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武汉/那个医院看男科好大冶男科最好的医院Workers who commute by car, bus or train to the office are more likely to suffer from stress and exhaustion, according to researchers from Lund University in Sweden.  Workers who commute by car, bus or train to the office are more likely to suffer from stress and exhaustion, according to a study.  Scientists assessed 12,000 employees aged between 18 and 65.  They found that those who travelled to work by car or public transport reported higher levels of stress and tiredness compared to active commuters who travelled by foot or bicycle.  It is now expected that the study, from Lund Unversity in Sweden, will encourage further investigation into the health impacts of commuting and the best forms of transportation.  Researcher Erik Hansson said: 'Generally car and public transport users suffered more everyday stress, poorer sleep quality, exhaustion and, on a seven point scale, felt that they struggled with their health compared to the active commuters.  'The negative health of public transport users increased with journey time.'  According to the Office for National Statistics, the average Briton commutes for 54 minutes every day.  But now the scientists claim that the advantages of daily travel, such as higher pay or housing conditions, need to be weighed againstthe adverse health effects.  It may also have a cost impact on industry.  According to a CBI and Pfizer Absence and Workplace Health Survey, the UK economy lost 190million working days to absence last year, with each employee taking an average of 6.5 days off sick, costing employers £17billion.  However researchers highlightthat the findings, published in the journal BMC Public Health, do not prove that commuting causes ill health and further research is needed.  Income, family background and environmental factors are other variablesthat need to be considered.  Hansson added that the findings would help to 'dressthe balance between economic needs, health, and the costs of working days lost'.  研究表明,乘汽车、公交车或列车上下班的人更容易感到压力大和精疲力竭。  科学家评估了1.2万名年龄在18岁到65岁之间的员工的状况。  结果发现,那些乘汽车或公共交通工具上下班的人相比那些采用步行或骑车这种动态出行方式的上班族压力更大、更疲劳。  据称,瑞典隆德大学的这一研究预计将促使人们进一步去调查通勤对健康的影响,以及最佳的出行方式。  研究人员埃里克 汉森说:“一般来说,乘汽车和公共交通工具上下班的人每天要承受更多压力,睡眠质量更差,感觉更疲劳。而且,根据他们在最高分为7分的健康评估表上的打分情况,和动态出行方式的上班族相比,他们觉得自己健康状况更差。”  “乘坐公共交通工具上下班的人的健康状况随着乘车时间的增长而下降。”  根据英国国家统计局的数据,英国人平均每天花在上下班路上的时间为54分钟。  不过现在科学家指出,每天乘车相伴而来的好处,例如更高的薪水或更好的住房条件,需要与乘车对健康的不利影响进行权衡。  乘车上下班可能还会影响企业的成本。  根据英国工业联盟和辉瑞制药公司联合进行的“缺席和工作场所健康调查”,英国经济去年因员工缺勤损失了1.9亿工作日,平均每个员工休病假6.5天,导致雇主损失170亿英镑。  但是,研究人员强调说,这一研究并未实乘车上下班会导致健康恶化,这方面还有待进一步研究。该研究发表在期刊《英国医学委员会公共健康》上。  收入、家庭背景和环境因素是其他需要考虑在内的变数。  汉森补充说,这些研究发现将有助于“重新平衡经济需要、健康和损失的工作日成本之间的关系。” /201111/159729武汉/哪里家男科医院比较好 In the late 1980s, when Marcia Herman-Giddens was working in a paediatric clinic at Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina she noticed a puzzling phenomenon. More and more girls aged eight or nine who visited the clinic had started to sprout breasts. At the time, medical orthodoxy held that the average age of puberty for girls in the west was over 11. The numbers of under-10s that Herman-Giddens was seeing did not fit with this scenario. She began collecting data that eventually produced a study with the American Academy of Pediatrics that studied 17,000 girls and found that the average age of breast-budding among white girls was 9.9 years while for black girls it was 8.8.20世纪80年代末,马西娅#8226;赫尔曼-吉登斯在卡罗莱纳州北部的杜克大学医学中心的儿科诊所工作时,她发现了一个令人费解的现象。越来越多来诊所的八九岁女孩已开始出现乳房。当时,医学正统界认为西部女孩的青春期平均年龄在11岁以上。