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和田上睑下垂矫正多少钱乌鲁木齐/县做双眼皮修复手术费用Paul McGuinness, manager of the rock band U2, discusses the battle against illegal music downloading The basic premise is the music industry is in a crisis. Tell us about it.Well,what's,what has replaced, physical product sales is an illegal peer to peer file sharing across the Internet, and that means that the industry which is decreasing in volume by about 15-20 percent a year is on the way to oblivion. Em, it will be followed by the movie industry, if cooperation from the ISPs on a worldwide basis, is not forthcoming.Where do you attach the blame in the primary sense?Well, that is very, very directly to the Internet service providers around the world who sell broadband subscriptions all over the world which are primarily used to illegally download content whether it's music, films, television programs or books. And what we would like the ISPs to do is, first of all, prevent the flow which they can do through filtering of illegal content, but also join us in a new business model, where they would actually collect on behalf of content owners and share that revenue, with record companies and film companies.Why has it been so hard to get these,these people on board to get some sort of shared arrangement?Well, personally, I believe the ISP industry has been quite cynical. They have claimed that it is not possible to filter. That's not true. And several courts in Europe in Belgium, and in Denmark and other countries have determined that this is not a good enough excuse. They must sooner or later take responsibility for this because what's happening is that the deluge of illegal content is now clogging up their pipes and they are unable to deal with the vast amount of illegal material passing through their systems.Now I know that baidu.com is one of those that's been singled out by the music industries, it's the biggest Chinese search engine, it's listed on Nasdaq and it's been subject/ to be deliberately named. We couldn't get Baidu to talk to us, but they issued a statement in which they say they believe in copyright protection. They have announced a series of partnerships with companies including EMI, Rock Music Group and more than half of the domestic recording companies in China. They take intellectual property rights seriously so they say they continue to work to fight piracy on the Internet. Sounds great, isn't it?It sounds very good, but I'm afraid the practice is not as good as the rhetoric. Baidu particularly made very very large sums from other people's content and passed on very very little of it to the content owners and the content makers, the musicians and the performers.Is there a legal strategy? Is there a legal place in which you can seek redress for this?Yes, the best example is what the French have decided to do. The French are introducing legislation which will, which will warn once, twice and then on the third time will disconnect a serial downloader of illegal material, illegal downloader of material. And that is being recommended by certainly the music industry to governments all over the world. It's known as the Olivennes Initiative and should become law later this year in France. And we certainly approve of that.And briefly, could U2 have been as big as it was if it was starting now, and can you...?It's not, this is really not a fight on U2's behalf. This really to the extent that I'm,I'm,I'm a representative. I'm representing all artists.Sure, but if a new band, a new potential U2's starting today, could it get it underway given that there’s such a leeching away of potential profits?It is a very big problem because the record companies, the traditional record companies are no longer able to make the investment in new talent that they used to be relied upon for.Fascinating. Paul McGuinness, glad to have you in here.Thank you.200812/59181乌鲁木齐/哪里看黄褐斑较好 Fewer Children Dying in Poor Countries世卫:全球儿童死亡率大幅下降  The World Health Organization says there has been a sharp drop in the number of deaths among children under age five. The just released report, World Health Statistics , shows 27 percent fewer children died in 2007, the last year for which statistics were compiled, than in 1990.