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武汉阴茎勃不起武汉老公早泄Certain personality traits are often attributed to oldest, middle and youngest children. But a new study found that birth order itself had no effect on character, though it may slightly affect intelligence.人们往往认为,某些性格特征是专属于排行老大、排在中间或家里最小的孩子的。然而一个新研究发现,出生顺序与性格无关,但可能对智力有些许影响。Researchers analyzed three large ongoing collections of data including more than 20,000 people: a British study that follows the lives of people who were born in one particular week in 1958, a German study of private households started in 1984 and a continuing study of Americans born between 1980 and 1984.研究人员分析了来自2万多人的三大组持续收集数据,其来源包括一份英国研究。该研究追踪了1958年某一星期出生的人的生活状况。还有在1984年开始、关于普通家庭的一份德国研究,和关于在1980至1984年间出生的美国人的一个持续研究。They searched for differences in extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, self-reported intellect, IQ, imagination and openness to experience. They analyzed families with sisters and brothers, large and small age gaps and different numbers of siblings. But no matter how they spliced the data, they could find no association of birth order with any personality characteristic.研究人员调查了在外向性、情绪稳定性、随和性、责任心、自我报告式理解力、智力、想象力和对不同经历的开放性方面的差异。他们分析了有不同的兄弟搭配、年龄差距和手足人数的家庭。但无论怎么拼接数据,他们都看不到出生顺序和性格特征之间的任何联系。The study, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, did find evidence that older children have a slight advantage in IQ scores, but the difference was apparent only in a large sample, with little significance for any individual.在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)上刊登的该项研究,确实发现据表明年龄较大的儿童有轻微的智商优势,但差异只有在大样本才明显,对个人来说意义不大。The lead author, Julia M. Rohrer, a graduate student at the University of Leipzig, said that birth order can have an effect — if your older brother bullied you, for example.主要作者、莱比锡大学(University of Leipzig)的研究生朱莉娅·M·罗勒(Julia M. Rohrer)说,出生顺序就可能会有影响,比如你的哥哥可能会欺负你。“But these effects are highly idiosyncratic,” she said. “There is no such thing as a typical older, middle or younger sibling. It’s important to stop believing that you are the way you are because of birth order.”“但这些影响不具普遍性,”她说。“没有哪些性格特质专属于某个兄弟排行。重要的是,不要相信你之所以如此是因为出生顺序的关系。” /201511/407458武汉治男科到哪里 阅读提示:对照英文在下。Business Insider网站日前盘点了全球科技行业最有影响力的20位大佬,马云、马化腾和李彦宏等中国企业家榜上有名。Business Insider recently released its list of the most powerful people in the tech world. Chinese innoavtors like Jack Ma, Ma Huateng and Robin Li are on the list.该排名根据个人经济实力、号召力、出镜率等因素列出最具影响力科技大拿,创新科技风云变幻,科技大佬谁执牛耳?Four major areas, i.e.economic power, command, newsworthiness, and impact are taken into consideration to measure how important they are in their respective spheres.20.Netflix 创始人兼CEO里德·哈斯廷斯(Reed Hastings)发行《纸牌屋》仅仅是Netflix的众多业绩之一,Netflix还开启了流媒体务时代,将每月超过十亿小时的流媒体视频引入千万家,其创始人兼CEO里德·哈斯廷斯净资产超过10.25亿美元。As the founder and CEO of Netflix— the streaming-media service that’s made over 100 million hours of movies and TV available to the public and has produced a slew of award-winning original television series.Hastings has a net worth of more than .25 billion. /201512/413275武汉包皮包茎专科医院

