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We all know about high blood pressure – for some of us it is a bit of a joke – that thing that happens to cranky, unpleasant, angry old men.高血压,可谓众所周知——但有些人并不在意——他们觉得只有脾气暴躁、不好相处、易怒的老人才会得高血压。If you close your eyes you can just see the cartoon of the office slave being chastised by the angry big boss with the red nose, bulging eyes and fist banging on the desk.如果你闭上眼,可能会想到这样的卡通画面:“办公室奴隶”被生气的大老板责备,大老板红鼻子,鼓眼镜,攥拳砸桌子。Of course someone that unpleasant deserves high blood pressure – his blood probably boils on a regular basis!有些讨厌的人就该得高血压——他的血可能定期沸腾。The thing is that you don#39;t have to be angry (or a wealthy, impatient, bullying capitalist) to suffer from high blood pressure.其实,不是生气(或富有、无耐心、为富不仁)就该得高血压。The disease can be asymptomatic for years, that is you won#39;t even know that you have it but, little by little, year by year the higher than normal pressure of the blood in your body will cause stress and damage to your blood vessels.高血压可能潜伏多年,你可能根本不知情,但年复一年,你体内的高血压会对血管造成压力和损害。For many people the condition develops slowly, over the course of years but for others it can come on suddenly as a complication of another disease such as sleep apnea or thyroid problems.很多人的高血压都是历久经年慢慢发展,但也有些人是伴随睡眠窒息症或甲状腺类疾病等迅速爆发。Left untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart problems, strokes, vision and memory problems and a whole host of other nasty things that you don#39;t want to have to deal with.高血压如不治疗,会引发心脏疾病、中风、视觉或记忆障碍等疾病。It is for this reason that doctors monitor blood pressure regularly; it means that at the slightest sign that pressure is getting too high, you can start treatment for it and prevent potentially more serious issues from cropping up.正因如此,医生才会定期测量血压;这样的话,只要有血压升高的迹象,你就可以开始治疗,防止其他潜在疾病突然爆发。If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure it is important that you follow your doctor#39;s advice and take the medications that he or she recommends.如果你被诊断出患有高血压,遵从医嘱用药非常重要。There are, however, several other things you can do to control your blood pressure naturally and we have set out 10 of the most effective of these in the article below.但也有其他办法让血压值恢复正常,本篇文章将列出10条最有效的方法。If you follow these 10 methods you may find that you manage to bring your blood pressure under control enough that your doctor will reduce or end your prescription (while monitoring your pressure carefully of course).如果你听取这10条建议,你可能会发现你的血压恢复正常,医生用药也会减量,甚至终止用药(当然要仔细测血压)。These 10 suggestions are simple and easy to follow and are worth doing so even if you do not have high blood pressure as they can help to promote a healthy lifestyle – what have you got to lose?这10条建议简单易行,值得一试;即使你血压不高,也可以按着做,养成健康的生活方式——反正又没损失。10.Get Moving. Exercise!10.多锻炼It can be so tempting to sit down and relax, particularly if you are not feeling well, are unfit or suffering from a condition which has caused your blood pressure to rise.坐着放松,这种诱惑不易抵抗。这种诱惑,在身体不舒或血压升高时更难推拒。Sadly while this might feel good in the short term (who doesn#39;t love relaxing on the couch) it can do you irrevocable harm in the long term.尽管这会让人在短期内感觉良好(谁不爱在沙发上放松呢),但长期来看,造成的伤害难以修复。Regular exercise has been shown to help to moderate blood pressure ings by 4-9 mmHg (millimeters of mercury).定期锻炼能使血压值缓解4-9毫米汞柱。