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We might like to think we#39;re not influenced by other people, but a new study into the group;buying mechanisms ; like those used on coupon sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial ; reveals that telling buyers who come later to the offer how many have aly signed up increases the number of purchasers.我们也许认为我们不会受到他人的影响,但一项针对团购机制(正如Groupon和LivingSocial等团购网站的机制一样)的研究表明,告诉后来的买家已经有多少人报名参加能够增加购买者的人数。Researchers at the University of Toronto#39;s Rotman School of Management wanted to understand why group buying sites that have entered the market recently have enjoyed greater success than those operating a decade ago, such as Mercata and MobShop.多伦多大学罗特曼管理学院的研究人员想要知道为什么近期进入市场的团购网站比十年前的Mercata和MobShop等团购网站经营更成功。Earlier attempts typically left potential buyers waiting for days before confirming whether or not they had got the offer they had signed up for.团购网站过去总是让潜在的买家在报名后等上好多天,才能确认是否能享受到折扣品。;We think one of the reasons group;buying has been successful recently is because of the short time horizon,; says Rotman Professor Ming Hu, who co;wrote the study with Professor Mengze Shi and PhD student Jiahua Wu. ;It allows for a herding effect.;罗特曼商学院的教授胡明(音)说:;我们认为近期团购网站成功的原因之一是较短的时限。这就出现了羊群效应。;他和石梦泽(音)教授以及士生吴嘉华(音)共同撰写了该研究报告。Another reason is the use of an information structure that discloses to later arrivals how many have aly signed onto the deal.另一个原因是使用了一种信息结构,让后来者看到已经有多少人下单购买。Researchers looked at two ways of designing the purchasing mechanism for a group buy: a simultaneous mechanism, where no one knows how many buyers have come before them, and a sequential mechanism, where a second group of buyers has the advantage of knowing the size of the first group.研究人员研究了设计团购机制的两种方式,一种是同步机制,没人知道之前有多少人来过;另一种是顺序机制,第二拨买主能够知晓第一拨买主的规模。The researchers#39; analytical model shows the most successful mechanism is the sequential one because it eliminates uncertainty for those coming later to the deal, and improves the confidence of those who sign on early, as they#39;re able to track the numbers of those who come after them.研究人员的分析模型显示,第二种机制最成功,因为这为后来的买家消除了不确定性,并增进了先前买家的信心,因为他们也可以看到随后买家的数量。;That boosts confidence,; says Professor Hu, who teaches operations management. Deals for ;luxury; services, versus everyday items, work better in a group buy scenario because they offer consumers a greater benefit.胡教授说:;这增进了自信。;他教授运营管理课程。与日常商品相比,;奢华;务类商品团购效果更好,因为消费者能得到更大实惠。 /201202/172436

So was the journey worth it? 所以这趟环球之旅真的值得吗?;London is especially beautiful,; he says. ;People are very friendly. They always show warmth towards me. ;When I go back to China I want to tell them how civilized the English are.;“伦敦特别的漂亮。”陈冠明说。“人们都非常的友好。他们对我非常的友好。”“我回到中国,一定告诉人们英国人是多么的文明有礼。”Opening ceremony ambition 最终目标是奥运会开幕式He wants to carry on sping his message of peace and environmental protection, he says. ;I#39;m a big fan of Olympic Games,; he says with typical understatement. ;I wanted to come here because I wanted the whole world to support the Olympics and be part of it.;他说,他希望能够继续传递和平和环境保护的理念。“我非常热爱奥运会。”陈冠明用惯有的语气说。“我之所以来这儿是因为我希望全世界的人们都能持奥运会,也能积极参与奥运会。”Ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games he led a personal crusade against littering, encouraging people to respect their environment. To achieve this, he cycled to Beijing from his village, Erchen, in 2001 when China#39;s bid was successful.早在2008年奥运会之前,陈冠明就进行过反乱丢废物的游行 ,他鼓励人们保护他们所居住的环境。为了达成目标,2001年,在中国申奥成功后,陈冠明从他的村子出发,骑车到达北京。He says he went through 1,764 cities, covering more than 90,000km. For three months he collected litter around Beijing and the Olympic Park. He litter picked everything from cigarette butts to plastic bottles and was rewarded for his voluntary work by the authorities with a seat at the closing ceremony.他说他途经1764个城市,跨越了90,000公里的土地。他在奥林匹克公园义务捡垃圾长达三个月。他义务拾捡垃圾,从烟头到塑料瓶,地上的所有垃圾他都拾起。后来,他的义务工作得到了官方的表扬和奖励,在北京奥运会闭幕式上,他被安排坐在前排观看。Now, he wants to be in the opening ceremony to round off his Olympic journey.现在,他希望能够亲临伦敦奥运会开幕式现场使自己的奥运之旅圆满结束。Asking Mr Chen if he thinks it will be ;difficult; to take part in the ceremony on Friday seems crass given the scale of his achievement in coming this far. And with his indomitable spirit, who#39;s to say he won#39;t achieve it?考虑到一路走来他为奥运会所付出的一切努力,如果这个时候再去问陈冠明周五去现场观看奥运会开幕式是否很“困难”,那就显得太傻了。凭着他这种不屈不挠的精神,谁还会说他不能圆梦呢? /201207/192925

Where it began“屌丝”的起源The word originated in the Baidu.com#39;s Tiebar (a top Chinese bulletin board system) of soccer player Li Yi. There, fans of Li, who are called yisi in Chinese, not only talk about soccer but moan about their lives, work and relationships.Yisi, who are known for their rude and dirty language, were given the name diaosi by others who have seen their posts.该词起源于足球运动员李毅的百度贴吧(国内知名的BBS)。李毅的球迷“毅丝”们在贴吧里不仅谈论足球,还抱怨自己对生活、工作与感情的不满。“毅丝”以语言粗鲁,脏话连篇而闻名,看过他们帖子的人便给他们起了“屌丝”这一称号。What is a ;diaosi; like“屌丝”什么样?The word diaosi was coined first by single, young men who feel they have dead-end lives. Generally, men in this category don#39;t earn enough, are not good looking, and have difficulty winning promotion. Unlike their upper-class contemporaries, they lack influential families, useful social networks for their careers, and most importantly, suitable women to marry.“屌丝”这个词最初是由那些感到生活没出路的年轻单身汉们创造出来的。通常这类男性挣钱不多,其貌不扬,晋升无望。与处于社会高层的同龄人相比,他们缺少有权势的家庭背景,没有可以帮助他们发展事业的社会关系,最重要的是,没有合适的结婚对象。;I#39;m just a diaosi, poor and plain-looking, who will marry me?; It#39;s a common sentiment uttered by one of them, which is half self-mockery, half reality. Many young men call themselves diaosi because they feel they are among the lowest echelons of society. They suffer low self-esteem and have stopped trying to improve their lives.“我只是个屌丝,穷困潦倒且相貌平平,谁会嫁给我呢?”“屌丝一族”常常会这样一半自嘲、一半现实地感慨到。很多年轻人自称“屌丝”,因为他们觉得自己处于社会最底层。他们缺乏自尊,也不再为新生活而奋斗。;Diaosi; culture reflects social changes“屌丝”文化反映出社会变革According to Zhu Chongke, a professor in the School of Asia-Pacific Studies at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, the popularity of the word diaosi stems from the fact that it was created by common people and thus resonates with a huge population.;Labeling yourself a diaosi offers an outlet for people to mock themselves and relieve pressure, hence it sp quickly,; Zhu told Xinhua News Agency.;The attitude is basically: #39;I aly have little to lose, so why don#39;t I mock myself for fun?#39;.;广州中山大学亚太研究院的朱崇科教授说,正因为“屌丝”一词是由普通大众创造的,才引发了大多数人的共鸣,变得如此流行。“通过给自己贴上‘屌丝’标签,人们找到了一个自嘲和减压的出口。