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深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院打瘦脸针深圳北大做祛疤手术多少钱Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will this week push ahead with plans to loosen rules governing the military, even as analysts warn this could squander political capital needed to pursue tough economic reforms.日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)本周将推行多项计划,放宽有关军事的法规——尽管分析师警告说此举或耗尽安倍的政治资本,而这些政治资本又是他推行艰难的经济改革所需的。The military reform, a significant shift in Japan’s pacifist outlook, is just one piece of legislation scheduled for approval this summer.这次军事改革虽然只涉及要在今年夏天通过的一项立法,却是对日本和平前景的一次重大转变。Parliament normally closes in June but, according to political analysts, Mr Abe is set to prolong the current session into August as he pursues economic reform. The summer of legislation will be crucial for the prime minister’s Abenomics stimulus, which is aimed at ending 20 years of on-and-off deflation and restoring the country to sustainable growth.日本议会通常会在6月份闭会。然而根据政治分析人士的说法,由于要开展经济改革,安倍会把目前的会期延长到8月份。对于安倍的“安倍经济学”(Abenomics)经济刺激举措来说,今年夏天的立法至关重要。安倍推行安倍经济学的目的,是为了结束日本20年内不时出现的通缩,令日本经济恢复可持续增长。But if Mr Abe sacrifices too much political capital on the security changes, it could threaten his ability to pass structural economic reforms — the so-called “third arrow” of Abenomics.然而,如果安倍牺牲太多政治资本用于防务改革,可能会威胁到安倍令结构性经济改革举措(即所谓安倍经济学“第三只箭”)在议会通过的能力。“This could well lead to a 10 percentage point fall in the approval rating for the Abe cabinet,” said Takao Toshikawa, editor of the political newsletter Tokyo Insideline.东京《内幕》(Insideline)杂志主编岁川隆雄(Takao Toshikawa)表示:“这很可能导致安倍内阁的持率下降10个百分点。”The ruling Liberal Democratic party and its Komeito coalition partner signed off on the package of security bills on Monday. They are set for cabinet approval on Thursday and could reach parliament by Friday.周一,日本执政党自民党(LDP)及其盟友公明党(Komeito)签署了一系列防务法案。这些法案将在周四由内阁审批通过,并可能在周五提交议会。The security bills will put into effect a new US-Japan defence agreement and last summer’s reinterpretation of Japan’s pacifist constitution by Mr Abe. They are based on the principle that Japan can and should fight to protect its allies, rather than merely fend off direct attacks on its territory.这些防务法案将落实美日新的防务协议,以及安倍去年夏天对日本和平宪法的重新解释。它们的出发点,是日本能够、也应该为保护其盟国作战,而不是仅仅抵御对其领土的直接袭击。One bill creates a framework for Japan’s military to provide logistical support for multinational peacekeeping forces. Another revises ten different laws governing Japan’s military and its response to armed attacks.其中一个法案为日本军方向多国维和部队提供后勤持划定了框架。还有一个法案则对十条约束日本军队及其对武装袭击的回应方式的法律做了修改。The security changes are unpopular with the public. A recent poll for JNN showed 46 per cent of the public against the changes compared with 36 per cent in favour. That may get worse as the measures go through parliament.公众对这次防务改革并不欢迎。最近,日本新闻网(JNN)的一次民调显示,46%的公众反对这次改革,持这次改革的则只有36%。随着这些改革举措进入议会讨论阶段,公众的持率可能会进一步下降。“Opposition parties will likely leverage public sentiment to prolong the debate,” said Tobias Harris, an analyst at Teneo Intelligence.