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武汉/男尿道炎治疗武汉/那个医院做包皮最好Every so often, however, that regular motion is interrupted. Think of what happens when you stir that bubbling soup. It takes a few minutes for things to settle down and the regular pattern of bubbling to resume. That’s probably what happens inside earth. Something–maybe nothing more than naturally occurring variations in the process– disrupts the otherwise regular flow of metals in our planet. This shuts off the magnetic field for a while. Eventually, things start bubbling away again and the magnetic field returns. When it comes back on, one end will be north and one end will be south. Whether or not they were aligned that way before the disturbance is a matter of chance.【生词注释】interrupt v.打断settle down 平静下来resume v. 重新开始variation n.变化align vi.排行disturbance n.扰乱尽管如此,常规的运动不时被打断。想想当你捅破热汤中的气泡时,发生的状况。得需要几分钟热汤才能平静袭来,正常的冒泡形式才会重新开始。那也可能是地球内部的模式。有些物质——很可能是是自然变化过程中的物质——打断了地球内部金属的正常流动。这导致磁场失效了一段时间。最终,冒泡过程重新开始,磁场重新出现。当磁场重现出现时,一端是北极,另一段是南极。在磁场被阻断钱它们是否按照那种方式派别完全是随机的。201111/160342武汉/生殖医学科哪家好 New York City is increasing aly tight security as a precaution against possible terrorist reprisals for the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Additional safeguards are in place ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit Thursday to Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center destroyed by al-Qaida on September 11, 2001.美国东部城市纽约加强了已经处于严格保安状态的安全,防备击毙本.拉登以后可能出现的恐怖分子的报复行动。纽约部署了更多警力,准备迎接奥巴马总统星期四来到世贸大厦这两座于2001年9-11受到基地恐怖组织惨重袭击的建筑遗址。New York officials say there are currently no specific threats against the city. But authorities are taking no chances. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said on Monday that security has been increased since bin Laden’s killing, although not all measures are visible to the public.纽约市政府说,目前还没有特别有针对性的危险威胁这个城市,但当局绝不会因此松懈。警察局长凯利星期一说,自本.拉登被击毙以后就加强了安全戒备,不过所有这些安全措施并不是都在公众视线之内的。"We’re working closely, our counter-terrorism bureau and our intelligence division, working closely with our federal partners both at home and abroad to see if there’s any indication of, perhaps, retaliatory acts," he said.他说:“我们严格防范,我们的反恐局和情报处同联邦部门合作伙伴在国内外紧密合作,侦查是否存在任何蛛丝马迹、任何报复行动。”Extra precautions are in place at what Kelly referred to as "iconic sites." These include Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and various houses of worship. The commissioner said additional resources have been devoted to transportation infrastructure. Subway and rail passengers are subject to random bag searches. On the waters surrounding New York, close attention is being paid to ferries, harbor taxis and bridges. 凯利说,在纽约有“标志性的建筑和地点”,警方安排了更严格的防范措施,其中包括时代广场、帝国大厦、自由女神像以及各种宗教地点。这位警察局长说,更多的资源投入到了公共交通基础设施。地铁和轻轨乘客的夸包可能会随时受到抽查。在纽约周围的水域,渡轮、港口客船以及桥梁等都受到严密的监视。There is an unmistakable police presence around Ground Zero, which President Obama plans to visit on Thursday. According to Kelly, there are police department linguists behind the scenes monitoring online chat rooms, and liaison officers stationed overseas to gather intelligence.在世贸大厦遗址附近,安全部门安置了大批警力加强保卫。星期四奥巴马总统将到此访问。根据凯利的说法,警察局的语言专家在幕后监视网上聊天室内容,联络处官员在海外加紧情报收集。Meanwhile, New Yorkers are going about their daily routines. Rob Walsh works for the New York City emergency medical service. He says the security is reassuring, but notes it is a relatively new feature in American life. "It’s the new normal. You’ve just gotten used to it. You know, some days you don’t want to the newspaper in fear of seeing that there is an attack. But the past almost 10 years, it’s what you’ve come to get used to," he said. 与此同时,纽约人向往常一样仍然在着手日常工作。维尔斯在纽约急救务中心工作,他说安全措施令人感到放心,但他指出这相对来说是美国生活中的新特征。他说:“这是新的常态。人们刚刚开始适应。大家都希望总有一天我们不必再忐忑不安地害怕看到报上在出现受到袭击的消息,但过去10年来,这已经成为了生活的常态。” Walsh adds that his 7-year-old son never knew a time when city residents never had to think about precautions against possible terrorism. 