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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201509/400781栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201604/436786

Returning, he finds his captives slaughtered behind his back回到圣城 其他十字军战士却背着他By other Crusaders.The Crusades were as bad as it gets.屠杀了俘虏 十字军十恶不赦Remember that these guys embrace the same God,请记得这些人拥护的是同一个上帝many of the same beliefs, the same prophets,很多人还有着同样的信仰 同样的先知and yet the streets ran deep with their blood and that of their brothers.但是街道上却到处流淌着 他们手足的鲜血It shows the extraordinary power of ideas这表明了植根于人们心中的理念to take hold of peoples minds and drive them to commit acts有着超乎寻常的力量 驱使着人们的行为of great sacrifice and love on the one hand,一方面是伟大的牺牲和爱but also acts of tremendous barbarity and hatred on the other.另一方面 却是无穷的野蛮和仇恨Its the double edge sword of religious belief.宗教信仰就是一把双刃剑The crusades will continue for two centuries十字军的大屠杀持续了两个世纪And cost more than a million lives.戕杀了一百多万条生命But mankinds greatest hour is to come.但是人类最伟大的时刻即将到来We harness new riches and new powers.我们利用新的财富和新的权力Build new civilizations In Europe and Asia,建立新的文明在欧洲和亚洲Rich in invention, culture and art.有着丰富多的发明 文化和艺术A new chapter in the story of mankind.人类的故事开启了新的篇章201511/412439

  Today, Im back with the Romans, in what they might have called the Far West, what we think of as Suffolk.我们如今称为萨福克的地区,对罗马人来说算是远西,它是罗马的西部边陲。We are around the year 400, and in England centuries of unprecedented peace and prosperity are about to end in chaos. Across Western Europe the Roman Empire is fragmenting into a series of failed states, and in Britain the Roman leadership is conducting a phased withdrawal. At moments like this it is tricky to be rich. There was no longer any organised military or civil force to protect them or their possessions, and as they fled, they left behind them some of the finest treasure ever found. Our object belongs to a fabulous collection of gold and silver buried in a field at Hoxne, Suffolk, around 410, and found nearly 1,600 years later...in 1992.公元400年左右,不列颠几百年来的和平与繁荣即将结束于一场混乱。罗马帝国在西欧四分五裂,在英格兰的影响力也逐渐减弱。在动荡时期,富人的处境十分危险,不再有军队来保护他们的财产,因此,他们逃亡时留下了极为珍贵的宝藏。本文中的物品便是在公元410年左右埋藏在萨福克霍克森地区的金银财宝中的一件,1992年,它在藏1600余年后终于重见天日。Im holding a small statue of the upper half of a Roman matron, wearing very elaborate clothes and long dangly earrings. Her hair is fantastically complicated, its twisted and plaited in an elaborate ;up-do;, and she is obviously a seriously grande dame and very, very fashionable. Shes about three inches high, so the size of a silver pepper pot - and indeed that is exactly what she is-a silver pepper pot. When I pick it up I can see that on the underside there is a clever mechanism which allows you to determine how much pepper will come out. You turn the handle and you can either close it completely, have it fully open, or in a kind of sprinkling mode.我手里拿着的就是这样一尊看起来就像是一位罗马夫人的半身雕像,眼饰华美,挂着长耳环,发式精巧繁复,发辫盘在头顶。一望即知,这是位庄重的贵妇,衣着入时。雕像高约8厘米,大小如同一个胡椒罐。而它也恰恰就是一个银制胡椒罐,底部有精巧机关,可以控制胡椒的倒出量。只要扭动把手,就可以选择全开、全闭或半开。201502/360002


  Heres this man who has the world in his hand.这个男人手上拥有整个世界Heres the man who has riches that cant be counted.拥有无可计数的财富And hes lost his beloved.He has lost what he cannot hold.但他失去了自己的挚爱 却无能为力In grief, Shah Jahan commissions a tomb for his beloved wife.悲伤中的沙杰罕命人为他的挚爱修建一座坟墓Hundreds of tons of white marble, encrusted with jewels,用了成百上千吨的汉白玉 外加珠宝点缀costing the equivalent of million dollars today.其造价相当于今天的七千万美元A lasting monument to the power of silver:the Taj Mahal.以白银筑成的这座旷世持久的纪念殿堂 就是泰姬陵Global trade and wealth on a vast new scale世界贸易和财富的空前繁盛creates some of mankinds most iconic structures.Bigger, taller.创造出人类史上一些最具代表性的建筑 它们更宏伟 更高大Well spend the next 350 years building monuments接下来三百五十年里 我们将不断以建筑to our economic power and our connected world.展现自己的经济实力和世界间的联系The riches of a new world unlocked.新的财富之地打开了A new global currency launching pirates across oceans.海盗们为了新的全球货币不惜漂洋过海New commodities, new desires,And new conflicts,新的商品 新的欲望 新的矛盾transforming every continent on the planet.改变着这个星球上的每一片土地that kind of globalization that were in now,在如今我们所处的全球化的世界里where bank collapses in Iceland can ripples across the American Midwest.冰岛的倒闭 可以影响到美国中西部That all begins in the 16th century and it begins with the creation of this universal currency.这一切都起源于十六世纪 以及通用货币的创造Now pioneers push further into the open spaces of the world.现在 开拓者们继续深入世界各地New adventures,discoveries,and an age of revolutions that will launch mankind into the modern world.新的冒险 发现 以及一个革命的时代 将引领人类进入现代世界201603/429824

