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So youve decided to take the IELTS exam, congratulations! Success starts with IELTS.感谢选择报考雅思考试,这将成为你成功的起点。Here we look at the criteria of coherence and cohesion.This is one of four criteria on which your writing will be assessed.在该短片中,我们将介绍:连贯性与衔接性。这是雅思写作考试四项评分标准之一。Look for other three criteria s.我们会在其他短片中分别介绍另外三项评分标准。Coherence refers to the flow of your writing. Your idea should be logically organized and appropriately sequenced into paragraphs so they are easy to understand and follow.连贯性指文章的流畅程度,文章的观点应该逻辑清楚,段落结构恰当, 以易于理解和把握。Cohesion refers to linking words that help you connect ideas and show the relationship between paragraphs, sentences, or parts of sentences.衔接性指连接词的使用,其有助于整合观点,并阐明段落、句子或句子成分之间的关系。So this criteria looks at how a writing test the answer is organized and how to link information and ideas.因此,该评分标准旨在考查考生组织文章以及连接信息和观点的能力。Here is one simple way to sequence ideas for effective coherence for this Task 2 essay, for example, ;The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace.在作文2中,可以采用一种简单的方式梳理文章观点。例如,题目是“核武器威胁实际上维持了世界和平。Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree? ;核能提供了低价清洁的能源。核科学技术的利远大于弊。你如何看待这一观点?”Introduction: paraphrase question and include your opinion.开头:转述题目,提出你的观点。Body paragraphs: arguments for nuclear technology.正文段落:列举持核技术的论点。Body paragraphs: against regular technology.正文段落:列举反对核技术的论点。Conclusion: paraphrase your opinion.结论:改述你的观点。Plan your essay like this before you start writing.写作前,参照上述格式列出写作提纲。Its important to use paragraphs. These give structure to a piece of writing.由于文章的结构是由段落划分的,所以分段非常重要。Think of paragraphs as a signpost telling, whoever your work where your ideas were going and when you were moving on to a different point.要将段落作为文章的重要标识,让读者了解你如何展开阐述一个观点,并告知读者你何时开始进入下一个论点。Since paragraphs are used to explain your argument in stages, express one idea or set of ideas in each paragraph.鉴于段落有助于阶段性地解释文章论点,因此在每一个段落中,请阐述一个观点或一组观点。A good way to start a paragraph is with the short simple sentence that introduced the main idea of the paragraph.在开始新段落时,使用简洁明了的句子提出本段的主要观点,这不失为一个明智的选择。Teachers often called this a topic sentence.老师们通常称这句话为:主旨句。In the remainder of the paragraph, provide explanations, evidence, examples or personal experiences to build on an extended idea.然后在接下来的段落中进行解释,列举据、例子或个人经历来持并拓展该段的主要论点。Connecting show the relationship between your paragraphs in sentences by using a wide range of linking words or phrases appropriately.使用恰当、丰富的连接词或短语来连接段落句子,并阐明他们之间的关联。See our accompanying download for different examples.请参看我们提供下载的附加资料。They are usually these types: introducing ideas, having similar ideas, contrasting ideas, giving examples or evidence,连接词的作用主要有这几种:提出观点、补充说明类似观点、对比不同观点、列举例子或据explaining results, sequencing, providing explanations, sharing your experience, drawing conclusions, introducing your opinions.阐释结果、排列顺序、解释说明、分享经历、得出结论、提出自己的观点等。Linking can be done in a variety of other ways, for instance, through referencing by using pronouns.连接上下文的方法多种多样,例如使用代词。;Firstly Im very happy to receive this award. Additionally, I would like to thank my colleagues, without them they wouldnt be standing here accepting this.;首先,获得这个奖项我感到十分高兴。