因此这个词汇迅速传播开来。”朱崇科在接受新华社采访时如是说。“从根本上讲,他们的态度是:‘我已是一穷二白,为何不自嘲取乐呢?’”The diaosi phenomenon reflects not just a youth culture problem, but larger social issues.屌丝现象所反映出的不单单是一个青年文化的问题,而是更大的社会问题。;Society hasn#39;t offered an effective channel for young people who don#39;t have an influential family background to receive promotion at work,; Zhu said. Ke Qianting is an associate professor in gender studies at Tsinghua University. ;The pressure of marriage intensifies anxiety among this group,; Ke told Sohu.com.;Many of those young men claim to be diaosi, since they can#39;t find a proper woman to marry. It reflects a deep sense of loss.”“社会没能为这些缺少家庭背景的年轻人提供一个有效的晋升渠道。”朱崇科说。柯倩婷副教授是清华大学性别研究方面的专家。“婚姻的压力令这些年轻人更加焦虑。”柯倩婷在接受搜狐的采访中说。“很多这样的年轻人都因为找不到合适的结婚对象,而宣称加入‘屌丝一族’。这反映了一种深深的失落感。” /201205/181813SOMETIMES it#39;s the small things such as a stray hair or a dog that cause those who have vowed ;until death do us part#39;#39; to decide to return to the single life.有时一缕散发或一只那样的小事会导致那些宣誓“直至死亡才能把我们分开”的夫妻决心重返单身。Examples aren#39;t hard to find in Shanghai, where the divorce rate reached 39 percent last year, which earned the city a No. 2 ranking for splitting up among cities on the mainland, with 38,000 couples divorced.这样的例子在上海并不很难找到,去年那里的离婚率达到39%,在大陆离异城市中排名第二,有3万8千对夫妻离婚。A total of 12,096 couples divorced between January and April, while 41,282 couples tied the knot at the city#39;s marriage registration offices.1月和4月共有12096对夫妻离婚,同时有41282对情侣在城市的婚姻登记处喜结连理。A local woman has been living with a Samoyed dog since she was a teenager, the Shanghai Evening Post reported yesterday. Her mother gave her the dog, who feared her daughter felt lonely growing up in a single-parent family.一个当地妇女自青少年时代就一直和一只萨耶犬一起生活,《上海晚报》昨日报道。她妈妈送给了她这条,担心女儿在单亲家庭成长会感到孤独。Every time she went on a date with a local man, she brought her dog. When the man proposed, she asked that the dog be allowed to sleep on the bed with her after she got married. He agreed without realizing the consequences, the newspaper said.每次她与一个本地男人约会时都会带上她的。当这个男人求婚时,她问这只在她结婚后是否被允许和她一起睡床。他没有意识到后果地同意了,该报说。Every time he tried to go to bed, the dog barked at him and tried to attack him. The situation lasted for a month. The man complained, but the woman wouldn#39;t give in. The man then told his mother, who quarreled with the mother of the woman. They got a divorce.每次当他试图去睡觉时,那就会朝他叫唤,并试图攻击他。情况持续了一个月。这个男人抱怨着,但女人并没有屈。男人后来告诉了他母亲,他母亲和女人大吵了一架。他们离婚了。In another case, a man surnamed Jiang fell in love with a girl during a matchmaking event. They got married early this year. But problems soon emerged, the newspaper said.在另一个事例中,一位姓蒋的男人在相亲中爱上一个女孩。今年年初他们结婚了。但问题很快就出现了,该报说。Jiang lived alone at an apartment before he married. After the woman moved in, he felt uncomfortable every time he saw hair on the floor.蒋在他结婚前独自住公寓。在女人搬进来后,他每次看到地上的头发都会感到不舒。;I became irritable and thought it was extremely dirty and disorderly every time I saw long hair on the floor,; Jiang said, insisting he had no phobia.“我变得烦躁起来,每次我看到地上的长发就觉得这非常脏和混乱,”蒋说,他坚持自己没有洁癖。He picked up the hair, and asked his wife to clean up after combing. The woman agreed, but forgot sometimes. Quarrels broke out. The woman said she could not understand. One weekend, after Jiang saw a hair in the bathroom again, he could no longer bear it. The woman asked for a divorce. ;I cannot ensure that no hair will fall onto the floor the next second,; she said.他捡起头发,让他的妻子在梳头后清理干净。女人同意了,但有时还是会忘记。争吵爆发了。女人说她不能理解。一个周末在蒋再一次看见浴室里的头发时,他再也忍受不下去了。女人要求离婚。“我不能确保下次没有头发会掉到地上,”她说。The marriage lasted for half a year.这段婚姻只持续了半年。 /201211/208636

