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The repaired alarm clock rang at six o#39;clock the next morning. Harry turned it off quickly and dressed silently. He mustn#39;t wake the Dursleys. He stole downstairs without turning on any of the lights.第二天早上六点,修好的闹钟铃铃地响起来。哈利迅速地把它关掉,静静地穿上衣。千万别把德思礼一家给吵醒了。他一盏灯都没开便偷偷地下了楼He was going to wait for the postman on the corner of Privet Drive and get the letters for number four first. His heart hammered as he crept across the dark hall toward the front door ;他打算在这里等邮递员的到来,这样他就可以拿到给他的信了。当他蹑手蹑脚地从大厅向前门走过去的时候,他的心扑通扑通地跳起来。;AAAAARRRGH!;;啊!;Harry leapt into the air; he#39;d trodden on something big and squashy on the doormat ; something alive!哈利被吓得跳得老高;;他踩到了门垫上一件又大又软的东西;;还是活的Lights clicked on upstairs and to his horror Harry realized that the big, squashy something had been his uncle#39;s face. Uncle Vernon had been lying at the foot of the front door in a sleeping bag, clearly making sure that Harry didn#39;t do exactly what he#39;d been trying to do. He shouted at Harry for about half an hour and then told him to go and make a cup of tea. Harry shuffled miserably off into the kitchen and by the time he got back, the mail had arrived, right into Uncle Vernon#39;s lap. Harry could see three letters addressed in green ink.楼上的灯亮了。哈利惊奇地发现刚才那个又大又软的东西居然是弗农姨父的脸。弗农姨父为了防止哈利早早地过来拿信,居然在门口用睡袋睡了一夜!他向哈利大叫大喊了几乎半个小时,然后叫他去冲一杯茶。哈利垂头丧气地进了厨房。当他回来的时候,邮件已经到了,正放在弗农姨父的膝盖上。哈利可以看见三封信都是用同样的绿色墨水写的;I want ; ; he began, but Uncle Vernon was tearing the letters into pieces before his eyes.;我想;;;没等他说完,弗农姨父已经当着他的面把信撕了个粉碎Uncle Vernon didn#39;t go to work that day. He stayed at home and nailed up the mail slot.弗农姨父那天没有去上班。他在家准备把那个邮箱钉死了。[;See,; he explained to Aunt Petunia through a mouthful of nails, ;if they can#39;t deliver them they#39;ll just give up.;;看着吧,;他含着一口钉子对佩妮姨妈说,;如果他们寄不到他们就会放弃的。;I#39;m not sure that#39;ll work, Vernon.;;我不认为那行得通,弗农。;;Oh, these people#39;s minds work in strange ways, Petunia, they#39;re not like you and me,; said Uncle Vernon, trying to knock in a nail with the piece of fruitcake Aunt Petunia had just brought him.;喔,这些人想法奇怪得很,佩妮,他们不像我和你那么想事情。;弗农姨父说着,嘴边还挂着佩妮姨妈刚刚递给他的水果蛋糕的残渣On Friday, no less than twelve letters arrived for Harry. As they couldn#39;t go through the mail slot they had been pushed under the door, slotted through the sides, and a few even forced through the small window in the downstairs bathroom.星期五那天,至少有十二封信是寄给哈利的。因为它们没法塞在邮箱里,它们被从门底下和边缝处塞了进来,还有几封是从楼下厕所的小窗户处被塞进来的。Uncle Vernon stayed at home again. After burning all the letters, he got out a hammer and nails and boarded up the cracks around the front and back doors so no one could go out. He hummed ;Tiptoe Through the Tulips; as he worked, and jumped at small noises.弗农姨父又没有去上班。在把所有的信都烧掉后,他拿出铁锤和钉子把前门和后门所有的裂缝给钉死了,这样没人可以出得去了。他一边钉一边哼着;踮着脚从郁金香间走过;的小曲,而且一听到一点动静就尖跳起来On Saturday, things began to get out of hand. Twenty-four letters to Harry found their way into the house, rolled up and hidden inside each of the two dozen eggs that their very confused milkman had handed Aunt Petunia through the living room window. While Uncle Vernon made furious telephone calls to the post office and the dairy trying to find someone to complain to, Aunt Petunia shredded the letters in her food processor.到了星期六,事情的发展完全失去了控制。二十四封给哈利的信出现在房子里。它们是被卷起来分别藏在二十四只鸡蛋中由送牛奶的人从卧室窗口递给佩妮姨妈的。在弗农姨父怒气冲冲地向邮局和牛奶场打电话找人投诉的时候,佩妮姨妈已经用她的食品搅拌器把信搅得粉碎了Who on earth wants to talk to you this badly?; Dudley asked Harry in amazement.;到底是谁这么急着跟你联系?;达力好奇地问哈利。。