特尼欧情报公司(Teneo Intelligence)分析师托拜厄斯#8226;哈里斯(Tobias Harris)表示:“反对党很可能会借助公众情绪,将争论拖延下去。”Mr Abe’s approval ratings are hovering above 50 per cent and he has generally moved cautiously on reforms in order to keep it there. He has tried to show the public he is prioritising the economy rather than his own goal of security and constitutional reform.目前,安倍的持率维持在50%以上。为确保持率不变,安倍在行动时通常会十分小心。他试图向公众明,他把经济摆在了首位,而不是自己在防务和宪法改革方面的目标。But after a strong LDP performance in April’s local elections, Mr Abe has a breathing space before his own re-election as party leader in September, and then upper house elections next year. That makes it one of the best opportunities he will have to pass legislation to reform the economy.不过,4月份自民党在地方选举中的出色表现,为安倍赢得了一段喘息时间,9月份安倍才会再次竞选自民党领导人,接着会在明年举行众议院选举。这也成为了安倍通过经济改革立法的最佳机遇期之一。Attacked in parliament for telling the US Congress he would pass the law this summer before submitting it to the legislature, Mr Abe said he had been signalling his intention since last year. “In no way is this contempt for parliament,” he said.在日本议会,有人抨击安倍不该在将法案提交立法机关之前,就在美国国会表示会通过这一法案。安倍表示,他从去年起就一直在表达他的意图。他说:“这对议会没有任何不敬之意。”Mr Toshikawa said the prime minister would try to push a series of less popular economic measures, such as agricultural and labour market reform, through parliament during the next few months on top of the security legislation.岁川隆雄表示,今后几个月里,除了防务方面的立法,安倍还会试图向议会提出一系列不太受欢迎的经济举措提案,比如农业及就业市场改革举措。Mr Abe will hope the sense of economic momentum from a rising stock market sustains his support. He could then turn to more popular areas of policy in the autumn, such as measures to support families, and seek to rebuild his popularity with the public.安倍希望,不断攀升的股市催生的经济乐观情绪,能维持住他的持率。接着,他可能会在秋天转向更受欢迎的政策领域——比如持家庭的举措,并试图重建在公众中的人气。 /201505/375049深圳市人民医院做祛疤手术多少钱 深圳丰胸多少钱

深圳中医院激光祛太田痣多少钱HONG KONG —Despite a slowdown in China, Alibaba, the Internet giant, experienced a surge in revenue in the latest quarter, driven by strong growth in mobile.香港——即使面对放缓的中国经济,受益于移动端营收的激增,互联网巨头阿里巴巴上个季度的业绩仍然增长强劲。Given Alibaba’s dominance in online shopping, investors have been concerned that the trouble in the country’s economy could spill over into the company’s performance.考虑到阿里巴巴在网购行业的主导地位,投资者一度担忧中国经济面临的困境会影响该公司的业绩。After its much-hyped initial public offering last year, Alibaba reported lackluster earnings in the first half of 2015. Its stock price even briefly dropped below its listing price.在去年风光无限的公开上市后,阿里巴巴2015年上半年的业绩报告显得黯淡无光。股价甚至一度跌破发行价。Now Alibaba is showing signs of stabilizing.现在,阿里巴巴显现出恢复稳定的迹象。In its results on Tuesday, Alibaba reported that sales rose 32 percent in the latest quarter to 22.2 billion renminbi, or .5 billion. Earnings per share increased 30 percent. After Alibaba reported results on Tuesday, the company’s stock jumped 5 percent in morning trading.根据周二公布的最新季报,阿里巴巴宣布上季度营收达到222亿元人民币,同比增长32%,每股收益增长了30%。于周二公布该季营收后,阿里巴巴的股价在上午的交易中大涨5%。