;Education:potty training.Work Experience:picking up toys.Hobbies:thumb sucking.You know,maybe it#39;s too soon to write your resume.;教育:上厕所训练。工作经验:拣玩具。习惯:吮拇指。你知道,这些很快就要写到你的个人简历上了。 /201508/390428

When my husband, daughter, and I travel during the holidays, it#39;s almost always ;home; to Vermont to visit ; and stay with ; my family. Although that#39;s a lovely thing in many respects, it#39;s not so great for my workout routine. Not only do I not have the option of heading to the hotel pool or gym, but there#39;s also so much going on that there#39;s rarely time to fit in a full-scale sweat session .每次我和丈夫女儿度假旅游,几乎总要回到我们在佛蒙特的;家;;;拜访我的亲人。虽然总的来说,这是件很温馨快乐的事情,但是,对于我的日常训练安排来说,却不怎么好。我不仅没法去宾馆的游泳池或者健身房锻炼,更糟糕的是,我几乎没有时间做运动来让自己彻彻底底、爽快地出一身汗。But I also know that with all the can#39;t-pass-#39;em-up homemade treats (my mom#39;s maple dumplings, my sister#39;s butterscotch cookies, my friend Marget#39;s fudge sauce) vying for belly space ; and, yes, the occasional stressful moment that comes from having a dozen or so independent-minded adults crammed into a single room -- exercise is crucial to both my mental well-being and my waistline.面对家里那些令人欲罢不能的美食(像是妈妈做的槭糖味面团,做的奶油糖果曲奇,以及我的好朋友Marget做的软糖酱),就算是自控力多么强大的人,也会抵抗不住诱惑狼吞虎咽起来,不放过肚子里每一个空隙。然而,与此同时,我内心也很明白,无论是为了我的身心健康,还是我的腰围,体育锻炼都是必不可少的。Happily, after a lot of trial and error over the years, I#39;ve figured out three reliable ways to sneak in enough movement during away-from-home holidays to keep the scale needle from sidling too far in the wrong direction. Go ahead and steal #39;em for yourself:值得庆幸的是,多年来抱着神农尝百草的精神,一路摸爬滚打过来的我,终于发现了3个非常有用的方法,即使是在离家远游的时候,也能够让保持好身材,不让体重秤上的指针跑得太远。不信?就一起来看看吧:The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is 10 minutes of sun salutations. They get my blood flowing, involve some serious strength, and get the tiniest bit of sweat going. I also make sure to tell my early-rising mom that she#39;ll find me down-dogging in her living room every morning before breakfast. And, of course, I do them in my pajamas ; who wants to get dressed before breakfast when you#39;re on vacation?每天早上起来第一件事情,就是做10分钟的拜日式瑜伽。加速血液循环的同时,做一些有难度的伸展动作,可以让身体微微排汗。我还特意告诉我那个习惯早起的妈妈,在早饭前,我会在她的起居室里做另一种瑜伽。当然啦,我会穿着我的睡裤做这些运动;;假日里,谁愿意一起来就把自己往正装里塞?I set a daily step goal, then wear my activity monitor and challenge myself to meet that target each day. To help reach it, I take at least one walk during daylight hours. I#39;m rarely alone ; my mom and her dog, Abby, come along, or my sister pairs up with me for some girl talk, or I pull my daughter, Zoe, behind me in her sled. Then, after Zoe goes to bed in the evenings, my husband, Eric, and I bundle up and head back out for a peaceful stroll to view the holiday lights. It#39;s become a tradition for us, and I love it.我制定了一个每日计划目标,然后带上我的运动监督器,要求自己每天达到制定的目标。为了达到目标,我白天的时候至少会竞走一次。运动的过程中,我从不感到孤单,因为总会有人陪我一起;;有的时候,是妈妈和她的小,Abby,一路陪着我;有的时候,我的也会加入我,边走边聊一些女人的事情;或者,我会让女儿Zoe坐在她的雪橇里,我托着她往前走。