This may not sound like much but it can be enough to help you keep your condition manageable and under control because the risk factors for high blood pressure double for every 20/10mmHg increase in ing.所降值听起来不多,但会让你的身体状况不致出现难治危险,因为目标值每上升20/10毫米汞柱,高血压风险因素都会加倍。In order to benefit from exercise you need to make it a regular part of your daily regime – it is not something that you can just stop and start and hope to feel benefits from.为了能使身体从锻炼中受益,得让锻炼成为生活的一部分——这不是心血来潮做做就能获益的事。As such you should aim to include at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise into your schedule most days.所以,你得每天做30分钟左右的有氧运动。If you are not fit and have not done much exercise you should start gently and work up. Studies have shown that resistance training appears to be the most efficient exercise method for blood pressure management.如果你身体不健康,且运动量小,你要慢慢来。有研究显示,阻力训练是控制血压最有效的方法。9.Cut the Salt9.减少摄盐量The typical western diet (and the American diet in particular) contains a huge amount of sodium, sadly far in excess of the recommended daily allowance of 2,300mg a day (less if you have high blood pressure).典型的西方饮食(尤其是美国饮食)钠含量很高,远超每日建议的摄盐量2300毫克(如果有高血压,摄入量应更少)。If you cook your own food at home think about how much salt you add to it while cooking? So many recipes call for a pinch of salt when it is not really necessary.如果你自己在家煮饭,想想该放多少盐?很多食谱即使不需要盐也会标注“放一小撮盐”。If you eat processed foods the numbers are even worse as salt is added during processing in order to replace the flavor that has been lost through the processing.如果你吃的是加工食品,情况更糟,因为为了恢复加工时丧失的味道,往往会再加入些盐。As if all this was not enough many of us like to add a dash of salt to our meals, irrespective of whether it has been added during cooking or not, it is a bit of a reflex action for many people.很多人不管食物加工时有没有放盐,都会条件反射似得在食物中加少许盐。However, it is also a dangerous habit because just one teaspoon of salt can put you over your recommended daily allowance.但这个习惯也不好,因为只要一勺盐就会使摄盐量超过建议量。Recent research may suggest that salt is not the bogeyman we thought it was with regard to high blood pressure but that does not mean that we all have a free pass to eat as much salt as we want.最近有研究显示,盐对高血压的危害并不如我们想得大,但也不是说我们有了“吃盐许可”,想吃多少就吃多少。The fact remains that an excessive salt habit is linked to high blood pressure and the medical advice is to eat a low sodium diet if possible and, at the very least to restrict your salt intake to the moderate, recommended levels in order to help reduce your blood pressure.事实上,摄入盐超量确实和高血压有关,而医生建议,如果可以,要保持较低的钠摄入量,至少要控制在医生推荐值左右,这样才能降血压。8.Drop Some LBs8.减肥Weight is a big problem in the US and in the developed world as a whole. CDC studies for 2011-12 showed that over 35% of US adults aged over 20 were obese and a staggering 69% of Americans over the age of 20 were overweight (this includes the 35% obesity statistic).体重在美国是个大问题,在其他发达国家也是大问题。2011-12年,美国疾病控制中心的研究表明,美国20岁以上的成年人有35%过于肥胖,而体重超标的占69%(包含过于肥胖的35%)。These are frightening statistics but obesity and being overweight are more than just image issues, they are conditions that have negative health ramifications as well.这些数据令人震惊,但肥胖和体重超标不仅仅是形象问题,还会对身体健康产生负面影响。In addition to the many other health problems that excess weight can cause it has been linked as a contributory cause of high blood pressure – waist measurements of 40 inches and over for men and 35 inches and over for women put the person at risk for high blood pressure.