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黄冈看泌尿科怎么样汉川治疗睾丸炎多少钱武汉/治疗膀胱炎多少钱 Samsung may be forced to make changes to the software running on its smartphones in order to keep selling them in the US, after an appeals court granted Apple an injunction following its 2012 patent victory over its rival.三星(Samsung)可能被迫修改其智能手机运行的软件,以继续在美国销售,此前一上诉法庭赋予苹果(Apple)一项禁止令,苹果曾在2012年的专利诉讼中击败三星。In a significant legal victory for the iPhone maker, a majority ruling by the US federal circuit court of appeals said that the “public interest strongly favours an injunction” on the use of certain phone features.对于苹果而言,这是一场重大的诉讼胜利,美国联邦上诉巡回法庭以多数票裁决,“公共利益强烈倾向于”对某些手机功能的使用“执行禁止令”。“The right to exclude competitors from using one’s property rights is important,” Judge Kimberly Moore wrote in Thursday’s ruling. “And the right to maintain exclusivity — a hallmark and crucial guarantee of patent rights deriving from the constitution itself — is likewise important.”“不让竞争对手使用自己的知识产权的权利是重要的,”法官金伯利椠尔(Kimberly Moore)在周四的裁决中写道,“保持专有性(这是宪法规定的专利权的特点和重要保)也一样重要。”However, one of the three judges disagreed, siding with the original judgment by District Judge Lucy Koh that Apple failed to show that Samsung’s copying of “minor features” of the iPhone, such as sliding to unlock the homescreen, caused “irreparable harm” to its sales.然而,在3名法官中,有一名法官不同意该裁决,他持地方法院法官露西科尔(Lucy Koh)的初审判决:苹果未能明,三星模仿iPhone“小型功能”(例如滑动解锁)的做法导致苹果销售额受到了“无可挽回的损害”。That dissent may provide hope for Samsung that it can win an appeal in a higher court. The South Korean electronics company called the injunction “unfounded”, saying it had “invested heavily” in innovative mobile technology for decades.这一不同意见可能会给三星带来希望:三星可能在更高一级法庭赢得上诉。这家韩国电子设备公司称禁止令“毫无根据”,并表示几十年来三星已对创新移动技术“投入巨资”。If Samsung does not win an appeal, it may have to tweak the software even in recent devices such as its latest Galaxy S6 by the end of the year.如果三星没有赢得上诉,那么该公司可能必须在年底之前修改其智能手机软件,甚至包括最近推出的手机,例如最新款Galaxy S6。In the three years since a jury awarded Apple more than bn in damages, Samsung has aly redesigned its smartphones’ software to avoid infringing the patents at issue.在一陪审团判决苹果获得逾10亿美元赔偿后的3年里,三星已重新设计其智能手机软件,以避免侵犯争议专利。 /201509/399843Alibaba is in advanced talks to buy an approximately 0m stake in the parent company of leading Indian mobile payment platform Paytm, marking the Chinese ecommerce group’s first significant foray into the country’s rapidly expanding start-up scene.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)有意收购印度领先移动付平台Paytm的母公司大约5亿美元的股权,相关谈判已进入深入阶段。此举将标志着这家中国电子商务集团首次大举进军印度迅速扩大的初创企业领域。Both Alibaba Group Holding’s ecommerce arm and its online payments unit Alipay are set to participate in the transaction, which will conclude later this month, three people familiar with the deal told the Financial Times.三名知情人士告诉英国《金融时报》,阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司的电子商务部门和阿里巴巴在线付部门“付宝”(Alipay)都将参与这笔交易,该交易预计在本月晚些时候达成。India enjoyed an ecommerce investment boom in 2014, as prominent Silicon Valley-based funds began pouring fresh funds into fast-growing domestic start-ups, such as e-retailer Flipkart and online marketplace Snapdeal, at multibillion-dollar valuations.印度在2014年期间兴起一股电子商务投资热潮,一些知名硅谷基金开始向快速增长的印度国内初创企业注入新的资金,如电子零售商Flipkart和在线市场Snapdeal,使这些初创企业的估值达到数十亿美元的水平。The arrival of Alibaba, the largest ecommerce group by revenue, is likely to increase excitement over the sector’s prospects. It will also pit the Chinese company against US-based Amazon, which invested bn in its local subsidiary last year.作为全球营收最高的电子商务集团,阿里巴巴的到来很可能会增加各方对该行业发展前景的兴奋心情。它也使这家中国企业形成与美国亚马逊(Amazon)对抗的态势;亚马逊去年对其印度子公司投资了20亿美元。Under the terms of Alibaba’s deal, its two entities will take minority stakes as part of a two-stage investment in One97 Communications, the parent company of Paytm, India’s biggest mobile payments company by market share.按照上述交易的条款,阿里巴巴的两个实体将收购少数股权,作为对Paytm的母公司One97 Communications两阶段投资的一部分。Paytm是印度市场份额最大的移动付公司。Paytm allows Indian phone users to put funds in a mobile wallet, which they can spend on services such as taxi app Uber and cinema service BookMyShow. It claims to have about 20m users.Paytm让印度的手机用户能够将资金转入一个移动钱包,然后用其付各种务,如打车应用优步(Uber)和影院务BookMyShow。