  Dear Teachers... 孩子的心声:亲爱的老师...Dear Teacher,亲爱的老师:I know it doesnt always seem like it, but I really do want to listen and learn.我知道事情可能不总是看起来像这样,但我真的想要听你说话和学习。Its just my brain is kinda different.只是我的脑袋有点不一样。So this is what Id like you to know about me.所以这是我想要你了解我的事情。I have to move, or I really cant pay attention.我必须动来动去,不然我真的没办法专心。Even though Im not looking at you, I can still listen to what youre saying.就算我没有看着你,我还是可以听你在说什么。If you tell me, ;Sit up straight,; now I have to use all of my brain to do just that.如果你告诉我:“坐好”,现在我得花所有脑力去只做那件事。It makes me feel sad...when you tell me to try harder, even though Ive aly tried as hard as I can.这让我觉得很难过...当你叫我更努力时,即使我已经尽我所能去做了。I actually listen better when Im rocking in my chair.我在晃椅子时其实比较听得进去。When you give me a bunch of directions, I start to think, I will never remember all of this!在你给我一堆指令时,我开始想,我永远都记不得这全部!Sometimes my mom or dad ends up doing all of my homework.有时我妈妈或爸爸变成最后帮我做所有功课。So heres how you could maybe help!所以这是你或许能帮上忙的方法!Let me get up and move while Im learning.让我在学习时站起来和移动。Let me look wherever I want when you talk to me.在你跟我说话时让我看我想看的地方。Let me rock or slouch in my chair.让我摇来摇去或瘫在椅子上。No matter what, please dont take away my recess.无论如何,请不要收走我的休息时间。Give me homework I can do all by myself.给我我能自己完成的回家作业。Make directions very short.让指示简短有力。Just ask me, ;What does your brain need right now?;只要问我:“你的脑袋现在需要什么?”And one more thing: My brain might be different than yours, but its still amazing.还有一件事:我的大脑可能和你的不同,不过它还是很棒。Sincerely,诚挚的,Your student你的学生Your student你的学生Your student你的学生Your student你的学生201601/421260How Is HIV Transmitted?爱滋病毒,这样会传染吗?How is HIV transmitted?爱滋病毒如何被传播?HIV is present in the blood, breast milk, and the semen, vaginal fluids from infected people. The virus can only be passed on to another person if these fluids get into his or her body.爱滋病毒存在于来自受感染者的血液、母乳,以及、阴道分泌液中。这病毒只在这些液体进到他或她的体内时才有可能被传给别人。The ways HIV can be transmitted are sex without a condom, sharing infected needles, syringes, or other injecting drug equipment; from an HIV-positive mother to her baby during pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding.爱滋病毒会被传播的途径有:无套性交、共用受感染针头、注射器,或其他药物注射器具;也会从一位阳性反应的母亲在怀期间、生产,或哺乳时传给她的宝宝。But HIV cannot be passed on through kissing, touching, spitting, coughing, or sneezing; through toilet seats, swimming pools, or shared facilities, even utensils. And it cannot be passed on by insects, like mosquitoes.但爱滋病毒不会透过亲吻、触摸、吐口水、咳嗽,或打喷嚏被传递;也不会经由马桶座、游泳池,或共用设备,甚至是餐具来传递。而且爱滋病毒不会透过昆虫传递,像是蚊子。No ifs, no buts, no maybes.没有万一、没有但是、没有也许。201508/393256Out here, you need at least a gallon of water a day to stave off dehydration.在这里 你每天至少需要一加仑的水 以避免脱水Without it, you begin to feel disorientated,suffering headaches and nausea.没有水 你会开始感觉迷失方向 感到头疼恶心Straight towards us--vultures. Pick them out?朝我们飞过来的 是秃鹰 认出来了吗These birds are natures true opportunists,and they could be a real help to the survivor.这种鸟是自然界中的投机分子 它们对求生者很有帮助They can lead you to a fresh kill,and so often, the most efficient way of surviving is just to become a scavenger yourself.它们可以将你引到刚死的生物那里 通常最有效的求生法则就是 将自己变成食腐动物Lets get down there.And look at them all circling above.And this is what theyre after--this stinking, rotten deer carcass.我们到下面去 你看它们一直在上空盘旋 而这就是它们要找的东西 一只腐烂恶臭的死鹿Man, that honks.But look. this is just way gone.臭的我都要吐了 这只鹿估计已经死了很久了And really, you know, theres nothing on this for me to eat.而且 说真的 这上面也没什么东西我能吃Vultures have a higher stomach-acid content than humans and can tolerate far more bacteria,秃鹰的胃酸含量比人类高得多 所以就算有再多细菌它们也不怕so whats good for them is definitely not good for me.所以它们口中的美食 绝对不是我能吃的东西These arid lands are harsh and unforgiving,nature at its most brutal这块不毛之地荒芜且冷酷无情 向人们展示着它最残酷的一面but with the right knowledge,nature at its most brutal Now, look, strawberry pitaya.但只要具备切当的求生知识 你就可以在这里找到水 瞧啊 草莓火龙果See these very distinct,red tops to them.瞧 很容易辨认 它们顶部是红色的If you can get past the spikes and the spines,theyre good to keep hydrated.注意 要避开这些针刺 这些果子有助于帮你保持体内的水分What I got inside is all of this Nice fruit.And thats truly gorgeous.里面是这样的 很不错的水果 真的是很好吃Could worth keeping an eye out for more of those, if you see.一路上注意留心看看 看还有没有这种果子Ahead of me lies my deadliest challenge.I come face to face with one of Americas most lethal snakes.我即将面临最致命的挑战 我将与美洲大陆上 最致命的一种毒蛇面对面进行较量Theres no way I can just stick a hand in there.One bite from that can kill a man.我绝对不能把手直接伸进去 被它咬一口 必死无疑201603/434377

