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These large data sets allowed for这些大规模的数据a high level of statistical power to determine在统计学上反映出了correlations among dietary factors in disease occurrence.饮食因素和疾病发生之间的关联,具有很高的说力The conclusion of the work was that结论指出consumption of caffeinated coffee, tea or caffeine摄入含咖啡因的咖啡,茶or caffeine intake alone had no effect甚至咖啡因本身,都不会对on risk of either colon or rectal cancers患结肠癌或直肠癌的几率产生任何影响in either men or women.无论是对男性还是女性来说Of interest the researchers did find that有趣的是研究者确实发现consumption of two or more cups of decaffeinated coffee每天饮用两杯或以上脱咖啡因的咖啡per day significantly reduced the risk of rectal cancers.会显著降低了直肠癌的患病几率As with all human studies it is not possible to determine所有人的研究都很难指出what specific components of coffee咖啡中究竟是什么成分may be responsible for these effects.才能产生这些效应Many lifestyle factors impact risk of cancer很多生活方式的因素会影响得癌症的几率and although the research factors these尽管这个研究into their statistical analysis在统计分析考虑到了这些it is not fully possible to但是不太可能完全eliminate the impact of these factors.消除它们的影响Now lets take a look at caffeines role现在让我们看看咖啡因in tea, coffee and cancer.在茶,咖啡,和癌症中的作用How much caffeine do you consume daily?你每天摄入多大量的咖啡因?And why do you drink caffeinated drinks?你为什么喝含有咖啡因的饮品?Caffeine is found in several beverages and foods.咖啡因存在于好几种饮品和食物中This chart compares the amounts of caffeine这个表对咖啡和茶中的咖啡因含量found in coffee and tea.进行了比较As you can see coffee is你们可以看到咖啡中的significantly higher in caffeine content than tea.咖啡因含量比茶里的高很多The way coffee is prepared also咖啡的制作方法affects the amount of caffeine in the beverage.也会影响其咖啡因的含量Black, white and green teas红茶,白茶,和绿茶的also contain measurable amounts of caffeine.咖啡因含量也很可观This may be surprising to some people一些认为绿茶不含咖啡因的人who may think that green tea is caffeine free.也许会感到很惊讶Decaffeinated teas have very low amounts of caffeine脱咖啡因的茶含有很少量的咖啡因and are a good alternative它是个不错的选择if you are interested in limiting caffeine intake.如果你想控制咖啡因的摄入The caffeine content in brewed coffee煮制的咖啡里所含咖啡因的量averages between 100 and 200 mg per cup.为平均每杯100到200毫克While the amount in regular tea而普通茶中的含量ranges from about 40 to 100 mg.约为每杯40到100毫克This chart lists a variety of beverages,这张图标列出了多种饮料foods and medicines with their caffeine content.食品和药品及它们的咖啡因含量Note that caffeine content is not required要注意的是咖啡因含量并不要求to be included on the food label.在食品标签上标出So finding the amount of caffeine in a product所以要想知道一种产品的咖啡因含量may take some investigation.可能要做一些调查There are several websites有几家网站上where this information can be found能找到有这方面信息including those of the manufacturer of the product它们包括该产品制造商的网站and also at the Mayo Clinic nutrition website.以及梅奥诊所的营养网站Where does your favorite beverage compare?你最喜欢的饮品有什么好处?Are you surprised by where it falls你会因其in comparison to other products?劣于其他产品而惊讶吗?Something that may be surprising is也许令人惊讶的是the amount of caffeine in two tablets of两片强效伊克赛锭所含的咖啡因extra strength Excedrin is 130 milligrams.有130毫克This is about the amount provided这相当于将一杯咖啡中的咖啡因in a cup of coffee and is delivered in two pills.转移到了两个药片里Now that you have an idea of既然你们已经了解了how much caffeine is in some popular beverages一些流行饮品中咖啡因含量lets take a look at how caffeine affects the body.让我们来看看咖啡因是如何影响身体的201507/383461;It is scarcely possible to set down in writing;;The magnificence of this province.几乎无法用文字表述 这个地方是多么富丽堂皇;Here they weave gold tissues,;As well as every other kind of silken cloth.这里的人们用金丝编织 还有如丝绸布料一般的薄娟;The city contains merchants of great wealth ;And an incalculable number of people.;城市里聚集着富甲一方的商人 人口众多 不计其数;Columbus was a classic example of someone哥伦布是那些为这本书所鼓舞的人中的who really was inspired by literature and dreamed big.典型例子 他有着伟大的梦想Hes possessed with this desire to win the lottery of life.一心想要 交得人生的鸿运He wanted to be the next Marco Polo.成为第二个马可·波罗Columbus brother is a map-maker,哥伦布的兄弟是一名地图绘制家Together they plot a revolutionary idea:他们一起想到了一个革命性的想法To head east by traveling west.那就是向西远行直至东方Not overland like Marco Polo, but by sea.与马克·波罗的陆路不同 他们走的是海陆What a great opportunity,能够参与其中 是多么千载难逢的机会what a wonderful thing to be a part of.是一件多么振奋人心的事情啊When I think of it for myself, its like WHOO!想象这事发生在我身上 哇哦You get a little frisson.肯定会激动得颤抖Map-makers at the time know nothing about the Americas.那时候 地图绘制家们对美洲一无所知To them, this double continent doesnt exist.他们当时觉得那两片大陆并不存在They believe theres a vast uncrossable ocean Between Europe and Asia.他们相信在欧亚大陆间有一片 无法逾越的海洋201601/420899

