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And Now You're Mine And now you are mine.Rest with your dream in my dream.Love and pain and work should all sleep now.The night turns on its invisible wheels,And you are pure beside me as a sleeping amber. No one else, love, will sleep in my dreams.You will go, we will go together,over the waters of time.No one else will travel through the shadows with me.Only you, Evergreen, Ever sun, Ever moon.Your hands have aly opened their delicate fistsAnd let their soft drifting sorrows drop away.Your eyes close like two great wings, and I move.After, following the folding waterthat you carry, that carries me away.The night, the world, the wind spin out their destiny.Without you, I am your dream, only that, and that is all.现在,你是我的在我的梦境中沉沉入梦爱痛与辛劳也全休眠。夜色苍茫,身旁的你那么纯洁,如同静静的琥珀。 再没有人,亲爱的,会在我的梦境中沉睡。你会离去,我们一块儿离去,跨越时间的长河。再没有人会与我并肩穿越这黑暗,只有你,是我常青的树,不灭的太阳,不落的月亮。你舒展的柔美纤指,缓缓淌落了悲伤。你双眸拢合如翼,我动身了。随后,载着你的冥流,也将载我离去,黑夜、世界和风,循入它们的命运,失去了你,我只是你的梦幻,只是这样。 Article/200903/18063Later Sapt brought Johann up to see me.At first Johann was afraid to speak,but then he began to talk.We asked him many questions,and finally Johann gave us the information we wanted.过了一会儿萨普特带约翰来见我。一开始约翰不敢说话,然后他开始说了。我们问了他许多问题,最后约翰终于把我们想知道的说了出来。In the Castle of Zenda,near the drawbridge and below the ground,there were two small rooms,cut out of the rock itself.在城堡靠近吊桥的地方,有两个地下小屋,是从岩石中凿出来的。In the first of these rooms there were always three of the Six.At the back of this room there was a door which led into the second room.The King was in the second room.那六个人中的三个总是在第一间小屋里呆着,屋子的尽头安着一扇门通向第二间屋子,国王就在那里面。#39;If someone tries to get into the first room,two of the tnree men will fight,but Rupert of Hentzau or Detchard will run into the second room and kill the King,#39;Johann said.“假如有人想进第一间屋子,那三个人中的两人就会应战,而鲁帕特或者戴查德就会冲进第二间屋子把国王杀掉。”约翰说:#39;There#39;s a small window in the second room with a large pipe going down into the moat outside,#39;he went on.“第二间屋子里有一个小窗子,一根大排水管穿过窗户通往外面的护城河。”他接着说,#39;You can get a man inside it,and they#39;ll tie a heavy stone to the King#39;s body and push it down the pipe.“排水管能容纳下一个人。他们会在国王身上绑上一块很重的石头,然后把他推下排水管。The body will go down and disappear under the water,and the murderers will then go down the pipe themselves,and swim across the moat.#39;尸体掉下去,消失在水下,然后杀人犯们也会顺着排水管下来,再游泳穿过护城河。”#39;And if I bring an army to the castle?#39;I asked.“假如我带领一军队去攻打城堡呢?”我问。#39;Duke Michael will still murder the King,#39;replied Johann.#39;He won#39;t fight.He#39;ll kill the King and push his body down the pipe.“迈克尔公爵仍然会杀了国王,”约翰说。“他不会跟你硬打的。他会把国王杀了,推下排水管,And he#39;ll put one of the Six in the prison.He#39;ll say the man had done something to make him angry.That will stop the stories about a prisoner in Zenda.#39;然后把那六个家伙中的一个关进监狱。他会说那个家伙做了让他生气的事儿。这样就可以制止人们关于曾达有个囚徒的传言。”Johann stopped for a minute,but then he added,#39;If they know I#39;ve told you this,they#39;ll kill me.They#39;re all bad,but Rupert of Hentzau is the worst.Don#39;t let them kill me…#39;约翰停了一会儿,又说:“如果他们知道我告诉了你们这个,他们会杀了我。他们都很坏,可是最坏的是鲁帕特。别让他们杀了我……”#39;All right,#39;I said.#39;But if anyone asks you who the prisoner of Zenda is,don#39;t tell him. If you do,I#39;ll kill you myself!