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遵义做吸脂瘦腿手术遵义韩美医院做去疤手术多少钱A couple of months ago I inherited some items that had once belonged to my mother. Most of these boxes invoked poignant joy. But one produced a moral dilemma.I found a collection of fur garments, wrapped in plastic, that my mother had inherited from her mother. This included a fabulous floor-length mink coat of the sort that heiresses once commonly wore around New York or Geneva, and wealthy women still sport in Moscow or Davos.Should I wear that coat? Toss it away? Just sell it on eBay? Twenty years ago my answer would have been clear: I would have conducted a ritual burning of the mink while enveloped in a smug glow of political correctness. I started my adult life as a tie-dye-wearing anthropology student and back then the animal rights movement was running such a slick anti-fur campaign that mink seemed taboo to westerners of my age. Who can forget those ghastly posters of slaughtered seals? Or the shots of fur-clad ladies being doused in red paint in the streets by angry protesters?In those days, sporting fur in public seemed like an act of deliberate provocation — even before you factored in the issues of privilege and wealth. Indeed, fur was so controversial that I had forgotten my mother even had a mink coat because she barely wore it.But today, my attitudes to fur — like those of many western consumers — have become less black and white. Or sable and cream, perhaps. That is partly due to experience: having lived in Russia I now realise that fur is extraordinarily effective at combating extreme cold. But it is also because I have become increasingly aware of the capricious nature of political campaigns and concepts of political correctness, particularly in an era of social media. The more I think about it, the odder it seems that someone should throw a paintball at a fur coat but still wear leather, eat factory-farmed meat or buy most types of fast fashion, given what is happening in some workshops.In any case, a moral analysis of fur has become more complicated. Fur has been associated with some shamefully cruel practices in the past. But it is not always associated with animal cruelty: these days designers in places such as Vermont are making fur coats out of road kill, and parts of the industry are becoming better regulated.The social ecosystem of fur is also more complex than it might seem. When fur prices tumbled in the 1980s, due to the anti-fur campaign, the biggest victims were not the rich women whose coats were doused in red paint — but indigenous groups, in places such as Canada, who had relied on the fur trade for their living.But the other complicating factor is technology. In the past couple of decades it has become easy to produce a fake fur coat. Sometimes these are fashioned to look as artificial as possible (apparently, a hot item this winter is a peppermint-green fake fur). But often, such items look identical to my mink. Either way, the trend has lessened the stigma around fur, making it more widely worn. Indeed, since 1995, prices have risen.In some ways this is deeply ironic. In centuries past fur was valuable because it seemed so exclusive and natural. Now its acceptability and price are rising because of plentiful fakes. If nothing else, this should remind us all of just how malleable many of our symbols can be, and how arbitrary our concepts of “value”. We are all trapped by deeply embedded cultural rules we inherit from our surroundings, often without much thought.I am a case in point. For many weeks that mink sat untouched in my closet in New York while I uneasily pondered what to do. Then my own daughters stumbled on the bags and it suddenly occurred to me that wearing that coat, whatever its origins, could be an ecologically positive act. Burning the coat would not bring dead animals back to life. But wearing it would at least be recycling it.So when the temperature plunged I finally swathed myself in the sensual layers of mink. Part of me still feels a touch uneasy sporting it in the street. But I comfort myself with the fact that, as one of my daughters acerbically pointed out, nobody knows if it is real. Perhaps that would have made my grandmother spin in her grave. I prefer to chuckle at the irony — and hope that the next generation of fur coats can be produced in the most humane way possible.