世界卫生组织表示,五岁以下儿童的死亡率有大幅度下降。刚公布的年世界卫生统计报告显示,和1990年相比,2007年儿童死亡人数减少了27%。2007年也是汇编统计的最后一年。The World Health Statistics Report shows about nine million children died in 2007 compared to 12.5 million in 1990. It says some countries are making good progress toward meeting the U.N. Millennium Development Goal of cutting child deaths by two-thirds by 2015. But it says many other countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, will fail to reach that target. 世界卫生统计报告显示,2007年有大约900万儿童死亡,而1990年有1,250万。报告表示,一些国家取得优异的进展,朝着联合国的千年发展目标迈进,联合国的目标是在2015年前把儿童死亡率降低三分之二。但报告也表示,很多其他国家,特别是撒哈拉以南的非洲,将无法达到目标。This year's report focuses on how well countries are doing in reaching eight-stated Millennium Development Goals, including cutting poverty by half and reducing child and maternal mortality. The results are mixed.今年的报告集中在各国在达到八项千年发展目标方面的情况,发展目标包括减少一半贫穷和降低儿童及产妇死亡率。这些结果有好有坏。For example, the report says progress is being made in bringing down child deaths, but there has been little or no movement in maternal and newborn health. 举例来说,报告表示,在降低儿童死亡率方面作出了进展,然而,在产妇以及新生儿健康方面却极少或没有任何进步。It says an estimated 37 percent of deaths among children occur in the first month of life, and most in the first week of life. It says most infant deaths happen in regions where maternal mortality rates are the highest.报告表示,在儿童中,估计有37%的死亡发生在出生后第一个月,大多数在出生后第一星期。报告说,婴儿死亡最多的发生在产妇死亡率最高的区域。Coordinator in WHO's department of Health Statistics and Informatics, Carla Abou-Zahr, says there are a whole range of issues that hold countries back.世卫组织健康统计暨资讯部门协调员阿布-察尔表示,有很多问题使一些国家停滞不前。"You cannot say it is just lack of resources or it is just lack of commitment," said Abou-Zahr. "Usually there are very weak institutions in many of these countries. Many of them are emerging from conflicts. And, sub-Saharan Africa in particular, especially in Eastern and Southern Africa are facing major problems of HIV, which has had a huge impact on especially child mortality, life expectancy in general. So, that is being a factor that is constraining for the progress for those countries." “你不能说这只是缺少资源或缺少承诺。通常这些国家的机构体制非常脆弱。他们之中许多刚刚经历了冲突,尤其是撒哈拉以南的非洲,特别是东部及南部非洲正面临艾滋病的问题,对儿童死亡率及一般预期寿命有巨大的影响。所以,这成为限制这些国家进步的一项要素。”But Abou-Zahr hastens to add that countries in Africa do not present a uniformly bleak picture. For instance, she says signs of improvement can be seen in places such as Tanzania and Rwanda.但是,阿布-察尔很快的补充说,非洲国家并不是都情况暗淡。譬如,她说在一些地方,像坦桑尼亚和卢旺达,有进步的迹象。The report argues building a health system that is efficient and really works is not purely a financial matter. Many elements are involved. 这份报告也指出,建立一个有效率且真正运作的健康系统不只是纯粹的财务问题。许多要素都牵涉在内。But WHO Health Statistics and Informatics Department Director Ties Boerma says money talks when it comes to providing good health. 但是世卫组织健康统计暨资讯部门负责人布尔马表示,在提供良好的保健方面,钱是起关键作用的。"If we look at per-capita health expenditure, in the low income countries, it is per capita," said Boerma. "In the high-income countries, it is ,012. Another one. Doctors for 10,000 people. In Africa, there are two doctors for 10,000 people. In the European region, there are 32 doctors for 10,000 people." “如果我们看看人均健康出,低收入国家是人均22美元。在高收入国家,则是平均每人4,012美元。另外,在非洲,两名医生为一万人务。在欧洲,32名医生为一万人务。”In one of its many statistical graphs, the WHO study shows money can mean the difference between life and death. It notes three out of 1,000 children under age five die in Iceland, Sweden and Finland compared to 262 child deaths per 1,000 live births in Sierra Leone.报告的许多图表之一显示,世卫组织的研究表明金钱可能意味着生与死的不同。研究指出,就五岁以下的儿童来说,在冰岛、瑞典和芬兰,一千人中有三人死亡,而在塞拉利昂,在一千名新生婴儿中有262名死亡。05/70852UK Sinks into Recession英国宣布经济陷入衰退 Britain has officially sunk into recession, with its economy shrinking by 1.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. This comes amid the growing financial crisis around the world. 英国正式陷入了衰退,去年第四季度的增长收缩了1.5%。这个消息是在金融危机还在世界各地继续扩大的时候发布的。It's official - the British economy is in recession. Government figures released Friday show the economy contracted by a larger than expected 1.5 percent in the last three months of 2008, after a 0.6 percent drop in the previous quarter.  