Still, analysts continue to worry about how a general slowdown in China could rattle Alibaba. Slower growth is expected to hit the wallets of the Chinese middle class, who regularly splurge on the company’s online shopping platforms. At around , Alibaba’s shares are still a long way from the 9 high-water mark they hit after the I.P.O.然而,分析师依然担心中国经济的全面减缓会对阿里巴巴造成冲击。经济增速减缓将令中国中产阶级的钱包缩水,而中产阶级正是经常在阿里巴巴网购平台消费的主力军。阿里巴巴目前股价约为每股79美元,相较公开发行后曾高达每股119美元的历史价位,还有很长的一段距离。“Economic challenges most likely weighed on average spending by buyers,” the research group Trefis wrote in a report.“经济不景气通常反映在消费者的平均开上。”美国投资研究机构Trefis在其报告中写道。Speaking to concerns about the Chinese economy, Joe Tsai, the company’s executive vice chairman, said in a conference call on Tuesday that the company did not believe that a blip in Chinese growth would have a long-term impact on the consumer spending on Alibaba’s sites.谈到对中国经济的担忧,阿里巴巴执行副主席蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)在周二的电话会议上表示,阿里巴巴不认为中国经济的短暂变化会对消费者的网购消费造成长期影响。“When you look at the Chinese consumer, they’re very liquid. They have lots of cash deposits in their account,” he said, adding “a temporary setback in the macro economy is not going to affect their consumption pattern in a fundamental way.” “中国消费者的现金流动性非常好,账户的现金存款相当多。”他补充谈道,“宏观经济暂时放缓不会从根本上带来消费模式的变化。”In particular, Mr. Tsai noted that Chinese consumption as a percentage of the country’s output is still well below that of developed countries. He expected consumption to naturally become a larger part of China’s economic growth. It is a shift that officials in Beijing are similarly pushing.值得关注的是,蔡崇信提到消费在中国经济中的占比还远远小于发达国家。他预计消费会自然而然地成为中国经济增长的更大组成部分。这与中国政府力推的经济转型不谋而合。Like many Internet players, Alibaba is looking to mobile as it charts out opportunities.与许多互联网公司一样,阿里巴巴致力发展移动端业务,以寻求更多机会。The company’s revenue from mobile advertising, traditionally less than is made on online desktop ads, almost tripled from a year earlier, to .7 billion. Alibaba said on Tuesday that mobile phones also account for about 62 percent of the total transactions on its e-commerce sites.阿里巴巴的移动端广告收益,原本低于PC端广告,如今增长迅猛,达到17亿美元,几乎是去年的三倍。在周二,阿里巴巴宣布移动端贡献了其电商平台约62%的总交易额。In the conference call, Alibaba executives emphasized new revenue streams that could eventually contribute to the company, including takeout and grocery delivery, a cloud computing unit that serves small businesses, and outreach to rural users.在电话会议上,阿里巴巴的高管强调新增的收入来源最终会为公司做出贡献,这包括餐饮外卖和食品杂货递送、针对小企业的云计算业务,以及针对农村地区用户的拓展。“Today if you look at the landscape in China, online shopping only accounts for 10 percent of total retail in China,” said Alibaba’s new chief executive, Daniel Zhang. “So I would say that is a huge potential, and if we look at people’s geographic sp, half of our population in the low-tier cities and rural areas, that’s why we initiate our rural program.”“时至今日,从总体情况来看,网购只占中国零售业总额的10%。”阿里巴巴新上任的首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示,“因此,我认为潜力依然巨大。从地域分布上来看,中国有一半人口生活在中小城市和农村偏远地区,这就是我们启动农村淘宝项目的原因。”Alibaba’s investment strategy is expected to follow this pattern. This month, Alibaba continued its acquisition streak by making an offer to buy the remainder of a Chinese online site, Youku Tudou.阿里巴巴的投资战略将贯彻这一目标。本月,阿里巴巴继续其收购步伐,宣布对在线视频网站优酷和土豆网剩余的股份进行全面收购。“Consumption isn’t just about online shopping, but consumption of digital goods; it’s about consumption of services. We are looking at things that will enhance our position in the consumption economy,” Mr. Tsai said.“消费不仅限于网购商品,也是对数字产品的消费,是对务业的消费。我们重视能提高我们在消费经济中地位的业务。”蔡崇信表示。 /201510/406508深圳市中医医院瘦腿针多少钱 深圳市福田医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