During pregnancy, many women will have food cravings怀期间,许多女性会突然很想吃一些食物based on taste, smell, or texture.食物种类因味道,气味,或材料不同In some women, these cravings can be dangerous.对一些女性而言,这种渴望有可能很危险PICA is an abnormal ingestion of non-food items异食癖是指一种不正常的摄入非食物类or ingestion of food in excessive amounts.或过量摄入食物PICA is a potentially fatal and may lead to异食癖很可能是致命的,也许会complications to the pregnancy影响怀depending on what substance is consumed.这主要取决于食用了什么物质Consumption of laundry detergent, baking soda,异食癖的妇食用洗衣粉,小苏打corn starch, or coffee grounds has been reported玉米淀粉,或咖啡渣都in women with PICA.已经是报道过的了Intestinal disturbances, such as an obstruction肠功能失调,例如会引发阻塞or contamination can result from these situations或污染or more severe complications,或者更严重的影响for example metabolic alkalosis, can occur例如,有可能发生代谢性碱中毒if a box of baking soda is consumed.如果用了一盒小苏打的话Over consumption of foods can also lead to过量食用食物也会引发excess weight gain or hyperglycemia.超重或高血糖症Furthermore, women can damage their teeth此外,女性很有可能损伤自己的牙齿by either consuming hard or acidic compounds.如果吃太硬或太酸的食物的话Studies have shown a smaller head circumference研究表明,胎儿的头围变小of the child is correlated with the mother eating clay与母亲在期食用or dirt during pregnancy.黏土或泥土是有关的The poison center advises women not to防中毒中心建议女性consume coffee grounds不要食用咖啡渣because it can be associated with caffeine toxicity.因为有可能会咖啡因中毒PICA is a medical emergency异食癖是一种医疗紧急事故and at the first sign of this abnormal behavior,一旦发现这种不正常的行为medical assistance must be sought就应寻求医疗帮助to prevent damage to the health以避免损害of the mother and the baby.母体和胎儿的健康Less severe than PICA, many women think that没有异食癖那么严重的是,许多女性认为cravings are a sign that the baby needs specific food渴望某种事物表示胎儿需要某种食物and that they are free to eat whatever they feel like.因此,母亲可以随意食用胎儿想吃的食物For example, the coworker例如who munches on a jar of pickles throughout the day一个妇整天都嚼食一罐酸菜because she believes that the baby wants them因为她觉得胎儿需要may be increasing here intake of sodium但这会过量增加钠元素的摄入量to a dangerous level.引发危险Several years ago,几年前the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stated that美国妇产科学院申明when exercising while pregnant heart rate锻炼时,妇的心率should not exceed 140 beats per minute每分钟不能超过140下and the exercise shouldnt last more than 15 minutes.锻炼时间也不应超过15分钟Now the American College of Obstetricians如今,美国妇产科学院and Gynecologists recommend moderate exercise建议妇要进行适当的运动30 minutes or more for most days of the week.尽量每天锻炼30分钟或30分钟以上For many women, once they learn that对许多女性而言,一旦她们得知they are pregnant, they stop exercising.自己怀了,就停止锻炼了For some, this may be because they dont understand对一些人而言,也许是因为她们不懂得the benefits of regular exercise经常锻炼的益处or they feel uncomfortable.或是她们觉得不舒During pregnancy, changes occur in hormones,怀期间,激素水平body, balance, and heart rate.体重,平衡状态及心率都会发生变化Because of the extra weight,由于体重增加balance will be off and joints will be strained.身体会失去平衡,关节也会扭伤Also, exercise increases the flood of oxygen blood锻炼能够使更多的有氧血液to the muscles being worked and away from other parts流入锻炼的肌肉或者将有氧血液移除of your body including the fetus.身体其他部位包括胎儿部位Therefore, care must be taken to participate in exercise因此,必须小心谨慎地参加锻炼that avoids these issues.以避免这些问题The first step is第一步to speak with your healthcare professional与自己的医疗保健医师进行沟通before starting an exercise regimen.然后再开始锻炼养生Exercising has many benefits锻炼的益处很多for both the mother and the fetus.对母亲和胎儿都很有益For the mother, it can improve对母亲而言,能够提高cardiovascular function, limit pregnancy weight gain,心血管功能,控制期体重增加decrease muscle and skeletal discomfort,减少肌肉和骨骼不适reduce muscle cramps, reduce lower limb swelling,减少肌肉痉挛,减少下肢肿胀and stabilize mood.平和内心等201503/365610

