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武汉阿波罗男子是公立医院吗武汉阿波罗男子医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱to be left out in the cold ------ 被孤立(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Alone; isolated and uncomfortable. 例句Because he never s his companys e-mail, my brother is frequently left out in the cold at work.由于从不看公司的电子邮件,我兄弟在工作中经常感觉被孤立。 /201611/471201武汉哪家生殖器官医院比较好 US Says Zimbabwe's Mugabe Government Not Legitimate Without Runoff美国敦促安理会就津局势采取行动  The ed States said Monday the government of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe cannot be considered legitimate in the absence of a presidential runoff election. In the wake of opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai's forced departure from the campaign, the Bush administration is pushing for action in the U.N. Security Council. 美国星期一表示,津巴布韦政府的穆加贝总统,在不经过总统决选的情况下,就不能被认为是合法的总统。在反对党候选人茨万吉拉伊被迫退出竞选之后,布什政府正在敦促联合国安理会采取行动。The State Department is expressing understanding for Mr. Tsvangirai's decision to quit the race, and deep disappointment that the Mugabe government made a free and fair runoff election impossible with its violent campaign against the opposition. 美国国务院对茨万吉拉伊退出竞选的决定表示理解,而且对穆加贝政府通过对反对党采取暴力手段而使自由及公正的决选不可能举行表示十分失望。In a written statement, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it is abundantly clear that President Mugabe is determined to thwart the will of the Zimbabwean people, and that the ed States condemns the violence in the strongest terms. 赖斯国务卿在一份书面声明里说,非常明显,穆加贝总统决意挫败津巴布韦民众的意志,美国对这种暴力行为予以最强烈的谴责。Rice said the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party must work together on behalf of the Zimbabwean people and said the Mugabe government "cannot be considered legitimate" in the absence of a runoff. 赖斯说,反对党争取民主变革运动和穆加贝总统的执政党必须为了津巴布韦人民而进行协作。她还说,不举行决选,穆加贝政府就不能被认为是合法的政府。The Secretary further said Mr. Mugabe and his government have forsaken the most basic tenet of government, the protection of its people, and must be held accountable by the international community. 赖斯国务卿说,穆加贝及其政府已抛弃了作为政府的最基本信条,即保护本国人民,国际社会务必责成他们对此负责。In a talk with reporters, State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said that Rice's remark about the legitimacy of the Mugabe government is a statement of the obvious, given the situation. 国务院发言人凯西向新闻记者发表谈话说,赖斯有关穆加贝政府合法性的讲话在目前形势下是显而易见的。"Can we stop with the legal niceties here? This is a government that has no legitimacy in the eyes of its people, in the eyes of the ed States or in the eyes of the international community absent a free and fair election," he said. "That's what it means. And whether there will be policy consequences to that or not depends on the action that this government takes in light of our statements, in light of actions in the Security Council, and in light of the discussions they're having with other regional leaders." 凯西说:“鉴于这种情况我们是否可以不必作严密的司法考了?这个政府缺乏自由公正的选举,因此在本国人民的眼里、在美国及国际社会的眼里都丧失了合法性,那就是赖斯讲话的意思。这是否会影响决策取决于津巴布韦政府听了我们的,看到安理会的行动并且与本地区领袖进行讨论后,会采取什么步骤。”Casey said in addition to measures taken by the international community, the ed States could augment sanctions it aly has in place against Mr. Mugabe and key associates. 凯西说,除了国际社会采取的措施之外,美国也可能在现有对穆加贝及其主要帮凶的制裁措施的基础上增加新的制裁。But he ruled out the withdrawal of U.S. Ambassador James McGee from Harare, saying his presence is needed to gauge the situation on the ground and maintain contact with the besieged opposition. 但是凯西排除了撤回美国驻哈拉雷大使詹姆斯.麦基的可能性。他说,大使有必要驻守在那里,以便判断当地的局面并与陷于困境的反对党保持联系。Casey said the ed States had no role in Mr. Tsvangirai's decision to pull out of the runoff but is supportive of it under the current conditions, which he said are making Zimbabwe's president an international political pariah. 