赫尔曼-吉登斯看到的众多十岁以下的女孩并不符合这种情况。她开始收集数据,在研究17000名女孩之后最终与美国儿科学会得出了结论,发现白人女孩胸部发育的平均年龄为9.9岁,而黑人女孩为8.8岁。The discovery was hugely controversial. Many doctors refused to accept the fact that more and more girls had begun to mature sexually before they had reached the age of 10. ;The Lolita syndrome [the prurient fascination with the sexuality of young girls] created a lot of emotional interest,; recalls Herman-Giddens, now at the University of North Carolina. ;As a feminist, I wish it didn#39;t.;该发现引发了巨大的争议。许多医生拒绝接受这样的事实,即越来越多的女孩在她们到达10岁之前就开始性成熟。“洛丽塔情结(对小女孩的单纯性迷恋)产生了很多情感兴趣,目前在北卡罗莱纳大学的赫尔曼-吉登斯回忆说。“作为一个女权主义者,我希望事实并非如此。”Today most doctors accept that the age of onset of puberty is dropping steadily. Many studies have showed this to be the case for girls, and new research carried out by Herman-Giddens, and published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, has found the same for boys. The age of onset of biological adulthood continues to plunge. Consider the statistics provided by German researchers. They found that in 1860, the average age of the onset of puberty in girls was 16.6 years. In 1920, it was 14.6; in 1950, 13.1; 1980, 12.5; and in 2010, it had dropped to 10.5. Similar sets of figures have been reported for boys, albeit with a delay of around a year.今天,大多数医生接受青春期开始的年龄在逐渐下降。许多研究都表明这正应对女孩的情况,由赫尔曼-吉登斯开展以及美国儿科学会公布的新研究已发现这同样适用于男孩。生理上的成年期开始的年龄继续大幅下挫。考虑到德国研究人员提供的统计数据。他们发现,在1860年,女孩进入青春期的平均年龄为16.6岁。1920年为14.6岁,在1950年为13.1岁,1980年,为12.5岁,并在2010年已经降到10.5岁。男孩也报告了一组类似的数字,虽然有一年左右的延迟。What factors lie behind this trend? Why are our children reaching biological adulthood at earlier and earlier ages? And what are the medical implications of this? Answers to these questions are still debated, although most scientists and health experts believe that the initial decline in the age in puberty was linked to general improvements in health in the west that began in the late 19th century. The trouble is that this drop, which was expected to stop, has simply continued at the same rate: a decline in four to five months in age of onset for each passing decade.这一趋势背后的因素是什么?为什么我们的孩子达到生理成熟的年龄越来越早?这一现象的医学暗示是什么?对这些问题的仍存在争议,尽管大多数科学家和健康专家认为,在青春期年龄的初始下降与西方19世纪后期开始的健康条件的普遍改善有关。问题在于预计将停止的这个下降,只是还在以同样的速度继续:每10年发育年龄会下降4到5个月。This relentless slide has begun to worry doctors who have proposed a host of causes to explain it. Increasing obesity is often ed. In the young it is thought to increase blood levels of oestrogens that promote breast development and early studies seemed to confirm this by linking puberty to higher body mass index. However, a Danish study released last year in the journal Paediatrics found puberty occurring earlier in children regardless of body mass index at age seven.这种无情的下滑已经开始使那些提出了很多原因来解释它的医生担心。不断增加的肥胖经常被作为原因。它被认为是增加了年轻人血液中的雌激素从而促进了乳房发育,早期的研究通过把青春期和较高的身体质量指数相联系似乎实了这一点。然而,去年发表在儿科杂志上的丹麦研究发现,不论身体质量指数如何,儿童的青春期七岁时就更早地发育了。Other factors that may be involved include a diet that is increasingly high in sugar and fat and declining physical activity. The cause could also be environmental, say other researchers – in particular, exposure to endocrine disrupters, chemicals in the environment that act on hormones.其他可能涉及到的因素包括饮食中越来越高的糖和脂肪以及身体锻炼的减少。也可能是环境的原因,其他研究人员说——尤其是暴露在环境中的内分泌干扰物以及化学物质影响到了荷尔蒙。Widesp industrial and pharmaceutical pollutants have aly been shown to harm the normal sexual development of fish and animals. By extension, they may also contribute to earlier or disrupted puberty in children, these scientists contend.大范围的工业和制药业污染已被明伤害了鱼和动物的正常性发育。推而广之,他们也可能导致孩子的青春期提前或中断,这些科学声称。