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  • And you will definitely have your share of setbacks. Count on it. Your best laid plans will be consumed by obstacles. Your excellence ideas will be peppered with flaws. You will be confronted with financial strains as your loans become due and salaries fall short of both expectations and expenses. You will make mistakes that will shatter your confidence. You will make compromises that will test your convictions. You will find that there is rarely a clear and direct path to any of your visions. And you will find that youll have to just again and again and again. And there may be times when you wonder whether its all worth it. And there may be moments when you just want to quit.你们肯定会遇到挫折。要想到这一点。你们深思熟虑的计划可能因为挫折而泡汤。你们卓越的想法难免会有瑕疵。当你们的贷款到期、工资低于期望值而且不能满足花费时,你们将会遇到财务紧张的情况。你们难免会犯错误,这将摧毁你们的自信心。你们难免会妥协,这将挑战你们的信念。你们将会发现,几乎没有一条道路会明朗而直接地通向理想。你们将会发现不得不再三调整。也许你们在某些时刻怀疑自己的理想是否有价值。也许在某些时候,你们想放弃。But in those moments, those inevitable moments, I urge you to think about this day. Look around you. Look around you. There are thousands of hardworking people who have helped you get to this point, people who are celebrating with you today, who are praying for you every single day,and others who couldnt be here, for whatever reason. I want you to think of the people who sacrificed for you—you know that—family members who worked a third job to get you through, who took on the extra shifts to get you through, who put off doing something important for themselves to get you to this day.但是在那些时候,在那些不可避免的时刻,我希望你们回想一下今天。看看你们周围。看看这成千上万为帮助你们走到今天而努力工作的人,还有今天和你们一起庆祝的人,每一天都为你们祈祷的人,以及不管出于什么原因不能来到这里的其他人。我要你们想想那些为你们做过牺牲的人——你们知道——他们就是你们的家人,为了让你们顺利毕业,他们身兼三职;为了让你们顺利毕业,他们加班加点地工作;为了你们能达到今天的成就。他们将自己的大事一拖再拖。 /201303/228694
  • It really reminds me of这让我想起one of my favorite es of all time.我一直最喜欢的一句话Im not really sure who said it but我并不确定是谁说的its in a Lynda Barry novel called ;Cruddy;.不过确信这是在林达·巴里的小说《压花》里的话I think it speaks very highly of我觉得它高度赞扬了what we all do as entrepreneurs我们企业家在做的事情and what we all do as creators and builders of things.和我们作为创造者和建设者所做的事Everyone in this room captures it perfectly.这个房间里的每个人都对其进行了完美的阐释And the e is,这句话是;Expect the unexpected and whenever possible,;预料到出乎预料的,只要可能be the unexpected.;就让人出乎预料吧.;I try to live by that on a daily basis.我每天都在努力按照这个生活201503/367051
  • To mess this complexity —to compare, if you will, simplicity of the telephone just wanted to work, wanted to be easy to use. But what many people forget is that the telephone was in being by Graham Bell in 1876, took 120 years to get to where we are today, and was largely one company or one company in each country that has responsibility for implementing this service and making the devices work together from your home or business all the way throughout the network. We got to move from the same point in networking to where the various devices high or low tech and the various applications have to be leveraged very tightly and seamlessly from a customers perspective where the networking really to explode and for us to open up the opportunities many companies represent in this room. To do that it requires a generation of partnerships. It is our view that those companies who dont understand how to partner, how to align, how to strategically a partner acquire, and do joint-venture would be left behind. And