香港大学深圳医院割双眼皮多少钱Despite car and truck sales that motored past 16 million for the first time since 2007, recalls dominated the news for most of the year. General Motors GM 1.42% held center stage, dealing with cascading revelations about faulty ignition switches and recalling millions of vehicles. While GM opted for something approaching full disclosure of its missteps , publishing an report into company-wide fumbles, Japanese airbag maker Tanaka chose to stonewall. It left any remedies up to its beleaguered customers, notably Honda and Toyota. They are the ones who deal with the fallout of exploding safety devices that fatally fired shrapnel throughout the passenger compartment.2014年,尽管汽车销量自2007年以来首次超过1600万辆,但占据媒体头条的还是各类召回事故。在召回舞台上最活跃的是通用汽车公司,由于不断曝出点火开关故障,通用今年已经召回了几百万辆汽车。这家汽车制造商选择勇敢曝光自己的失误,并公开发布了一份自查报告。而日本气囊生产商高田公司却对“气囊门”三缄其口,转而把补救措施留给其深陷困境的客户本田和丰田来实施。有问题的气囊爆炸后,会向驾驶室弹出致命碎片。On the sales front, General Motors and Ford F -0.13% lost market share to Chrysler, which leveraged its Jeep brand to previously unimagined heights – and then, metaphorically left its heritage behind when it established legal domicile in the Netherlands and changed its name to FCA US LLC.在销量方面,通用和福特的部分市场份额被克莱斯勒蚕食,后者已经把Jeep品牌成功提升到此前难以想象的高度。随后,克莱斯勒将它的光辉历史抛在身后,将总部搬到荷兰,并更名为FCA US LLC。Among the year’s biggest surprises was the plunge in gasoline pries. Economists differed on the economic impact—money in the pockets of consumers offset by declines in exploration and drilling activity—but everyone agreed that it was bearish for small cars and hybrids. The combination of cheap gas and a steep sticker price made the Cadillac ELR the runaway winner of the most disliked car of the year award. Only 155 of the Volt-based ,000 cars found buyers in November.今年最令人惊喜的消息还包括油价下跌。经济学家对油价下跌的经济影响也是见仁见智,一方面认为消费者因此节省了不少油钱,一方面则认为这种趋势会影响石油的开采钻探活动。但大家普遍认为这会影响小型车和混合动力车的销量。油价下跌加上车价过高,使得凯迪拉克公司的电动轿跑ELR稳居2014年最不受欢迎的车型“宝座”。11月份,这款售价高达8万美元的电动跑车只卖出了155辆。So what does 2015 portend? Here are some educated guesses.那么,于汽车业而言,2015年又意味着什么?以下是一些有根据的猜测。Auto sales: Car sales reach 17 million but manufacturers scramble to adjust capacity as trucks and SUVs soar in popularity. Pressure to hold down corporate fuel averages drives margins on small cars far below break-even.汽车销量:2015年,汽车销量将达到1700万辆,但随着皮卡和SUV的走俏,各大厂商也会纷纷调整产能。低油价的压力将导致小型车的利润更加单薄。Detroit Three: The other two Michigan-based manufacturers still face bumps. General Motors copes with continued fallout from its ignition switch recall while Ford fights through the most aggressive launch period in the company’s history.底特律三巨头:另两家底特律车企仍会遇到一些磕磕绊绊。通用还要继续应对“点火门”事件的余波,而福特将进入该公司有史以来最激进的产品发布期。