英国经济陷入衰退现在是正式的了。英国政府星期五公布的数据显示,在2008年的最后三个月,英国经济收缩了1.5%,超过了预期。在第三季度,英国经济下滑了0.6%。Britain's finance chief, Chancellor Alistair Darling acknowledged the economy had taken a sharper downturn than anticipated. 英国财政大臣达林承认,英国经济滑坡的程度比预期的还要糟糕。"If you look at today's figures, what you're seeing is a very significant fall in industrial production and that's been caused because world trade has really fallen away very rapidly over the past few weeks and months," said Chancellor Darling. 他说:“如果你看今天的数据,你所看到的是工业生产上出现的很大下滑。这是因为全球贸易在过去几个星期和几个月的时间里出现了急剧减少所造成的。”What started as a crisis in the financial sector in Britain continues to infect the wider economy. Unemployment is accelerating sharply, with nearly two million people now out of work, the housing market remains severely depressed and retail sales are weak. For the U.K., Friday's figures show the biggest decline in nearly 30 years. 英国始于金融行业的危机继续对更广泛的经济造成损害。失业率正在急剧攀升,现在将近有2百万人失业,住房市场仍然极为低迷,零售销售也相当疲软。 But, Chancellor Darling was quick to point out Britain is certainly not alone. 不过,财政大臣达林很快的指出,英国并不是唯一处于这种状态的国家。"We're facing this problem everywhere," he said. "America has been in recession for a year now, even Germany, Italy, Japan. Countries in the Far East are seeing a substantial slowdown in growth." 他说:“我们大家都面临这个问题。美国陷入衰退已经有一年的时间了,就连德国、意大利和日本也陷入了衰退。远东国家的增长也出现了严重的滑坡。”The British government has moved to bail out failing banks and has put in place a multi-billion dollar stimulus package to shore up the ailing economy, including a cut in the national sales tax and help for businesses, homeowners and low-income families. 英国政府已经采取了行动,对提供救助,而且制订了几十亿美元的刺激方案来撑萎靡不振的经济,包括削减全国销售税以及对企业、房屋拥有者以及低收入家庭提供帮助。Prime Minister Gordon Brown says these measures will work, but he says there needs to be a coordinated international effort. 英国首相布朗表示,这些措施将会起作用,不过他说,国际社会需要采取协调一致的努力。"What we need is a degree of international cooperation here, so that all countries who are affected by this can work together to do similar things," he said. 他说:“我们需要的是一定程度的国际合作,这样所有受到危机影响的国家可以共同采取类似的行动。”Mr. Brown says he is talking with world leaders about ways to overcome this crisis. 布朗说,他正在同世界各国领导人讨论克这个危机的途径。Britain is due to host the next financial crisis summit of the G-20 group of industrialized and emerging economies in April. 英国将在今年4月主办下一次由工业化国家和新兴经济体组成的20国集团金融危机峰会。01/61490克拉玛依激光祛痘多少钱

乌鲁木齐/冰点无痛脱体毛哪家医院好Ok, here is the clinic for you guys out there on the “Dos and Don’ts” of finding emotional joy and carnal fulfillment in its most primitive form, if you get my drift. This male wildebeest dashes up to this herd of females, oblivious to the fact that other wildebeest males consider him about as welcome as a plague of locusts. See? You can't just move in on another guy's turf without getting, you know, clipped. But of course, our hero doesn't get the message, and doesn't stop trying to conjugate the verb. He humps, they dump. (Of) Course, he leaps to his feet, as if to say "Huh, yeah, I meant to do that. No problem. It's under control. I'm cool." "Yeah, right. " The male springbok antelope, however, has it all worked out. His mating strategy is to gently touch flanks of the female as a way of asking if she wants to do what comes naturally. If we could put words to his actions: "Ok, are you y? Ah em, no? Ok, how about now? That's been five seconds. Ok, um, how about now? Now? Is now OK? Ok, how about now? Ok, I'm gonna take that for a yes. That, well,ok... Oops. Huh hem, wait a minute, it's ... Ok, standing still can also be a signal, so uh... Yeah, you know, I'd better go back to that leg thing." In case you wonder just how primal the lust for the female really is, consider these two male lions. Pals, hunting partners. You know, they're classic best buds, nothing can come between them. That is until this Venus of the veldt. This leonine, a bit of feminine flush struts her stuff before the two of them. And then... Years of brotherly comradery torn asunder in seconds, slaughtered by Cupid's bow. The loser slinks away to lick his wounds. He's lost the girl and his best friend. Eh, but wait a minute. Haho, another female! No, she is just here to toss another shovelful of dirt on the coffin. Some days, you just can't win for losing. Vocabulary Mix:drift: General meaning or purport; tenor. 