#39;“好吧!”我说,“但如果有人问你曾达的囚徒是谁,你别说出来,不然的话我会杀了你!”Johann left the room and I looked at Sapt.约翰离开了房间。我望着萨普特。#39;It doesn#39;t matter what plan we make,#39;I said.#39;The King will be dead before we can get to him!#39;“我们订什么计划都无关紧要了。”我说,“还没等我们到国王身边他就已经死了。”Sapt shook his grey head angrily.#39;You#39;ll still be King of Ruritania in a year#39;s time.#39;萨普特愤怒地摇着他灰白的脑袋:“一年之内你照样还是卢里塔尼亚的国王。”#39;Perhaps one of the Duke#39;s men will turn against him…#39;I began.“也许公爵的人里面会有一个起来反叛他……”我说。#39;Impossible,#39;replied Sapt.“不可能。”萨普特回答。#39;Then we need the help of God,#39;I said.“那我们就需要上帝来帮忙了。”我回答。 /201205/184396Everyone wanted Mother to die.Uncle Albert wanted her money for his wife,Annie.And then my brother.He needs a lot of money.He has an expensive house and an expensive car.And think of Jackie.Do you know that Jackie didn#39;t like Mother?A long time age,a nice boy worked here.He was the gardener.Jackie loved him very much,but Mother said no.A gardener was not a good husband for a Clarkson girl!#39;每个人都希望母亲死。艾伯特姨父想要她的钱给他妻子安妮。还有我的哥哥,他需要很多钱。他有一所昂贵的房子和一辆昂贵的轿车。再想想杰基。你知道杰基不喜欢妈妈吗?很久以前,一个不错的男孩在这儿工作,他是个园丁,杰基非常爱他,可是妈妈不同意。一个园丁对克拉克森家女孩来说不是个好丈夫!;Inspector Walsh listened quietly.All this was very interesting but was it important?Perhaps.What a happy family the Clarksons were!沃尔什探长平静地听着。这些都很有趣,可是它们重要吗?也许如此。克拉克森家是一个多么快乐的家庭!#39;We found the empty bottle of sleeping tablets in your room,#39;Inspector Walsh said quietly. He watched her face carefully.;我们在你的房间找到安眠药的空瓶,;沃尔什探长平静地说,他仔细看着她的脸。Diane stood up suddenly,her face angry.#39;What?I didn#39;t put it there!I#39;m not going to listen to this!#39;She ran out of the room.黛安娜突然站起来,她一脸怒气。;什么?我没有放在那儿!我不要听这些!;她跑出房间。#39;Well,well,well,#39;Inspector Walsh said.#39;She likes you,Sergeant.You need to be careful.#39;;好了,好了,好了,;沃尔什探长说。;她喜欢你,警官,你得小心点。;Sergeant Foster laughed but his face went red again.福斯特警官笑笑,他的脸却又变红了。#39;Someone put sleeping tablets in Molly#39;s hot milk,#39;the In-spector said.#39;All the family were in the kitchen last night.Peter Hobbs and Tom Briggs were there,too.One of them killed Molly.#39;;有人把安眠药放在莫利的热牛奶里,;探长说。;所有人昨晚都在厨房。彼特;霍布斯和汤姆;布里格斯也在那儿。他们中有人杀了莫利。;Inspector Walsh got his hat and coat.#39;Come on.We need to talk to Peter Hobbs and Tom Briggs.Let#39;s get some more coffee first.I#39;d like a sandwich,too.I#39;m hungry again!#39;沃尔什探长戴上帽子穿上外衣。;走吧,我们需要和彼特;霍布斯和汤姆;布里格斯谈谈。咱们得先喝点咖啡,我还想要块三明治。我又饿了!; Article/201203/173675Do you like fast food? Lots of people complain about it but I think a lot of it’s quite tasty – as long as you go to one of the international chains like McDonalds or Kentucky. I think in today’s world, it’s difficult to avoid eating in fast food restaurants. They are so convenient and seem to be everywhere. Of course they’re not the same as real restaurants. I wonder if they are restaurants. There aren’t any waiters. Anyway, the most important thing to remember about fast food is that it isn’t so healthy. People who eat it every day develop health problems. I don’t understand why schools serve fast food during lunch time. Schools should encourage students to eat healthily. If you have time, look at a website on slow food. Article/201104/132768