凯西说,美国并没有影响茨万吉拉伊作出退出决选的决定,但是在目前形势下持他这样做。他说,目前情况使得穆加贝总统遭到国际政坛的唾弃。"All I can say is it must be a very dark and scary place where Robert Mugabe is right now politically, because it's abundantly clear by actions of his government that neither he nor any of those supporting him believe that he would win a free in a and fair election, if they are re resorting to this kind of violence as a response," he said. 他说:“我所能说的只是穆加贝目前的政治处境必然相当黑暗恐怖,因为他政府的行动很明显地表明,要是他们通过这样的暴力作出反应的话,不管是他或者任何持他的人都不相信,他能在自由和公正的选举中赢得胜利。”Casey did not specify what steps the Bush administration wants the world community to take, but that its initial expectation is for a so-called president's statement from the U.N. Security Council condemning the Harare government. 凯西没有具体说明布什政府希望国际社会采取什么步骤,但是初步期望是要联合国安理会发表所谓的“主席声明”,谴责哈拉雷政府。South Africa among others had resisted bringing the issue to the Security Council but Casey said the latest developments have brought a "change in tone" by regional leaders once protective of Mr. Mugabe. 南非等国曾经抵制把这个问题提交安理会,但是凯西说,最近的事态发展已改变了地区领袖们的“口气”,而这些领导人一度是保护穆加贝的。200806/42671Asia's Oceans Threatened by Over-Fishing 过度捕捞导致亚洲渔业资源萎缩  Communities and marine organizations around the world celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8 to raise awareness about the importance of the seas. Most Asian fishermen are not in a celebratory mood, however. Fish stocks are declining, climate change is creating havoc in the seas and the livelihood of poor fishing communities is under threat. 世界各国社区和海洋组织6月8日庆祝世界海洋日,提升人们对海洋重要性的认识。可是大多数的亚洲渔民却没有心情庆祝海洋日,因为渔业资源不断萎缩,气候变化给海洋造成的巨大破坏使得贫困渔业社区的生计受到威胁。"Too Many Fish in the Sea" was a popular American song in the 1960's.  这是美国1960年代的一首流行歌曲--“大海里有很多鱼”。If written today, the lyrics might be "Too Few Fish in the Sea". In all of the world's oceans, fish stocks have declined dramatically. In Asia, they have gone down by up to 30 percent in the past 25 years. Fishermen have to go farther out to sea than they used to and they return with fewer, smaller fish in their nets. 假如这首歌是今天谱写的,那么歌曲的名称恐怕就要换成“大海里的鱼太少了”。全球的海洋渔业资源都出现了大幅度减少。在过去25年里,亚洲鱼类资源减少了百分之30。渔民出海比过去离岸越来越远,打回的鱼却越来越少,鱼也越来越小。Stephen Hall, head of the WorldFish Center, a Malaysian research institute, says the main reason for the decline is over-fishing, which he calls the biggest threat to Asia's oceans.  马来西亚研究机构“世界渔业中心”负责人斯蒂芬.霍尔说,造成海洋水产资源减少的原因是过度捕捞,这是对亚洲海洋的最大威胁。"The main reason for over-fishing is quite simple, really," he said. "There are simply far too many boats and far too many people trying to make a living from the resource." 霍尔说:“其实造成过度捕捞的主要原因相当简单,那就是有太多的船,太多的人试图以捕捞为生。”The effects of declining fish stocks on the region are enormous. Asia is not only the world's biggest producer of fish products, Asians also consume more seafood than anyone else in the world. It is an important part of most people's diets and accounts for about half of the protein intake in the region.  不断萎缩的渔业资源对亚洲地区造成的影响很大。亚洲不仅是世界上最大的水产品产地,亚洲人的海产品消费量也超过世界其他地区的人。在大多数亚洲人口中,海产品是他们饮食中的主要组成部分,亚洲人摄入的蛋白质有近一半来自海产品。As people in Asia have become more affluent, the demand for fish has grown, and prices have gone up. Poor Asians find it harder and harder to afford fish. And individual fishermen find it increasingly difficult to make a living. Stephen Hall says many in the region live on less than a dollar a day. 随着亚洲人民的日益富裕,他们对鱼的需求增大,海产品价格不断上涨。贫穷的亚洲人越来越吃不起鱼,同时渔民发现,以为生越来越艰难。霍尔说,亚洲地区很多人的生活费每天不到一美元。"Even in Malaysia, which is a relatively wealthy country in the region, the average wage is only a month per fisherman," he said. "So there is a real issue of providing alternative opportunity for fishers so that they can exit the fishery and reduce the pressure on fish stocks and ensure that those who do remain in the fishery have healthy fish stocks to harvest and supply to people who need them." “即便在相对富裕的马来西亚,每个渔民每月的工资平均也只有34美元。