  • Skunk HourBy Robert Lowell(For Elizabeth Bishop)Nautilus Island's hermitheiress still lives through winter in her Spartan cottage;her sheep still graze above the sea.Her son's a bishop. Her farmeris first selectman in our village;she's in her dotage.Thirsting forthe hierarchie privacyof Queen Victoria's century,she buys up allthe eyesores facing her shore,and lets them fall.The season's ill--we've lost our summer millionaire,who seemed to leap from an L. L. Beancatalogue. His nine-knot yawlwas auctioned off to lobstermen.A red fox stain covers Blue Hill.And now our fairydecorator brightens his shop for fall;his fishnet's filled with orange cork,orange, his cobbler's bench and awl;there is no money in his work,he'd rather marry.One dark night,my Tudor Ford climbed the hill's skull;I watched for love-cars. Lights turned down,they lay together, hull to hull,where the graveyard shelves on the town. . . .My mind's not right.A car radio bleats,"Love, O careless Love. . . ." I hearmy ill-spirit sob in each blood cell,as if my hand were at its throat. . . .I myself am hell;nobody's here--only skunks, that searchin the moonlight for a bite to eat.They march on their soles up Main Street:white stripes, moonstruck eyes' red fireunder the chalk-dry and spar spireof the Trinitarian Church.I stand on topof our back steps and breathe the rich air--a mother skunk with her column of kittens swills the garbage pail.She jabs her wedge-head in a cupof sour cream, drops her ostrich tail,and will not scare. Article/200909/84276。
  • See that bright red hamburger meat in the grocery store? It’s bright red because a food processor added carbon monoxide to the package. Most European governments do not allow carbon monoxide in packages that contain beef products. They warn that the gas keeps the beef looking bright red even if the beef has started to decay. This bright red color is attractive, but it’s a cheap trick that allows the processor to sell possibly spoiled beef.In the US, however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Agriculture say not to worry, the gas is completely safe.“They might change their mind,” said activist Maureen Downey, “when a lot of people get sick, and it’s all over TV and radio news. These two agencies bend over backward for food companies. Guess what? Processors now want to use gray water in canned soups. Look out, America—your favorite chicken soup will soon be 50 percent gray water.”Conan Nolan, head of FDA, said, “Ms. Downey has a vivid imagination. Our primary concern is the health and safety of American consumers. Gray water is simply 'used' household water. It does not include toilet water. We would never allow 50 percent gray water in canned soups—that amount might make people sick. The amount we allow will probably not exceed two or three percent. People have to realize that water is getting more valuable every decade, as the world’s population increases and the amount of fresh water decreases. Just as people’s digestive systems get used to contaminated water in developing countries, Americans will get used to gray water in their canned soups and other products. Look, no processed food is 100 percent sterile. Consider how much rat feces we allow in processed food today. I’ve yet to hear of one American dying from eating too much rat feces, so a little gray water shouldn't be a problem either.” Article/201105/136269。
  • I stood outside, in my front lawn, breathing deep, and clutching my side. Should I go in my house and tell my parents what happened? I knew that there was something in that school. I'm not sure if it was a ghost. I wanted to go in that school and help Alex more than anything. I wasn't sure how to confront that thing, whatever it was, in there. I needed a plan. I wanted to, at least try, before I told anybody. But what if it had killed Alex. It would kill me too.  The man, at the hospital. He would know what to do. He used to go to that school. But he is over ninety, and he couldn't even talk. I looked at my watch. 12:13. The hospital wasn't that far away. On my bike it would only take me twenty minutes. And well, it was the only plan I had. Article/200906/73780。