As to the likelihood that precocious puberty poses perils for young people, this is still debated – though many parents worry that early sexual development puts strain on children who are being robbed of years of innocent childhood.由于性早熟的可能性给年轻人带来了危险,这仍然存在争议——尽管许多家长担心性早熟给孩子们造成压力,他们正被剥夺掉天真无邪的童年。 /201210/205394China is so big and so complicated that most scholars have viewed it in glorious isolation. 中国地域之大、情况之复杂导致多数学者都以“光荣孤立”的视角看待中国问题。 In #39;Beyond the Middle Kingdom,#39; a new collection of essays edited by Indiana University professor and China-hand Scott Kennedy, some of the world#39;s leading China scholars attempt to turn that around exploring China in comparative perspective. 美国印第安纳大学(Indiana University)教授、中国问题专家甘思德(Scott Kennedy)最新主编出版了一部名为;Beyond the Middle Kingdom;的论文集,在这部论文集中,一些世界一流的中国问题学者尝试转换角度──以比较的视角来探讨中国问题。 China Real Time recently caught up with Mr. Kennedy to get the lowdown on the new approach. “中国实时报”(China Real Time)栏目近期采访了甘思德,以深入了解这种新的思路。 Most China experts look at the middle kingdom in isolation, why is that? 《华尔街日报》:多数中国问题专家都以孤立的视角看待中国,为什么会是这样呢? Because of China#39;s size, the complexity of Chinese culture, and the country#39;s long history, many experts begin with the untested assumption that China is unique, and that comparison would only yield contrasts. 甘思德:中国的地域,中国文化的复杂性以及漫长的历史让许多专家一开始就做出想当然的假设,认为中国是与众不同的,如果进行对比只能发现差异。 Just as important, learning Chinese and doing field work in China requires a huge amount of time and energy. Since Chinese is not the main language in any other country, save perhaps in Singapore, the skill set China specialists have is not as portable as say for experts who do research on countries where people speak Spanish, French, or Arabic. 同样,学习中文和在中国进行田野调查也需要耗费大量时间和精力。由于中文在任何其他国家都算不上主要语言(也许除新加坡以外),与在西班牙语、法语或阿拉伯语国家做研究的专家相比,中国问题专家所具备的一套技能搬到中国并不那么好用。 You#39;ve uncovered a misunderstanding in what the term #39;middle kingdom#39; actually means? 《华尔街日报》:你发现人们对“middle kingdom”这个名词的理解有误? The Chinese word for China, zhongguo, is often mis-translated as #39;Middle Kingdom.#39; In fact, a more accurate rendering is #39;central states,#39; plural, not singular. The central states were those kingdoms that existed in what is today central, east and southeastern China during the Spring and Autumn Period prior to the Qin Dynasty and the creation of a unified country. 甘思德:汉语“中国”一词常常被错误地翻译成“Middle Kingdom”。其实更准确的译法应该是“central states”(注:中部列国),“states”为复数,而不是单数。“中部列国”是指秦朝(Qin Dynasty)统一中国之前,春秋战国(Spring and Autumn Period)时期位于今天中国中部、东部和东南部的王国。 Given this history, the more contemporary meaning of zhongguo likely is more about unifying the country than being in the center of the world. Foreigners ─ not Chinese people ─ use the term #39;Middle Kingdom#39; to imply Chinese see themselves as part of a superior civilization. But Chinese do not conceive of #39;zhongguo#39; as #39;Middle Kingdom.#39; So if there#39;s a Middle Kingdom complex, it#39;s the West#39;s, not China#39;s. 从这段历史来看,“中国”一词更现代的含义可能与统一国家(而不是处于世界中心)联系更为紧密。外国人──而非中国人──用“Middle Kingdom”一词暗示中国人认为自己的文明更优越。但中国人并不把“中国”理解成“Middle Kingdom”。所以,如果说存在“Middle Kingdom”情结的话,那也是西方的,而不是中国的情结。 What#39;s wrong with looking at China in isolation? 《华尔街日报》:如果以孤立的视角看中国,会存在什么问题? Whether we like it or not, we all compare China to other places. When you say that China is large, isn#39;t pro-environment, is ethnically homogenous, has a lot of inequality, or is highly corrupt, you are implicitly making comparisons. I advocate being explicit about cross-national comparisons because doing so reveals unexpected similarities and differences. 甘思德:不论我们喜不喜欢,我们都会把中国与其他地区进行对比。