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A harrowing competition is underway in England, with billions of dollars and hundreds of lives at stake. OK, that#39;s not true. But competitors from around the world gathered on Thursday for the annual competition to crown the world#39;s biggest liar.当下英国正举行一场令人痛苦的比赛,数十亿美元和上百条生命都因此而受到威胁。好吧,这不是真话。不过周四这天,来自世界各地的竞赛者都聚集到英国参加一年一度的世界撒谎大赛,争夺撒谎大王的桂冠。Each contestant is given up to five minutes to weave the best fib in the contest, which was founded in honor of 19th-century Bridge Inn landlord Will Ritson, who was reportedly legendary for his lies.每个参赛者都有五分钟时间来编造出最妙的谎言。该比赛是为了纪念19世纪布里奇酒店老板威尔·瑞特森而创立的,据说瑞特森因为善于撒谎而成为传奇人物。Competitors gather at the Bridge Inn every year for the competition, a small pub in northwestern England.竞赛者每年都要聚集到布里奇酒店来参加撒谎大赛。布里奇酒店是英国西北部的一个小酒馆。Anyone can take part in the competition. Well, almost anyway; the reporters note that lawyers and politicians are banned, citing ;an unfair advantage; in the proceedings.任何人都能参加这一比赛。当然,这里指的是几乎任何人。记者指出,律师和政客被禁止参赛,据称这两类人在比赛中有“不公平的优势”。A study published this past July in the journal Evolution amp; Human Behavior found that nearly all lies are detectable through visible facial muscle reactions in the person telling a lie. ;Thus, while interpersonal deception often is highly successful, signs of covert emotional states are communicated clearly to the informed observer,; the study concluded.今年七月在《进化与人类行为》杂志上发表的一篇研究报告发现,几乎所有的谎言都能通过说谎者的面部肌肉反应识别出来。该研究得出结论说:“因此,尽管人骗人通常都能成功,但是隐藏的情绪状态的讯号还是可以清晰地传递给见多识广的观察者。”A bishop of Carlisle reportedly holds what may be the greatest lie of all time in the competition, simply stating, ;I have never told a lie in my life.;卡莱尔的一名主教据称说了比赛中前所未有的最大谎言,他只说了这句话:“我这辈子从来没说过一句谎话。”In 2003, Abrie Krueger of South Africa became the first non-Brit to win the competition. Ironically, Krueger was accused by some of cheating.2003年,南非的阿布里·克鲁伊格成为第一个不是英国人但却赢得撒谎大赛的人。具有讽刺意味的是,克鲁伊格被一些人指控作弊。In 2006, comedian Sue Perkins became the first female to win the competition, telling a tale about people riding camels to work as a result of climate change.2006年,喜剧演员苏·帕金斯成为第一位赢得该大赛桂冠的女性,她讲述了一个人们因为气候变化不得不骑骆驼上班的故事。Last year#39;s winning entry came from Glen Boyland, who told a lie about competing in a snail-racing competition with Prince Charles.去年摘得桂冠的谎言来自格伦·波伊兰德,他讲了一个与查尔斯王子进行蜗牛赛跑的谎话。 /201211/210064

  A look inside a teacher's mind could help you understand lesson plans and maybe even guide your child to perform better.了解老师的想法不仅可以帮助家长理解课程的设置,更有助于让你的孩子表现得更好。 /200910/86819


  A resources boom and growing immigration from Asia are reshaping Australia#39;s population. 资源热潮以及越来越多的亚洲移民正在重塑澳大利亚的人口构成。 Mandarin overtook Italian as the second most popular language spoken at home, after English, figures from the 2011 census published recently showed. 最近公布的2011年人口普查数字显示,普通话超过意大利语成为仅次于英语的澳大利亚最为普及的语言。 Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that the resource-rich regions of Western Australia and Queensland both recorded double-digit population growth over the past five years, more than double that of Australia#39;s most populous state, New South Wales, and sharply outstripping the national average of 8.3%. 澳大利亚统计局(Australian Bureau of Statistics)的数据显示,过去五年在资源丰富的西澳大利亚和昆士兰地区均录得了两位数的人口增速。这一增幅是澳大利亚人口最稠密的新南威尔士州的两倍多,也大幅超过8.3%的全国平均水平。 Asians accounted for the biggest jump in immigration to Australia in terms of ethnicity, with Indian and Chinese the fastest-growing groups. The census showed that around one in four of the 21.5 million people surveyed in the census last year was born outside Australia, compared with 22% a decade ago. Of those, a third was born in Asia, a sharp increase from 24% in 2006. 亚裔是澳洲移民中增长速度最快的族群,其中印度和中国移民的增长速度最快。人口普查结果显示,去年在普查中接受调查的2,150万人中有四分之一出生在澳洲之外的国家。而10年前这一比例为22%。在这些人当中,三分之一出生在亚洲,和2006年的24%相比明显增加。 