Japanese Three: Honda ts water while it waits for bold new designs from its Americanized management team to reach market, particularly the Acura NSX super car, which has been on the auto show circuit now for several years. Focused now on his legacy, CEO Carlos Ghosn drives executives even harder to meet targets in his latest three-year plan while he grooms a successor. As for Toyota, Automotive News declares that it is firing on “all cylinders” before its move from Southern California with fresh products in key segments.日本三巨头:在本田的美国化管理团队将新品投放市场之前,该公司还会原地踏步,尤其是它的讴歌NSX超跑,这款车型已经在各大车展上亮相好几年了,但至今仍未上市。本田CEO卡洛斯o高森一边督促高管团队努力实现他的“三年计划”目标,一边培养继承人。《汽车新闻》报道称,丰田公司在携新产品搬离南加州工厂之前,正处于“马力全开”的状态。German Three:Mercedes-Benz begins to sag as new lower-priced Benz’s inevitably erode its once invincible “the best or nothing” status. At BMW, imminent arrival of a new 7-series cements its status as the preferred brand of Scarsdale, Shaker Heights, and Santa Monica. A new A3, starting at , 795, should nicely lift Audi’s sales beyond 2014’s 15% climb, and a new Q7 SUV should nicely lift profits.德系三巨头:由于奔驰的几款低价产品不可避免地会损害它“要么最好,要么什么都不是”(the best or nothing)的商誉,该公司也开始陷入低迷。而即将推出的新7系轿车则会进一步巩固宝马在美国富人圈中的地位。另外,起价30,795美元的奥迪A3,很可能会使奥迪的销量较2014年增长15%,新款Q7也将进一步提高奥迪的利润。Chinese manufacturers:Coming to the U.S.? Warren Buffett’s BYD says it is arriving in 2015 and Geely in 2016 but we’ve been hearing that someone was coming since at 2006. The refinement of Chinese cars is the issue. With more than 80 local automakers producing 524 different models in China, Ramp;D money is sp too thinly to produce meaningful results.中国厂商:中国汽车进军美国?巴菲特持股的比亚迪汽车公司称,它将于2015年登陆美国市场,吉利汽车也将于2016年进入美国市场。不过自2006年起,我们就一直在听说中国车企要登陆美国。中国汽车最大的硬伤是做工问题。中国有80多家汽车厂商,生产的车型多达524款,研发资金铺得太开,太单薄,以至于很难获得有意义的业绩。Tesla:In an effort to blunt criticism about slow refueling times for battery-powered cars, Tesla TSLA -1.54% starts to roll out of a network of battery-swap stations. CEO Elon Musk must hope he can outdo Shai Agassi’s Better Place, which tried to build a whole company around battery-swaps before going bankrupt in 2013.特斯拉:为了缓解外界对特斯拉电动汽车充电时间问题的诟病,特斯拉开始推出一个通过换电池快速充电的充电站网络。CEO埃隆o马斯克肯定希望自己的运气比夏伊o阿加西的Better Place公司好一些,这家公司在2013年破产前做的就是电池更换充电站业务。Headquarter shifts: With Toyota leaving for Texas and Mercedes headed toward North Carolina or Georgia from New Jersey, look for Subaru to chart its own path when it builds its new headquarters. One option: Moving closer to its customers by relocating in Vermont.换总部:随着丰田迁至德州,奔驰从新泽西搬往北卡罗来纳州或乔治亚州,斯巴鲁也要建它的新总部了。它的一个选择是搬到离其客户群更近的佛蒙特州。CEOs: Newbies Mary Barra at GM and Mark Fields at Ford start playing close attention to the moves made by FCA’s Sergio Marchionne. Despite running his growing empire on two continents, Marchionne tacked on a U.S market share gain of 1.2 points, unhindered by one of the weakest product lineups in the business and troubles with his much heralded eight-speed transmission.CEO:作为汽车业新人,通用CEO玛丽o芭拉和福特CEO马克o菲尔兹开始密切观注菲亚特和克莱斯勒集团CEO的塞尔吉奥o马基奥尼的一举一动。虽然他的商业帝国横跨欧美两个大陆,但马基奥尼还是成功地把公司的美国市场份额提高了1.2个点,完全没有受到公司最弱的一条产品线以及八速变速箱问题的影响。