当你说中国很大,中国不重视环境保护,民族单一化,不平等或者腐败问题严重时,你其实是在进行隐性比较。我提倡进行显性的跨国比较,因为这样可以揭示出让人意想不到的共同点和不同点。 One obvious comparator is Asian neighbors like Korea and Japan. But there are some important differences in China#39;s growth story. 韩国和日本等亚洲邻国显然可以作为中国的比较对象。但中国的发展历程与这些国家之间存在一些重要区别。 Many Chinese officials have hoped that China would follow the lead of its East Asian neighbors. There is a common commitment to active industrial policy and limited faith in the ability of free markets to generate socially valuable outcomes. 许多中国官员期望中国追随其东亚邻国的脚步。东亚国家普遍致力于推行积极的产业政策,同时认为自由市场产生社会价值的能力有限。 But there are substantial differences between China and its neighbors. Policymaking in China is less coordinated and exhibits greater infighting and turf battles. Many of China#39;s economic policies are geared toward helping state-owned enterprises, more so than elsewhere in the region. And unexpectedly, China largely had lower trade and investment barriers than its neighbors in part because South Korea and Japan were given greater leeway until the 1980's because they were American allies during the Cold War. 但中国与其邻国之间存在相当大的差别。中国的决策协调性较差,内部纠纷和部门之间的地盘之争比较严重。中国的许多经济政策都是向国有企业倾斜的,这种倾向性比该地区其他国家要强。令人意外的是,中国的贸易和投资壁垒总体而言要比邻国少,这在一定程度上是因为,由于韩国和日本在冷战(Cold War)期间是美国的盟友,它们二十世纪八十年代之前一直能获得较大的自由空间。 Economic performance has also differed. China has actually enjoyed a longer #39;high-growth#39; era than any of its neighbors, but wealth there is much more unevenly distributed. 中国与邻国的经济表现也存在差别。中国的“高增长”期事实上比任何邻国都要长,但中国财富分配的不均程度也要比邻国严重得多。 Russia, as a former Communist state, also yields some fruitful comparisons. 我们也可以用曾为共产党国家的俄罗斯与中国做一番有意义的比较。 The Chinese state may be less functional than that of its East Asian neighbors, but China#39;s bureaucratic institutions and economy are much more robust than those of Russia. Take the auto sector. Cross-provincial competition and joint ventures with foreign partners have led Chinese automakers to substantially improve their performance over the last 15 years. By contrast, Russia#39;s auto companies have been far less successful as a result of Russia#39;s more chaotic inter-regional competition and less well-designed national policies. 中国政府的效能可能不如东亚邻国高,但中国的官僚机构和经济却比俄罗斯强大得多。我们以汽车行业为例。在过去15年中,跨省竞争以及与海外伙伴组建合资企业显著提升了中国汽车生产商的表现。而俄罗斯的汽车企业则远不如中国成功,因为俄罗斯的跨地区竞争比较混乱,国家政策的设计也不如中国合理。 And other emerging markets like Mexico, Brazil and India? 《华尔街日报》:如果将中国与墨西哥、巴西、印度等其他新兴经济体进行比较呢? These three democracies are excellent reference countries to understand the extent to which China#39;s authoritarian system shapes its political economy. There are clear differences, such as more aggressive business lobbying within these three countries as compared to China. For example, Mexican banks have successfully lobbied to be part of cross-national mergers and acquisitions, while their state-controlled Chinese cousins have not. But there are also surprising similarities across the four countries. Corruption levels, income inequality, and the unevenness of social welfare systems are similar. In addition, all four have faced similar difficulties moving higher up within the global supply chains. 甘思德:这三个民主国家为我们理解中国权力体系如何塑造其政治经济提供了很好的参照。差异是明显的,比方说,这三个国家企业界的游说活动要比中国有力。例如,墨西哥业曾成功游说政府允许业参与跨国并购,而中国国有则尚未获得成功。但这四个国家之间也存在惊人的相似。腐败程度、收入差距以及社会福利体系的不平等都是相似的。此外,这四个国家在提升自身在全球供应链中的地位时都面临类似的难题。 What does all this mean for our understanding of the #39;Beijing Consensus?