几个月前,我继承了一些曾经属于我母亲的东西。大多数箱子都让我悲欣交集。然而其中一个箱子却让我陷入了道德上的两难境地。那个箱子里有一些用塑料膜包裹的皮草外衣,是母亲从姥姥那里继承来的。其中包括一件极赞的及地貂皮大衣,就是过去纽约或者日内瓦的女继承人常穿的那种,现在在莫斯科或者达沃斯,富有的女性也依然穿着这种大衣在外招摇。我是应该穿这件大衣?还是扔掉它?还是干脆在eBay上卖掉?如果是20年前,我的选择会很明确:我会举行一个小仪式,烧掉这件貂皮大衣,沉浸在政治正确带来的强烈自得之中。我刚跨入成年时期的时候,还是一个喜欢穿扎染衣的人类学学生,那时动物权利运动发起的反皮草运动开展得如此成功,以至于貂皮似乎成了当时西方年轻人的禁忌。谁能忘记那些画着屠杀海豹画面的可怕海报?或者大街上穿皮草的女性被愤怒的抗议者泼红漆的照片?在那个时代,在公开场合穿皮草这种行为本身似乎就是一种故意挑衅,更何况它还有炫耀特权和财富之嫌。的确,那时皮草极富争议,我母亲几乎没穿过,以至于我都忘记了她还有一件貂皮大衣。但是现在,和许多西方消费者一样,我对皮草的态度变得不是那么非黑即白,或者大概说,不是那么非“紫貂”即“白貂”了。部分原因源自经验:在俄罗斯生活过以后,我现在意识到,皮草抵御极寒的效果绝佳。此外还因为,我越来越意识到政治运动和政治正确的概念是多么反复无常,尤其是在社交媒体时代。我越是思考这件事,就越觉得蹊跷:有的人怎么能一方面朝皮草大衣扔油漆弹,另一方面却依然穿着皮革制品、吃工业化养殖动物的肉,不顾一些制衣厂正在上演的非人道事件,购买各种的快时尚时装?无论如何,对皮草进行道德分析变得更复杂了。皮草与过去的一些可耻的残忍行径被联系在了一起,但皮草并不是总是都和虐待动物有关:现在,美国佛蒙特州等地的设计师利用道路上被车轧死的动物制作皮草大衣,皮草业某些部分的监管状况也正在改善。皮草的社会生态环境也比表面看起来更加复杂。由于反皮草运动,上世纪80年代皮草价格暴跌,但当时最大的受害者却不是那些皮草大衣被泼红漆的富家女性,而是加拿大等地那些一直靠皮草贸易维持生计的原住民。另一个让情况复杂化的因素是技术。过去几十年,制作仿皮草大衣变得更加简单。有时,看起来尽可能有人造感还是一种时尚(显然,今年冬天的一个热门单品就是薄荷绿仿皮草)。但大多数时候,仿皮草单品看起来和我这件真貂皮并无二致。不论如何,这种潮流都部分洗刷了皮草背负的污名,让穿皮草的人越来越多。事实上,1995年后皮草的价格一直在上涨。从某些方面来说,这真是一种莫大的讽刺。过去几百年来,皮草因其稀有和天然而贵重。如今却是因为仿皮草制品众多,皮草的接受度和价格双双上升。撇开别的不说,这起码昭示出我们的许多“符号”是多么容易改变,我们对“价值”的定义又是多么的主观。我们都受困于周遭环境潜移默化带给我们的一些根深蒂固的文化规则,这个过程中我们往往都没有细想。我本人就是一个例子。许多星期以来,这件貂皮大衣原封不动地待在我纽约寓所的衣柜里,我忐忑不安地考虑该怎么做。然后我的女儿们偶然发现了装衣的袋子,而我突然想到,不管这件大衣是怎么制作出来的,穿上它是一种对生态有益的行为。烧掉这件大衣无法让死去的动物们起死回生,但穿上它至少让它再次得到了利用。因此,当气温猛降的时候,我终于把自己包裹在了舒的貂皮里。穿着貂皮大衣在街上走,我心里还是有一丝不安。但我安慰自己,正如我一个女儿尖刻地指出的那样,根本没人知道这件貂皮大衣是不是真的。我姥姥若是听到我女儿的话,或许会气得在坟墓里翻身。但我宁愿对女儿的讽刺一笑置之,并且寄望于下一代皮草大衣能够以尽可能最人道的方式制作。遵义绥阳县治疗黄褐斑要多少钱 Turning what was once conventional wisdom on its head, a new study suggests that many, if not most peanut allergies can be prevented by feeding young children food containing peanuts beginning in infancy, rather than avoiding such foods.与传统观念相反,一项新研究表明,与其完全避免花生,如果从婴儿时期便开始食用含有花生的食物,反而可以防止很多——甚至大多数——花生过敏。About 2 percent of American children are allergic to peanuts, a figure that has more than quadrupled since 1997 for reasons that are not entirely clear. There have also been big increases in other Western countries. For some people, even traces of peanuts can be life-threatening.约2%的美国儿童对花生过敏,这个数字比1997年增长了四倍多,原因不甚明确。其他西方国家的花生过敏症也大量增多。对有些人来说,摄入微量花生都可能致命。An editorial published Monday in The New England Journal of Medicine, along with the study, called the results “so compelling” and the rise of peanut allergies “so alarming” that guidelines for how to feed infants at risk of peanut allergies should be revised soon.周一,《新英格兰医学杂志》(The New England Journal of Medicine)发表了这项研究和一篇社论。社论称,这些研究结果“十分令人信”,花生过敏的增多“特别令人担忧”,所以关于应该如何喂养有花生过敏风险的婴儿的指导准则应该立即修正。The study “clearly indicates that the early introduction of peanut dramatically decreases the risk of development of peanut allergy,” said the editorial, by Dr. Rebecca S. Gruchalla of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Dr. Hugh A. Sampson of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. It also “makes it clear that we can do something now to reverse the increasing prevalence of peanut allergy.”社论称,这项研究“清楚表明,幼儿期摄入花生能极大降低患花生过敏症的风险”。社论作者是得克萨斯大学西南医学中心的丽贝卡·S·格鲁查拉士(Rebecca S. Gruchalla)和纽约市芒特西奈伊坎医学院的休·A·桑普森士(Hugh A. Sampson)。社论称,这项研究还“清楚表明,现在我们可以行动起来,逆转花生过敏的增长趋势”。In the study, conducted in London, infants 4 to 11 months old who were deemed at high risk of developing a peanut allergy were randomly assigned either to be regularly fed food that contained peanuts or to be denied such food. These feeding patterns continued until the children were 5 years old. Those who consumed the foods that had peanuts in them were far less likely to be allergic to peanuts when they turned 5.这项研究在伦敦进行,研究者在有花生过敏高风险的4至11个月婴儿中进行随机分配,其中一些定期喂食含花生的食物,其余的不喂食这种食物。这种喂养模式一直持续到孩子五岁。那些食用含花生食物的孩子到五岁时对花生过敏的比率大为减少。Dr. Gideon Lack, a professor of pediatric allergy at King’s College London and the leader of the study, said the common practice of withholding peanuts from babies “could have been in part responsible for the rise in peanut allergies we have seen.”这项研究的带头人、伦敦大学国王学院的儿科过敏教授吉迪恩·拉克士(Gideon Lack)说,不让婴儿吃花生的这种常见做法“可能是花生过敏症增多的一个原因”。Whether infants should be fed peanuts and other foods associated with allergies is one of the most common questions parents ask about introducing solid foods to their children, said Dr. Ruchi Gupta, associate professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University, who was not involved in the study. “And until now most of what we can say is there’s not very conclusive data.”