它声称拥有约2000万用户。Paytm also launched an online marketplace last year, providing a platform for businesses to sell products online. This is similar to Alipay, China’s leading payment platform by revenue, which Alibaba offers in its home market.去年Paytm还推出了一个在线市场,提供了一个让企业在网上销售产品的平台。这类似于阿里巴巴在本土市场提供的付宝,中国按营收衡量领先的付平台。“The two most exciting sectors in Indian technology are ecommerce and payments, and they [One97] have both,” the person said, on condition of anonymity. “So while the business isn’t as big as Amazon or Snapdeal yet, they have the same parts as the Chinese, so it fits together perfectly.”“印度技术行业两个最令人兴奋的领域是电子商务和付,而他们(One97)两者兼备,”要求匿名的一名知情人士表示。“因此,虽然业务尚未达到亚马逊或Snapdeal那样的规模,但它们同这家中国企业具有相同的组成部分,可以完美地结合在一起。”Although Alibaba is understood to have no plans to launch its own services in India, its likely investment in Paytm follows a string of deals in 2014 by founder Jack Ma, ahead of his company’s blockbuster bn initial public offering in New York last September.尽管阿里巴巴据悉并无计划在印度推出自己的务,但其对Paytm做出可能的投资之前,创始人马云(Jack Ma) 2014年在他的公司于9月在纽约进行250亿美元首次公开上市(IPO)之前,达成了一连串交易。Alibaba could not be reached for comment, while Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma declined to discuss his fundraising plans. Paytm’s investors include SAIF, Saama Capital and SAP Ventures.记者联系不上阿里巴巴请其置评,而Paytm创始人维贾伊#8226;谢卡尔#8226;夏尔马(Vijay Shekhar Sharma)不愿讨论他的融资计划。Paytm的现有投资者包括软银赛富(SAIF)、Saama Capital和SAP Ventures。Paytm will use the new funds to invest in infrastructure helping thousands of smaller Indian businesses to use their mobile marketplace, grabbing more of an ecommerce sector that will be worth bn by 2018, according to analysts at CLSA. Only a small fraction of the country’s 200m internet users transact online, according to Jefferies, a broker.Paytm将把新的资金投资于基础设施,帮助成千上万的印度中小企业利用其移动市场,以在国内电子商务行业夺取更大的市场份额。里昂券(CLSA)的分析师们称,到2018年印度电商行业规模将达到440亿美元。据经纪商杰富瑞集团(Jefferies)介绍,目前印度2亿网民中只有一小部分人会进行在线交易。 /201501/354144武汉/割包皮年龄有范围嘛

武汉/治疗衣原体感染哪家医院最好By this time next year, we may have become disillusioned with the internet of things. The idea that every object — from toasters to street lights — could be connected to the internet and be communicating with us has been hyped for several years.等到明年这个时候,我们或许就会对物联网彻底幻灭。一切物品——从烤面包机到路灯——都可以连接到互联网与我们沟通的概念已经炒作了数年。It reached a peak this month at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where more than 900 companies exhibited connected products. Samsung, makers of products from fridges to phones, said that within five years all of its appliances would be able to connect to the internet.今年1月在举行的国际消费类电子产品展(CES)上,物联网的概念更是被渲染到极致,900多家公司展示了联网产品。制造商三星(Samsung)表示5年内旗下所有电器都将能联网,其产品涵盖了从电冰箱到手机等多种类别。The predictions for the number of objects that will be connected are big — from technology research company Gartner’s forecast of 25bn connected physical objects by 2020 to tech company Cisco’s more bullish 50bn forecast.据预测可联网物品的数量将非常庞大,技术研究公司高德纳(Gartner)预测至2020年将有250亿种联网物品,高科技公司思科(Cisco)更加乐观,给出了500亿的预测值。Cue the ennui. Just as the internet hype of 2000 led to disillusionment, the internet of things will struggle to live up to expectations in the short term.这开始令人觉得有点厌烦了。正如2000年对互联网的炒作导致了幻灭,物联网也难在短期内达到人们的期望。Companies, certainly, remain unconvinced by the business case. A survey by Gartner of 1,500 chief information officers last August found that only 22 per cent had deployed or were experimenting with the internet of things.当然,企业对物联网的商业应用前景仍表怀疑。去年8月高德纳对1500名首席信息官进行调查后发现,仅22%的人表示所在企业已经涉足或正在尝试涉足物联网。The remaining 78 per cent either thought it irrelevant or at the too-early stage.其余78%的人或认为物联网并不重要,或认为它还处于过早阶段。One problem is that the technology is still a little expensive, says Maurizio Pilu, partnerships director at Digital Catapult, a UK government organisation that helps support new projects.Digital Catapult主管合作事宜的毛里齐奥#8226;皮卢(Maurizio Pilu)表示,问题之一在于物联网技术还是有点贵。Digital Catapult是一家为新项目提供持的英国政府机构。