#39; 《华尔街日报》:以上这些对我们理解“北京共识”(Beijing Consensus)有什么意义? The #39;Beijing Consensus#39; is a myth propagated by observers who have not bothered to compare China#39;s development experience to that of others. Systematic comparison yields both differences and similarities. Asserting that China is unique is no more valuable than recognizing that each of the world#39;s 192 countries has something special about themselves. Slogans such as the Beijing Consensus or China Model are more useful for advertising campaigns than for genuine understanding. 甘思德:“北京共识”是一些观察家宣传的没有真正获得太多认同的说法,他们未将中国的发展经历与其他国家进行比较。通过系统的比较,我们既能认识到不同之处,也能认识到相似之处。所谓中国与众不同的说法并不比承认全球192个国家均有独特之处更有价值。“北京共识”或“中国模式”(China Model)等口号在广告宣传中用处更大,它们并不是对问题真正的理解。 What#39;s the next step for the study of China through the comparative lens? 《华尔街日报》:通过比较视角来研究中国的话,下一步要做什么? There are still many areas of governance, economic policy, business performance, and international behavior that await more in-depth and systematic comparisons. Equally important, comparativists typically operate at the national level. But there is a tremendous amount that can be learned by sub-national comparisons. We may be able to gain more insights by comparing, for example, the growth strategies of Shanghai to Los Angeles, Cairo, and St. Petersburg, than comparing China with the ed States, Egypt, and Russia. 甘思德:现在仍有许多与治理、经济政策、企业表现及国际行为相关的领域有待更深入、更系统的比较。同样值得一提的是,持比较视角的学者一般是在国家层面上考察问题的。但我们也可以通过次国家对比学到很多东西。我们可以把上海的经济增长战略与洛杉矶、开罗、圣彼得堡进行对比,这可能会比对比中国、美国、埃及和俄罗斯更有启发。 /201207/192942武汉/市男科医生

武汉/阿波罗诊疗中心When the young waitress in the café in Tom’s building started waving hello everyday. Tom was flattered, for she was at least 15 years younger than he. One day she waved and beckoned to Tom again. When Tom strolled over, she asked, ;Are you single?; ;Why, yes,; Tom replied, smiling at her broadly. ;So is my mom,; she said. ;Would you like to meet her?;在汤姆工作的大楼里有一个咖啡屋,那儿总有一位每天都和他打招呼。汤姆有些受宠若惊,因为这位看上去至少比他年轻15岁。一天她又对汤姆招手并示意汤姆过去。于是汤姆走了过去。她问道,“您现在是单身吗?” “对,是单身,”汤姆满脸堆笑的说。 “我母亲也是,”她说,“您愿不愿意见见她?”武汉/精液中带血 Anchor plays host to thank helpers新闻主持人设宴招待救人农民工Cui Yongyuan, a famous anchorman from China Central Television, treated 154 migrant workers to dinner on Monday evening to show respect for their heroic behavior in rescuing about 200 people trapped in a torrential downpour.崔永元,中国中央电视台著名节目主持人,于周一时间与154名暴雨中救人的平民英雄共进晚宴,以示尊敬。这些无私救人者,在暴雨灾害中救起大约200人。All invited migrant workers, who work for a water treatment factory in the Fengtai district of Beijing, raced against time to transfer people stranded by floodwaters on an expressway when the heaviest rainfall in 61 years lashed Beijing on July 21.现场所有被邀请的农民工,在丰台区一家污水处理厂工作,在60年一遇的暴雨灾害中争分夺秒地转移被困居民。More than 120 vehicles were submerged in a low-lying section of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway in Fengtai that night.当天晚上大约有超过120两机动车被淹没在京九高速公路的桥洞下方。When several drivers escaped from their cars and rushed to a nearby factory for help, Du Jinrong, leader of a construction team, knocked on his workmates#39; dorm doors.当一些车主从车内逃出并跑到附近的工厂寻求救助时,工头杜景荣招呼工友起来。The factory staff gave out clothes, food and bottled water to all people rescued and allowed them to rest in two meeting rooms or in the dormitory, Du said.据杜介绍,他们给所有来逃难的人分发了衣,食物和瓶装水,并允许他们在两个会议室中和一些宿舍中休息。;Some of the rescued wanted to give us money as a reward but we refused. We did not help for money,; Du said.杜说:有些人想给我们钱来表示感谢,但是我们都拒绝了。因为我们这么做并不是为了钱。More than 180 people were stranded on the roofs of three buses in the inundated section of the expressway when the rescue team, equipped with buoys, ropes and flashlights, reached the site around 9 pm.超过180人被困在公交车顶上,随后约晚上九点供人们组成救援队,用铁锹,绳子和探照灯到达了该地点。He Xuezhong, who has been working in Beijing for more than 17 years, joined the rescue work with his wife and 20-year-old son.