另外,我想感谢我的同事,如果没有他们,我就不会站在这里领奖。And also using substitution: ;famous people deserve a private life, but celebrities also sell newspapers;.还可以进行替换,比如:名人需要私生活,但报道名流轶事才能吸引眼球。As you practice writing essays, review your writing and circle the different linking devices.Then think about how you could use different words to avoid repetition.练习雅思写作时,可通篇回顾文章,圈出所采用的连接手段。并思考是否可以使用其他的词汇以避免重复。Dont overuse linking words or phrases however, this becomes irritating for the er.The key in using linking words is appropriacy.不要过多使用连接词和短语,否则文章读起来会惹人生厌。所以,恰当地使用是关键所在。Ask yourself, is this necessary and doesnt match the content that follows?用词之前应该先问自己,这个词是否是必须的?是否适用于接下来的内容?For more information, please see are other writing test s: task achievement, lexical resources and grammatical range inaccuracy.若想了解其他三项评分标准,请观看其他雅思写作考试备考短片:写作任务完成情况、词汇丰富性、语法多样性以及准确性。201706/515269。

I spent an uncomfortable night in an abandoned industrial area in eastern Europe.我在东欧一座废弃的工业城市 度过了难受的一晚Ive been cold, wet, and hungry,but morning thrown up an interesting find.我又冷又湿又饿 但清晨 有趣的发现迎面而来Its not uncommon to come across these sort of gas pipes coming out of buildings,you know, for workers to use.这种架设在建筑外面的燃气管 并不常见 这是为了方便工人们使用You can see its a combination of acetylene.你可以看到 这是乙炔And then oxygen,and, you know, workers will use that for welding with.和氧气的混合物 工人们用它们焊接You know, the combination...The combination of that can be highly volatile.而混合 混合气体 极易挥发But, also,if you know what youre doing,useful.Lets get this up.但是 同时 如果你清楚自己在做什么 就能物尽其用 拿起这根管子Its well-documented that explosives can be improvised from a variety of flammable materials,有充分的据表明 很多易燃物都能制成临时炸弹but this is definitely the territory of the professionals.但这里绝对是专业领域Now, we were trained in demolitions in the special forces,我们在特种部队接受过拆弹训练and blowing doors and controlled explosions are all about directing that force.门的爆破 和控制爆炸的关键 都是如何引导爆炸力Breaching doors can be the only way to access a locked building.炸掉大门有时是进入封闭建筑的唯一办法Putting big, heavy ballast in front of it stops the explosion going out this way.I want it directed against that, the lock and hinges.在前面放上巨大而沉重压载物 阻止爆炸碎片向这里喷射 希望爆风直冲那里 锁头 和铰链And now for the actual business end, the actual explosion.现在该用其真正的用途了 爆炸I know some tricks of the trade that just arent for sharing.爆炸这行还有很多内幕 我就不多说了But Im confident Im confident we can blow this door.Okay, let me get into this.但我很有信心 我坚信能炸开这扇门 我们开始吧201610/470154。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477507。

There! I make the cappuccino.好了!我做了卡布奇诺。Im Adler, and this is Bindle Coffee.我是Adler,这是Bindle咖啡馆。We are gonna make a decaf cappuccino.我们要做一杯无咖啡因卡布奇诺。I think its all done. Tamp it. Really hard.应该好了。压一压。很用力。I think its...I think its done. Thats good for now.我想...我想已经好了。现在这样可以了。You gotta put it in really tight.你得把它锁很紧。I want to do it! Okay, now pull it down.我想用!好,现在拉下来。There. Im strong like the Hulk!好了。我和绿巨人浩克一样强壮!Can you blow out the air of the water there? No... Now steam that milk.你可以把那的蒸气用出来吗?不是...现在来蒸奶泡。Now time for cappuccino. I forgot to swirl.卡布奇诺时间。我忘记摇一摇了。First you have to swirl it. Yeah! Good job.首先你得摇晃一下。没错!做得好。Then...then I put it in. There! I make the cappuccino.然后...然后我把它放进去。好了!我做了卡布奇诺。Can I have a fist bump? Okay, now lets taste it. Is it hot?我可以碰拳头庆祝吗?好,现在来喝喝看。会烫吗?Its not too hot. I think its just right. What do you think?不会太烫。我觉得刚刚好。你觉得呢?Good. Does it taste good?很好。好喝吗?Yes! Thanks for stopping by! Thumbs up!好喝!谢谢你们来!点个赞!201612/482358。