体重超标除引发健康问题外,还会导致高血压——男性腰围超过40英寸,女性腰围超过35英寸,都有高血压风险。Every excess 10 pounds of weight you carry equates to approximately 4mmHg of blood pressure. With that in mind one of the best things you can do for the health of your blood vessels is to cut the pounds and lose weight.体重每增加10磅,血压会增加4毫米汞柱。知道这些后,为了血管健康,我们能做的就是减肥。This may seem daunting, particularly if you have struggled with your weight for much of your life only to be hit with a diagnosis of high blood pressure but it is an achievable goal.这听起来有些吓人,尤其是已为体重挣扎良久,却遭高血压诊断打击的人,但这个目标是完全可以实现的。If you follow the advice on many of the other points in this article you will be half way there.只要你遵从这篇文章中的其他建议,你便成功在望。 /201611/476606。

Watching one#39;s beloved go through pregnancy can be a bizarre and bewildering experience. It is also one that I assumed might be easy for me because we are the same sex.看着自己的挚爱怀胎十月可能是一种神奇而又令人彷徨的经历。但由于我和伴侣都是女性,因此我以为这件事对我来说可能不难。From the day we met, almost nine years ago, Bella was adamant that she wanted a child - and that she wanted to carry it. She loved the idea of pregnancy with the same vehemence with which I hated it. I wasn#39;t convinced about having children. Finally, though, after seven years together, when I was 33, I felt y. We began searching for a sperm donor.从我们相识的那天起,大约9年前,贝拉就坚持要个孩子--而且希望由她来生。她特别喜欢怀这个想法,而我恰恰相反,我讨厌这一念头。因为我还不确定要不要孩子。然而,相恋7年后,当时我33岁,我终于觉得是时候了。我们开始寻找精子捐献者。Although our journey towards a child has thus far been relatively short in comparison to that of many couples (heterosexual or otherwise), it has not been easy. First, there were the difficult conversations with certain family members, next the ;matchmaking; websites, followed by awkward phone interviews with prospective donors, and then several artificial inseminations. We were disappointed when not just our first but also our second donor moved abroad. Luckily, we found a generous-spirited, rational man whom we liked and trusted very much to be our third and final donor. Within five months, Bella was pregnant.虽然相比其他夫妇(异性恋夫妇或其它),到目前为止,我们要孩子的过程相对较短,但却也不是件易事。首先,要与某些家庭成员进行困难的沟通,然后搜索;配对;网站,之后打电话给潜在捐献者,问一些尴尬的问题,最后就是经历几次人工受精。当第一位精子捐献者移居国外后,第二位居然也出现了同样的情况,我们别提有多伤心了。但幸运的是,我们找到了一位有非凡肚量且十分理智的男性,我们十分喜欢、信任他,而他成为了我们第三位也是最终精子捐献者。五个月内,贝拉怀了。Sadly, however, she miscarried at 10 weeks, last June. It was a traumatic experience that has marked her deeply, the true extent of which neither of us could have predicted. Yet we were keen to try again, and three months later she fell pregnant for the second time.然而,不幸的是,她在第十周(也就是去年六月)的时候流产了。这让她深受打击,一度心情低落,这种情况是我们谁都没有预料到的。但我们又振作起来重新尝试,三个月后,她第二次怀上了。This time things were different - not only did the baby ;stick;, but for Bella the first trimester was full of extreme sickness, lethargy and anxiety. The other major difference was that I began to experience all sorts of unexpected emotions: fear, confusion and a sense of being completely set apart from my wife and the baby growing inside her. I was filled with overwhelming self-doubt and a strong desire to run away from everything that spelled out parent.这一次的情况有所不同--不仅宝宝;坚守;在贝拉的肚中,而且贝拉在头三个月里极度恶心、嗜睡和焦虑。另一个重大的变化就是我开始体验到各种各样意想不到的情绪:害怕、困惑以及有种远离了妻子和她肚中宝宝的感觉。我总是自我怀疑,强烈的希望摆脱一切拼有父母字样的东西。So much for my lofty ideas about the myriad ways in which I might be more attuned to my partner during the pregnancy, and more invested in our baby, than any man could be.我有很多的崇高想法(比任何男人都多):怀期间,我该如何以各种各样的方式适应另一半以及如何给宝宝更多的爱等等。译文属 /201704/506016。