何学中在北京工作了17年多,和他的妻子,以及他们20岁的儿子一起参加了救援工作。;I did not worry about my son#39;s safety in that urgent moment although I knew that he can#39;t swim,; He said. ;He can cope with the help of ropes and buoys.;他说:尽管我知道儿子不会游泳,但我并不担心他的安全,他可以给我们搭把手。He Ming, his son, also took part in the rescue at about 9 pm on July 21 and saved a 9-year-old boy at 3 am who was grasping an iron fence so the current wouldn#39;t sweep him away.他的儿子,何明,在21号九点的时候参与到救援中,并在凌晨三点时救起一个9岁大的儿童,该儿童攀附在立交桥的栅栏上,才没有被水流冲走。;I heard the boy saying #39;I want my mom#39; but after I took him to a safe place, my workmate immediately took him to change his clothes, so I didn#39;t know whether he found his mother until yesterday,; he said.“我听到那个男孩哭喊着说‘我要妈妈’,但是我把他带到安全地带之后,我的工友立刻把他带走换衣去了,所以我知道昨天才知道他已经找到家人了”About 60 people who were rescued visited the migrant workers on Sunday to express their gratitude and He Ming said he saw the boy and his mother there.大约有60名被救人员周末拜访了这些农民工,表示感谢。何明说他看见小男孩和他妈妈在一起。After a brief opening speech, Cui, the anchor, asked everyone at the dining hall for a minute of silence for people who died in the rainstorm.在一个简短的开场白之后,主持人崔永元要求每个在餐厅的人员保持一分钟默哀,为那些没有被救的人们。 /201207/192899武汉/男科医院电话

湖北省中山医院治疗阳痿多少钱A guy was driving when a policeman pulled him over. He rolled down his window and said to the officer, ;Is there a problem, Officer?;;No problem at all. I just observed your safe driving and am pleased to award you a ,000 Safe Driver Award. Congratulations. What do you think you#39;re going to do with the money?;He thought for a minute and said, ;Well, I guess I#39;ll go get that drivers#39; license.;The lady sitting in the passenger seat said to the policeman, ;Oh, don#39;t pay attention to him ; he#39;s a smartass when he#39;s drunk and stoned.;The guy from the back seat said, ;I told you guys we wouldn#39;t get far in a stolen car!;At that moment, there was a knock from the trunk and a muffled voice said, ;Are we over the border yet?;一个家伙开车的时候警察追了上来。这个家伙摇开窗户问警察:;怎么了,警官?;;没事,我观察到了你的安全驾驶技术,很高兴你获得了价值5000美元的安全驾驶奖。祝贺你!你认为你要拿这笔钱去做什么?;他想了一会说;哦,我觉得,我应该去考驾照;。坐在副驾驶位的女士说;别在意他说的,他喝醉了酒说胡话呢.;后面座位的家伙说;我告诉你,偷来的车我们走不远的。;此时,行李箱出现了敲击声并传出一个模糊不清的声音:;我们穿过了边境了吗?; /201203/173644 As long as the world is turning, you’re going to be dizzy and you’re going to make mistakes. And that’s okay. Your past mistakes can teach you what you need to know to create a wonderful future.只要世界照常运转,你就有晕晕乎乎的时候,就会犯错。没关系,过去的错误会教你如何创造美好的未来。Here are twelve big mistakes you (likely) made this year and what you need to know going forward.下面是你今年可能犯的12大错误,还有你需要了解的接下来该怎么做:1. You didn’t accept enough risk.1. 没有接受足够的风险。Living is risky business. Every decision, every interaction, every step, every time you get out of bed in the morning, you take a risk. To truly live is to know you’re getting up and taking that risk. To not get out of bed, clutching to illusions of safety, is to die slowly without ever having truly lived. Be a little risky and realize the full potential of your life.活着是需要冒险的。你做出的每个决定、每次互动、每个步骤、你每天早晨起床的时候,都在冒险。要想真正的生活,就要迎面面对风险。不想起床,紧紧抓住那幻想中的安全,这样会慢慢死去而不会体验到真正的生活。冒点儿险,充分发挥生活的潜力。2. You gave in to your fears and negativity.2. 在恐惧和负面情绪前却步。The reality is we all get afraid. It’s not about being afraid but what you do when you feel that way. When you feel doubt, or fear, or anger, or frustration, know that you can let it go just as surely as you can pull your hand away from a flame. Keep your life focused on the goodness, on the possibilities and on your most treasured dreams. What begins in your mind ends up in your life. Think continually of the way you would like to be, let these thoughts drive your actions, and your reality will reliably catch up to your thinking.