I have to sing, I have to play!我想唱歌,我想弹吉他The music, its not just in me... it is me!音乐就像深植我心,深植我心When life gets me down, I play my guitar.现实带给我绝望时,我会弹吉他The rest of the world may follow the rules but I must follow my heart!当你穷的只能随波逐流,我仍跟随我的心You know that feeling like theres a song in the air and its playing just for you?你也懂的,就像音乐无所不在,跟随你的节奏A feeling so close you could reach out and touch it.一段感情的距离,你能靠近甚至触摸它I never knew I could want something so much but its true.我从不相信能得到如此地多,却又假不了Never underestimate the power of music.千万别低估音乐的影响力No one was going to hand me my future.没人可以掌控你的命运It was up to me to reach for my dream.决定在于你想不想追求梦想Grab it tight and make it come true.活在当下,就能美梦成真Alright, whos in there? Im sorry!投降吧,谁在那里?对不起Whats going on? Im just dreaming.发生了什么事?我在作梦Dante, wait up! Dante? Dante!丹特,等一下!丹特!You gotta stay with me, boy. We dont know where we... are.乖,不要乱跑。我们不清楚...这里是何处?This isnt a dream, then. Youre all really out there.这不是在作梦。我们真的跑进来了。201705/509379。

【新闻精讲】Yet despite all the attention given to fake news, the other problems probably have Mr Zuckerberg just as worried. On November 18th, to the surprise of many, Facebook announced that it would buy back up to bn of its shares. That seemed to be in reaction to a 10% drop in its share price since it warned earlier this month that growth next year would be slower and margins lower, as ad space on its services gets tighter and it invests heavily in data centres. The buy-back signals that Facebook considers its shares undervalued, says Mark Mahaney of R Capital, an investment bank. 尽管假新闻已引起了广泛的关注,其他一些问题似乎也同样令扎克伯格担忧。11月18日,Facebook宣布将回购最高达60亿美元的公司股份,这令很多人甚为惊讶。11月早些时候,因广告投放量驱向饱和,以及公司对数据中心大手笔的投资,Facebook发出了下一年增长将放缓、利润会降低的预警。这之后,公司股价下跌了10%。回购股票之举看起来像是对这种局面的回应。投行R Capital的马克氠哈尼(Mark Mahaney)认为,Facebook此举也许表示,公司自认为其股价估值过低。A couple of days earlier, Facebook had to admit flaws in how it measures its traffic (for the second time in just a few weeks, after disclosing that it had overestimated the average viewing time for its ads). This time it said that other numbers, including the quantity of clicks from Facebook posts to apps or websites, were smaller than previously stated. Although this did not lead advertisers to overpay, they are likely to make new demands of Facebook, for instance to provide more data about exactly how its ads are viewed. 在这几天前,Facebook不得不承认其流量测算方法存在缺陷。这已是Facebook在几周内第二次承认存在这一问题,之前它曾披露自己高估了视频广告的平均观看时长。这一次它坦言,从Facebook帖子到应用或网站的点击量等其他数字也比先前声称的要小。尽管这并没有导致广告主多掏腰包,但他们之后很可能会向Facebook提出新的要求,例如提供更多关于广告观看情况究竟如何的数据。 It has also emerged that Facebook has “paused” the ongoing process of merging its data with those of WhatsApp, the messaging app it bought in 2014 for bn in shares. When the takeover was announced, Jan Koum, WhatsApp’s founder, promised users their data would stay apart. In August Facebook reneged on the pledge, which upset various privacy watchdogs in Europe. In September the city of Hamburg’s data-protection commissioner issued an order that stops Facebook collecting data from German users of WhatsApp. 