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Thunder god vine, a traditional Chinese medicinal plant.雷公藤,一种传统的中药植物。Scientists have been scouring the world in recent decades for all manner of miracle plants that can help people slim down. As the market for weight-loss products and supplements has grown to a multi-billion-di liar industry, they#39;ve looked at dandelions, coffee and nuts, among other things. They#39;ve been cultivatin g an edible succulent called the caralluma fimbriata chewed by tribesmen in rural India to control their hunger during a day#39;s hunt. And they have been trying to isolate and extract whatever it is in an African plant called hoodia, which looks like a spikey pickle, that tricks you into feeling full even if you hav en.t eaten a bite.近几十年来科学家们一直在世界各地寻找各种各样的可以帮助人们减肥的神奇植物。随着减肥产品和补充剂的市场已经发展成为一个数十亿美元的产业,他们一路査看了蒲公英,咖啡,坚果等等。他们一直在培养可食用的多汁植物称为“印度仙人掌”,是印度农村部落在结束了一天的捕猎之后用来咀嚼控制饥饿的,他们一直在试图分离和提取一个被称之为“蝴蝶亚”的与非洲植物,想査明里面究竟有些什么,这个与非洲之物看起来像一个泡菜的图片,能欺骗你,让你有饱腹感,即使你根本连一口都没有吃过。But none of these has been more promising in early studies than a traditional Chinese medicine known as thunder god vine.但是在这些植物上的早期研究都没有传统的中药植物雷公藤更有前途。In a paper published in the journal Cell on Thursday, scientists said an extract made from the plant reduces food intake and has led to a dramatic 45 percent decrease in body weight in obese mice.于周四在《细胞》杂志上发表的一篇论文中,科学家说从该植物中提取的一小部分,使得肥胖老鼠减少了食物的摄取量,还导致其体重急剧下降了45%。Study author Omut Ozcan, an endocrinologist at Boston Children#39;s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, said the substance appears to work by enhancing a fat-derived hormone called leptin that signals to the body when it has enough fuel and energy. Humans who lack leptin, can eat voraciously and can become morbidly obese.该项研究的作者,波士顿儿童医院和哈佛医学院的内分泌学家Omut Ozcan说,该种物质能够有效提高脂肪源性激素,也称之为瘦素,当身体有了足够的燃料和能量之后,是瘦素向身体发出信号的。缺乏瘦素的人,会狼吞虎咽地吃东西,然后变成病态肥胖。;During the last two decades, there has been an enormous amount of effort to treat obesity by breaking down leptin resistance, but these efforts have failed. The message from this study is that there is still hope for making leptin work,; Ozcan said in a statement.;在过去二十年里,在打碎瘦素的抵抗从而治疗肥胖上作出了大量的努力,但这些努力都失败了。这项研究给出的信息就是,使瘦素起效果仍然是有希望的,;Ozcan在一份声明中说。In the study, Ozcan found that with only one week of treatment with an extract made from thunder god v; e — which they called Celastrol — the mice reduced their food intake by 80 percent as compared with tho se who did not get the extract. Three weeks later, those mice had lost nearly half of their initial body weight.Ozcan在这项研究中发现只用雷公藤的提取物(他们将其称之为雷公藤红素)进行了一个星期的治疗,老鼠的食物摄入量 ,就比那些没有使用提取物的老鼠的摄入量少了80%。三周后,这些使用了提取物的老鼠甩掉了将近它们原本体重的一半。The results were even more effective than a drastic measure used to reduce weight: bariatric surgery. In addition, scientists reported that they saw other positive health effects from decreased cholesterol lev els to improved liver functions.这一结果甚至比过去所使用的釜底抽薪的减肥方式,减肥手术更有效。此外,科学家还报道说从中他们还看到了对健康方面的其他的积极的影响,可以降低胆固醇水平和改善肝脏功能。While the team did not find any toxic effects of the extract in mice, the researchers strongly cautioned that more studies needed to be done to demonstrate the compound#39;s safety in humans.因为该团队还未发现该提取物对小老鼠有任何毒性作用,但研究人员强烈警告说,还需要做更多的研究来明这种混合物对人体而言是安全的。;Celastrol is found in the roots of the thunder god vine in small amounts, but the plant#39;s roots and flowers have many other compounds,; Ozcan said. ;As a result, it could be dangerous for humans.;;雷公藤红素只存在于雷公藤的根中,而且量很少,但该植物的根和花还含有很多其他化合物,;Ozcan说。;因此,这对人类而言可能是有危险的。; /201505/377078。