More than 150 or 2% of vineyard chateaus in wine-making Bordeaux, Southwestern France, are now owned by Chinese, according to industry estimates.据业内估计,法国西南部的葡萄酒产地波尔多的葡萄酒酒庄中,现有150多家为中国人所有,占比为2%。Seeking beyond import business, the chateau investors aim to lock fine wine from production phase for their booming home market, where wine consumption grew 6.9% year-on-year, marking the world#39;s number one, to 1.72 billion liters in 2016.中国酒庄投资商的目光不再局限于进口业务,他们打算从生产阶段就为蓬勃发展的国内市场锁定优质葡萄酒。2016年,中国葡萄酒消费量达17.2亿升,同比增长6.9%,增幅居全球之首。Bordeaux has seen explosive surge in the number of chateaus purchased by Chinese buyers over the past decade, and more than 150 Bordeaux chateaus are now in Chinese hands, while it took Belgian buyers about 70 years in comparison to acquire over 100 chateaus in the region, according to Li Lijuan, director of Christie#39;s international real estate market in China.佳士得拍卖行国际房地产部中国市场总监李莉娟表示,近10年来,中国买家购买波尔多酒庄的数量呈爆发式增长,目前已有150多家波尔多酒庄属于中国买家;相比之下,比利时买家在70年左右的时间里在波尔多收购的酒庄也就100多家。Chinese buyers spend on average 5 to 10 million euros on a chateau whose vineyard could take up 10 to 30 hectares.中国买家平均花费500-1000万欧元购买一个酒庄,其葡萄园的面积为10-30公顷。Recent Chinese corporate investors include subsidiaries of wine company Changyu and food conglomerate Bright Food Group and COFCO.近期投资波尔多酒庄的中企包括:红酒企业张裕和食品企业光明食品集团的子公司以及中粮集团。Valuation of the chateaus depends on its location, drainage condition, historical output, brand heritage and recognition, analysts said.有分析师表示,酒庄的价值取决于它的位置、排水条件、历史、品牌和大众对其的认可度。Investment return could be as high as 10 percent for those who have marketing and sales channels in China, Li said, adding that Chinese buyers also see chateaus as a resort for family or good real estate investment given long return period.李莉娟称,那些在中国拥有市场和营销渠道的酒庄,其投资回报率可能高达10%。他还表示,中国买家会将酒庄看作是一种投资回收期长的房地产投资目标。 /201705/507365。

Unvaccinated children would be banned from childcare centres and preschools under an Australian government plan.按照澳大利亚政府发布的一项新计划,那些没有接种疫苗的儿童将会被儿童看护中心和幼儿园拒收。Some Australian states aly have ;no jab, no play; laws, but PM Malcolm Turnbull is calling for nationwide legislation.澳大利亚的部分州已经出台了“不接种,无福利”的法律,现在总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔正呼吁在全国范围内推广。Health groups have supported the push, arguing parents and the community have an obligation to protect children.卫生团体持这项举措,要求家长和社区尽到义务以保护儿童。An Australian Child Health Poll survey of nearly 2,000 parents showed 5% of children were not fully vaccinated.澳大利亚一项对近2000名家长进行的儿童健康民调显示,有5%的儿童没有完全接种疫苗。Mr Turnbull said more needed to be done, citing the case of a baby who died from whooping cough.特恩布尔总理引用了一个死于百日咳的儿童的病例,称需要做的还有很多。;This is not a theoretical exercise - this is life and death,; Mr Turnbull said. ;If a parent says, #39;I#39;m not going to vaccinate my child,#39; they are not simply putting their child at risk, they are putting everybody else#39;s children at risk too.;他说,“这不是纸上谈兵,这关乎生命和死亡。如果一名家长说,#39;我不想给孩子接种疫苗#39;,这不是简单的把他们的孩子置于风险之中,这是把所有其他的孩子都置于了风险之中。”Australian Medical Association president Michael Gannon said children were more susceptible to infections.澳大利亚医学协会主席迈克尔·加努恩称,孩子更容易遭到感染。;If you, as a parent, expect the community to support you by either welfare payments or access to care, then you need to do your bit to contribute to that community by protecting other children,; he told Fairfax Media.他在接受《费尔法克斯传媒》采访时表示:“作为一名家长,如果你期待社区能在福利或者医疗上持你,那你也需要对社区做出一点点贡献,来保护别人的孩子们。” /201703/499343。