而到了晚上,当Zoe睡着了,我丈夫Eric,会和我一起出去散散步,手挽着手,欣赏假日里的灯火。渐渐地,这些都成了我们的传统,而我一直也很乐衷于此。As a family, we try to turn at least some of our gatherings into active outings ; cross-country skiing at the local country club, ice skating at the indoor rink near my mom#39;s house, sledding down the awesome hill near my sister#39;s house, or caroling around the neighborhood. That way, we get to hang out and burn some calories at the same time.作为一个家族,我们试着举家参加至少一次户外活动,例如,参加当地滑雪俱乐部举办的跨区域滑雪;到妈妈家附近的室内溜冰场溜冰;驾驶着雪橇翻越家旁边那座令人敬畏的山丘;或是在邻里社区里唱唱颂歌,载歌载舞。在感受户外带来的欢乐的同时,我们也在不知不觉中减去了我们身上的卡路里。Happy, healthy holidays to you!最后,预祝你有个快乐健康的假日! /201112/163960If you#39;re ing this, there#39;s a good chance that you have an email account. You may well have several ; perhaps separate accounts for professional and personal contacts.如果你正在阅读这篇文章,你肯定有一个或若干个甚至是不同帐号的私人或办公邮箱。It#39;s easy to assume that we know how to use email effectively: it#39;s been around for long enough. But if you find yourself struggling to communicate effectively by email, these six tips should help:邮件这样的沟通方式早已经渗入到了我们的生活工作中,因此可以说大多数人都能有效地使用邮件与他人交流。但如果你发现自己还没做得足够有效,我想以下这六点可以帮到你:1. Start With an Appropriate Salutation邮件开头称呼要恰当:Some people jump straight into the text of an email without so much as a ;hi;. It#39;s polite to add a salutation, just as you would with a letter. That might look like:有些人写邮件不喜欢加称呼,甚至连简单的;你好;都忽略,直接开始正文内容。孰不知就像在传统的信件上一样,写上称呼是一种礼貌的象征。称呼可以这样写:Dear Sir/Madam 亲爱的先生/女士Dear Mr. Johnson 亲爱的约翰逊先生Hi Sue 苏,你好Hello Fred 你好,福瑞德Your salutation needs to be appropriate. If you#39;re writing to a prospective employer, ;Dear Mr. Johnson; is probably the best way to go. ;Hi Bob; is going to look unprofessional.称呼必须恰当。若邮件对象是你未来的上司,;亲爱的约翰先生;这样的称呼应该为最得体的。像;你好,鲍勃;更适用于随意的场合。But don#39;t assume that formality is always the right answer. If you#39;re writing to a friend of a friend, using ;Dear; plus their surname is going to seem oddly stilted.那么,是不是正式的用语就万能呢?绝对不是。若你给你朋友的朋友写邮件,那用;亲爱的+姓;就显得异常别扭。If in doubt, ;Dear [first name]; will usually work just fine.当你判断不出哪种场合该用什么称呼合适,你可以使用;亲爱的+名;来应付所有情况。2. Get Straight to the Point直奔主题Your correspondent won#39;t want to wade through paragraphs of waffle ; so get straight to the point. If you#39;re writing to someone out of the blue, don#39;t give them your life story before you make a request.相信阅读你邮件的人不会愿意仔细浏览你那空洞无聊的长篇大论,所以你需要直奔主题。如果你想写封邮件安慰某个心灵受伤的朋友,开头先把你的建议亮出来,然后再用你的亲身经历来辅助说明。Getting straight to the point might mean that the first line of your email (after the salutation) looks something like this:直奔主题意味着邮件内容的第一行应该是这样:I#39;m working on an article about Acme Widgets for XYZ publication, and wondered if you had a few minutes to answer the following three questions.我现在正在写一篇要交给某某出版社关于极致控件的文章,不知道您有没有时间回答3个问题呢?Could you supply me with a e for the following project?可否对下面的设计项目进行引?I#39;d like to discuss the revisions with you. Would Tuesday at 2pm be a good time?我想和你谈谈修订的事。这周二下午两点您有空吗?I#39;ve attached the documents you requested at our meeting yesterday.昨天会议上您要求的文件已附上,请查收。You may well need to include more details, but if you put the important point up front, your email is more likely to get a timely response. If your question comes too far down, the recipient may not even realise that you need a reply.