Meanwhile, the proportion of European migrants has fallen from more than half of arrivals a decade ago to 40% last year. The U.K. remains the leading country of origin for Australia#39;s overseas-born population at 21%, including more than a quarter of long-standing migrants. 与此同时,欧洲移民所占比例已经从10年前超过一半降到去年的40%。在澳大利亚海外出生的人口中,来自英国的移民数量依然保持领先,其占比达到21%,其中包括超过四分之一的长期移民。 #39;We#39;re in the midst of a huge mining boom and we have many young people come here to study to go to university,#39; said Andrew Henderson, executive director of the ABS. #39;These [factors] are giving us a lot more exposure in Asia.#39; 澳大利亚统计局执行董事亨德森(Andrew Henderson)说,我们正处于矿业的巨大繁荣期,有很多年轻人到澳洲来上大学。这些因素令亚裔移民数量增加。 Australia#39;s population is becoming more Asian in origin at a time when its economy has grown dependent on countries like China. But the country, which maintains strict immigration regulations, still struggles to attract enough workers for its mining industry, although states rich in resources showed the fastest rates of population growth in the census. 在眼下澳大利亚经济越来越依赖中国这样的国家的时候,从来源看其人口构成正越来越;亚洲化;。尽管此次人口普查结果显示资源丰富的州也是人口增速最快的地区,但由于澳大利亚仍保持着严格的移民制度,它仍未能吸引到足够多的工人到其采矿业工作。 Exploding population growth in some areas has also put growing pressure on housing, driving a sharp rise in rents relative to average incomes. The overall national median weekly income rose 24% to 577 Australian dollars (US6) in 2011, up from A6 in 2006, while the median household weekly rent rose by almost half to A5 from A1, the data showed. In Western Australia the trend was even more pronounced: Weekly rent in the state surged by more than three-quarters to A0 a week-A0 in its capital, Perth-while weekly incomes in the state rose around a third to A2. 某些地区爆炸式的人口增长也对住房构成越来越大的压力,令相对于平均收入的房租水平大幅上升。数据表明,2011年澳大利亚全国周薪中值整体水平上升24%至577澳元(约合586美元),高于2006年466澳元的水平。而周房租中值则上升了近50%,从191澳元涨至285澳元。在西澳大利亚这一趋势更为明显:该州周房租涨幅超过四分之三至300澳元,该州首府珀斯的周房租甚至高达320澳元,而该州周薪涨幅只有大约三分之一,至662澳元。 The largest decreases in migrant populations were among Greeks and Italians, which fell by 33,300 and 16,500 respectively, as low migration levels failed to replenish existing communities, many of whom originally arrived following the devastation wreaked across Europe in World War II. 移民人口中数量减少最多的两个群体是希腊人和意大利人,这两大移民群体各自减少了3.331.65万人。较低的移民数量无法维持其现有社区的人口规模。很多欧洲移民最初是在二战给欧洲造成重大破坏之后到澳洲来的。 /201209/199146


  China#39;s health authorities said Tuesday that medications made from human remains were not found in the country, but they will further investigate the matter, Xinhua reported. Deng Haihua, spokesman with the Ministry of Health, made the remarks in response to media reports that so-called ;health capsules; made with aborted fetuses were smuggled into the Republic of Korea from China.据新华社报道,周二,卫生部发言人邓海华就媒体报道的关于国内由死胎或死婴制成的“人肉胶囊”走私到韩国一事作出回应。卫生部表示,国内尚未发现“人肉胶囊”,但是有关部门会进一步调查。China has strict rules on the disposal of the remains of dead infants, aborted fetuses and placentas, which are categorized as human remains and banned from being disposed of as medical waste. Medical institutions and their staff are forbidden to trade human remains, including placentas.据了解,中国对于婴儿遗体、胎儿遗体以及胎盘的治理和处置有严格规定,严禁将婴儿遗体、胎儿遗体按照医疗废弃物进行处理,严禁医疗机构及其工作职员进行患者遗体,包括胎盘的买卖。 /201205/181607

  28 March is the 11th birthday of my daughter Fu Xinke, whom I adopted 10 years ago from China. Many babies like her, these days, are either not born at all or certainly not adopted. What a difference a decade makes. 今年3月28日是我养女付新科(音译)的11岁生日。10年前,我从中国收养了她。放到现在,许多像她这样的孩子根本没有机会出世,更别提被收养了。十年时间,变化竟然如此之大。Last week I returned to her home town of Chuzhou, in China#39;s eastern Anhui province, to see just how the one-child policy – quite likely to be the reason she became my daughter – is getting on these days in a province that was once a significant exporter of babies for overseas adoption.上周,我回到我养女的家乡——中国东部省份安徽省滁州市,去看看如今计划生育政策在这个曾为海外输送了大量领养儿童的省份的执行情况。