Michael was very afraid of Joe,迈克尔很怕乔and a lot of times, he would stay over at my house,很多时候都会在我家夜宿just to get away from Joe,只为了躲乔because he felt Joe had punished him too much when he was younger.因为他认为小时候经常受到乔的处罚He had taken a strap and spanked him a lot of times.他常用皮带抽他And he felt it was too harsh.他觉得这太过了He was a very strong, and often, as they would tell it, violent disciplinarian.他是个很强壮也很暴力的训练者Michael, Janet and Randy, and a little bit of Marlon,迈克尔 珍娜 蓝迪或许还有马龙吧l think they got easy street, cause they were the babies.他们还好一点 因为他们那时都很小The ones who really got the spankings in my family, if I remember correctly,我若记得没错的话我们家被打最惨的and lm pretry sure l do,我记得很清楚was myself, Jermaine and Jackie,是我 杰曼与杰基the older guys.年纪稍长的孩子们lm sort of like five years older than Michael.我比迈克尔大将近五岁so he was more of one of the little guys他算是较小的孩子that didnt get it the way the big guys did.所以没有像我们被教训得那么惨l think in later life,我想到后来he began to respect Joe more,他才开始比较尊敬乔because he saw that he wanted his kids to be somebody.因为他看到了乔的求好心切My uncle worked in the steel mill.我叔叔在钢铁厂做事He never wanted his kids to do what he did.他不想自己的孩子将来跟他一样He wanted them to be better.他要他们更好l seen the steel mill, and lm gonna tell you...我去过钢铁厂 说真的...-lts like working for satan... -Do not work there...-真的很像替恶魔做事... -千万别在那工作...because its 2,000 degrees out there, and its very dangerous.热得要死而且很危险so, his vision, l respect.我理解他的理想201508/391632

  Anyone who goes fishing probably has a fishy story about ;the one that got away,;It was this big,doncha know.Yah,that was a bummer...but its actually quite important that big fish get away,both for fish and fishermen.For most of the species that we fish,commercial and recreational fishermen are only allowed to keep individuals.about a minimum legal size.每一个钓鱼的人都有个 大鱼脱钩的故事。你要知道 它老大了。嗯 是很悲催。但对于鱼和渔夫们来说,大鱼脱钩却十分重要。对于我们钓上来绝大多数的鱼种而言,职业和休闲渔民仅可以保留那些超过,最小合法尺寸的鱼。The idea behind these laws is to protect juveniles so they can grow big enough to reproduce at least once before becoming our dinner.In theory,that means there will always be enough fish for dinner tomorrow.And insuring dinner for tomorrow is important enough that the British Parliament discussed protecting young-that is,small-fish as early as 1376,and today its a common regulation for fisheries worldwide.Except,it doesnt really work.法律背后是为了保护鱼的幼苗,使其可在被送上餐桌前,长大到至少能繁殖一次。理论上,这意味着我们明天的餐桌上鱼永远够吃。保明日的供应是如此重要 以至于英国议会曾考虑过保护鱼的幼苗,也就是小鱼,早在1376年 而今日它仍是全世界渔民通用的规矩。只不过 这没啥用。First,large individuals have the greatest number of successful offspring both because bigger fish produce more eggs and because the eggs they produce ALSO contain a more generous food supply for the baby fishies.So by removing the largest fish of a given species,we severely decrease the populations ability to replenish itself.首先,大鱼繁衍后代成功率是最高的,因为大鱼产卵更多,也因为它们产下的卵中,为幼鱼准备的食物更充足。正因去除一种鱼类中的大鱼,我们极大地削弱了种群繁衍的能力。Second,if we only remove the largest fish,that means fish that are smallfor their age and thus smaller when they first reproduce-are more likely to live long enough to make babies.其次,如果我们仅拿走了大鱼,这就意味着同龄鱼类中的小鱼 ,同时在产卵时体格更小,更可能活到产卵的时候。So individuals with small-fish genes tend to stay in the water,reproduce and pass on their small-fish genes to new generations,while big fish and big-fish genes become rarer and rarer.Were basically breeding smaller fish,unintentionally-and its not a small change.Size-selective fishing has caused the body mass of large commercial fish to be cut in half over the last 40 years-let me say that again:heavily-fished fish are now half the weight they used to be.因此,携带小鱼基因的鱼更可能活下来,繁衍后代。将小鱼基因传给下一代,而大鱼和大鱼基因愈发稀有。我们只是在不觉中催生了小鱼,但这变化来的不小。大小选择性捕捞造成大个头商品鱼的重量 在近40年内下降一半,让我再说一遍,大量捕捞鱼的重量比以前下降了一半。Six-year-old haddock,for example,weigh 40% of what they did in 1970.Imagine if full-grown men weighed 65-pounds!Clearly,size-selective fishing means feser and smaller fish in the water,which suggests its not the best way to keep our fish supply stocked for future human generations.And in fact,theres a new idea called;balanced harvesting;y to save the day.Instead of reeling in all of the largest individuals,fishermen would catch a smaller number of fish across a wider range of sizes,keeping the numbers and sizes of fish,well,balanced.比如,今天六年黑线鳕的重量比1970年减少了40%。想象一下只有65磅的成年人吧!显然 ,大小选择性捕捞意味着水中鱼类更少,更小,也就是说,这不是保持未来鱼类供应的最佳方案。实际上,一个名为“均衡捕捞”的理念为此而生。与卷走所有大鱼相反,渔民在每种大小的鱼类中捕捞一小部分,保持鱼类数量和尺寸的均衡。However,old habits die hard,and the use of size limits is deeply ingrained in our collective fisheries management DNA.But sooner rather than later,well have to accept that its good to let some of the ;big ones;get away,for only they can change the course of fishtory.但是,旧习难除,大小限制深深地扎根在,我们渔业管理的DNA中。但不久之后,我们必须接受,让一些大鱼溜走是好事,只有它们能够改变的历史。201502/357372