Awards: Despite early wins for VW’s Golf GTI, the Detroit-centric jurors of the North American Car and Truck award 2015 prizes to Ford’s Mustang as well as Ford’s F-150 pickup truck.奖项:尽管大众的高尔夫GTI先拔头筹,但偏向自家人的2015年北美汽车大奖的评审员们还是对福特的野马和F-150皮卡不吝溢美之辞。Truck wars: Awards aside, Ford’s aluminum pickup is hard to build and slow to sell, leaving an opening for Ram’s fast-rising 1500 while Nissan tries to forget the failure of its first full-size truck when it launches the second-generation Titan with the biggest of big rig styling. The industry’s biggest secret is revealed by veteran executive John Krafcik in Automotive News: In the over ,000 category, pickups and SUVs distributed through non-premium dealers outsell German luxury brands.皮卡大战:如果把得奖的问题抛在一边,福特的全铝皮卡生产起来很不容易,卖得也比较慢,这就为快速崛起的道奇公羊(Dodge Ram)1500提供了机会。同时,日产也试图忘掉该公司第一款全尺寸皮卡,也就是采用双拖斗造型的第二代Titan皮卡的失利。汽车业老将约翰o克拉福西克向《汽车新闻》透露了这个行业的最大秘密:在5万美元以上的市场区间,平价品牌的皮卡和SUV的销量要超过德系豪华品牌。Brands with the most to make up for in 2015:Volkswagen, whose stale product line depressed sales by 11%, thereby delaying Ferdinand Piech’s plans for global supremacy, and Volvo, down 17%, which has yet to make any progress under its Chinese owner.2015年最需要迎头赶上的品牌:由于产品线陈旧,大众今年的销量下降了11%,影响了费迪南德o皮切的“称霸全球”计划。沃尔沃的销量则下跌了17%,自从被中国车企收购后,该公司至今还没有任何进步。Brands with the most incentive to coast in 2015:Jeep, which must be exhausted after lifting sales an astonishing 44% on the back of the new Cherokee, and Subaru, now the 10th most popular brand in America after improving its sales by 21% in its usual fashion: quietly.2015年风头最劲的品牌:在新款切诺基的拉动下,Jeep在2014年的销量惊人地拉高了44%,而斯巴鲁的销量则静悄悄地提高了21%,现已成为美国第十大最受欢迎的汽车品牌。Alternative fuels: For the first time since diesel-powered cars from Europe started arriving here in the 1950s, old first-person accounts about the joys of driving a diesel fall off to near zero. They are replaced by new first-person accounts about the joys of driving cars with ridiculously high horsepower like the 580-hp Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Dodge’s Challenger SRT Hellfire with 707 hp. Elsewhere: fuel-cell cars with their longer cruising range move center-stage, stealing the limelight from battery-powered cars.替代燃料:自从柴油车于上世纪50年代从欧洲进入美国以来,人们对柴油车的热情首次冷却殆尽,取而代之的是马力高得吓人的雪佛兰CamaroZL1(580匹马力),和707匹马力的道奇挑战者SRT地狱火等车型。另外,续航里程更长的燃料电池汽车也开始登上舞台,从电池动力汽车那里抢走了不少风头。Technology:Cadillac will introduce high-resolution streaming in the rearview mirror, which improves the field of vision by about four times greater than a traditional mirror by removing obstructions like pillars and passengers. Just the thing for aging Cadillac drivers with stiff necks. Coming next: a “beep, beep, beep” signal like that used by garbage trucks whenever the car is driven in reverse.科技:凯迪拉克将在汽车的后视镜添加高清视频功能,其视野要比传统的后视镜开扩四倍,因为它能够在最大程度上减少了车柱和乘客对视线的影响,对于上了年纪的凯迪拉克车主和颈椎不好的人来说,这的确是个福音。下一个即将被广泛采用的技术,则是让汽车在倒车时,能够发出像垃圾车那样的“滴滴声”。Autonomous cars: Researchers are working on devices that will automatically park your car in a parking lot without you being in, or near, the car. It will also slip a note under the wipers of the car next to it with your phone number and insurance carrier in case of any scratches.