美国西北大学儿科学副教授鲁奇· 古普塔士(Ruchi Gupta,她没有参与这项研究)说,婴儿是否应该吃花生或其他与过敏症相关的食物是父母在给孩子添加固体食物时经常询问的一个问题,“直到现在,我们能说的大致上还是,还没有非常确定的数据”。The American Academy of Pediatrics, in guidelines released in 2000, recommended that peanuts be withheld from children at risk of developing allergies until they were 3 years old.美国儿科学会在2000年发布的指导准则中建议,为了防范过敏,三岁前不要给孩子吃花生。In 2008, the academy revised its stance, saying there was no conclusive evidence that avoidance of certain foods beyond 4 to 6 months of age helped stave off allergies, but stopped short of recommending that parents give their young children such foods.2008年,该学会改变了立场,称没有明确据明,在四至六个月年龄段后不食用某些食物能帮助防止过敏,但是也没有建议父母给幼儿喂食这种食物。“There was no study showing that that was the right thing to do,” said Dr. Wesley Burks, chairman of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina, who was not involved in the new research. Now, with the new study, he said, there is such evidence.“当时没有任何研究表明,在幼儿时期喂食含花生的食物是正确的,”北卡罗来纳大学儿科学主任韦斯利·伯克斯士(Wesley Burks,他没有参与这项新研究)说。他说,现在这项新研究提供了据。The results of the study were presented on Monday at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Houston.周一,这项研究的结果在休斯顿的美国过敏、哮喘和免疫学会(American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)年度大会上公布。Pediatricians caution that parents should not feed whole peanuts to infants because of the choking risk, but rather peanut butter or other foods.儿科医生警告父母们不要给婴儿喂整颗花生,因为有窒息风险,而要喂花生酱或其他花生制品。Dr. Lack said he first began to question the conventional wisdom about 15 years ago when he gave a talk in Tel Aviv and asked doctors in the audience how many had patients with peanut allergy. Only three hands went up. “In the U.K., if you had asked that question, every single member of the audience would have put up their hand,” he said.拉克说,他第一次质疑传统观点是在约15年前,当时他在特拉维夫作报告,他问听众中的医生有多少遇到过花生过敏症病人。只有三个人举手。“在英国,如果你问那个问题,所有听众都会举手,”他说。So Dr. Lack and colleagues conducted a survey, published in 2008, that found the rate of peanut allergy in Israeli children was only about one-tenth that of Jewish children in Britain. The best explanation, they concluded, was that Israeli infants consumed high amount of peanut protein in the first year of life while parents in Britain avoided giving such foods.所以,拉克和同事们进行了一项调查,调查结果于2008年发表。他们发现,以色列儿童的花生过敏症比率只有英国犹太儿童的约十分之一。他们推断,最可能的原因是,以色列婴儿在头一年中摄入了大量花生蛋白质,而英国父母不给婴儿吃这种食物。Some other studies have also found that earlier feeding of allergy-inducing foods was associated with lower allergy rates. But such observational studies are not definitive because there could be unexplored factors that account for the differences.其他一些研究也发现,在幼儿期喂食致敏食物与过敏症比率较低有关。但是这样的观察性研究不具有确定性,因为这种差异可能是其他未知因素造成的。The new study, by contrast, was a randomized trial in which the only difference between two groups of children was whether they were fed peanut protein. The study, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other organizations in the ed States and Britain, involved infants 4 to 11 months old deemed to have a high risk of peanut allergy because they aly had severe eczema or were allergic to eggs.相比之下,这项新研究是随机试验,这两组儿童之间的唯一区别是是否食用花生蛋白质。这项研究由美国国家卫生研究院以及美国和英国的其他一些组织赞助。研究对象是有花生过敏高风险的4至11个月大的婴儿,因为他们已经出现严重湿疹或者对鸡蛋过敏。The infants were given skin-prick tests for peanut allergy. Those aly allergic to peanuts were excluded from the study.研究者对这些婴儿进行了花生过敏皮试。那些已经对花生过敏的婴儿被排除在研究之外。Some 530 children were did not have peanut allergy on that initial test. Parents of half of them were told to avoid peanuts. The other half were told to feed their children at least six grams of peanut protein per week, the equivalent of about 24 peanuts, sp over three or more meals. The preferred food was Bamba, an Israeli snack made of puffed corn and peanut butter.约有530名婴儿在初次皮试中没有出现花生过敏。研究者要求其中一半婴儿的父母不要给孩子喂食花生制品,要求另一半父母每周至少给孩子喂食六克花生蛋白质,大约相当于24颗花生,分散在三餐(或更多顿)中食用。研究者推荐的食物是Bamba,它是一种用爆米花和花生酱做成的以色列零食。The children were given another allergy test when they turned 5. Only 1.9 percent of those who were fed peanuts were allergic to them, compared with 13.7 percent of the children in the group that avoided peanuts.这些孩子长到五岁时,又进行了一次过敏测试。吃花生的婴儿中只有1.9%对花生过敏,而不吃花生的那组中有13.7%对花生过敏。An additional 98 infants had a weakly positive test when the study began, suggesting they were on their way to developing a full-fledged allergy. Among those children, only 10.6 percent of those fed food containing peanuts developed that allergy by age 5, far less than the 35.3 percent rate for children whose parents avoided feeding them peanuts.