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The statement also urged both sides to reject dependence on "outsiders" and settle all issues through their own efts.CCTV9英语新闻:进口婴儿奶粉将变便宜 01 ::30 CCTV9英语新闻:进口婴儿奶粉将变便宜Imported baby milk products become cheaper in ChinaStarting from this month, it will become cheaper to buy a slew of imported products in China. That includes baby milk mula of eign companies, which costs many times that of their local counterparts. Stella Lee speaks to some parents about their concerns. China’s one child policy has meant that parents focused their resources on just one child. That included the most expensive baby milk mula, imported from overseas.Reporter: "A trade policy that will kick in this month involves the lowering of tariffs hundreds of imported products including baby milk mula to support China’s increased domestic consumption. But experts say whether those lowered costs gets passed onto consumers hinges on the decisions of milk importers and distributors.""In the short term those will be the immediate beneficiaries, as their costs are lowered. Its all up to them how much they want to sell them at wholesale prices to the market. It will take some time the market to react and get some long term price guidance." Chen Lianfang, senior analyst of Beijing Orient Agribusiness, said. And the sooner prices come down the better. Those savings are especially important to mothers like this lady in Beijingwhere a month’s supply of eign imported milk can run into the thousands in RMB."I don’t really trust local milk brands. So I’ll be really happy if prices imported milk mula come down. "Though eign baby milk mula costs significantly more, many parents opt to skip local Chinese brands due to contamination and other safety fears. But even with projected cheaper prices some are still cautious." me to play safe I will continue to have family and friends bring it from Australia.""Too cumbersome to bring from overseas, but after all its my only child"In a policy change last year where some Chinese couples are allowed to raise two children, experts say eign imports of baby mula are set to grow mainly into the upper tiered cities."What may happen is that imported ones may dominate the tier 1 cities. And domestic brands in the face of more competition may choose to go to smaller cities, to the tier 3 and tier .” Chen said. Tariff cuts on baby milk mula are just part of the government’s broader plans to complement other policies. This comes at a time when China is encouraging urbanization and increased consumption in the economy.澳大利亚:搜寻失联马航黑匣子信号 ::00 澳大利亚:搜寻失联马航黑匣子信号Australia's Joint Agency Coordination Center has provided an update on the search efts flight MH370. In a press briefing, retired air chief Marshal Angus Houston said an underwater search is being conducted to look signals from the black box.The black box contains a locator beacon which sends out a signal that can be picked up by search equipment. The beacon is designed with a battery life of about 30 days. A total of aircraft and 9 ships are taking part in Friday's search. The search area has been refined to ,000 square kilometers of the southern Indian Ocean, northwest of Perth. A total of 6 State Emergency Service volunteers from Australia are working as air observers on three new civil aircraft.A Chinese aircraft took off from Perth International Airport early Friday morning to spearhead the search. Meanwhile, two Chinese ships have been searching an area where debris were spotted by satellite on Wednesday. So far, none of the floating debris found have been from the plane.

Cuban software designers market skills to US 30 :6: The Obama administration recently announced a further loosening of the US trade embargo against Cuba. American businesses can now import Cubandesigned mobile phone apps as well as hire Cubans to develop them. Cuba has one of the lowest levels of internet access in the world. Most computers there are old and much of the software is pirated.Yondainer Gutierrez is a freelance Cuban web and software designer. Working out of his bedroom in Havana, he services clients in Europe, Canada and Latin America.He studied web design in college and later taught himself to build mobile phone applications like this one a Canadian company used by drivers to find parking spaces. All of this in a country with few smart phones, and little access to the internet.There are a large number of graduates in Cuba with degrees in computer sciences, engineering and design. But with no wellpaid jobs in the state sector, many have set up small private businesses repairing computers and phones.Others have discovered that they can market their application design skills at competitive prices abroad.This online outsourcing could grow now that President Obama has eased the embargo to allow US companies to do business with Cuba's private sector.Many of Gutierrez's university classmates have left the country to work abroad. These latest developments give him an added incentive to stay."There are many opporties in Cuba this and we can do much more. I think it's crazy talented Cubans to leave the country. There is so much to be done here, so many opporties. If you leave, who is going to do it? There are business models to develop here," Gutierrez said.Gutierrez still lives with his parents in a Sovietera apartment block on the outskirts of Havana. If his outsourcing to the US really takes off, he could soon afd to move out and set up on his own.

Many of the vessels they target are cargo ships sailing near the Gulf of Aden one of the world's busiest shipping lanes.  The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the prize to them.  The palace insists most of its extra cash will be spent on a ‘massive backlog’ of repairs to royal palaces, which the Queen holds in trust on behalf of the nation.

warhead and tested a high powered rocket engine that could be used anIn 01, China and Venezuela ged a strategic partnership common development, initiating a period of rapid and fruitful development of bilateral relations. To provide a guideline future cooperation, they pledge to upgrade their partnership to a comprehensive strategic one."During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination.

NASA新发现0多颗类地行星中国将暂停与越南部分交往计划The ambitious plan is not empty talk. It is a framework under which concrete, targeted projects and measures, which are consistent with local demands, are rolled out to aid development.

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