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The UK government has published draft legislation for a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, which is set to begin from April 2018.英国政府已于日前公布了关于对含糖饮料征税的立法草案,并定于2018年4月开始实施。There will be two bands - one for soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml and a higher one for drinks with more than 8g per 100ml.这项税收分为两类——一是针对每100毫升中含糖超过5公克的软饮料,二是针对每100毫升中含糖超过8公克的软饮料,后者征税更高。Ministers hope it will help tackle the nation#39;s obesity problem. Many companies have aly begun cutting the amount of sugar in their drinks.部长们希望这一法案有助于解决国家的肥胖问题。很多公司已经开始减少饮料中的糖分。Pure fruit juices will be exempt - but health officials stress people should limit consumption of these beverages to no more than 150ml per day.纯果汁则不在其中,但是卫生官员强调,人们应该将这些饮料的饮用量限制在每天不超过150毫升。Likewise, sugary milkshake and yogurt drinks will also be excluded.同样,含糖奶昔和酸奶饮料也被排除在外。The government has said it expects the levy to raise 520 million pounds in the first year.据政府表示,预计该项税收将在第一年达到5.2亿英镑。Health campaigners have broadly welcomed the initiative.健康饮食倡议人士则普遍欢迎这项举措。Dr Max Davie, of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said: ;We are very pleased to see government moving forward with this draft legislation, and in no doubt that these drinks are, in part, contributing to obesity crisis.;英国皇家儿科医学院的麦克斯·戴维士表示:“我们非常高兴看到政府推进这项法律草案,毫无疑问,这些饮料是导致肥胖危机的部分原因。”Cancer Research UK estimates a 20% tax on sugary drinks could prevent 3.7 million cases of obesity over the next decade.据英国癌症研究中心估计,对含糖饮料征20%的税可以在未来十年内减少370万肥胖病例的出现。 /201612/483537

Does the world need yet another drama about Queen Elizabeth II? British actress Helen Mirren famously played the tough *monarch in her Oscar-winning turn in The Queen (2006). 世界上还需要多一部关于英国女王伊丽莎白二世的戏吗?在电影《女王》(2006)中,英国女演员海伦.米伦恰到好处地扮演了强势的君主,并一举拿下了奥斯卡小金人。And now Netflix’s new series The Crown, which premiered on Nov 4, presents us with a different side of the British monarch–the young Liz, who’s portrayed with emotional depth and humanity.而如今,11月4日首播的网飞新剧《王冠》则向我们呈现了英国女王的另一面——年轻的莉兹,她情感丰富,人情味十足。The 10-episode first season of The Crown follows the early years of Elizabeth’s long reign, opening on the eve of her marriage to Prince Philip (Matt Smith) in 1947. 电视剧《王冠》的第一季共有十集,讲述了伊丽莎白二世漫长统治岁月的早年时光。全剧先以1947年她和菲利普亲王(马特.史密斯饰)的婚礼前夜开篇。It then jumps ahead to 1952, when Elizabeth (Claire Foy), at the age of 25, unexpectedly *ascends the throne after the death of her father, King George VI.然后时间便跳转到了1952年前夕,当时,伊丽莎白(克莱尔.福伊饰)只有25岁,因其父亲国王乔治五世的突然离世,而登上了王位。Though much has been made of the series’ *sumptuous production value and reported 0 million (687 million yuan) budget, The Crown is a psychologically *astute portrait of the tension between the public sovereign and the private person. 《王冠》不光在制作水准上投入了大手笔,曝光的预算就高达1亿美元(约合人民币6.87亿元),还在心理上精准地刻画出了公众的君王和个人角色之间的冲突。As a *figurehead, Elizabeth has great symbolic power but little *autonomy. 作为没有实权的国家元首,伊丽莎白有很强的象征意义却并没有多少自主权。She is unable to choose her last name or even the home where her family, which then included two small children, will reside.她不能选择她的姓氏,甚至无法决定要和两名年幼的子女以及她的家人们在哪儿安家。It’s not all twinkle, twinkle, twinkle and look at all the finery, says 32-year-old British actress Claire Foy. 这部剧并不只有闪闪发亮的华,现年32岁的英国女演员克莱尔.福伊表示。It’s what’s going on between people.它更关注人与人之间的关系。