武汉阿波罗医院介绍According to legend, in the beginning of the world, the sky and the earth were not separated, and there was only darkness and chaos.很早很早以前,天和地还没有分开,宇宙只是混沌一片。Our ancestor Pangu,a giant, had been born and growing up in it for 108 000 years. One day, he suddenly woke up. Opening the eyes, he found that everything was blurred and invisible.人类的老祖宗——盘古是一个巨人,就生长在这混沌之中,一直经过了十万八千年。有一天,盘古忽然醒了过来睁开眼睛一看,模糊一片,什么都看不见。Angrily, he grasped an axe and wielded it with an effort. With a bang, the chaos was split all of a sudden.他非常生气,抓过一把斧子,朝眼前用力一挥。只听一声巨响,混沌一片的东西忽然分开了。The light and clear air rose up to the sky, and the heavy and turbid to the earth.一些轻而清的东西,缓缓上升,变成了天;重而浊的东西,慢慢下降,变成了地。After it,Pangu propped up the sky with his head and stepped on the ground with his feet, fearing that they might close.天地分开以后,盘古怕它们还要合在一起,就头顶天,脚踩地,随着它们的变化而变化。The sky increased its height by 1 zhang daily, and the earth sank by 1 zhang #8226; Pangu Talk About China in English一History grew with it.天每天升高一丈,地每天下沉一丈,盘古也随着增长变化。Thousands of years passed, the heaven and the earth finally separated ,but he fell down exhaustedly.这样不知过了多少年,天和地逐渐成形了,盘古也累得倒了下去。Following his death, his breath turned into the wind and clouds, his voice the thunder; his eyes the sun and the moon. His four limbs and body became the four quadrants of the globe, and his blood the rivers and his muscles and bones the layers of the earth. His flesh became the soil, his hair and furs the stars, flowers and trees. Even his sweat turned into rain and dew.盘古死后,他呼出的气息变成了风和云,发出的声音变成了雷,双眼变成了太阳和月亮,手足和身躯变成了大地的四极和高山,血液变成江河,筋骨变成道路,肌肉变成田地,毛发变成星星和花草树木,就连身上的汗,也变成了雨露和甘霖。Pangu created the rich and beautiful world with his body.人类的老祖宗盘古,用他整个的身体创造了这美丽而丰富的宇宙。 /201510/403828武汉治疗梅毒男科医院 WASHINGTON — As President Obama faced public criticism over his Oval Office address on terrorism this month, one lawmaker took a private moment during a holiday party at the White House to reassure the commander in chief.华盛顿――这个月,奥巴马总统在椭圆办公室就恐怖主义的演讲遭受公众批评,一位议员在白宫的假日派对上,利用私人时间帮助总统打消疑虑。“That was a good speech you gave last night, Mr. President,” Representative Steve Cohen, Democrat of Tennessee, told Mr. Obama as he stopped to have his picture taken with him in the photo line at the black-tie congressional ball last week. “It’s hard to be the grown-up in the nation.”上个星期,在正装国会舞会上,当奥巴马与田纳西州民主党众议员史蒂夫·科恩(Steve Cohen)合照时,科恩说, “昨天晚上你的演讲很好,总统先生,在这个国家里当成年人是很困难的。”It was one of hundreds of seconds-long interactions that the president and the first lady, Michelle Obama, are having with guests at some of the 20 holiday receptions that crowd their lives each December. Eagerly anticipated, sometimes politically fraught and often agonizingly awkward, photo-line banter with the president has become a staple of the holiday season in Washington, where yuletide ritual meets professional opportunism — all in the course of about six seconds.每年12月,总统与第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama)都要忙着参加20次节日接待会,其间,类似这样持续几秒钟的互动会发生好几百次。每逢华盛顿的12月底,圣诞佳节的例行公事与职业机会主义交汇在一起,与总统合照期间的打趣也就成了这段时间的重要节目,它们备受期待,有时充满政治涵义,不过大多数时候都非常笨拙——一切都发生在六秒钟之内。“You need to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities,” Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, told Mr. Obama last year in one such brief exchange, taking advantage of her last holiday soiree with the president before leaving Congress. The president told her that it was not that simple, according to an account she gave to The Washington Free Beacon.“你得轰炸伊朗的核设施了,”去年的类似场合上,明尼苏达州共和党众议员米歇尔·巴赫曼恩(Michele Bachmann)抓住她离开国会之前最后一次参加总统招待会的时机,对奥巴马总统说道。后来她在接受“华盛顿自由灯塔”(The Washington Free Beacon)网站采访时说,总统告诉她,事情没有那么容易。Jokes are told, interviews are requested and unsolicited advice is given to the president along with handshakes, high-fives and the not-infrequent deer-in-headlights stare from a speechless guest. Family members are introduced — and often star-struck.在这段时间里,有人讲笑话,有人要求采访,有人主动给出建议,人们和总统握手、击掌,但也经常有嘉宾一言不发,茫然地瞪着总统。嘉宾会向总统介绍自己的家人,他们经常被总统的明星气场震慑住。