The price of a simple wireless sensor will soon be as low as #163;1, a price point at which this could become a mass-market proposition. But other parts of the kit, including communications and battery modules, might still come in at #163;20 to #163;40, which, Mr Pilu says, is too high.一个简单的无线传感器的价格可能很快就会降至1英镑左右,在这一价位上该商品有可能进入大众市场。但包括通讯和电池模块在内的其余配套产品可能仍将维持在20英镑至40英镑的价位,皮卢表示这一价格仍然过高。“It needs to become closer to #163;3 to #163;4, [then] the business case begins to make sense,” he says.他说:“它的价位要接近3英镑到4英镑,(那时)应用到商业上才开始具有合理性。”Telecoms networks have to change to meet the requirements of billions of low-power devices that need to connect constantly to the internet to transmit small amounts of data. The cost of sending such data over the network will have to come down.电信网络必须作出改变,以满足数十亿个低功率设备的需求,它们需要持续联网发送少量数据。因此在网上发送这类数据的费用必须降下来。“It is not scalable for a low-cost device to pay several dollars a month just to have connectivity,” says Zach Shelby, director of technical marketing for the internet of things at Arm, the chip designer.芯片设计公司Arm的物联网技术营销总监扎克#8226;谢尔比(Zach Shelby)说:“每月光为了让一个低成本设备联网就要付好几美元,这是无法推广的。”Security will need to be improved to ensure that internet-connected objects cannot be hacked and hijacked. Physical attacks over the internet are happening. At the end of last year the German federal office of information security revealed thatmachinery at a German steelworks was severely damaged when hackers gained access to control systems via the internet.电信网络还需要提高安全性,确保联网设备不能被黑客攻击和劫持。现在已经发生了通过互联网发动物理攻击的事件。去年年底德国联邦信息安全办公室透露,黑客通过网络进入德国一家钢厂的控制系统,使该厂机器遭到严重破坏。When everything from traffic lights and cars to home heating systems are linked online, the potential for harmful hacks increases further. However, the simple, low-power devices used for the internet of things might not be able to handle heavy encryption, or may not be patched and updated if a security flaw is discovered.等到从交通指示灯、汽车到家庭供暖系统的一切都连接上网,遭到破坏性攻击的可能性将进一步增加。然而,用于物联网的简单、低功率设备或许无法处理高度加密,或当发现安全漏洞时,可能无法打补丁或更新。“There are big security holes and quite a lot of work needs to be done to fix them,” says Jim Tully, analyst at Gartner.高德纳的分析师吉姆#8226;塔利(Jim Tully)说:“电信网络存在很大安全漏洞,还需要做大量工作来解决这些问题。”Interconnectivity of devices is an issue that needs resolving. If your toaster cannot talk to your TV, or if the street lights are not on the same system as the rubbish bins, the networks will be less useful. Persuading all manufacturers to agree looks tricky, as a number of competing industry groups are each pushing their own standard.还有一个要解决的问题是设备之间的互联。如果烤面包机不能跟电视交流,或者路灯跟垃圾箱不在同一个系统里,物联网的用处就没那么大了。说所有制造商都同意互联似乎是个棘手难题,因为许多相互竞争的行业团体都在各自力推自己的标准。“Everyone says ‘yes, lets ensure interoperability — as long as it is my version of interoperability’,” says Mr Pilu.皮卢说:“人人都说‘好啊,让我们确保产品可以协同工作——只要按我的互操作标准来。’”The internet of things will raise privacy concerns, as it makes a fresh level of tracking and data collection possible. In the same way that companies and governments can follow what people do online — the websites they visit, what links they click — it will become possible to track almost everything an individual does in the physical world.物联网将引发隐私问题,因为它可能将跟踪和数据收集推上新的高度。同样地,企业和政府可以密切注意人们在网上做什么,比如他们浏览的网站,他们点击的链接,届时人们在现实世界中的所有行踪几乎都可以被掌握。Companies are interested in the marketing possibilities this presents. Yet public opinion will have to decide whether there should be limits on what can be monitored.企业对物联网呈现的营销前景很有兴趣。然而公众舆论将决定是否该对可监控对象设限。While these issues are being resolved, large-scale internet of things projects are rolling out slowly. The projects with the clearest business case have to do with saving money on municipal street lighting and bin collection. General Electric says San Diego will save 4,000 a year by replacing some 3,000 street lamps with an intelligent lighting grid where each individual lamp can be remotely monitored and adjusted. The system makes it easy to pinpoint lamps that need changing and switch off those not in use.随着这些问题一步一步得到解决,大规模物联网项目也在慢慢推出。具有清晰商业意义的项目涉及城市街道照明和垃圾收集的成本节约。通用电气(General Electric)表示圣迭戈通过将大约3000盏路灯换成智能照明网,每年将节省25.4万美元。智能照明网里的每盏路灯可以远程监控和调节。