此外,Facebook还已“暂停”将其数据与WhatsApp的数据合并。2014年,Facebook以190亿美元(包含股票)收购了通讯应用WhatsApp。当初这起收购被公布时,WhatsApp创始人简錠姆(Jan Koum)曾向用户许诺,该应用与Facebook的数据将保持分离。而在8月,Facebook却违背了这项承诺,并因此引起了欧洲各地隐私保护机构的不满。9月,汉堡市的数据保护专员命其停止收集WhatsApp德国用户的数据。takeover n.收购Renege v.毁约,食言- He promised to pay but later reneged.Pledge n.承诺 (promise)Watchdog n.检查者(机构)Whether all this will have a discernible impact on Facebook’s finances is a matter of debate among analysts. If advertisers have extra money to spend they do it where they get most bang for their buck, which, Google aside, is Facebook, says Peter Stabler of Wells Fargo Securities. In contrast, Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research recently wrote that the focus on fake news and the concerns over the measurement of advertising could well cut revenue growth by a couple of percentage points. 至于以上种种会不会对Facebook的财务状况产生明显的影响,分析人士们则莫衷一是。富国券(Wells Fargo Securities)的彼得斯塔普勒(Peter Stabler)认为,如果广告主有闲钱,他们会更愿意把钱花在能带来最大收益的地方,而这种地方除了谷歌,就是Facebook了。相比之下,Pivotal Research的布莱恩威瑟(Brian Wieser)近日则撰文指出,假新闻所引发的的关注以及广告效果测量引起的担忧很可能会令Facebook的营收增长率降低两三个百分点Discernible adj.可辨识的,明显的- discern v.识别- Im unable to discern his motives.bang for someones buck / bang for the buck 物有所值201701/487126。

I have a price.我这有个报价Have Carnegie come and meet me.让卡内基来和我见面Tell him the answers yes.告诉他我同意了I believe thats the earliest in the day that Ive ever drunk champagne.我想以前还从来没这么早就喝香槟呢Congratulations, Carnegie.恭喜你 卡内基Youre now the richest man in the world.你现在是世界上最富有的人了Would you have said yes, Morgan, if I had asked for one hundred million more根 如果我要价再高一亿美元 你是不是也会同意的Goodbye, Carnegie.再见啦 卡内基For thirty years Andrew Carnegie has battled John D. Rockefeller for the title of Americas richest man and now hes finally surpassed him.三十年来 安德鲁·卡内基都在与约翰·D·洛克菲勒争夺美国首富的桂冠 现在他终于超越了他The deal gives Carnegie a personal net worth of three hundred and ten billion dollars in todays money.这笔交易使得卡内基的个人身家高达相当于今天的三千一百亿美元The largest private fortune the modern world has ever seen.这是现代以来世界上最大的私有财富了201607/452595。

Single bones will not do.一块骨骼是没有用的This window on the mid-Jurassic would have to contain more than just dinosaurs.这个中侏罗世“窗口”必须包含恐龙之外的东西We need fossils of all the other animals that lived with the dinosaurs.我们还需要与恐龙一起生活的其它动物的化石And not just the animals.而且不仅只是动物You want to look at the plants so you can actually try and work out what was around,我们还想找到植物,这样就能试着推想当时周围的环境what these animals might have been eating这些动物可能吃些什么and start building up more of a, how can I say, a piece of that ecosystem.然后开始构建,怎么说呢,整个生态系统的场景So not only can we piece together the puzzle of dinosaur evolution in the middle Jurassic,所以我们不光只是拼凑中侏罗世的恐龙进化历程but we can look at all the environmental changes that might have happened as well.我们还能设想当时整个生态环境的变化过程But despite years of searching they couldnt find this perfect site可是经过数年的搜寻,他们仍然没有找到理想的地点and without it the evolutionary master key to the mid-Jurassic remained elusive.没有了这把进化密钥,中侏罗世依旧神秘莫测Finding a mid-Jurassic site became a great quest of dinosaur palaeontology研究恐龙的古生物学家们迫切需要找到中侏罗世化石场and then from Argentina came an unusual discovery.后来,阿根廷有了不寻常的发现A worker in the nuclear industry was prospecting for uranium in the heart of Patagonia.一位核工业工作人员正在巴塔哥尼亚中心地带勘探铀矿。201704/504153。

