passion. The one thing that is holding you back is your fear of failure. In fact, you're petrified of failure. You keeping asking all these ;what ifs; and they all revolve around failure. And because of this, you end up staying where you are and you start procrastinating. 虽然你雄心勃勃想过上梦想的生活,但总有些原因让你踟蹰不前,阻止你追随自己的其中一个原因就是“对未来的恐惧”说实话,你特别畏惧未来你总在设想各种“万一”,这些“万一”都跟失败相关正因如此,你只能拖拖拉拉、原地踏步 9. You can't face uncertainty. 9. 无法面对不确定因素 Similar to the last point, another sign which coincides with procrastination is your inability to face uncertainty. Your alternate dream world is where you go to escape the actual reality that you find difficult to accept. When you face uncertain situations, you tend to start procrastinating and start to fantasize. And that's because you find certainty and security in your dream. 跟前面一点类似的是,逃避现实者无法面对不确定因素一旦发现现实世界难以接受,你就会逃到自己想象的小世界里去在面对不确定环境时,你会变得拖拉磨蹭,然后开始做白日梦,因为在白日梦里,你才能找到确定感和安全感武汉/滴虫性尿道炎的治疗

武汉/治疗前列腺炎囊肿医院90后成“白帽黑客”主力 -- ::38 来源: 中国首份《白帽黑客调查报告昨天发布,此次调查由国内知名安全团队KeenTeam创办的安全极客社区GeekPwn发起报告显示,90后的年轻人成为中国白帽黑客的主力军More than 0 white-hat hackers attend the final of a national competition designed to find new talent to work in the network security sector in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on May .A total of ,500 people from home and abroad entered the competition. Sun Can Xinhua请看《中国日报的报道:The majority of Chinese white hat hackers are young people born in the 1990s, according to China's first report on the subject.据中国首份《白帽黑客调查报告显示,90后的年轻人成为中国白帽黑客的主力军“白帽黑客”也就是业界所称的“白帽子”,可以用英文white hat hackers 表示,指用自己的黑客技术来维护网络安全的黑客,他们实质是信息安全从业人员(inmation security personnel )与之相对应的是“黑帽黑客”(black hat hacker),也就是骇客(cracker),即闯入计算机系统或网络系统者这种说法缘于美国早期西部片以白帽和黑帽区分正邪双方媒体报道中,黑客一词常指那些软件骇客(software cracker)“黑客”是“hacker”的音译,原指用斧头砍柴的工人,1960年代这个词汇才被引入计算机圈 “骇客”是“cracker” 的音译,就是“破解者”的意思还有一些以“黑客”自居并沾沾自喜的初学者,称为脚本小子(script kiddie)《白帽黑客调查报告指出,90后(post-90s)白帽黑客的比例已达到了61%,80后则占30%,70后占%左右51.8%的白帽黑客承认进入黑客圈主要还是通过自学(self-taught),%是专业出身,%左右是因为工作需要 又相信爱情了:相恋0年 耄耋爱侣终成眷属 -- 18:0:3 来源: To all the ladies out there waiting him to put a ring on it, take heart. A British couple is proof that fairytale endings can take time, but they're well worth the wait.还在等着他给你戴上戒指的姑娘们,振作起来一对英国夫妇明了童话故事或许耗时,但真得值得等待Sally and Colin Dunn,UK, have finally walked down the aisle after a whopping years of dating. While most couples wouldn't wait that long, Sally and Colin, both in their 80s, say it's never too late.来自英国的萨丽和克林;敦,经历了整整年的约会后,终于步入婚姻殿堂尽管多数爱侣等不了那么久,但耄耋之年的萨丽和克林说不算晚They met in 197 at Colin's local social club where Sally worked behind the bar. It wasn't long bee they started dating and their relationship flourished. But with previous relationships and children, the lovebirds got swept up in life's responsibilities and never got around to tying the knot.他们197年相识于克林那儿的社交俱乐部萨丽在吧台工作没多久,他们开始约会,感情很快升温但彼此之前都有另外几段感情,也都有子女,这对爱侣为人生的责任所牵绊,一直就没有时间结为伉俪But after becoming empty nesters and experiencing the difficult loss of his brother, Colin decided would be the year.而成为空巢老人又痛失兄弟之后,克林决定年是时候了So over the weekend, Sally and Colin finally became man and wife. The couple married at a local church with friends and family all around.于是乎,周末的时候,萨丽和克林终成眷属这对爱侣在当地教堂里结为夫妇,亲朋好友都到场了;It was worth the wait,; Sally, 8, said.;这一切值得等待,;8岁的萨丽如是说湖北治疗龟头炎多少钱武汉/阴茎里面的筋断了怎么治疗



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