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2017年12月16日 09:34:50

By now, there are lots of things about climate change you probably think you know, like how carbon dioxide could lead to a warmer atmosphere or how melting ice could raise sea levels. 现在,有很多关于气候变化的事情你可能认为你知道,像二氧化碳如何导致大气变暖或者融化的冰如何提高海平面。Those ideas are more right than wrong, but the truth is it#39;s complicated.这些想法是正确的,但事实却是复杂的。While certain natural functions need CO2, too much could throw off the planet#39;s carbon-cycle balance. 虽然某些自然的功能需要二氧化碳,过多可能会影响地球的碳循环平衡。A 2014 study, for example, showed plants can absorb more CO2 than we thought,about 1 trillion tons. And more carbon dioxide can even help plants grow. 例如,一项2014年的研究表明,植物吸收的二氧化碳比我们想象的要多,大约有1万亿吨。更多的二氧化碳甚至可以帮助植物生长。But too much atmospheric CO2 can ultimately hinder plant growth because it can influence weather patterns, like longer droughts.但大气太多的CO2最终会阻碍植物的生长,因为它会影响天气模式,比如更长的干旱。Although human activity is driving the increase in CO2, we might only partly contribute to other climate change phenomena.虽然人类活动正在推动二氧化碳的增加,我们可能只是部分地促进了其它气候变化现象。In a recent study, scientists found things that happen naturally, like temperature flux and solar radiation, make up as much as half of the overall decline in sea ice. 在最近的一项研究中,科学家发现自然发生的事情如温度通量和太阳辐射,构成了海冰整体下降一半。So, sea ice melt isn#39;t entirely our fault, but we do still contribute at least half and that#39;s a problem.因此,海冰融化并不完全是我们的错,但我们仍然贡献至少一半,这是一个问题。Sea ice reflects sunlight, which keeps Earth cool. Less of it means the dark ocean can absorb more light, which heats up the planet.海冰反射阳光使地球保持凉爽。它的减少意味着深蓝的海洋可以吸收更多的阳光使地球变热。But melting sea ice doesn#39;t raise sea levels. Research attributes that to land ice, from mountain glaciers and ice sheets that flow into the ocean. 但是融化的海冰并不能提高海平面。研究发现是流入海洋的高山冰川和冰原使海平面上升。Think of it like adding water to an aly full glass,eventually it will overflow.想想,就好像是把水倒在已经满了的杯子里,最终它会溢出来。译文属。 Article/201703/497866武夷山治疗狐臭多少钱When you turn a car#39;s steering wheel,whether you go forwards or backwards.So it seems like it should be just as easy to steer going backwards as going forwards.But clearly,it#39;s not.Suprisingly,the difficulty of driving backwards has almost nothing to do with the direction you#39;re facing and everything to do with the fact that you steer using the front wheels.当你扭转方向盘,车子都会随相同的弯曲度运动。所以看起来倒车似乎和前进一样简单。但是显然,事实并非如此。奇怪的是,倒车的困难之处在它几乎与你对方向盘的控制无关问题在于你所控制的是车子的前轮。When driving forwards,a car goes in the direction the front wheels are pointed.And when driving backwards,the car goes where the back wheels are pointed.Simple!But the difference is that going forwards,the direction of travel is determined by the same wheels you steer with,so you just point them where you want to go,and that#39;s where you go,the back wheels follow automatically.向前行驶时,车子顺着前轮的方向前行。而倒车时,车子顺应的是后轮的方向。很简单,问题在于,前进时决定方向的车轮与你控制的车轮相同,所以你只要打好方向盘车子就朝你,预期的方向前进了,后轮会跟着前轮前进。In physics,we call this a ;stable;system.like dangling a pencil from your fingers-move your hand around and the pencil follows,no thought required.However,when driving backwards,the direction of travel is determined by the back wheels but you steer with the front wheels.在物理中,我们称之为“稳定”系统,就像挂在指尖的铅笔移动手指它就会跟着动,无需自具想法。但是,在倒车时,决定车子运动方向的是后轮,而你控制的却是前轮。So rather than just pointing the front wheels where you want to go,you have to point them in the direction that will get the back wheelsto point in the direction you want to go-it#39;s an additional level of separation before the car does what you want.与只需控制前轮运动不同,你需要通过控制前轮引导后轮向着你预期的方向运动。这是控制好车子的附加操作。And in fact,if you don#39;t make any corrections,then over time the back wheels point farther and farther away from the direction you want to go:instead of following the front wheels,they want to run away!This is an unstable system,like trying to balance a pencil on your fingertip.It#39;s incredibly finicky and requires a ton of coordinated hand-eye feedback to maintain.事实上,如果你不采取修正措施,随着时间流失,后轮就会越来越偏离你预期的方向:不但不随前轮运动,而且还会失控!这是一个不稳定系统,就像尝试平衡立在指尖上的铅笔一样。这相当讲究,需要不停的进行手眼反馈协调来完成。That#39;s why you constantly have to just your steering when driving backwards-mathematically,your car is like an upside-down pencil! Of course,there are some successful rear-steering wheeled vehicles-forklifts,for example,only drive slowly and choose rear-steering for greater control of their forks.这就是倒车时你需要不断调整轮胎方向的原因-数学说法就是,你的车就像东歪西倒的铅笔!当然,也有一些很棒的后轮控制转向的车子-例如 叉车,行驶缓慢,并且选择后轮主控叉子。But let#39;s go in the other direction and add a TRAILER to your car steering backwards has gained ANOTHER level of difficulty:you use your front wheels to get the back wheels to point in the direction needed to get the TRAILER to point in the direction you want to go.Not complicated enough?It becomes worse the more trailers you add each one adds another level of separation between the direction of your steering and the actual direction of travel.现在我们加点难度,给车子加个拖车,这下倒车难度又更上一层楼了:你通过控制前轮引导后轮的方向,同时还需要使拖车向预定方向运动。难度还不够?增加更多拖车后情况就更糟糕了,每增加一辆拖车就会使实际运动方向更加偏离预期的运动方向。Which is why it#39;s nearly impossible to push on one end of a chain or a rope and have the other end go where you want it to,and why you will never,ever blance a flexible rope or chain upright on your finger.which makes backwards driving seem downright easy!这就是为何将链条或绳索的一端置于指尖时你永远无法控制另一端的运动方向,也是你为何永远无法令灵活的锁链直立于指尖上的原因。相比之下,倒车真是简单爆了! 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