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习语:a red letter day讲解:日历上圣徒礼拜及节日均由红色字标明,因此a red letter day 往往指“特别重要的日子”,即:大喜日子,如:“结婚,胜利或接受荣誉符号”等。持范例:It was a red letter day for us when Paul came home from the war.对我们来说,保罗打完仗回家的那一天,是个值得纪念的好日子。My father said the day I was born was a red letter day.我的父亲说我的生日是个喜庆日。迷你对话:A:My son came home from three years in the navy.我儿子在海军役三年,终于回家了。B:It wasa real red letter dayfor you.那天对你来说可真是个大喜的日子。A:Yeah. We rolled out the red carpet to welcome him home.的确如此,我们简直把他当贵宾一样来欢迎。词海拾贝:roll out the red carpet:隆重欢迎My mother-in-law is coming from Canada to stay with us so I suppose we’ll have toroll out the red carpet.我岳母将从加拿大来和我们小住一段时间,因此我想我们得隆重接待。Actually, not all stores in Americaroll out the red carpet fortheir customers.事实上,并不是所有美国的商店都待顾客如同上宾一般。特别说明:该节目中的迷你对话选自《脱口说英语》之口语习语大全,讲解部分为可可编辑原创。 /201205/180754成功跳槽的五大原则1.Network with your friends.This is your best shot of finding something better. Friends will advocate for you within their own companies or to friends of friends. 与朋友在网上交流这是你找到更好工作机会的方法。朋友们会向公司,或者他们的朋友推荐你。2 . Use social networking.The fact that you can peruse a friend’s contact, or enter the company name in a search and have it show you which connections of other connections work for the company is nothing short of miraculous when you are determined to ditch your job.充分利用社交网络当你下决心想要跳槽的时候,你可以关注朋友的联系方式,在网上搜索他们的公司,可以很神奇地得到更多在这家公司工作的其他人的联系方式。3. Be yourselfIf they are buried underneatha stack of papers you could care less about, then your light is hidden from the world. Be yourself and fate will drive your future做你自己而如果他们被埋在一叠厚厚的文件中,就会被漠不关心,那么你的光芒就会被隐藏。做你自己,命运将会垂青你。4 Make up some rules.it says that you control the work situation, instead of it controlling you.构建一些准则生活准则会让你去掌控工作,而不是让工作来掌控你。5. Get past your fearsDon’t let your fears keep you suck in a toxic job.克你的恐惧感不要让你的恐惧感让你卷入对身体有害的工作。 /201104/131488Do you have any idea why people kiss?Well down, the simple answer is just because it feels good. Our lips are full of sensitive nerve endings, which activate sensory areas in the brain. Kissing boosts the levels of neurotransmitter substances such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. Dopamine triggers craving and desire, serotonin elevates a person’s mood, and oxytocin is involved in forming emotional attachments.你知道人们为何接吻吗?问的好!人们接吻的原因十分简单——它会让人感觉良好。嘴唇上遍布着神经末梢,而神经末梢会激活大脑相应的神经区域。接吻能提高多巴胺,血清素及催产素等神经递质物质的水平。多巴胺会刺激人的欲望,血清素会提升人的情绪,而催产素会引发强烈的感情归属感。Besides humans, the only animals that scientists have ever seen kissing are our closest ape relatives, chimpanzees, and bonobos, and even then it is a rare occurrence. There must be a better explanation for it.除了人类,科学家发现唯一有接吻行为的动物是人类的近亲——黑猩猩和倭黑猩猩,即使在它们之中这种现象也极少发生。因此,人类要接吻应该还有更好的理由。译文为翻译,未经授权!201706/514482

一、边听边学 Listen and Learnnitwit 笨蛋 half-baked 愚蠢的 a piece of cake 轻而易举的事 one for the books 非比寻常 a cinch 轻而易举的事 talk through onersquo;s hat 夸大其词 take with a grain of salt 对某人的话存疑 have egg on onersquo;s face 出丑 二、边听边说 Listen and SpeakA: Hersquo;s a nitwit. What half-baked idea does he have now?他真是傻瓜,到底在想什么蠢事?B: Hersquo;s sure he can become a millionaire by buying 100 lottery tickets. He thinks itrsquo;ll be a piece of cake.他以为买了一百张奖券就可以成为亿万富翁。他想得太简单了。A: Thatrsquo;s one for the books. Itrsquo;s no cinch making money.那是空口说白话,赚钱哪有那么容易?B: He talks through his hat. You have to take everthing he says with a grain of salt.他在说大话,你听他说话得打些折扣。A: Just watch. Hersquo;ll have egg on his face.等着瞧,他会出丑的。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201110/159307