“To staff the president and first lady at the holiday photo line is to observe humanity in its most awkward state,” said Bill Burton, a former top press official in Mr. Obama’s White House.“帮助总统和第一夫人拍摄假日照片总会见识到尴尬状态下的人性,”奥巴马班底的前任首席新闻官比尔·伯顿(Bill Burton)说。Mr. Obama, who barely tolerates the schmoozing that is presidential tradition, does far fewer receiving lines than his predecessors. George W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, worked a photo line at each of the 25 holiday parties he hosted in 2008, his last year in office, but the Obama White House has eliminated all but a handful. Congress and the news media are among the groups that still stand in line for the presidential grip-and-grin.奥巴马不太能忍受这个闲聊的传统,和他的前任乔治·W·布什(George W. Bush)与劳拉·布什(Laura Bush)相比,他安排合影的次数要少得多。布什夫妇在白宫的最后一年,也就是2008年,他们在25个节日派对上都安排了合照活动,但奥巴马只在四五个节日派对上安排合照。在这样的活动中,国会议员与媒体成员都可以静静站在总统身边,与他握手,面带笑容,合影留念。The Obamas cut back the ritual in part because it is demanding and time-consuming — each line lasts as long as two and a half hours — and in part because they wanted to give as many people as possible an opportunity to visit the White House.奥巴马夫妇缩减这样的活动,一来是为了节省时间——每次合影都要持续大约两个半小时——二来是因为他们想尽量让更多人能够参观白宫。“It’s just long and tiring and pretty hard to get through,” Tina Tchen, Mrs. Obama’s chief of staff, said in an interview. “We also had to balance, from a staff perspective, having photo lines versus how many people we could get in.”“这个过程很长、很累人,而且相当辛苦,”奥巴马夫人的幕僚长陈远美(Tina Tchen)在接受采访时说。“从员工角度而言,我们也要在拍照合影以及让更多人进入白宫之间做出平衡。”By eliminating the receiving line, Ms. Tchen said, the White House is able to invite twice as many guests to a party. But the private backlash has been fierce in some quarters.陈女士说,减少了合影的接待环节,白宫就可以邀请两倍的客人来参加派对。但是私下里,有些人对此也做出了激烈的抱怨。The moment can be about much more than a picture. The congressional party at the White House last week was Mr. Obama’s first face-to-face encounter with Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, since Mr. Ryan assumed his post in November. If the two spoke about the year-end budget agreement needed to prevent the government from shutting down, neither side would say so.这个时刻远不止拍照那么简单。自11月威斯康辛州共和党众议员保罗·D·瑞安(Paul D. Ryan)当选众议院议长之后,上周在白宫举行的国会派对是奥巴马总统第一次与他会面。即使两人讨论了为防止政府停工而做出的年终预算决议,双方也是不会承认的。Drama unfolds in the photo line as well. In 1999, a year after managing impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton, Representative James E. Rogan, Republican of California, lined up with his wife to be photographed with the president and Hillary Clinton.在合照活动中,也会发生戏剧性事件。1999年,也就是比尔·克林顿总统(President Bill Clinton)遭受弹劾一年之后,加利福尼亚州共和党众议员詹姆斯·E·罗根(James E. Rogan,克林顿弹劾案中的检察官之一——译注)携妻子与总统及希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)合影。When the Rogans’ turn came and they were announced, Mr. Rogan said in an interview, Mr. Clinton “kind of looked at me funny for a moment, then he let out this big sigh and gave me a huge smile and said: ‘Jim, thanks for coming. I’m really glad you’re here. Merry Christmas.’ ”后来罗根先生在采访中说,轮到他们夫妇合影时,克林顿总统“有点滑稽地盯着我看了一会儿,然后大声叹了口气,露出一个开朗的笑容说,‘吉姆,谢谢你能来,你来了我真是太高兴了。圣诞快乐。’”“It felt like he and I had kind of patched it up,” Mr. Rogan said. But Mrs. Clinton, who was distracted while saying goodbye to the previous guest, was not as friendly. When she finally noticed Mr. Rogan, her eyes widened with surprise, he said, and she gripped his hands tensely. “There was some iciness there and a bit of a grimace,” he said.“感觉有点像我们和好了,”罗根说,但是克林顿夫人正忙着和上一位客人说再见,显得不那么友好。后来她注意到下一位是罗根先生,不禁惊讶地睁大了双眼,他说,她紧紧握住他的双手,“有点冷漠,又略带一丝痛苦,”他说。