The eastern suburb of Barking epitomizes multi-cultural London.伦敦文化十分多元,巴金东郊地区则是这个多元城市的缩影。But the area has been rocked by revelations the Saturdays terror attack was carried out by men from this community.而最近这片地区却掀起了巨大的恐慌,因为据透露,周六的恐怖袭击竟是由该社区的居民策划实施的。One of the attackers, twenty-seven-year-old Khuram Shazad Butt, lived in this apartment block with his wife and two young children.27岁的巴特是本次袭击中的一员,周六的事件发生之前,他和妻子还有两个孩子就住在这栋公寓楼里面。One resident of the same apartment block says she complained about the suspect to police two years ago住在这栋楼上的一名居民说,两年前她曾向警察表达过自己对嫌疑人的不满,after he tried to convert her son to Islam as he played with a group of friends in the local park.因为自己的儿子在当地公园跟一群朋友玩耍时,嫌疑人竟然试图让他改信伊斯兰教。Local residents who knew him say Butt once worshipped at the nearby Jabir Bin Zayd mosque,有认识巴特的当地居民称,他曾经到附近的Jabir Bin Zayd清真寺做过礼拜,but was thrown out after a confrontation with the imam.但因为与伊玛目对峙而被赶了出去。Community leaders say local mosques are united in their condemnation of the attack.社区领导人表示,当地的清真寺团结一心,一致谴责本次袭击事件。;All the community leaders, all the mosque authorities, they were saying very strongly“所有的社区领导及清真寺当局都非常强烈的表示:that we will not spare anybody if someone does this (terrorism).若是有人要推行恐怖主义,我们绝对一个都不放过。They are concerned, and they are serious, I think, and also community people are also serious,他们对此十分关切,在我看来他们确实是认真的,还有住在这个社区的居民们,他们对此也是十分上心,because it is harming them, and it is negative for them.;因为恐怖主义正在伤害他们,而且对他们来说,恐怖主义带来的影响很消极。”Opposite the mosque, the British flag hangs at half-staff on the Saint Margarets Church of England school.清真寺对面,圣玛格丽特英国教会学校的英国国旗降下半旗。Just down the road lies the East London Sikh Gurdwara,就在这条路上不远的地方,坐落着伦敦东部的锡克教圣殿。Barking residents told VOA all faiths live together in harmony — but many here are shaken.巴金居民在接受VOA采访时表示,各种信仰都在这里和睦共处——但这次恐袭却让很多人大为震惊。;To tell you the truth, Im scared to go out to the station now.“说实话,我现在都不敢出门去车站。You cant even go in the bus now because you are scared.;甚至因为害怕,连公交车都不敢上。”Muslim communities reject any link with Saturdays attack, many fear a backlash against their faith.各穆斯林社区否认自己与周六的恐袭有任何关系。很多人担心社会上会掀起一股反对穆斯林的浪潮。;Its a very friendly environment, the people living here, and there is no such extremism.“这里的环境非常友好,居民们也都相处的很和睦。他们没有经历过这样的极端行为。Its unacceptable only the Muslims are being targeted around the world, not only in the Britain.不仅是在英国,在这世上的每个角落,恐怖分子都把穆斯林当做是攻击目标,这真的让人无法接受。So they should look, that Muslims are being slaughtered around the world.他们应该睁开眼看看,世界各地的穆斯林都遭到了屠杀。So how is it possible only the Muslims, they are the bad people and the rest is very good people?;是因为穆斯林都是坏人,而余下的都是好人吗?这怎么可能呢?”Intelligence services say the two named attackers were known — but there was no evidence an attack was imminent.情报部门表示,他们已经掌握了两名恐怖分子的有关信息,但仍没有确凿据佐实恐袭将近。Authorities are investigating whether others in the community knew of or helped conceal their extremism.当局正在调查社区内是否有其他人知道或者帮助掩盖这些人的极端行为。Muslim leaders reject any link with the terrorists and maintain they are cooperating fully with police.穆斯林领导人否认本宗教与恐怖分子有任何关系,并坚称他们正在全力配合警方的调查。Henry Ridgwell,for VOA news, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。201707/515932。