when you begin to think about the partnership that you are going to need that would be the network, but one side of the network would be the devices that you need, whether those devices, dated devices, , mast like the combination of those, PCs, telephones, etc. Network computers. And youve got to interface with those into the network and seen in the same way of customers perspective. Youre got to be able to get to the data ware where it is the network and you really dont care but you incorporate Internet in the World Wide Web in your suppliers of network. Youve got to be able to get there very quickly whether its on mainframes, mini-computers, PCs serves, or whatever on that side.更复杂的是——如果你将其和电话相比,你希望可以像打电话那样简单。但不要忘了电话由格雷厄姆·贝尔在1876年发明,至今已有120年了,才达到今天这种水平,并且在每个国家都有公司来负责电话务,并通过网络将你的家和公司接起来。我们从网络中的同一起点出发,使得各种高科技和低科技以及各种应用设备很紧密地连接在一起来满足用户对网络的要求。这种情况下,用户对网络的需求会大增,这给了今天出席会议的各公司提供了许多机会。为了实现这一目标,我们需要互相合作。从我们的角度看,不懂得如何合作、如何联合的公司、不懂合作伙伴的需求、不懂合作投资的公司必将落后。当你考虑你所需的合作者是什么样时,这个合作者其实就是网络,但网络的一端是你所需的设备,不论是什么样的设备,数据设备也好,视频设备也好,必须和电脑、电话线等连接起来。你必须通过接口把设备接入网络,当然,消费者也需要这么做。你得知道网络数据库在哪,虽然你并不关心,但你会把互联网接入到万维网中。不论是在主机、小型机上、个人电脑务器上、还是任何其他机器上,你都可以很快连接上。201408/323395
  • A recent study by a group of psychologists in the journal Science几位心理学家最近在《科学》杂志上发表了一篇研究论文found that people are extremely poor at predicting their futures他们发现人极其不擅长预测自己的未来The study showed他们的研究显示that, for example, a typical 20-year-old womans predictions例如 一个典型的20岁女性for life changes in the next decade of her life对自己未来十年人生变化的预测were not nearly as radical绝不像一个典型的as the typical 30-year-old womans recollection of how much she had changed in her 20s30岁女性对自己在20来岁时有多大变化的回忆那么激进In other words, 20-year-olds had little idea of换句话说 20岁的人对于自己just how much they would change over the next ten years在未来十年会有多大变化几乎没有概念This discrepancy persisted among respondents all the way into their 60s这种差异在受访者中一直延续到60多岁的人This studys findings are essentially the story of my life这项研究结果基本上也是我的人生故事In fact, even before I was born, given the obstacles my parents faced事实上 即使在我出生之前 鉴于我父母所面临的重重障碍I would never have predicted that, in fact, I would be born事实上我都不敢预测我会出生My father spent his childhood in North Korea我的父亲在朝鲜度过了他的童年At the age of 17, he escaped across the border into South Korea他在17岁那年偷越边境逃到韩国leaving his parents, his brothers and sisters, his entire extended family --离开他的父母 他的兄弟 他的所有亲朋好友everything he had ever known --离开了他所熟悉的一切He had no money. Still他身无分文 但是somehow he managed to enroll in the Seoul National University Dental School他还是设法进了首尔国立大学牙科学院and became a dentist后来成为一名牙医He told me stories about how he had so little money他告诉我 他口袋里只有一点点钱he often could only afford to buy lunch from the illegal noodle vendors in the street常常只能买得起街上非法小摊贩卖的面条当午餐201502/357448
  • We did a game called Superstruct我们在“未来研究所”at The Institute For The Future.做了一个叫;Superstruct;的游戏And the premise was a supercomputer has calculated这个游戏的假设是,that humans have only 23 years left on the planet.超级计算机经过计算发现人类在地球上只剩下23年的生存时间了This supercomputer was called the Global Extinction这台超级计算机被称作:Awareness System, of course.全球灭绝预测系统We asked people to come online人们在游戏中就像是处在almost like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.杰里·布鲁克海默的电影里You know Jerry Bruckheimer movies, you form a dream team --大家都知道杰里·布鲁克海默的电影,你组织一个梦之队youve got the astronaut, the scientist, the ex-convict,你的小分队成员里有宇航员、科学家、曾经的罪犯and they all have something to do to save the world.