现实是我们都会害怕。害怕没关系,重要的是当你害怕时你会做什么。当你觉得怀疑、害怕、愤怒或沮丧时, 告诉自己你可以把这些情绪释放掉,就像你可以把手从火焰边抽回一样。多关注生活中美好的事物、机遇以及最珍视的梦想。有所想才会有所得。经常想一下你想变成什么样子, 让思想驱动行为,现实会跟上你的想法。3. You let uncertainty paralyze you.3. 不确定性将你击溃。As time goes on, you’ll understand: what lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t. Time solves most things, and what time can’t solve, you’ll learn to solve yourself. Sometimes you’ll not be able to see where you are going in life, clearly. But know that your soul’s inner GPS will guide you home. You will find that you will be the right person, at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing on point. Trust your intuition. Relax. You know what to do.随着时间的流逝,你会明白:命里有时终须有,命里无时莫强求。时间会解决大部分问题,剩下的时间解决不了,你要学着自己去解决。有时你无法看清生活的方向,但是你灵魂深处的导航会指引你回家。你会发现你就是那个对的人,在正确的时间、正确的地点做正确的事情。相信自己的直觉。放松。你会知道该做什么。4. You did what everyone else wanted you to do.4. 你做了别人想让你做的事。Life is too short to spend all your time trying to make everyone else happy. Besides, it’s impossible to please everyone all the time. Make choices that take your mind, body, and soul into consideration. You are the only person who knows what’s best for you. It’s impossible for anyone else to know. No matter how much you share with them, they are not connected to your deepest desires, intuition, or hopes and dreams. Always, ALWAYS listen to yourself and what you want first.人生苦短,不要把你的时间都用来取悦别人。另外,你也不可能一直让所有人都高兴。做决定时想想自己的思想、身体和灵魂。只有你自己才知道如何做对你来说是最好的。别人不可能知道。无论你和他们分享了多少,他们都不可能触及到你最深处的愿望、直觉、希望和梦想。一定要听从自己的内心,想想自己想要什么。5. You were far busier than you were productive.5. 工作忙碌但效率低。All work is not created equal. Try working with mindful awareness of the type of work you’re doing and how it’s helping (or limiting) your progress. Focus on the reason for doing what you’re doing, the deepest reason you can find within yourself. This steady self-awareness will keep you focused as long as necessary on the right activities that bring you closer to your goals.工作并不是平等的。工作时要意识到你的工作类型,以及它是在帮助(还是阻碍)你的进步。关注自己为何工作,在自己身上找到最深切的原因。这种自我意识能够让你集中在正确的活动中,能让你离目标更近。6. You didn’t practice enough.6. 你还练得不够。If I were to write a book entitled, “How to Be Amazing at Anything”, it would only contain a single page with one word on it: “Practice!” Because that’s all it takes to be amazing. Whether it means learning to write by practicing writing or learning to live by practicing living, the principles are identical. In each instance, it is the relentless routine of a precise set of actions, physical and intellectual, focused on a desired result. Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, faith, or desire. Practice is a means of inventing an amazing outcome.如果我要写一本书,取名为《如何精通万物》,那么书里面会只有一页,这一页上只有一个词:“练习!”只有它才会让你出色。无论你是想通过练习写作来学会写作,或是通过练习生活来学会生活,原则都是一样的。在每种情况下,都是坚持不懈地进行一系列例行活动,身体行动或是心理活动,并把注意力集中在想要的结果上。练习意味着在面对各种各样的困难下,反复进行一些和理想、信仰或愿望相关的行为。练习是一种手段,它能让结果令人惊叹。7. You let little bits of stress consume you.7. 压力一点点地消耗着你。Don’t get stuck on the one thing that ruins your day. Don’t waste your time on one unhappy thought. If one window of happiness closes, run to the next window, or break through a wall. A dose of stress is a great entry point for you to pick up your head and say, “I’m only going to go through this once. I’ve got to figure out how to live my life in a positive and joyful way.” You must learn to let it go.不要太过拘泥于一件事上,让它把你的一天都毁掉了。不要把时间浪费在不开心的思想上。如果通往快乐的一扇窗户关闭了,跑到下一扇窗前,或打破一堵墙。面对压力,你应该抬起头来说:“我只想经历这一次。我得想出来如何积极快乐的生活。” 你必须学会放手。