  l have to say, Chris Tucker and Macaulay Culkin我得说克里斯·塔克与麦考利·克金will always go down in my book as loyal, good friends.在我心目中永远都是忠诚的好友They had managers and agents and lawyers who didnt want them to get involved,他们的经纪人与律师都不赞成他们出庭and they both told me that, When Michael needs us, were gonna be there.但他们都告知我 若迈克尔有需要他们就一定会到There were other witnesses,还有其他人people he knew at Neverland, who came in to tell the truth.他在梦幻庄园所认识的人前来说出真相We had a lot of people that rose to his defence.许多人都来为他辩解l stood by him because he was a decent, good man,我一直在他身边 因为他真的是个好人with a warm heart, a loving heart.一个满腔热血并温柔的人The family were extremely supportive of Michael Jackson throughout this trial.官司期间 整个家族都非常持迈克尔·杰克逊His mother never missed one day.他母亲每天一定到The trial lasted almost five months. she never missed a day.官司打了将近五个月 她没有一天缺席l knew what Michael was going through我知道迈克尔不好受and my heart just bled for him all the time.我为他而痛心The family was there and there Was this, sort of, sense that it was gonna be okay.整个家族都在 有一种一切会雨过天晴的感觉l remember they showed the Martin Bashir documentaty,我还记得他们播放马丁·巴舍尔的纪录片那天and Michaels music was playing throughout it,背景放着迈克尔的歌and l remember looking around the courtroom我记得环绕法庭一周and seeing all these heads bobbing up and down to Michaels music.好多人都跟着节奏在点头And l thought to myself,Wow, this is gonna be some crazy molestation trial,我心想 这起性侵案也太疯了吧because everybody here is, sort of, rocking out to Billie Jean.大家竟然都在随着Billie Jean点头lt just seemed very surreal to me.感觉好不真实噢201511/407915。

  The Aztecs were very philosophical about death.阿兹特克人面对死亡很冷静Death is what gives meaning to life,死亡体现了生命的意义and that by having the idea of death,而正因有了死亡的想法it makes the here and now sweeter and more beautiful.使得此时此刻变得更加甜美Tlahuicoles beating heart特拉维克拉跳动的心脏offered to the god of the sun and war, Huitzilopochtli,guardian of the universe.被献给了维齐洛波奇特利 太阳与战争之神 宇宙的守护者In return, the Aztecs believe,作为回报 阿兹特克人相信his blood will guarantee a bountiful harvest.他的血液能够保佑整年的丰收A crop that will become key to mankinds future:Corn.一种庄稼将成为人类未来的关键 那就是玉米6000 years ago,Early farmers in the Americas turn a weed六千年前 美洲早期的农民将一种杂草into a cereal that produces more calories per acre than any other.变成了一种谷类 相较其他谷类 亩产更多卡路里With almost twice as many genes as a human being.其基因数几乎是人类的两倍Found in a quarter of all supermarket products we buy today.如今我们在超市中所买的商品 四分之一是玉米Corn is the staple of Aztec life.玉米是阿兹特克人的主食But while Aztec power reaches its height,阿兹特克人的统治正值鼎盛之时Events 7,000 miles away七千英里外所发生的事件are about to change their world forever.将会永远改变他们的世界201601/423645

  The number of dead in clashes between Tunisian forces and extremists near the Libyan border has risen to more than 50, including dozens of attackers.利比亚边境突尼斯军队与极端分子间的冲突至少造成50人死亡,其中包括数十名袭击者。The gunman, who crossed the border from an ISIL-controlled area, targeted a police station and military facilities after launching their attack from a nearby mosque.持歹徒从ISIL控制地区越过边界,在清真寺附近发动攻击后袭击了一警察局和军事设施。The incident, in the city of Ben Guerdane, also claimed the lives of seven civilians and 12 members of Tunisia’s security forces.在Ben Guerdane市,事件还夺去了7名平民和12名突尼斯安全部队成员的生命。The lessons that can be drawn from this attack is that we must always be vigilant, we have to count on our own means, and make sure that we are always y to react strongly and quickly to any other possible attack.从这次攻击事件中吸取的教训是,我们必须时刻保持警惕,我们必须依靠自己的手段,并确保我们总是准备对任何其它可能的攻击做出强有力和迅速反应。