他们各自有一些拯救世界的本领But in our game, instead of just having five people在我们设计的游戏里,我们没有采用五人小组模式on the dream team, we said, ;Everybodys on the dream team,我们设计成了人人都可以是这个精英小分队的一员and its your job to invent the future of energy,你的职责就是开发the future of food, the future of health,未来的能源、食物、医疗保健、the future of security and the future of the social safety net.;安全体制和全社会安全的网络We had 8,000 people play that game for eight weeks.我们有8000人玩这个游戏,玩了有8周They came up with 500 insanely creative solutions他们总结出了500条疯狂但是极具创造力的解决方案that you can go online, if you Google ;Superstruct,; and see.如果你能上网,登陆Google搜索关键字;Superstruct;,你就能看到结果So, finally, the last game,最后一个游戏were launching it March 3rd. This is a game done with the World Bank Institute.我们将会在三月三日将其上线。这个游戏是与世界学院合作完成的If you complete the game you will be certified如果你能完成这个游戏,by the World Bank Institute,你将会获得世界学院的认as a Social Innovator, class of 2010.成为2010届社会创新者Working with universities all over sub-Saharan Africa,通过与撒哈拉以南非洲各地的大学的合作and we are inviting them to learn social innovation skills.我们正在邀请他们参加社会创新能力的学习Weve got a graphic novel, weve got leveling up游戏更像一本漫画小说。in skills like local insight, knowledge networking,我们有关于各项技能的均衡,像深刻的洞察力、知识网络、sustainability, vision and resourcefulness.可持续性、远见和机智等I would like to invite all of you我诚挚的邀请诸位能to please share this game with young people,把这个游戏分享给年轻人anywhere in the world, particularly in developing areas,无论在世界何处,特别是那些发展中的地区who might benefit from coming together这个游戏可以把人们集中到一起,让他们开始设想他们自己的社会企业去拯救世界to try to start to imagine their own人们肯定可以从这个游戏中social enterprises to save the world.获得灵感(受益)So, Im going to wrap up now.我就要结束我的演讲了I want to ask a question.我想问一个问题What do you think happens next?将来会发生什么?Weve got all these amazing gamers,我们拥有这么多优秀的游戏玩家weve got these games that are kind of pilots of what we might do,我们玩的这些游戏里就含有可能是我们未来所要做的事情的试验but none of them have saved the real world yet.但没有任何事情曾拯救过现实世界Well I hope that you will agree with me我希望大家能同意我的观点that gamers are a human resource即,游戏玩家是一个巨大的人力资源库that we can use to do real-world work,我们可以让他们去完成现实世界的工作that games are a powerful platform for change.正因为如此,游戏是一个有效的变革平台We have all these amazing superpowers:我们拥有这些美妙的超能力、blissful productivity, the ability幸福的生产力、to weave a tight social fabric,组织严密社会结构的能力this feeling of urgent optimism and the desire for epic meaning.以及紧急乐观和对史诗意义的渴望I really hope that we can come together我真诚的希望我们能一起来玩那些好的游戏to play games that matter, to survive on this planet for another century.籍此在接下来的一个世纪里能生存在这个星球上And thats my hope, that you will join me我希望大家能加入到我们当中来,in making and playing games like this.去制作或者是持这样的游戏When I look forward to the next decade,当我期待着下一个十年时I know two things for sure:我对两件事情非常肯定that we can make any future we can imagine,首先,我们能创造出任何我们所能想象出的未来and we can play any games we want.其次,我们可以玩任何我们想玩的游戏So, I say: Let the world-changing games begin.让我们从游戏着手改变这个世界Thank you.谢谢大家201511/410127