因此问题在于为渔民提供其它的机会,只有这样他们才能退出捕捞业,减少对鱼类资源的压力,并确保留下的渔民拥有充足的资源,可以捕捞到足够满足市场需要的海产品。”Some fishermen think that if fish stocks in their area are depleted, they can just go to the waters of another country. That does not work, however, as stocks are collapsing everywhere. Andy Cornish, director of conservation at the Hong Kong office of the WWF conservation group, predicts that the competition for seafood will lead to increasing conflict in the region. 一些渔民认为,一旦他们耗尽自己海域的渔业资源,他们可以到其他国家的海域去捕捞。但是这行不通,因为全球海洋所有海域的渔业资源都在萎缩。世界野生动物保护组织驻香港办公室主任安迪.康尼施估计,对海产品的竞争将会导致该地区日益增多的冲突。"This is aly happening with Indonesian boats sneaking down into northern Australian waters and even into the Great Barrier Reef to poach sharks," he said. "This has caused real friction between the Indonesian government and the Australian government." 康尼施说:“现在已经发生了印度尼西亚渔船偷偷进入澳大利亚北部海域的事件,他们甚至开到大堡礁一带的海域偷捕鲨鱼。这确实给印尼政府与澳大利亚政府之间造成了擦。”Cornish says poor marine management is one reason for the decline of fish stocks in the region - for example in Hong Kong. 康尼施说,渔业资源萎缩的另外一个原因是对海洋捕捞业的管理不善。他以香港为例说,"There are no controls on fishing at the moment. You don't need a license to own a boat," added Cornish. "There are no catch limits, you can catch any species - any size. It's just a disaster out there." “目前对没有控制。你不需要执照就能拥有一条渔船,也没有捕捞限量。你可以捕捞任何种类的鱼,不论大小。目前的状况真是灾难性的。”The waters around Hong Kong are almost empty and 90 percent of the seafood consumed here is imported. People in this affluent city have a taste for rare - and expensive - delicacies. In Hong Kong's restaurants, many fish tanks are filled with live reef fish, which sell for as much as 0 a kilogram. Cornish says many have been caught on reefs in Southeast Asia, in countries that do not have sustainable fisheries management. 香港附近的海域已经没有什么鱼可以打捞了,香港消费的海产品百分之90需要进口。这座富裕城市里的居民对稀有昂贵的海产品有一种特别嗜好。在香港餐馆的鱼箱里游动著珊瑚礁鱼类,这些鱼能卖到每公斤两百美元。康尼施说,很多鱼都是在南海珊瑚礁里捕捞的,那个地区的国家通常缺乏可持续性渔业管理。"Really this live reef food fish trade, which transports these fish to Hong Kong by sea and air, it really has been like a vacuum cleaner going through the reefs of the Asia Pacific," he said. "They move into a new area, within a few years they have cleaned out all these live, valuable fish, then they move on to another area." 他说:“这种把珊瑚礁活鱼通过海运、空运运送到香港的贸易,真的就像用吸尘器去吸亚太海域的珊瑚礁一样那么绝。几年后,当他们把一片海域的珍贵鱼种全都吸光之后,就会转移到一片新的海域。”Pollution in waters near the region's urban centers also hurts fish stocks. Another threat is climate change. Ocean waters are becoming warmer and more acidic, and sea levels are rising. All these changes threaten life in the oceans.  亚洲地区靠近城市中心水域的污染同样也在伤害鱼类资源。另一个威胁是气候变化,海洋的水温不断升高,水质日益酸化,海平面日益上升,所有这些变化都在威胁海洋生物。Over-fishing, pollution, climate change - will people in the region be able to eat fish in the future?  过度捕捞、水质污染,气候变化。那么,亚洲人民将来还有鱼吃吗?Stephen Hall thinks they probably will, but he says the fish will increasingly come from aquaculture - fish farms in the sea, lakes or ponds.  斯蒂芬.霍尔说,他们也许还能吃得上鱼,不过这些鱼越来越多是来自建在大海、湖泊和池塘里的水产养殖场。"The powerhouse of aquaculture in the world is Asia - Southeast Asia and China in particular. And over the coming years we will see that development grow further - there is no doubt about that in my mind," said Hall. "But the challenge is of course to do it in a way that is environmentally sustainable." “世界上水产养殖最发达的地区就是亚洲,特别是南亚和中国。在未来几年里我们将看到进一步的发展,对此我毫无疑问。不过,如何以一种能够环保的可持续方式来发展水产养殖业,这是一个挑战。”One bit of good news is that governments in the region are trying to address over-fishing. Hall says all over Asia, there are efforts to reduce the number of fishing boats. In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, for example, mechanized boats and trawlers are banned from fishing for 45 days in coastal waters every year. Hall says the challenge is to help people who stop fishing find new livelihoods. 唯一的一点好消息是,亚洲地区政府正在着手解决过度捕捞问题。霍尔说,整个亚洲地区都在努力削减渔船数量。以印度泰米尔纳德邦为例,机动渔船和拖网鱼船每年禁止在近海45天。霍尔说,那里的挑战是如何帮助不再的渔民寻找新的生计。200806/41482武汉治疗龟头炎哪家好