The drama explores Elizabeth’s *fraught relationships with aging prime minister Winston Churchill (John Lithgow), her uncle, the Duke of Windsor, who famously *abdicated the throne, 这部剧也深度探索了伊丽莎白和年迈的首相温斯顿.丘吉尔(约翰.利特高饰),以及因退位而轰动一时的叔叔温莎公爵之间的紧张关系。And her only sister, Princess Margaret, whose romance with the divorced Peter Townsend led to scandal.而她唯一的,玛格丽特公主又爱上了有过婚史的彼得.汤森,这一系列皇室丑闻也令她头疼不已。Elizabeth’s new responsibilities also put enormous strain on her marriage to Philip. 伊丽莎白的新职责也给她和菲利普的婚姻带来了巨大压力。Often *caricatured as a politically incorrect *toff, the Duke of Edinburgh is portrayed with surprising sympathy by British actor Matt Smith, 34, as a dashing young naval officer *emasculated by his role as *consort to the queen. 爱丁堡公爵经常被夸大为一个政治不正确的,但34岁的英国演员马特.史密斯的刻画下却极富同情心。作为女王的配偶,这位年轻英俊的海军军官毫无丈夫的威信可言。Literally, people would look past him at his wife. 事实上,人们往往会忽略他,只关注他的妻子。Yeah, it’s the 1950s, blah-blah, but even now people would struggle with that, Foy says.没错,那是在上世纪50年代,但就算到了今天,人们也会对这些事情很在意,福伊说道。Despite these tensions, the Queen manages to maintain her public poker face along the way.除了这些矛盾之外,女王还要一如既往地在公众面前保持严肃形象。There is something innately fascinating about somebody who is innately a more public figure than any politician and yet has a very private life, says 71-year-old US actor John Lithgow. 她生来就比任何政客都引人瞩目,并且保留着生活中十分私人的部分。这样的人与生俱来便有股魅力。现年71岁的美国演员约翰.利特高表示。Certainly, Queen Elizabeth is the most important monarch in the world. 毫无疑问,伊丽莎白女王是世界上最重要的君王。It’s the last *viable monarchy–if you can call it viable–and still has a stronghold on Britain, even though its place is a bit of a mystery.这也是最后被保留下来的君主政体——如果你认为它保留了下来——并且在英国仍具有相当的影响力,尽管如何能做到这一点,现在仍是一个谜。Having played both the public and private Elizabeth, Foy admiringly sees the monarch as a very, very, very good, good, good person who has given her life for her country, 在刻画了伊丽莎白公众和私人的一面之后,福伊十分崇敬女王,认为她是个非常非常伟大的人。whichever way you look at it, and has done the most incredible job.无论从什么角度出发,她都将一生献给了她的国家,并且做得非常出色,无人可比。 /201611/479848

An album of music composed specifically for cats is set to be released by a major record label.一张专为喵星人创作的音乐专辑将由环球唱片公司发行。David Teie, a scientist and cellist with America#39;s National Symphony Orchestra, has composed five combinations of sounds and classical music to calm even the most distressed and troubled animal.科学家大卫#8226;泰伊也是美国国家交响乐团的大提琴演奏家。他已创作了五首结合了声效和古典乐的乐曲,可用于安抚即使是最紧张不安的小动物。Music For Cats will be released by Universal Music, the first time a major record label has signed a deal for an album not designed for humans, after a Kickstarter campaign garnered hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding and independently sold more than 10,000 copies of the record.新专辑《Music For Cats》将由环球音乐公司发行,这也是首次由大型唱片公司发行的受众并非人类的专辑。通过网络众筹平台Kickstarter,猫专辑已筹得数十万美金,还单独售出一万多张唱片。Mr Teie, who is allergic to cats, told the Press Association: ;The sound of suckling milk was a reward-related sound and then I layer in the lower register of human music to make it palatable to owners. 对猫咪过敏的泰伊告诉英国新闻联合社:哺乳声是与奖励有关的声音,我将其融入人类音乐的低音域中,好让猫咪的主人们也听得愉快。Hopefully it will appeal to both.;我希望宠物和主人都能喜欢。The record was borne out of his scientific theory on how cats appreciate music, considering they establish their sense of music through the sounds they hear as kittens: birds chirping, suckling for milk, or their mother#39;s purr.该专辑源自泰伊关于猫咪如何欣赏音乐的科学理论。他认为猫咪在小时就通过聆听鸟鸣、哺乳声或猫妈妈的咕噜声而培养出了乐感。He added: ;Not all cats respond, one will go right over to the speaker and one will just walk out of the room. 