The Prime Minister added that about 50 gunmen took part in the attack, most of whom, he said, were Tunisians.总理称约50名武装分子参与了袭击,他们中的大多数人是突尼斯人。Seven were arrested,but No one has yet claimed responsibility.七人被逮捕,但还没有人宣称对此事负责。译文属。 /201603/430315How I recovered The Scream名画《呐喊》遭窃及寻回的故事The Scream was stolen by a bunch of Oslo no-hopers. I suppose you could say it was a Norwegian organized crime—two men and a ladder. I was one of a number of police officers that help recover it. There were both Norwegian and British police officers from London.《呐喊》被奥斯陆一群一事无成的人给偷走。我想你可以说它是个挪威人组织的犯罪--两个男人和一把梯子。我是帮忙寻回画作的几个警察其中一人。有挪威的警察,也有从伦敦来的英国警方。This particular, original version of The Scream was painted in 1893. Central figure, riven by angst, thinking that this blood-red sky was coming through his brain. And Munch was mad enough to paint it.《呐喊》这幅特殊、最初的版本是在1893年所画。中间的人物,受到不安所撕裂,认为这片血红色的天空要穿过他的脑袋。而孟克也够疯狂才会去画它。That particular version, the original version—he blew out a candle on it. I made a particular point of memorizing exactly how these candle wax and drops looked.那特别的版本、最初的版本--他在它上头吹熄一根蜡烛。我特别努力的去记起来这些蜡油和烛泪确切看起来是什么样子。One of the worlds most famous modern paintings, The Scream by Edvard Munch, has been stolen from...世界最知名的现代画作之一,孟克的《呐喊》,遭窃...They went up the ladder and fell off, and then went up again and broke the window and went in to collect the painting. At Scotland Yard, on the Monday we came up with a plan: just pose as the representatives of the J. Paul Getty Museum in California, and tell these guys theres money to be handed if theyll give us the picture back.他们爬上梯子,跌了下来,然后他们再次爬上去,打破玻璃,并进去拿画。在苏格兰场(伦敦警察局),星期一我们想出了一个计画:就假装是加州盖提美术馆的代表,并告诉这些家伙如果他们把画拿回来给我们,就有钱可以给他们。The character I came up with, Chris Roberts, he was a slightly dodgy, Mid-Atlantic accented art dealer, whos doing some buying for the Getty Museum in Europe. So I had a minder, who we portrayed as an English gangster living in Amsterdam.我想出的角色, Chris Roberts,他是个有点狡猾,带有大西洋中部口音的艺术商,他在欧洲为盖提美术馆做些收购。所以我有个保镖,我们将他扮成住在阿姆斯特丹的英国黑道。What we did in this particular case was to go from a person who knew someone who knew someone else, and just follow that chain until we eventually got to the people who control the painting.我们在这次特殊案件中做的是,从一个认识某个认识另外一个人的人开始,并就跟着那串人脉直到我们最终抵达握有那幅画的人。When I finally met the bad guys, I had to convince them that the Getty Museum would pay to recover the painting. The Norwegian criminals were on tenterhooks, and I spent entire time trying to calm them down.当我终于见到那些坏人时,我必须要说他们盖提美术馆会出钱赎回那幅画。那些挪威罪犯胆颤心惊,我花了所有时间试着让他们冷静下来。And eventually they rang me quite late about 11:30, I would guess, or close, that night in my room and said, ;Right, were gonna do it now.; And I told them I was...no way I was going out in the midnight to walk in the wildwoods with them to get this thing back. We have to do in the morning.最后他们在颇晚的时候打给我,大约十一点半,我猜,或接近那时,那一晚在我的房间内,并说:“好的,我们要现在交易。”我告诉他们我...我不可能在半夜出去,和他们走到丛林里去拿回这东西。我们必须在早上交易。In the morning, we went down to where the dodgy art dealer had a summer house. In the summer house, the painting was downstairs. Underneath the carpet in the kitchen, there was a set of stairs down to the basement. And they then asked me did I want to get in that cellar.在早上,我们到了那个狡猾的艺术商有个避暑小屋的地方。在避暑小屋中,那幅画在楼下。在厨房的地毯下方,有道楼梯通往地下室。他们接着问我想不想下去,去那个地窖。I could do it without being on their next Christmas, so I told them that in, you know, whats called Anglo-Saxon vernacular which he understood. So he went down and got the picture, brought it up, and he laid it on the dining room table. And, bang, there was the picture.我下去的话,在他们的下一次圣诞节之前才能搞定,所以我这样告诉他们,你知道,用他们了解的所谓盎格鲁萨克逊方言。所以他下去拿了那幅画,带上楼,他将它放在餐桌上。然后,嘭,就是那幅画。I knew the picture was right straight away because I checked the wax, a little soggy. A masterpiece would tell you itself that its a masterpiece. It just jumps out at you.我马上就知道这幅画是对的,因为我检查了蜡油,有点点潮湿。一幅杰作会自己告诉你它是幅杰作。它就会一下子吸引住你。I rang back to Oslo, told them I had it, barricaded myself in the hotel. Sure enough after an hour or so, the central detective unit in Oslo turned up in where Im barricaded, the room, and there was the picture. And I walked down actually on to the pier. And I just thought to myself, Done it! Good!