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.旅行是为了要发现所有人对其他国家的误解。单词记忆:discover 探索is wrong about 误解country 国家 /201605/444687These days, my hobbies are pretty much ‘ing’! — ing and hiking. Yeah.I moved to a new house recently, and I like to hike in the “mountain” nearby. It’s not really a mountain but it’s a nice hill.And, uh, let’s see… I love ing, I love history books — religious history, European history. (They are) very fascinating to me...Uh.. other than that, … that’s pretty much it. I like sleeping!Well, in the future, I wanna continue teaching English. I really love it. Uh, however, I really would love to be able to live some place cold! Yeah, my white skin is very sensitive to the sun, and I don’t want to get skin cancer! I had it once. I don’t want it anymore! So I would love to live in Ireland or Scotland or someplace really cold! Would they welcome me? That’s the problem. That’s my dream.So if I moved to Ireland or Scotland then I would continue teaching…. well, here on YouTube! As long as you continue to come and watch.1. hobby 兴趣、爱好 (问What do you like to do in your spare/free time?2. hiking (hike 的动名词)爬山、徒步3. hill 小山丘4. religious 宗教的、虔诚的5. fascinating 令人着迷6. that’s pretty much it 差不多就是这样7. continue 继续 +Ving8. sensitive 敏感9. skin cancer 皮肤癌10. YouTube 类似像优酷的视频网站去面试前,先问问自己有没有办法流利回答以下问题:1. What are your hobbies? What do you like doing when you’re not working?2. What are your future plans? Any hopes for the future? /201502/358233点击此处收听往期节目 又是新的一天,新的一课,大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师。我们每天会聚在这里,开心,积极地学习一点英语口语用法,并通过Faith英语电台互动学习平台分享学习成绩,日积月累,突然有一天你会发现你的口语进步可真的很大哦!最近有Jonny提问,想知道如何用英语表达“适应环境,应付某事”,我们可以用一个动词词组:“fit into”来表达这个意思:How do you fit into this whole thing? 你现在该怎么办?I’m working hard to fit into my new job. 我非常努力地去适应我的新工作。I don’t see I’m fitting into this new environment. 我不认为自己适应这个新环境。You need to make yourself fit into the society. 你应该让自己融入这个社会。Fitting into changes is a big challenge for me. 对我来说适应变化很难。Anyway, no matter how big the challenge is, you have to fit yourself into changes, this is how life is. 欢迎继续学习本课内容。现在介绍一个很普遍的英语表达法: it turns out …意思是:结果是,原来是,原来啊…我们可以在后面加上一个句子或者单词,或者词组等等:I talked to Andy today, you know what, it turns out that he went to the same high school with my husband. 我今天和安迪谈过了,原来他和我丈夫高中进的是同一所学校。All your endeavors turn out a disaster. 你所有的努力变成了一场灾难。He said he was a doctor; but later he turned out to be a cheat. 他自称是个医生,后来才发现他原来是个骗子。It turns out that the fairy tales come true. 结果是这一切童话故事都成真了。Many people don’t like study, but once they get here, studying turns out to be fun, does it? 让我们一起学好英语吧!这里是Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师,很喜欢这位歌手的声音:Malaya,来听听他的歌好吗?Tell me why,你也会喜欢吗?Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201107/146459