他补充说:并非所有猫都对音乐有反应,有的会直接越过音箱或者直接走出房间。I like the idea that critical taste applies to cats too. 我很喜欢猫咪也有‘批判性品味’这种说法。But I#39;ve been sent s where cats nuzzle up to the speaker or even curl completely round it. 我也收到过猫咪用鼻子蹭着音箱、甚至围着它整个儿蜷缩起来的视频。Very excitable cats are completely calmed and formerly abused or feral cats tend to respond the best.非常容易激动的猫咪能完全平静下来,而从前受过虐待或野生的猫对音乐反应最明显。;We make the music available for free at shelters, where a lot of our testimonials come from. 我们为动物庇护中心免费提供音乐,从那里我们得到了许多评价反馈。The time it normally takes to get a formerly feral cat y to interact with humans is usually measured in days and weeks but the music has helped them in just one day.通常,一只野猫适应人类接触的时间是几天或者几周,但有音乐的帮助,就只需一天。;It is communication in the cat#39;s language, of acceptance and understanding and the comfort that goes along with that.;因为音乐以喵星人的语言传递了包容、理解和安慰。Mr Teie, who has played lead cello for band Metallica, said he is still amazed that the album will be released around the world. 在重金属乐团Metallica任主大提琴手的泰伊表示,猫专辑能在世界范围内发行还是让他很惊异。He said: ;It#39;s insane. 他说:真是难以置信。I#39;ve been doing this for 10 to 12 years and people wonder why I spend my time doing it but this is a culmination of all that.我做‘猫音乐’有10年到12年了,人们都好奇我为什么把时间花在这上头。但专辑发行让这一切都圆满了。;I hope in 100 years people will have to be taught that music was once only for humans. 我希望今后100年内,人们能认识到音乐不总是人类的专享。Reptiles don#39;t have the brain structures for it but all mammals are ripe for music.;爬行动物不具备欣赏音乐的脑部结构,但所有哺乳动物都是能感受音乐的。A spokesman for Universal Music said: ;We#39;re thrilled to be part of this world-first project and break into the massive untapped market of non-human music fans. 环球唱片的发言人称:我们极其兴奋能参与这个全球首创的项目,打开庞大又从未被开发的动物乐迷市场。The possibilities are endless for more species-specific #39;Music For#39; albums: dogs and horses could all be on the cards.为特定动物发行专辑的前途无可限量,未来可能还有‘专辑’和‘马专辑’。;David Teie#39;s creative ideas, passion and solid research has laid the perfect foundation for success.;大卫#8226;泰伊的创意、热情和扎实研究为专辑的成功奠定了完美基础。 /201609/465998James Sommerin#39;s duck breast recipe combines the diverse flavours of sweet potato, beetroot and lavender to create a spectacular duck dish which is both surprising and masterful.詹姆斯·索美尔的鸭胸配方结合了不同口味的红薯、甜菜根和薰衣草,烹制出了令人惊讶的大师级烤鸭。Combine the Szechuan pepper, coriander, cumin and fennel in a dry pan on a medium heat and toast for 5 minutes. Place the spices into a mortar and pestle and roughly crush. Combine with the lavender and mix well. Set aside until required.先将四川辣椒、胡荽、孜然和茴香混在一起,放入干锅用中火烤5分钟。再将香料放入研钵和杵钵中大致磨碎。后加入薰衣草混合均匀,放置一边等待使用。Preheat the oven to 190?C. Cover the beetroot with foil and place in the oven until tender, approximately 30-45min. Allow to cool, the peel with a small knife while still slightly warm. Cut into large cubes. Dice the sweet potato and lightly season with salt and coat with olive oil. Place on a baking tray and into the oven, cook until tender, approximately 40 minutes. This should be done while the beetroot are roasting.将烤箱预热至190度,用锡纸将甜菜根覆盖上并将它们放进烤箱直到变软,大约需要30-45分钟。之后使它们冷却,趁小刀还有一点余热时将它们切成大块,放入切好的甜土豆,轻轻地加入盐并淋上橄榄油。放入烤箱中的烤盘内,烘烤直至变软,大约需要40分钟。这些工作要在甜菜根被烘烤的时候完成。For the duck, place a large pan on a medium to high heat and season the breasts evenly with salt. Place each breast skin side down into the dry pan and slowly render down the fat. As the fat is released from the breast be sure to remove any excess from the pan by tilting it towards you and taking out with a spoon. Cook for 6 minutes and then turn and continue to cook for a further 4 minutes. Finish in the oven for 2 minutes at 220?C/gas mark 6. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 5-7 minutes.将鸭子放在平底锅中间的高温位置,并在鸭子身上均匀地撒上盐,把整个胸部的皮向内放入干锅让脂肪慢慢流出。等到脂肪流干后,确保锅中多余的脂肪都朝向自己的方向倾斜,再用勺子盛出来。烹饪6分钟后,将鸭子翻过来继续烹饪4分钟。在烤箱中用220度的温度公考2分钟即可。最后,将鸭子从烤箱中拿出并静置5到7分钟。When the duck has finished resting, place the breasts flesh side down into the spice mix. Heat a second pan over a medium to high heat. Add the butter and once it begins to foam add the roast beetroot and sweet potato. As soon as the vegetables are heated through, season with salt and remove the pan from the heat. Once the duck has finished resting, return to the pan, flesh side down to sear the spices. After 1 minute, add the maple syrup and coat the duck until it reduces down to a sticky glaze. Remove from the pan, slice and serve on a bed of the roast root vegetables.当鸭肉静置好后,将肉放入调好的香料中,在锅的中间高温加热几秒。加入黄油,一旦开始起泡沫之后加入烤过的甜菜根和土豆。等到蔬菜充分加热后,加入盐并将锅从高火上移开。一旦鸭肉静置完毕,将其重新回锅,肉朝下将香料烤干。一分钟之后,加入枫糖浆并烹饪鸭肉,直到它变得粘性光滑。出锅,切片,最后放入烤好的蔬菜根。译文属 /201703/495386

If 1%-2% of the body’s recommended water intake is lost, then you are aly dehydrated. Dehydration is something that plagues the majority of people; even if you are not experiencing symptoms of dehydration, you can still easily be dehydrated and, statistically, you probably are. Here are the most common symptoms of dehydration and how to ensure you remain hydrated.如果身体所必需的水分摄入量的1%—2%丢失了的话,那么你就已经处于脱水状态了。脱水是一种让许多人烦恼的一件事;即使你没有脱水的症状,你也很容易脱水,数据显示,你很可能已经脱水了。下面来看一下脱水最普遍的症状,以及如何保你体内的水分。Dehydration symptoms脱水症状In cases with mild to moderate dehydration, the most common symptoms include having a dry/sticky mouth, feeling overly tired and weak, being thirsty, urinating less, dry skin, headaches, constipation and dizziness.在轻度到中度的脱水的情况下,最普遍的症状包括嘴唇干燥或者发粘,感到过度劳累和虚弱,口渴,小便少,皮肤干燥,头疼,便秘和头晕。When a person is severely dehydrated, they experience all the symptoms exhibited by people who are mildly dehydrated but on a more severe level. In addition to these symptoms, people who are severely dehydrated will be very irritable and even confused, they will have a dry mouth along with dry mucous membranes.当一个人严重脱水的时候,他们会遭受所有中度脱水的人所表现出来的症状,但是程度会更加严重。除了这些症状,严重脱水的人还会很易怒,甚至会糊涂,他们会口干,伴有粘膜干燥。They will also have sunken eyes, low blood pressure, a rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing and a fever. The worst case is delirium and lack of consciousness. If you think a person is severely dehydrated, it is important to take them to the emergency room right away.他们也会出现凹眼,低血压,心跳过快,呼吸过快以及发烧的症状。最严重的情况就是精神错乱和失去意识。如果你认为一个人严重脱水了,最重要的事情就是马上带他们去急诊室。Headache central头痛中心Unless you are chugging water 24/7, your body is constantly losing fluids and essential potassium and salts because this is what is in the fluids. The loss of salt creates an instant headache because the body is very sensitive.除非你整天一直都在喝水,不然你的身体就一直在流失液体和重要的钾和盐,因为钾和盐都存在于液体中。盐分流失会造成片刻的头痛,因为你的身体是非常敏感的。The more severe the headache, the more severe the dehydration is. Also, more water loss causes your blood volume to drop, which then creates the end to the chain reaction where less blood flows to the brain and you then get an even bigger headache.头痛越严重,脱水越严重。而且,水分流失过多会导致血量下降,这回造成连锁反应,更少的血液流入大脑,你的头痛就会更加严重。 /201702/493423

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