  • When I was first at Facebook, a woman named Lori Goler, a 1997 graduate of HBS, was working in marketing at eBay and I knew her kind of socially.我刚到Facebook的时候,97届HBS的校友Lori Goler还在eBay做市场营销。我和认识了她并且知道善于交际。She called me and said, ;I want to think about you know talk with you about coming to work with you at Facebook.她打电话给我说,“我想和你谈谈到Facebook和你一起工作的事,So I thought about calling you and telling you all the things Im good at and all the things I like to do. But I figured that everyone is doing that.我想到给你打电话,和你说我有哪些特长以及我想做的事情。但我知道所有人都会这样说。So instead I want to know whats your biggest problem and how can I solve it?;所以我就想知道什么是你现在最棘手的问题,我又该如何帮你解决这个问题?”My jaw hit the floor.我感动得五体投地。Id hired thousands of people up to that point in my career, but no one had ever said anything like that. I had never said anything like that.那时我一路过来,雇了上千人,但是从来没有人对我这样说过。我自己也从来没有这样说过。Job searches are always about the job searcher, but not in Loris case.找工作一直是关于找工作的人是怎样,要什么。但是Lori不是这样想的。I said, ;Youre hired. My biggest problem is recruiting and you can solve it.;我说,“你被录用了。我最大的问题就是招人,你可以帮我。”So Lori changed fields into something she never thought shed do, went down a level to start in a new field.之后Lori就换到了这个她自己都从未想过去做的领域,还降了一级,重新开始。She has since been promoted and runs all of People Operations at Facebook and is doing an extraordinary job, having an amazing impact.之后她被升职,负责整个Facebook的人事运行,现在做得非常好,在公司有很大的影响力。Lori has a great metaphor for careers. She says theyre not a ladder, theyre a jungle gym.Lori对职业有个很好的比喻。她说它不是阶梯,而是游乐场里儿童玩的立方格攀登架。As you start your post-HBS career, look for opportunities, look for growth, look for impact, look for mission.当你们开始HBS之后的职业生涯时,你们要去寻找机会,追随成长,力求影响力,探求使命。Move sideways, move down, move on, move off. Build your skills, not your resume.你们可以平调,降级,升职,甚至换新的领域。培养你的技能,而不是填充你的简历。Evaluate what you can do, not the title theyre going to give you. Do real work.根据你能做的事来评判工作,而不是你可以得到的职位。做真正的工作。Take a sales a, a line role, an ops job. Dont plan too much, and dont expect a direct climb.接受一个销售目标,一个生产线上的工作,一个涉及运营方面的工作,别作太多计划,也别要求要“青云直上”。If I had mapped out my career when I was sitting where you are, I would have missed my career.如果我在坐在你们的位置上时就计划好我的职业,我会错过我现在的职业。You are entering a different business world than I entered.你们现在正迈入一个和我当时不同的世界。Mine was just starting to get connected. Yours is hyper-connected.我的世界刚刚开始被连接起来,你的世界已经高速连接在一起。Mine was competitive. Yours is way more competitive.我当时竞争很激烈。你们现在的竞争更加激烈。Mine moved quickly, yours moves even more quickly.我的世界变化很快,你的世界变化更快。As traditional structures are breaking down, leadership has to evolve as well -from hierarchy to shared responsibility, from command and control to listening and guiding.在这个传统结构正被打破的时代,领导阶层也需要演变。从设立阶层到责任共享,从命令与控制到聆听和引导。Youve been trained by this great institution not just to be part of these trends, but to lead.你在HBS这个伟大的学院学习不仅是为了能够跟上浪潮,更重要的是能去引领潮流。As you lead in this new world, you will not be able to rely on who you are or the degree you hold. Youll have to rely on what you know.当你在这个新世界里乘风破浪时,你能依靠的不是你是谁也不是你的学位。你要依靠的是你的知识。Your strength will not come from your place on some org chart, your strength will come from building trust and earning respect.你的力量不会源自你在公司的位置,你的力量来自于建立信任,获得尊敬。Youre going to need talent, skill, and imagination and vision.你会需要天赋,技能,想象力和视野。But more than anything else, youre going to need the ability to communicate authentically, to speak so that you inspire the people around you and to listen so that you continue to learn each and every day on the job.不过最最重要的是,你要成为具有真诚沟通的能力的人,既能鼓舞你身边的人,又能聆听他们的建议,在每一天的工作中不断学习进步。201502/357235