自动驾驶汽车:研究人员正在研究能让汽车自动倒车入库的设备,让你甚至不必坐在车里就能完成倒车。这样你就不必在不小心刮蹭到别人的车时,往人家的雨刮器下面留张字条,并附上你的电话号码了。Dealers: Car dealers work toward reducing the paperwork involved in buying a car and the hours it takes to fill it out. That will give them more time to devote to upselling add-ons such as extended warranties, paint and fabric protection, and rust-proofing.经销商:经销商们正在努力精简购车的文书手续以及时间。这会使他们留出更多的时间向消费者推销延长质保、喷漆、织物保护、防锈等附加务。Classic cars:Prices plummet as an enormous supply of post-war classics, hidden away on an off-shore island, becomes available for the first time in 50 years. Collectors are especially eager to find Packards, Studebakers, Hudsons, Nashes, Kaisers, and Henry J’s. More’s the surprise because all of the cars are in running condition and are used as daily drivers.老爷车:由于今年在一个海外小岛上发现了一大批尘封50年之久的老爷车,导致现在二战后的老爷车的供给充足,价格也显著下降。收藏家们尤其喜欢Packards、Studebakers、Hudsons、Nashes、Kaisers和Henry J’s等型号的老爷车。更令人吃惊的是这批老爷车的车况都十分良好,能够满足日常使用。(财富中文网) /201501/352963 Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge苏通长江公路大桥The Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge ( Sutong Bridge) is a cablestayed bridge that spans the Yangtze River in the People#39;s Republic of China between Nantong and Changshu, a satellite city of Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province. the highway is 32.4 kilometers long. Overall the bridge length is 8,206 metres (26,923 ft) and construction has been estimated to cost about 6. 45 billion yuan RMB. Sutong Bridge can claim four worlds records. The largest main span (1088m) : as far as main span is concerned, Sutong Bridge is 200m longer than that of Tatara Bridge m Japan; the highest pylon ( over 300m) ; the deepest foundation (steel casing depth: 120m) and the longest stayed cable (580m). Construction began in June, 2003 and the bridge was linked up on June 18, 2007, one year ahead of schedule. The bridge was opened to traffic on May 25, 2008 and was officially opened on June 30, 2008. The completion of the bridge makes the commute between Shanghai and Nantong, originally completed through ferry route, shorten to about an hour. It brings Nantong one step closer to becoming an important part of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, and has further attracted foreign investors into the city. The bridge is also pivotal in the development of poorer northern Jiangsu regions.苏通长江公路大桥(简称苏通大桥)位于中国江苏省,该桥跨越长江,连接苏州(常熟)和南通两座城市。公路总里程32.4千米(含南北端引道),实际跨江的桥梁部分约8200米,总投资约64.5亿元。苏通大桥将由跨江大桥工程和南、北岸接线工程三部分组成,建成后将创造四项世界纪录:世界跨度最大的斜拉桥,斜拉桥主孔跨度1088米,比日本多多罗大桥还长200米;世界最高桥塔,塔高300.4米,相当于100层楼房的高度;最深基础,苏通大桥主墩基础由131根长约120米、直径2.5米至2.8米的群桩组成,在40米水深以下厚达300米的软土地基上建起来的,是世界上规模最大、人土最深的群桩基础;最长拉索,苏通大桥最长拉索长达580米,为世界上最长的斜拉索。2003年6月开工,于2007年6月18日提前合龙,2008年5月25日苏通大桥投入试运行,6月30日正式通车,南通进入上海的一小时都市圈之内,成为长江三角洲区域经济的重要组成部分。苏州大桥的建设,对于完善国家公路网,打通我国东部沿海大通道,促进长江三角洲区域经济社会的协调发展具有战略意义。 /201603/430096深圳南山激光去斑多少钱广东深圳自体脂肪填充多少钱



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