这项政策很有可能也是这个孩子当初成为我养女的原因。When Xinke was born, many Chinese adoptions involved Anhui babies; but by 2010, international adoptions there had fallen to zero. Has Anhui outgrown foreign adoption – or has it outgrown having surplus babies at all?在我养女出生的年代,人们从中国收养的孩子许多都来自安徽省。但到2010年,安徽儿童被海外人士收养的数量已为零。安徽究竟是已不再有可供海外人士收养的孩子,还是根本已不再有;多余;的孩子需要别人收养?The answer could affect much more than adoption statistics: China#39;s attitude to childbirth is changing in ways that, according to demographers, could even affect the mainland#39;s economic miracle. I went for answers to the local family planning office of an outlying district of her city – to find that all its civil servants had gone for a long lunch. But at a hostelry nearby, I found one answer to my questions: 30-odd people setting off fireworks and consuming a 24-inch birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of a one-year-old girl.这个问题的影响的远不止收养方面的统计数字:中国对计划生育政策的态度正在发生转变,人口统计学家们认为,这种转变甚至可能影响中国大陆的经济奇迹。我来到位于滁州偏远地段的一个计划生育办公室,想找寻,却发现办公室的人都去吃午饭了,迟迟未归。但在附近的一家餐馆,我找到了解答我的问题的一条线索:有30多人聚在一起,放鞭炮,围着一个24英寸的生日蛋糕,为一名刚满1岁的小姑娘庆生。It was the kind of place where, 10 years ago, the birth of a girl would seldom merit a birthday cake two feet wide. In traditional areas like this, boys were needed to carry on the family name and support parents in old age; the birth of a first girl was tolerated (because in rural areas peasants can try again if their first is female); but the second child absolutely had to be a boy. If it was a girl instead, abandonment (or worse) was often seen as the only option.10年前,在这样的地区,人们很少会为女孩买两英尺见方的蛋糕庆生。在这样的传统地区,人们需要生男孩,来延续香火、为自己养老送终。如果头胎是女孩,还可以接受(因为在农村,如果头胎是女孩,可以生第二胎),但第二胎就必须生个男孩了。如果第二胎是个女孩,人们往往就只能选择遗弃(甚至更糟)。Today there are more options: in the words of one Chuzhou government official, ;once you have enough to eat, you do not throw away your child;. Put simply, people can afford to raise girls these days rather than abandon them. Some may pay a fine of Rmb2,000-5,000 (0-0) for an excess child; and the really rich may go overseas to deliver. If she were born today, Xinke might not have been abandoned.如今,人们有了更多的选择。用滁州一位政府官员的话来说:;只要吃得饱肚子,谁都不会不要自己的孩子。;简单说,如今人们养得起女孩了,用不着遗弃她们。有的父母可能会为超生的孩子付2000至5000元人民币(合320至790美元)的罚款,还有些真正有钱的人可能会赴海外生产。如果我养女生在现在,她可能不会被遗弃。But there is also a more sinister option: in the clinic next door to the restaurant where the baby girl was being feted, ;midterm abortion; is advertised for a mere Rmb360 (). Sex-selective abortion is illegal – but widely practised. Government statistics tell all: among Chuzhou children born in 2009, the ratio of boys to girls among first children is 105:100 – but it rises to nearly 300:100 for third and fourth births. My Xinke may well have been a second or third daughter; if conceived today, she might not have been born at all.但如今还有一种更见不得人的选择:在那个为小姑娘举办庆生宴的餐馆隔壁,一家诊所打出;人流;的广告,手术费用仅360元(合60美元)。性别选择性堕胎是非法的,但许多人这么做。官方统计数据说明了一切:2009年,滁州头胎新生儿男女性别比为105:100,但第三胎和第四胎的这一比率就升到了近300:100。我的养女很可能是她生母怀的第二个或第三个女儿,放在今天,她可能根本就不会出生。These days it seems that ultrasound machines and the market are doing the work of the birth planners. So the vast family planning bureaucracy has turned to cleaning up its image, with a national ;face washing; campaign aimed at eradicating the brutal slogans of the past (including one that offered a noose to any forcibly sterilised woman who contemplates suicide, and another urging people to raise pigs, not kids).如今,超声波仪器和市场似乎充当起了计生员。于是,庞大的计生机构开始美化自己的形象,展开了全国性的;洗脸;运动,旨在彻底清除过去那些野蛮的计生工作宣传画和标语(包括为因被迫绝育而意图自杀的妇女提供绳索上吊的宣传画,和;少生孩子多养猪;的标语)。In Xinke#39;s home town, and all over China, the one-child policy seems to be getting a ;hearts and minds; makeover – at exactly the time when many Chinese argue that it is no longer necessary or even wise. For as Xinke enters her tween years, the simple truth that made her my daughter – that China had too many babies – has undergone a stunning reversal. China has, or soon will have, too many elderly and too few kids.