David Yi had an early introduction to beauty regimes.戴维#8226;李(David Yi)很早就接触到了美容之道。“Growing up in a Korean household, my mother would give us facials,” said Mr. Yi, the founder of Very Good Light, a website about men and grooming that goes online this week. “She’d put all these creams on me, and I ded it. But I started to realize it was indicative of how important it was to present yourself to the world.”“我是在一个韩国家庭长大,从小母亲就会给我们做面部护理,”本周上线的男士美容护理网站Very Good Light的创始人戴维#8226;李说。“她会给我涂各种面霜,我当时很讨厌。但我慢慢意识到,这说明了向世界展示自己是多么重要。”His parents, who moved to Colorado from Korea in 1983, were also vigilant about his daily application of sunscreen, he added with a laugh, threatening punishment if he skipped it.戴维#8226;李的父母于1983年从韩国移居到了美国的卡罗拉多州。他们很注意让他每日坚持涂防晒霜,还威胁说如果他不涂就会受到惩罚,戴维#8226;李笑着说。Mr. Yi, 29, sat at a table at Dimes Deli in Chinatown, eating a gluten-free peanut butter cookie and drinking coconut water mixed with chlorophyll. He wore generously ripped black pants, a black T-shirt and a tattoo in script on his arm that “elevate.”现年29岁的李坐在唐人街的Dimes Deli餐馆里,正在吃无麸质花生酱饼干,喝着添加叶绿素的椰子汁。他穿了一条有很多破洞的黑裤子和一件黑色T恤,胳膊上有“elevate”(升华)字样的纹身。After stints as a writer and editor for The Daily News, WWD and Mashable, Mr. Yi decided to lend his expertise to guys who didn’t grow up with an education in personal-care products. “Men are just supposed to figure it out,” he said. With Very Good Light, he hopes “to redefine masculinity and to redefine men’s beauty.”戴维#8226;李此前在纽约《每日新闻》报(The Daily News)、《女装日报》(WWD)和新闻客网站Mashable做过撰稿人和编辑,后来他决定拿自己的专业知识为不曾在小时候接触过个人护理知识的男性务。“人们觉得男人应该自己去搞明白这些东西,”他说。他希望可以通过Very Good Ligh“重新定义男子气概和男性之美。”The timing may be right.这个时机或许是对的。“A lot of guys resort to asking questions on Reddit, because they don’t know where else to go,” said Emily Weiss, the founder and chief executive of Glossier, a site that, along with Man Repeller and Refinery29, served as inspiration for Very Good Light. “The younger generation of men are embracing beauty and skin care in a more open-minded and forward-thinking way.”“很多小伙子会跑到Reddit上提问求助,因为他们不知道还可以上哪儿问,”Glossier创始人兼首席执行官艾米莉#8226;韦斯(Emily Weiss)说。这个网站连同Man Repelle和Refinery29都是Very Good Light的灵感来源。“更年轻的一代男性正在以一种更开放和更超前的方式接受美容与护肤理念。”Chris Salgardo, the president of Kiehl’s and author of “Manmade: The Essential Skincare amp; Grooming Reference For Every Man,” said: “Now is absolutely a great time for a site fully dedicated to men’s grooming and skin care. Over the past year and a half, there’s been a growing conversation in our stores, and on my own social media, as men reach out with questions beyond basic skin care or shaving to learn more about anti-aging and ingredients.”契尔氏(Kiehl)总裁、《肤在人为:男性基础护肤与个人护理指南》(The Essential Skincare amp; Grooming Reference For Every Man)一书的作者克里斯#8226;萨尔加多(Chris Salgardo)说:“现在绝对是创建一家完全专注于男性个人护理与护肤网站的好时机。