该系统方便准确找出需要换灯泡的路灯,以及关闭不使用的路灯。Philadelphia, meanwhile, was able to reduce its rubbish collection costs from .3m to 0,000 in part by fitting rubbish bins with sensors that were triggered when the container was full, eliminating unnecessary collection trips to half-empty bins.费城则可以将收集垃圾的成本从230万美元减少到72万美元,方案之一是给垃圾桶安装传感器,垃圾箱装满时即触发传感器,这样可以不用在垃圾箱半满时去收垃圾,减少不必要的往返。More complex projects are still in a development phase. Milton Keynes in the UK will this year fit parking spots with sensors that tell drivers when the space is free. Mr Pilu, who is helping to launch the project, admits that it will be difficult to measure the return on an investment like this.更复杂的项目仍处于开发阶段。英国的米尔顿凯恩斯(Milton Keynes)今年将在停车场安装传感器,当停车场有空位时传感器会通知驾驶员。皮卢正在协助开展这项计划,他承认像这样的投资很难衡量回报。Medical and research uses are being explored. Research from ATamp;T, the US telecoms multinational, for example, has partnered with 24eight, which makes pressure sensors that can be embedded into shoe inner soles. They have distributed slippers with an internet-connected chip to elderly people at a care centre in Texas, and are using the foot movement data they receive to diagnose health problems, such as the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease.物联网的医疗和科研用途正在探索中。比如美国跨国电信公司ATamp;T的研发部门与压力传感器(可嵌入鞋内底)制造商24eight达成合作。他们将内置联网芯片的拖鞋发放给德克萨斯州一家护理中心的老年人,利用所收到的足部运动数据诊断健康问题,比如阿尔茨海默氏病的初期阶段。“In the early stages of Alzheimer’s you might get up to make a cup of tea but for a moment forget where you were going. That small wandering pattern, which others might not initially notice, could be an early warning sign,” says Mr Tully.塔利说:“在阿尔茨海默氏症早期阶段,你可能起身泡了杯茶,但过一会儿就忘了自己要干什么。这种轻微的精神恍惚状态有可能是早期预警信号,但其他人可能一开始注意不到。”He believes some of the “wacky” personal items on display at CES may evolve into industrial-scale applications. Vessyl, a cup that identifies any liquid poured into it, might sound like a toy for those wanting to keep tabs on their drinks intake. But what about applying the concept to a car and monitoring that the right fuel is in the tank?他认为CES展上一些“稀奇古怪”的个人物品有可能发展成工业级的应用。Vessyl是一款能识别出倒入液体的杯子,听起来像是适合那些想监督自己饮料摄入情况的人使用的玩意儿。但假设将这一概念应用到汽车上,检测油箱里的汽油加得对不对呢?“We will see hundreds of little applications that will be eventually woven together to make a smart city,” says Mr Pilu. “I believe this will develop in an evolutionary way.”皮卢说:“我们将看到成百上千个小应用,它们最终将交织在一起,编织出一座智能城市。我相信这将以循序渐进的方式发展。”But do not expect the internet of things to do spectacular things just yet. For the time being, expect more internet-connected bins and street lighting, while businesses work out just what else these ecosystems can do.但是不要指望物联网马上就大放异。目前只能期待更多联网垃圾箱和路灯,然后等着企业想出这些生态系统还能做到什么。 /201504/369443武汉/尿道感染会流脓吗 In a memo to employees after announcing that Verizon Communications would buy his company for .4 billion, Tim Armstrong, AOL’s chief executive, offered a rhapsodic hymn on a single subject: mobile.在宣布威瑞森电信(Verizon Communications)将以44亿美元(约合273亿元人民币)收购其公司以后,美国在线(AOL)的首席执行官蒂姆·阿姆斯特朗(Tim Armstrong)在写给员工的备忘录中,对一个主题表达了热情的赞美:移动业务。The future of nearly all media, and consequently the future of nearly all advertising, he said, is about our phones. “If there is one key to our journey to building the largest digital media platform in the world, it is mobile,” he wrote, by way of explaining why AOL, a company known for its news and entertainment sites and its dial-up subscribers, was merging with a cellphone carrier.他说,几乎所有媒体的未来,进而包括几乎所有广告的未来,都与我们的电话有关。“如果说我们在通往打造世界最大的数字媒体平台的道路上有一个关键因素,那就是移动业务,”他写道,这也解释了为何以新闻和网站以及拨号上网业务著称的AOL,会与一家移动电话运营商合并。Mr. Armstrong ended his memo, which was otherwise puffed with jargon indecipherable to many outside the world of advertising and media, with a clear message that could double as the catchphrase of his entire industry: “Let’s mobilize.”阿姆斯特朗的备忘录里充斥着行话,对许多广告和媒体行业以外的人而言难以理解,但他在末尾传达了一条清晰的讯息,这条讯息也可以作为他所在的整个行业的口号:“让我们移动起来。”