大意:大致的意思或要旨;目的. wildebeest: Either of two large African antelopes(Connochaetes gnou or C. taurinus) having a drooping mane and beard, a long tufted tail, and curved horns in both sexes.牛羚,角马:两种非常大的非洲羚羊之一(角马属 白尾角马 或 角马属 斑纹角马) 属,有飘垂的鬃须,长而成簇的尾,雌雄性皆有弯角springbok: A small brown and white gazelle(Antidorcas marsupialis) of southern Africa, noted for its habit of repeatedly leaping high into the air when startled. 小瞪羚:一种产于非洲南部小的棕白色瞪羚(跳羚 瞪羚属) ,因受惊时习惯性地反复跃入空中而闻名 200811/57021阿拉尔市激光去痘坑多少钱 Homosexual couples in New York are being married for the first time after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law permitting same sex marriage in the state last month. But such marriages, though now legal in New York, remain controversial. 美国纽约州的同性伴侣现在可以正式结婚了。纽约州州长安德鲁·库莫上个月签署了允许同性婚姻的法律。尽管这样的婚姻在纽约市现在已经合法化了,但它依然存在争议。So many couples wanted to be married on Sunday, the first day of legal homosexual marriage in New York City, that local officials announced a lottery to determine eligibility. 太多同性恋伴侣想要在星期天结婚,这是纽约市同性婚姻合法化的第一天,当地官员公布了谁可以在这一天登记结婚的抽签结果。New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, herself openly gay, witnessed the first two ceremonies. She says the same sex marriage law supports equality. “A law that says every family is as good as every other family; that every family is based on love, and is exactly the way God wants it to be," she said. 公开承认自己是同性恋的纽约市议会议长奎恩见了头两对同性伴侣的结婚仪式。她说,同性婚姻法持平等权利。奎恩说:“这部法律说,每个家庭都和别的家庭一样那么美好,每个家庭都以爱为基础,这也正是上帝的教导。”Margie Phelps minced no words to denounce same sex marriage as a crime against God. She and other Christians from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas came half way across the country to say marriage is defined by Holy Scripture. “The pattern is one man and one woman for life to have children who you raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord to bless the earth by procreation," she said. 玛吉菲尔普斯毫不犹豫的抨击同性婚姻,说这是违反上帝的罪行。她和堪萨斯州托皮卡市一个浸信会教堂的其他基督徒一起跨越了半个美国来到纽约市,就是为了表示婚姻是由圣经所界定的。她说:“婚姻的模式是一个男人和一个女人终生结合以生育子女,人们以上帝的培育和教导来养育子女,上帝用人类的繁衍祝福大地。”David Schwartz, an Orthodox Jew, believes every human being has free choice and the power to rule over their desires. He considers homosexual desire to be wrong. “There’s one God in heaven and earth, and He has decreed for all mankind that they should limit their affections to relationships between a man and a woman in the context of marriage," he said.Gella Soloman, also a Jew, rejects that definition of marriage, as well as the notion that marriage is reserved for the procreation of children. 201107/145962新疆/生产建设兵团总医院口腔美容中心

乌鲁木齐/整形美容医院整形美容中心割双眼皮多少钱Obama Looks To Avoid Transition Stumbles奥巴马班子为政权交接做充分准备Monday's meeting at the White House between President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama is the latest symbol of a presidential transition that appears to be moving ahead smoothly, at least initially. 美国现任总统布什和当选总统奥巴马星期一在白宫的会晤是显示总统交接工作正在平稳进行的最新迹象,至少在开始阶段看来是顺利的。With the ed States facing a major international financial crisis and still engaged in two wars overseas, there are plenty of reasons to ensure the transition from the 43rd president to the 44th is a smooth one. 美国正面临重大的国际金融危机,同时还在海外进行著两场战争。此时此刻,有充分的理由要确保第43任总统的权力向第44任总统顺利过渡。But the past two Democratic presidents had their share of problems early on, even though both had Democratic majorities in the Congress. 此前的两位民主党总统在上任之初都遇到了问题,尽管当时的国会都由民主党控制。Bill Clinton moved slowly to put his team in place after the 1992 election, and he immediately got bogged down in a politically divisive debate over gays in the U.S. military.Jimmy Carter's transition team prepared well before the 1976 election. But that did not stop in-fighting among White House aides or conflicts among congressional Democrats early in his administration. 卡特的过渡班子在1976年选举前准备充分,但却未能制止卡特政府初期白宫助手间的内斗和国会民主党人之间的冲突。Aly, some experts see the Obama team as better prepared to deal with the transition and the first days of governing. 目前,一些专家认为,奥巴马的班子为交接工作和开始治理国家做好了更充分的准备。John Fortier is a political expert at the American Enterprise Institute and a guest on VOA's Encounter program. 