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Reality always look better in slow motion. Even the most humdrum events can seem like the most dramatic moment of an action film.慢镜头中的世界总会显得更加精,即使是最无聊的事也可能变得像是动作片的精镜头This certainly seems to the opinion of the low Mo Guys, who decided to wrap hundreds and hundreds of elastic bands around a watermelon, bracing themselves the moment the combined pressure leads a dramatic explosion and red faces all around.;slow mo guys;二人组貌似也是这吗想他们这次决定用上百条橡皮筋捆绑一个西瓜,压力会引起西瓜爆炸,果肉满天飞The pair - famed their love of slow-motion destruction - spent minutes wrapping the bands around the fruit, and then recorded the action with a camera that can take 1,600 images per second.这个二人组正是因为他们所热爱的慢镜头破坏视频而红遍网络他们花了分钟的时间把橡皮筋套在西瓜上,然后用每秒能拍00张照片的照相机记录下了爆炸的瞬间They used a Phantom Flex camera to record the action, which provided them with high-definition footage to keep posterity.他们用Phantom Flex高速摄影机记录下这个画面,这台摄影机为他们记录下了高分辨率的影像资料The is part of a series of slow-motion s, 61 in total, posted by the pair on their YouTube .这个视频是他们一系列的慢镜头动作影片之一,他们一共制作了有61个视频,全部放在了Youtube视频网站上Previously they have tackled a computer with a sledgehammer, played golf with an apple, and exploded bottle-bombs, capturing each moment at a fraction of the pace of real life.先前他们用一个大锤破坏了一个电脑,用苹果玩高尔夫,还有瓶子炸弹,把这些时刻当作真实生活的碎片捕捉了下来The pair do not go to lengths to explain their motivations or what the audience is witnessing. Instead they seem to enjoy nothing more than watching everyday objects explode in super slow motion.这两个人从来没有想过去解释他们的动机,或者去在意哪些人会看他们的视频事实上,他们只是享受与在慢镜头中看东西爆炸的样子But that is part of the beauty of science - sometimes there doesnt need to be a reason, other than watching life from a new perspective.但这也正是科学的美妙之处:有些事情并不需要理由,只是为了从另一个角度去品味生活而已 19。

  • About twenty years ago, Gao Xiaosong wrote the lyrics of the classic folk song My Old Classmate and touched millions of hearts. Now, as the producer of the new youth film of the same title, he is trying to do it again.二十多年前,高晓松创作了校园经典民谣《同桌的你的歌词,打动了无数人的心如今,作为同名青春偶像电影的制片人,他力图再一次打动人心Starring Zhou Dongyu, , and Lin Gengxin, 6, My Old Classmate follows the pair’s life and love from middle school, when they are tablemates, through high school, college and beyond their graduation.影片《同桌的你由岁的周冬雨和6岁的林更新主演,记录了男女主人公从中学同桌到高中、大学以及毕业后的生活及爱情经历Of course, a youth film wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to the time period it covers.当然,一部完美的青春片少不了向青春岁月的致敬My Old Classmate certainly keeps that in mind. In the first half hour, audiences constantly encounter the symbolic items of the early 1990s, including pencil boxes and comic books.《同桌的你深谙此道影片前半个小时,铅笔盒、漫画书等上世纪90年代初的标志性物品不断映入观众眼帘The film also mentions important events that took place during the period from 1993 to , including China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, the terrorist attacks against the US on Sept , 01, and the SARS outbreak in China. This attention to detail brings back memories and creates nostalgia, especially among those born in the 1980s.影片中还涉及到一些发生于1993—年间的重大事件,其中包括中国加入世贸组织、美国“9#86;”恐怖袭击事件,以及年席卷中国的非典这些细节令人想起过往的岁月,引发了人们的怀旧情怀,尤其是对于80后而言更是如此Then there’s the main focus: the first love between Zhou and Lin’s characters. From secret crush, to courageous confession, to dating and lovers’ quarrels, the interaction between Zhou and Lin, who share a great onscreen chemistry, is fun to watch.