His words — and the deal with Verizon he just helped engineer — are just the latest corporate reaction to a staggering shift in the way people across the globe get their news and entertainment. Over the last couple of years, we have collectively decided to use our phones to reach the Internet more than we ever used our computers to do. And like a horde of aggrieved vultures that has just seen its carrion spirited away to some other part of the savanna, the tech and media business is equally panicked and excited about the vast possibilities for making money from the shift.世界各地的人们获得新闻和内容的方式正在发生剧烈转变,他的话——以及他参与策划的与威瑞森的交易——只是企业对这种转变做出应对的最新一例。过去几年,我们集体决定用手机上网,所用的时间比我们以往任何时候用电脑上网的时间都多。就像一群忿忿不平的秃鹫,目睹属于自己的腐肉被转移到稀树草原的另一个地方,科技和媒体行业面对从这种转变中获利的广阔可能性,是又惊又喜的。At the moment, except for Google and Facebook — which together control more than 55 percent of the .6 billion worldwide mobile ad market, according to eMarketer — few companies have managed to navigate the transition from desktop computers to phones. The shift has shaken up just about everything for everyone, such as Internet portals like AOL and Yahoo; carriers like Verizon and ATamp;T; and eCommerce ventures like Amazon. Some industries — music and newspapers among them — were just figuring out the switch from physical media like CDs and print to the web. But the switch from the web to our phones is happening even faster than the transition away from physical media, and in many ways it is more profound.目前,除了谷歌(Google)和Facebook——据eMarketer的统计,这两家公司控制着价值426亿美元的世界移动广告市场的55%——只有少数几家公司能很好地掌控这种从台式电脑到手机的转变。这种转变几乎改变了所有人的一切,例如AOL和雅虎(Yahoo)等互联网门户网站、威瑞森和ATamp;T等运营商,以及亚马逊(Amazon)等电商企业。有些行业——其中包括音乐和报纸——还在摸索从光盘和印刷等实体媒介向网络的转变。然而,网络朝手机的转移发生得更快,而且在许多方面也更加深刻。As Benedict Evans, an analyst at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, is fond of pointing out in a presentation he calls “mobile is eating the world,” the smartphone industry is now shipping nearly three times as many devices as the personal computer industry did at its peak. Smartphones have led to more consumption of media than we had ever thought possible; we spend just about half the time we’re not sleeping glued to some kind of screen.风险投资公司安德森-霍洛维茨(Andreessen Horowitz)的分析师贝内迪克特·埃文斯(Benedict Evans)在被他称为“移动业务正在吞噬世界”(mobile is eating the world)的演讲中热情地指出,智能手机行业目前的设备出货量几乎是个人电脑行业巅峰时期出货量的三倍。由于智能手机,人们对媒体的消费超出了我们以往的想象,我们把非睡眠时间中的大约一半都用在了盯着某种屏幕上。Phones bring novel technical and user-interface challenges, some of which account for Verizon’s interest in AOL: How do you display an interesting ad on a tiny screen? On an interface fragmented by apps, how do you figure out who users are — and how to serve them with the best ads — as they switch from games to mobile web browsers to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat?手机在科技和用户界面方面带来了新的挑战,其中有些解释了为何威瑞森会对AOL有兴趣:你如何在一个小屏幕上展示一个有趣的广告?在一个被各种应用搞得离破碎的界面上,你的用户正在从游戏切换到移动网页浏览器,再切换到Facebook、Twitter和Snapchat等社交平台,这时如何认清你的用户是什么样的人——以及如何为他们提供最好的广告?The rise of smartphones may also bring about something deeper — what could be an existential question for the advertising industry, the business that funds most of modern media.智能手机的兴起或许还会产生更深远的影响——这对于广告行业可能是个关乎生死的问题,而该行业是大多数现代媒体的资金来源。“The question I came to when I started working on ads is, ‘Are ads even relevant now? Do they even make sense on mobile?’” Andrew Bosworth, who heads Facebook’s advertising engineering division, told me in a recent interview.Facebook广告工程部门负责人安德鲁·斯沃思(Andrew Bosworth)在近期的采访中告诉我,“当我开始着手处理广告时,我所遇到的问题就是‘现在的广告有用吗?它们在移动设备上还有意义吗?’”After all, phones give us perfect information about everything wherever we are, so why would we ever fall for ads, he wondered? “I step off a train in New York City now, I do not want for an ability to find anything. I have information about everything,” Mr. Bosworth said. “So if all information is indexable and searchable, then what purpose does an ad serve?”他感到不解的是,毕竟无论我们在哪,手机都会为我们提供各种信息,为何我们会相信广告呢?“我在纽约下了火车,我不想寻找什么。我拥有一切信息,”斯沃思说。“因此,如果所有信息都是可索引、可搜索的,那广告有什么用呢?”In that world, Mr. Bosworth said, advertising is valuable only if it provides direct meaning to customers — if, when you pull out your phone in New York City and check Facebook, the phone knows that you’re looking for food and presents you with an ad for a restaurant that cuts through the clutter of all your potential choices, instead giving you a recommendation that is tailored specifically for you.