另有98名婴儿在初次皮试中表现为弱阳性,说明他们正在向全面过敏症发展。在这些孩子中,食用含花生食物的孩子只有10.6%在五岁时出现花生过敏症,这个比率远远低于不吃含花生食物的孩子,后者的比率是35.3%。“You got a definitive outcome, which I think is a very important thing,” said Dr. James R. Baker Jr., chief executive of FARE, or Food Allergy Research and Education, an advocacy group that helped pay for the study.“我们得到了确定的结果,我觉得这很重要,”食物过敏研究和教育组织(Food Allergy Research and Education)的负责人小詹姆斯·R·贝克士(Dr. James R. Baker Jr.)说。该组织是资助这项研究的一个倡议组织。There are some caveats. Parents knew which group they were in. And the study was done at a single site in London with 75 percent white children. However, the results were the same for the small number of children of other ethnic groups in the study, the researchers said.其他需要说明的情况是:父母们知道自己在哪个组。这项研究是在伦敦的单个地方进行的,其中75%是白人儿童。不过,研究者说,这项研究中的其他少量族群的结果也是一样的。Moreover, it is still unknown whether allergies might yet develop if the regular feeding of peanuts stopped. To test this, the children in the study were taken off peanuts after they turned 5 and are being followed for a year.另外,目前仍不明确的是,如果常规的花生喂养中断,是否仍会发展成过敏症。为了测试这一点,这项研究中的孩子们五岁后中止食用花生,继续观察了一年。It is also unknown if the same strategy would work with other foods or for children not considered at a high risk of getting a peanut allergy. Some pediatricians said that if feeding peanut foods to children at risk was beneficial, there would be no reason to withhold such food from children not prone to allergies.还有一点不确定的是,同样的策略是否适用于其他致敏食物或没有花生过敏高风险的儿童。有些儿科医生说,如果给有风险的孩子喂食花生制品是有益的,那么没理由不给不易过敏的儿童吃这些食物。Changing practice might not be easy. “I do think parents have the highest fear of introducing peanuts,” said Dr. Gupta of Northwestern. Eight years ago, she withheld peanuts from her own baby daughter, who had eczema and was allergic to eggs. The girl developed a peanut allergy.改变做法可能并不容易。“我确实认为父母们最怕给孩子吃花生,”西北大学的古普塔说。八年前,她不让自己的幼女吃花生,因为女儿已出现湿疹,且对鸡蛋过敏。她女儿后来患上了花生过敏症。In light of the new study, Dr. Gupta said, “I’m kind of slapping myself on the wrist.”古普塔说,看到这项新研究,“我有点自责”。 /201503/3626591.;If you want to know what a man#39;s like , take a good look at how he treats his inferiors , not his wquals.;   —Sirius Black , Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  如果你想知道一个人到底怎么样,那就好好看看他是怎么对待比他卑微的物种的,而非和他平等的人。——小天狼·布莱克《哈利·波特与火焰杯》 /201502/359040遵义赤水市哪家医院脱毛好

遵义市播州区医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱Rod Drury, an entrepreneur in Auckland, New Zealand, regularly visits the ed States. Sometimes there are multiple visits a day.新西兰奥克兰的创业者罗德·德鲁里(Rod Drury)经常去美国。有时候一天要去若干次。“People here can’t get Netflix, so they get a VPN that gives them a U.S. I.P. address, and watch Netflix like they’re in America,” he said. “If I want something off iTunes, I buy U.S. cards online.”“这里的人看不到Netflix,所以要通过VPN得到一个美国的IP地址,伪装成在美国的样子来看Netflix,”他说。“要是想上iTunes买点什么,我会去网上买美国卡。”Decoding the jargon: Millions of people around the world now pay for virtual private computer networks — a security method that uses encryption to hide Internet traffic — and similar services to hook into a server in the ed States. As far as the and retail services can tell, Mr. Drury is one more American customer.解释一下这堆术语:全世界有成千上万的人在花钱购买虚拟专用电脑网络——一种通过加密来隐藏网络数据往来的安全方法——以及类似的务,为的是连入美国的务器。从视频和零售务商的角度看,德鲁里无非是又一个美国顾客。If the Internet breaks down national boundaries, it may happen from the comfort of our couches. VPNs were originally thought of as a way for companies to guarantee security or dissidents to avoid the prying eyes of their governments. Now they are part of a larger movement for people to work and play anywhere on the planet, at all times.如果说互联网推倒了国界,那么这一切可能是我们舒舒靠在沙发上时发生的。VPN原本是企业用来确保安全的一种手段,或者被异见人士用来躲避政府的监控。如今它已经属于一场涉及面更广的运动,被全世界的人在工作、玩乐中随时用到。And if the software can’t come to consumers, the customers use VPN to get to the software.如果软件不能为消费者所用,顾客就通过VPN主动去使用该软件。“Unblock geo-restricted websites and web services like Netflix, Hulu, B iPlayer, Skype, and many more!” says the webpage of PureVPN, which charges a year to turn you into a virtual American. You might prefer being Canadian, since Netflix Canada has a bigger selection of films.“解除Netflix、Hulu、B iPlayer、Skype等等等等网站和网络务的区域封锁!”PureVPN的网页上写着。该务收取每年45美元(约合280元人民币)的费用,把你变成一个虚拟美国人。也许你应该选择当加拿大人,因为Netflix加拿大站点的电影选择更多。