我打电话回奥斯陆,告诉他们我拿到它了,将我自己锁在旅馆里。果然在大约一小时后,奥斯陆的中央侦查中心出现在我藏身的地方、那房间,画就在那里。我实际上走下去来到那个码头。我就自己想着,做到了!很棒!Its exhilarating to get what youre going for back. I can actually recover these things, and it feels like that Im doing my bit of creation.能把你在寻找的东西找回来是很令人振奋的。我可以确实将这些东西找回来,这感觉就像我在做我自己的一点创作。201502/359246Babylon in the Middle East,巴比伦位于中东A great city famed for its Hanging Gardens.以空中花园闻名于世界Here, a spiritual revolution is underway.在这里 正育着一场精神革命The Age of Iron is an age of new people,铁器时代是新人类New ideas,新思想And faiths that still 和新信仰形成的时代 dominate mankinds world today.至今它们仍影响着人类社会的发展Across the world, local religions give way世界的各个角落 本土宗教都为To powerful new beliefs,文字记载的强大新信仰Sp by the written word.让路World faiths still with us today.时至今日 我们仍旧持有这些信仰Hinduism unites much of India.印度大部分地区信奉印度教From the foothills of the Himalayas,而在喜马拉雅山脉的脚下The words of Buddha sp out across Asia.佛教的禅语传遍亚洲And in China, the writings of Confucius在中国 孔子的作品Will help order the lives of one quarter of the world.滋养着这个拥有世界人口四分之一的国家The age of Jesus and Buddha and Confucius,耶稣 佛陀以及孔子产生的时代there seems to be a period似乎都与roughly timed with the emergence of iron technology.铸铁工艺出现的时代大致吻合Its as though humankind all around the earth这个时代 地球上所有的人类is reaching a level of social and political sophistication都在向更精致的社会和政治生活前进that just hadnt been there before,这是前所未有的and theyre all doing it about the same time.而且所有这一切都在同时进行201510/401626

  Learn which drugs are most likely to make you gain weight, and what to do to avoid packing on the pounds.了解一下哪些药物会导致你肥胖,怎样避免药物使你增肥。You Will Need你需要List of your prescriptions处方药物列表Psychiatrist精神病医师Doctor医生Food and exercise journal食物和锻炼记录Nutritionist or personal trainer (optional)营养师或个人教练(可选)Steps步骤Never stop taking a prescription drug without consulting your doctor.未咨询医生的情况下千万不要停止用处方药物。STEP 1 Switch migraine meds1.改变偏头痛药Consider switching from migraine medicine with valproic acid, which can make you eat more, to other migraine medicines that are less likely to increase your appetite, such as sumatriptan.考虑代替含有丙戊酸成分的偏头痛药物,这种药物会让你吃得更多,改为不会增加食欲的偏头痛药物,例如舒马曲坦。STEP 2 Know steroids make you eat2.类固醇会让你吃得更多Know that steroids prescribed for chronic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or asthma, can cause a voracious appetite. In some cases,your doctor may be able to switch you to prescription-strength, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs that dont have this side effect.要知道,治疗慢性病,例如类风湿性关节炎或哮喘的类固醇药物会导致你食欲大增。在某些情况下,你的医生可能会给你开没有这种副作用的非胆固醇的消炎药物。If you arent able to switch, consider a nutritionist to help you decrease your calories or personal trainer to help you increase the calories you burn each day.如果不能改变药物,考虑让营养师帮助你减少热量的摄入,或者让个人教练帮你每天消耗更多的热量。STEP 3 See a psychiatrist3.看精神病医师See a psychiatrist instead of a family doctor if youre on antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs that may negatively affect your mood and appetite, leading to weight gain. They may be able to suggest drugs that are less likely to cause you to overeat.如果你用可能会影响你的情绪和食欲,导致体重增加的抗抑郁药物或治疗精神病的药物,看一下精神病医师,而不是家庭医生。他们或许会建议不导致暴饮暴食的药物。STEP 4 Suspect estrogen4.怀疑雌激素Suspect estrogen for those extra 5 pounds youve packed on if you take birth control pills, which may cause you to retain water. Consider switching to a low-estrogen pill or another form of birth control that doesnt involve hormones, such as an intrauterine device, or IUD. Hormone replacement therapy may also cause weight gain.如果你用了避药,你突然长胖了5磅可能就和这个有关。因为避药会让你蓄水。考虑含雌激素水平比较低的药物或者与荷尔蒙无关的其他避方式,比如子宫内设备。荷尔蒙替代疗法也会导致体重增加。STEP 5 Know endocrine drugs5.内分泌药物Know that certain medications for diabetes or thyroid conditions may either cause weight gain or inhibit weight loss. Ask your doctor for alternatives to find the right medication for you.要知道,治疗糖尿病或甲状腺疾病的某些药物可能会导致体重增加或妨碍减肥过程。问一下医生有没有其他药物来替代。STEP 6 Look at allergy drugs and sleep aids6.