Subject:She will go the whole hog in planning the program. 迷你对话A: I heard that you have had your secretary plan the program. How about your performance?我听说你已经让你的秘书来负责筹办这个项目了。她的工作能力如何呀?B: Frankly speaking, she is perfect. I promise she will go the whole hog in planning the program.坦诚地说,他很优秀。我可以保他会全力以赴第筹办这个项目的。 地道表达 go the whole hog 1. 解词释义Go whole hog是一个俚语,起源于十七世纪的英国。当时的英国称一个先令(shilling)为一个hog,而一个hog能买不少东西,go whole hog就是一次把一个先令全部花完,一点不剩。后来引申为“彻底完成某事,全力以赴完成某事”。表示去彻底或全力以赴去完成某事,在短语的后面用介词in,即为:go the whole hog in doing something or something。 2. 拓展例句e.g. They painted the kitchen and then decide to go the whole hog and redecorate the other room as well.他们粉刷了厨房,后来又决心干到底,把其他房间也都修饰了一番。e.g. Now that weve gone as far as this, we must either go the whole hog or else drop it altogether. Im in favour of putting up a fight, myself.到这地步,一不做二不休,我是打算拚一拚了!e.g. She went whole hog in planning he New Years Eve party.她全心全力筹办新年晚会。e.g. When Bob became interested in model airplanes, he went the whole hog.鲍伯对模型飞机有兴趣后,他就全心全意去做。 Ps 1:have sb do sth的意思是“叫某人做某事”。例如:I have his daughter fetch a doctor here. 我叫他的女儿去叫医生来了。 Ps 2:plan the program:筹办这个项目,计划这个项目 How about....:......如何? Ps 3:frankly speaking的意思是“坦白地说”,独立使用。例如:Frankly speaking, it is difficult for me to make out what he is saying.坦率地说,理解他正在说的事情是很困难的。Frankly speaking, he is not so bad as you might think.坦白讲,他没有你想像中的坏。 /201408/317387第一, 迷你对话A: Hello, I heard that you were looking for me?你好,我听说你在找我啊?B: Yes.是的。A: You look off color.你气色不好?B: Really? Henry, are you free now?真的吗?Henry,你现在有空吗?A: What’s come over you?什么事情?B: I’d like to talk with you. I need to get these worries off my chest.我想找你聊聊,把心中的烦恼说出来。A: Wait a moment. I’ll be back soon.等等,我马上就回来。第二, 地道表达off one’s chest1. 解词释义Off one’s chest的意思是“倾诉心中的隐秘”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Youre obviously worried about something; why not get it off your chest?你显然有心事, 何不一吐为快?e.g. Youd better get the annoyance off your chest.你最好把心里的烦恼说出来。e.g. If somethings bothering you, get it off your chest and tickle your mind.有什么不痛快的事, 就把它说出来, 你心里也就敞亮了。e.g. Get it off your chest if you feel youve been wronged. Dont take it out on others.你有委屈就说出来, 不该拿别人杀气。第三, 咬文嚼字off color:气色不好e.g. She felt a bit off color, but she is much better now.她觉得有点不舒,但是现在好多了。e.g. You look off color.I think you should pay a visit to the doctor.你气色不好。我觉得你应该去看医生。come over:抓住e.g. Whats come over you?你到底碰到什么事了?e.g. Somethings come over her.她好像有点儿变了。e.g. A change had come over him, and he spoke gravely, and with decision.他身上起了变化,他说话很严肃,而且很果断。 /201705/510613很多年以前,学校、班级,甚至宿舍就已经有;花;这个称谓了,说的是学校、班级或者宿舍范围内最漂亮的女孩子。可是,校园里只有花是不行的。于是,就有了现在跟;校花;相映成趣的;校草;。今天我们就来讨论一下;校花;和;校草;的英文说法。;校花;的英文说法最常见的有school babe和campus belle两种。Babe is a word used to address a young woman, or your wife, husband or lover, usually expressing affection but sometimes considered offensive if used by a man to a woman he does not know. Now many people use it to refer to an attractive young woman, for example: she is really a babe.Babe这个词是对年轻女子或爱人的昵称,男子用以称呼不相识的女子则有冒犯之嫌。不过,现在很多人都用这个词来指代年轻貌美的女子。例如:她真是个美女。French word ;belle; means beautiful woman, hence, campus belle is the most beautiful girl in the school.Belle是个法语词,意思是;美丽的女人;,那么campus belle也就是学校里最美丽的女子(即;校花;)了。;校草;的英文表达呼声最高的当属school hunk了。Hunk is a slang term for a sexually appealing man, a person who is sexually attractive or a well-muscled, sexualized man.Hunk是个俚语表达,指性感有魅力的男子,或者身形健壮、有吸引力的男子。 /201205/184644

关键词:多不胜选,眼花缭乱短语释义:我想选购一条毛巾,可是淘宝网上的图片中,可供选择的颜色太多了,我们看到图片中有浅绿色、枚红色、粉红等颜色的毛巾,到底选择哪一条呢?当我正为这么多的选择而犹豫不决的时候,您可以学到一个习语,而这个习语刚好能说明我此刻的状态:be spoilt for choice。Spoil表示;溺爱;,比如谚语;不打不成器;,在英文中叫做;Spare the rod and spoil the child;。Spoil for表示;渴望,一心想;,比如;spoil for a fight;就是;一心想找人打架;。Be spoilt for choice,一心想着很多选择,那么也就是指;选择太多了,多不胜选,眼花缭乱;。我们来看英文词典中的解释:to have so many good possible choices that it is difficult to make a decision,由于选择太多而难以抉择。情景领悟:Some really good wallpapers on this site and a bunch of different categories, yoursquo;ll bespoilt forchoice!这个站点上有些确实不错的墙纸,以及各种分类,你一定会爱不释手! 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201210/203572

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