Unblock-us, a service Mr. Drury uses that is similar to a VPN, charges annually. It offers easy access to scores of movie, television and sports s that collectively would probably be impossible to obtain in most countries.德鲁里使用的Unblock-us是一种类似VPN的务,年费50美元。通过它可以方便地获取大量电影、电视和体育视频。在绝大多数国家,同时获取这么多内容都是不太可能的。Uzair Gadit, the co-founder and director of PureVPN, says his company provides services to people in 90 countries who want to go virtually overseas unhindered.PureVPN的联合创始人、董事乌扎尔·加迪特(Uzair Gadit)说,公司的客户遍布全世界90个国家,这些人都希望能自如地虚拟出国。Online gamers use PureVPN to avoid service slowdowns with local Internet providers, as well as cyberattacks by rival gamers. Online retailers in many countries, Mr. Gadit says, need a stealthy way to collect prices from Amazon, eBay and others, to make sure they are competitive. Globally, he figures, perhaps 20 million consumers use VPNs and similar services to reach more than 300 channels that are geographically blocked in some way.网络游戏玩家使用PureVPN来避免被本地互联网供应商的低网速拖累,或是遭到对手的网络攻击。加迪特说,许多国家的网络零售商需要通过隐蔽的方式来搜集亚马逊(Amazon)和eBay等网站的价格,以确保它们能给出有竞争力的价格。他估计全球有大约2000万消费者在使用VPN或类似务,以便获取300余种受区域限制的频道。“You might be amazed how much people want to watch stuff,” Mr. Gadit said. “We had 100 percent growth for each of the last three years, and we’re expecting that again this year. We hear Apple is creating a Netflix-like service — that’s great news for us.”“你肯定猜不到人们有多想看这些东西,”加迪特说。“过去三年我们每年都有100%的增长,今年预计还是有这么大的幅度。我们听说苹果(Apple)在制作一种类似Netflix的务——对我们是重大利好消息。”PureVPN is in Hong Kong, an odd place for a company that also keeps people invisible to state spies. “China only spies on its own people,” Mr. Gadit said. “Most of the world worries about the U.S., the U.K., Australia and New Zealand — they spy on everybody.”PureVPN位于香港,对于一个同时还在帮助人们躲开政府监控的公司来说,这个选址是很奇怪的。“中国只监视自己的国民,”加迪特说。“大多数人担心的是美国、英国,澳大利亚和新西兰——它们什么人都监视。”Netflix’s terms of service forbid customers from circumventing regional barriers to its content, though the company is aware this is not universally respected. “There’s not a lot we can do to track that since VPNs by their very nature are set up to be difficult to spot,” Cliff Edwards, a Netflix spokesman, said in an email. Netflix also plans to offer service in New Zealand next month.Netflix的务条款禁止用户规避其内容的区域壁垒,不过公司知道并非所有人都把这条规矩当回事。“我们也没什么办法来搞追踪,VPN本身的特性决定了它很难被发现,”Netflix发言人克里夫·爱德华兹(Cliff Edwards)在电子邮件中说。Netflix还计划下月在新西兰开展务。What drives this enthusiasm for VPNs, it could be argued, is the way media companies are not providing entertainment fast enough in a world where everyone can be hip to the newest movie and television show. New Zealand movie theaters are now showing “Dumb and Dumber To,” which was on screens in the ed States in November.可以说,在这样一个大家都追逐最新影视节目的世界里,媒体公司提供内容的速度却不够快,对VPN热潮起到了推动作用。新西兰的电影院现在放映的《阿呆与阿瓜2》(Dumb and Dumber To),在美国是去年11月上映的。“There is a mismatch between the perception that you get what you want over the Internet and distribution doesn’t matter anymore, and a copyright holder selling things by territory,” said Tim Wu, a professor of media and copyright at Columbia Law School.“一方面你觉得从互联网可以得到想要的一切,发行已经无关紧要,另一方面,版权持有人又在分区出售内容,两者是对不上的,”哥伦比亚大学法学院(Columbia Law School)媒体与版权教授吴修铭(Tim Wu)说。“The industry is depending on 95 percent of the population thinking the technology is too complex for them to use,” he said. “If there is a simple device that does this for consumers, entertainment’s easy assumption of territoriality will change.”“这个产业指望的是95%的人认为技术太复杂,不适合他们用,”他说。“如果有一种简单的设备能帮消费者完成这些事,分区这种想当然的设定就要动摇了。”While it is diverting to consider what these copyright-beating services mean to entertainment, the end of borders and regions because of global networks has significant implications for the workplace.想到这些摧垮版权的务将给带来怎样的改变,固然值得欣喜,但全球网络对国界和地区的终结,在商务层面有着更加深远的影响。Mr. Drury is founder and chief executive of Xero, which makes cloud-based accounting software. He has customers in 150 countries, 2014 revenue of 0 million and 1,100 employees sp over four nations. A substantial amount of Xero’s revenue comes from accountants who make a living by doing the books of companies in countries on the other side of the world.德鲁里是云端财会软件开发商Xero的创始人兼首席执行官。他的客户遍布150个国家,2014年的营收达1亿美元,在四个国家拥有1100名员工。Xero的收入中,有相当一部分来自那些给地球另一端的公司做账的会计员。Xero built a basic accounting software model, then adapted it to a country’s local accounting quirks. It relies on back-end computing that does not need to be near the work.Xero创建了一种基本的财会软件模型,然后根据每个国家的财会偏好做出相应调整。这种务依赖后端计算,并不需要在用户身边。