维尔斯说,他七岁的儿子从不知道本地居民还可以享受时光,而不必考虑防范恐怖袭击的可能性。201105/134776Oil company BP is considering a so-called "static kill" to seal off its damaged Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, even as plans go forward to complete a relief well nearby. The plan would have to be approved by U.S. government officials who are working closely with BP engineers at the site.The static kill would consist of an operation to pump mud into the damaged well through the cap that was successfully placed over it last week. The mud would overcome the flow of oil and gradually reduce the pressure so that the well could be sealed from above. In a conference call with reporters, BP Senior Vice President Kent Wells explained."On the static kill we will actually start pumping at very low rates and just marginal pressure above what it is currently at," said Wells. "After we get some mud in the hole, assuming everything goes according to plan, the pressure at the well head actually starts to go down, so you very quickly start to see benefits."The advantage of the static kill is that it would push the flow of oil back down into the reservoir below the ocean floor and then seal it with cement. The procedure would effectively choke off the lines and openings of the old blowout preventer that failed to shut off the flow of oil after the explosion on the drilling rig in April. The static kill is similar to the unsuccessful top kill that BP tried in May. Company engineers think that a reduction in oil flow pressure now favors this approach.Kent Wells says BP is continuing with its plan to intersect with the underground well shaft by next week and that one of two relief wells being drilled is now within a few meters of that intersection 4,200 meters below the seabed. Mud and cement would also be used in this procedure to seel the well below the seabed. Wells said the tandem approach of the static kill and relief well should permanently seal the well by the middle of August, assuming U.S. officials approve the plan. But, he said, company engineers are moving very slowly with what he called an abundance of caution so as not to have any unintended consequences.Wells said BP is continuing to test the pressure of the well daily and is using seismic tests to make sure there are no leaks from the seabed."We are looking to see if we see any signs of oil and gas leaking out and, to this point, of all the lines we have run and all the analysis we have done, we have yet to see any anomalies that would indicate we have oil or gas leaking out of the Macondo well, i.e. that we do not have integrity of the well," he said.Over the weekend, scientists monitoring the seabed near the damaged well found seepage in an area around three kilometers away, but the U.S. government's point man on the disaster, former Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, says the leaks are not consequential and probably are associated with another abandoned well in the same area. There are also natural seepages of oil from the Gulf seabed that are totally unrelated to oil and gas exploration and production activity. Even if all goes according to plan and the well is permanently sealed off sometime next month, clean-up operations will continue for some time to come. Skimmers are being used on ships at the site of the oil slick in an attempt to clean oil off the water surface, while crews in some coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are trying to clean befouled beaches and marshes. The ecological damage from the spill could take years to overcome and environmental experts say some sensitive areas may never completely recover.著名石油公司BP正在考虑一种叫作“静态封杀”的方法来封堵墨西哥湾受损的马孔多油井,尽管他们在附近完成一个减压井的计划不变。这个计划将要得到在现场和BP工程师密切合作的美国政府官员的许可。 “静态封杀”的程序包括通过上星期成功安放的堵油罩将泥浆泵入受损油井。泥浆会封堵泄漏的石油逐渐降低油压,从上方封闭这口油井。 在与记者的电话会议上,BP高级副总裁肯特.维尔斯对这个工程进行了解释。 他说:“在实际采用静态封杀技术时,我们开始会用泵以很低的速度输送,用比目前压力稍大的压力。我们在孔中填上一些泥浆后,如果一切都符合计划的安排,井口的压力会开始减弱,很快就可以开始看到成果。” 