8. You let the same people drain you over and over again.8. 让同样的人一次又一次地榨干你。People inspire you, or they drain you; choose them wisely. Don’t lose your dignity and self-respect trying to make someone accept, love and appreciate you when they have proven that they are incapable of doing so. If someone or something in life is meant for you, you will still have to work for it, but you won’t have to beg for it. You will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny.有的人能激励你,有的人能榨干你;要聪明地进行选择。在想让他人接受、爱或欣赏你时,不要丢掉自己的自尊、自敬,因为有些人无论你怎么做,他们都不会改变对你的态度。如果有些人或有些事对你来说很重要,你仍要去争取,但是不能去乞求。永远也不要牺牲自己的尊严来换取命运。9. You set unrealistic expectations.9. 你设立了不现实的期望。There are always two ways to be happier: improve your reality, or lower your expectations. We’re wired to expect the world to be brighter and more meaningful and more obviously interesting than it actually is. And when we realize that it isn’t, we start looking around for the real world. But this is the real world, and it’s actually a beautiful place to be. We are our own worst enemies for expecting otherwise. If you can learn to stop expecting impossible perfection, in yourself, others and the world around you, you may find the happiness that has always eluded you.总有两种方法会让你更加开心:改善现实或降低希望。我们天生就希望世界会更明亮、更有意义,比现实更有趣。当我们意识到现实并不像期望的那么好时,我们开始四处寻找真实的世界。但是实际上我们现实的世界是非常美丽的地方。在期待时,我们是自己最大的敌人。如果你能学会停止期望你自己、他人、身边的世界上出现那不可能的完美,你会发现快乐总是环绕在你周围。10. You overlooked the beauty of small moments.10. 你忽略了生活中美丽的小瞬间。Whatever you’re waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, an inner awareness of abundance – it will surely come to you, but only when you’re y to receive it with an open and grateful heart. So be as grateful as possible, for small things, not just for big things… for the simple act of breathing, the time together, the conversations, etc. Every moment counts. Every second matters. Whatever is given is a gift.无论你在期待什么,平静的心情、满足感、优雅、丰富的内在,这些都会来的,但是只会当你准备好以开放和感激的心情接受时才会到来。所以尽可能的心存感激吧,为生活中的小事,而不仅仅是因为大事……为像呼吸、在一起度过时光、谈话等这样简单的行为而心存感激吧。每个时刻、每一秒都很重要。你所收到的都是礼物。11. You didn’t focus enough energy inward.11. 你没有足够关注内心的能量。Even when you’re with others, you’re still with yourself. When you wake up in the morning, you’re with yourself, laying in bed at night you’re with yourself, walking down the street at noon you’re with yourself. What kind of person do you want to walk down the street with? What kind of person do you want to wake up in the morning with? What kind of person do you want to see at the end of the day before you fall asleep? It’s your responsibility to be the person you want to be with.即使和他人在一起,你仍然和你自己在一起。当你在早晨起床时,你和自己在一起,当晚上你躺着床上时,你和自己在一起,当你中午在街上走路时,你和自己在一起。当你走在大街上,你想和什么样的人在一起?当你起床时,你想和什么样的人在一起?在你入睡前,你想和什么样的人在一起?成为你想成为的人,是你自己的责任。12. You were hoping to make fewer mistakes.12. 你希望少犯些错误。You aren’t really free until you give yourself the freedom to make mistakes. Liberate yourself! Try new things, learn and explore freely. Your good judgment comes from life experience, and life experience comes from your bad judgments of the past. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment and defeat are the tools life uses to show you the way.直到你能允许自己犯错时,你才能得到真正的自由。解放自己!尝试新的事物,自由地学习和探索。良好的判断来自于经验,而生活经验来自于过去你所做的错误判断。你需要有足够的勇气去犯错。失望和失败是生活用来磨砺你的工具。And remember, all your mistakes from this past year are now just lessons learned. Appreciate what you’ve learned, absorb the energy and possibility of today, and look forward to the year ahead.记住,过去的一年你所犯过的错误现在对你来说是学到的教训。欣赏你所学到的,吸收今天的能量和潜力,期待着新一年的到来吧。 /201212/216161武汉/勃起后睾丸有点疼武汉/环状包皮手术多少钱




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