斯沃思表示,在那个世界中,广告只有对用户具有直接意义时下才是有价值的,当你在纽约拿出手机,查看Facebook的时候,手机知道你在寻找食物,并为你呈现一则餐厅广告,使其在各种潜在的选择中脱颖而出,而不是为你提供量身定制的建议。In other words, in a world in which we all carry phones and can get accurate information at any time, ads have less leeway to cajole us into doing something we might otherwise not have done.换句话说,我们如今都有手机,而且任何时候都能获得准确的信息,广告已经不太可能吸引我们做一些我们可能不会去做的事情。“It’s expensive to get an ad in front of the right person,” Mr. Bosworth said. “If someone spends money to get an ad in front of you that’s not right for you, they’re punished for it.”“向正确的受众投送广告是一件成本高昂的事情,”斯沃思说。“如果有人花钱向你投送广告,而你不是这种广告的受众,他们会因此受到惩罚。”Instead, ads now consult vast databases of personal information, and they rely on sophisticated pricing mechanisms, merely to suggest one option out of many thousands that may appeal to us.广告现在会诉诸大量个人信息,依靠复杂的定价机制,然后从数千个可能会吸引我们的选择中选出一个,提供给我们。People in the ad-tech industry said that in buying AOL, Verizon’s immediate goal may be to marry its data about customers to AOL’s capacity to serve ads to increase this sort of relevancy.广告技术领域的人表示,从收购AOL来看,威瑞信目前的目标可能是将其客户数据与AOL的能力结合起来,提供广告,增加这种相关性。“I think AOL was a little on their back foot on mobile,” said Ari Paparo, chief executive of an ad technology company called Beeswax. He added that the most successful companies with mobile ads tended to be those that knew a lot about their customers — that explains why Google and Facebook, which have close to perfect insight into what we do online, are such powerhouses.“我认为AOL在移动业务方面有些处于不利境地,”技术公司Beeswax首席执行官阿里·帕帕罗(Ari Paparo)说。他还表示,在移动广告业务上最为成功的公司,往往是那些对用户非常了解的公司,这就解释了为何谷歌(Google)和Facebook会如此强大,它们对我们的网上活动有着几近完美的洞察。With Verizon, AOL may be getting a similar trove of data. Through its cellular network and its various broadband offerings, Verizon can help AOL figure out lots of details about a user who lands in an app whose ads are powered by AOL’s ad services. Is the person male or female? How wealthy is she, and what are her broad interests?并入威瑞信后,AOL可能会获得同样珍贵的数据。威瑞信可以通过蜂窝网络和各种宽带务,在使用AOL广告务的应用中了解用户的细节信息。用户是男是女?她的财务状况如何,以及她都喜欢什么?“When you put these two sides together, it could potentially help them serve you better ads, and serve you ads in different places,” said Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone, an ad technology company.“把这两个方面结合起来,可能会有助于它们为你提供更好的广告,在不同的地方向你提供广告,”广告技术公司Undertone联合创始人埃里克·弗兰奇(Eric Franchi)说。Yet Verizon’s bet on AOL is hardly guaranteed to play out in the way the companies intend. This is both because of the general difficulties associated with any merger and because the industry AOL is going after is in a state of constant flux. Nobody really knows what will work in the larger business of funding media through ads on these new devices we’re carrying around.然而,威瑞信对AOL所下的赌注,不见得一定能得到如愿以偿的结果。这是因为任何收购交易都存在的一些难点,也因为AOL所从事的领域处于不断变化的状态。从更大范围来看,用我们随身携带的新设备上的广告来供养媒体的方式能够奏效,没人能给出。“If you’re a media company and you see that more than 50 percent of all mobile ads are going to Facebook and Google, you need to really recheck your assumptions about how you’re going to compete,” Mr. Paparo said. “To that extent, I think this is an effort to be competitive — to have some ability to just compete.”“如果你是一家媒体公司,看到超过50%的移动广告都投放于Facebook和谷歌,那你真该好好想想自己对如何竞争的认识是不是出了问题,”帕帕罗说。“从这个意义来说,我认为这是一项增强竞争力的举措——就是努力拥有一些能够参与竞争的能力。 /201505/374880武汉/包皮环切的费用

湖北武汉/阿波罗医院前列腺炎多少钱Drew Greenblatt surveys the shop floor of his small factory in a down-at-heel district of Baltimore, Maryland, where two workers are using a large steel-bending robot.德鲁#8226;格林布拉特(Drew Greenblatt)的小工厂位于美国马里兰州巴尔的一个破败的地区,他正在视察工厂车间,两名工人正在操作一个大型的钢铁弯轧机器人。“This part used to be made in China,” he says. “But because of the robotics we stole this [manufacturing] from China and now make it in America.”“过去这个零部件在中国制造,”他称,“但是由于机器人技术,我们将这项(制造业务)从中国偷走了,如今在美国制造它。”The introduction of automation at Marlin Steel Wire Products has helped boost employee productivity fourfold since 1998, estimates Mr Greenblatt, whose customers include carmaker General Motors . The gains in efficiency are impressive but they are not being replicated across America.