It#39;s a common belief that over time pet owners start to look like their animals. Now comes the terrifying news that cats look up to their owners as role models and mimic their behavior。人们普遍认为,时间久了宠物主人会变得越来越像自己的宠物。而现在却有“可怕”的消息表示,喵星人竟能以主人为榜样,模仿主人的一举一动!Next time you reach for that Krispy Kreme, think twice. If your cat is watching, she may be prone to overeating as well。下次你再伸手去拿卡卡圈坊甜甜圈时,还是先三思一下吧。要是碰巧被你家的猫咪看见了,下次她可能也会饕餮暴食哦!What is your cat#39;s IQ?你家喵星人的智商是多少?In a new study from the University of Messina, it turns out that cats who live intimately with their owners (indoor cats that live in a small space) ;mirror; the lives of their caregivers. They sleep at the same time, eat at the same time, and can even become more or less social depending on the behavior of their owners。墨西拿大学一项新研究表明,与主人亲密生活的喵星人(这里指活动空间狭小、爱在室内活动的喵星人),会“模仿”它们的主人的生活习惯。他们同寝共食,甚至主人们爱不爱社交生活,也会影响它们的行为。;Cats are intelligent animals with a long memory,; Jane Brunt, veterinarian and the executive director of the CATalyst Council, told Discovery News. ;They watch and learn from us, (noting) the patterns of our actions, as evidenced by knowing where their food is kept and what time to expect to be fed, how to open the cupboard door that#39;s been improperly closed, and where their feeding and toileting areas are.;“猫是很聪明的动物,很强。” 简-布朗特对探索新闻网站的记者表示。布朗特是名兽医,也是 CATalyst Council公司的执行董事。她说:“猫会观察人类并向人类学习。通过观察人们的行为模式,它们会知道食物放在哪里、什么时候可以吃饭、怎么打开不经意关闭的碗柜门,以及该在什么地方吃饭或便便。”Because cats mimic our habits, if you spend a lot of time raiding the fridge, your cat will return to its food bowl for that midnight snack, too. According to the study, this explains why ;human and cat obesity rates often seem to match.; So, if you felt guilty about leaving your precious kitty at home while you go to work, now you can feel even worse: You are making your cat fat!因为喵星人会模仿人类习惯,所以如果你经常翻腾冰箱,喵星人也可能会半夜跑到食盆前吃上两口。研究表明,这恰好阐释了“人类与猫的肥胖率经常相似”的原因。那么,如果你因自己上班只能把宝贝猫咪留在家里而感到内疚,现在可能更加不安了:是你一手造成了你家喵星人发胖!There#39;s no word if drinking green tea and making sure you go to Yoga will benefit your cat, but based on the study, it sounds like sticking to a healthy eating and sleeping schedule is best for both of you。虽然并无据表明主人喝绿茶或练瑜伽也能帮到喵星人,但根据研究,健康饮食和规律睡眠似乎对你和喵星人都很有益。There#39;s a lot we can learn from our feline friends in return. ;When they sit on our lap softly purring with rhythmic breathing and half-closed eyes, the sense of serenity and calm that comes over us is like a private lesson in inner peace and meditation,; Brant said. Sure. But cats don#39;t have to sit in rush hour traffic for an hour a day or worry about their in-laws. They#39;re probably pretty good at remaining calm。相反我们也能从喵星人身上学到很多。“每次喵星人蹲在我们膝头半眯着眼睛打呼噜时,平静和安宁感便油然而生,真像是亲密地教我们如何做到内心祥和与冥思。” 布朗特说。确实如此。但喵星人又不用每天花一小时挤公交,更不会为那些亲家们烦恼,或许它们天生就这么淡定吧。So, according to science, even though we assumed that cats were aloof jerks all these years, it turns out they are in fact learning from us and looking up to us. Scary, huh?所以,即便我们这些年来一直以为喵星人只是冷漠的怪咖,但根据科学阐释,事实却明它们竟然一直在学习并模仿我们。是不是有点小吓人? /201507/385638。