在过去的一年半里,在我们的店铺和我个人的社交媒体上,此类话题都越来越多,男士们提出的问题已经超出了基础护肤或剃须的范畴,而想了解更多有关抗衰老和成分的知识。”Mr. Yi envisions his start-up capturing the spirit of skin care and grooming. “Big brands and media outlets are too afraid to push the envelope,” he said. “They are stuck in 2014 still talking about beard oil when no one has beards anymore.”李设想自己的创业公司会捕捉到护肤与个人护理的精髓。“大品牌和媒体机构太害怕,不敢挑战极限,”他说。“它们停留在2014年,还在谈论须油,而现在已经没人留大胡子了。”In one column on the site, influential men — the Diesel creative director Nicola Formichetti, editors and sports stars — talk about their skin-care regimen. (LeBron James is Mr. Yi’s dream interview.) There are stories on how to properly cover a hickey, an introduction to BB creams, and something titled “You’re Actually Parting Your Hair All Wrong.”在网站的一个专栏中,他们会邀请有影响力的男性——迪赛(Diesel)装设计公司创意总监尼古拉#8226;福尔米凯蒂(Nicola Formichetti)、以及多名编辑和体育明星——谈论自己的护肤之道。(勒布朗#8226;詹姆斯[LeBron James]是李最想采访的对象。)也有文章教你如何正确地掩盖吻痕,介绍BB霜,还会有这样的文章标题:“你分头发的方式实际上完全是错的”。There are also features that take a broader approach to personal care, culture and what it is to be a man.其中也会有一些专题文章更宽泛地探讨个人护理、文化,以及何为男人。Six American Sikh men are interviewed about turbans, with photographs by Mike Tessier and styling by Christopher Kim, a former Carine Roitfeld assistant.有六位美国锡克教徒就缠头巾的问题接受了该网站的采访,文中配有迈克#8226;特西尔(Mike Tessier)拍摄的照片,造型师则是曾担任卡琳#8226;洛菲德(Carine Roitfeld)助理的克里斯托弗#8226;金(Christopher Kim)。There is an essay called “Why I’m Not Afraid to Be Called Feminine,” about masculinity in black culture, and; a story about a biracial man who came to understand his mother through Korean skin care.有一篇名为《为什么我不怕被人说女性化》(Why I’m Not Afraid to Be Called Feminine)的文章谈论了黑人文化中的男子气;另一篇则讲述了一名混血男子如何通过了解韩国护肤知识,渐渐理解了他的母亲。Eventually there will be sex and dating. “We’ll talk about kissing and seduction, but it will be very PG-13,” Mr. Yi said.最终还会有关于性和约会的文章。“我们会讨论如何接吻和诱惑对方,不过内容会是非常限制级的,”李说道。Another eventuality is advertising. Right now, Very Good Light is a labor of love. “It’s not funded at all,” Mr. Yi said. “I have called in a lot of favors.”另一个最终会出现的东西是广告。目前Very Good Light的工作是没有回报的。“完全没有资金投入,”李说。“我欠下了不少人情。”The target market is Generation Z. “Sixteen to 26 is our sweet spot,” he said. “They are the first generation to be completely born on digital and the web. They’re savvy with social media and its risks.”它的目标市场是Z世代。“16到26岁的男性是我们的理想受众,”他说。“他们是第一代完全成长于数字和网络时代的人,非常了解社交媒体及其风险。”He considers this audience fearless and sexually fluid. His inspirations are the rapper Young Thug and the actor Jaden Smith. “They are so secure with themselves and their manhood that they will wear, e-une, women’s blouses and skirts.” David Bowie “was very Very Good Light,” he added.他认为这部分受众无所畏惧,在性别认知上也比较灵活。给他启发的是说唱歌手“青年暴徒”(Young Thug)和男演员杰登#8226;史密斯(Jaden Smith)。“他们自我感觉很好,不担心自己的男子气受损,会穿所谓的女性衬衫或裙子。”大卫#8226;鲍伊(David Bowie)“就非常Very Good Light,”他接着说。Mr. Yi spoke of his own struggle to come into his version of manhood. “My masculinity was so different from the Western ideal,” he said. “Pampering yourself was seen as so effeminate. That’s what girls did.”戴维#8226;李也谈到了他在形成自己的男子气观念中遭遇的困难。“我所认为的男子气与西方的理念非常不同,”他说。“精心呵护自己当时被看作是非常女性化的,是女孩才会做的事。”