Elsewhere, individuals who toiled online via freelance sites like Elance and ODesk did million worth of work outside their country of residence in January. That was an increase of more than 50 percent in two years. On the Indonesian island of Bali, a tropical paradise popular with foreigners, 100,000 online freelancers are registered with Elance and ODesk, which operate jointly.在别的领域,许多个人通过Elance和ODesk等自由职业者的网站勤奋工作,仅在1月份就在他们所在国家以外的地方挣出了6700万美元。这是在两年内实现了超过50%的增长。在印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,一个受外国游客青睐的热带天堂,10万网络自由职业者在Elance和ODesk上注册。这两家网站是联合运营的。“Tech is globalizing everything, so anyone building just a regional strategy isn’t thinking big enough,” Mr. Drury said.“科技将一切都全球化了,如果有谁还在制定一种地区性的策略,那就是目光短浅,”德鲁里说。 /201502/359845遵义哪家纹眉好 The folks who successfully bid .3m for lunch with Warren Buffett can expect a convivial event filled with jokes, investment wisdom and life advice, according to those who have won in previous years — but they had better keep an eye on their soft drinks.成功投标230万美元与沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)共进午餐的人们,可以期待一段欢乐的时光,充满了笑料、投资智慧和人生建议,但他们最好盯紧自己的软饮料——这是往年的中标者介绍的“经验”。This year’s annual auction was won by a Chinese online games development company called Dalian Zeus Entertainment, which can take up to eight people to meet the legendary investor.中国网游开发公司大连天神(Dalian Zeus Entertainment)赢得今年的年度拍卖,中标者可以带至多8人会晤巴菲特这位具有传奇色的投资者。Since Mr Buffett began the tradition in 2000, his lunches have raised m for Glide, a San Francisco charity supporting the city’s poor and homeless.自巴菲特在2000年开启这一传统以来,这些年来他的“拍卖”午餐已为Glide(一家旧金山慈善机构,持该市的穷人和无家可归者)筹集了2000万美元。Monsoon Pabrai’s most vivid memory from her lunch was that Mr Buffett pinched her Cherry Coke, thinking it was his. She was 12 at the time. Her hedge fund manager father, Mohnish Pabrai, took his two daughters along after he and a friend won with their 0,100 bid in 2007.梦松#8226;帕波莱(Monsoon Pabrai)对那顿午餐的最生动记忆是,巴菲特拿起她的樱桃可乐(Cherry Coke)喝了起来,以为那是他自己的。那年她才12岁。当时,身为对冲基金经理的父亲莫尼什#8226;帕波莱(Mohnish Pabrai)和一个朋友在2007年以65.01万美元中标后,带上自己的两个女儿与巴菲特共进午餐。Now, partly inspired by that lunch, Ms Pabrai is doing an internship at the investment office at University of California, Los Angeles, and hoping to go into the world of endowments, but she also remembers Mr Buffett’s advice outside the sphere of investments.部分是在那顿午餐的激励下,如今帕波莱女士正在美国加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)的投资办公室实习,并希望进入捐赠基金的世界,但她也记得巴菲特在投资范畴以外的建议。“He said the greatest decision we would make is who to marry,” she recalls. “Now every time my sister and I go on dates, that echoes in our heads.”“他说,我们一生中将要做出的最大决定是与谁结婚。”她回忆道,“现在,每当我和出去跟别人约会,那条建议就会在我们的脑海里产生回音。”Guy Spier, who bid with Mr Pabrai, recalls “the way the air vibrates” around Mr Buffett. Mr Spier has since written a book on what he has learnt from Mr Buffett, both personally and through following his value investment principles, and he puts some of his professional success down to the lunch.当年与帕波莱联合投标的盖伊#8226;施皮尔(Guy Spier)对巴菲特周围的气场记忆犹新。施皮尔后来写了一本书,介绍他从巴菲特那里学到的东西——无论是个人层面的哲理,还是因遵循巴菲特价值投资原则而得到的收获。他将自己的一部分职业成功归功于那顿午餐。“The world is not a fair place,” he said. “Who you hang out with counts. Hanging out with people better than you counts. Somebody knows that I had lunch with Warren Buffett, at the margin that makes it more likely that they will want to hang out with me.”“世界不是一个公平的地方,”他表示,“你跟谁打交道是重要的。与比你更优秀的人打交道很重要。有人听说了我曾与巴菲特共进午餐,至少这使得他们更有可能想要与我打交道。”The price of breaking b with Mr Buffett began rising dramatically after the auction switched to eBay in 2003, opening it up to fans from all over the world. This year’s winning bid is 838 per cent higher than that paid in 2003 by David Einhorn, the famed short seller, and the highest bid ever was .5m in 2012.自拍卖活动在2003年转至eBay进行、让世界各地的粉丝都能投标以来,与巴菲特一起吃饭的价格就开始戏剧性上涨。今年的中标价格比2003年知名卖空者戴维#8226;艾因霍恩(David Einhorn)付出的价格高838%。历年来的最高出价是2012年的350万美元。The cost of the meal itself, now donated by steakhouse chain Smith amp; Wollensky, has risen more modestly. Restaurant food prices are up 41 per cent over the same period, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. But even at the highest price tag, winning the auction can be worth every cent.午餐——如今由牛排连锁餐厅“史密斯与沃伦斯基”(Smith amp; Wollensky)捐赠——本身的开销上涨更为温和。根据美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)的数据,同期餐厅食品价格上涨了41%。但是,即使以最高的价码中标,赢得这场拍卖也可能物超所值。