  • Why Can We Hear the Sound of the Ocean in a Shell? 贝壳传来海洋之音?Most children have probably wondered at the noise of roaring ocean waves magically captured inside seashells held up to their ears. According to popular belief, anyone lucky enough to hold a big, spiral conch shell will be treated to the loudest rendition of one of nature's "recordings."A similar, but quieter effect can be heard by using an empty cup or even just by cupping a hand over an ear. One popular explanation is that the sound of blood rushing through the ear's blood vessels echoes inside the cup. This is unlikely, because the sound ought to be louder after vigorous exercise, yet it remains at the same level. Air flowing through the shell or cup has also been suggested as a possible cause, but experiments in soundproof rooms have disproved this. No sound comes from the shell, though there is plenty of air in the room. In fact, the answer is fairly simple, and can be summed up in two words: ambient noise. We are constantly surrounded by noise, most of which is not audible to us unless we hold something like a seashell close to one of our ears. The sound waves collected from a larger area resonate inside it and we hear a greater amount than usual of the ambient sound around us, though in a jumbled up form. The noise in the shell increases along with the level of ambient noise in the surrounding area. The "ocean" is a lot louder in a noisy room where a multitude of sounds bounce around and mix together inside the shell. The level of noise we hear also depends on the angle and distance of the shell from the ear.In the past, the spiral tips of conch shells were often used as aids for the hearing impaired. Nowadays, shells decorate many a living room cabinet. If you have a big seashell, why not close your eyes and treat yourself to a quick trip to the seaside? 大多数的孩子对从握在耳畔的贝壳里能听到神奇的海浪澎湃声啧啧称奇。许多人深信,谁能幸运地捡到大海螺贝壳,便能受邀聆听大自然最盛大的“原音重现”。把一个空杯子或只是将手合成杯状贴近耳朵,就可以听到类似但比较小的声音效果。一个比较普遍的解释认为这是血液在耳朵血管里流动的声音在杯中回荡不已引起的效果。这说法是不可能的。因为照这样的解释,人在剧烈运动后听到的声音应该会更大,但事实上仍然维持相同的音量。 在贝壳或杯子里流动的空气,也被认为是产生声音的可能因素之一,然而在隔音的房间里所做的实验已将这个可能推翻。虽然隔音房内有充足的空气,贝壳里却一片安静。事实上,问题的非常简单,简单到可以用两个字来概括:周围的杂音。 我们处在不断的杂音包围之中,其中大部分杂音我们是听不见的,除非把贝壳之类的东西靠近耳边才能听到。从周围大范围空气中收集来的声波会在贝壳里面产生共鸣,这样我们就能听到更多环绕在我们四周的杂音,不过听起来杂乱不堪。 贝壳中的声音会随着周围杂音的音量变大而增强。因此“海洋”的声音在一个嘈杂的房间中听来会更大。因为房间里多重复杂的声音会在贝壳中来回激荡、相互混杂。我们听到声音的大小同时也取决于贝壳与耳朵的角度及距离。 过去,海螺贝壳螺旋状的尖端常被用作听障人士的助听器。如今,贝壳成了许多客厅橱柜的装饰品。如果你有一个大贝壳,何不闭上眼睛,让自己去海边度个小假呢? Article/200803/28864。
  • Property is one of the best investments you can make. Of course it depends on which country you live in. Buying property usually guarantees your investment will rise in value. If you have a lot of extra cash, you can play the world property market. Places like Dubai and other areas of the Gulf are good places to buy at the moment. I know lots of people who have made a lot of money from property. They have several houses and rent them out. The rent pays the mortgage and after twenty years the house is theirs. I’ve never had any property. I’m still saving up for the deposit to buy a house. I find the property market to be very confusing. I don’t like all the hidden costs involved in buying a property. Article/201107/144158。
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