静态封杀的优点是可以将泄漏的石油用压力推回海底结构之下的天然蓄油仓,然后用水泥封堵。这个过程可以有效地封闭原有防喷器的管线和开口,这些部位在水上钻台四月发生爆炸后都无法止住原油从海底涌出。静态封杀技术和5月BP不成功的顶部封杀措施相似。公司工程人员认为,降低漏油压力最好使用这种方法。 肯特.维尔斯说,BP公司下星期将继续实行地下油井相交计划。两口减压井中正在钻探的一口井距离二者在海床下4200米处的接点只有几米远了。泥浆和水泥在这个过程中将得到利用,以便封堵海床下面的油井。维尔斯说,如果美国官员同意这个计划,静态封杀和减压井这种串联方式在8月中旬应该会永久性地将油井封闭。但是他说,公司工程人员正以非常谨慎的态度缓缓推进有关进程,以免出现不想得到的结果。 维尔斯说,BP公司还在每天继续测试油井压力,并利用地震试验来保海床不发生泄漏。 他说:“我们正在观察是否有任何漏油或漏气的征兆,到目前为止,我们放置的所有管线和我们做的所有分析都显示,我们还没有看到任何显示油气从马孔多井中泄漏出来的异常现象,就是说我们没有井融问题。” 在刚刚过去的周末,监测泄露油气的海底油井的科学家们发现,在漏油油井三公里远的海底某处,又有新的油气有渗透出来的现象。但是,美国政府负责处理这次BP漏油事件的官员、前海岸警备队将军艾伦说,这次新发现的漏油迹象,同前一段漏油油井没有关系,很有可能同那片海域另外一个废弃油井有关。201007/109841黄冈市麻城县有泌尿科吗

武汉/阴茎充血不足怎么治The U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory is sending one robot where it has never gone before, a highly radioactive environment.The talon system robot is an ordinary commercially available robotic, but engineers at the INL are retro fitting it so it will be able to measure radiation levels where danger lurks.Director of the INL's science and engineering division David Miller said they want to use it so someone isn't put in the line of danger."There is a little phrase that you choose to use, if you use a robot when something is dull, dirty or dangerous."Some workers at the Fukushima plant have aly been exposed to high levels of radiation and burned.With camera's shielded from radiation, the robot will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the radioactive areas within the plant to help detect leaks.The INL has never had such a nuclear crisis so for them putting this robot in a highly radioactive environment is somewhat of an experiment. “We've used with these kinds of robots systems to do environmental measurements where there might have been an area inside a building or something that we wanted it to have some sort of surveys done but probably never at the kind of levels that we will be talking about now."With so many environmental clean-up projects, the INL's robotics program has been able to grow over the last two decades."So we developed the capabilities to again, send robots and other kind of measurement systems in the areas where we didn't want to put people at risk."【生词注释】radioactive adj. 放射性的talon n.爪, 手,爪状物retro n. 制动火箭lurk vi.潜藏radiation n.辐射shield v.保护; 庇护pinpoint v.准确地定位crisis n.危机 environmental adj.环境的; 有关环境的decade n.十年capability n.能力at risk 冒险201110/157882武汉/房事的时候射得快怎么办 Green Tricks And Treats Danny Seo of Better Homes And Gardens magazine showed Maggie Rodriguez some eco-friendly tricks and treats for a greener Halloween. Not everything about Halloween has to be dark and scary. You can also be green as an eco-friendly. Here with some great ideas with Dany , a living green contributor for Better Homes an Gardens. Hello.Happy Halloween to you.The same to you, Danny.Let’s start with your solar power ghosts. Yeah, we can all have solar lights and say as super energy fission because you use the power this charge up. So why not take old bed sheet and look at I am gonna do. You hang it over the solar light, you take a little sharpy draw on the face of the ghost. Look, you’ve got an illuminated ghost, so at night, when some ghosts down and the solar lights turn on, you’ve got this glowing ghosts hanging in the trees.We have some , there you go.That is beautiful. That’s look like, that is pretty awesome. How gorgeous that is! And paint spooky and uses the power of the super energy fission lights in a very creative way. Can be that. Ok, let’s talk about this little ghost lights. This is ally D, right?Yes, this is the newest thing in this string right now. Alle D since for a light and made in deal. It’s basically these lights with irregular string lights, it is pumpkins. Here is a scary bat. They can last 25,000 hours because of the math. What? So if you do the math like 20,000, three and a half years will stay illuminated. If you plug it today, three