The encounter apparently touched a nerve at the White House. Soon after, the picture of the Rogans and the Clintons turned up in a widely Washington newspaper column alongside an item suggesting that Mr. Rogan was hypocritical for promoting his rivalry with the Clintons in fund-raising appeals and then jockeying for a photograph with them at the White House.这次会面显然触动了白宫的神经。不久后,罗根夫妇与克林顿夫妇的照片出现在华盛顿一家报纸有很多读者的专栏上,附文认为,罗根是个伪君子,他在自己的筹款活动中宣扬自己和克林顿夫妇的敌对关系,之后又千方百计进入白宫与他们合影。Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic strategist and lobbyist with close ties to the White House who has attended holiday parties there for decades, said, “I was always surprised at the members of Congress who had adverse relationships with the president, sometimes very personal adverse relationships — either they went to the floor to impeach him or they went to the floor and called him a war criminal — but they would show up at the Christmas party with their spouse and their children in tow and pose for the picture like nothing had happened.”民主党战略家与院外游说者史蒂夫·埃尔曼多夫(Steve Elmendorf)同白宫有着密切的关系,十几年来一直都有参加白宫节日派对,他说,“有些国会议员和总统之间是敌对关系,有时候甚至是非常私人的敌对关系,他们有的弹劾总统,有的管他叫战犯——但一到圣诞派对,他们还是会带着伴侣和孩子们过来摆姿势拍照,好像什么事都没有发生过一样,我一直都觉得很奇怪。”There are few breaks for the Obamas in the crush of photo-line encounters. Aides make sure the president and first lady get brief moments to sip water or use a restroom, and extra padding is placed under the carpet they stand on in the Diplomatic Reception Room for added comfort. Guests are given color-coded, timed tickets telling them when to join the queue, and military social aides are on hand to move them speedily through, take their names and announce the guests when it is their turn for a portrait, captured by the official White House photographer.在合影的人潮之中,奥巴马夫妇几乎没空休息。助理们要确保总统和第一夫人能抽出短暂的时间喝口水,上个厕所。在合影的外交官接待室里,工作人员在总统夫妇站立的地毯下面多加了一个垫子,让他们能够舒一点。宾客们得到不同颜色的编码和时间卡,告诉他们何时应当去排队,军事公关助理帮他们迅速行动,轮到他们拍照的时候报出他们的名字,这些照片都是由白宫官方摄影师拍摄。“We always used to tell the president and Mrs. Bush beforehand how many clicks were to be expected that night so they would be mentally prepared,” said Amy Zantzinger, who served as Mrs. Bush’s social secretary. “What always surprised me was the person who wouldn’t move on, the person that had to tell a story or multiple stories and just would not budge.”“我们总得事先告诉布什总统和总统夫人,当晚有多少人合影,好让他们做好心理准备,”布什总统夫人的公关秘书艾米·赞津格(Amy Zantzinger)说。“有些人不愿意离开,他们有一个或者好几个故事要讲,就是不愿意动窝,这些人总是让我吃惊。”The military social aides also hold women’s purses, both for convenience and to discourage requests for autographs or selfies with the president.军事公关助理还会帮女士们拿包,一方面是为了方便,一方面也是为了防止客人们要签名或者要求和总统自拍。Ann Compton, who covered the White House for 40 years for A News, said she almost always treated the photo as a crucial, although brief, opportunity to buttonhole the president with a question only he could answer. The exception was at the first President George Bush’s 1992 holiday party, a somber affair because he had just lost in his re-election campaign and was preparing to leave the White House.A新闻台的安·康普顿(Ann Compton)40年来一直报道白宫新闻,她说,每一年拍照的时间虽然短暂,但她却总是把它当做一个重要的机会,强迫总统听一个只有他本人能够回答的问题。唯一的例外是老布什总统(George Bush)1992年的圣诞派对,那是一次惨淡的活动,当时他刚刚在连任选举中失利,准备离开白宫了。Ms. Compton said that she and her husband had opted not to join the photo line, but that they then encountered the Bushes as they were posing with the last guests.康普顿说,她和丈夫决定不参加拍照,但是布什夫妇在和最后几名客人拍照时看到了他们。“Barbara Bush looked at me and said, ‘You weren’t in line,’ ” Ms. Compton recalled, “and I said, ‘Mrs. Bush, that was our Christmas present to you.’ ”“芭芭拉·布什看着我说,‘你们没来拍照啊,’”康普顿女士回忆,“我说,‘布什女士,这就是我们送你们的圣诞礼物。’” /201512/416243武汉阴曩湿疹疼吗

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