  • So I had seen Barbara Walters on the Today Show that morning so I answered ;I would like to be a journalist. I would like to tell other peoples stories in a way that makes a difference in their lives and the world.;因为那天早上我正好在“今日秀”中看到了芭芭拉·怀特女士,所以我说:“我想成为一名新闻工作者,我想为人民带来一些在某种程度上能改变他们生活和世界的故事。”And as those words were coming out of my mouth I went whoa! This is pretty good!当我说出这些话时,我觉得:“哇!还挺不错的!”I would like to be a journalist. I want to make a difference.我想做个记者,我要做出一番事业。Well I was on television by the time I was 19 years old.后来,19岁时我上了电视。And in 1986 I launched my own television show with a relentless determination to succeed at first.在1986年,我推出了我自己的电视节目,并一开始就下定决心要成功。I was nervous about the competition and then I became my own competition raising the bar every year, pushing, pushing, pushing myself as hard as I knew. Sound familiar to anybody here?以前我面对竞争很紧张,后来我和自己竞争,每年设立一个更高的目标,一步一步地推到极限。这对在座的谁来说听着挺耳熟吗?Eventually we did make it to the top and we stayed there for 25 years.最终,我们成功达到巅峰,并在那里待了25年。The Oprah Winfrey Show was number one in our time slot for 21 years and I have to tell you I became pretty comfortable with that level of success.“奥普拉秀”在同一时间段的电视节目中连续21年排名第一,我必须说我对于这个成功非常的满足。But a few years ago I decided as you will at some point, that it was time to recalculate, find new territory, break new ground.但是几年前,我觉得,在人生的某一时刻,你必须重新来过,找到新的领域,实现新的突破。So I ended the show and launched OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. The initials just worked out for me.所以我离开了“奥普拉秀”,以我的名字命名推出了我自己的电视网络“奥普拉·温福瑞电视网”,缩写正好是“OWN(自己的)”。我就是这样擅长运用缩写。So one year later after launching OWN nearly every media outlet had proclaimed that my new venture was a flop. Not just a flop but a big bold flop they call it.在奥普拉·温福瑞电视网推出一年后,几乎所有的媒体都认为我的新项目是失败的。不仅仅是失败,他们称之为一个大写的失败。I can still remember the day I opened up USA Today and the headline ;Oprah, not quite standing on her OWN.; I mean really, USA Today? Now thats the nice newspaper!我还记得有一天我打开《今日美国报》时看到头条新闻说“ 奥普拉搞不定自己的电视网”。不是吧,今日美国报啊?真是份好报纸!It really was this time last year the worst period in my professional life.这正是去年我职业生涯最低谷的时刻。I was stressed and I was frustrated and quite frankly I was actually I was embarrassed.我压力超大,近乎崩溃,老实说,我感到羞愧。It was right around that time that President Faust called and asked me to speak here and I thought you want me to speak to Harvard graduates?就在那个时候,Faust校长打电话邀请我到哈佛做毕业演讲。我心想:“你让我给哈佛的毕业生演讲?What could I possibly say to Harvard graduates, some of the most successful graduates in the world in the very moment when I had stopped succeeding?当我已经不再成功的时候,我能跟这些世界上最成功的毕业生说什么?”So I got off the phone with President Faust and I went to the shower. It was either that or a bag of Oreos.我挂了Faust校长的电话后去洗了个澡。要么去吃奥利奥要么去洗澡。So I chose the shower. And I was in the shower a long time and as I was in the shower the words of an old hymn came to me.我选择了洗澡。那个澡我洗了很长时间,在洗澡的时候我突然想到某首古老赞美诗中的一句话。You may not know it. Its ;By and by, when the morning comes.;你可能没听过,“终于,清晨来临了。”And I started thinking about when the morning might come because at the time I thought I was stuck in a hole.之后我就想,我的黎明也许要来了。因为那时我觉得我被困在一个洞里了。And the words came to me ;Trouble dont last always; from that hymn, ;this too shall pass.;我又想到那首古老赞美诗中的一句话:“困难只是暂时的,都会过去。”And I thought as I got out of the shower I am going to turn this thing around and I will be better for it.当我走出浴室时,我想:我遇到的麻烦同样会有结束的一天,我会将这一页翻过去,我会好起来的。And when I do, Im going to go to Harvard and Im going to speak the truth of it!等我做到了,我就去哈佛,把这个真实的故事告诉大家!So Im here today to tell you I have turned that network around!今天我来了并且想告诉你们,我已经把“奥普拉·温福瑞电视网”带上正轨了。201507/386969
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