武汉检查男科的费用咸宁男科医院 heinous ———— 极丑恶的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing extremely bad, cruel actions.例句 After the terrible war ended, we discovered many of the heinous crimes committed by the enemy, who killed thousands of innocent people.在可怕的战争结束之后,我们发现了敌人的很多极其丑恶的战争罪行,成千上万的无辜百姓遭到了屠杀。 /201607/455755武汉治疗前列腺炎的最好医院

武汉最专业最正规男科医院Obama Advisor Provides Details on Vice Presidential Selection奥巴马顾问谈其选拜登为副手原因   A senior advisor to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama says the party's ticket has been strengthened by the selection of Senator Joe Biden for vice president. Obama named Biden as his running mate two days before the start of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. 美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马的一位高级顾问说,奥巴马选择拜登为自己的竞选副手,民主党人的竞选组合因此得到了加强。奥巴马是在民主党在科罗拉多丹佛市召开全国大会的两天前提名拜登为自己的竞选搭档的。The choice of running mate is, arguably, the most important decision a presidential candidate must make before the election, one that provides hints as to how the potential commander-in-chief would make decisions and ultimately govern the nation, if elected. 选择竞选夥伴可以说是一个总统候选人在大选前必须作出的最重要的决定。这个决定对选举获胜后,这位未来的统帅将如何决策,乃至最终如何管理这个国家提供了种种暗示。Barack Obama has tapped Delaware Senator Joe Biden, who has served for six consecutive terms and is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 奥巴马选择了德拉瓦州参议员拜登。 拜登连续六届担任联邦参议员,目前是国会参议院外交关系委员会主席。A senior Obama advisor, Robert Gibbs, says Biden fulfills the most important duty of a vice president: the ability to serve as president should the need arise. 奥巴马的高级顾问罗伯特.吉布斯说,拜登能履行副总统人选的最重要职责,那就是,在必要时有能力承担起总统的责任。"Senator Biden has unparalleled foreign policy experience. We [the Obama campaign] hired him for his judgment to lead this country, if something happens to Barack Obama, and the judgment and the advice that he will give to the next president of the ed States. And, we think we have a fabulous pick. We have got someone who has not forgotten where they are from, and someone who can help rebuild this country," said Gibbs, who was speaking on the Fox News Sunday television program. 吉布斯说:“拜登参议员拥有无与伦比的外交政策经验。我们选择他就是因为如果奥巴马发生了什么事,他拥有领导国家的决断力,以及他能给美国下一任总统提供建议和判断。我认为,我们的选择非常棒。我们得到了一个没有忘记他从何处来,一个可以帮助重建这个国家的人。”吉布斯是在“福克斯星期天新闻”节目中发表上述讲话的。Polls show Americans generally view Obama as the candidate who most represents change and a break from the status quo. But polls also show a majority of Americans view his Republican rival, John McCain, as more experienced and better equipped to serve as commander-in-chief. 民意测验显示,美国人普遍认为奥巴马是最能代表变革和打破现状的候选人。但是,民调同时显示,大部分美国人认为,他的共和党对手约翰.麦凯恩更有经验,更具备统帅全国的能力。Since Saturday, numerous political analysts have commented that Biden helps counteract Obama's perceived weakness on governance, but that, as someone who has served in Congress for more than three decades, Biden also blunts Obama's overriding message of bringing change to Washington. 星期六以来,为数不少的政治分析人士,拜登将有助于平衡奥巴马一直以来被认为在管理国家方面的弱点,但是,作为一个在国会务了30多年的人,拜登同时也削弱了奥巴马竞选中最突出的主题,那就是为华盛顿带来变革的信息。