Korean pop (or K-pop) stars helped. “Looking at them, they wore guyliner, they had smoky eyes, they wore foundation and BB creams,” he said. His love affair with K-pop was such that his parents let him stay with relatives in Seoul while he was in high school so that he could try his hand at pop stardom. After a few months, he was signed but realized he yearned for the life of an American teenager: getting a driver’s license and going to the prom.在这方面,韩国流行歌星帮了他的忙。“看看他们,他们涂男士眼影,化烟熏妆,也会用粉底霜和BB霜,”他说。他对韩国流行歌星的喜爱如此强烈,以致他的父母让他在上高中时留在首尔和亲戚一起住,以便他能尝试当流行歌星。几个月后,他签了约,但他意识到自己其实渴望过美国青少年的生活:拿驾照,参加舞会。Still, he has kept one foot in Korea, which is now known worldwide for its multistep skin care. “I do seven steps: cleanser, toner, a mist, a serum, an essence, a moisturizer and sunscreen,” Mr. Yi said. “If I’m meeting someone special, I’ll do a cushion or concealer, maybe a highlighter.”不过,他依然保留了与韩国的关系。这个国家如今以多步骤护肤为全世界所知。“我有七个步骤:洁面乳、化妆水、喷雾、精华乳、精华液、润肤霜和防晒霜,”戴维#8226;李说。“如果要见什么特别的人,还会上气垫粉或遮瑕膏,或许再打一个提亮。” /201610/472934。

There is no doubt dating is difficult.约会,无疑是麻烦不断的。And the experience can be made even more stressful by baffling new vocabulary.一些让人困惑的新词更是让约会压力倍增。Whereas couples might once have been concerned with #39;courting#39; and #39;going steady#39; they are now more likely to be #39;benching#39; or #39;ghosting#39; each other.过去,情侣们可能还在为如何“追求”、“维持关系”而操心,而现在,他们更有可能彼此互为“备胎(benching)”,或是“忽然玩消失(ghosting)”。The words are sometimes familiar but have been given a completely different meaning in the world of modern relationships.有些词对于我们来说比较熟悉,但是在现代情侣关系中,它们却被赋予了截然不同的意思。Here, we reveal the definitions behind the 10 dating terms you need to know, so at least you have one less thing to worry about the next time you swipe right...现在,我们为你揭秘你应该知道的十大约会词。这样,下次手机右滑同意别人请求的时候,起码你能少为一些情况烦心。#39;Layby#39; refers to someone who is in a relationship but looking to get out. Instead of risking a period of singleness when it eventually ends, a layby starts laying the groundwork with other women or men who they might want to date next.“路边停车”(layby)指的是对方虽然还在跟你谈恋爱,但是已经在想着分手了。这种人在分手以后不会有空窗期,因为他们已经想好了下一个可能的约会对象,并且为此着手准备了。Those being pursued by a layby should be wary as he or she might well have a number of #39;next#39; options lined up - not to mention the fact that they are not technically single.要是被这种人追求,你可就要当心了,因为他很有可能同时追求很多人,更别说他可能还没真正单身。There is also a good chance the layby could be needy or insecure as they are not comfortable being single.单着就不舒,这种“路边停车”的人也很有可能是比较缺爱或者缺乏安全感。On the other end of the spectrum is the dater who practises the #39;catch and release#39;.另一种极品约会者就是那些一追到手就把对方甩了的人。This is a move favoured by those who enjoys the #39;chase#39; part of a relationship, the first flirtations before any commitments are made.有的人在一段关系中最享受“追逐”的体验,也就是在作出任何实质性承诺之前的暧昧调情。Once the object of their desire has been #39;caught#39;, this commitment-phobe will then #39;release#39; them without ever being pinned down.这些人不喜欢承诺,一旦倾慕的对象被“俘获”,他们甚至在确定关系之前就把对方甩了。Similar to the #39;catch and release#39;, #39;bcrumbing#39; is a dating approach taken by those with no intention of being tied down.“撒面包屑”(bcrumbing)和“撩完就跑”(catch and release)差不多,是那些无意确定关系的约会者的惯用手段。Taking its name from the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel, bcrumbing involves leading someone on with a trail of flirtatious messages but never following through.面包屑这个名字源于经典童话故事《韩塞尔与葛雷特》(Hansel and Gretel),这里指的是一方用一系列暧昧信息让另一方产生恋爱错觉,但是从不进行后续发展。