而该片的主旨则是发生在由周冬雨和林更新饰演的男女主角间的初恋故事从暗恋到勇敢表白、从约会到恋人间的争吵,两位主角之间的默契互动在银幕上引发了一系列巧妙的化学反应,堪称一大看点But after seeing similar stories several times in other popular youth films, such as last year’s So Young, and ’s You’re the Apple of My Eye, it feels a bit cliched.但是我们在另外一些热门青春片中已经看过许多类似的故事了,比如去年上映的《致青春以及年的《那些年我们一起追过的女孩,所以《同桌的你似乎有些老生常谈In case you’re wondering, no, the film doesn’t have a fairy tale ending. It’s not inventive, but director Guo Fan’s way of storytelling is quite impressive. Throughout the film, he jumps between memories and reality, yet leaves the story complete and allows it to flow smoothly.先剧透一下:该片并没有童话般的圆满结局虽然内容欠缺新意,但导演郭帆的叙事方式却让人印象深刻整部影片在回忆与现实间来回穿梭,但叙事上依旧完整而流畅Toward the end, Guo delivers the clear message that first love can easily fall apart when faced with reality. The fact that Guo presents this in a neat and tidy way may seem cruel, but it adds more authenticity and freshness to an aly overused story.影片结尾,导演郭帆传递了一个十分明确的信息:初恋往往敌不过现实郭导干净利落地道出这一事实似乎有些残酷,但却给老套的故事情节平添了一些真实性和新鲜感I can’t say My Old Classmate is profound and incisive, but it doesn’t have to be. If audiences can see a little bit of themselves in the film, it has fulfilled its goal. And those who are experiencing their sweet first love need not worry too much, because no matter how it ends, the precious memories of it will always stay.我不能说《同桌的你是一部立意深刻的影片,而它也不必非要这样做如果观众能从影片里看到自己的影子,哪怕是一点点,那么这部影片也就完成了自己的使命那些正在品尝初恋甜蜜的恋人们大可不必过于担心,不论结局怎样,初恋都是一段永不褪色的珍贵回忆 957。
  • Say theyll be there! The London Olympics are about to get a whole lot Spice-ier: a source confirms to Us Weekly that the Spice Girls are set to perm at the closing ceremony on August .Ginger (Geri Halliwell), 39, Baby (Emma Bunton), 36, Sporty (Melanie Chisholm), 38, Scary (Melanie Brown), 37, and Posh (Victoria Beckham), 38, are all expected to show; the group will perm two of their singles, including the 1996 fan favorite ;Wannabe.; (George Michael, The Who and Jessie J are also slated to perm at the event)Last month, the Girls - who split up in 01 - reed the first time since their reunion tour to announce the creation of a West End musical based on some of their biggest hits, a show titled Viva ever. ;I loved what the Spice Girls did women confidence,; producer Judy Craymer said during a press conference. ;There something very empowering about them.;Added the musical writer Jennifer Saunders (who cocreated Absolutely Fabulous), ;The second I knew this project was up grabs, I rang my agent and said I had to be involved.;上个世纪90年代当红女子组合“辣”的成员们都已经在各自的事业上有了很成功的发展,不过她们很可能在本届奥运会闭幕式上重聚据悉,辣组合已经就出席伦敦奥运会闭幕式与组织方进行最后的讨论上个月,包括贝嫂维多利亚在内的五位组合成员一同出席记者会,为以她们事迹创作的音乐剧《Viva ever宣传造势“辣”组合的五位成员——维多利亚·贝克汉姆、梅兰妮·布朗、艾玛·波顿、梅兰妮·切西蒙和杰瑞·哈利维尔,将与其他当红歌手乔治·迈克尔,杰西·J等一起在8月日的闭幕式上亮相她们将演唱两首歌,其中一首是他们在1996年的当红歌曲“Wannabe”,当时这首歌在30多个国家中都排行第一 19。
  • * Michael Dell, the dishwasher  Michael Dell, founder and chairman of Dell Computer Corp., was a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant earning $.30 an hour. He is grateful his early experience: “The best part was the wisdom of the restaurant owner, which I could capture if I came to work a little early. He took great pride in his work and cared about every customer who came through his door.”* 洗碗工迈克尔·戴尔  戴尔电脑公司的创始人兼总裁迈克尔·戴尔曾在一家中餐馆当过洗碗工,时薪仅.3美元他对早期的这份工作经历心存感激:“我最喜欢的是餐馆老板的智慧——只要我早上班一会儿,就能学习他的经营之道他为自己的工作十分自豪,并且关心每一位来到店里的顾客”。
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