Aly, the McCain campaign has released advertisements pointing out instances during the primary season in which Biden, suggested Obama lacked the experience needed to be president. Biden was competing with Obama and others for the Democratic nomination at the time, but dropped out of the race early on. McCain ads have also attacked Obama for passing over his fiercest primary rival, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, for the vice presidential slot. 麦凯恩竞选团队播放的广告已经指出,在民主党初选季节,拜登曾暗示奥巴马缺乏当总统所需要的经验。当时,拜登和其他候选人与奥巴马一起角逐民主党总统候选人提名,但是他后来早早退出了竞选。麦凯恩的广告还攻击奥巴马不考虑他在初选中的最强硬的对手、纽约州参议员希拉里.克林顿为副总统人选。Former New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani, who competed against John McCain in the Republican primaries, echoed that message on A's This Week program. 前纽约市长朱利安尼在共和党总统提名争夺战中是麦凯恩的对手。他在美国广播公司的“本周”节目中也表达了类似的观点。"Senator Obama has made a choice more out of weakness than strength. It is quite clear [that] the strong choice would have been Hillary Clinton. The obvious choice would have been Hillary Clinton. She had 50 percent of the Democratic vote [in the primaries]; Obama had 50 percent of the Democratic vote," said Giuliani. 朱利安尼说:“奥巴马参议员的选择更多地是考虑(人选的)劣势,而不是优势。很明显,更强的选择应该是希拉里.克林顿。显而易见他应该选择希拉里.克林顿。她在初选中赢得了民主党50%的选票。奥巴马也赢得了50%。”Recent polls show roughly one-in-five who voted for Clinton in the primaries favor McCain over Obama, despite repeated Clinton statements urging her supporters to rally behind the presumptive Democratic nominee. 最近的民调显示,尽管克林顿一再发表声明鼓励自己的持者持民主党总统候选人,但是,在初选中选择克林顿的人当中有大约五分之一更倾向于麦凯恩,而不是奥巴马。Whether the Democrats can unite as a party during this week's national convention after a bruising primary season remains to be seen. Obama's chief strategist, David Axelrod, gave a preview of the core message that will be heard at the convention, beginning with Obama's personal story. 民主党在经历了伤痕累累的初选季节后,能否在这个星期举行的全国大会上全党团结一致,还有待观察。奥巴马的首席战略顾问戴维.阿克塞尔罗德披露了民主党全国大会的核心信息。他首先谈到奥巴马的个人经历。"The son of a single mother, working his way up, and then going back to work in communities that were felled by steel plant closings, we are going to tell that story. But we are also going to tell the story about what has happened to the country under the policies we have seen under the broken politics of Washington. We are not going to shy away from making a contrast," said Axelrod. 他说:“单亲妈妈养大的孩子,脚踏实地努力工作,然后来到因钢铁工业倒闭而满目萧条的社区工作--我们会告诉民众这个故事 。我们同时也会告诉民众我们看到的华盛顿离破碎的政治所导致的政策给我们国家带来的一切。我们将对此进行对照。”The Republican National Convention begins next week. The McCain campaign has hinted that the Arizona Senator could name his running mate as early as this Friday, the day after the close of the Democratic National Convention. 共和党全国大会下星期召开。麦凯恩竞选团队已经暗示,这位来自亚利桑那州的参议员将最早在星期五宣布自己的竞选夥伴。民主党全国大会也在同一天结束。200808/46657 Says who? Err, Me?谁说的? 我?Anna. You’ll have to do better than that.安娜,你应该做得比刚才更好才对。Be polite, but be firm too.礼貌点,但是也要态度坚定。Try saying, ‘would you mind not doing that please?’试着说,“请你不要这么做,好吗?”I’ll try. Mr Ingle, would you mind not doing that please?我试试。英格尔先生,请你不要这么做,好吗?Why’s that then?怎么了?He’s not being very nice is he?他并不是很友好,是吧?You need to give your reasons. Say, ‘I’m afraid it’s against company policy’.你要给出原因。比如,“恐怕这违反了公司政策”。Go on you can do it.加油,你能做到。Mr Ingle… I’m afraid it’s against company policy.英格尔先生,恐怕这违反了公司政策。And… it is actually against the law to smoke here… and… it’s not a nice smell, is it?在这里抽烟违反了法律,而且味道也不好闻,不是吗?Well, smells OK to me.我没觉得不好闻。Well, I’m sorry to have to ask you this but you need to put it out.抱歉我必须这么说,但是你得熄灭它。Put what out – the cat? !放什么出去,猫?!No. You need to extinguish your cigarette… please.不是,请你要熄灭你的烟。Says who?谁说的?Well, I’m sure your team wouldn’t like to see you breaking the law and besides, it could cause a fire. That would be awful.我想你的团队成员可不想看到你违反法律,还有可能引发火灾。这样就坏了。Yeah, I suppose it would.是,可能会吧。 /201702/490901湖北武昌包皮手术哪家医院最好武汉阿波罗男子医院地图



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