注意抗过敏药物和安眠药Look at allergy drugs, cold medicines, pain medicines, and sleep aids that contain diphenhydramine. This energy-sapping ingredient may make you less active, causing weight gain. Ask your physician about non-sedating alternatives.注意含有苯海拉明成分的抗过敏药物,感冒药,止痛药和安眠药。这种削弱精神的成分会让你没有活力,从而导致体重增加。问一下医生有没有不让人昏昏欲睡的药物。Some blood pressure drugs and heartburn medications may cause weight gain.一些降血压的药物和治疗烧心的药物或许会导致体重增加。STEP 7 Keep a food and exercise journal7.记录每天的食物和运动Keep a food and exercise journal if you started a new medication and have gained 5 or more pounds in one month. If youre not eating more or exercising less, take the journal to your doctor to find out if your medication is to blame.如果你开始用一种新药物,一个月内体重增加了5磅或更多,记录每天的食物和运动。如果你的食量没有增加,运动量没有减少,拿着你的记录去找医生,看看是不是药物的原因。A study by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that weight gain associated with common antidiabetic medications could be significantly reduced by taking chromium picolinate.潘宁顿生物医学研究中心一项研究发现,通过用甲基吡啶铬可以显著减少常见抗糖尿病药物导致的体重增加。 /201502/358216North, fighting to preserve the union.北方力争保持统一South, to break away,To preserve its economy based on slave labor.南方却要分裂 要保持南方经济的发展 依靠的是奴隶劳动Once these two ideas clash ...hell is on earth.一旦这两种理念交锋 美国就变成了地狱July, 1863.Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.1863年七月 在宾夕法尼亚州的葛底斯堡After two years of Civil War,The confederate army invades the north.经过两年的内战 南方邦联军入侵了北方At Blochers Knoll, they have union forces on the run.在布洛赫高地上 他们让北方联邦军节节败退But private Reuben Ruch stands his ground.但士兵鲁本·鲁赫有他自己的立场22 years old, idealist, patriot.他年仅二十二岁 是个爱国的理想主义者He writes in his diary:The bullets were whistling about like hail.他在日记中写道 子弹呼啸而过 像冰雹一般A man behind me was shot.At that same moment, the man on my left was killed.我身后的人中弹了 同时 我左边的人也牺牲了He fell with half his length ahead of me.他倒在我前面 离我只有半个身位的距离The thought occurred that I might be next.我想我可能会成为下一个牺牲品;This will be the bloodiest battle ever fought on US soil.这将是美国国土上最血腥的战争Industry in the north gives union troops an edge,北方的工业给了联邦军一定的优势The latest military technology:the .52-caliber sharps carbine.那就是最先进的军事技术: 0.25口径的卡宾201604/438797

  It started life as UK 92480,这个编号为UK92480的化合物one of millions of compounds来自辉瑞制药公司的新药仓库in the stores at the drug company Pfizer.是千百万个化合物中的一员They were looking for a new drug for angina,当时专家们正在寻找治疗心绞痛的新something that would relax blood vessels一种能够放松心脏around the heart.周围血管的药物After screening hundreds of在筛查过无数的化合物之后thousands of compounds, they ended up with UK 92480.他们最终锁定了UK92480But its trials in humans were a let-down.人体实验结果却不尽如人意It was about to be consigned正当药物要被重新收回仓库时back to the stores when the trial volunteers受试者们开始不断索要药片started coming back and reporting an unusual side-effect -并反馈一种不同寻常的副作用lots of erections.阴茎勃起Add the drug the relaxations加入药物之后 其松弛度变大get larger but its trace is upside down.不过药物作用曲线却是反过来的By making a crude mock-up of the通过制作人类性器官的粗略模拟模型human sexual apparatus, senior scientist Chris Wayman高级研究员克里斯·韦曼使用了found an ingenious way to test this anecdotal evidence.一种巧妙的方法来检验这种有趣的现象201502/360080

  Previously reported as missing, one of China’s richest businessmen has been detained by police.此前有报道称失联,中国最富有的商人之一已被警方拘留。Guo Guangchang, the Chairman of Fosun International and known as “China’s Warren Buffett”, had reportedly been out of contact since noon on Thursday.郭广昌,复星国际集团董事长,被称为“中国的巴菲特”,有报道称自上星期四中午起失联。The company, which suspended trading in its shares, said he was assisting with the authorities in an investigation and was still able to take part in major company decisions.该公司股票交易停牌,表示他正在协助有关部门进行调查,并仍能参与公司重大决策。The Fosun Group has extensive interests at home and abroad and recently took control of French holiday company Club Med and Canada’s Cirque du Soleil.复星集团在国内外有广泛的利益,最近掌控了法国度假公司地中海俱乐部和加拿大太阳马戏团。The Chinese authorities have been aggressively clamping down on corruption in the financial sector but the reason for Guo’s arrest isn’t known.中国政府一直在积极打击金融腐败,但郭广昌被捕的原因尚不清楚。He and Fosun were named by a Chinese court in August in relation to a bribery case.中国法院判定他和复星与八月份的一桩受贿案有关。Guo’s fortune has been estimated at over six billion euros.郭广昌的财富估计超过六十亿欧元。译文属。 /201512/415354。