格林布拉特估计,自1998年以来,马林钢丝产品公司(Marlin Steel Wire Products)引入自动化技术已经帮助将员工的生产率提高了3倍。他的客户包括汽车制造商通用汽车(General Motors)。该公司生产率的提升令人瞩目,但是这种模式并未在美国得到普遍推广。Even as US manufacturers adopt automation as part of their fightback against offshoring to Asia, productivity growth across the economy is at a near-standstill. A similar picture is being played out across the globe, exposing the most pressing problem in the world economy today. Only India and sub-Saharan Africa seem to be immune from slowing productivity growth.即便美国制造商采用自动化作为反击制造业岗位向亚洲外流的部分努力,但整个经济的生产率增长仍近乎处于停滞状态。类似的景象正在全球各地上演,这暴露了当今世界经济面临的最紧迫问题。只有印度和撒哈拉以南非洲地区看上去并未出现生产率增长放缓。Economists are increasingly alarmed because slower improvements in efficiency will lead to a fall-off in living standards and less-solid public finances. In the medium term, productivity growth is the most important driver of prosperity. Its weakness in recent years lies at the heart of why advanced nations have remained in a low-growth rut since the financial crisis even as unemployment has fallen.由于生产率提高放缓将导致生活水平下降以及公共财政稳定性降低,经济学家对此日益担心。从中期来看,生产率增长是繁荣最重要的推动因素。自金融危机以来,即便失业率已经下滑,但发达国家仍未能摆脱低增长率趋势,这其中的核心问题就是近年来生产率增长疲软。Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve chair, raised America’s “relatively weak” productivity in a speech last week and urged new measures to strengthen education, boost entrepreneurship and lift capital investment.上周,美联储主席珍妮特#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)在发表演讲时提到了美国“相对疲软”的生产率,敦促推出新的措施以加强教育、促进创业以及提升资本投资。New data from the Conference Board think-tank show that average labour productivity growth in mature economies slowed to 0.6 per cent in 2014 from 0.8 per cent in 2013, as a result of ebbing performances in the US, Japan and Europe. Productivity, which tracks how efficiently inputs such as labour and capital are used, tends to evolve over long periods. But the Conference Board ings confirm a longer-term trend of sagging growth that is setting off alarm bells around the world.智库机构世界大型企业联合会(Conference Board)的新数据显示,由于美国、日本和欧洲的表现日益走下坡路,成熟经济体的平均劳动生产率增速由2013年的0.8%降至2014年的0.6%。追踪劳动力、资本等投入使用效率的生产率,往往经过长期演化形成。但是,世界大型企业联合会的数据实了生产率增长低迷的长期趋势,这一趋势正在全世界范围敲响警钟。“In the past decade the US has had terrible productivity growth and other countries have been slipping relative to the US,” says John Fernald, an economist at the San Francisco Fed.“过去10年,美国生产率增长表现糟糕,而其他国家相对于美国的差距持续加大,”旧金山联邦储备(San Francisco Fed)的经济学家约翰#8226;弗纳尔德(John Fernald)称。In the UK, productivity has not improved in eight years, breaking a trend of roughly 2 per cent annual growth stretching back over a century. George Osborne, the chancellor, last week committed the new Conservative government to boosting productivity.英国的生产率已经8年未出现改善,打破了一个世纪以来每年增长约两个百分点的趋势。上周,英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)向新的保守党(Conservative)政府承诺将提高生产率。Faced with rapidly ageing populations and slowing employment growth, mature economies need to boost productivity sharply if they are to escape stagnating living standards. To compensate fully for slower employment growth over the coming 50 years, productivity growth would need to be 80 per cent faster than over the past half-century, according to calculations from McKinsey, the consultancy.面对人口迅速老龄化以及就业增长放缓,成熟经济体如果想摆脱生活水平停滞不前的问题,就需要大幅提高生产率。据咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)估算,为了完全弥补未来50年就业增长放缓的影响,生产率增速将需要比过去半个世纪快80%。Whether such an acceleration can be achieved depends in part on identifying why growth is slowing. To optimists, the poor numbers are a transitory legacy of the recession. The downturn in global demand has temporarily depressed companies’ willingness to invest in new equipment and ideas, and that more cautious outlook dented productivity.这种加速能否实现,部分取决于能否确定生产率增速下降的原因。对于乐观主义者来说,糟糕的数据只是衰退的暂时性后遗症。全球需求下滑暂时性地打压了公司投资新设备和新想法的意愿,人们更加谨慎的观点拉低了生产率。But the slowdown predated the financial crisis; Conference Board data reveal a longstanding fall in growth across mature economies. In Europe and Japan it started in the 1990s, and is related to slower adoption of technology, it says.