当然,你需要再增加更多的细节内容。若将邮件重点放到内容的开头,你将收到更加及时的回复信息。如果你的问题在邮件后头,收信人可能都不会意识到你在等他回复。3. Keep it Short内容言简意赅Try to keep your email as short as possible. Make the paragraphs short, too ; long paragraphs can be difficult to and take in.尽可能将你的邮件内容写得简单明了。文章太长不易阅读和吸收。Do make sure you give enough information for your correspondent to be able to make a decision, if that#39;s required. You might find that it#39;s best to offer this as an attachment ; you#39;ll have more flexibility over formatting, and your correspondent can print out the attachment easily.若对方需要通过你的邮件来做决策,那你一定要在邮件中将相关信息写完整。为了能更灵活地排版,你可以把这些信息作成附件形式,以方便对方将其打印出来。4. Use Numbered Points将内容编号If you#39;ve got several questions or points to make, it#39;s very helpful to number them. This makes it easy for the other person to respond to each one, especially if some just require a yes/no response or a single word answer. For instance:对于那些为了咨询或提供各种问题的邮件,最好将问题一点一点的列举出来,以便于他人对每个问题作答,尤其当某些人更倾向于对问题只回答;是;和;否;的时候。例如:Could you let me know:能否告知:1. How much it would cost for the website design1. 网站设计费用2. How much for the website design plus a tri-fold brochure2. 网页设计加一份三页宣传册的费用3. Whether you could complete 2 by the end of April3. 您能否在四月底完成第二点所述工作?It#39;s also useful to list your questions or points as bullets in this way; if you write a single paragraph, some of your questions might get missed.将你的问题或观点用图标的方式罗列出来是很实用的,倘若你用一段话将几个点全部涵盖,那对方有可能会漏看其中的几点。5. Re- and Use Spell-Check重新阅读一篇,校对拼写错误A typo or spelling mistake can turn one word into an entirely different one. If you#39;re using email in a professional capacity, that mistake could be embarrassing ; or even offensive. It might alter the whole meaning of your email: a missing ;not;, for instance, could potentially cause problems.排版或拼写错误有时能导致对一个单词的误解。尤其当你用邮件来沟通专业性内容时,这样的错误就很尴尬,甚至有些失礼。它可能改变你整个邮件的意思。比如:少写了个;不;,就可能会引起某些问题。Spell-check should help you avoid any silly mistakes ; but use your eyes and brain too. There are plenty of words that spell-check won#39;t pick up. If you#39;re emailing from a device with predictive text and an auto-correct feature, make sure you always re- what you#39;ve typed.因此检查拼写将避免你犯这些低级错误,但这里强调;;不仅仅用眼睛检查,还得用大脑思考。有些错误不一定能轻易检查出来。如果你的邮件系统有字句联想功能和自动纠错功能,一定要把写出来的内容再通读检查一遍。6. Make Your Signature Useful充分利用邮件签名Do you have an email signature? (That#39;s the text that appears automatically at the bottom of your email.) Some people don#39;t use one at all; others have a funny e or favorite saying.你设置过邮件签名吗(它将会在你每次邮件内容的下方自动生成)?有些人从来都没有使用过它,但我们也看过一些非常有意思和哲理的签名。Whether you#39;re using email for professional or personal reasons, make your signature useful for both you and your recipient. That might mean:无论你是为了工作还是私人聊天,加注签名对你和邮件接收者都有好处,因为这意味着可以:Giving the link to your website加上你的网页链接Including your work address and/or phone number写上你的工作地址或电话号码Adding links to your social media accounts注上你的社会媒体工具帐号(例如客,微,论坛)Putting in a line to promote your recent book / blog / product宣传你最新的书籍,文或产品If your email provider allows it, you may even want to create several signatures to use for different purposes (e.g. one for emailing friends, one for new business contacts).有些邮箱甚至还提供用户根据不同目的设计不同签名的务(比如:一个对朋友使用,一个对新结识的企业伙伴使用)。 /201201/167913

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