Mr Buffett surprised a two-time winning bidder — a hedge fund manager from Virginia named Ted Weschler — by offering him a job at the end of their second meal. Mr Weschler is now in line to take over some investment duties at Berkshire Hathaway when Mr Buffett retires as chief executive.巴菲特曾给两度中标的弗吉尼亚州对冲基金经理泰德#8226;韦施勒(Ted Weschler)一个惊喜:在他们的第二顿午餐结束时向他提供了一个职位。如今,韦施勒将在巴菲特从首席执行官职位上退休之后,接手伯克希尔哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)的一部分投资职责。Duan Yongping, the Chinese electronics entrepreneur turned investor, has stayed away from airline stocks after discussing Mr Buffett’s own disastrous foray into the sector with him at lunch in 2006. “I love to talk to him,” Mr Duan said. “He uses the most simple words to explain the most complicated things.”从中国电子行业企业家转型为投资者的段永平,在2006年与巴菲特共进午餐时,讨论了巴菲特自己投资航空公司的灾难性经历,自那以来段永平一直避开航空公司股票。“我爱与他交谈,”段永平表示,“他能用最简单的语言来解释最复杂的事情。”Glide’s co-founder Janice Mirikitani said at the launch of the auction last week: “The divides are getting bigger between the haves and have-nots. Mr Buffett inspires others who have the means to help bridge that divide.”Glide联合创始人贾尼丝#8226;美里木谷(Janice Mirikitani)上周在发起拍卖时表示:“富人与穷人之间的差距越来越大了。巴菲特激励其他有能力的人士帮助弥合这一鸿沟。”Mr Spier declined to put a figure on the return on investment from his winning bid, but he is certain of its value. “We could give that money to Harvard or Yale,” he said, “but it would not even buy you a plaque. It would only buy you lunch with the Dean.”施皮尔拒绝量化与巴菲特共进午餐的投资回报,但他对这个机会的价值确信无疑。“我们可以把那笔钱捐给哈佛(Harvard)或耶鲁(Yale),”他说,“但它连一块牌匾都买不到,只够你与院长共进午餐。” /201506/379805遵义赤水市除皱的费用

遵义市第一人民医院激光祛痣多少钱Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner or maybe just tea time, good meal time habits are always essential because not only do they reflect you as a person, but it is a good time for everyone to bond and build relationships. But with every family and every meal, there are a set of things that nearly every family might do wrong and these set of tips just promote good habits that we must all inculcate the next time we have a meal with our families or friends just for the betterment of ourselves as individuals。无论是在吃早点,中餐、晚饭还是喝茶时人们都应保持有良好的用餐习惯,好的习惯不仅能反映出一个人的形象问题,而且它还是一个建立和加强人际关系的良好时机,因此用餐时养成好的习惯非常重要。但是几乎所有的家庭在用餐时,都不同程度上会犯些错误。而这些教你养成好习惯的贴士下次我们在与家人或者 朋友一起用餐时务必遵循。1.Always eat together as a family.1.一家人应时常聚在一起吃饭。Many families with young children, older persons or teenagers will know that a lot of times, meals have to be brought to the person’s room but try not to encourage this and have at least one meal that the entire family eats together. Preferably make this dinner because if it is breakfast, family members might be hurrying up to get to school or work and lunch might be spent at the school or work place so try going for a family dinner together. Encouraging a good family dinner means that the family learns to bond together and members who like to be in isolation most of the time are pulled into the family too。家有小孩,老人与青少年的家庭都知道,很多时候,他们会把饭带到自己的房间里去吃,但尽量不要提倡这种做法,每天至少应有一餐整个家庭成员聚在 一起吃。或许晚餐是个最好的选择,如果选择早餐一起吃,家庭成员中可能有人要敢赶时间去学校或上班,而中餐大部分时间则在学校或工地度过,因此尽量在晚餐 时大家聚在一起。一个气氛令人鼓舞的家庭晚宴能使家人的心紧密联系在一起,而且对家庭成员中那些内心孤僻的人来说很多时候他们也会感到家的温馨因而融入其 中。2.Promote good dinner time chat.2.营造良好用餐谈话氛围。It is no use getting your entire family to sit around the dinner table if it feels awkward because no one is talking. Teenagers and children might even turn against you because of this. Try to talk to everyone asking what they’ve been up to the whole day, whether or not they like the food, what they could change in it and just keep the conversation flowing。一家人围坐在餐桌前如果因为觉得尴尬而彼此不说话就没有意义。孩子们也可能会对你的这种安排产生憎恨的情绪。尽量跟家庭成员的每一个人说说话,了解下他们今天做了些什么事情,是否对你做的饭菜感到满意,他们能否对你做的饭菜再进行些调味等使整个谈话继续下去。3.Never watch TV whilst eating meals.3.吃饭勿看电视。That is probably one of the worst things you can do because sometimes, you are just so engrossed watching the telly that you don’t know what you are eating. I know it sounds strange but part of good meal time habits is that you concentrate on your food and appreciate what you are eating. Also, the telly will prevent good meal time chat and you are only going to bond with the TV rather than with the rest of the family。吃饭看电视可能是你最易犯的不良习惯之一,有时候当你全神贯注看电视时会忘记自己吃的是什么。我知道这听起来有点怪,但良好的用餐习惯之一就是专心吃饭与品位你正在食用的食物。此外,看电视会影响用餐谈话氛围,会使你只顾着电视里的情节进展而忽略与家人的沟通。4.Get the family cooking.4.让家庭成员参与烹饪。This will definitely work with children but try to get even the older members of your family cooking together rather than dumping it all on to one person. Someone can chop the vegetables while someone else does the meat so divide the work among the members of the family so they all feel involved。