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/415907


  The educational materials presented here今天展示的教育材料were developed by students and faculty是由爱荷华州立大学营养学of the department of food science and human nutrition和人体营养学系的at Iowa State University.学生和老师提供的Funding for this project was provided by grants该项目的资金由from the American Cancer Society Mid West美国中西部地区癌症协会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.及兰斯,阿姆斯斯壮基金会提供The materials are intended for educational use这些材料仅用于教学and are not meant to provide medical advice.并非用以提供医疗指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.欢迎大家对这些材料做出反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请用主页上提供的调查评价链接to provide your comments and suggestions.提交你们的和建议Another food that is getting a lot of press最近广为报道的另一种食物recently for its health benefits is the Acai berry.非常有益于身体健康,那就是巴西莓The Acai berry is native to the Amazon region巴西莓生在南美洲亚马逊河流域in South America and is especially abundant in Brazil.在巴西产量尤其高Civilians of this region consume high amounts of it当地人大量食用巴西莓and use it in traditional medicine treatments.而且在传统药物治疗中也会使用它The Acai berry is similar in size and color to a grape巴西莓大小颜色和葡萄很像but much of its mass is made up the outer skin但它的大部分果肉是有外皮and the seed inside.和里面的种子组成的Due to its high perishability outside of巴西莓一旦摘下来,极易腐烂the native region it can only be purchased因此在生长地之外的地区in freeze dried powder or pulp forms.只能买到巴西莓粉或巴西莓浆It has received much press lately巴西莓最近广为报道for its many health benefits such as cardiovascular因为它有益于身体健康,有助于增强心血管and digestive help, increased energy, anti-aging帮助消化,增加体力,抗衰老and anti-cancer effects.还能够抗癌Acai has been declared a new super food巴西莓被视为一种新型超级食物mainly for the benefits of its high主要是因为anti-oxidant content.它能够抗氧化The chart on the right shows the nutrition facts右边的表是个营养表of 10 grams of freeze dried Acai.标示了10克巴西莓干的营养成分Like most berries Acai is full of healthy nutrients像大多数莓类一样,巴西莓富含营养such as vitamin A, fiber, iron, calcium,例如维他命A,纤维素,铁元素,钙antioxidants such as anthocyanins, and proanthocyanins抗氧化素例如原花青素和类黄酮and flavanoids. The reason the acai berry is believed巴西莓之所以被认为to be exceptionally healthy is due to its high非常健康,是因为它富含抗氧化的元素antioxidant content, specifically anthocyanins特别是花青素and proanthocyanins which have been shown to原花青素有显著的have anti cancer effects. Oxidation is a process抗癌效果,氧化过程that causes free radicals to form within the body.能够在体内形成自由基In some cases free radicals form有时候自由基来自from every day activities such as digestion of food来自日常活动,例如食物消化but other environmental and lifestyle factors但是其他一些环境或生活方式因素such as smoking, pollution and radiation例如抽烟,污染,辐射等can also increase the amount of free radicals也能增加个体内in an individual as well.自由基的数量If free radicals are not removed如果不去除自由基they can cause DNA damage将会引发DNA损伤which leads to the increased risk of cancer.提高患癌症的风险One report found that the acai pulp有报告发现巴西莓浆had the highest reported free radical与其他被测试的事物相比scavenging capacity within a controlled environment巴苺浆在任何可控的环境下of any other food previously tested.都有最高的自由基净化功能It also found that the antioxidants in acai pulp还发现巴西莓浆内的抗氧化物can cross cell membranes of human red blood cells能穿过人体红细胞的细胞膜and provide protection from oxidative damage.避免引起氧化性损伤Although these findings do not prove尽管这些研究无法明a direct connection with cancer prevention,与防癌的直接联系they certainly warrant a need但它们的确表明我们还需要for further research in the area.在这个领域做进一步的研究In a recent study published in最近有一项研究得以发表the pharmaceutical research journal in 2010,发表在2010年的药学研究杂志上the acai berry was one of 7 berries that were investigated.巴西莓是7种受测的莓类之一Different groups of rats were fed varying diets不同组的老鼠食用了各种食物based on these 7 berries including black raspberries,食物原料是各种莓类,包括糙莓red raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, nuni,覆盆子,蓝莓,草莓wolfberry and acai.西方雪果,和巴西莓等The purpose of the study was to compare the effect研究的目的在于比较of each berry on the presence and size每种莓类对实验组老鼠食道肿瘤的发病of esophageal tumors in these rats to each other及肿瘤大小的影响and to a control group.与控制组老鼠之间的差别201502/358811

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