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When I was in my 20s,我二十多岁时I did some of the basic mathematics of black holes,对黑洞进行过一些基础演算but few people shared my fascination.但少有人与我志同道合These days, they are a popular subject.现今,黑洞成为流行的课题Physicists all over the world are studying black hole behavior.全世界的物理学家都在研究黑洞行为We now know that black holes现在我们知道黑洞are not only fascinating in their own right,不仅因它们自身的特点受到欢迎but that they play a还因为它们在星系形成过程中fundamental role in the formation of galaxies.起到至关重要的作用They also give us a glimpse of how the universe may end.同时让我们得以一窥宇宙可能的灭亡方式A black hole forms when a large star,当一颗比太阳大20倍的大恒星one say, 20 times the mass of our sun, comes to the end of its life.走向生命尽头时,黑洞就产生了Such a star looks nothing like our sun这样的恒星与太阳完全不同 because it#39;s become unstable,因为开始灭亡时convulsing violently as its death throws begin.它变得不稳定并剧烈震动Finally it runs out of fuel and begins to shrink,最终,它燃料耗尽,开始收缩getting denser and denser, hotter and hotter.密度越来越大,温度越来越高But with a star this massive,但对于如此巨大的恒星there is no force in the universe宇宙中没有任何力量capable of stopping the collapse.能够阻止恒星崩塌The core is so heavy that it just keeps on falling in on itself.内核太过沉重以至于不断坍缩Gravity is running wild.万有引力如脱缰之马In just 15 seconds or so,仅仅十五秒钟左右the unstoppable force crushes the star from这股无坚不摧的力量将此恒星直径millions of miles in diameter to as little as 12 miles in diameter.从数百万英里压至十二英里All the mass that was in the star is still there,恒星的质量没有发生改变but its own weight keeps但它自身的重量forcing it down smaller and smaller still.一直在迫使它变得越来越小The temperature of the core sores to 100 billion degrees.内核温度飙升至一千亿摄氏度The outer layers are blasted away in a massive supernova.恒星外层在剧烈的超新星爆炸中解体But deep in the center, the core falls down但在恒星中心深处,内核逐渐陷入what we call a gravitational well.所谓的重力势阱It crushes itself into a single point.它坍缩成一个点A black hole is born.黑洞便诞生了Nothing nearby can escape its pull,附近的一切都无法逃脱它的引力 not even light.甚至光也难以幸免It#39;s hard to imagine just how dense a black hole can be.黑洞的密度大到人类难以想象But I#39;ll try to put it into perspective using something familiar.但我要借用大家熟悉的事物进行深入剖析The Earth.地球 Article/201509/398703It will be another year before the cubs can hunt for themselves.小狮至少还需要一年时间才能学会独自狩猎Without their mother#39;s skill and experience,如果没有母狮的技术和经验they would never survive their first winter.它们肯定无法活过第一个冬天Battered by hurricane-force winds, these slopes are now lifeless.凛冽的山风在崖坡上呼啸肆虐,生命根本无法在此扎根Further north, they hold other dangers.在更远的北方,它们还潜藏着其它危险Moving at 250 miles an hour, an avalanche destroys everything in its path.雪崩时速可达250英里/小时,足以摧毁路过的一切In the American Rockies, 1 00,000 avalanches devastate the slopes every winter.位于美国的落基山脉,每年冬季会发生10万次毁灭性的雪崩This huge mountain chain continues the great spine that runs from Patagonia to Alaska.巨大的山系脊梁从巴塔哥尼亚一直延伸到阿拉斯加。The slopes of the Rockies, bleak though they are, provide a winter refuge for some animals.尽管落基山地荒凉凄冷,却能为一些动物提供越冬场所A mother grizzly emerges from her den after six months dozing underground.灰熊妈妈正走出巢穴,长达6个月的地下冬眠结束了Her two cubs follow her and take their first steps in the outside world.两只小熊紧跟着它们的母亲,第一次踏足这个陌生的户外世界。 Article/201703/498190Is that runny nose bringing you down? With over-the-counter cold remedies and a few simple steps, you can put a stop to your problem.流鼻涕是否让你痛苦不堪?根据下面这些非处方感冒疗法和一些简单的步骤,你可以尽快解决问题。You Will Need你需要Decongestants解充血药Antihistamines抗组织胺药Box of tissues一盒纸巾Saline nasal spray盐水鼻腔喷雾Vitamin C维他命CZinc锌Table salt (optional)食盐(可选)Baking soda (optional)小苏打(可选)Medicine dropper (optional)医药用滴管(可选)Steps步骤If your runny nose persists for more than 10 days, contact your doctor.如果流鼻涕超过10天,向医生咨询。STEP 1 Take decongestants and antihistamines1.用解充血药和抗组织胺药Take the directed dose of decongestant during the day and antihistamines at night. Drink plenty of fluids.按照建议用量白天用解充血药,夜晚用抗组织胺药。饮用足够的液体。STEP 2 Blow your nose2.擦鼻涕Keep plenty of tissues on hand so that you’re prepared when your nose drips.手头准备足够的纸巾,以便及时擦拭。STEP 3 Use nasal spray3.使用鼻腔喷雾Use saline nasal spray as directed throughout the day.按照指引使用鼻腔喷雾。Make your own saline solution with 8 oz. tap water, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. salt, and a pinch of baking soda.用8盎司自来水,1/4至1/2茶匙食盐,一小捏小苏打自制盐水溶液。STEP 4 Take your vitamins4.如用维他命Take vitamin C and zinc before going to bed, so that when the morning comes around, you’re y to hit the ground running!上床睡觉前用维他命和锌,早上醒来时,你的流鼻涕症状就会有所缓解了!After 30 seconds of use, a handkerchief may contain 15,000 germs.使用30秒后,手帕可能含有15000个细菌。 /201412/347178

2015 Summer Davos session starts in Dalian2015夏季达沃斯论坛于大连举行The World Economic Forum, also known as the Summer Davos, opens today in Dalian, Northeast China.世界经济论坛暨2015年夏季达沃斯今天开始在中国东北方大连举行。This is the ninth such gathering.这是达沃斯论坛第9次开始。More than 1,600 delegates coming from 90 countries and regions attended the three-day meeting.来自90个国家和地区的1600多名代表参加了为期3天的达沃斯论坛。 译文属 Article/201509/398075

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