做饭时最好与孩子们一起忙活,同时也尽可能让家庭成员里的长辈参与其中而不要一味的将任务推给某一个人。他们中有人可能会切菜,而另一些人中有的会做肉制佳肴,这样就可以将工作在家庭成员中得以分配,他们也会有种参与的感觉。5.Wash your hands before every meal.5.饭前应洗手。My parents who are doctors always ask me to wash my hands before every meal even if I am going to eat with a knife and a fork. I never really understood why I should do this but when they gave me a valid answer, they did have a point. Children and teenagers and sometimes even adults will touch their food if they have to sometimes. They may touch the rim of their plates and this means that you are depositing all of the bacteria from your hands on to the plate. When you eat off the plate, all of those bacteria go into your stomach. If you are eating something like a sandwich or a burger and sometimes, some people like eating pizzas with their hands, this is directly feeding yourself bacteria so wash your hands even though you might use a knife and a fork。我的父母是医生,他们总要求我每顿饭前洗手,即使是用刀叉时也会这么要求。他们说的非常有道理。但在他们给我确切的解释前我一直不大理解为什么 我应该这样做。儿童和青少年,有时甚至成年人在必要时也会用手去接触食品。他们可能会用去手接触盘子的边缘,而这就意味着将手中的细菌带到了盘子里。当你 吃掉了盘子里的食物时,这些细菌就会进入你的肚子。如果你喜欢用手拿着吃三明治或汉堡包,当然有些人喜欢吃用手拿着的比萨饼,这样就等同于自己在直接饮用细菌,因此,即便是你用刀叉吃饭请洗洗手。 /201507/386044 Beijing (AFP) - A Chinese man who sued local government officials over an attack by a wild panda has won more than ,000 in compensation, his lawyer said Monday.北京(法新社)——一名被野生熊猫咬伤的中国男子起诉当地政府,赢得了8万美元补偿。The animals are renowned for their lovable appearance but despite their placid, bamboo-chewing image they are members of the bear family and have a fearsome bite.熊猫因长得可爱而闻名,但是尽管它们有温和吃素的形象,它们仍是熊科动物,咬人一口后果是严重的。The animal wandered into Liziba village, in the northwestern province of Gansu, where local officials tr ying to capture it chased it onto Guan Quanzhi.s land, the Lanzhou Evening News reported.兰州晚报报道,咬人的熊猫闯入李子坝村,该地位于甘肃西北部,当地林业人员试图抓住熊猫,在围捕过程中把熊猫赶进了关全志的地里。;I saw a panda jump out in front of me, its body completely covered in mud,; he told the newspaper.;我看见一头熊猫在我面前跳出来,满身是泥;关告诉记者。The creature bit him in the leg and only released its grip when another villager covered its head with a coat, the report said, and the incident in March last year left Guan with injuries requiring seven hours of surgery.新闻中说,熊猫咬住了关的腿,直到另一名村民把一件外套罩在它头上,它才松口。这是去年3月份的事,关的伤口需要7个小时的手术。The panda escaped.熊猫逃了。Guan#39;s son sued local forestry officials and the nearby Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve, which is home to more than 100 wild pandas.关的儿子把林业部门和白水江国家级自然保护区告上了法庭,白水江自然保护区里有100多头野生熊猫。Following ;negotiations;, officials agreed to pay compensation of 520,000 yuan (,000), his lawyer Wang Chaohui told AFP.关的律师王朝辉告诉法新社,经过;讨价还价;,林业部和保护区同意付52万元(8.3万美元)。Guan is ;satisfied with the amount;, which will cover his medical bills, he said, adding that he may need further operations.关对于;赔偿金额很满意;,这笔钱可以付他的医疗费,他说,并说他可能需要进一步的手术。The giant panda#39;s natural habitat mostly lies in mountainous southwestern China. They have a notoriously low reproductive rate and are under pressure from factors such as habitat loss.大熊猫的自然栖息地主要在中国西南部的山中。它们的繁殖率很低,并且处在栖息地缩减的生存压力下。The number of wild giant pandas rose nearly 17 percent over the decade to 2013 to reach 1,864, state media cited an official survey data as saying this month, with a government agency crediting conservation measures for the increase.一份官方调查数据显示野生大熊猫的数量在过去10年终增长了17%,到2013年达到1864头,政府部门称保护措施起到了作用。Pandas are a major generator of tourist revenue in several parts of China and for Beijing, which capital ises on the global fascination with the animals by renting them to foreign zoos.郎猫是中国部分地区的重要_资源,由于R離是全球人与动物,-瞭也通过租赁肖離给外国的动物园不少。They have been known to attack humans, including in 2008 when a panda mauled a 20-year-old man who c ed into its enclosure at a zoo in southern China.觸S—直有攻击人类的事迹,包括在2008年,一个20岁男子)肥^家动物园的糊s区,结果被咬伤。The nature conservation organisation WWF says on its website: ;As cuddly as they may look, a panda can protect itself as well as most other bears,; using its heavy weight, strong jaw muscles and large molar teeth.世界野生动物基金(WWF)在官网上说:;尽管看起来萌萌的,熊猫有能力像其他熊类动物一样保护自己,;熊猫有庞大的体重,强有力的下颚肌肉和巨大的臼齿。It cautions: ;Although used mainly for crushing bamboo, a panda bite can be very nasty.;WWF警告道:;熊猫的牙齿虽然主要用来咬碎竹子,但是被熊猫咬一口,后果是非常严重的。; /201503/364511遵义去疤多少钱遵义丰胸方法



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