and a half years from now, you have to up/ because it will finally burn out. That is wonderful.A 999 you can be with ouch. I was just to say how it compared to regular lights.Yeah, so for the long carats gray and it also feels very safe, cos it don’t get too hot to touch. I don’t reach. Yeah. Ok, that we go.Maga//. So let’s talk about these, these are painted with nontoxic paint, which is the great idea?Not just nontoxic paint, glue and dark paints. And better homes and gardens, we are obsessed with glue and dark paint, because it is nontoxic but also it uses the power of sun to charge up this special paint here, then you do little path where you glue the dark rocks they glue in great path right in your front door.Do we have of that? No, no . We can imagine of that. Ok, let’s go over to the jack-o-lanterns. Then once you put candles in, you recommend using soy candles. Yeah, soy we know is getting fit in environment, because it is to be a newable soy beans that it’s not para for base and really inexpensive now. This is the five one from math, because you right here to soy, the last one in a half times longer and burn in traditional candles. Meaning you jack-o-lantern into your parties if outdoors. It could say illuminated a lot longer, so a really good choice. (and price?)And there getting much more comparative in price with regular candle. So if you think about how long it actually can burn, it can save money in the long run. And they come with this / almost pumpkin chips. I think it poor containers will do a great idea for a parple.Well, what will you do after Halloween with your jack-o-lantern? Actually we cycle the pumpkin as a planter. You should never throw away your pumpkin. Because believe it or not, all these seeds if you don’t actually germen it and then fears having problems for the vines. Yeah, and it’s actually horrific for / . so you actually should chap it up buried it in your garden if you can. All you set is a plan. That’ a good idea, all right. Let’s talk about recycling and cartons, carbons. That’s a great idea too.Well, who doesn’t have this regular carbon like a cut sharpy, or some black paint, if you make this scary a little bats. Here, this is the fun kids project. ( yeah) I’ll take all the carbon cards cut them into the shape of shines and clipping message on it and put it outside.You are recycling. Speaking of recycling, this is the best, let’s go through the chocolate facial. How you could use your candy if you don’t need it at all.Well, believe it or not, chocolate is good to fill because the antioxidant in dark chocolate. It’s incorporated into lots of facials are chance sparse.Exactly, so why spend a lot of money use a little bit of milk, rich dark chocolate, / do you know. Put my hands. And actually put it on my skin is gonna more straight skin. The antioxidant likely calm the redness on it (and then you can let it get out. ) It’s also get pretty to. Yummy, taste too special I have ever had. I know, and it is so easy to deal out your kids Halloween trick and treat bats and also hard candy too, you can recycle too. Just put like better /it into a clean coffee grinder. Take a little bit of your flavor, pat of sugar put inside the coffee and you’ve got flavor trip. It’s nice to see you. Thank you, Happy Halloween.Thank you. 200811/55504武汉/早泄医院排名