那婴孩又咕噜了一声,爱丽丝很不安地看了看他的脸,想知道是怎么回事。只见他鼻子朝天,根本不像个常人样,倒像个猪鼻子;As soon as she had made out the proper way of nursing it, (which was to twist it up into a sort of knot, and then keep tight hold of its right ear and left foot, so as to prevent its undoing itself,) she carried it out into the open air. `IF I don't take this child away with me,' thought Alice, `they're sure to kill it in a day or two: wouldn't it be murder to leave it behind?' She said the last words out loud, and the little thing grunted in reply (it had left off sneezing by this time). `Don't grunt,' said Alice; `that's not at all a proper way of expressing yourself.' The baby grunted again, and Alice looked very anxiously into its face to see what was the matter with it. There could be no doubt that it had a VERY turn-up nose, much more like a snout than a real nose; also its eyes were getting extremely small for a baby: altogether Alice did not like the look of the thing at all. `But perhaps it was only sobbing,' she thought, and looked into its eyes again, to see if there were any tears. Article/201101/123971

Broadcast: December 12, 2004(THEME)VOICE ONE:I'm Faith Lapidus. VOICE TWO:And I'm Steve Ember with People in America in VOA Special English. Today, we finish the story of the writer William Faulkner. He created an area and filled it with people of the American South. (THEME)VOICE ONE:In nineteen-forty-five, all seventeen books William Faulkner had written by then were not being published. Some of them could not be found even in stores that sold used books. The critic Malcolm Cowley says, Faulkner's "early novels had been praised too much, usually for the wrong reasons. His later and in many ways better novels had been criticized or simply not . "Even those who liked his books were not always sure what he was trying to say. Faulkner never explained. And he did not give information about himself. He did not even correct the mistakes others made when they wrote about him. He did not care how his name was spelled: with or without a "u. " He said either way was all right with him. Once he finished a book he was not concerned about how it was presented to the public. Sometimes he did not even keep a copy of his book. He said, "I think I have written a lot and sent it off to be printed before I realized strangers might it. "VOICE TWO:In nineteen-forty-six, Malcolm Cowley collected some of Faulkner's writings and wrote a report about him. The collection attempted to show what Faulkner was trying to do, and how each different book was part of a unified effort. Cowley agreed that Faulkner was an uneven writer. Yet, he said, the unevenness shows that Faulkner was willing to take risks, to explore new material, and new ways to talk about it. In nineteen-twenty-nine, in his novel “Sartoris,” Faulkner presented almost all the ideas he developed during the rest of his life. Soon after, he published the book he liked best, “The Sound and the Fury.” It was finished before “Sartoris,” but did not appear until six months later. VOICE ONE:In talking about “The Sound and the Fury,” Faulkner said he saw in his mind a dirty little girl playing in front of her house. From this small beginning, Faulkner developed a story about the Compson family, told in four different voices. Three of the voices are brothers: Benjy, who is mentally sick; Quentin, who kills himself, and Jason, a business failure. Each of them for different reasons mourns the loss of their sister, Caddie. Each has a different piece of the story. It is a story of sadness and loss, of the failure of an old Southern family to which the brothers belong. It also describes the private ideas of the brothers. To do this, Faulkner invents a different way of writing for each of them. Only the last part of the novel is told in the normal way. The other three parts move forward and back through time and space. VOICE TWO:The story also shows how the Compson family seems to cooperate in its failure. In doing so the family destroys what it wants to save. Quentin, in “The Sound and the Fury,” tries to pressure his sister to say that she is pregnant by him. He finds it better to say that a brother and sister had sex together than to admit that she had sex with one of the common town boys of Jefferson. Another brother, Jason, accuses others of stealing his money and causing his business to fail. At the same time, he is stealing from the daughter of his sister. Missus Compson, the mother in the family, says of God's actions: "It can't be simply to…hurt me. Whoever God is, he would not permit that. I'm a lady." Article/200802/28034

Where would we be without the media? How would we get information about the world? All of us are interested in the news. We all want to know what’s happening around the world. We switch the TV on just to watch the news. It seems as though every train passenger has a newspaper. The journalists who bring us the news do a very important job. Many risk their lives to bring us the news from the world’s danger zones. Unfortunately, many reporters are killed while they are covering a war. The media make us feel we are part of the world. We become experts on other countries and on the big news stories. The media also bring us many unforgettable images, such as a man walking on the moon. Really, the media show us history as it happens. Article/201105/138568

Lorraine tried on each one of the tops. They all fit her well. “I’m getting fat,” she said, looking in the mirror. Quinn agreed, but told her that she could get as wide as the mirror itself and he would still love her. “I’ll never get that fat,” she swore.One of the sweaters had a snag in it. The girl at the counter said she could give them a discount for the snag. If they wanted to fix it right, however, they should take the sweater to a dry cleaner and have them snip the snag and retie it tightly. She said that if the sweater did unravel, just bring it back for a full refund. They walked out with all three tops and the book. Lorraine told Quinn that she didn't need a book to know how to act like a lady. Quinn told her that a real lady would accept the book graciously with just a simple “thank you.” “Oh, I’m sorry,” Lorraine said, “I didn’t know I was speaking to the author.” Quinn laughed.The next evening, Lorraine told Quinn that she had returned two of the tops to the store. When she had tried them on at home that morning, she noticed a smell. Sniffing the tops, she realized that two of them had a perfume odor. Some women had worn the tops long enough to transfer their own perfume to the tops. “It took me almost one hour to select those tops. I couldn’t smell the perfume on them last night because that whole store has a candle scent. What a waste of time.” Article/201108/148434

I don’t know what I would do without my friends’ advice. They’ve all given me so much good advice over the years. It’s sometimes very difficult to make decisions on your own. Listening to advice can be great for helping you make the right decision. The greatest piece of advice I’ve received was from my father. He told me I can do anything in life if I try hard. He was right. I am now passing on his advice to my own children. Right now I need some advice on money. My financial advisors are telling me to be very careful. That’s very sound advice. I would advise anyone to do the same. Someone asked me the other day about the worst piece of advice I’ve ever had. I couldn’t answer. I don’t think I’ve had any really bad advice. Article/201103/129797

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