但是,生产率增长放缓先于金融危机;世界大型企业联合会的数据显示,成熟经济体长期以来普遍存在生产率增长放缓的情况。该机构表示,欧洲和日本生产率增长放缓始于上世纪90年代,与之相联系的是技术应用变慢。Marco Annunziata, the chief economist at General Electric, worries there is a structural problem in Europe due to a lack of risk-taking, low Ramp;D spending and inflexible labour markets.通用电气(General Electric)的首席经济学家马可#8226;安农齐亚塔(Marco Annunziata)担心,由于缺乏冒险活动、研发出较低以及劳动市场缺少灵活性,欧洲可能存在结构性问题。In the US, the most efficient of the major economies, productivity growth began to ebb in 2005. According to Mr Fernald, this was a result of the lapsing of temporary growth dividends from the 1990s IT revolution.在美国这个生产率最高的主要经济体中,生产率增长从2005年开始放缓。弗纳尔德表示,这是上世纪90年代信息技术革命带来的暂时性增长红利消失所导致的。This raises the possibility that the recent, dreary productivity growth in the US is actually a return to an older and weaker trend. Even in emerging economies, where efficiency is catching up, the rate of growth has slowed.这带来了一种可能性,即美国近期生产率增长低迷实际上是对一种更老、更疲弱趋势的回归。即使在生产率正迎头赶上的新兴经济体,生产率增长也已经放缓。This has major implications in terms of a prolonged shortfall in tax revenues and increased public debt. It was just such a scenario — the fall in productivity growth between 2010 and 2015 — that stretched a planned four-year period of austerity in the UK into a decade of public-sector misery.这会造成重大影响——税收不足的状况延长、公共债务增加。正是这种情况,即2010年至2015年英国生产率增速下降,导致了英国规划的4年紧缩期延长为公共部门十年困难期。Optimists counter that it is just a matter of time before we see an upsurge in productivity, pointing to innovation in American IT hubs such as Silicon Valley.乐观主义者反驳称,生产率出现迅速提升只是时间的问题,并把希望寄托在硅谷(Silicon Valley)等美国IT中心的创新上。Researchers at Blue River Technology, a California-based agricultural robotics company, envisage farms of the future being surveyed by flocks of drones, and tended by fleets of robots and self-driving tractors. It is aly operating teams of “lettuce bots”, which are being dragged across fields in Arizona and California to identify 1.5m individual plants an hour and make decisions on how to fertilise them.位于加州的农业机器人公司Blue River Technology的研究员描绘了未来农场的样子——成群无人机在空中巡视,大批机器人以及无人驾驶拖拉机照料着生产。该公司的“生菜机器人”队伍已经在工作,它们分布在亚利桑那州和加州的田地间,每小时识别150万株植物并决定如何施肥。Some argue that the easiest targets for technological progress have aly been met. But others say the world is on the cusp of a machine-driven growth spurt, where driverless cars and robots will replace people, and cite companies such as Blue River as evidence.一些人认为,科技进步最容易的目标已经实现。其他人则认为,世界已步入机器驱动的增长井喷时代,无人驾驶汽车和机器人将取代人类,Blue River之类的公司就是明。Another more bullish outlook suggests that the concept of productivity as a measure of living standards is now outdated because quality is difficult to measure in public services such as education, and progress is hard to capture in many consumer technologies. Equivalents to Skype, for instance, were prohibitively expensive a decade ago but now are free, giving people higher standards of living without troubling the statisticians compiling gross domestic product data.另一种更加乐观的观点认为,将生产率作为生活水平衡量指标的看法如今已过时,因为在教育等公共务中,质量很难衡量,而在许多消费者技术中,进步也很难捕捉。例如,10年前与Skype发挥同样功效的产品贵得离谱,而如今却是免费的,这提高了人们的生活水平,而无须麻烦统计师编纂国内生产总值(GDP)数据。“This takes you into uncharted territory about what progress means in advanced economies,” says Professor Diane Coyle of Manchester university. “There has clearly been an increase in consumers’ welfare, probably extremely large, and we don’t know how it is linked to GDP.”“这将你带入一个关于进步在发达经济体中意味着什么的未知领域,”曼彻斯特大学(Manchester University)的教授黛安娜#8226;科伊尔(Diane Coyle)称,“消费者福利明显有所增加,增幅很可能还极大,而我们不知道这与GDP有何关联。”Mismeasurement might explain how many consumers are better off without appearing to have higher incomes in real terms. But statistical arguments cannot raise incomes or tax revenues, nor do they return sectors with previously high productivity growth back to former levels of success.许多消费者看上去实际收入并未提高,日子却更好过了,原因或许就在于统计失灵。但是,统计学解释无法提高收入或税收,也无法让之前生产率增速较高的行业获得之前那种水平的成功。 /201505/377423 武汉/哪一家男科好黄冈泌尿科咨询



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