在我养女的家乡乃至整个中国,计划生育政策似乎正在进行彻底的改头换面——与此同时,许多中国人也开始主张,计划生育政策已变得没有必要、甚至不明智。随着新科即将步入青春期,当初导致她成为我养女的一个简单事实——中国的孩子太多了——已发生了彻底的逆转。中国已经或很快将面临的情况是,老人太多而孩子太少。One recent opinion poll showed that only 16 per cent of urban women thought the main reason for marriage was procreation. In Shanghai, where residents can have two kids (if both parents are only children), few want to do so.最近的一份调查显示,只有16%的城市女性认为结婚的主要目的是繁衍后代。上海允许夫妻生二胎(如果夫妻双方都是独生子女的话),但没有多少夫妻愿意这样做。Many are delaying childbearing so long that China now has 50m infertile couples – fuelling an underground ;rent-a-womb; industry of surrogacy, which recently yielded a highly controversial case of in-vitro octuplets.许多夫妻因错过了适宜怀的年龄而无法生育,中国如今有5000万对不不育的夫妇。这令一个地下产业————兴旺了起来。最近,一对夫妇通过试管婴儿技术产下了八胞胎,引起许多争议。Ironically, the number of Chinese babies born in the US each year because their rich parents went there for ;birth tourism; is now roughly the same as the number of abandoned Chinese infants imported to America through adoption, when Fu Xinke was born. What a difference a decade makes.具有讽刺意味的是,如今每年中国富裕产妇赴美产子产下的宝宝数量,约等于我养女出生时每年美国人收养中国弃婴的数量。十年时间,变化竟然如此之大。 /201206/187848



  Top points of impatience 忍耐极限时间表:Waiting for an Internet page to load 等待网页加载3 mins 38 secs 3分38秒Waiting on hold on telephone 打电话时被要求等待5 mins 4 secs 5分4秒Waiting for the kettle to boil 等待水开5 mins 6 secs 5分6秒Waiting for food in a restaurant 饭店等餐8 mins 38 secs 8分38秒Waiting for friends to show up 等朋友10 mins 1 secs 10分1秒Waiting for a tradesman to show 等修理工上门10 mins 43 secs 10分43秒Waiting for someone to reply to a vm/text等待他人回复语音邮件或短信:13 mins 16 secs 13分16秒Average 8 mins 22 seconds 平均忍耐极限:8分22秒Brits last an average of eight minutes and 22 seconds before they lose their temper, according to new research.一项最新调查显示,英国人在发脾气前的忍耐时间平均为8分22秒。It found that the Internet has increased people's service demands and is eroding the classic British trait of patience as more than half admitted they lose their temper quicker than ever before.该调查发现,互联网增加了人们对务的要求,使得英国人逐渐失去了其有耐性的传统品质,超过一半的英国人承认他们比以前更容易发脾气。People have become so used to the speed and convenience of the internet that more than seven in 10 get angry if forced to wait longer than one minute for a web page to download.人们已经习惯于互联网的速度和便利,如果一个网页打开的时间超过一分钟,十人中有七人以上会冒火。Being kept on hold made Brits see red more than anything else, with the average person reaching their impatience threshold after five minutes and four seconds.打电话时被要求等待是最让英国人恼火的事情,平均忍耐极限为5分4秒。In today's fast food culture, restaurant rage kicks in after only eight minutes, 38 seconds, when the average diner will start to wonder whether the meal they have ordered will ever arrive.受如今快餐文化的影响,英国人等餐时间超过8分38秒就会开始冒火,此时用餐者通常会开始怀疑他们点的食物到底还会不会上。People running late to meet a friend should not leave it any longer than 10 minutes, one second if they do not want to face their wrath.和朋友见面迟到最好不要超过10分零1秒,否则就要看对方的脸色。And tradesmen arriving to a job more than 10 minutes, 43 seconds late should not expect a cup of tea from their impatient householder.上门务者迟到超过10分43秒,就别指望户主给你倒杯茶了。Finally, when receiving a text or voicemail, be warned that the clock is ticking as the average Briton expects a response within 13 minutes and 16 seconds.最后,在收到短信或语音邮件时,须及时回复,因为英国人一般期待你在13分16秒之内回复他们。Mark Schmid, of telecom giant TalkTalk, which commissioned the research among 2,050 people, said: The speed of the online world is making us less prepared to wait for things to happen in the offline world.委托开展该调查的电信业巨头TalkTalk公司的马克#8226;史密德说:网络世界的速度让我们在现实世界中失去了耐心。该公司共对2050人进行了调查。"This is prompting people to reach the point of impatience earlier than ever before."他说:“这使得人们的耐性大不如从前。” /201001/94590


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