  He wasnt always patient.他不是次次都很有耐性He wasnt always saying things that you wanna hear,也不会总是说好听的话or saying it right.或是很得体的话But what he said and what he was doing was just trying to make them stars.但他的所作所为 都是为了要造就巨星Our last day at the Regal Theater我们在理格剧院的最后一天is when l went to Joe, l said,我跟乔说say now, why dont you let me put these kids at Motown? 不如你让我把这群孩子们 签到城吧And Joe said those words to me, Man, l thought youd never ask. 乔这么回答我 老兄 我等的就是你这句话We were in New York City.我们当时在纽约And we had just finished performing with James Brown.才刚结束与詹姆斯·布郎的演出We were opening up for him.我们帮他开场Bobby Taylor had been begging Berry to check us out.鲍比·泰勒一直恳求贝瑞来观赏And he wouldnt do it because he had another kid on his label.他一直不愿意 因为他旗下还有另一名歌手And he was catching a lot of flak from the state州政府一直找他麻烦about working this kid whos underage.因为这孩子还未成年Berry would say, l never wanna have anything to do with kids in this business.贝瑞说 我在这行 再也不想跟儿童扯上边lts too much problems.太麻烦了l cant even handle one. What am l gonna do with five? 我连一个都搞不定了 更何况是五个And the one kid was little stevie Wonder.那个孩子就是史提夫·旺达201508/394501A monitoring group says 46 people have been killed in twin explosions in the Syrian town of Homs.一监督小组表示,叙利亚霍姆斯镇双爆炸事件造成46人死亡。The Syria Observatory for Human Rights says at least 100 others were wounded by the explosions.叙利亚人权观察组织称,至少另有100人被爆炸伤害。Syria state television ed the governor of Homs as saying at least 25 people had been killed.叙利亚国家电视台援引霍姆斯州长,称至少已有25人死亡。The car bombs exploded in the city centre’s government-controlled Zahara district .. in what’s been described as one of the city’s deadliest such attacks in five years of conflict.该起汽车炸弹事件发生在市中心政府控制的扎哈拉区,被称为五年冲突以来最致命的袭击之一。Police say the two cars had been parked on opposite sides of a crossroads. The the first explosion triggered the second.警方表示,两辆车停在一个十字路口的对立面,第一个爆炸引爆第二个。Zahara has been the target of previous attacks. Last month, a double suicide attack was claimed by ISIL.此前扎哈拉一直被当作袭击目标。上个月,ISIL进行了双自杀式袭击。Nobody had claimed responsibility for Sunday’s blasts.没人声称对周日的爆炸负责。译文属。 /201602/427211





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