武汉/看男科病费用Modern working fathers now spend so much time at the office they consider their primary role to be 'bwinner' rather than 'father'.Researchers studied the attitudes towards family life of 2,500 dads around Britain who work full-time.They were asked to identify the roles they perceived as their key responsibilities within their own family unit.Staggeringly, three quarters of those questioned said they saw themselves more as a bwinner than they did as a father.Just one in two identified 'dad' as their first priority while a similar number picked 'husband'.Other roles which many of them they felt they occupied were 'gardener', 'driver', 'repairman' and 'chef'.The study, carried out by discount voucher site Savoo.co.uk to mark Fathers' Day, also found seven out of ten dads would like more time with their kids.Simon Bird for savoo.co.uk said: 'It's worrying so many fathers see their role as putting food on the table, rather than as a father figure.'They don't want to feel distanced from their family, but long office hours and lengthy daily commutes means millions of dads miss out on valuable time with their kids.'They feel under pressure to provide a decent standard of living for their family, but in doing so are potentially damaging their relationship with their children.'It's a difficult balancing act, but it's important to spend time with children and partners at the weekend and anytime during the day.'Trying to eat dinner around the table three or four times a week, playing football at the park or hearing the kids will all help family bonding.'That's why we want children and partners to celebrate Father's Day this Sunday, to show fathers they are appreciated, and for everything they do.'The study, carried out between the 9th and 11th June, asked dads to select what they felt that their main role was.Seventy four percent picked 'bwinner', 53 percent picked 'father', 52 percent opted for 'husband' and 18 percent went for 'gardener'.Vocabulary:bwinner:a person who earns a livelihood, esp. one who also supports dependents(养家糊口的人,负担家计的人)staggeringly: causing great astonishment, amazement, or dismay; overwhelming(惊人地,难以想象地)背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106692 The Chicago Board of Trade is the world's oldest futures and options exchange. There, commodities and other financial instruments are traded daily. As the clock ticks towards a deadline to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, traders believe a default on that debt is still highly unlikely, and are more concerned about the consequences of a potential downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. 芝加哥商品交易所是世界上最老的期权和期货交易所。在那里,人们每天都在进行各种各样的大宗商品和其它金融工具的交易活动。虽然提高美国债务上限的最后期限在一秒一秒地接近,但那里的交易商们认为,美国发生债务违约的可能性是很小的。他们更关心的是美国的信用评级一旦被下调可能会引起什么样的后果。In the debate about raising the limit on government borrowing in the ed States, lawmakers acknowledge that failure could bring a default on the debts owed by the ed States government. 在关于提高美国政府借债限额的争论中,国会议员们承认如果借债限额不能提高的话,美国政府就有可能发生债务违约。But Scott Shellady, who watches investments for ICAP Energy in Chicago, says a true default is highly unlikely. 不过,芝加哥ICAP能源公司的投资分析师斯考特·舍拉迪(Scott Shelladay)认为,真正的政府违约是根本不可能的。“I think the downgrade is what we should be talking about rather than default. We’re not going to default. We’ve got enough receipts that are coming in to meet our obligations. We’re using that word to get something done sooner rather than later,” Shellady said. 他说:“我认为我们应该谈论的是美国的信用评级被下调而不是违约。我们不会违约。我们有足够的收入来付债务。我们只是通过讨论违约的问题来争取把问题早点解决而不是拖下去。”The ed States has had the best possible credit rating, triple-A, since 1917. The main credit rating agencies say they are reviewing the U.S. government debt situation for a potential downgrade. The consequences of a downgrade would be far-reaching. 自1917年以来,美国的信用评级总是最高的,也就是三A级。主要的信用评级公司表示,他们在关注美国政府的债务状况,有可能下调美国的信用评级。如果美国的信用评级真的被下调,后果将是深远的。“We are going to have to attract buyers for our bonds to continue to pay our debts and run our government. The only way we can really do that is to give them a higher return. So our interest rates are going to have to go up to attract outside investors, and in doing so it’s going to drive everyone else’s interest rates up all the way down the line,” Shellady said. 舍拉迪说:“我们必须吸引人们购买美国的债券,这样我们才能够付债务,才能够维持政府的运转。我们要吸引买主的唯一方法是给他们提供更高的回报。所以,我们的利率就得提高,这样才能对外国投资者产生吸引力。这样做的时候,大家的利率就只会越来越高了。”201107/146493武汉/汉南区男科预约武汉/小便刺痛出血



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