Some of the worst offenders might not even meet the recipient of their teasing texts.最糟糕是,有些人甚至都不会和信息那头的被戏弄的人见面。This playful name is given to the bag a man or woman brings when they spend the night at someone else#39;s place. Most frequently carried in case of a one-night stand.这个有趣的名字指的是在对方家里过夜所带的包。这个包里的东西一般是为一夜情而准备的。Items within a #39;snack pack#39; might include a toothbrush, phone charger or spare pair of underwear. Condoms, birth control pills or other contraception are also a must.“零食袋”里可能有牙刷、手机充电器、备用内衣。避套、避药等避品也是必备的。Before couples have #39;the talk#39; and define their relationship - also known by the acronym #39;DTR#39; - either party is at risk of being #39;benched#39;.在双方挑明、确定关系之前(DTR),双方都可能是对方的“备胎”。This happens when one person is unsure of their future with their current partner and so puts them on the #39;bench#39; - as with sports team reserves - and looks at other options. If nothing better comes along, they might come back into play.当一个人不确定要和目前的伴侣共度未来时,可能就会去寻找新目标,而将现任视为“备胎”,仿佛是体育队伍里的候补队员。而如果没有更好的选择,他们还是会回归现状。The solitude of the winter months can leave even the most avowed singletons thinking twice about their relationship status.漫长而孤寂的冬夜里,即使是最高调的独身者也不得不重新审视自己的感情状况。Long nights in front of the television are better with company, so many people find themselves wanting to be #39;cuffed#39; to someone else.漫漫长夜,与其独对电视机,不如有人陪伴着一起,因此许多人觉得,他们希望与另一个人“铐牢”。However these passionate dalliances can often fizzle out with the change in season, when daters find themselves distracted by the sunny days and skin on show.但是,这种热情的暧昧往往随着季节变化而消减殆尽,大地已慢慢回春放晴,人们的衣越穿越少,约会者们又开始分心了。The true mark of a full-blown relationship is when it is endorsed or #39;shipped#39; by the couple#39;s nearest and dearest.一段真正成熟的感情,是指感情获得了对方亲友的持,甚至是“喜欢”。The #39;slow fade#39; is a move used by daters looking to cut ties with someone without the drama - or decency - of a proper conversation.逐渐消失指的是有些人想要分手,但又不想在分手会谈时看到一哭二闹三上吊的戏码,或者是不想礼貌地通知对方分手的消息。It sees people slowly reducing the amount of communication before it eventually dwindles into nothingness.这些人会慢慢降低跟对方聊天的频率,最后就彻底没了联系。Warning signs include slower text responses, unanswered phone calls and an unwillingness to arrange future plans.警示标志就是回信越来越短、打电话没人接,还有不愿规划将来。Like the #39;slow fade#39;, but far more brutal.像幽灵一样“逐渐消失”(slow fade),但是更加无情。It is the act where an ex-friend or partner simply disappears from a loved one#39;s life by completely cutting off all contact without any warning or explanation.这指的是伴侣直接完全消失,完全没有提醒也没有解释,就彻底切断了和你的一切联系。#39;Ghosting#39; is a treatment frequently suffered at the hands of online daters who think there is constantly a better option available.“神秘消失”(ghosting)在网恋中比较常见,因为这些约会者认为更好的选择会不断出现。When a #39;ghost#39; tries to re-insert themselves into their ex-lover#39;s life, they are like a zombie coming back from the dead.当“幽灵”试图重新进入前任的生活,他们就像是死而复生的僵尸一样。#39;Zombie-ing#39; usually takes the form of an innocuous text message or WhatsApp - #39;Hi, how#39;s it going#39;, or something similar.想要“回归”前任的人通常会发一些人畜无害的消息,或者是用WhatsApp给前任发“嗨,最近过得怎么样?”等等类似的手段。Social media has also opened up a new playing field for zombies, who can now #39;like#39;, #39;comment#39; or #39;follow#39; their way back onto their target#39;s radar.社交媒体也给这些要吃回头草的人打开了新世界的大门,他们可以通过“点赞”、“”和“关注”重回对方视线。 /201705/507866。