约翰.福蒂埃是美国企业研究所政治专家,他在美国之音的节目中谈及对这个问题的看法。"I think Obama actually has a chance to do better, certainly than the last two Democratic presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both of whom had very rocky starts even though they had Democratic congresses," said John Fortier. 福蒂埃说:“我认为奥巴马确实有可能做得更好,肯定会比前两位民主党总统卡特和克林顿做得好。卡特和克林顿当选后,虽然民主党掌控著国会,但他们两人最初的日子却非常不顺。”Former presidents Clinton and Carter were Washington outsiders bent on reforming government. Fortier says Mr. Obama may have an advantage in having served in the Senate for the past four years. 前总统克林顿和卡特都是华盛顿的圈外人,一心要改造政府。福蒂埃说,奥巴马过去4年在参议院的经历可能对他有帮助。"Also, Barack Obama seems to be showing that he understands the need for Washington experience," he said. "He did this as a junior senator. Many of our recent presidents have been outsiders who in some ways thumbed their nose at the Washington ways and brought in too many people from their home state."  他说:“另外,奥巴马似乎在表明,他知道华盛顿经验的重要性。他是作为一个新科参议员获得这些经验的。最近我们一些总统完全是圈外人,对华盛顿的行为方式不屑一顾,而且从自己的家乡州带来了太多的人。”Like Clinton and Carter, Obama will have a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress. Democrats in particular have high expectations to quickly change the direction of the country, something they may have to temper early in the new administration. 像克林顿和卡特政府一样,奥巴马也将面临一个民主党在参众两院都占多数的国会。民主党人特别热切地期待著迅速改变国家的方向,但在新政府上任之初,他们可能不得不让这种热望降一降温。Tom DeFrank is Washington bureau chief for the New York Daily News who has long covered U.S. presidential politics.  汤姆.德弗兰克是纽约日报华盛顿记者站主任,长期以来报导美国总统政治。"What I am being told the Obama people are going to do is to start out with things where they are guaranteed legislative successes, things that will unite the party and will be popular in the country and don't cost a lot of money," said Tom DeFrank. 他说:“我得知,奥巴马一班人首先要从那些保能在国会通过的事情上下手,也就是那些既能团结民主党、又能得到全国民众的持,同时又不用花很多钱的事情。”Obama won the election in large part because Americans want a different approach on the economy, the number one issue in this year's campaign. 奥巴马之所以赢得选举,在很大程度上是因为美国人希望改变经济政策,而经济是今年竞选的头号议题。Analyst Stuart Rothenberg expects congressional Democrats to defer to the new president as he shapes his economic agenda. 分析人士斯图尔特.罗腾堡认为,在奥巴马制定经济计划的时候,国会民主党人会听从新总统的意见。"I think the president is going to dictate the agenda early on, and I have a hard time believing that huge elements of the [Democratic] Party are going to reject some of his individual initiatives, especially if they are jobs programs, public works programs and even health care," said Stuart Rothenberg. 罗腾堡说:“我认为总统上任之初就会对经济计划做出指示,而且我很难相信民主党多数人会拒绝接受他的一些计划和建议,特别是如果这些计划是关于就业和公共工程项目,甚至是关于医保问题的。”Republicans are also offering the president-elect some advice. Ken Duberstein worked for former President Ronald Reagan. Duberstein says when Reagan was first elected in 1980, Republicans urged him to take on a wide variety of domestic issues in the early days of his administration. 共和党人也对当选总统提出了一些忠告。肯.杜贝斯坦曾为前总统里根工作。他谈到,里根1980年第一次当选的时候,共和党人敦促他在上任之初先着手处理各种各样的国内问题。"And the Reagan answer was, no, we are going to focus the country on one major priority," said Ken Duberstein. "That may have some sub-parts to it, but everything we do is going to be about economic recovery." 他说:“里根的回答是,不,我们要让国家把精力集中在一个优先问题上。这个优先重点可能会有一些附带的问题,但我们所做到一切都将是为了经济复苏。”Another hopeful sign for this transition is the early cooperation between the Obama team and the Bush White House. 这次总统交接工作中另一个令人鼓舞的迹象是奥巴马团队和布什的白宫之间从现在就开始的合作。Political expert Norman Ornstein spoke about that on VOA's Press Conference USA program. 政治问题专家诺曼.奥恩斯坦在美国之音的节目中谈到这一点。"The biggest change is that President Bush, to his everlasting credit, is stepping in with a new transition council and with a very direct effort to try and bring the team that was elected up to speed on national security issues beginning the day after the election," said Norman Ornstein. 他说:“最大的变化就是,布什总统组建了一个新的过渡班子,付出了非常直接的努力,从选举后的第二天开始,就全面透彻地向新当选团队介绍国家安全问题。这要归功于布什总统。”Barack Obama will take the oath of office as the 44th president on January 20 of next year. 巴拉克.奥巴马明年1月20号将宣誓就任,成为美国第44任总统。200811/55876 新疆/医科大学第二附属医院打美白针多少钱乌鲁木齐/整形美容医院抽脂手术好吗




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